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A Butcher Knife and Butcher Block Are Necessary Tools in a Kitchen Simple work like cutting vegetables and fruits can be done with a paring knife. But, an exclusive knife has to be used to cut and carve meat. One has to use a butcher knife to do the work. The word ‘butcher’ identifies the user and why he would be using the knife. Butcher is also found in the brand name of the company selling the best quality knives in the UK. The blade of a butcher’s knife has a rounded edge and is very sharp. The knife is also called a cleaver. A butcher’s knife is used to cut and prepare the meat for cooking. It is essential to clean the butcher knife every time the work is done.

A butcher knife can be kept clean by • •

Removing all the stains of the work done. Use lukewarm water and a piece of lemon to keep the knife free from smell of meat.

Wipe the handles clean. Do not dip the wooden portion in water. The grip portion might come away.

Keep the knife free from moisture.

Use a butcher’s sharpening kit with every use to retain the sharpness of the blade.

High quality steel is used to make the knife blade; this keeps the knife safe from rusting. The tips of the knives are tapering, to make the sharpening work easier. The knife must be sharpened by persons, who know the knack of sharpening a butcher knife. It would be wise to keep the knife wrapped in tissues. Keep the knife far from a child’s reach. A knife comes with using directives. Follow them to increase the durability of a butcher knife. A skilled butcher is aware that the grip portion of the knife must have a protective layer to keep it free from bacteria. The knife must have a firm grip. Another tool needed by a butcher is the butcher block.

Two Types of Wood Are Used To Make a Butcher Block In the first type of board, the wood grains are found vertical. This type of wood pattern keeps the board intact. Wood does not get cut while the block is used, and the knife remains sharp and is not damaged. The wooden grain in the other type of board is in the same direction of the board. The pattern forms the top cutting layer. Both sides of the board can be used. Thus, increasing the life of the block

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