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Development & Strategy - Update

September 2009


Key Objectives • Audience development  Acquisition

• Enhanced measurement & analytics • Improved satisfaction and engagement  Return rate/frequency  Sustained video durations

• Revenue growth  Digital ad sales  Direct commerce/paid content

• Develop new revenue streams  Direct to consumer product development  New distribution-reach models  Digital marketplaces & social media

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Key Benchmarks - Monthly Unique Visitors 2008-09

15% Avg. Monthly Growth

 Off season growth is continues to sustain very high YOY levels.  The growth can be attributed to unique programming, draft traffic, links from other sites and increased search referrers.

Video Demand - We had solid usage and high satisfaction programming On average, over 20% of UVs watch video with high completion rates. CA video demand outpaces the U.S. by 13%. % of Total UVs Who Started a Video


Video Penetration

26% 24%


22% 20% 18% 16% 14% 12% 10% CA


56% of all Video Starts were completed and 80% completed half way. SATISFACTION 100% 90% 80% 70%


60% 50%


40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Video Starts

Video 50%

Video Completes

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Homepage Development Objective Ensure the gateway to our content and assets is being effectively organized and programmed Insight Analysis has shown that improvements should be made to the DL, Navigation, and Video proposition to maximize and direct fans to a deeper and richer experience Competitive intelligence has also provided examples of effective promotional use of homepage Key Actions • DL: To enhance functionality and editorial impact we are looking to allow for multiple clicks, portrait and landscape imagery, geo-targeting, better notification of photography and videos, standardization of GC and GCL integration • Navigation: Refreshing the navigation to include Video, Photos and Fantasy on the main strip as well as a stronger callout of Shop (right justification and blue). We will also be adding a more enhanced scoreboard and global nav mouse over experience • Promotional Use: Coordinate with edit and production on the standardization of day-parted cues for live game coverage directing users to GC and GCL


Homepage F9 – Optimize for driving our digital objectives Current

Key Areas for Improvement

 New expandable ad unit & skins – sold at a premium price  Optimized scoreboard pathing for monetization potential  Enhanced Navigation  Clear and visible Video proposition  Login layout enhanced and key real estate repurposed  Reformatted DL to drive video player traffic (only 11% of UVs to VP)  Geo-targeting capabilities added to the DL for targeted marketing  Increase Top headlines depth for extended news coverage


Homepage – Summary of Elements for 10/1 Launch End of video in DL did not prompt what’s next programming strategy

New New execution will resolve to original image with relevant video prompts…including video tray format

Post video resolved to ineffective path


Homepage – Expandable Ad Unit 10.15 launch


Home Page – Attracting advertisers with new “skinned” execution

Homepage Video Module Video Module - Current

Current video module not intuitive

Driving video usage: 1) Accentuating video proposition 2) Showcasing programming depth 3) Providing editorial team with custom layout

Two new (day parted) video module enhances the video proposition


GameCenter and GameCenter LIVE Objective Create one (free) destination for the following of live games that serves as a funnel for the purchasing of GCL (Last season nearly 50% of all GCL orders were generated from within GC) Enhance the GCL experience to better serve our paying customers, improve retention and convert trials into subscriptions Insight Multiple destinations to follow live games created a disjointed experience for our fans, inconsistency in DL linking strategy and a decreased volume of users directed into the GCL purchase path To keep up with emerging technologies and the competitive set improvements are needed to both customer facing and back end components of GCL Actions • GC: A new layout has been designed integrating all the existing free live game features and creating new team targeting internal promotional units • Scoreboard Pathing: A new strategy has been set for post-scoreboard click behavior directing users to either GC or GCL • GCL (customer facing): Product refresh this year includes live game DVR, start over, picture in picture, adaptive streaming, and widgetized experience for non streaming features (e.g. stats) • GCL (back end): Implementing segmented renewal and reacquisition tactics, improved usage reporting


GameCenter - comprehensive single destination for in game experience Current

Featured real estate was a static arena image and both teams’ stats could not be viewed at once

New (WIP)

 All live game coverage will live within GameCenter (preview, boxscore, recap) as opposed to several destinations


GameCenter is now a “game dashboard” that merges 6 high traffic live game site sections into one interactive “live games” experience. Serves as contextual mass fan funnel for driving transactions. Key Enhancements •

GC- Site Sections 1.





Box Score


Real Time Score Board




Game Reports

Format features both teams simultaneously

Team specific e-commerce ads

Primary View Area ―

Expandable in-game photo feed allows fans to browse vivid in game imagery

Watch in-game or post game highlights with expandable video player

Ice Tracker allows mouse over for play-by-play or click video functionality

GameCenter – Expanded Photo View (Video will expand to a similar size).

Our six high traffic site sections are now within a singular GameCenter Game Preview


Game Boxscores

Game Reports

Game Recaps Real Time Score Board

NHL GameCenter LIVE Current

New (WIP)

• New product defaults to full screen viewing experience with widgetized add-ons rather than

being confined to the GameCenter template

• New features include live game DVR, picture-in-picture and Start Over functionality • With more traffic being driven to GameCenter more users will enter the GCL conversion funnel


NHL GameCenter LIVE Key Enhancements • TV quality picture and adaptive streaming for HD quality experience (new) • DVR (new) • Start Over (new) • Multi game view to watch up to four games at once • Picture in Picture (new) • Classic and extended game highlights on demand (new)


Homepage Scoreboard Pathing - Digital prime time generates 40% of traffic. Our pathing strategy has been refocused to drive deeper engagement against in game scale. Pre-Game

Traffic Share:

34% of Traffic

In Game

39% of Traffic

Post Game

27% of Traffic

Digital Prime Time

Homepage Scoreboard Pathing - Intuitive naming conventions and revised pathing will be optimized to drive desired behavior for satisfying fans and achieving our business goals Last Year

Post Game

Post Game Game Recap -> Box Score GameCenter -> GameCenter

In Game

In Game Boxscore -> Boxscore Watch Now -> GameCenter


Pre-Game Preview -> Boxscore Gamecenter -> GameCenter

Scoreboard will be optimized to direct users to GameCenter, NHL GameCenter LIVE & Highlights New (WIP)

Post Game Game Recap -> GameCenter Highlights -> Video Console

Mouse over States & Behavior

In Game GameCenter -> GameCenter Watch Now -> GCL

Pre-Game Preview -> GameCenter Watch Live -> GCL

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Homepage – Summary of Elements for 12/15

New in progress DL Executions

•New DL will allow for multiple display options and greater customization - Portrait and Landscape picture treatments as well as Breaking News mode - Tabs have more space for explicit “story telling” text and thumbnail images


SSO (Single Sign On) and Database Objective Communicate the benefits for signing up for Single Sign On and being entered into our database Insight More value per square inch can be garnered from the upper right real estate and registration/login should be more integrated and less promotional Actions • Integrated login/register/welcome adjacent to shield throughout site • Internal pages will use upper right as a promotional vehicle to drive DTC portfolio


Homepage SSO (Single Sign On) occupied a high impact position and was ineffective at driving data capture. Current



Promotional messaging in support of top initiatives will occupy this high impact area

NHL Mobile

Sign in/register will occupy space within newly configured area below the scoreboard. Sign in/register prompt will be consistent with industry standards


Video Player Objective To optimize the video experience both from the homepage and within the video player to enhance the offering to fans. Make the Video proposition a more compelling offering across, especially the homepage. Insight Currently only 20% of all visitors to are consuming video on the site. In order to increase site engagement, the video proposition needs to be more prevalent across Actions • Set up the process and teams to change the home page design to incorporate more obvious and clear pathing to Video. • Updated the home page Dynamic Lead to offer video in a manner commensurate with the industry. • Analyzed the video player usage to determine which channels, video types and genres drove the most traffic and were most engaging for fans. • Analyzed video format to determine which were the most conducive to long form engagement.


Video Player Last Season

New (WIP)


Video Player Key Enhancements • Larger video screen • Reformatted design • Drop down channel selection ― Sub Channels for video library ― New Channel Line Up generated from analytics and productions collaboration • Ability to sell ad skins by channel • New search page/functionality ― Allows users to see content depth ― Filter options for quick navigation ― Larger thumbnails to engage users ― Video descriptions for short synopsis

Search - SEO Objective Optimize and Network Sites for Search in effort to rank higher in natural/organic results and drive more traffic to the sites Insight While we are ranking well for branded terms, significant improvements can be made, both technical and editorial, to rank better on other terms (67% of ytd search traffic to is from two terms – nhl and Actions Engaged Define Search Strategies to assist in our optimization efforts. They conducted an audit of our sites and provided specific tactical recommendations and training to our technical and edit/production teams. The recommendations have been prioritized and are in the process of being implemented. Areas of focus include: - Redirects

- Duplicate content

- Site architecture

- Title tags

- Sitemaps

- Video and image optimization

- Meta descriptions

- Heading tags

- Link popularity and building


SEO Example – Title Tags Case The title tag is the single most important on-page element in search engine optimization. It appears at the top of a browser and as the clickable link on a search engine results page. Player Page Case Example Before: Player Page Titles were generic - The National Hockey League After: Player Page Titles use descriptive titling Henrik Lundqvist, Rangers - Stats - - Players

Effective Title Tag Strategy Unique title tags are the best way to influence search engine visibility.

Result Title tags were updated in the fall of 2008. Q4 saw 40% YOY natural search growth.

27 Search Referral Traffic – July and August Search Referral instances increased by 52% YOY for July and August. The top 4 search engines drove the bulk of this increase. The League effort to improve SEO has taken hold this summer.

Thous a nds

# of Searches to 1,000

July and August 2009

July and August 2008

900 800




600 500 400 300




100 0 Google

Google - Canada


Microsoft Bing / MSN

Social Media – Exploit growth trends in social media Objectives •

Create new content syndication gateways;

Drive incremental engagement with fans;

Give fans new ways to express their fandom and become vocal brand advocates; and

Create new commercial opportunities with fans. As a result, social media will contribute to the growth of TV, Web traffic, content syndication, ad sales, and D2C products.

Key Insights •

Social media has democratized publishing, and become the primary vehicle for content syndication online.

Consumers now spend 10% of their time on social media sites, which occupy three of the world’s top 10 sites in terms of traffic.

At the same time, the NHL’s online content strategy has been focused primarily on driving consumers to as opposed to bringing content to fans where they are already congregating and sharing.


Social Media – Summary Matrix Platform

Key Metric


Business Opps.


#3 in global traffic; users spend 29 minutes per day

Took control of NHL Facebook page to become platform for syndicating voice and content.

Branding; clickthrus; video pre-roll; sponsored apps; exposing direct-response; collecting marketable fan data


Ranks #5 in US Web traffic; users spend 16 minutes per day

Re-launching NHL’s MySpace page as an updated, integrated component of NHL-controlled media

Ad sales; branding; clickthrus; video pre-roll; sponsored apps; exposing direct-response; collecting marketable fan data


Ranks #12 in US Web traffic; growing faster than Facebook

Unify all Twitter voices under one master feed, “@NHL.”

Branding; clickthrus; exposing direct-response; fan good will; sponsored events


Toolbar users generate 3x more UVs than non-users

Partner with Conduit to develop League- and team-themed toolbars that can be completely customized

Branding; clickthrus; sponsored buttons; exposing direct response


Consumers spend one in ever 11 minutes online on a social network

Re-launching the NHL’s social media platform, now powered by KickApps.

Sponsored widgets; integrated component of Hockey Marketplace strategy; events


Facebook – Last Year

Not controlled by the NHL No customization No programming No editorial voice No marketing of NHL events and products No analytics No data capture

Facebook – This Year Features & Functions • Controlled and programmed by us • Completely customized and makes us the leader among pro sports • A microsite that is integrated editorially with other League media • A tool for marketing paid products and collecting fan data • Completely supported by analytics • Another platform for our sponsors to partner with us on

Digital Syndication Developing new hockey marketplaces on partner platforms through a network of “windows into” will extend reach and accelerate growth. − Engage and increase the NHL fan base • Responding to consumer demand through tailored content • Reaching new audiences through key partner platforms − Grow NHL digital consumer businesses • Generating customer data and analytics • Promoting NHL direct-to-consumer offerings − Expand NHL digital media for advertisers and sponsors • Creating additional advertising and sponsorship opportunities • Increasing unique visitors and inventory volume − Enhance NHL platforms and programming • Driving traffic to NHL properties • Extending the reach of across key partner platforms

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NHL Digital Assets Programming & Products Real-time Editorial

Game-Related Content

Get-It / Services

Video & Audio Features

Fan Media

Subscription Products E-Commerce

The Hockey Marketplace NHL & Team Ecosystem

To drive revenue growth

Where fans want it

What fans want

Drive growth by harnessing the power of our digital assets through syndication

Sports: Portal & Vertical Sites

Newspapers Video/Audio & Blogs Platforms

Direct Commerce

Digital Revenue Streams National Marketing

Local Marketing

Traditional Sponsorship & Media Barter

Digital Ad Sales

Direct Commerce & Subscriptions

Rights Fees

Inventory / Revenue Split

Up-sell with Revenue Share

Access to NHL Content

Social Networks

Product Development – Fortify growth pipeline Objective: Create new revenue streams by packaging and exploiting existing digital assets Product Development • Photo Store − Creation of a print on demand as well as destination store to monetize our photo assets − Contract is currently being reviewed and timelines being built

• NHL Replay − Consists of Classic Games, Archived Games (per the 48 hour rule) and Condensed Games − Offering an additional subscription product at a lower price in order to open up the subscription market to

a price sensitive audience. Will also serve as funnel upgrade to GCL as well as added value within GCL. • Digital Audio − Looking to ensure that the reach and monetization of our audio assets are being maximized, possibly

through the aggregation of all audio content and syndication to a digital partner (e.g. ESPN, Yahoo!) • Inline Ads in GameCenter LIVE − Working with NeuLion on the ability to serve ads in game – these could be monetized thru ad sales,

sponsorship or house usage • Carrier Agnostic and non-Competitive Mobile Applications − Developing stats based product to be distributed through, iTunes and other third parties


NHL Media  

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