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The dtails of Butler are truly beautiful. Through the eyes of a visitor it is hard to see, but through this same visitor details can show a different side of Butler, wether it’s history or natural beauty.



Butler has a historic presence and beauty in its details. However these details are hard to see unless you stop to actually look for them. From the details of the historic Courthouse all the way to how the light catches in the glass around the square. Butler has a unique beauty and is something that only can be seen in the details.

Bank Clock : The Clock encompasses the historic charm of Butler

This Facades cornice and stone work are what make it beautiful.

The statue above, stands for all to see.

This corner “crown” caps the end of one side of the square.

The facade of the square is overshadowed by the distracting lights.

The soldier staute adds historic The light poles at each corner, embody the phrase “Electric City”. presence.

Beauty in the details  
Beauty in the details  

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