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CEO of Hamilton & Inches talks us through the jewellery industry

SYLVIA BALDOCK The Power Of Self Love



Our resident hair expert talk about hair loss

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Discusses the safe Laser treatment technology


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Can you believe we are already into month three of 2020, are you still keeping to your new year resolutions? So far it’s been an eventful start to the year, we have already hosted our first Programme for Growth alumni event at Royal Bank of Scotland. It was a great opportunity to have a conversation around the table with the participants of the Growth Programme and the panel members from 2019. It was hugely rewarding to listen to the participants about the changes they have made to their businesses, how the advice given from the panel impacted them and the day included some very inspiring stories and developments! We have an exclusive BWS offer with one of our participants – check out Nudie Snacks on p10. I’m writing this at my sunny kitchen table on International Women’s Day; at BWS we celebrate the success and achievements of all women in business every day but it’s great to focus on what we have achieved rather than what we haven’t…it’s never too late to start that new project! Last week we were back in Edinburgh for the 6th #BWSBusinessRoadshow, which featured a great group of women congregating in one place to network and listen to some of our fantastic speakers. Sylvia Baldock discussed the Habits That Hold Women Back at Work. An interesting stat from a recent survey showed that men are generally more driven by financial reward, position, competition and winning and while women also appreciate the rewards, they also want to enjoy what they do, to be happy at work and to be liked. Loving what you do and being happy certainly works for most of us as we spend the majority of time working. At the time of writing this, the closing date for our Hospitality, Tourism and Food & Drink awards is fast approaching and already we have received some amazing entries from individuals and businesses across Scotland. It’s always hard for the judges to make the final shortlist selection and creates in-depth debate and discussion. I would encourage you to have a look at the BWS membership page, it’s the fastest growing community of business women in Scotland. There are many exclusive offers from our BWS members and additional benefits for joining, you can have a look here : https://bwsltd.co.uk/benefits/ I hope you enjoy this latest edition of BWS magazine, we are also delighted to welcome our new BWS contributors Martin Aitken. As always please keep the stories coming!

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A PRECIOUS GEM Appointed CEO of Hamilton & Inches last year, Victoria Houghton is no stranger to the jewellery industry – she was making and selling her own creations from the age of 14. Later on, while working in Thailand, she explored artisan workshops and learned about precious stones; she has since also gained a qualification in Gemology. “Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked in all aspects of retail, from buying and product development to the setting up of a retail business,” she explains. “I took the Next franchise out to Romania and developed it as a series of successful stores, after which the Hamilton & Inches board approached me to join the company as part of a top-level strategy.’ Her plans for the brand are ambitious, with a five year growth strategy agenda, which includes doubling turnover – a goal that she and her talented team will achieve by way of refurbishing the iconic Edinburgh showroom, contemporising the brand and developing additional jewellery collections to sit alongside the brand’s high-end fine jewellery and iconic watch brands. An exciting development in the Hamilton & Inches story has been the launch of the world’s first ever collection of 22 carat Scottish Gold, which has never before been commercially mined in the country. ‘We started with a 30-piece collection, with everything made in house, from sketching and setting to chasing the metal,’ says Victoria. ‘It’s such a fabulous narrative, especially as we are the only fine jewellers in the world to have access to it. It’s been a huge success and we’re very proud of our team that created the collection.’ The in-house aspect of the business is something of which Victoria is particularly proud. ‘We have our silversmiths, hand-engravers, polishers and jewellery workshops in house, which not only bolsters our sustainability offering but also the heritage aspect of our business. We place great importance on taking on apprentices and trainees and investing in our team. We have master craftspeople who have been with us upwards of 30 years, and members of our sales team who have been with us for decades.’ Some of the craftspeople to whom she refers include master silversmith Panos Kirkos, whose creations include the University of St Andrews’ 600th-anniversary mace, and Master Jeweller Chay McClory, two-time winner of the National Association of Goldsmiths Art and Craftsmanship Award. Colin Golder, Master Polisher, has worked on a number of complex and intricate pieces, such as the Lanark Bell trophy.


As well as the fact that Houghton is the first female CEO in the company’s 154- year history, Hamilton & Inches has a strong female team. Among these is 21-year old trainee silversmith Ruth Page, who is part of a team that works on everything from renovation to creation. Production Scheduler and Assistant Workshop Manager Jackie Fowler heads a team of eleven, which includes silversmiths, jewellers, a polisher and engravers, while Frances Desoisa heads up the corporate business side of Hamilton & Inches, having previously worked within the Royal Household. ‘Our team includes many skilled females, some of whom have been with the business for a long time,’ agrees Victoria. ‘At Hamilton & Inches, our people are one of our strongest assets; I’m thrilled to have such a talented and committed team and we value every single person. There is such a huge wealth of experience to be shared and passed down to future generations; for us, recognising and celebrating our staff throughout their career milestones is key to our vision.’ As a mother of two, maintaining the work-life balance is vital to Victoria, who divides her time between her home in London and the business in Edinburgh. ‘Exercise helps to clear my head and keep me focused,’ she says, ‘but it’s time with family that really inspires me. My boys remind me of true values and how the simple things in life bring the most happiness.’ Travel is also a passion. ‘My favourite place is Asia; not only because it played a large part in my working life but for the vibrancy of the Asian cities and their shopping, food, people and culture.’ Travel plans for the future? ‘I would like to visit a Columbian Emerald mine ... to walk the Great Wall of China, visit Petra on the border of the Arabian desert, island hop in the Caribbean and attend the Monaco Grand Prix … it’s a long list!’ If she could give any advice to her younger self, Victoria says that she’d worry less about defining her career and future at such a young age. ‘Career plans will always change and enjoying the journey with challenges along the way is important,’ she says. That said, she has a clear vision for Hamilton & Inches. ‘Our objective is to be THE Scottish jeweller, developing a long-lasting relationship with our clients,’ she says. ‘For many people, an engagement ring will be the first piece of fine jewellery that they acquire. We work to develop a relationship of trust, where customers return for other significant pieces to mark other life milestones or special occasions. It is key to our vision of being a brand with emotional meaning across generations.’


Victoria’s 5 Top Tips for success Remember to see the BIG picture Determination Self belief Stay ahead of the curve Surround yourself with the right people



Personal Affairs NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS New Business Women Scotland member, Tricia Halliday, Director, Martin Aitken & Co provides a few timely reminders on the best ways to organise your personal financial affairs to minimise your tax liability. She also highlights a potential opportunity to reduce your tax bill if you are conducting R&D, and the support and potential funding that could be available to you to help to get your business investment, or scale-up project off the drawing board and into play.

ILL R TAX B e lower CE YOU U D E use up th . R to O T ts S e s Y rs s A e ga mb 10 W producin mily me r income artner and/or fa u o y g e is an se, p changin 1. Reorg d of your spou onsider c d n a n a s th. saving tax b nts and ital grow vestme g to cap in in r c u u o d y e pro ange for high 2. Rearr sets from incom ortunity p p as o r l u a o ti y ten n is a po a pensio liability. to g n ti x u trib rate tax their ta 3. Con th basic reduce o b to rs re e a e can earn ers who rsonal allowanc alf. n rt a p il e rh civ d their p ce to their othe les and lly utilise ied coup an 4. Marr and have not fu personal allow rs sic Capital paye r 10% of the ba out any mes can h it w fe s s n le coup int na tra fully ets to jo etween assed b ransferring ass xemptions are p e b n a e T c . T s G ts ie e C it s l il 5. As ’ annua GT) liab s Tax (C spouses Gain sure that both en f the also ortion o ale. p s a d e in s g u d n e survivin ) any u utilis tax (IHT e passed to the e c n ta ri can b f inhe rtner. e case o ate Band (NRB) pouse/civil pa s 6. In th t R il rs fi N te e 0 f th ,00 e Nil Ra £325 r on the death o esidenc nd civil R e th e f n ge o ses a part en spou percenta unused nsferred betwe allowing people e th , B RB be tra the NR irect of the N 7. Like can also to their d ar and s on top y rk (RNRB) rt o d e w n p a B ro B al p RNR this ye residenti ers. The RNRB 50,000 RB and partn on a qualifying um RNRB is £1 N ir e th . ss ine xim e of IHT to pa dants. The ma e able to comb illion fre m n 1 b £ e l c il h s de ouple w n property wort year a c extra a pass o next to earn an s e n c a n c a u w o o me y used all r own ho can’t be m in you ance however o ro a t llow . u ren 8. If yo e – the a rate flats ou 0 tax-fre erted into sepa 0 ,5 7 £ means y 0 which es conv 0 m ,0 o 0 h 2 r £ fo ins at ce rema allowan nt tax-free. A IS s r’ yea al Trusts amou 9. This re Capit p to this tu u n e e v V a ), ) s e (SEIS me (EIS can nt Sche stment Schem s ventures, are vestme e es In v in In e s nts s e u ri new b terpris vestme Enterp Seed En ften higher risk investors. EIS in 10. The e rs a th e d y n o r )a r, o (VCT invest in smalle offer tax relief fo eld for at least tw h ey ts h whic estmen ght as th h a thou deferral and inv . rt o w T T offer CG for relief from IH also ty li a u q lly usua


Martin Aitken & Co Ltd Caledonia House, 89 Se www.maco.co.uk 0141

Have you recently made a breakthrough? If so, you may be able to make a claim to HMRC. If you have been undertaking R&D to develop new products, processes or services and incurred costs you may be able to make a R&D Tax Credits claim. Many companies often think that the R&D Tax Relief Scheme will not apply in their situation or they are sceptical about the potential benefits available to them and view the application process to HMRC as not worth the effort.

The reality is often very different. Working with our R&D specialists, we have a proven track record of successfully obtaining R&D Tax Relief for UK incorporated companies from a wide range of industries.

What can you claim? There are a number of conditions to be satisfied but generally speaking: the salary and related costs for those employees within the company who are carrying out the R&D; the materials used during the R&D process; the cost of power, water, fuels and software used during the R&D; and a % of the R&D subcontracted expenditure are all expenses which form part of the R&D claim.

Support for businesses looking to scale-up Martin Aitken & Co work with Business Gateways (BG) in Glasgow, North and South Lanarkshire, West Lothian and North Ayrshire. Through our work with BG, we provide SMEs with business growth and scale-up advice covering: business planning, financial systems and procedures, raising funding (equity, debt and grants) and achieving growth through mergers, acquisitions, sales, MBOs/MBIs and business succession events.

How much could you receive? Up to £25 for every £100 of R&D spend can be claimed by SMEs and received as a reduction in your Corporation Tax bill. The average pay out in the UK is just under £50,000. Want to get started or find out more? Get in touch with me and I will give you an indication as to the potential of the claim and an overview of what’s involved in the claim process and how we will support you throughout.

BG is actively seeking SMEs and social enterprises with expansion, growth, M&A and business investment projects. The programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund through Scotland’s European Structural Investment Funds Looking at the Glasgow area specifically, Glasgow City Council/ BG have a team of business consultants in place, covering a range of areas including: strategy, finance, legal, human resources, IT, digital and marketing to help your business grow and to achieve your scale-up objectives. If you have a business investment project, or if you are looking for advice to take your business to the next level, then get in touch with Tricia, as there may well be business support and funding available to you. It’s worth an ask as it may help you to fund the professional fees involved in the project, and indeed it may even make the difference between the project going ahead or stuck to the drawing board.

eaward Street, Glasgow G41 1HJ 272 0000



Ask the expert Taylor Ferguson Hairdressing | Tel: 0141 332 0397 | 106 Bath St, Glasgow G2 2EN


WITHOUT STRESS Anne Ferguson is a director of celebrity stylist Taylor Ferguson Hairdressing. In this column she focuses on the sensitive topic of hair-fall and some new solutions which could help.

IT’S PERSONAL I know from personal experience just how devastating hair-fall and hair loss can be. It can leave you feeling stressed, sad, worried, embarrassed. Throw in the fact I’m married to a very well-known hairdresser and am based every day in a hair salon and the feelings worsen. My own experience literally happened over a matter of weeks. I’m unaware of a specific trigger point – but the loss kicked in and it’s been a struggle. Maybe it just came with age and my hormones changing – it happens. With my living with the situation now for several years I’ve sort of gotten used to it. Doesn’t make it any easier but I do all I can to mitigate further loss. I’ve been using a Hairmax band which passes laser signals to stimulate the follicles and boost growth. It’s worked but it’s a daily ritual and often easy to overlook so it needs a lot of commitment. Because my loss was so significant I opted to boost the hair I have with extensions – just a half head full – but it means I can restore my confidence and my selfesteem and still be able to have good hair days – at least in my outward appearance. So when I’m writing this and if you’re experiencing similar, trust me - I feel your pain.

it to my team but also going ‘public’ about it – even discussing it on TV when the topic became hotter because some celebrity chose to air her views on her own experience. My advice would be – talk and share. It’s an old but true adage – a problem shared is a problem halved.

LIFE TRIGGERS HAIR-FALL Experts identify two types of hair-fall. The first is from fibre breakage which can occur from the daily stress from mechanical and external factors. That can be from brushing to excess, exposure to hear (hair straighteners have a lot to answer for, believe me) and from pollution. Our hair is sensitive – expose to any or all of the above and you could experience hair-fall.

DON’T BE ASHAMED TO TALK ABOUT IT I know how hard it was to even mention to friends and colleagues but it was trickier for me to hide as my workplace team – a hair salon - would be washing and drying my hair and the evidence was there to see – or not to see! Opening up about it will help you address some of the issues involved. I know how much better I felt by not only talking about


MY LITTLE HELPER: I use Hairmax laser therapy to boost my hair’d condition.


The second type is when it’s weakened from the root and the impact comes via biological factors. These can include stress (who doesn’t have some level of stress in our busy lives?), hormonal changes – and yes we’ve touched on the aging process and consequences and diet. A lack of iron in our bodies can often lead to hair-fall as a side-effect. At the end of the day it all comes down to just how well – and healthily we can live our lives. Mess up on any or all of the above factors and hair-fail may result.

IT’S A BIG FOCUS The experts and hair product gurus have worked hard over the year to fine-tune products that they believe can help. I’ve been very excited to see a new range from Kerastase, a long established supplier to my salon. They’ve identified what they see is a ‘potent complex’ to challenge hair-fall. They’ve used ginger root which stimulates microcirculation to generate healthy resilient hair and thereby preserve a healthy scalp. They’ve also thrown in aminexil which preserves healthier circulation to boost the hair ‘bulb’, thereby reducing the risk of hair-fall. The final ingredient is edelweiss native cells which are capable of resisting extreme conditions, shielding and hydrating our hair to prevent degradation and reduce breakage risk. Kerastase call their range Genesis which is their first dual anti-fall action collection of products with no less than ten to choose from. I always road-test any new products we introduce – and so far, I’ve been impressed.

CURE AND PREVENTION Whether you’re looking to cure or prevent hair-fall there will be a solution out there. Your stylist – if experienced in the subject – should be able to not only identify your hair type but also recommend a professional solution. I’ve long been an advocate of prevention and choosing your correct products comes under that umbrella. Whatever life throws at us can result in hair-fall come what may but there are steps we can take to at least mitigate the impact. We always recommend less is more… Don’t wash your hair every day if you can avoid. Don’t over expose your hair to heat – and especially hair straighteners. I can’t tell you how many people we’ve seen over the years who when they confess to multiple use of straighteners every day then realise the resultant damage. And the final piece of advice is consult the experts on which hair products to use. Millions of pounds go into product development over the years. There’s a reason for that as the big hair companies chase the holy grail of hair problem solutions. There will be help out there…don’t be afraid to ask.

REACH OUT: select the best products to combat hairfall such as the Kerastase Genesis range.




ACK N S N VEGA WITH BOX BASED T N A L P 9 S SNACK Box Contents: Nudie Snacks Salted Cocoa Coconut Chips Nudie Snacks Salt and Sweet Coconut Chips Nudie Snacks Roasted Lentils - Salt and Pepper flavour Nudie Snacks Roasted Broad Beans - Sour Cream and Chive Flavour Nudie Snacks Roasted Split Peas - Barbeque Flavour Nudie Snacks Roasted Chickpeas - Chilli and Lime Flavour Nudie Snacks Carrot Cake Protein Balls Nudie Snacks Salted Caramel Brownie Protein Balls Nudie Snacks Choccy Orange and Peanut Butter Protein Balls



inclusive of10delivery

Delivery timescales - 1 to 3 working days, second class, tracked, no deliveries at the weekend


B U S I N EmbeSrsShip WO M E N S C OT L A N D



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NEW BUSIN E (0-3ye SS RATE ars )



Further information about becoming a BWS member is available on our website, or email Tracy@bwsltd.co.uk. A great opportunity to join the growing community of business women in Scotland. https://bwsltd.co.uk/benefits/ 11


NEW YEARSafer RESOLUTIONS Getting Results NK-Lasers is an Aesthetic/Laser equipment supplier to dental/medical professionals and 3D Hifu treatment provider. We catch up with Nicola Kerr, Sales manager at NK-Lasers. How did you get your idea or concept for the business? With being in the Facial Aesthetic industry, I always knew that there they must be a safer, non-surgical, non-invasive, non-injectable alternative to Botox/ Fillers. With lots of research, I visited Germany, London and Newcastle and met with lots of different companies in the Aesthetics market before deciding on my equipment range. What’s your career story? My background is dental (30 years) I am a qualified dental nurse, trained Implant nurse, practice manager and private dental clinic manager. I then moved into dental sales and worked for large Global dental manufacturing companies and the UK largest dental retail companies. I was top salesperson in the UK for Facial Aesthetics. I have always wanted to set up my own company and when I was made redundant decided it’s now or never!

Was it a challenge to fund your business? Yes, I did attempt to apply for funding but the forms were so complicated and time consuming I gave up.

What differentiates your product from the competition? My machines are safe, relatively painless and give great results. NK_Lasers 3D Hifu is one treatment lasting for approx. 1-2 years.

What’s next for NK lasers, the business goals? A new location and expansion bringing new treatments and the latest technology with NK_ Lasers Diode Laser Hair Removal and NK_Lasers Tattoo Removal.

Who is your role model? My Dad, the youngest of 17 children living in a tenement flat in Yoker in Glasgow. He trained as a Plumber before becoming a builder owning his own company, a mansion in Glasgow and driving his children to school in a Rolls Royce-much to our horror and embarrassment. He is a great advisor and business guru.

What do you do to stay positive in business? I like to attend exhibitions and network meetings, meet new people from different backgrounds share ideas and strategies. I also love Yoga and always make time for me. Yoga is very good for quieting the mind especially a busy business mind. Namaste.

What was your mission at the outset when you started your business? To provide Celebrity treatments at affordable prices so everyone can look good and feel amazing.

www.nklasers.co.uk Hils Holistic Skincare Speirsbridge Way Speirsbridge Industrial Estate, Glasgow G46 8NG





5 WAYS TO AVOID GETTING INTO DEBT AS A FREELANCER The growth of freelancing is fuelled by a desire for my flexibility and freedom, and there are plenty of other benefits that make this a fulfilling career route. But there are difficulties, too; one of which being unpredictable income streams that can sometimes lead to debt. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting into debt as a freelancer.


first thing’s first – get a strong handle on those expenses. Knowledge is power, and sound financial planning is the magic ingredient when it comes to keeping yourself out of debt.


given the unpredictability of life and work, especially as a freelancer, it’s always a good idea to build a financial cushion that can soften the blow of difficult periods. Simply set aside a little money each month so you have some sort of shield.


safety nets are great, but in case something serious happens (like illness or accident) it’s a great idea to get yourself an insurance plan!


with our favourite shops available 24/7 on our smartphones, it’s easy to make impulse purchases that will end up draining our bank accounts. Stop. Think. How useful will a Lionel Richie mug actually be, and is it worth wasting your hard-earned cash on?


it’s not unusual for freelancers to use credit cards as a viable finance option, but always pay attention to interest rates and other costs. If you’re juggling multiple sources of debt, pay off the high-interest ones first and don’t let it spiral.



CELEBRATING WOMEN IN BUSINESS AT EUSEBI DELI The charity event, hosted by Eusebi’s owner Giovanna Eusebi and Lynne Kennedy MBE, founder of Business Women Scotland, brought together more than 50 women from across the hospitality sector for an evening of networking, opera and authentic Italian cuisine. The fundraising night supports the Andrew Fairlie Scholarship, which was launched in 2019 and spearheaded by the late Andrew Fairlie in partnership with HIT Scotland. Sponsored jointly by HIT Scotland, the Scottish Government and Gleneagles, the Andrew Fairlie Scholarship will be awarded annually to a male and female chef in light of Andrew’s unwavering commitment to diversity in the kitchen. All proceeds from Eusebi Deli’s fundraising event will be donated to the HIT Scotland Kilimanjaro Climb.

To donate to the HIT Scotland Kilimanjaro Challenge, visit https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/giovannaeusebi 15


REAL FOOD CAFE Sarah Heward is the co-owner of The Real Food Café in Tyndrum. Over the past 15 years, she and her team have transformed a derelict Little Chef into an award-winning roadside diner that turns over in excess of £1.5million per year. Famous for its fish and chips and home baking, the cafe is open seven days a week, 361 days per year and serves over 250,000 people from all corners of the globe. In 2005 Sarah decided to quit the London rat race, where she was managing director of wine bar company, Corney & Barrow to pursue her dream of opening her own business. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Sarah, who has learnt from her mistakes over the years. Without failures there cannot be success.

In her spare time Sarah is committed to keeping fit and competes in Ironman Triathlon. This winter she has spent most of her time in Lanzarote, training for her 5th Ironman Taking a break from her intense training schedule Sarah shares her top five tips for making a success of your business.

Despite all the challenges, Sarah and her husband, Alan have continually invested in the business, adding a grab-and-go kiosk, an extension, and supporting their team with training and professional qualifications. As Sarah continues to grow the business, she is focused on engaging better with new markets, and has had the menus translated into Chinese and has had the staff put through accessible tourism training. She is also exploring the possibility of opening more units and even expanding into a retail bakery operation over the next few years.

Setting up a business is going to be harder and more costly than you think. Make sure you have a backup plan and some reserves. It also vital to have really good people around because you don’t know what is going to happen but start by always expecting the unexpected! Having said that, starting your own business and seeing it go from strength to strength can give you and incredible sense of achievement. Hopefully the long-term pride in what you’ve started along with the financial and lifestyle benefits make it all worthwhile.

Sarah says:

Feedback from the floor and take counsel. husiasm; keep your feet on ent r you carefully and take en with y List r. awa hea ied 1. “Don’t get carr tell you what you want to just not will ple peo se the as , people you respect is key and prepare to be flexible. all their advice on board the other, at the ance. Don’t neglect one or People, Product and Perform re: or don’t like, if asu me with al e equ ggl in stru P’s 3 will 2. Focus on the There may be one that you e. thre all on s end dep s ces end of the day your suc ers on how to overcome it. ice from other business own that’s the case, seek adv only be as r the years. Your business will ing I had to teach myself ove friends. eth and som ily is fam this ; with key is time nce 3. Work life bala time out and spend quality take fit, lly sica phy and ly ntal healthy as you. Keep me get. message out there and bud a marketing plan to get the e Mak s. Make r. ces doo suc r the you in ugh role g to get people coming thro 4. Marketing plays a vital can have being a wall flower isn’t goin this and as lace ng, veri ketp deli mar er ded und It’s a very crow up over promising and t sistent and factual. Don’t end tal role in this, listen to wha sure your message is con tomer feedback plays a pivo Cus s. ines bus ng you a on lly it. ecia esp ove cts, rem , detrimental effe plaints about a certain item mple: if you are getting com they have to say, for exa big n price increases rather than ly and go for little and ofte ular reg ing pric are iew itors Rev pet . iner of what com 5. Price strategy is a no bra out of the market. Be aware ll yourself or price yourself price hikes. Don’t underse ordingly. charging and price acc





The Power of Love Sylvia Baldock enables Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs to recognise the unique value they bring to the workplace and to lead with confidence and purpose. We release the stress hormones, cortisol, adrenalin and norepinephrine and our cells recognise toxins in our blood stream and shut the ‘gateway’ to protect us from the damaging effect of those toxins. This also prevents essential nutrients from passing through into our cells and explains why we become ‘sick and tired’ when under long term stress.When we feel stressed and drained, we have nothing to give to others so we become ‘selfish’ where even a small request, especially for our precious time, becomes a big issue. We become short tempered, irritable, critical of self and others and people start to give us a wide berth.It’s like trying to run a car on an empty tank – you can keep your foot on the throttle but you will just end up burning out the engine!

In our fast-paced life of chasing deadlines, juggling multiple ‘to do’ lists and racing from one meeting to the next, taking time to fully appreciate the key people in our life can seem like an unnecessary indulgence. They know how we feel about them, don’t they? – or do they?A word of gratitude, praise or love, can go such a long way to making someone’s day and it may mean that they in turn, not only reciprocate but also go on to appreciate someone in their life.Appreciation is also one of the main drivers of engagement at work. Organizations with high employee engagement outperform those with low employee engagement by 202%. (Business2Community). A ‘Psychology Today’ article discusses which areas of the brain are affected by appreciation and gratefulness. The hypothalamus, which controls basic bodily functions such as eating and sleeping, and dopamine, the “reward neurotransmitter” are heavily affected from feelings of gratitude. Alex Korb Ph.D writes, “Gratitude can have such a powerful impact on your life because it engages your brain in a virtuous cycle.”

“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.” – Maxwell Maltz The best way we can serve others and make them feel valued, is to nurture ourselves. When we take time to rest, exercise, eat well, meditate, get out in nature, spend quality time with the people we love, we feel re-energised. We can appreciate all that is rich and fulfilling in our lives, we feel re-charged, refocused and ‘raring to go’. We then work far more effectively and productively. We become ‘selfless’ – we have time to listen to others, to give our valuable support and advice and in turn to make them feel valued. Investing in your greatest asset – ‘YOU’, is the best investment you will ever make for both your business and your life.

Furthermore, these brain boosts can have significant positive effects in the workplace and in the employee’s work-life balance. Showing gratitude can increase a person’s wellness, increase better sleep habits, increase metabolism and lessen stress. This directly impacts work results and employee interaction. With employee appreciation, you’re not only boosting performance and engagement, but the employee’s well-being and health.So how can we be more giving to the people around us, how can we spread more love and genuine appreciation for the people we connect with every day, ‘paying it forward’ like the baton in a relay race so our warmth and gratitude go viral in the wider communities of everyone we interact with. According to Cellular Biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton, the trillions of cells in our bodies are always in one of 2 operating modes –either ‘survival or growth’. There is a small ‘gateway’ in each cell through which all the nutrients in our blood stream pass to enable us to continue the thrive.

Learning to love yourself first enables you to love others more and to make your own unique contribution to your community and to the world at large. As I learn to love myself more each day and to share my unique value with the world, I am finding people are drawn to work with me even though they may not know why. So in this month of Love – start learning to love yourself unconditionally and invest in your greatest asset – it is not selfish, it is the opposite, it makes you selfless and instantly expands your capacity to love and support those around you.

When we are stretched, focused on hitting vital deadlines, working all the hours God sends and verging on overwhelm, we are in ‘survival’ mode.



My top tips for ‘Loving’ YOU 1. Recognise and celebrate who you are at your core – the biggest shift I had in this was doing my Talent Dynamics profile in 2012 – it had a major impact on my self-belief, my vision and my actions that have led me to the life and business I absolutely love today. 2. Become an ‘expert’ in your field. When you know your true value, and your unique offerings, focus on constantly learning and growing in your specialist area so you always have something fresh to offer your clients and prospects.You will be excited to share your knowledge and your clients will feel enriched by your offerings. 3. Be the best version of you. Regularly invest in your own mental, physical and spiritual and growth. Stretch yourself out of your comfort zone and keep pushing the boundaries. Surprise yourself everyday by stepping up in both your business and personal life and enjoy the feeling of achievement at the end of each day. 4. Nurture yourself; knowing that the more you do this on a regular basis, the more you can nurture others. Eat healthy nutritious meals, get to bed early and enjoy the rejuvenating impact of those sleep hours before midnight. Take regular breaks throughout the day, exercise, meditate, get out in nature, - do whatever makes you feel refreshed and re-charged. You are subliminally saying ‘I matter’ 5. Spend time with inspirational people who will support and encourage you to keep evolving and stretching out of your comfort zone. Their energy will fire you up and your energy will in turn inspire others. Regularly tune into Ted talks, podcasts. webinars and videos to boost your understanding and motivation. 6. Invest in your appearance. The better you feel you look, the more confident you will feel and the more ready you will be to interact with and give value to others. Invest in a colour and image consultation and find the shades and styles that are right for you and your unique skin tone. This is an investment for life and means you will have a wardrobe full of clothes that you actually wear and feel fabulous in – (most of us wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time). It will also save you a huge amount of shopping time and a small fortune, as you will only buy clothes that suit you and that you will then wear. 7. Regularly spend time with the key people in your life – your family and good friends. Arrange fun days out or simple gatherings at home where you can just relax and share good food, great company, love and laughter. They are the people who just want your company more than anything. They remind you why you do what you do and the more love and attention you give them, the more you will receive in return – ‘what goes around comes around,’ http://www.sylviabaldock.com

‘People who recognise and celebrate their uniqueness exude a magnetic energy that is totally irresistible.’



LEADING THE WAY Lesley Blair is leading the crusade for mandatory regulation and registration of beauty businesses in the UK to protect both the therapist and consumer. Lesley Blair from Ayrshire knew she wanted to be a beauty therapist from the age of 10 and began her career in the industry aged just 17, working for Estée Lauder whilst studying. Since then she’s accrued many beauty and aesthetic qualifications and has been an International Examiner for CIBTAC for 25 years. In 2005, Lesley also graduated with a first class honours university degree in Finance, while continuing to work full time. While her degree proved her prowess with finance it was Lesley’s passion and focus for beauty that prevailed, and after serving on the board of the British Association for Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) , a not-for-profit business which provides insurance, training and guidance for people working in the beauty industry and their educational sister organisation The Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (CIBTAC) for six years, she fulfilled her lifelong dream of taking over as Chair in 2018. In this role Lesley continues to work tirelessly campaigning to raise the levels of professionalism in the industry. Having been a BABTAC professional member for the past 30 years, Lesley is keen to support and promote her cohorts in the beauty industry through her Chairperson role. Forever passionate about the industry, as well as her responsibilities as Chair, she presently sits on the Cosmetics Informed and Empowered Public SubGroup - part of the Scottish Government’s Interventions Expert Group that was set up following the Keogh Review, and mirrors the work being carried out by Health Education England. Lesley was also appointed onto the JCCP Register & Stakeholder Group & JCCP Stakeholder Council Steering Group; contributes to the Aesthetics APPG and Hair & Cosmetology APPG’s; was part of the steering group of the advanced qualifications NOS (Level 4 – 6); the Advisory Panel of The Safety in Beauty Campaign and the HABIC Executive Council (Ireland). Proof that she continues to practise what she preaches at every given occasion.

Lesley Blair’s Top Five Tips for Business Success 1. Planning is absolutely key for a business to be successful. I live by the mantra “fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” 2. Always surround yourself with amazingly talented people. I’ve done that and I know it works. 3.

Empower staff and make them feel that they are all part of the business’ success. I believe that all staff are a vital part of a flourishing business.

4. Always under promise and over deliver. Customer service is of paramount importance. BABTAC is one of the UK’s leading membership organisation and insurance providers for professionals working in the beauty, holistic and sports therapy industries. For more information visit www.babtac.com

5. Understanding your customers and competitors is vital.



DO IT THE SMART WAY Sarra Bejaoui is the co-founder and managing director of SmartPA; providers of outsourced admin, business support and training services to businesses across the world. An innovating, motivating and nurturing leader who has grown her vision of transforming the way admin support is valued into the global business that is SmartPA

My top 5 tips for success are:

Sarra has grown from humble beginnings to a female business figurehead who is focussed on supporting her team, fostering talent and driving performance. Believing that you are a product of your decisions, not your circumstances, Sarra’s ambition saw no limits from a young age.

• • • • •

“Running a business is such a pleasure and a privilege, but it is hard work. When you sign up to start a company be prepared for the longest hours and the biggest challenges you’ve ever faced. That said, the rewards and the joy make it more than worth it. My drive to run my own business really came from my younger years. I come from a fairly humble background and have always been determined that I wanted to live a different lifestyle and better myself along the way. The experiences of my childhood were filled with happiness and joy, but living week to week was certainly tough and it is often these earlier times that I draw on to remind me why I do what I do and to maintain my motivation and my drive.”

To be aware of your own knowledge gaps and embrace those who can fill them. Your culture and values need to be at the core of everything you do. Be prepared. Anything can affect your business and these big changes can happen overnight. Whether it is a natural disaster or the Coronavirus, you need to have contingencies and a crisis management plan on paper. Adopt a growth mindset. Be willing to learn new things, embrace new ideas and understand new viewpoints. Be the best version of yourself. Always make sure to take time to relax, switch off & recharge.

Likewise with your supply chain, make sure you have the right brands with the right values in alignment; in the early days you can’t necessarily afford to employ the people you need so outsourcing or using suppliers can be an incredibly cost-effective way to supplement your knowledge and skills for less of a financial commitment.”

“For my own business, I was actually the first SmartPA. My vision was to create a PA service focussed not on what we did, but how we did it; to change the way the PA sector was perceived, experienced and valued. Now we have grown to have nearly 300 PAs in 15 different countries supporting over 2500 clients with both day to day admin and support tasks and consultancy, training and other outsourced services.” SmartPA are the leading experts on outsourcing, PAs and business support and have supported over 2500 businesses world-wide. With rapid growth over recent years, their mission stays the same – to disrupt and transform the way the world does business by creating an inspired community that values high performance, a positive impact and personal wellbeing. Made up of an internal Edinburgh-based team, and a tribe of over 250 SmartPAs across the globe, Sarra has led the way in establishing cohesive values that represent our collective purpose and the joint mission to transform the value of admin support across the world.

To future proof the business and make sure that the people of SmartPA always have their finger on the pulse, their innovation plans are to grow their training academy with a range of courses that will become accredited and industry standard. SmartPA are currently going through the process of having their training accredited by the SQA and SCQF – with future plans to develop a marketplace where these courses will be hosted and can be used by all, rather than just for prospective team members. “Our purpose is to disrupt the industry and create a new norm of women in leadership; we already have 6 female heads of departments in the business. We aim to inspire and empower, remaining a people-centric organisation and pushing to eradicate the phrase “just a PA” by showcasing exactly how valuable assistant and administrative services are to business growth and success” SmartPA are leading the trend and setting new standards in an ever-growing industry. As businesses continue to look for cost saving methods and are keen to adopt modern but ethical trends, the need for a SmartPA in every business becomes growingly apparent.

“Our people are at the centre of everything that we do and one of our core drivers is to empower individuals to become the best version of themselves and achieve whatever success looks like to them. As a business leader, you do not need to be the smartest person in the room. The trick to good leadership is recognising the skills that you don’t have and finding the right person who can fill that space. You can’t be everything for everyone, so it is important to surround yourself with experts who share in your vision and commitment to a shared purpose



1ST MAY 2020

WALDORF ASTORIA PRINCES ST, EDINBURGH EH1 2AB Following the success of our third year awards 16th May 2019 we are delighted to announce the date for our 4th year of awards, 1st May 2020 at the Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh, 12 categories in total with 4 new categories supporting women working in the food and drink sector in Scotland. This year we have a new format with an awards lunch.


Accessible Business of the Year Food & Drink Experience Business Partner of the Year (HR/Finance/IT) Event/Festival of the Year Food & Drink Supplier of the Year Visitor Experience Lecturer of the Year Marketing/Social Media Star of the Year Rising Star Tour or Tourism Business of the Year Travel Blogger of the Year Chef of the Year


TICK SALEETS ON N http s://b OW ws /tick ltd. ets/

co.u k

The impact of the award was truly phenomenal for all the team at Eusebis & myself. Much more than any award we have won, it was a great honour as it was voted by my peers in the industry. Refreshingly for the first time the BWS recognised women in the hospitality industry - the finest tribute to the generations of great women who built our business & all who work so hard in our business to strive for excellence. This is the ultimate woman for woman award, I couldn’t be prouder to be a winner. Giovanna Eusebi, winner of Restaurateur of the Year


Profile for Lynne Kennedy

BWS Magazine issue 56 - March/April 2020  


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