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Step out of mundane life and into œšaŝdinŌn living THERAPEUTIC SESSIONS Benefits: smove forward sbuild confidence to break through limitations ssolve long and short term problems of all kinds scope with physical pain screate a better quality of life

ART THERAPY Benefits: sincrease self esteem & self confidence sstimulate imagination & creativity sidentify feelings & blocks to emotional expression

T’AI CH’I CH’UAN & CH’I GONG CLASSES Benefits: sstress & tension relief simprove posture sincrease mobility senergise your body scalm your mind

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Ia`e t]e fřht htep todan into a Wgand nel tomŞol® The Heart of Being is located in the beautiful surroundings of Courtyard Cottage at The Grange, Winterbourne Dauntsey SP4 6ER

Otis Autumn 2011