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Cairns Solar: Why Has It Gained Currency? Cairns in Australia is famous not just for being a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, it is also a busy port and a beautiful tourist destination. This beautiful coastal city is making news of late because of an increasing number of households opting for solar power. Cairns is a city in the northern part of Queensland, a state where power tariffs have been rising for quite some time and have been a cause for concern for the residents of the state. It is this concern for high prices of electricity that has led many households to opt in favor of solar energy in recent times. Cairns is one city in the state that seems to be leading the way with more and more homeowners deciding to install solar PV systems. Solar power frees homeowners from the clutches of state electricity company thus cutting their energy bills by a hefty amount. Cairns is blessed with a tropical climate with sun blazing in the skies for most part of the year. Cairns solar makes the most of this heat and energy and turns the rays of the sun to its advantage by making electricity for the homeowners at much cheaper rates than the grid electricity supplied by the state. Australia has taken huge strides in the field of solar power generation Like many other countries in Europe, Australia has shifted its focus upon renewable sources of energy and trying to overcome it’s over reliance upon fossil fuels. In 2012 alone, more solar panels were installed in Australia than any other country of the world, and this includes Germany, the world leader in harvesting of solar energy. However, there is still room for improvement as only 10% of the total energy requirements of the country are being met with solar energy. Prices of solar panels coming down has made solar power attractive The Cairns solar have shown the way if the number of households going solar is any indication. The research and development that has gone into harvesting of solar energy has shown encouraging results and this is reflected in the hefty drop of around 75% in the prices of solar panels in the last 4 years alone. With recent announcement of abolishing of fixed tariff fees from households that have gone solar, the rate at which people are deciding to install solar panels has received a further impetus. From now onwards, there will be no fixed charge that households using solar energy had to pay earlier. Solar power has helped in reducing peak outages One benefit that homes installing solar PV systems have contributed to the state electricity authorities is relief from peak outages that were common earlier during summers. Despite Queensland recording temperatures above 40 degrees for many days in running this year, the sheer fact that there were not many peak outages is proof enough of the help solar PV systems have done to the state electricity grid. Increasing use of solar power has led to a reduction in the energy consumption of the city of Cairns. cairns solar

Cairns Solar_ Why Has It Gained Currency_  

temperatures above 40 degrees for many days in running this year, the sheer fact that there were not