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RAIL AND SAIL The call of the open road lures bus tour passengers, but groups will appreciate fun-filled side trips aboard these scenic railroads and waterways. GAMING Tour operators will draw winning hands when they book their groups into these first-class gaming facilities for exciting games of chance, world-class entertainment and top-notch dining.


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SOUTH DAKOTA With its expansive prairies, rolling hills, dramatic ravines and towering spires, the diverse state of South Dakota offers a variety of opportunities for bus tour groups. STUDENT TOURS Check out these great destinations for s t u d e n t t o u r s , t o s p u r c u r i o s i t y, broaden horizons and deepen understanding. NEW, IMPROVED & DIFFERENT

ESCAPE TO THE NORTHEAST Old-world charm and celebrated sites await bus tour passengers in the N o r t h e a s t , f r o m a r a i l r o a d s o c i e t y ’s famous hobby show in Massachusetts to interactive dinner theater and tales o f s i g n i fi c a n t fi r s ts i n h i s to r i c B u r l i n g ton, New Jersey. ESCAPE TO THE MIDWEST The Midwest has much to offer motorcoach tours, including a celebrated regional playhouse, cruises on the St. Croix River and a visit to the hometown of poet laureate Carl Sandburg.

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20 TIPS by Dr. Charleen Jaeb



Central/International – (815) 946-2341 West Adinfo.B BT– (800) 440-0231 Midwest – (815) 946-2341 Northeast – (815) 946-2341 Southeast – (815) 946-2341

COVER PHOTO Tour passengers will enjoy lively tours of D e L a n d , F l o r i d a ’s S t e t s o n M a n s i o n , a 10,000-square-foot Victorian estate named for its owner, hat maker and philanthropist John B. Stetson. During the holidays, the three-story mansion is decked out with overthe-top elegant, elaborately-designed decorations for the “Christmas Spectacular.” The Chritmas Spectacular is open daily November 15 to January 15 each year. STETSON MANSION.

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Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 • 3

Durbin & Greenbrier   Valley Railroad

Rail and Sail


a motorcoach tour group adven ture can be

t u r o u s t r a v e l e r, a n d s o i t r e m a i n s

customized to fit any interest and time sched-

today. Although it is the enchantment of the

ule. Several trains depart on se lect dates in

In Elkins, tour passengers ride the enclosed

open road that fills a motorcoach tour bus,

the towns of Elkins, Durbin and Cass. Train

New Tygart Flyer passenger to the High Falls

he call of the sea and the lure of the

With trains departing from three locations,

Mountain Rail Adventures follow railroad

r a i l s h a v e l o n g t e m p te d t h e a d v e n-

tracks through some of the most scenic and remote sections of West Virginia.

its passengers are eager to experience these

tours range from 1.5 to 8.5 hours, and whether

of Cheat and return, or cover the entire length

alternate forms of transportation along the

l oo kin g for a s te p b ac k in t i m e on b o a r d t he

of the railroad from Elkins onboard the Cheat

w a y. A o n c e - i n - a - l i f e t i m e r i d e b e h i n d a

more-than-a-century-old steam locomotives

Mountain Salamander train. The Cheat Moun-

scenic steam train allows groups to see the

or travel by luxury, Durbin & Greenbrier has

tain Salamander er is named after a rare species

country as some of our earliest settlers saw

the perfect train ride for any bus tour group.

of salamander known to inhabit a mountain-

it, and the view from the deck of a cruise ship

The Mountain Rail adventures include enter-

ous region near the railroad in West Virginia’s

can give passengers a completely new per-

tainment and dining venues in addition to the

high mountain country.

spective of a city or region.

scenic train experience.

If you are interested in steam locomotives

Each year, tens of thousands of tourists

and stepping back in time in an old logging

come to West Virginia to enjoy its unique

town, we recommend taking a trip onboard

Valley Railroad

scenery and rural mountain beauty. Whether

one of our Cass Scenic Railroad trains from

Durbin, West Virginia

visiting during the first signs of spring in May

Cass. Go to one of the highest mountain peaks in West Virginia at Bald Knob overlook.

Durbin & Greenbrriier

Unwind, relax and refresh in the hills. Con-

or soaking in vibrant fall colors in early Octo-

nect with the beautiful rolling scenery onboard

ber, the scenery and wilderness is amazing.

Tour the entire railroad using the new Wild

one of the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Rail-

Featuring vast river valleys, tunnels, bridges

Heart adventure package – featuring overrn night

road’s historic Mountain Rail Adventures.

and lush pine forests, Durbin & Greenbrier’s

accommodations at either Cass or Elkins. Bus

4 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

Guide: Rail and Sail tour passengers get to experience a “two

locomotive, weighing in at 1.1 million

trains, one ticket� adventure that includes train

pounds and measuring over half a foot-

rides on both the Cass Scenic Railroad and

ball field long. Housed here is also the

the Elkins-based Cheat Mountain Salamander.

GG-1, America’s most famous electric

Before departing the region, swing by the

locomotive. Over the years, this train

small town of Durbin and ride alongside the

has been featured on U.S. postage

Greenbrier River on board the Durbin Rocket

stamps, as a model train system and

– the oldest of the Mountain Rail Adventures,

as artwork.

but one of the community’s favorites.

National Railroad Museum

The National Railroad Museum is

Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad is

also proud to have the only A4 Class

located at 315 Railroad Avenue in Elkins, West

locomotive in the U.S. This British-

Virginia. Railroad staff will be happy to assist

made locomotive was renamed for Dwight

minute train ride with the conductor describing

tour planners and operators in developing an

D. Eisenhower after World War II. Along with

various rolling stock and highlights of the

itinerary and planning for any group’s lodging,

this engine are two London & North Eastern

museum and discussing hobo culture; and a

dining and entertainment needs. For group

Railway cars that were converted for Eisen-

30-minute film presentation. Tour operators

planning or other inquiries, phone the Durbin

hower’s use during the war. Tour groups can

may wish to allot more time for tour passengers

& Greenbrier Valley Railroad at (877) 686-7245

see these and many more trains, walk inside

to explore exhibits and areas not included in

or visit online at

most of them and even ride others.

the tour. While there is no dining facility on-

Museum admission includes a viewing of

site, the museum can provide your group with

National Railroad Museum

Last of the Giants, a documentary chronicling

a hobo box lunch as part of your visit. Please

Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin

the Union Pacific Big Boys. Museum tours may

ask for menu and pricing information when

Located in a suburb of Green Bay, the

be guided or self-paced. Adult tours, which last

you make your tour reservation.

National Railroad Museum maintains an

a minimum of two hours, include a 60-minute

The National Railroad Museum strives to

extensive collection of railroad objects, mem-

guided tour of the museum and grounds; a 30-

inspire lifelong learning by providing dynamic

orabilia, photographs, manuscripts and rolling stock. It was founded in 1956 by community volunteers in Green Bay, who first introduced the idea of a national museum dedicated to American railroad history. Bus groups visiting the National Railroad Museum have a unique opportunity to explore


our railroad heritage. Tour passengers will find many trains on display, both inside the large exhibit hall and outside, on actual working railroad tracks. The National Railroad Museum is home to the “Big Boy,� the world’s largest steam

Cruis i e!




2 Trains â&#x20AC;˘ 1 Ticke et! RIDE CASS SCENIC RAILROAD & THEE CHEAAT MOUNTTAAIN SALAMANDERâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;ALL IN ONE O TRIP! ass Depar ts Elkins and Ca â&#x20AC;&#x201D;May thru October!! Over night lodging, Dining, Atttraction & Enter tainment Options available at both Destinations.


LEARN HOW Historic Locomottives tives Â&#x201E; Railrro oad Exhibitss Â&#x201E; Seasonal Tra ain Riides Â&#x201E;

Call: 866-653-3852 Ext. 109 | Mtn-R

Mid-Lakes Navigation VLQFH Â&#x2021;JDLO#PLGODNHVQDYFRP

al oll

All Trrains Operated by the Du urbin & Greenbrier Va alley Railroa ad

2285 S. Broadway Green Bay, WI 54304 920.437.7623 www w.nationalrrmuseum.o . orrg Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 â&#x20AC;˘ 5

Guide: G uide: R Rail ail and and Sail Sail educational opportunities through the preser-

Western Railroad, popularly called the Skunk

egrets, osprey, ducks and the occasional loung-

vation of railroad objects, engaging exhibits and

Train, runs 40 miles from Fort Bragg on the

ing turtle. After passing through a dark 1,122-

innovative programs on all things trains and

coast to Willits on US Highway 101. Chugging

foot tunnel, the Skunk Train snakes its way

railways. What began as the simple idea of

over trestles, crossing some 30 bridges and

along Noyo River and zigzags through the red-

acquiring a steam locomotive for a public park

passing through two deep mountain tunnels,

wood-thick Noyo River Canyon. If departing

today is one of the oldest and largest institutions

this 130-year-old train follows the coastal

from Willits and traveling to Northspur, the

of its kind in the U.S., and is the only National

“Redwood Route,” just as it has since

Museum in Wisconsin. A visit here is sure to be


memorable for your tour passengers. Adult groups of 10 or more: $8.50 each

California Redwoods,

train will climb the Eastern slope of the Coastal Mountain Range

a pristine coastline



(age 12 and older). Tour escort and bus driver

a n d aw a r d - w i n n i n g

through it at

are admitted free. Tours are offered through-

vineyards are all part

Tunnel No. 2

out the year and are registered on a first-

of what makes the

(the Summit)

come-first-served basis. Tours are not offered

Mendocino County

b e f o r e

during museum special events. Tours must

landscape so amazing.

be reserved two weeks in advance. For more

The towering trees, a information, visit n

glimpse of a deer drinking from the

descending into the redwoods of the Noyo River Canyon. This is

Noyo River, an isolated fisherman’s cabin

the mountain part of the railroad, where 8.5

Skunk k Train

peeking from the forest, and the notion that

miles of track were laid to cover a straight-line

Mendocino, California

the rest of the world has been left behind are

distance of less than one mile.

A skunk is running through the redwood forests of northern California’s Mendocino

what draw people to the Skunk Train.

Built as a logging railroad in 1885 by

Departing from Fort Bragg, the first few

Charles R. Johnson, the Skunk line was a log-

County, but this is no ordinary skunk; it is the

miles run along the Pudding Creek estuary,

ical vehicle for moving massive redwood logs

world famous Skunk Train. The California

where common sightings include blue heron,

to the Mendocino Coast sawmills from the

6 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

Guide: G uide: Rail Rail and and Sail Sail rugged back country – not to mention, the

lodging for groups. For more information on

rides for the day – undoubtedly the favorite part

train played a vital role in transporting fam-

group tours, visit online at

of any visit to the Trolley Museum. During a

ilies and workers who set up the various log-

g groups roups or phone (707) 964-6371.

three-mile round-trip on a variety of restored

ging camps along the route. The nickname Skunk originated in 1925,

trolley cars from many different cities, groups

The Connecticut Trolley Museum

learn the history of the trolley car and line they

East Windsor, Connecticut

are riding on as well as history of the area in

when motorcars were introduced. These single-unit, self-propelled motorcars had

Bus tour groups can view more than 70

which the line ran.

gasoline-powered engines for power and a

pieces of rail equipment dating back to 1869,

The Display Hall of the Visitor Center takes

p o t - b e l l i e d s t ov e t h a t b u r n e d c r u d e o i l t o

including historic passenger and freight street

groups on a journey of how the electric trolley

keep the passengers warm. The combination

“trolley” cars, interurban cars, elevated railway

evolved from the horsecar to the PCC, and

of the fumes created a very pungent odor,

cars, passenger and freight railroad cars, ser-

shows how society was impacted by amuse-

and the old-timers living along the line said

vice cars, locomotives and a variety of other

ment parks (trolley parks), streetcar suburbs

these motorcars were like skunks: “You could

equipment fr om

and the growth of

smell them before you could see them.”

railways around

mill towns. Also

Half-day, full-day round-trip and overnight


a t t h e Tr o l l e y

options are offered. A 10-percent discount is

along with exam-


available to groups of 20 or more, and larger

ples from other

included in the

discounts are offered for multiple contracted



admission price

trips. At least one complimentary ticket for the



is the Connecti-

escort is provided. Various dining options are

tional examples.

cut Fire Museum.

available for groups at additional cost with a

Included with

Passengers can

full-service bar on board on all trains. The

admission are

Skunk Train can also offer reduced-priced

unlimited trolley

Connecticut Trolley Museum


be dropped off and picked up at

Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 • 7

Guide: G uide: R Rail ail and and Sail Sail the entrance, with adjacent bus parking. No

locals and visitors alike as the best way to see

departure time. Tickets may not be refunded

dining options are on-site, but picnic tables

Chicago. A portion of each ticket supports archi-

or exchanged if you miss your boat. For a

are available so tour group members can

tecture education provided by CAF.

boat tour, please arrive dockside 30 minutes

bring their lunches, or if it rains, eat in the

Le et First La ady Cruises help you to plan the

prior to boarding. For all other tours, arrive

dining car. Groups of 10 or more receive a

perfect activity for your group. From the

discounted rate, and groups of 30 or more

Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise

A 50-percent deposit is required when

may qualify for additional discounts. Bus dri-

A b o a r d C h i c a g o ’s F i r s t L a d y C r u i s e s t o

your tour is contracted. The balance is due

vers receive complimentary admission.

Chicago’s most popular architecture walking

two weeks prior to your tour departure. Tours

tours, CAF has an activity that meets the

cancelled more than 30 days prior to tour

15 minutes prior to tour departure.

Chiicago Architecturre Foun ndation

interests of your group. While the Chicago

departure will be refunded. Tours cancelled

River Cru uiise Aboard Chiicago’s

Architecture Foundation River Cruise content

between 14 and 30 days prior to tour depar-

First Lady Cruises

is designed for adults, most of CAF’s walking

ture lose their deposit, or can be refunded as

Chicago, Illinois

and bus tours can be adjusted to fit a specific

a tour credit. There are no refunds within the

Tour Chicago aboard Chicago’s First La ady

age group. Special group rates begin with

final 14 days prior to tour departure. Head

Cruises and see why it is the No. 1 tour in the

groups of 15 or more; a group of 20 or more

counts may be adjusted up to the day your

c i t y.


is required for special rates on the Chicago

final payment is due. After the final payment

architecture and, as the only cruise partnered

Architecture Foundation River Cruise aboard

is due, CAF will add guests based on avail-

with the Chicago Architecture Foundation

Chicago’s First Lady Cruises.





ability, but the tickets will be at full price.

(CAF), First Lady Cruises provides the best tour

All Chicago architecture boat tours depart

experience. Named one of the Top 10 Tours in

from Riverside Gardens on Chicago’s River-

for you at the dockside ticket office. For walk-

the U.S. by TripAdvisor, the relaxing 90-minute

w a l k a t M i c h i g a n Av e n u e a n d W a c k e r

ing, bus and trolley tours, docent(s) will meet

daily Chicago river tour features indoor and

Drive (southeast corner of the Michigan

your group leader at the starting point and

outdoor seating and a full-service bar aboard

Avenue Bridge). Look for the blue awning.

no tickets are required. Bring the group con-

each vessel and is consistently recognized by

Passengers should arrive 30 minutes prior to

tract on the day of the tour to check in.

8 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

Your CAF River Cruise tickets will be waiting

Guide: G uide: R Rail ail and and Sail Sail recommend a variety of food options from boxed lunches aboard your river cruise, to picnic lunches at Cloud Gate (the Bean), to limitless restaurant options in the Loop. For more information, contact For a boat tour, motorcoach drop-off is ower Wacker available at the river level on Lo Drive just west of Stetson Avenue. Dropping o f f h e r e w i l l b r i n g y o u r g r o u p to r i v e r l e v e l , and they can avoid a large staircase needed The CAF Shop & Tour Center is located

to access the dock from Upper Wacker Dr.

a t 2 2 4 S . M i c h i g a n Av e . T h e C A F R i v e r

Lower, Lower Wacker is also less congested

Cruise departs from the Chicago’s First Lady

and it will be easier to load and unload your

boat dock, located at the southeast corner

motor coach or vehicle.

o f M i c h i g a n Av e . a n d Wa c k e r D r. ( W h e n

Be aware, most GPS systems struggle with

u s i n g G P S, e n t e r 1 1 2 E . Wa c k e r D r. ,

multi-level roads. For printable directions

Chicago, IL 60601.) The dock is eight blocks

that will bring you to a safe drop-off location,

n o r t h o f t h e C A F S h o p a n d To u r C e n t e r .

Yo u ’ l l fi n d t h e d o c k a t t h e b o t t o m o f t h e

ssible-Drop-off-Area.pdf ible-Drop-off-Area.pdf. If your tour departs


from the CAF Shop & Tour Center, drop off

Millennium Park is three blocks north of C A F o n M i c h i g a n Av e n u e . C A F c a n

your group at 224 S. Michigan Avenue on the west side of the street

Eagle sightings occur on over 90% of all excursions!

Open Window Coach Seating & Observation Cars, Snack Bar, Open-Air Gondola Car, and Club Car Seating with Climate-Controlled Lounge Cars Enjoy a narrated excursion through a tranquil and pristine mountain valley along the South Branch of the Potomac River. FOR INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS

304-424-0736 • See our website for schedule and special events Potomac Eagle • Wappocomo Station Rt. 28 North, 149 Eagle Drive • Romney, WV 26757 Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 • 9

Escape Es cape tto cape oT Th The he N Northeast ort rthea ast Main Street Burlington Burlington, New Jersey

The Historic District in the City of Burlington, New Jersey

This fall, tour bus operators and group leaders in the Northeast region were introduced to a new Colonial Dinner Theater Tour Package to the historic City of Burlington, New Jersey, that premiered as a Halloween treat and has quickly transformed into a holiday season favorite, assuring this unique, new dinner theater day trip a place in their schedules year-round. Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company, in conjunction with Main Street Burlington, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the redevelopment of historic downtowns, and the Burlington Quaker Meeting House and Center for Conference have created a Dinner Theater Day Tour, a Dinner Theater Evening Tour and an Overnight Dinner Theater Tour with an 80-person capacity. They offer several different exciting options for groups to visit and discover the fascinating historic port City of Burlington, the b i r t h p l a c e o f N e w J e r s e y, w h e r e m o r e t h a n 4 0 b u i l d i n g s i n t h e i r

After the dinner theater at the Burlington Quaker Meeting House, the

National Registry Historic District comprise one of the Northeast’s

guided short walking tour begins right there, which has been the location

most significant and diverse collections of Colonial architecture in

for the meeting place of the local Quakers for more than 300 years and

just one square mile in the center of the city.

still uses the original seats and tables built during the Revolutionarry y era.

To add to the allure of these new dinner theater packages and to

You will learn about the history of the Meeting House, that was built in

encourage multiple bookings throughout the year, Riddlesbrood, an

1783 on this site, starting with the original hexagonal Meeting House of

original theater company celebrating its 16th year of presenting pro-

1685. Then you will explore the building and grounds that are a testimony

fessional productions throughout the Northeast, is also offering several

to the many important contributions Quakers have made to the region’s

different original, interactive shows to choose from, depending on a

academic, business and spiritual community over the centuries.

group’s interests and the time of year. The choices include a Sherlock

Many prominent leaders in their fields are interred in the cemetery

Holmes murder mysterryy, The Case of The Vanishing Van Gogh; an historical

behind the Meeting House, including physician Joseph Taylor, founder of

Colonial comedy, The Legend of the Wailing Witch; an original theatrical

Brry yn Mawr College in 1885, a nondenominational, progressive educational

adaptation of the Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol; and many more.

institution that offered the most ambitious academic program for women

The short and long guided walking tours that are included in the

in the US at that time; printer Issac Collins, who printed the first American

dinner theater packages offer a unique and intimate glimpse into

Bib ble, among many other accomplishmenttss; and the highly regarded mis-

more than 329 years of early Colonial American history along the

sionarry y Stephen Grellet, who is credited with the often quoted inspirational

banks of the scenic Delaware River. Founded by Quakers in 1677, the

poem that ends with the line, “I shall not pass this way again.”

City of Burlington, once the early capital of West Jersey before New

To the rear of the Burlington Quaker Meeting House, under a giant,

Jersey was established, provides a rare insight into the people and

centuries-old sycamore tree, stands a large boulder that marks the

events that founded our nation, initiated the war for its independence,

grave of Chief Ockanickon, chief of the Mantas tribe of the Le enape,

created the Industrial Revolution and many more early American

who was a Native American friend of the early settlers of Burlington.

notables and events that helped to form our country.

His spirit is captured by his timeless last words, etched on a plaque

With so many buildings of historic importance, it is impossible to

d a t e d 1 6 8 1 a n d m o u n t e d o n t h e b o u l d e r, t h a t r a n g t r u e t h e n a n d

see them all in just one tour. But starting with the guided short walking

always will: “Be plain and fair to all, both Indian and Christian, as I

tour is a great place to get your bearings and begin exploration of this

have been.” It is no wonder Chief Ockanickon found lasting friendship

American history-rich city.

and shared values with the Quakers who fled religious oppression

10 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

Escape Esc ape p to T Th The he N Northeast ortheast largest of its kind in the state, the Emporium

from Trenton, New Jersey, two miles from the

features more than 65 knowledgeable dealers

Burlington-Bristol Bridge, and a few minutes

and includes the works of local artists and arti-

from Exit 5-Burlington on the New Jersey Turn-

sans along with a wide variety of antiques and

pike and Exit 47B-Burlington Route 541 on


Interstate 295.

A l o n g g u i d e d t o u r, a n u m b e r o f o t h e r

Many hotels and restaurants offering

famous historic landmarks that were owned

group rates are in close proximity. Depending

and occupied by American greats will be

on the size and needs of the group, motor-

added, such as the James Fenimore Cooper

coach operators may want to consider stay-

House (1781), the birthplace of America’s first

ing over at the charming and serene Burling-

t r u e n ov e l i s t a n d a u t h o r o f T h e L a s t o f t h e

ton Quaker Meeting House and Center for

Mohicans, The Deerslayer and numerous

Conference, which accommodates up to 80

other celebrated books about the American

people and is handicap accessible.

frontier and Native American life; the Captain

The group leader price for the buffet lun-

James (“Don’t give up the ship!”) Lawrence

cheon, show and guided walking tour is just

House (1741), home of the naval war hero of

$34 and includes tax and gratuities. Buffet,

the War of 1812 and commander of the U.S.S.

show times and guided walking tours may

and persecution in England in search of reli-

Chesapeake; and the home of Oliver

be arranged in advance to accommodate

gious freedom.

Cromwell, an African American Revolution-

individual bus tour schedules and the specific

ary War soldier; to name just a few.

needs and interests of each group. Buses may

A charming custom about hugging that grand tree has been passed down for genera-

The historic City of Burlington, New Jersey

drive up to the entrance of the Meeting House

tions. When people come to visit the Chief’s

i s c o nv e n i e n t l y l o c a t e d j u s t 2 5 m i l e s f r o m

to drop off and pick up, and there is easy

grave and hear his story, they are told about

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a mere 15 miles

access to bus parking less than a block away.

this local custom and often choose to join in and hug the tree that seems to bear witness to and honor the memory of this revered Native American. Several other historic residential and commercial buildings on the short guided walking to ur i nc lu de Th e Na th an ia l C o le ma n H ou se (1792), where the renown Quaker silversmith, whose work is prized by collectors, had his shop and which still houses a local secondgeneration jeweler, Jim Weitz; the Burlington Pharmacy, the oldest continuously operating pharmacy in New Jersey; the Endeavor (1795)

’s g Theatre Company Riddlesbrood Tourin age k c a P r e t a e h T   r e n al Din New Historic Coloni

the oldest Fire Company in New Jersey under the same name; The Library Company of Burlington, chartered by King George the II, the oldest continuously operating library in New Jersey and the 7th oldest in the nation; the beautifully preserved home of Ulysses S. Grant, where he brought his family in 1864 to keep them from the conflict of the Civil War; the charming Old Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church (1703), the oldest Episcopal Church in New Jersey; and the award-winning Historic Burlington Antiques & Art Emporium. The oldest and

Searching friendly destination iendly and fun de stination in the Sea rching for a fascinating, fascinating, fr Northeastt with a g great Dinner your our next Day Northeas reat Din ner Theater for y Trip? course one off N New Jersey’s most and ersey’s m ost llively ively a nd Tr ip?  Set Set c ourse ffor or o ne o ew J diverse sites, 349 year historic portt Cit City ear old hi storic por y of di verse Colonial Colonial s ites, tthe he 3 49 y Burlington, Jersey!! Burlington, New Jersey ith a sumptuo d a histori cal (and Begin Begi n yo your ur Da Day ay T Tour our o w with sumptuous us bu buffet ffet f an and historical hysterica l!) interactive ial C omedy Sh ow set iin n the ch arming hysterical!) interactive,, Colon Colonial Comedy Show charming Burli ngton Quaker Meeting Meeting House w ith Revolutionary Revolutionary era furniture. furniture. Burlington with Then watch Ame rican history come alive on a Guided W alking T our o American Walking Tour off bea utifully pre served bu ildings in the N ational Registry Hi storic District beautifully preserved buildings National Historic whe re early Ameri can greats like Benj amin Frankli n, Abraham Lin coln, where American Benjamin Franklin, Lincoln, Ulysse s Fen imore Coo per lived rked or visited. Ulyssess S. Grant and Jame James Fenimore Cooper lived,, wo worked

Sumptuous Sumptuou sB Buffet uffet a and nd Show

The T our o ends with a leisu rely sh opping visi winning Hi storic Tour leisurely shopping visitt to the awardaward-winning Historic Bu rlington An tiques an d Art Em porium wi th ove owledgeable d ealers Burlington Antiques and Emporium with overr 65 kn knowledgeable dealers and extraordinary exxtraordinary local local artists.

30 Pers Person Minimum on Minimum


Historic Guid Guided ed W Walking alking T Tour our o


Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 • 11

Escape Esc ape p to T Th The he N Northeast ortheast The Antiqu ue Boat Mus seum

The buffet luncheon, catered by Fratelli’s of Burlington, includes choice of two pastas, roasted potatoes and fresh string beans, choice

Clayton, New York

of two entrées, tossed garden salad with rolls and butter, an Italian

The Antique Boat Museum (ABM) is the premier freshwater

dessert and coffee, tea, soda and water. Special dietary requests are

n a u t i c a l m u s e u m l o c a t e d i n t h e 1 0 0 0 I s l a n d s o n t h e S t . L aw r e n c e


River. The ABM’s galleries overflow with more than 300 unique

Since fun and largely free special events and festivities are planned

and beautifully preserved boats and thousands of recreational

year-round in the City of Burlington, ask about coordinating your trip to

boating artifacts. The 4.5-acre campus comes alive with speedboat

include these wonderful events that usually take place downtown in the

rides, boat shows, educational programs for all ages, special events

Historic District or in beautiful Riverfront Park along the Delaware River.

and more.

There is still time to book groups during the holiday season, when

Elizabeth and Bolling Haxall Building: The tour group’s first stop

the historic City of Burlington will be sparkling all through the month

is right here in the lobby. Get an introduction to the museum and

of December in celebration of its annual “Light Up the Holidays,” with

see Atosis, a rare 100-year-old race boat in original condition. Then

a w i d e v a r i e t y o f f a m i l y f u n e v e n t s e a c h S a t u r d a y i n D e c e m b e r.

view a short film in the theater down the hall past the store. Other

Another lovely annual tradition, the city’s “Holiday House Tour,” is

galleries offer more to see. The library is open to the public on the

scheduled this year for Sunday, December 11. Sponsored by Burlington

second floor.

Main Street, The Colonial Burlington Foundation and The City Garden

S m a l l C r a f t B u i l d i n g : To u r t h r e e n e w e x h i b i t s o n C a n o e s , S t .

Club, this one-of-a-kind house tour draws admirers from New Jersey,

L aw r e n c e S k i f f s a n d a d i s p l a y a b o u t t h e m a n y w a y s b o a t s m ov e

Pennsylvania, Delaware and beyond who look forward to visiting the

a c r o s s t h e w a t e r . E J N o b l e H i s t o r i c S t o n e B u i l d i n g : Wa t c h v o l u n -

remarkable historic homes beautifully decorated for the holidays.

teers and staff restore boats from the collection. La Duchesse:

For tour package and show information and booking, contact

Explore life aboard the elegant 106-foot houseboat, La Duchesse,

Ryan Long, group sales manager of Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre

commissioned in 1903. Stand on the deck, peek in cabins and

Company, at (609) 377-9125, e-mail at, or

learn about summer life on the river during the Gilded Age. Guided

visit online at

tour only. McNally Yacht House: View the museum’s in-water fleet. Bus tour passengers may see the museum’s ride boats, small sailboats or even a new acquisition. This display changes throughout the season. Cleveland E. Dodge Memorial La aunch Building: Tour groups can immerse themselves in the museum’s collection of powered pleasure boats, including launches, utilities, cruisers and more. They can go aboard and explore the interiors of two fabulous cruisers. Quest for Speed: Do you feel the “need for speed?” Some of the w o r l d ’s fi n e s t r a c e b o a t s a r e o n d i s p l a y i n t h i s e x h i b i t i o n w h e r e groups will learn about the fast-paced world of racing history. Boat R e s t o r a t i o n S h o p : H e r e, t h e w o r l d f a m o u s r u n a b o u t , P a r d o n M e , is being restored. Group passengers can engage with the boat builder who is delicately balancing the preservation of her original

The Antique Boat Museum 12 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

Escape Esc ape p to T Th The he N Northeast ortheast elements while repairing deterioration so

Amherst Railway Society

that she can return to the river. Don Doebler

Monson, Massachusetts

Collections Storage Facility: See a huge col-

In simplest terms, the Amherst Railway

lection of boats and motors on display in

Society is a community of people who share a

our storage facility. Open Thursdays (free).

fascination with railroads, and has been in exis-

St. Lawrence Skiffs: Take a row on the

tence for more than 50 years. Back in the mid-

protected waters of French Creek Bay. During

1950s, a small group of University of Massa-

the summer months, attendants are on hand

chusetts students and faculty members realized

to help you (free). Triple-Cockpit Runabout:

that they shared a common interest in railroads.

Ride the River program includes every hour

So they started meeting regularly to share rail-

on the hour departure through the summer

road knowledge, photographs and stories.

for a thrilling 45-minute run through the

Those regular meetings continue to this day.

Islands or a Sunset Cruise aboard a ChrisCraft cruiser or The Zipper.

Amherst Railway Society

main entrance and all admissions are taken

As the group grew, it incorporated as a non-

care of in advance with the contact for that

profit corporation, and members started think-

b u s . J u s t h o p o f f t h e b u s , a n d s u d d e n l y,

The ABM is open early May through early

ing about other ways to share their rail interests.

375,000 square feet – approximately eight

October, and welcomes group tours of the

In the early 1960s, it started a railroad-themed

acres – of everything trains is there, waiting

campus and exhibit buildings. Please sched-

“bring & buy” swap meet on the university cam-

for you.

ule groups at least one week in advance and

pus. The swap meet was an instant success.

The show is held each year in late January

confirm the arrival time 48 hours prior to the

O v e r t h e n e x t f e w y e a r s , t h e g r o u p m ov e d

or ea rly February; the next is slated fo r Jan.

visit. Admission rates may vary based on use

to increasingly larger floor space, added railroad

2 8 - 2 9 , 2 0 1 7 . Vi s i t o n l i n e a t rrailroadhobailroadhob-

of docents and group size.

and model railroad vendors and built a small b y s h o w. c o m / a t t e n d i n g t h e s h o w t o l e a r n

modular model railroad for display.

about local lodging discounts and other area

Tour guides and drivers receive complimentary admission. Groups should allow

Then fate intervened. In 1982, the univer-

1 . 5 t o 2 h o u r s to v i s i t t h e A B M . T h e c a m p u s

sity space the group normally used for the

and exhibit buildings are wheelchair-acces-

swap meet was not available because of

s i b l e, w i t h p a v e d p a t h s m e a n d e r i n g

building renovations. The still-fledgling group

between the buildings across beautifully

decided to take a risk (a $2,500 risk) and

l a n d s c a p e d l aw n s a n d g a r d e n s . A l i m i t e d

m ov e t h e s w a p m e e t t o t h e N e w E n g l a n d

number of complimentary wheelchairs are

Building at the Eastern States Exposition in


West Springfield, Massachusetts.

Group tours have the choice of a self-

The show ended up being a huge success,

guided tour or a guided tour led by a docent.

more than covering the initial costs. That was

Please note: Docents are all volunteers and

the start of the Railroad Hobby Show as it is

ABM will make every effort to provide

known today.

docents when requested in advance but can-

Today, the annual Railroad Hobby Show

not guarantee their availability. At this time,

occupies four buildings at the Eastern States

tours of La Duchesse are not available to

Exposition, draws 25,000 people and is one of

group tours.

the most respected railroad shows in the coun-

Museum & Bowline Boutique hours of operation are 9 a.m to 5 p.m. daily. Located minutes from downtown Clayton, with a variety of lodging and dining

try. Twice, the show has received the Walther’s Showmanship Award in recognition of its efforts to promote interest in railroads and model railroads in the U.S.

options for bus tour groups. For group rates

Many charter buses run every ry year to The

and booking information, please contact

Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby

Alan Hutchinson, store and admissions

Show, and the group makes it easy for them.

manager at, or

Bus drivers and the trip organizer have free

(315) 686-4104, ext. 229. For information

admission. Participants have a group rate


discount. Buses arrive directly in front of the

attractions for bus tour passengers.

• Professional summer Stock with performances May through Septmember • On Site Food Options • Picnic in the Picnic Grove • Lunch on the Deck overlooking Timber Lake • We will coordinate lunch or dinner plans with area restauran es e ts • Our TLP Ambassador mbassador willl grreet e your group and be available to you during your time at the theatrre • Matinee Performan nces on Wednesdays, e Saturdays and Sundays • Conveniently located in Northwestern Illinois

Timberlake Ti mberlake Playhouse Playhouse 8215 Black Oak Road Mt. Carr Carroll, oll, IL 61053 (815) 244-2048 www

Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 • 13

Escape Esca ap pe tto o The Th T he Midwest Midwestt Galesburg, Illinois Experience the Historic, Enjoy

Central Congregational Church

the Contemporary Home to Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Lincoln biographer Carl Sandburg, Galesburg, Illinois, is a uniquely cosmopolitan community on the Prairie. Thanks to Knox College, one of the finest liberal arts colleges in the country, Galesburg is rich in the arts, with the awardw i n n i n g K n o x - G a l e s b u r g S y m p h o n y, t h e Rootabaga Jazz Festival and a large community of musicians and artists. The town is rich in rail history and continues to be the home to one of the largest rail yards in the United States. Two local museums focus on the rail experience: Discovery Depot Children’s Museum and Galesburg Railroad Museum. The Stockdale Soldier Citizen Museum focuses on soldier military history and is named after Adm. James Stockdale. A third-century Roman martyr, St. Crescent, is entombed at the Corpus Christi Catholic Church, where his remains can be viewed in a glass-fronted altar. Other popular sites include the vaudeville-era Orpheum Theater, the Central Congre-

Tiimber Lake Playhouse T

gational Church, Galesburg Civic Art Center, Historic Seminary Street

Mount Carroll, Illinois

Shops with unique shops and restaurants, numerous antique shops

Timber Lake Playhouse (TLP), the professional summer theater of

and the many large Victorian homes located throughout the community.

northwestern Illinois, has the shows your group will love: hot new

Outdoor adventures are also plentiful, such as Lake Storey Recre-

shows just leaving Broadway, great American plays, everyone’s “old

ation Area with fishing, camping, beach swimming, paddleboats,

favorite” musicals, and the best in country, pop and rock-n-roll revues

walking trails and an outdoor water park. A 2,479-acre state fish and

in our “JukeBox Series.”

wildlife area, Snakeden Hollow, is a favorite fishing and hunting destination northeast of Galesburg. G a l e s b u r g a l s o o f f e r s m a n y l o c a l e v e n t s t h r o u g h o u t t h e y e a r,

Timber L La ake Playhouse hires the best young theatrical talent from all over the United States, and regularly brings back talented alumni who have gone on to stellar careers on Broadway, television and film.

including the Chocolate Festival in February, Railroad Days in June,

Noted past performers are Tony winning actress Jayne Houdyshell,

Taste of Galesburg in July, Heritage Days in August and the National

Michael Gross (Family Ties) and Saundra Santiago (Miami Vice, Guiding

Stearman Fly-in Days every September. These events, combined with

Light, Broadway’s Nine and more). Santiago last appeared at TLP in

the attractions, make Galesburg a wonderful getaway destination.

2016 as Rose in Gypsy.

The overnight accommodations offer great convenience to out-of-

Located just south of Mount Carroll, Illinois, about 10 miles from

town guests, with more than 600 rooms available. Several hotels are

the Mississippi River, TLP is a short drive from Fulton, Galena and

easily accessible off Interstate 74 and offer group rates, convenient

Rockford in Illinois. The current theater building opened in 1975 with

bus parking and on-site dining. Galesburg is easily accessed by way

371 seats. The building is fully air conditioned, and the nine-acre

of I-74 and Amtrak. To learn more about attractions and events, visit

campus is perfect for accommodating groups of all sizes. Catering

Galesburg Area Convention and Visitors Bureau on Facebook, v visitisit-

options are available before and after shows.

g, or phone (800) 916-3330. 14 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

Escape to The Midwest


As your bus pulls up to TLP, you will be greeted by one of the TLP ambassadors who


will see to your every



Saundra Santiago as Mama Rose in Gypsy

will have your tickets ready for answer




you, your

questions about the




around the theater campus and send



TLP photo

your way with a box of fresh-baked cookies from our on-site kitchen. Contact TLPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s administrative team at (815) 244-2048. They are ready to help you with tickets and meal arrangements, or check out the Web site at for more information about the shows. setting for group tours. Enjoy luncheon in

Afton House Inn

the Pennington Room or Wheel Room or

and Afton Hudson Cruise Line

take a tour on the St. Croix River on one of

Afton, Minnesota

three dinner boats. Lunch and dinner can

The Historic Afton House Inn and Afton

be arranged at one of the innâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s two restau-

Hudson Cruise Lines are located in the town

rants. The Wheel Room accommodates up

Historic Afton House Inn &

of Afton, Minnesota, along the banks of the

to 130 and The Pennington Room seats up

Afton Hudson Cruise Lines

Scenic St. Croix River.

to 60 at the inn. The CURRENT Restaurant

The 25-room renovated inn offers all the

& Bar is also available for groups. Enjoy the

charm of an historic country inn along with

outdoor patio in the spring, summer and

modern conveniences. Each room has its


own unique dĂŠcor and includes a private

Swirl Wine Bar is a great place to stop in

bath, television, Jacuzzi and fireplace, and

for a wine tasting and purchase great wines

some rooms overlook the marina

from all around the

Afton Hudson Cruise Lines

world. Wine tastings

fast is included.

arranged for tour

â&#x20AC;˘ Lunch and Dinner


groups at the Swirl

â&#x20AC;˘ Public and Private Charters

Afton House Inn &

Wine Bar & Shop

â&#x20AC;˘ Tours


Tuesday through

Historic Afton House Inn & Afton Hudson Cruise Lines



Cruise Lines wel-



â&#x20AC;˘ 25 Rooms Lodging

and river. Break-


comes group tours to the scenic St. Croix

Afton Hudson Cruise Lines offers group

River Valley. Built in 1867, the Afton House

tours for 25 to 300 guests on either the Sweet

Inn is rich in history and provides a perfect

Afton or Afton Princess, both boarding from

â&#x20AC;˘ Meeting Rooms

3291 St. Croix Tr. S. Afton, MN 55001 (651) 436-8883

Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 â&#x20AC;˘ 15

Escape Esc ape p to The Th T he M Midwest idwest Afton, Minnesota, or The Grand Duchess charter boat, located in Hudson, Wisconsin. Brunch, lunch and dinner cruises are offered. Enjoy the most beautiful and scenic tours along the banks of the St. Croix River. Enjoy themed cruises, a brunch cruise to Treasure Island Resort & Casino or narrated cruises M a y t h r o u g h O c t o b e r. T h e To w n o f A f t o n o f f e r s s h o p p i n g a t unique shops, including antiques and the oldest ice cream and candy shop in the state of Minnesota. Book a Chocolate March tour, visit historic inns, museums and enjoy a lunch stop. Contact the sales office at (651) 436-8883 for group tour information and let the staff at Afton House Inn and Afton Hudson Cruise Lines help to plan your next motorc o a c h t o u r. F o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n o n a n y of the attractions mentioned, visit online U R R E N Tr e s t a u at A, C,

S, S w i r l M y Wi n e . c o m .




16 â&#x20AC;˘ Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

South Dakota’s Great 8



and heritage. As tour buses discover

the map. Marvel at the monumental master-

often be seen while hiking, camping and trav-

the state, passengers will find a unique variety

piece of Mount Rushmore National Memorial,

eling the Badlands Lo oop Scenic By yw way.

of both landscapes and stories. The beautiful

where, forever emblazoned in granite, a shrine

Head about 17 miles northeast to experience

Missouri River in South Dakota flows north

of democracy marches across the skyline of

the world’s largest mountain carrv ving in progress

to south and evenly divides the state in half.

America. Gazing over the Black Hills, four U.S.

at Crazy Horrs se Memorriial. Emerging from granite

This gives central South Dakota, and the

presidents stand for hope, determination and

and iron is the likeness of a legendary leader.

lands adjacent to the river, their enticing out-

the spirit of a nation. There is no entrance fee

More than carrv ved rock, the Crazy Horse dream

door allure. In the east, prairies, glacial lakes

to visit the memorial, but parking passes, good

points toward commitment, a fervent legacy

outh Da kota, a land of pristine nat-

Explore South Dakota’s Great 8, only some

many fossilized species found here. Wildlife

ural beauty, is rich in colorful history

of the great places that put South Dakota on

abounds in the park’s 244,000 acres and can

and farmland set the stage for historic forts

for 24 hours, are $50 for commercial buses

and a proud future. Group fees are charged per

and ethnic festivals. Western South Dakota

and $25 for verified nonprofit educational

busload, and the expansive parking lot provides

is home to Mount Rushmore National Memo-

buses. No reservations are needed.

ample room for motorcoach parking.

rial, ranches, the breathtaking pine-laden

From Mount Rushmore, travel just about

Lo L ocated less than 30 minutes west of Crazy

Black Hills and the moon-like terrain of Bad-

90 minutes via Interstate 90 east and step

Horse, with a name derived from the crystals

lands National Park. From one end of the

boldly into the surreal landscape of Badlands

that line its walls, Jewel Cave National Monu-

state to the other, motorcoach tour passen-

National Park. This striking South Dakota

ment is even more significant as the third-

gers will find comfortable accommodations,

geography boasts a maze of buttes, canyons,

longest cave in the world. Features include a

exceptional dining, unique attractions, warm

pinnacles and spires in striking shades of yel-

variety of cave tours below the forest, and a

hospitality and memories that will last for

low, rose and green. Skeletons of three-toed

1 , 2 7 9 - a c r e p a r k w i t h n a t u r e t r a i l s a b ov e

years to come.

horses and saber-toothed cats are among the

ground. Brilliant colors and fragile crystals

18 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

Special: Special: South South Dakota Dakota linger where only man-made light glistens. Wrapped in permanent mid-

town apothecary one might imagine in a hamlet with fewer than

night and creased by prehistoric veins, an underground wilderness hides

1,000 residents, Wall Drug is a sprawling tourist attraction. In 1931,

passageways yet to be explored. Scenic cave tours, which are moderately

while Mount Rushmore was still under construction, founders Ted

strenuous and last 90 minutes, are limited to 30 people per tour and

and Dorothy Hustead attracted tourists to the drug store with numer-

require participants to navigate unassisted the 723 stair steps along the

ous road signs promising free ice water and five-cent coffee. Now

tour route. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, and the

run by third-generation family

ranger-led tours depart on a set schedule.

members – still giving out free ice

Few truly wild places remain in this country, and Custer State Park is

water and five-cent coffee – the

one of them. Here, just about 18 miles southwest of Mount Rushmore,

internationally known spot boasts

nearly 1,300 bison wander the park’s 71,000 acres, which they share

a western art museum, a chapel,

with pronghorn antelope, elk, mountain goats and a band of burros. Trail

an 80-foot brontosaurus visible

rides, scenic drives, bike rides and safari tours are perfect ways to explore

from I-90, a six-foot-tall jackalope

this impressive park. Reflected in clear mountain waters, needles of

and retail stores offering western-

granite play into blue sky above emerald forests and windswept prairies,

themed items including cowboy

where herds of wildlife roam free. Custer State Park recently unveiled its

boots, belts and buckles, souvenirs,

new visitor center, which offers an array of opportunities that include a

Native American Indian jewelry

large interactive map, 20-foot-tall scale models of the Cathedral Spires

and more. Its restaurant seats 520

and numerous displays depicting the natural world of the park.

and is best-known for its Buffalo

While visiting Custer State Park, motorcoach passengers can also

Burgers, hot beef sandwiches,

visit Wind Cave National Park, the first cave to be designated a national

homemade doughnuts and a great

park. Hidden under swaying grasses and sacred hillside forests, a

five-cent cup of coffee.

centuries-old maze features the world’s largest concentration of rare

Jewel Cave

South Dakota’s culinary scene

boxwork formations along with a 28,295-acres of wildlife sanctuary

includes great restaurants, wineries and breweries across the state.

on the surface. A sanctuary for two worlds, above and below, here,

Black Hills Burger and Bun: Burger aficionados join the crowds

rich grounds hold rare finds running deep through the past. To reserve

who come for The Fat Smitty (bacon, fired egg and aioli) and Hot

a group tour for Wind Cave, contact the park at least three weeks

Granny (cream cheese and jalapeños) patties. Granny’s baked beans,

prior to your visit and reconfirm your reservation at least two days

ocated in Custer. French fries and even hummus round out the meal. Lo

prior to your visit, by phoning (605) 745-4600. Next, tour passengers can walk in the footsteps of historic Old West

Cedar Pass Lodge Restaurant: Dine on Indian fry bread tacos with ground bison or specials such as elk medallions while enjoying views of

legends like Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane and Seth Bullock in historic

Badlands National Park. Like its gift shop, the restaurant promotes South

Deadwood, a city rich in frontier history and Wild West infamy. North of

Dakota products such as Kuchen, South Dakota State University ice

Custer State Park – about an hour via US 385 north or 90 minutes via I-

cream, local meats and regional wines. Located in Badlands National

90 west – this 1870s gold rush town became a National Historic Landmark

Park near Interior.

in 1961. Today, it teems with Black Hills entertainment and things to do,

Behind a Western store front façade in Oacoma is Al’s Oasis; this

including concerts, casinos, museums, historic sites, spas and parades.

6 0 - y e a r - o l d l a n d m a r k p r ov i d e s a w e l c o m e b r e a k . A f t e r a c r i s p y

The race for gold raised a mountain town to its feet for a colorful traipse

green bean appetizer with a side of ranch, try a burger. Save room

through history. Grit, determination and legendary characters have

for a pie a la mode washed down with a nickel cup of coffee – the

entrenched this landmark city in the lore of the American West.

s a m e p r i c e i t h a s b e e n f o r y e a r s . B e f o r e y o u l e a v e, c h e c k o u t t h e

South Dakota’s cultural roots unfold when following the Missouri River through the lands of five Native American tribes. History and adven-

shop selling Western gifts and apparel. Located along the Missouri River near Chamberlain.

ture abound along and on the waters of the Mighty Mo. Free-flowing

In Mitchell, the sturdy brick walls of a 1908 Chicago, Milwaukee

sections and four reservoirs – La ake Oahe, Lake Sharpe, Lake Francis

and St. Paul Railroad depot house a cozy pub and family restaurant,

Case and Lewis & Clark Lake – are prime for fishing, boating and water

The Depot Pub & Grille. It is known for its beer-cheese soup, mammoth

recreation. North to south, a band of shimmering water cuts the prairie

half-pound Angus burgers and specials such as raspberry-jalapeño

in two. Reservoirs of abundant life, along with stretches of mighty currents,

prime rib. A glass desert case tempts even too-full-to-eat-another-

tease the imagination of outdoor explorers past and present.

bite guests with Snickers cake and chocolate chimichangas.

While touring the Badlands, make a stop at nearby Wall, South

Prairie Berry Winery/Miner Brewing Company: Since the turn of

Dakota, for a visit to the legendary Wall Drug. Far from the small-

t h e c e n t u r y, a f a m i l y o f w i n e m a k e r s h a s p r o d u c e d m o s t l y f r u i t Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 • 19

Special: South Dakota wines. They offer many award-winning

Cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s original fire station, it is South Dakotaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

wines including Red Ass Rhubarb and

oldest operating brewery. The restaurant

Calamity Jane. They also own Miner Brew-

offers a diverse selection of specialties includ-

ing Company, offering some suds, including

ing locally sourced buffalo burgers, Rancherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pie, barbecue with home-made sauces and more. Firehouse Wine Cellars, located right next door, offer tours daily. They craft a variety of wine styles, from oak-aged reds and crisp white wines to sweet dessert styles. Fernson Brewing Company: The taproom in Sioux Falls serves a Belgian-style farmhouse ale, an IPA and

The Needles

the Gallivant, an ode to tropical fruit. Walls of barnwood warm the brew-

Black Currant Maibock, which are made

ery location near the airport. The downtown

with seasonal ingredients. Located in Hill

location is Fernson on 8th, featuring a warm

City and Prairie Berry Eastbank in Sioux

atmosphere, inviting and enthusiastic staff,


and live music.

Firehouse Brewing Co./Firehouse Wine

For more information about visiting

Cellars: With more than 40 rotating beers

South Dakota, visit online at travelsouth-

rounding out a robust menu in the Rapid

Experience 15,000 Y Years eears off Histor History! ry! y **%-&#%( b )'+( 23,000 square feet to explore b *"$!$,$*($*#) Meeting and event rentals

+6- group 097<8ra 9+;.: b %+524? Family and tes #+5 !-"85 b '8.6 Open 10am 5pm-+24? daily 990 SW Rock Creek Dr. Stevenson, WA



(926;260 )876:79.,? ;1. $2;? 7/ );.=.6:76 +6SPONSORED BY The City of Stevenson and Skamania County Chamber )3+5+62+ $7<6;? &7-0260 *+>.:of Commerce 20 â&#x20AC;˘ Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016


Badlands National Park

Two magnificent mountain carvings. 244,000 acres of naturally-carved landscape. Some of the world’s longest caves nestled on the edge of 71,000 acres of peaks, prairies and free-roaming wildlife. A waterway that opened the West and a Western town where it got wild. These are the awe-inspiring destinations that make up South Dakota’s Great 8. You and your groups can explore them along with our great partners and Find Your Great Place.

Re Request quest a FREE FREE Vacation Vacation Guide Guide • 800-732-5682 800 -732-5682 • • Find Find Your Your Great Great Place Place

/southdakotatourism / s o u t h d a ko t a t o u r i s m

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

AKOTA M USEUM & A AKTA KTA LLAKOTA MUSEUM CCULTURAL ULTURAL CCENTER ENTER — CCHAMBERLAIN HAMBERLAIN 800-798-3452 8 00 -798-3452 • A AKTALAKOTA.ORG KTALAKOTA .ORG T The he Akta Akta L Lakota akota M Museum useum & C Cultural ultural C Center enter p preserves reserves a and nd p promotes romotes tthe he arts arts and and history history of of tthe he Sioux Sioux Indian Indian culture. culture. View View beautiful beautiful exhibits exhibits o off ccontemporary ontemporary art art and and historical historical artifacts. artifacts. O Open pen y year-round. ear-round. Free. Free.



605-673-4681 605-673-4681 CRAZYHORSEMEMORIAL.ORG CRAZYHORSEMEMORIAL .ORG Catch tthe he d ream a razy H orse M emorial! Catch dream att ©C Crazy Horse Memorial! Experience N ative American American culture culture Experience Native through the the mountain mountain carving, carving, Indian Indian through Museum of of North North America America®, a Museum nd N ative and Native A merican C ultural C enter®. American Cultural Center

PPIERRE IERRE AREA AREA CONVENTION CONVENTION & VISITORS V ISITORS B BUREAU UREAU 605-224-7361 6 05-224-7361 • PIERRE.ORG P I E R R E .O R G T Tours ours o off the the Capitol Capitol building, building, memorials, m e m o r ia l s , Governor’s Governor’s mansion, mansion, Trail Trail of of Governors Governors and and tthe he Oahe Oahe Dam Dam are are available. available. The Th e Pierre Pierre area area offers offers a p plethora off o outdoor l e th o r a o u td o o r recreation recreation and and museums visit. museums to to v i si t .

800-952-3625 •




8 844-798-7296 4 4-798-7296 • B BADLANDSPAWN.COM ADLANDSPAWN.COM

800-528-1234 8 00 -528-1234 • B BWRAMKOTA.COM WRAMKOTA.COM

6 605-734-6376 05-734-6376 • CEDARSHORE.COM CEDARSHORE .COM

Guns, Guns, G Gold, old, a and nd R Rock ock n n’’ Roll: Roll: silver silver and and gold, gold, gun gun rrange/store, ange/store, llive ive rradio adio station, station, pawn pawn shop, shop, and and post-apocalyptic post-apocalyptic amazement. amazement.

F Family-friendly, amily-friendly, ffull-service ull-service h hotels otels ffeaturing eaturing iindoor ndoor waterparks waterparks ((free free ffor or g guests), uests), p pools, ools, rrestaurants estaurants and and b bars, ars, fi fitness tness ccenters, enters, a and nd ffree ree W WiFi. iFi. L Located ocated iin nA Aberdeen, berdeen, R Rapid City, apid C ity, S Sioux ioux F Falls, alls, a and nd W Watertown. atertown.

Full-service F ull-ser vice rresort, esor t, ttucked ucked iin n tthe he bluffs Missouri River. Enjoy b luffs of of tthe he M is s o u ri R iver. E njoy sserene e re n e views v iews from from sunrise sunrise until until sunset. su n s et .






11,300 , 300 free-roaming free-roaming bison! bison! Accommodations, Accommodations, b us p arking and dining at our State State Game Game bus parking and dining at our Lodge. Lodge. Experience Experience a Buffalo Buffalo Safari, Safari, Chuck Chuck Wagon Wagon C Cookout, ookout, o orr T Trail ra i l R Ride. id e. Located Located iin n tthe he B Black la ck H Hills. ills .

140 sspacious pacious rrooms ooms a nd D eadwood’s only only 140 and Deadwood’s indoor w ater p layland. V egas-style casino casino indoor water playland. Vegas-style ine featuring featuring sslots, lots, p poker oker a and nd B Blackjack. lackjack. D Dine Bar. at at D Deadwood eadwood Grill Grill or or Oggie’s Oggie’s Sports Sports Bar. reat v iew! Convention Convention facilities facilities ffor or 11,700. ,700. G Great view!

B ea mong tthe he first first to to e xperience tthe he n ewlyBe among experience newlyrrenovated enovated Corn Corn Palace! Palace! Museums, Museums, more more tthan han 5 0 50 rrestaurants estaurants and and complimentary complimentary group group services services await. await. F our h ours e ast o he Black Black Hills, Hills, I-90, I-90, Exit Exit 332. 332. Four hours east off tthe






South Dakota’s S o u th D akota’s llargest argest city city is is conveniently conveniently att II-29 and New attractions, llocated ocated a -29 a nd II-90. - 9 0. N ew a t t r a c ti o n s , entertainment and growing enter tainment a nd g rowing foodie foodie scene s ce n e ensure ensure memorable memorable insider insider experiences. ex p e r i e n c e s . Contact uss for and Co nta c t u for customized customized itineraries i ti n e r a r i e s a nd complimentary complimentar y services. s e r v i ce s .

Explore public exhibits Explore ffree re e p ublic ssculpture c u l p t u re e xhibits along along South Discover S outh Dakota’s Dakota’s sstreets. t re e t s . D iscover unique uniq u e arts, a r ts, cuisine cuisine and and culture culture including including Mount M o u nt Rushmore Crazy R ushmore and and C razy Horse Horse Memorials. M e m o r ia ls . Pierre, P ierre, Rapid Rapid City, City, Sioux Sioux Falls, Falls, Vermillion, Vermillion, Watertown and Yankton. W ater town a nd Y ankton.

80 800-487-3223 0 -487-3223 TO TOURRAPIDCITY.COM URRAPIDCIT Y.COM E Enjoy njoy shopping, shopping, dining, dining, events events a and nd llocal ocal favorites favorites llike ike M Main ain S Street treet Square, S q u a re , C City ity of of P Presidents residents and and m more. o re . N Nearby, earby, explore e x p l o re M Mount Rushmore o u nt R ushmore National N a ti o n a l Memorial, M e m o r ia l , C Crazy Horse and other raz y H o rse a nd o th e r Black Hills B la ck H ills ttreasures. r e a s u re s .



American Bison

TourSD To ourSD — YOUR YOUR ROUTE ROUTE B BEGINS EGINS H HERE ERE 888-386-4617 8 88-386-4617 • TTOUR-SD.COM OUR-SD.COM P lanning your your S o u th D akota jjourney ourney iiss o nly Planning South Dakota only a cclick lick a way. The The TourSD TourSD Highway Highway routes routes away. w ill ttake ake y ou a long rrelaxing e l a xi n g p rairies , llocal ocal will you along prairies, cculture, ulture, history histor y a nd o utdoor rrecreation. e c re a t i o n . and outdoor

WALL WALL DRUG DRUG WORLD’S W ORLD’S LLARGEST ARGEST DRUG DRUG SSTORE TORE 605-279-2175 6 05-279-2175 • WALLDRUG.COM WALLDRUG.COM W a ll D ru g h as been been entertaining entertaining a nd Wall Drug has and educating tthe educating he traveling traveling public public since since 1931. 1931. This T h is w wonderland onderland of of free free attractions attractions includes includes a rrestaurant estaurant tthat hat sseats e at s 5 520. 20 . T There’s here’s ssomething omething for for everyone. everyone. Located Located iin nW Wall. a ll .

WATERTOWN WATERTOWN 80 800-658-4505 0 - 65 8 - 45 05 VI VISITWATERTOWN.COM SIT WATERTOWN.COM Surrounded S urrounded b by y cclear lear g glacial lacial llakes. akes. H Home ome to to more more than than 160 160 Terry Terry Redlin Redlin original original p paintings. aintings. Beautifully Beautifully landscaped landscaped zoo. zoo. Quaint Quaint downtown downtown features unique breweries, winery features u nique eateries, eateries, b reweries, w inery and and ssculpture culpture walk. walk. Located Located I-29 I-29 and and US US 212. 212.


Appointment scheduling opens Nov. 1 Double your business, double your fun in 2017 Register for both St. Louis and San Antonio and receive half off the second show. Where the buyers are: 80% of NTA tour operators tell us that Travel Exchange is the only appointment show they’ll attend in 2017.

“Profitable, fun, exciting and often times surprising.” —Diane Hohnstein, Hospitality Management Services

WE’LL SEE YOU YOU O IN S ST. T. LOU! LOU! TREX have T REX attendees attendees ha ve booked three-year book ed a thr ee-year ttotal otal of nearly $400 million in business. business.

ST. LOUIS FEB. 26–MARCH 2 SAN ANTONIO DEC. 14–18 Visit Visit NT m/ /convention to register register and vie w the schedule to view schedule..




he luck of the draw, a roll of the dice,

Stepping inside the casino, bus passen-

Hot Balls, Bonanza, event tickets and pull

a spin of the wheel – for those groups

gers will feel the rush of winning on a spa-

tabs. With all of these benefits, Prairie Band

that enjoy the thrill of gaming, a stop

cious gaming floor featuring more than 1,200

Casino & Resort is the best in the game.

at any of these first-class casinos is always a

slots, 29 table games and Bingo. Every turn

All bus groups are greeted by a casino rep-

safe bet. The trifecta of lu ux xurry y accommodations,

of the card, roll of the dice and spin of the

resentative upon arrival, to answer any ques-

first-class dining options and top-notch enter-

ball is a potential win at the tables. Single,

tions and detail any special offers or promo-

tainment venues means there is something for

double, and multi-deck shoe blackjack games

tions. Overnight buses can drop off/pick up

everry yone aboard a packed motorcoach.

are offered, with some of the most player-

at the hotel porte-cochere, and daytrip buses

f r i e n d l y r u l e s a r o u n d . F o r t h o s e w h o l ov e

drop off/pick up at the designated bus

Prairriie Band Casino & Resort

slots: Play high limits; chase a big progressive;

entrance located very close to the Player ’s

Mayetta, Kansas

o r t r y f o r a r o y a l fl u s h o n v i d e o p o k e r. F o r

Club. Buses park for free at the resort’s des-

A new adventure awaits motorcoach tour

t h o s e s e e k i n g a g r e a t e r c h a l l e n g e, c r a p s ,

ignated bus parking area. Free bell service is

passengers at Prairie Band Casino & Resort.

roulette, mini-baccarat and more are avail-

provided upon request, and check-in/out is

As soon as they walk through the doors, they

able. Whatever the game, it’s more exciting

a fast, easy, efficient process, handled by one

are open to endless gaming possibilities, sur-

at Prairie Band Casino & Resort. But bus pas-

of booking professionals at the hotel front

rounded with so many ways to be enter-

sengers should not forget to grab a Players

desk. Group incentives vary and may be available at the time of booking.

tained, all while eating the most delicious

Club card before they start. This will be their

food. At the end of the night, when after

ticket to participating in exciting promotions

After all that gambling, Prairie Band Casino

exhausting their ability to play, eat and drink,

and events as well as a chance to win big

& Resort has three different ways to satisfy any

bus passengers have the option to settle into

prizes. New cardholders get $25 Prairie Cash.

appetite. The Longhouse Buffet is open daily

a comfortable bed in a luxurious hotel room.

The gaming experience is not limited to

with all the buffet favorites for break kffast, lunch

Owned by the Prairie Band Potawatomi

the casino. At Prairie Band Casino’s new,

and dinner. It features a fireplace, four spacious

N a t i o n , t h e P r ai r i e B a n d C a s i n o & R e s o r t i s

state-of-the-art, 400-seat bingo hall, players

seating areas, modern furnishings and stone

the best bet for motorcoach tours in Kansas.

will have access to 200 hand-held electronic

columns to highlight the interior. For a quick

It brings the newest games, the best food,

bingo devices, cell phone charge ports for

bite, the Buffalo Grill, located in the hotel lobby,

EPIC Entertainment and superior service.

each seat, concessions (including snacks and

is open 24 hours a day. Grab an award-winning

bottled beer), in-house progressive jackpots,

burger, stone-oven baked gourmet pizza or a

26 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

Guide: G uide: Gaming Gaming made-to-order sandwich and then get back to the adventures. When day slips into evening, Three Fires Steakhouse offers elegant fine dining with a luxurious feel. Choose from a great selection of steak, chops, seafood, pasta and a delicious dessert menu. Online reservations offer convenience and no waiting for a table. Perfect for any kind of escape, Prairie Band Casino & Resort is ready and waiting to revive tour passengers with an exquisite view a n d c h o i c e o f 29 7 l u x u r i o u s l y a p p o i n t e d h o t e l r o o m s . A b e a u t i f u l l y landscaped courtyard, open year-round, beckons visitors to unwind

to enchantment

in the relaxing hot tubs under the sounds of a calming waterfall. Also on site, the Great Lakes Ballroom offers a full lineup of Epic Entertainment. With 1,100 seats, the venue provides a more intimate setting with the artist than would normally be possible. Every month, all year long, Prairie Band Casino & Resort hosts a new artist in the Ballroom. Some upcoming entertainers to take the stage will be Tracy Byrd and Crystal Gayle. At the Prairie Band Gift Shop, tour passengers can browse a wonderful selection of unique, authentic Native American jewelry, and of course, Prairie Band Casino & Resort branded items to bring home as souvenirs. Prairie Band Casino & Resort is located just 15 minutes north of Topeka, Kansas, at 12305 150th Road, Mayetta, Kansas. Phone (785) 966-7742 for reservations; visit online at for more details on upcoming entertainment. For any questions on group sales, contact

Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City, New Jersey Resorts Casino Hotel spans 11 acres on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, giving your tour passengers prime oceanfront views and easy access to the beach. Its two hotel towers combined offer a total of 942 guest rooms (the largest on the boardwalk at more than 525 square feet), along with six restaurants; an indoor-outdoor pool; a health club,

Book your stay today. Escape to breathtaking views, fresh mountain air and array of adventure. Whether you’re looking to conquer our hiking and biking trails or glide over the majestic waters of Lake Mescalero on our ZipLine, you’ll find it here at New Mexico’s premier resort and casino.

spa, and salon; retail shops; five eateries within the casino’s Quick Bites Food Court; and an 83,000-square-foot casino. Resorts Casino Hotel has numerous on-site amenities and perks which include a step-into paradise at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. The island-inspired entertainment complex includes the iconic Margaritaville restaurant, themed coffee and retail shops, 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar and LandShark Bar & Grill. Resorts also boasts a total of six award-winning restaurants including the legendary Gallagher’s Steakhouse and

• 273 luxury rooms and suites • Championship golf course* • Fine and casual dining • Full casino • Ski Apache* • Fishing* • Horseback riding* • ZipTour

Capriccio Italian Restaurant. Bus passengers can enjoy attractions and activities allowing them to engage and escape at one of six bars and lounges, relaxing at the stylish year-round indoor-outdoor pool, or booking a visit at the health club and spa. For thrilling fun, Resorts features


1-800-545-9011 | Mescalero, NM

1,738 slot machines and 74 table games with nonstop action. Resorts also provides guests with an ample conference center to host business functions, meetings and conventions. The property’s new state-

*Please see website for restrictions. Must be 21 or older to enter casino. The Mescalero Apache Tribe promotes responsible gaming. For assistance, please call 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-426-2537).

of-the-art, technologically advanced Resorts Conference Center includes Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 • 27

Guide: G uide: Gaming Gaming 12,000 square feet of functioning space and 12 conference rooms. The Atlantic Ballroom, the showpiece of the Resorts Conference Center, iss a 6,500 square-foot function room with multiuse pre-function area that offers wireless connectivity of multiple devices or up to 500 attendees simultaneously. The 12 breakout rooms keep productivity high with built-in, 90-inch LED display monitors with full 1080P resolutions, drop-down screens and cinema quality DLP projection. In total, Resorts has more than 64,000 square feet of meeting and event space, including four ballrooms and 24 meeting rooms. Whether it is seeing the latest performances of headline actts s, catching a Broadway revue or having a few laughs, there is always something to maximize your tour group’s Resorts’ experience. Boasting three entertainment venues including the Superstar Theater, Bar One and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Resorts Casino Hotel is a destination that energizes and excites tour passengers. Groups visiting Resorts Casino Hotel, 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey, must book rooms in advance, with deposits required 30 days after signing the contract and full payment due two weeks prior to arrival. Resorts Casino H o t e l o f f e r s m ee t - a n d - g r e e t s e r v i c e f o r b u s arrivals in a dedicated bus center on the property. Bus parking for a fee is available in two lots, one located two blocks from the resort

craps, blackjack, roulette, let it ride, pai gow

dishes plus an assortment of freshly barbe-

and the other approximately 30 blocks away.

poker, Spanish 21, three card poker, Texas hold

cued and smoked meats, seafood, salads,

Motorcoach tours receive pre-check-in, with

’em, Mississippi stud and mini baccarat as well

pastas, desserts and more.

all luggage delivered to the rooms and keys

as live poker action. Your group will also find

LBV Steak & Pasta is second to none, offer-

issued as close to arrival time as possible.

penny slots to $100 games and everything in

ing a sumptuous menu of steaks, Italian cuisine

Groups receive one comped room for every 15

between, including the latest progressives for

and seafood in an intimate setting – simple

paid, and meal credits are given to all tour

winning action.

sophistication and culinarry y creativity at ittss best.

members upon arrival. For group rates and

The excitement of live thoroughbred rac-

Fun is what’s on tap at The Brew Brothers,

reservations, contact Motorcoach Marketing

ing can be found every May through Septem-

a newly renovated restaurant located on the

at (888) 771-1786.

ber, and simulcast racing from tracks across

second floor overlooking the mile-long oval

the country is offered year-round.

track. Enjoy great food, the happiest Happy

Presque Isle Downs & Casino Erie, Pennsylvania

Your tour group can partake of amazing

Hours and the best in weekend entertainment.

dining experiences at Presque Isle Downs.

Presque Isle Downs & Casino welcomes

The thrill of live gaming action can be found

The buffet is more than just a normal buffet

all groups, small and large. A day or night at

at Eldorado Resorts’ Presque Isle Downs &

– it is an experience, featuring made-from-

Erie’s premier casino is the perfect way for

Casino in Erie, Pennsylvania. Your tour pas-

scratch comfort foods that will leave mouths

your tour group to have a fun-filled entertain-

sengers can try their hand at table games like

watering for more. Enjoy our Carano family

ment experience. From bus groups to

28 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016



Enjoy the hottest slots and table games, Atlantic Cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest standard rooms, exceptional dining, retail shopping and great entertainment! The fun is here at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City! Jimmy Buffettâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Margaritaville entertainment complex featuring a year-round LandShark Bar & Grill on the beach, new Margaritaville restaurant just off the FDVLQRµRRUWKHPHGMargaritaville    slot area, retail shops & more.



Bet with your head not over it. Gambling Problem? Call 1.800.GAMBLER.

Guide: G uide: Gaming Gaming

Presque Isle Downs & Casino bachelor/bachelorette parties and fundraisers

of competitive packages. Group leader incen-

t o c o m p a n y o ut i n g s , P r e s q u e I s l e D o w n s &

tives are available.

Casino can accommodate all of your needs.

Presque Isle Downs & Casino is located

To arrange for your group’s visit, phone

at 8199 Perry Hwy., Erie, just off Interstate 90

the Group Travel Team at (814) 866-8775. Presque Isle Downs & Casino offers a variety

30 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

at Exit 27. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.





OVER $50 MILLION IN RENOVATIONS The all-new TTropicana ropicana featuring $50 million in renovations including renovated North North TTower o ower casino and hotel rooms, the all-new AtlantiCare LifeCenter Fitness, new retail shops in The he boardwalk daily y. Quar ter and the spectacular free Multimedia Light and Sound Show on the Quarter daily. Plus, the possibilities are endless with 24 restaurants, 25 shops,18 bars, IMAX Theatre plus bluemercur y makeup, skincare & spa all under one roof. bluemercury

night trip, call our For immediate assistance and to book your day or over overnight Department at 1-888-275-1212. Tour o Department Tour Call now to customize packages for your groups.

MORE FUN. MORE V VALUE. ALUE. A MORE V VARIETY. A ARIETY Y. 1-800-THE 1-800-THE TTROP ROP | TTROPICANA.NET ROPIC ANA.NE T | BRIGHTON BRIGHTON AND AND BOARDWALK, BOARDWALK, ATLANTIC ATL ANTIC CITY, CIT Y, NJ NJ 08401 08401 M Must ust bbee 221. 1. BBet et w with ith yyour our head, head, no nott oover ver it. it. Gambling Gambling Problem? Problem? Call Call 1-800-GAMBLER. 1-800-GA MBLER.


tudents are sponges, ready to absorb each new experience and squeeze every drop of wonder from what they

see. That is why student tours are so much fun. From exploring our country’s ethnic roots and rich history to taking in local culture and c u i s i n e, t h e s e r e g i o n s p r o v i d e i n q u i s i t i v e minds with unforgettable moments and invaluable knowledge.

National Museum of Amerriican y Jewish Historry Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The National Museum of American Jewish History (NMAJH), located on historic

National Museum of American Jewish History Courtesy of Gene Smirnov

Independence Mall in Philadelphia, brings to life the more than 360-year history of Jews

Student Student T Tours ours

in America. Tracing the stories of how Jewish immigrants became Jewish Americans, the museum is the perfect stop for groups of students of all backgrounds, to share their

Admission entitles your group to full gallery

are numerous lots and garages in the imme-

own stories and reflect on how their histo-

access (including any special exhibitions),

diate vicinity.

ries and identities shape and are shaped by

for exploring on your own, at your own

For more information about the NMAJH,

the American experience. An open door for

p a c e . F o r a n a d d i t i o n a l f e e, a v a r i e t y o f

visit online at To schedule your

all, NMAJH honors the past and contributes

guided tours are offered that range from a

student or group tour, contact Group Sales

to a better future by sharing the power of

general introductory tour to thematic tours

Tuesday through Friday at (215) 923-3811

imagination and ideas, culture and commu-

with topics such as American Jewish Writ-

ext. 141 or via e-mail at

n i t y, l e a d e r s h i p a n d s e r v i c e, i n w a y s t h a t

ers, Jews and the American Frontier and Women in American Jewish History. Plan

Outlets of Mississippi

More than 30,000 artifacts make up its

for a visit of at least two to three hours. The

Pearl, Mississippi

collection, representing the broad spectrum

museum is open Tuesday through Friday,

Located minutes from the capital city of

of American Jewish life and illustrating such

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday through

Jackson in the city of Pearl, the Outlets of Mis-

universal themes as immigration, worship,

Sunday until 5:30 p.m. Note: During the

sissippi, the state’s largest outlet shopping

hard work, entertainment, community and

run of Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Rev-

destination, has quickly become a must-visit

family life. Exhibitions include permanent

olution, the museum stays open until 8 p.m.

stop during a road trip to the Greater Jackson

displays that explore the history and tradi-

on Wednesday. Closed most Mondays; ask


tions of Jewish people in America, through

about special holiday openings and

historical objects, period environments and


turn inspiration into action.

At 325,000 square feet, the outlet center features a collection of more than 80 lead-

c u t t i n g - e d g e i n t e r a c t i v e t e c h n o l o g y. T h e

The museum has a small dairy/vegetar-

ing designer and top brand names. From

museum also hosts traveling and special

ian café (which stays open on Shabbat and

Coach Outlet, Michael Kors, Banana Repub-

exhibits, such as the current Bill Graham

other Jewish holidays when the museum is

lic Factory Store, Gap Factory Store and VF

and the Rock & Roll Revolution exhibition,

open) with pre-packaged kosher selections

Outlet to Ann Taylor, LOFT, J.Crew Factory,

on view through January 16, 2017, and high-

available. The Museum Store offers a wide

Forever 21, Nike Factory Store and Under

lighting the influential career of concert pro-

variety of contemporary and traditional

Armour, Outlets of Mississippi stores offer

moter Bill Graham.

Judaica, gifts, jewelry and museum mer-

everyday savings of up to 65 percent off

c h a n d i s e, a s w e l l a s Ke t u b a h / b r i d a l a n d

regular retail prices.

Parties of 15 or more are eligible for discounted admission rates; to ensure avail-

Bar/Bat Mitzvah registries.

Along with its dramatic saving oppor-

a b i l i t y, i t i s r e c o m m e n d e d t h a t y o u b o o k

The museum, located at 5th and Market

tunities, the outlet center proudly cele-

your group at least one month in advance.

streets, does not have its own garage. There

b r a t e s M i s s i s s i p p i h e r i t a g e, h i s t o r y a n d

32 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

S Special: pecial: Student Student T Tours ours Outlets of Mississippi



culture at every turn. Tour passengers can enjoy works of art created by local artisans; learn from educational exhibits that highlight the state’s historical events, achievements and iconic figures; and take photographs near its grand marble monument engraved with a state map marking the iconic Mississippi Blues and Country Music Trails. What’s more, a Mississippi Development Authority office is conveniently housed at the Outlets of Mississippi in its Visitor Services center. Inside, motorcoach tour operators will find interactive touchscreens that provide tourism information such as listings of historical sites, museums and other points of interest. In addition, a collection of informative directories and brochures is also available. A collection of kiosks showcasing and selling the works of members of the Mississippi Craftsmen’s Guild is also found inside. With advance notice, groups of 15 or more will receive meet & greet services, complimentary coupon books and escort gift cards. Contact Marketing Director Mona Delia at with any questions, or fill out an online group registration form at For more information including a complete store directory, specific store sales and driving directions, visit o While there, shoppers may also join the outlet center’s VIP Club to receive advance and exclusive special offers, discounts and much more.

Mobile Bay, Alabama

Outletsof Out le t s o f MS .com

Mobile has long been a favored stop on many student tour groups’ Gulf Coast itineraries. Just two hours east of New Orleans and one hour


north of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico beaches, Mobile’s historic appeal

Coach Outlet • J. Crew Factory Store • Michael Kors • Gap Outlet • adidas Kay Jewelers Outlet • Ann Taylor Factory Store • Nike Factory Store • Chico’s Outlet Banana Republic Factory Store • White House | Black Market • BCBGMAXAZRIA Gymboree Outlet • Carter’s Babies and Kids • Under Armour® • Reebok • francesca’s Cole Haan • Nine West Outlet • Forever 21 • LOFT Outlet • VF® Outlet • And many more...

and wonderful attractions are sure to offer educational – and entertaining – options for student tour groups of all ages and sizes. Mobile is easily accessible east/west on Interstate 10 and north/south on I-65.

Fort Condé Museum and Welcome Center The current Fort Condé is a replica of the original, which protected Mobile and its citizens from 1723-1820. In this immersive, interactive

Pearl, MS • Intersection of I-55 & I-20 Show this ad to Visitors Services and receive a FREE VIP COUPON BOOK. (Code ND-BTM2016)

exhibit, costumed characters lead groups through the complex and Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 • 33

Special: Student Tours recount stories of the people who colonized

Dauphin Island Estuarium

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

early Mobile. Tour passengers see historic

This is the public aquarium of the Dauphin

Student groups can explore 175 acres of

artifacts of Native Americans and Europeans

Island Sea Lab, Alabama’s marine education

history and seven decades of heroism, from

who played large roles in the evolution of the

and research center. Student groups explore

WWII to Iraqi Freedom. Groups should allow

Port City in a time shaped by innovation, con-

the four ecosystems of coastal Alabama, the

2-2½ hours for the self-guided tour. Once

quest, plunder, piracy and war, and experi-

Delta, Mobile Bay, the barrier islands and the

onboard, the group can enter gun turrets and

ence of life as it was in Colonial Mobile.

Gulf of Mexico. The 10,000-square-foot

view crew’s quarters, sick bay, an engine

Groups can also browse the Visitor Cen-

exhibit hall includes the living marsh board-

room and much more. The group will also

ter, which includes a gift shop, and watch a

walk, the Miss May shrimp trawler, the

watch a 15-minute film featuring former

big-screen video of Mobile.

weather station and the gift shop. Student

WWII USS Alabama crewmen. There are 12

educational programs are available.

decks open for touring. The main deck of the

Dauphin Island

battleship is handicapped accessible.

Located just off the Alabama coast, this

The group can also visit the 36,000-

Cruise Aboard The Duke Located at Dauphin Island Marina, Action

square-foot Aircraft Pavilion to view vessels,

the state. It has protected the coast from

Outdoor’s The Duke is a 44-foot passenger

exhibits and historic aircraft, such as the A-

many storms, hurricanes and even Union

vessel offering dolphin watching and shrimp

12 “Blackbird” Spy Plane, and take a ride on

soldiers. Fort Gaines, established on the

trawling cruises to Sand Island Lighthouse.

the Flight Simulator. Next stop, Submarine

island in 1821, played a major role in the Bat-

The captain’s informative narrative includes

USS DRUM, designated a National Historic

tle of Mobile Bay, the largest naval battle of

the history of Dauphin Island, Fort Gaines

Landmark, and be sure to visit the inspiring

the Civil War. At the eastern tip of Dauphin

and the lighthouse, as well as facts about sea

Vietnam and Korean War Memorials.

Island, the fort commands panoramic views

life and birds of the region. The boat can

Groups of 10 (six years or older) or more

of Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

accommodate groups of up to 49 and caters

qualify for a discounted admission fee per

to all age groups.

person. Qualified group tour escorts and bus

barrier island is the southernmost point in

ng nings H pp ni i ay Happen Holiday H ring tthe e on bri li a season, holiday h h This ne m new make some and m m a family aperr ap as Na a io a o a traditions holiday ed me a orm iis transf t Settlement d! on r nd er wonderlan winter oaw into

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ht p Lights d Naper et r ki l r et d Christkindlmark an on a Mansion c ll Ma Mitchell rt M d Martin ours o da To Holiday a a @ tthe d Santa ett e e t Settlement

Mart Mitc in h Man elll siio o Tour n To s

i & Dried li d Holiday le Sales o all S Flor k Fl Silk DeBrand offers tours of their chocolate kitchens as well as a café style chocolate shop. Call Corporate Office, M-F 9-5 PM, to reserve your tour!

523 S. Webster St., Naperville, IL 630.420.6010 • n 34 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

Located off I-69, Exit 316, North Fort Wayne, IN.

(260) 969-8335

Special: Student Tours drivers (two comp per coach) are always

boasts both temporary and permanent exhibits.

Street. The History Museum of Mobile is on

admitted free with their group’s paid admis-

Groups exploring the museum’s galleries and

the left. An area for unloading passengers is

sion. To receive this discount, one person must

historic artifacts will discover fascinating stories

available directly in front of the museum for

purchase tickets for the entire group. Cash,

around every corner. The museum also offers

buses and passenger cars. Complimentary

travelers’ checks, American Express, Visa,

audio and interactive exhibits that engage vis-

bus parking is available nearby.

Mastercard and Discover are accepted. No per-

itors as they learn.

The Education Department books tours

Located at 111 South Royal Street in Old

for three locations: the History Museum of

City Hall, a National Historic

Mobile, the Site at Historic Fort Condé and

Landmark built in

the Phoenix Fire Museum. Admission is

1857, the museum

charged at the History Museum of Mobile.

is within walk-

Hours of operation vary between the three

ing distance

locations. Guided tour options are available

tleship in the

of the Mobile

for each location. To book a school or

Wa r d r o o m ,


group tour, phone (251) 301-0270.

sonal checks are accepted. Catered meals are available for groups (minimum of

Cannons at Ft. Condé

30 people). Meals may be served aboard the bat-

on the Fantail or in the Aircraft Pavilion. Prices vary according


Courtesy of \Miguel Perez


choice. Two weeks advance notice is required (subject to availability).

Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center Six exhibit galleries, including Hands On

Center, sev-

Among other attractions ideal for student

eral hotels, a

tour groups: the Mobile Zoo; the Mobile

variety of restau-

Museum of Art; Mobile Medical Museum;

rants and the Fort

Mobile Carnival Museum; Bellingrath Gar-

Condé Welcome Center. Trav-

dens & Home. For more travel information,

eling on I-10 East or I-10 West, exit Water

phone the Mobile Area Convention and

Street/Downtown, Exit 26B. Turn left at the

Visitors Bureau at (800) 5-MOBILE [(800)

first traffic light onto Government Street. Turn

566-2453] or visit

left at the next traffic light onto S. Royal

Hall, My BodyWorks and The ChemLab, offer more than 150 interactive exhibits for adventurers of all ages. With so much under one roof, the Exploreum is a great choice for a group trip. Reduced rates are offered for groups of 14 or more. Exhibits, IMAX Films and special

UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY Undergraduate College of the U.S. Navy.

blockbuster exhibits create a memorable trip that your group will not forget. The Exploreum’s group sales department is also happy to help group leaders and tour operators design day trips or overnight stays

Guided walking tours include the Naval Academy Chapel, Crypt of John Paul Jones, Statue of Tecumseh and the history and traditions of the Naval Academy.

including the addition of other local attractions.

Phoenix Fire Museum The Phoenix Fire Museum is in the restored home of the Phoenix Volunteer Fire Company No. 6. This building houses turn-of-the-century, horse-drawn steam engines and early motorized vehicles. The gallery on the second floor recounts the history of the volunteer fire companies of Mobile from their organization in 1838.

History Museum of Mobile An educational and entertaining destination

HISTORICAL, EDUCATIONAL, JEWISH CHAPEL, CORPORATE LEADERSHIP and MILITARY REUNION TOURS Naval Academy Gift Shop Restrooms, New Quarterdeck Exhibits, and Film Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center (410) 293-8687 Visitor Center Hours: January-February: 9am-4pm March-December: 9am-5pm Photo ID required, ages 18 and over

for both adults and children, the museum Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 • 35

features more than 50 G-scale trains running simultaneously over

Editor’s E ditor’s Pick Piick

more than 2,000 feet of track. Looking for something extra? The Charlevoix CVB tour package “Castles, Cruises & More” can be designed to fit your budget and clientele. This popular promotion includes a guided tour of the castle, a

by Karla Nagy

picturesque voyage on the Keweenaw Star cruising Lake Charlevoix and Round Lake, plus a 60-minute step-on bus tour of Charlevoix’s famous Mushroom Houses. The Charlevoix CVB also offers its “Castles, Lakes & Grapes” tour as well customized itineraries to fit specific group tastes or interests. To learn more about Castle Farms, phone (231) 237-0884 or visit c

The Outlets of Mississippi Pearl, Mississippi Proudly serving the Greater Jackson, Mississippi region, the Outlets of Mississippi is the state’s largest shopping destination, not to mention a leading destination for dramatic savings on favorite brand names. Centrally located at the intersection of interstates 55 and 20 in the city of Pearl, just minutes away from the capital city of Jackson, is a must-stop for bus tours through the middle of the state. The 325,000square-foot outlet center features more than 80 top name brands for

Castle Farms

everyone in the family. From Coach Outlet, Michael Kors, Banana

Charlevoix, Michigan

Republic Factory Store, Gap Factory Store and J.Crew Factory to VF

Built in 1918 by Albert Loeb, acting president of Sears Roebuck &

Outlet, Forever 21, American Eagle Outfitters, Nike Factory Store and

Company, this beautiful French Renaissance castle was originally

Under Armour – just to name a few – shoppers enjoy savings up to

designed as a working model dairy farm to showcase farm equipment

65 percent off regular retail prices during each and every visit.

available in the Sears catalog. Now fully restored to its original

In addition, housed inside its state-of-the-art Visitors Services

grandeur, Castle Farms is open year-round to visitors. One of Michi-

center, out-of-town visitors will find the Mississippi Development

gan’s top historic attractions, it was a recipient of a 2015 TripAdvisor

Authority, with representatives available to assist in planning a mem-

Certificate of Excellence award.

orable tour of the region. Interactive touchscreens that highlight

Conveniently located 50 miles south of Mackinaw and 50 miles north of Traverse City, Castle Farms is close to downtown Charlevoix,

points of interest throughout the state, along with a collection of informative directories and brochures, are available inside as well.

two miles from the intersection of US131 and M-66. Guests are con-

What’s more, tour passengers can experience a taste of the great

veniently dropped off under a grand portico, greeted by Castle staff

state of Mississippi by exploring its array of informative displays

and treated to a 10-minute historic video. Next, professional tour guides will delight motorcoach passengers with stories of castle lore while leading them on a tour at a pace specifically tailored to suit their needs. The castle is fully handicapped-accessible; elevators and wheelchairs are available for visitors with special needs or disabilities. A spacious parking lot provides ample space for buses. Discounted group admission rates are available, and advance arrangements can be made for reasonably price, catered dining for groups of 20 or more in one of the property’s elegant banquet halls. Antique trains, castles and toys are displayed throughout the buildings, along with memorabilia from royal families worldwide. A 1918 Museum, honoring the year the Castle was built, features items from that time period, including a wooden mouse trap collection and artifacts from World War I. The Castle’s garden railroad, built in 2008, 36 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

Editor’s E ditor’s Pick P ick throughout the property. These include a two-sided marble monument

in December, that showcases 500 nativity scenes. This year it is offered

showcasing the state’s famed Blues and Country Music Trails; a mural

December 9-11. Bus tours can top it off with the Planetarium’s holiday

created by a local artist which depicts the state’s five distinctive regions;

show at Bowling Green State University to get fully in the spirit of the

and iconic and educational signage which educates about the unique


personality of Mississippi’s regions, rich history, noteworthy events

Bowling Green’s CVB can customize the tour with entertainment and lunch with a fine-dining experience at locally-owned Sam B’s

and citizens. Other pluses that help to make this a great Editors Pick for bus

restaurant. Add a little holiday shopping time to the many specialty-

tours are the Shop & Stay Packages offered by Outlets of Mississippi,

shopping experiences or choose from five make-and-take offerings

including a Holiday Inn adjacent to the property, not to mention the

during the shopping time instead.

fantastic attractions in nearby Jackson. Among them: a craftsmen’s

Holiday memories and a quaint shopping experience await tour

guild, zoological park, art museum, planetarium, the Mississippi Agri-

passengers in historic downtown Bowling Green. The annual Holly

culture & Forestry Museum/National Agricultural Aviation Museum

Days celebration, held this year on November 18-19, begins with a

and the homes of slain Civil Rights leader Medgar Evars and Southern

hometown tree lighting and annual holiday parade. Locally-owned

author Eudora Welty.

specialty shops offer unique holiday gifts as well as friendly service

For more information, including a complete store directory, specific

in helping shoppers to find something for that special someone. Bowl-

store sale information and driving directions, visit

ing Green will roll out the red carpet welcoming visitors with warming

While there, shoppers are also able to join its free VIP Club to receive

stations, Santa visits and Santa’s Little Elves Workshops planned

advance and exclusive special offers, discounts and much more.

each Saturday in 2016, from November 19 through December 17. For more information on tours and a calendar of events, visit online at

Bowling Green, Ohiio

V or phone (800) 866-0046.

Holiday Tour & Events


Bowling Green, Ohio offers many fantastic stops for bus tours.

State Historic Site

Cultural institutions like the Wood County Historical Center & Museum are repositories for many different types of collections. These

Photo courtesy of Martini Creative

Austin, Texas Step back in time to discover “Where Texas became Texas.” Expe-

collections can represent illus-

rience what the Republic of Texas was like at its birth, through inter-

trations of daily life, examples of

active reenactments and simulations as interpreters, dressed in period

consumer culture and how com-

clothing, bring the 1830s lifestyle to life. Ride a replica stagecoach

munities evolve over time. Dat-

and then visit historic Fanthorp Inn, restored to its 1850s appearance

ing back as far as the 16th cen-

as a stagecoach inn.

tury, the collecting of objects and

A visit to this Texas Parks and Wildlife Department-run state park

displaying them became known

offers much to do: Independence Hall (where 59 delegates bravely

as “Cabinets of Curiosities,” while

met to make a fo rmal declaration of independence fr om Mexico in

today’s collections recall happy

1836); the Star of the Republic Museum (collections honoring the his-

memories from childhood, sou-

tory, cultures, diversity and values of early Texans); and Barrington

v e n i r s, a no d t o p o p u l a r c u l t u r e

Living History Farm (where interpreters dress, talk, work and farm

or items handed down from pre-

exactly as the earliest residents of the original farmstead did), as well

vious generations. T his h ol ida y sea so n, to ur p ass en ger s ca n tak e th e In ter na tio na l

as 293 acres of park land for bird-watching, strolling and picnicking – and many special events every weekend.

Traditions Tour at the Wood County Historical Museum to explore

For student tours,

the cultural side of holiday traditions and their ties to the museum’s

children can dress in

history as the former County Poor Farm.

p er i o d c l o t h in g , g a t h e r

This museum is just one of the stops on Bowling Green’s holiday

eggs from a chicken

tour offerings and just one of three museums offerings. Snook’s Dream

coop, milk a cow, ride

Cars Automobile Museum boasts many memorable exhibits, from a

on a buckboard wagon

holiday ornament collection to classic cars to Avon cologne bottles.

and build a log cabin.

The next recommended stop is a local church that for 15 years has

During the holiday sea-

hosted a Come to the Stable event, typically during the second weekend


“Candlelight Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 • 37

Editor’s E ditor’s Pick P ick Choo Choo Barn – Traintown USA

Christmas” at the Barrington Farm recreates how frontier families would have enjoyed

Strasburg, Pennsylvania

Pacific Science Center

Don’t let the name fool you; this isn’t a

Christmas, with holiday music, musket firing, dancing and a candlelit tour of the farm,

kiddies’ play land.

homestead and slave quarters.

Since 1961, people from across the coun-

Large or small groups receive a Texas-sized

try and around the world have come to visit

welcome. Guests are welcomed by museum

this truly unique O Gauge model train attrac-

or park rangers on the bus, then buses can drop

tion that portrays Lancaster County in minia-

off passengers at the entrance of the Visitor

ture. The Choo Choo Barn’s 1,700 square-

Center and Farm and park yards away for free;

foot train layout features more than 150

the museum is a short walk up a ramp. Tour

tions in the Puget Sound region. Topics of

hand-built animations and figures and 22

guides of each location (and group rates) can

these exhibits rotate every six months. Past

operating trains, with geographical and phys-

easily be arranged Monday through Friday for

exhibits have explored neuroscience and

ical landmarks modeled after actual Lan-

groups of 20 or more. Snacks, drinks and Blue

memory, the human microbiome, Arctic ice

caster County locations.

Bell ice cream are sold at the gift shop; many

melt and food allergies. Pacific Science Center

The miniature cornfields are stunningly

lodging and dining options can be found in

also offers engaging demonstrations and live

realistic. An American flag waves in the

nearby Brenham or Navasota. Note: The farm

stage shows with its science interpretation

breeze. An airplane flies above the action on

is a working farm with caliche paths, a gravel-


the layout of animated figures and vehicles,

style material that may be difficult to navigate

Pacific Science Center and The Franklin

where firemen ride a fire truck to squirt real

for those with mobility issues. All other attrac-

Institute in Philadelphia are proud to pre-

water on a burning house. Also see an

tions and the park itself have complete hand-

sent Terracotta Warriors, a one-of-a-kind

authentic Amish barn raising; a three-ring

icap access. Digital welcome packets can be

exhibition premiering April 8, 2017, at Pacific

circus; a zoo; snow skiers and ice skaters; a

sent in advance. Contact Donna Baker, Visitor

Science Center for a limited five-month run.

whirling carousel; and so much more. Each

Services coordinator; Star of the Republic

Guests will have the rare opportunity to come

scene incorporates movement, sound, light-

Museum at (936) 878-2461 ext. 245 or

face-to-face with terracotta warriors and to

ing and amazingly intricate detail, and sev- for more information.

explore the scientific innovations made dur-

eral trains run continuously, giving bus pas-

Wa s h i n g t o n - o n - t h e - B r a z o s i s l o c a t e d

ing the Qin Dynasty. Complete your experi-

s e n g e r s s o m e t h i n g n e w t o d i s c ov e r w i t h

approximately halfway between Houston

ence with the new IMAX documentary, Mys-

every pass around the display. Bring your bus

and Austin, in the antique shopping and wild-

teries of China, opening March 2017.

tours to delight in the attraction that began

flower belt of Texas.

Pacific Science Center offers a discounted

under a Christmas tree more than 60 years

group rate and one complimentary exhibit

ago, still owned and operated by the same

Pacific Science Center

admission ticket for the group leader or dri-


Seattle, Washington

ver. There may be limitations on complimen-

Bus parking is immediately adjacent to

Seattle’s Pacific Science Center brings sci-

tary tickets for specially ticketed exhibitions.

t h e e n t r a n c e, a n d o n s i t e, p a s s e n g e r s c a n

ence to life for more than 1.3 million people

Tickets must be reserved in advance. Pacific

browse at the gift shop or indulge their sweet

each year through award-winning, interac-

Science Center’s café offers a variety of food

tooth at Uncle Le eroy’s, offering homemade

tive programs, exhibits and spectacular IMAX

and beverage options; bulk box lunches are

i c e c r e a m , f u d g e, b a c o n b r i t t l e a n d o t h e r


available upon request and must be ordered

It hosts several special exhibitions annu-

in advance. Bus greeting and on-site guides

ally and is home to permanent interactive

are not available. Bus drop-off and pick-up

science exhibits, a tropical butterfly house,

zones are located on Second Ave and John

a salt water tide pool, a colony of Naked Mole

Streets. Bus parking maps are available upon

Rats, a planetarium, two state-of-the-art

request; street parking is available around

IMAX Theaters, a Laser Dome theater and

the Science Center, along with designated

Wellbody Academy that explores personal

bus only zones. Contact the Group Sales

health and wellness. The Studio and The Por-

office at (206) 443-3611 to learn more, or visit

tal to Current Research showcase cutting-edge

research from scientists and leading institu38 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

Editor’s E ditor’s Pick P ick delectable treats. Several other restaurants

alleled beauty of towering snowcapped

national parks as Editors Picks, along with

that cater to groups are located within just a

mountains, ancient glaciers, dense forests,

more information on Jasper’s Dark Sky Fes-

waterfalls spilling down the mountainsides,

tival, visit online at,

rushing rivers and turquoise glacial lakes.

click on “Online Exclusives” and choose

a.m. to 5 p.m. daily (last admittance at 4:30

Watch for wildlife: moose, elk, caribou, mule


p.m.), the Choo Choo Barn is located at 226

a n d w h i t e - t a i l e d d e e r, m o u n t a i n g o a t s ,

Gap Road, Strasburg, Pennsylvania, just up

bighorn sheep, black and grizzly bears, and

the road from the Railroad Museum of Penn-

the elusive mountain lions and wolverines.

sylvania and the Strasburg Rail Road, and

Beginning at the Jasper Visitor Center – a

few miles. Open mid-March through December, 10

a r o u n d t h e c o r n e r f r o m t h e N a t i o n a l To y

stone and log house in the center of town –

Tr a i n M u s e u m . I t i s A D A - c o m p l i a n t a n d

motorcoach tour operators to the area can

group rates are available for 15 or more per-

choose among an array of one-of-a-kind

sons paying together. Group reservations are

experiences to offer their passengers. Take

preferred; contact Kristi Largoza at

i c e - w a l k i n g t o u r s o n t h e C o l um b i a I c e fi e l d ; For more infor-

go on hiking tours, guided hikes and walks;

mation, phone (800) 450-2920 or visit online

try out boat tours and guided sightseeing.


One of the most popular activities is taking

Pirates Dinner Adventure

the Jasper Skytram, which allows a birds-eye

Canadian Rocky Moun ntain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site Alberta, British Columbia

view of the Canadian Rockies in their splendor. Combine this with the Glacial Adventure for an exciting, fulfilling day.

Pirates Dinner Adventure Buena Park, California

Renowned for their scenic splendor, the

Jasper National Park is also the second-

With space for up to 750 people, Pirates

Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks are com-

largest dark sky preserve in the world, and

Dinner Adventure is an Editors Pick in the

prised of Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho

October is Dark Sky Month, when Jasper

w e s t f o r m o t o r c o a c h t o u r g r o u p s . Wi t h

national parks and Mount Robson, Mount

hosts its Dark Sky Festival and the star-stud-

preshow opportunities, swashbuckling enter-

Assiniboine and Hamber provincial parks. In

ded heavens take center stage. From the

tainment and great food, it provides the per-

1984, they were designated a UNESCO World

shores of Lake Annette, visitors can enjoy

fect stop for tired and hungry bus passengers.

Heritage Site. In 2017, to celebrate Canada’s

special appearances: by earthbound

Shows range from The Rise of the Sea

150th Anniversary of Confederation, visitors

astronomers and celebrities such as annual

Dragon, where bus passengers can become

can take advantage of free admission to

host Bill Nye the Science Guy; and skyward,

guests at the Governor’s Gala as Sebastian

national parks, national historic sites and

the Milky Way, Aurora Borealis or shooting

Black and his pirates raid the party and take

national marine conservation areas for the

stars – weather permitting.

prisoners; the Halloween-themed Vampirates;

entire year.

In the town of Jasper, tour passengers will

or Pirates Take Christmas for the holidays; all

find quirky shops, quaint inns, luxurious

provide a night of special effects, acrobatics,

National Park is Canada’s largest park in the

lodges and endless opportunities for adven-

w i z a r d r y, s w a s h b u c k l i n g s w o r d p l a y a n d

Rocky Mountains and showcases the unpar-

ture. Jasper’s dining choices are as varied as

duels. Available for luncheons with or with-

t h e a r e a ’s o u t d o o r a d v e n t u r e

o u t t h e s h o w, P i r a t e ’s D i n n e r A d v e n t u r e

options. Whatever the craving,

accommodates an array of groups with great

area restaurants have it, from

pricing and a wide variety of custom options,

At a staggering 4,335 square miles, Jasper

Dark Sky Icefields

fast food to fine dining and every-

including a full cash bar and allergy-sensitive,

thing in between. Many offer a

vegetarian and gluten-free entrées. It is

selection of fresh local fish and

wheelchair accessible.

wild game – trout and salmon, venison, bison and elk.

All event packages include a preshow experience; dinner and show; group seating;

For more information on bus

sales tax and gratuity. Tour escorts receive

t o u r s t o J a s p e r, v i s i t o n l i n e a t

complimentary admission at Pirate’s Dinner For expanded edi-

Adventure with free bus parking in the

t o r i a l o n B a n f f a n d Ko o t e n a y

attached parking lot. Private or customized Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 • 39

Editor’s E ditor’s Pick P ick shows or matinees are available with a min-

it is now Florida’s most historic home, which

Visitors are often greeted by one of the

i m u m g u a r a n t e e, a n d a p r i v a t e r e c e p t i o n

showcases High Victorian architecture with

current owners who saved the mansion and

room is available for an additional fee.

Moorish, Gothic, Polynesian influences, 12

did the restoration. Groups of 20 or more can

Pirates Dinner Adventure is located at

different bathrooms and rooms filled with

schedule a tour for almost any day or time

7600 Beach Boulevard, just off the Santa Ana

furnishings from many different eras that the

of their choosing if available (except during

Freeway near the junction of the Artesia Free-

Stetsons might have chosen if they had con-

the Christmas S pectacular which has tours

way and I-39 (Beach Boulevard). Contact

tinued to live here to the present.

three times per day). Reservations are

Group Sales at (866) 439-2469 for more information.

Renowned as Florida’s first luxury estate,

required, and the mansion can accept up to

the three story 10,000-square-foot Victorian

72 reservations per tour time (104 if on

mansion is far from your typical stuffy

buses), subject to availability. Group discount:

Stetson Mansion, 1886

m u s e u m . T h e r e i s n o f r i l l y w a l l p a p e r, o l d

one free with every 15 paid. Terms are $100

DeLand, Florida

furniture or flowery drapes. The fully restored

deposit due within seven days of booking to

Yo u h a v e p r o b a b l y n e v e r h e a r d o f

and updated mansion actually appeals to

hold the reservation, payable by check (no

“Florida’s Most Popular Attraction.” In 2014

both men and women. It is named for the

credit cards).

Tr i p A d v i s o r n a m e d t h e S t e t s o n M a n s i o n

maker of America’s most iconic symbol, hat

The mansion is located at 1031 Camphor

“Florida’s Most Popular Landmark Tourist

maker and philanthropist John B. Stetson and

L a n e, i n a q u i e t n e i g h b o r h o o d , a n d s t r e e t

Attraction.” In 2016 it further named it to its

is located in the idyllic “authentic old Florida”

parking for buses is always available just out-

list of “Top 10 Things to Do In Florida.”

town of Deland, home of Florida’s oldest uni-

side the Mansion gates. Limited restrooms

versity, natural springs with manatees and

are available so large groups are asked to

Why? Extraordinary tour guides treat each v i s i t o r a s a g u e s t i n F l o r i d a ’s only “Gilded Age” man-


plan a restroom visit before arrival. Mansion The grounds on the

Stetson Mansion

sion. What other pri-

estate include a serene

vately owned and

all-shade meditation

occupied estate


staff can offer suggestions. Visitors enter in divided guided groups with 18-24 people each (26 if requested) at


seven- to nine-minute intervals. Please note

invites you into

fountains, a car-

that steps are involved and there are no ele-

the owner’s bed-


h o u s e,

vators or ramps, and photography is not

room, bathroom

gazebo and even a

allowed inside. The mansion has no on-site

a n d c l o s e t ? Vi s i -

putting green. Tours

dining but group reservations can be made

tors on this all

are held year-round,

at the Brickhouse Grill or Byte restaurant in

access tour are even

and the mansion is

welcome to sit on the furniture if they need to rest. This personal attention to guests sets this excursion apart from all others and thus

decked out with over-thetop



designed decorations for the “Christ-

downtown DeLand. Book tours and find additional informabookings.stetsonmansion. t i o n o n l i n e a t bookings.stetsonmansion. c com. om.

mas Spectacular!” In five years, this holiday home tour has grown from 800 to 10,000 vis-

The House of the Seven Gables

W h y e l s e ? B e c a u s e v i s i t o r s j aw s d r o p

itors because of the excellence and emotional

Salem, Massachusetts

when they are allowed to walk on the 16 dif-

d e ta i l p u t i n t o t h e d i sp l ay. T he C hr i s t m a s

the high customer ratings.

Built in 1668 by prominent Salem sea

ferent patterns of the nation’s most rare and

S p e c t a c u l a r i s o p e n d a i l y N ov e m b e r 1 5 t o

merchant John Turner, this house, named for

intricate parquet wood floors and look

January 15 each year.

its distinctive architectural features, was

through 10,000 panes of original leaded glass

Famous visitors to the home in Stetson’s

occupied by three generations of that sea-

windows including a wood and glass French

d a y i n c l u d e d P r e s i d e n t G r ov e r C l e v e l a n d ,

f a r i n g f a m i l y. I t w a s s o l d i n 1 7 8 2 t o C a p t .

wall dating back to the 1700s. This National

King Edward VII, the Vanderbilts, Astors,

Samuel Ingersoll, who died at sea and left

Register Historic Place was closed to the pub-

Tiffanys, Carnegies and Mellons, along with

the house to his daughter Susanna, a cousin

lic for nearly 100 years until two restoration

Stetson’s good friend, Thomas Edison. In fact,

of 19th-century American author Nathaniel

e x p e r t s d i s c ov e r e d i t i n 2 0 0 5 , s a v e d i t a n d

the Stetson Mansion was one of the first

Hawthorne. Made famous by Hawthorne’s

welcomed the public inside for a charity func-

homes in the world to be designed and built

n o v e l o f t h e s a m e n a m e, t h i s w e l l - k n o w n

tion in 2007. Built in 1886 as the largest and

with Edison electricity.

landmark is a great stop for motorcoach

grandest residence the state had ever seen, 40 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016


Editor’s Pick Nathaniel Hawthorne

The House of Seven Gables

Spotlight on Success!

Birthplace, Kid’s Cove at the Counting House, the Colonial Revival Gardens



waterfront. Reservations can be made for guided tours for groups of 10 or more. To book a group tour of 10 or more, contact or

We are looking for outstanding tour operators and planners to be featured in business profile articles for Bus Tours Magazine.

phone (978) 744-0991, ext. 104. The attraction offers Located at 115 Derby Street, the 2.5-acre

adjacent bus parking, and is within walking

museum campus constitutes its own National

distance of Salem’s Custom House, the Salem

Historic Landmark District and includes care-

Witch Museum, the Peabody Essex Museum

fully preserved 17th- and 18th-century period

and the Salem National Maritime Historic Site.

homes, three-season Colonial Revival Gardens

A variety of shopping, sightseeing and dining

and breathtaking views of Salem Harbor, Derby

options is also within walking distance, making

Wharf and the tall ship Friendship. Guided tours

Salem and The House of the Seven Gables the

last 35 minutes and include a visit to the

perfect Editors Pick for bus tour groups.



These articles will highlight company history, favorite tours, future plans and more. For more information contact Karla at

H I ST O R Y E xplo r e

Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 • 41

Different and Different Improved and N ew, Improved New, Dells Lumberjack Show The Dells Lumberjack Show offers an exciting new entertainment experience for motorcoach visitors to the Wisconsin Dells. Presented by Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty, the live show combines the time-tested raw lumberjack skills of yesterday with the extremesports intensity of today. Groups will view an action-packed display of accuracy, speed and fearlessness, as worldclass athletes display lumberjacking prowess in a variety of events. Audiences interact with proficient and skillful lumberjacks who compete in eventts s such as the log roll, canoe jousting, axe throw, standing block chop, chainsaw carving, hot saw and more – 12 in all. Shows are held in an open-air venue with covered seating, a full concession stand and a scenic waterfall backdrop. The tagline is “We charge you for the whole seat, but keep you on the edge the entire time!” Long known as “The Water Park Capital of the World,” the Dells is a natural spot for the Lumberjack Show. From the middle of the 19th century through the earliest years of the 20th century, Wisconsin was a leading

Jungle Island

three new privately guided VIP tours: Go

Miami, Florida

Wild, Go Wilder and Ultimate Jungle Trek.

timber producer in the United States. By the

Jungle Island has announced a master plan

Interact with lemurs, red kangaroos, sloths,

end of the 19th century, Wisconsin was turn-

to transform the popular landmark attraction

the only tame cassowary on the planet,

ing out 3.4 billion board feet of pinewood a

into a destination for eco-adventure and

Andean condor, sloth and much more.

year, and river towns such as Wisconsin Dells

events. The conceptual plan includes new

After getting up-close to some of the

– originally Kilbourn City – had burgeoned

attractions that tie in the diverse culture of the

world’s most fascinating animals, park guests

a r o u n d s aw m i l l s . T h e a c t i o n - p a c k e d D e l l s

18-acre park’s South Florida surroundings

can head to the attraction’s private beach at

Lumberjack Show pays homage to that his-

with journeys authentic of the jungle. A sig-

Parrot Cove for more adventures under the

tory in an exciting and entertaining way.

nificant investment will be made in order to

sun. At this oasis located at the tip of Jungle

Dells Lumberjack Show tickets may be

add a new entry atrium, destination restau-

Island, visitors can relax on lounge chairs,

purchased the day of the show at the gate,

rants, pool areas and waterfalls, zip lines and

hammocks and cabanas, and then cool off

at The Paul Bunyan’s Gift Shop (located next

other aerial activities, new interactive envi-

by wading into Biscayne Bay where the Rain-

door in Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty Restau-

ronments for animals, and much more.

f o r e s t R i p t i d e aw a i t s . T h i s m a s s i v e w a t e r

rant) or online. The ticket booth opens one

There is no need to travel to Madagascar,

playground features a series of fun obstacles

hour prior to show times. Dining and Show

Au s t r a l i a o r e v e n S o u t h A m e r i c a t o s e e

including balance beams, action tower, tram-

packages are now available and large groups

some of the world’s most fascinating ani-

poline, bridge, cliff, high jump, catapult, slide

are welcome. For group pricing and reser-

mals. Jungle Island has more than 450 of

and wing. An adjacent climbing wall gives

vations, e-mail

them and gets guests up-close-and-personal

even the most gifted climbers a test of

or phone (608) 254-8717.

to many of these exotic creatures through

strength and endurance.

42 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation Title of Publication: Bus Tours Maggazine. Publication No. 0199-6096. Date of Filing: 9/19/16. Issue Frequency: Bimonthly. No. of Issues Published Annually: 6. Annual Subscription Pric i e: $15 U.S., $20 Caannaadda & Internationaal.l Complete Mailing Address of Known Office of Publication and Headdquarters or General Business Office of Publisher: 9698 W. Judson Road, Polo, Illinois 61064. Contact Person: Larry Plachno. Telephone: (815) 946-2341. Full Nam me annd Complete Mailing Address of Publisherr, Editor and Managing Editor: Larry J. Plachno, 9698 W. Judson Rooad, Polo, Illinois 61064. Owner: National Bus Trraderr, Inc., Larry J. Plachno, 9698 W. Judson Road, Polo, Illinois 61064. Known Bondholders, Morrtgaggees, and Other Securrity Holders Owning or Holding 1 Percent or More of Total Amount of Bonds, Mortgages, or Other Securities: None. Tax Staatus t : Has not cha h nge during the preceding 12 months. Exxtent and Nature of Circulation: Total No. Copies: Avverage No. Copies Each Issue During Preceding 12 Months: 8,650; Actual Number Copies of Single Issue Published Nearest to Filing Date: 8,800. Paid and/or Reequested Circulation: 1) Paid /R Req e uested Outside-County: Average: 4,269; Acctual: 4,158. 2) Paid/Reequested In-County: Average: 7; Actual: 7. 3) Paid distribution outside the mails: Average: 151; Actuall 215. 4) Paid distribution by other classes of mail: Average: 114; Actual 125. Total paid distribution: Average: 4,541; Actuaal 4,545. Noon-requested distribution: 1) Outside County: Average: 3,948; Actual: 4,020. 2) In-county: Average: 0; Actual 0. 3) Mailed at other classes through the USPS: Average: 0; Actuall: 0. 4) Outside the mail: Average: 117; Actual: 200. Total free or nominal rate distribution: Average 4,065; Actual: 4,220. Tootal distribution: Average: 8,606; Actual: 8,765. Copies not distributed: Average: 44; Actual: 35. Total: o Average: 8,650; Actual: 8,807. Percent Paid: Average: 52.76%; Actua uaall: 51.85%. Reequested and Paid Electr onic Copies: Av erage: 2,785; A ctual: 2,810. Total Requested and Paiid Print Copies + Requested/Paid Electr onic Copies: Av erage: 7,326; A ctual: 7,355. Tot al Requested Copy Distribution + Requested/Paid Electronic Copies: Average: 11,391; Actual: 11,575. Percent Paid and/or Reequested Circulation: Average: 64.32%; Actual: 63.35%.

Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 • 43

New, Improved and Different What has two toes, likes to hang upside-down, sleep up to 20 hours a day and is easily a fan favorite? The answer is the sloth, a new addition at Jungle Island. Park guests can interact with these slow-moving, nocturnal mammals by adding on

Jungle Island





encounter to their general


park admission. During this hands-on encounter, visitors get to help feed and pet these fascinating animals. Jungle Island is proud of its nearly 80-year history that started with its former location in Pinecrest Gardens. Jungle Island was home to Pinky, the bicycle riding cockatoo, as well as flamingoes who were made famous in the opening credits of the hit 1980s television series Miami Vice. Hank the Crocosaurus, measuring a whooping 20 feet, was a popular attraction, too. Jungle Island is home to more than 450 rare and exotic animals and is continuing its legacy through a grand reinvention of the park.

)*&( *& !*) #* !*&(!% (%+( )$&( -#&$) .&+ &(  ,!)!* &$ %"&. *  &$ %&* &%#. &( ( !**+(#  ($ +* #)& &( !*) ')* -!*  '()% * *  %) -!* *  ))&%) '% +).  *+(.    /

# $"'# $&% ( )& $%$(&"! "  "$ "$ #"# % "$ "'% +$!% $!&"! !&'*     )))% "$"$


For more information, visit

88$$$))##9911 888,,))666..::


 $#48ĹĄ:59$886 ) )$

Book your hoolliid day parrty with u us!



Contact Dena Tidw el | e: dtidw | p: 615.902.8222

44 â&#x20AC;˘ Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016


Dyna amic Enteerrtain nmeen ntt | Breea eatth htakin ngg Views | South heerrn Cuis isin nee Contact Jessica Sprouse | e: m | p: 615.458.3900





THE CUR C CURIOUS RIOU US TOUR R PLA PLANNER LA L ANNER N Number 15 of a Series “The Curious Tour Planner” is a question and answer column that provides simple answers to simple questions involving bus and group tours. It is patterned after a very successful similar column in our sister publication, NATIONAL BUS TRADER, that has run for about 20 years with more than 200 installments. We will accept reasonably simple technical or operating historical questions on bus and group tours and their operations by letter, fax, e-mail or telephone. Unless other wise indicated, the simpler questions will be answered by our e d i t o r, L a r r y P l a c h n o , w h o h a s o w n e d buses and planned tours for more than 50 years. If our staff is unable to answer them, we will call upon our panel of exper ts. Names and addresses should be submitted with your questions, but we will withhold names fro m publicat ion on request. We reserve the right to modify questions to make them more useful to our readers. Q. What should tour planners and tour operators know and do in regard to bus seat belts? –– Seve eral Readers A. Federal law mandates that all of the big char ter and tour coaches built after November of 2016 should be equipped with three-point (shoulder + lap) belts. There are a few things that come to mind that might be of value to tour planners and tour operators. There was an unfortunate bus accident in Orland, California where a big semi truck cro ssed the m edia n of the i nter stat e and hit a coach head on. Following this, the NTSB (National Transpor tation Safety Board) has recommended a pre-trip announcement to passengers that suggests they buckle up if the coach has seat belts. It also should explain about the push-out windows and how to open them as an escape route. If the bus driver does not make this announcement, you might want to have your representative on board do it. While the federal law from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) fails to mandate the use of seat belts by bus passengers, there may be other jurisdictions that do. For example, Minnesota has an old law on the books from 46 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

the 1980s requiring that passengers buckle up on buses if seat belts are provided or face a fine.

Prevost coaches are built in Ste-Claire, Quebec, with commuter coaches being finished at Plattsburgh, New York.

The good news is that this is a “secondary offense” which means that an officer will not stop your coach for this. However, if your coach is stopped for some other reason (speeding, improper tur n, improper license plate), then the officer can fine people not wearing seat belts in Minnesota if they are provided.

Va n H o o l c o a c h e s a r e b u i l t i n K o n i n g shooikt, Belgium or Skopje, Macedonia. Setra coaches are framed in Mannheim and completed in Neu Ulm, Germany. Temsa coaches are built in Adana, Turkey. CAIO coaches come from Botucatu, Brazil, while BCA coaches are built in Zhengzhou, China.

Local bus operators in Minnesota were recently able to amend this law to eliminate the driver from being responsible for passengers under 15 years of age not wearing seat belts, but adults could face a fine if not buckled up in Minnesota. The feds are not requiring seat belts on older coaches. In fact, they intentionally declined to provide guidelines for retrofitting seat belts on older coaches. Their reasons were: 1) Cost too high for the degree of safety achieved; 2) Only 10 percent of the passengers use them; 3) Because of the newer safety systems, the newer coaches are safer than when seat belts were mandated on new buses; and 4 ) I t w a s d i f fi c ul t a nd t i m e co n s u m i n g t o develop guidelines for retrofitting seat belts on older coaches. There has been some legal action taken against coaches without seat belts. Your editor has already been involved as an expert witness in two of these cases. Our sister publication, NATIONAL BUS TRADER, has an ar ticle covering this that can be f o u n d o n l i n e a t under Archived Articles. Feel free to contact us if you need any help in this area. Q. Please solve an argument. My friend says that none of the big tour coaches are built in the United States. Is this true? –– East Coast Reader A. While most of the smaller body-onchassis buses are built in the United States, most of the larger integral tour coaches are not. The popular MCI J4500 coach is built in Wi n n i p e g , M a n i t o b a , w h i l e t h e i r “ D ” series coaches and commuter coaches are f r a m e d u p i n Wi n n i p e g a n d t r u c k e d t o Pembina, Nor th Dakota for completion.

Q . Wa s i t y o u r o f fi c e t h a t p h o n e d a n d asked about information for an article? –– Tour Planner A. Karla Nagy, our staff editorial assistant, is cur rently working on several projects. One is to develop a couple of ar ticles on interesting tour planners and tour operators. Most ever y operation is different in some way or another and most have an interesting histor y and a good success story. If you are interested, you can phone Nagy at (815) 946-2341 and she can work with you on getting your story into print. Q. Have 110-volt outlets and Wi-Fi changed bus operations? –– Tour Coach Operator A. Very much so. To begin with, 110-volt o u t l e t s a n d Wi - F i w e r e a t t h e t o p o f t h e passenger request list for years. Today, I would not order a new coach without them. The scheduled service bus people, particularly the curbside carriers, say that WiFi and 110-volt outlets have helped a great deal in attracting passengers. These features make travel time much more useful for both businesspeople and students. With tours, I have repeatedly heard from tour guides and tour escor ts that less along-the-way activities are needed these days because so many people bring along a laptop, iPad or iPod and entertain themselves while the bus is traveling down the highway. We will soon see groups and passengers refusing to travel on buses without Wi-Fi. Answers not credited to other individuals are provided by Larry Plachno, Editor. ❑

Social So ocia ial Marketing Mar Ma M ar rke rk ke k eting for Tourism To our rism m by b yC Catherine atherine H Heeg eeg

How to Power Up You urr Social Visual Variety Quality face-to-face connections are one thing that will never go out of style – even in our high-tech world. Being able to see each other’s faces and experiences allows for a powerfully meaningful connection with clients online. Think of it like sharing a virtual coffee with a client. Make these connections happen visually by using Pinterest, Meerkat and Facebook Live to the best of each platform’s ability. Pinterest and Instagram Did you know: Eighty-five percent of Pinterest users are women. Forty-two percent of online US women use Pinterest. Consider how many of your female clients make the final travel decisions. Did you know: Instagram has 500 million monthly active users; 300 million daily active users. Two great reasons to focus on creating amazing photos and videos. Here are some success strategies: • Create unique boards for each destination, activity, culinary option, etc in your marketing campaign. Tip: Include the link to your Web site in each board description. Use the link that will drive people to a landing page for your campaign. • Upload photos in portrait format. • Create long pins showcasing destinations and activities. • Add your blog posts and create long pins with the blog title. • Create a business profile on each platform. • Focus on artsy and high-quality images. • Include video. • Send boards to clients using Pinterest messages. • Occasionally share your Instagram images on Facebook. Jazz Up Your Photos Photos take the front seat in marketing. Here are some tips and tools to ensure your photos are working hard for you – not just along for the ride. 1 . G e t c r e a t i v e w i t h f i l t e r s . M o s t p h o n e s i nc l u d e f i l t e r s a n d t o o l s to enhance your photos. Take advantage of these to eliminate redeye, add borders or text and showcase certain aspects of the photo. 2. Focus on additional tools to boost your photo power and increase its shareability. a. PicMonkey is easy to use and gives you the option to add frames, text, overlays and filters. You can even create collages. b. Canva has a bit longer learning curve yet provides professional looking overlays, text, filters and presentation applications. c. PicStitch, PicCollage, InstaCollage, PicMix, VidStitch, PhotoGrid, PIcGrid, etc., are cool tools to create photo collages

and pull together videos. Consider using these apps for your social posts and in newsletters, e-blasts and presentations. More cool tools here: Periscope, Meerkat or Facebook Live These live streaming video platforms allow you to interact with your fans while creating v i d e o . H o w a b o u t i nv i t i n g y o u r clients to join you while you interview a destination rep or attraction sales manager? Your clients can chime in with questions and you can record it on Periscope. All this in a live streaming video format. Compare the 2 platforms here: b • Direct potential new clients to your Periscope recordings for more information • Let existing group leaders and potential new group leaders know about your live streaming video date. You may encourage new group leaders to bring their groups to you. • Create a live stream just for bank travelers or bank leaders. The Power of Video Imagine pulling together a “day on the road” video showcasing popular tours. What a great way to entice new travelers or engage potential new group leaders. Shooting video has never been easier. Smartphone and HD video recorders are easy to operate and relatively inexpensive. Did you know you can even create video from still images? That’s right. I will bet you have a whole collection of photos on your hard drive from past tours. You can create short videos to use in your upcoming marketing. Here are some easy tools to create video from your still images. 1. Facebook Slideshow. You can now upload 3-7 images and Facebook will create a video-like post for you. Learn more here: b 2. Flipagram. Upload still images, add text, music and transitions. 3. Animoto, SmileBox and VideoShop – Other options to easily create video for social sharing. Spreading the word about your video is easy on your other social sites. Learn more: Create posts, tweets and graphic invites and market traditionally and socially. Check out these additional tips to market socially: b Putting some fuel into marketing your next campaign is as easy as following the steps above. Whether you are marketing an exclusive group or a unique destination, you can use these tips for a jolt of creativity and a new perspective. ❑ Catherine Heeg, international speaker and trainer, focuses on social media marketing strategies for the tourism and hospitality industry. Join the conversation and connect with her at cm and socially.

Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 • 47

20 Tips For Fo or Bu us Tour r Planners Pla la l an Bus by: b y: D Dr. r. C Charleen harleen JJaeb aeb

Topic: Review of 400 Tips from

progressive dinner tour. Include a stop at a farm

5. Handling Bullies and Difficult Peo-

September 2012 to Janu uary 2016

market, wine and cheese tasting or cooking les-

ple, July 2013 . Both occur occasionally on

Since 2005, I have had fun coming up with

son. Enjoy seafood where it is freshest; take

bus tours and in the workplace. Ways to rec-

20 tips for fellow bus tour planners in each

foodie tours in big cities. Make culinary delights

ognize and handle them are suggested: e.g.

issue of BUS TOURS MAGAZINE. Since retiring

on the bus your trademark; include home-

Smile. Make eye contact. Listen. Do not argue,

from La akefront I still enjoy bus trips as a pas-

hosted meals, especially in areas of unfamiliar

get angry or get personal. Explain why behav-

senger, traveling with friends and family, and

cultures such as Native American, Amish and

ior is inappropriate. Be polite but firm. Be hon-

helping organizations I belong to set up trips

other countries.

est. Explain rules. Offer solutions. Seek help

by bus, car pool and foot (joined a Walkers

2 . M a n u f a c t u r i n g Tr i p s , N o v e m b e r

if necessary. Know when to fight, flee or flow.

Club three years ago). Lately it has been harder

2012. Most factory tours are free, interesting

6 . G i r l f r i e n d G e t a w ay s , S e p t e m b e r

to come up with new topics to write about.

and educational, located nearby and give out

2013. This explains marketing to women who

Your suggestions are welcome.

free samples. Manufacturers of motorcycles,

are price sensitive, want comfort, security,

For the benefit of new readers and as a

automobiles, toys, furniture, cosmetics, farm

cleanliness, safety and good food in unique

reminder to old ones, I write a column like this

equipment, recreational vehicles, newspapers,

atmospheres. Many like cruises, resorts, casi-

after every 400 previous tips. In January of 2009,

candy, pottery and glassware, musical instru-

n o s , t h e a t e r, s h o p p i n g , s h o r t e r t r i p s , b e i n g

I published a review of the first 400 tips. In Jan-

ments, bakeries, beverages and baseball bats

p a m p e r e d , t r a v e l i n g s o l o , w i t h w o m e n ’s

uary 2013, I published a review of the second

were some mentioned. Factory Tours USA is

g r o u p s , i m p r o v i n g h e a l t h a n d a p p e a r a n c e,

400 tips. Listed below is a review of my 400 tips

an excellent Web site. A good book to read is

learning and creating, fun and serendipities.

written from September 2012 to January 2016.

Watch it Made in the USA.

7. Electronic Devices Used on Buses,

I once considered after reaching 1,000 tips

3. Dinner Show Trips, March 2013.

to publish them in a handbook, which includes

Dinner shows range from murder mysteries

explained were EZ pass, Wi-Fi, DVD, GPS, 110-

other relevant material such as legal or insur-

and musical comedies, medieval tourna-

volt outlets, cameras, Zonar Systems and seat

ance issues, lots of lists and bus anecdotes.

ments and interactive Roaring 20s gangster

belts. Portable devices like Smartphones, elec-

Another option was to write a short generic

shows to nostalgic Christmas shows and

tronic readers, laptop computers and portable

column for a newspaper or magazine entitled

performances by singing stars of decades

DVDs are carried by an increasing number of

“Twenty Tips” or “20 Quips” based on wisdom

ago. More than 25 bus-friendly offerings in

passengers who also own an EZ Pass and

acquired after five careers in 79 years. What

the U.S. are described.

GPS. Tips to regulate them, maximize their

to do now? Write this column.

November 2013. Devices on buses

4. Patriotic Trips, May 2013. To inspire

use to attract customers, predictions of ones

pride in America, visit a patriotic attraction.

to come and tips for overseas travelers who

Highligh hts of 20 Tips Articles

Every state and province has them. The article

carry electronic devices were offered.

from September 2012 to January 2016.

describes dozens of them; the September issue

8. Adventure Trips, January 2014. An

1. Culinary Trips, September 2012. Peo-

tells you how to find more, where to prospect

adventure is an exciting or unusual experience

ple love to eat. It is one of the top three activities

for customers, and the best time to go. Wash-

that may be a bold, risky adventure with an

to do on a tour. Suggestions included: Plan a

ington, D.C. has the most in one area.

uncertain outcome and may have potential

48 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016

20 20 Tips Tips physical danger. Outdoor activities are typ-

social purposes. The major sacred destinations

daily scheduled in Texas, or customized ones

ically undertaken for purposes of recreation

in the world and the U.S. were identified, along

like the armored Presidential Ground Force

or excitement. Dozens of samples are given

with appropriate activities on the bus. Com-

One or elegant motor home conversions sell-

that appeal to both men and women.

panies specializing in religious travel were

ing for $1.5 million.

9 . E d u c a t i o n a l Tr i p s , M a rch 2 0 1 4 .

listed. Religious sites can be added to most

14. Marketing Without Money, January

Te a c h e r s o r g r o u p l e a d e r s s h o u l d d e c i d e

trips. Observe rites and customs upon enter-

2015. Marketing tips costing little or nothing

where they want to go, what they want to

ing. Make reservations in advance.

to implement: e.g., memorizing brief sales pitch

see and do, when they want to go and how

12. Celebrity Trips, September 2014.

for social functions; selling words; flyers; busi-

m u c h t h e y c a n p a y. S u g g e s t i o n s c ov e r e d

Covered advantages of having a celebrity on

ness cards; e-mail directories; Web sites; han-

guidelines for both traditional students and

board, greeting the bus, performing for bus

dling telephone, publicity and press releases;

often older, non-traditional students.

p a s s e n g e r s ( w i t h u p - c l o s e s e a t s ) , i nv i t i n g

advertising; pricing; keeping customers.

1 0 . G a m e s o n t h e B u s , M ay 2 0 1 4 .

passengers to their homes. Deceased celebri-

15. Art of Gifting, March 2015. Main

Stimulating games for adults were suggested

ties such as presidents, inventors, aviators,

purpose of gift-giving is to please the recipient

for passengers on the bus and after arrival

movie stars, war heroes and sports stars that

so discover what they want. Write thank you

a t t h e i r d e s t i na t i o n . C a t e g o r i e s c ov e r e d

have homes or museums open to visitors are

notes. Appropriate gifts for and from bus trav-

included Get Acquainted Games, Games of

popular destinations.

elers, bus companies, group leaders, vendors

Chance, Riddles and Jokes, Quizzes and Brain

13. Unusual and Specialty Buses,

and hosts were suggested. Presentation, cost,

Teasers, Small Group or Individual Games

November 2014. Buses described ran the

theft prevention at large gatherings and char-

and Games for FAM Trips.

gamut from weird ones like a Topsy-Turvy

itable gifts were covered. My personal favorites as well as bus business gifts were shown.

11. Faith-Based Trips, July 2014. Reli-

school bus with its twin flipped upside down

gious trips are one of the biggest forms of

on top of it, to amphibious duc k boats, to a

16. Teaching and Training, May 2015.

tourism today. People travel in groups for pil-

five-compartment Chinese bus with 350-per-

Individuals can learn by reading, writing, lis-

grimage, missionary, educational, leisure and

son capacity, to deluxe executive coaches

tening, watching, doing, memorizing,

Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016 • 49

20 Tips practicing, questioning, discussing and mak-

also covered overseas trips and special needs

donating bus trips to local non-profit organi-

ing mistakes. Therefore, good teachers use

passengers from the view of bus tour planners.

zations and customers, delivering supplies and

a combination of methods in training. The

19. Update on Student Trips, Novem-

personnel to national disasters, discounting

column gave examples of ways to train group

ber 2015: An update of my 2013 article on

trips to active military members, children and

leaders, tour planners, escorts and drivers.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Student Tripsâ&#x20AC;? which centered on traditional

senior citizens, promoting volunteerism among

Good trainers are prepared, trust but verify

student tours, and my 2014 article on â&#x20AC;&#x153;Edu-

employees and going green.

qualifications for trainees, evaluate them

cational Tripsâ&#x20AC;? which centered on non-tra-

Thank you for your kindness, letters and

fairly and are good role models.

ditional students. This column focused on

suggestions. I have enjoyed meeting many of

17. Enhancing Trips with Photography,

emerging adolescent students such as the

you at Lakefrontâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s offices, on busses, travel con-

July 2015. Suggestions on taking publishable,

annual year-end eighth grade trips and junior

ventions and at your attractions. An avalanche

prizewinning photographs quickly with little

high trips. The Top 2015 student trip desti-

of new ideas to write about would be a great

time and effort that will enhance and publicize

nations were included.

start for the new year. You can reach me at

your bus trips. It covered who and what to

20. Giving Back, January 2016: Creative

take pictures of, when, where and how to take

ways bus companies and bus tour planners

them, how to get them published as well as

give back to the community. Examples included Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Happy Holidays.

uses for them to retain customers and get new ones. Four photos included. 18. Packing for Bus Trips, September 2015. Focused on how and what to pack that is light, right and economical for single day and multi-day trips based on comfort, safety, health, new electronic devices and entertainment. It

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2 #,"3 +  (-*+ 2 #+,(*#% 2 "())#'! 2 ' '0 (* 

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///-+,(-*+&!1#' (&#* ,(*0

With degrees from four universities, Dr. Charleen Jaeb was a business professor at Cuyahoga Community College. After her retirement in 2000, she became a trip planner for the CCC retirees and Middleburg Heights Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Club, filling as many as 15 buses each year. Jaeb and her husband escorted trips for Lakefront Lines in Cleveland, Ohio. She says, â&#x20AC;&#x153;It was wonderful and somewhat unbelievable in retirement to be able to do what you love to do and get paid for doing it.â&#x20AC;?

Advertiserâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Index Adsmore House & Garden . . . . . . . . .44

Jacksonville Area CVB . . . . . . . . . . . . .15

Afton Hudson Cruise Lines & Inn . . . .15

Lafayette CVB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41

American Bus Association . . . . . . . . .45

Mid-Lakes Navigation Co. . . . . . . . . . . .5

Anderson/Madison County VCB . . . .30

Miromar Outlets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50

Barnacopia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15

Morse Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20

Bear Lake Valley CVB . . . . . . . . . . . . .43

Mt. Washington Cog Railway . . . . . . . .8

Castle Farms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17

Naper Settlement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34

City of Aztec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20

National Railroad Museum . . . . . . . . . .5

Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center . .20

National Tour Association . . . . . . . . .25

Country Music Hall of Fame

Outlets of Mississippi, The . . . . . . . . .33

& Museum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30

Potawatomi Hotel & Casino . . . . . . . .51

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad . . . .6

Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad . . . . . .9

Dancing Horses Theatre . . . . . . . . . . .49

Prairie Band Casino & Resort . . . . . . .52

DeBrand Fine Chocolate . . . . . . . . . . .34

Presque Isle Downs & Casino . . . . . . . .2

Durbin & Greenbrier

Resorts Casino . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29



Up To o

70 OFF %



Valley Railroad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5

Starved Rock Lodge . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35

Effingham CVB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16

Timberlake Playhouse . . . . . . . . . . . . .13

Galesburg CVB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15

Travel South Dakota . . . . . . . . . . .21-24

Georgetown Loop Railroad . . . . . . . . . .7

Tropicana Casino & Resort . . . . . . . . .31

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Greater Bangor CVB . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12

Tudor Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43

Historic City of Burlington,

Union County CVB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16

In Southwest Florida off I-75, Exit 123, Corrkscrew Road Between Naples and Fort Myers â&#x20AC;˘ (239) 948-3766

New Jersey, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11

U.S. Naval Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35

Inn of the Mountain Gods . . . . . . . . . .27

Wildhorse Saloon/General Jackson . .44


50 â&#x20AC;˘ Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2016



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Bus Tours Magazine November/December 2016