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n Newfoundland and rounded by the Gulf of Labrador — This provSt. Lawrence to its north ince consists of two disand the Northumberland tinct areas, with a total Strait to its south, which population of 519,000-plus separates the island from residents, and a total land New Brunswick and Nova area of 156,453 square Scotia. miles. The province’s capCoach Atlantic Group’s ital and largest city, located corporate office is located in Newfoundland, is St. in Charlottetown, with its John’s. main operations office Newfoundland is the and largest garage in world’s 16th-largest isMoncton. It also has land. It’s mainly sursatellite garages in Saint rounded by the Atlantic John, New Brunswick; Ocean, with the Gulf of Halifax; and seasonal faSt. Lawrence separating cilities in Newfoundland. Coach Atlantic’s Micro Bird D-Series buses are the northwestern and “Just like any transespecially helpful for transporting smaller multiday groups. northern portions of the portation provider, we island from Quebec and Labrador. need maintenance facilities,” Doiron said. “Each has trained meLabrador is located to the north of Newfoundland, and shares a chanics who are able to maintain and fix vehicles as quickly as western and southern border with Quebec, with the Atlantic Ocean possible, getting them back on the road.” to its east. Labrador is the largest and northernmost geographical SERVICING INBOUND & OUTBOUND CUSTOMERS region in Atlantic Canada; and, n Prince Edward Island — Has a population of 142,000plus residents, and a land area of 2,185 square miles. Its capeople throughout North America, and around the globe, rely ital and largest city is Charlottetown. Like its name suggests, on Coach Atlantic Group to show them the wonders of Atlantic this smallest of the 10 Canadian provinces is an island, surCanada. There is certainly no shortage of things to see and do.


DriveWare Software Motorcoach Management ~ Fleet Maintenance ~ School Bus Routing

Since 1993 DriveWare has helped Motorcoach companies run their transportation operations more efficiently. With DriveWare you will save time and money. DriveWare is an affordable and user friendly system for small to large operators. A complete cloud based system you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. The choice of hundreds of users for charter, school bus contracting, mini-bus and more. Your data is secure. With daily back-ups to our servers across the U.S. & Canada. You never have to worry about losing your data due to hardware failures or natural disasters. Hundreds of happy customers across the U.S. & Canada "The recent updates have been a huge time-saver for us. Thank You for making my life easier" Josh Beck, BandB Transportation, Bethany CT

Quotes, contracts and invoices - now with optional electronic signatures. Dynamic dispatch and scheduling system Route optimization Driver compliance, tracking, and pop up warnings aid dispatch and safety managers. Daily, weekly and monthly calendars: See drivers, vehicle schedules and reminders. Customer and driver notifications via automated scheduled email. Vehicle safety checklists. Vehicle/Fleet maintenance: service orders track parts & labor IFTA reporting Two-way SMS texting to your customers and drivers Web portal with secure access for both your customers and drivers Accounts receivable system with payment processing Driver payroll timecard system Credit card processing (1.99% available through a reputable third party) Cloud based access from multiple locations and multiple devices. Excellent customer service via phone, email and direct online connection. We offer custom programing to meet all your needs.

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September/October 2018

Sep/Oct 2018 Busline Magazine  

Busline Cover Feature: Coach Atlantic Group • Busline Transit Feature: Greater Lafayette CityBus • Busline Buyers Guide:Engines & Transmissi...

Sep/Oct 2018 Busline Magazine  

Busline Cover Feature: Coach Atlantic Group • Busline Transit Feature: Greater Lafayette CityBus • Busline Buyers Guide:Engines & Transmissi...