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My Poetry Book

Limerick 1 There once was a man from Pakistan. He liked to cook with his rusty pan. When it fell on the floor, He went to the store. And bought himself chili in a can.

Limerick 2 There once was a guy from the sky. All he liked to eat was berry pie. When it fell out of his hands, He went to the stands. He found his pie with another guy.

DiamantĂŠ 1

Fire Hot, bright Warming,burning,crackling Humid,warm,cold,hard Sticking,freezing,cracking Chilly,frosty Ice

DiamantĂŠ 2

Cat Fluff,soft Caring,loving,warming Cute,meow,bark,loud Walking,barking,biting Play,love Dog

Couplet I have a favorite pet, it's a cat. Sometimes they're skinny and sometimes they're fat. They're fluffy and sort and really lovable. And sometimes they can tend to be gullible. You would think that they're cute. And also that they love the flute. They are nice and toasty in the sun. At least my cat is, I like that a ton. Whenever there is a mouse. You'll find a cat all over the house. That's why cats will always pounce. For the mouse that's only one ounce. All they like to eat is cat nip. And when their sleeping you can't here a pip. Cats will also really like to care. But they won't care if you don't share. Cats are really playful when it comes to balls. But they have to make sure that they don't hit the walls. And don't even get me started with string Lets just say that they like everything.

Haiku Flowers are blooming. Trees are starting to grow buds. The roses are red.

About the author I never thought that I would be writing poetry. But it turns out that it is really fun. At first I didn't know what to write about. But then I got the idea that I love cats. So then I decided to write poetry about cats.

Definitions of all of the poems Limerick It's a humorous poem with five lines. It has the same line meter patterns. Lines one, two and five have the same rhyme. Lines three and for rhyme with each other. DiamantĂŠ It's a seven line poem in a diamond shape form. Couplet A verse, consisting two lines that rhyme.

Haiku A poem about nature or seasons with three unlined rhymes, containing five, seven and five syllables.


fifth grade poetry book

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