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The Cincinnati Reds Opening Day has been a tradition since 1876. The Reds have had opening day at home since 1876. They do this to recognize the very first baseball team. The Cincinnati Reds were the first all professional baseball team. However they only had nine players. That means that every players had to play the whole entire game hurt or not. The man in charge of getting all of the players on one team was Harry Wright. Harry Wright was a cricket star that reds brought over from England. Once here he started working right away to get the first professional team. Harry Wright was the center fielder, team captain, and the manager. Charles Gould played first base, and he hardly ever made an error while playing. Charles Sweasy played second base, and could catch almost any baseball that came his way. Asa Brainard was the pitcher, and he pitched more than 70 percent of the innings. Doug Allison was the catcher, and he was considered a specialist. That is because back at the beginning of baseball a player could play almost any position. Fred Waterman played third base, and he was a hitting star. George Wright was the shortstop, and he was the brother of Harry Wright (the manager). Andy Leonard played left field, and he actually had an MVP award named after him. Finally Cal McVey was the right fielder, and he was in the middle of the play that was keeping there 84 game winning streak on the line. There have been many pitchers for the reds over the years. The one early pitcher that set a record was Will White. He won 43 games in row, and that is one record that will probably never be broken. The biggest reason being is that no pitchers these days pitch more than 30 games.

The Big Red Machine were the next great for the Cincinnati Reds. Sparky Anderson was the manager of the reds at the time. They won two World Series in a decade. They were back to back in 1975 and in 1976. No team has won back to back World Series ever since. The players on the Big Red Machine were the best at their position. Pete Rose was the third baseman and he was first unheard of. He then became a big star because he can hit the ball. Joe Morgan played second base, and he was an offensive machine. George Foster played left field, and he holds the record for most home runs in a single season 52. Dave Concepcion played shortstop, and he hardly ever made an error. The last edition to the team was Johnny Bench, and he hardly ever let baseball by him. With the last players added onto the team they were headed for a decade of greatness. The reds have won the World series five times, and the first time was in 1919. That was he year that the reds won because the opposing team was paid to lose. However one player on the team did not take the money. His name was Shoeless Joe. They won again in 1940 against the Detroit Tigers, four games to three. The next two as I said before were back to back. They beat the Red Sox in 1975, and it was considered the most exciting World Series ever. They then beat The New York Yankees in 1976. The Reds won the World Series for the last time in 1990. It was a total shock when the Reds won. They were playimg the Oakland Athletics and were supposed to get swept by them. However it was just the opposite, the Reds were the ones who swept the athletics. Jose Rijo(the starting pitcher for the final game) Said, “No one gave us much of a chance, but we believed in ourselves and proved that we deserved to be champs.�

Cincinnati Reds Paper  
Cincinnati Reds Paper  

6th grade research paper written by Patrick Butkovich on the Cincinnati Reds