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The Anatomy Of Cosmetic Dentistry Everybody dreams of having a great smile to dazzle the world with. Wouldn't it be great if a smile could end all wars and bring on world peace? It's all possible but those things happening right now may have to wait for a bit, but certainly not you being able to get a great smile. A smile is like a company business card. Giving out these cards is the first step towards getting to know that company and the people behind it and how they operate. A smile on the other hand, is one way people invite others to get to know them better, to discover all that is hidden under the faรงade. If you can't smile because you don't like the way your teeth look or if they just plain look like zombie teeth, then you need to get yourself to a dentist's office pronto. A visit to the dentist's office these days is no longer like dental visits of old. These days, you can have a pleasant time at the dentist's office and if you're amazed at how I am able to say "pleasant" and "dentist office" in one sentence, then you shouldn't be, not with all the changes that happened to make a dental check up something akin to a day at the spa. But I regress. Going back to cosmetic dentistry, let me touch a bit on what it is. Like a facial, cosmetic dentistry aims to improve or enhance your smile with a few procedures that if you qualify for, will change your life and appearance, forever. It is technically defined as any dental work designed to change the appearance, but not necessarily the function of a person's teeth, gums and bite. From subtle changes to major repairs, dentists can do a lot these days as far as treating discolored, broken, chipped or missing teeth using a variety of techniques and technology that are almost straight out of the space age. Dentists today can not only whiten your teeth, they can also re-shape or re-contour it, fill in the gaps, restore worn down teeth and even alter the shape, size and length of your teeth. It is also possible these days to get minor dental surgery and be able to go home in a matter of hours without feeling too much pain or not feeling virtually any pain at all. Cosmetic dentistry entails a few procedures you've all probably heard of before - bleaching, bonding, crowns or bridges, veneers, enamel shaping and contouring, braces, implants and other periodontal plastic procedures like gum lifts which are similar to face lifts only they aim to show more of your teeth if your smile shows more gum than teeth. Unlike traditional dentistry that aims to prevent, diagnose and treat, cosmetic dentistry aims to restore, improve and change. Before, if you had the misfortune of being born with naturally crooked, yellowish or irregularly-shaped teeth, then that's it, let's go and pack it up because there's nothing more that can be done. Because of the many advancements in dental technology and the many new materials that promise the utmost durability and long usage periods, it is now possible to come in with rotten teeth and come out looking ready for your Hollywood close ups. Dental veneers for example, can be made to look so much like your natural teeth that no one who knew you before you had them can tell that you've had them done. Braces as well, have become the virtually invisible types that again, no one would know you were getting your teeth straightened unless you told them. Everything that required us to move with caution before has now been made simple and so easy to handle that going in for a dental procedure is nothing to be scared of, especially when

you go to really good dentists who really know what they're doing. Then there's such a thing called a smile makeover where you can completely alter your appearance depending on what you need and the severity of your case. You don't have to live with what genes you've got - cosmetic dentistry gives you the option to draw another number and pick the winning one. Of course, when getting any new procedure done, you need to consult with qualified experts first as the treatment you need will again depend on the details of your case and this is where your biggest concern - cost - will come into play because how much you pay will depend on how much you want done and you are willing to undergo. But then again, if it will make you feel and look good, what do a few extra bucks matter, right? Alin Alkass

The Anatomy Of Cosmetic Dentistry  

subtle changes to major repairs, dentists can do a lot these days as far as treating discolored, broken,

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