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Design Director of Powder

JULIE GRIEVE Discusses the Criton Apps

GATO & CO Pitch their feel good puds

ASK THE EXPERT Margot Paton assists with your interior dilemmas


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Hello and welcome to the May/June issue of BWS magazine. April was another busy month of networking and launching the BWS business Growth programme in conjunction with Royal Bank of Scotland. It’s great to be able to support business at the growth stage and hearing about so many fantastic businesses led by businesswomen in Scotland. The feedback has been amazing and it will be good to meet other businesses in the additional cities in Scotland where we will be hosting the growth Programme. Further details and how to apply available on line at our website - www.bwsltd.co.uk Looking forward to the third year of the women in Hospitality & Tourism Awards at the Waldorf Astoria in Edinburgh. Each year the amount of entires increase and again the judges always have the hard task to select the short list and finally the winners. We look forward to hearing the accomplishment of the worthy winner of the HIT Scholarship. The next roadshow will be in Aberdeen on the 30th of May at the Chester hotel in Aberdeen with a wonderful inspiring line up of speakers to provide information to inspire and support your business. Along with all of these events we’ve been working hard to bring you a magazine full of expert advice, unique stories and news from the business world. If there is anything you would like us to feature or discuss please do get in touch. Look out for our new website launching mid May with lost of new benefits! We hope to see you at one of our events soon, all the information is available on our website - www.bwsltd.co.uk

Lynne Kennedy MBE Editor lynne@bwsltd.co.uk


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Respondents were asked on a scale of one to five how committed their employer was to achieving gender equality. From over 1,100 responses, close to a third (32%) said their employer was less committed to achieving gender equality, revealing women (39%) were more likely to believe there was a need for improvement, versus 23% of men. 45% of all respondents said their employer was more committed to achieving gender equality, with men overwhelming (57%) believing this to be the case versus 38% of women.

3. Don’t limit yourself “Limiting yourself to the remit of your own comfort zone can often be the easy option, but it won’t help you professionally. Be prepared to go for things that scare you, as pushing yourself out of your comfort zone at work can be a fantastic way to further your career. Taking on opportunities and further responsibility at work is a great way to do this. It will add more variety to your role and keep your motivation and interest levels high. It will also capture the attention of those in your organisation who will help take your career to the next level.”

Claire Sheerin, Director at Hays in Scotland, joined Hays over 16 years ago and shares her top tips for how women can better their career.

4. Take time to reflect “Although sometimes it can be hard to do, there is great benefit to regularly reflecting on your work. It is important to acknowledge recent achievements as well as revealing what areas you need to improve on. As well as doing this independently it is helpful to actively seek feedback from your manager. They will be able to help you objectively identify what’s working for you and what isn’t, and you can use this insight to build on your development plan.”

1. Find your passion “Whatever sector you’re in, finding what you’re really passionate about is crucial to advancing your career. Integrating the values and interests you care about into your professional life will give your work purpose and provide you with the motivation continue progressing. Don’t be afraid to display genuine interest in your work. Employers are looking for people who can bring passion to their work, so expressing interest and eagerness won’t go unnoticed.”

5. Be yourself “There is huge merit in remaining true to yourself in the workplace. While there is certainly a balance between being professional and being yourself, you can use certain personal attributes to your advantage at work. Finding your own communication style is a crucial element of your workplace persona and will help you deliver your objectives. It will also help you to maintain positive professional relationships which may have the potential to advance your career.”

2. Set your objectives “Throughout your career and particularly before starting a new role, it is beneficial to have a clear plan of where you see yourself further down the line. Check in with your progress regularly by drawing up a list of realistic targets for the short term. Getting a career mentor will help you stay on track to achieve your professional goals. You don’t need to be of a particularly seniority, you just need the confidence to enlist the support of someone who will encourage you to set your aspirations high.”

Responses were gathered from a web poll conducted on social. hays.com between 18 December 2018 and 19 February 2019. hays. co.uk/general-content/hays-scotland---office-locations-46964




New technology, climate change, Brexit – it can be difficult to know how to ensure your business is ready for change.

Events across the year will culminate in a peak of activity in the Autumn, with Scotland’s national innovation summit – the Can Do Innovation Summit on November 20th at Glasgow Science Centre and the Start-up Summit on October 30th.

VentureFest is Scotland’s vibrant year-round programme of innovation-related events and activities for visionary SMEs that want to embrace the possibilities of tomorrow.

We’ll be profiling some of the key events, speakers and opportunities from across VentureFest over the next few months – so watch this space! To ensure you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity, sign up to our newsletter and follow us on twitter and linkedIn!

Want to know how to apply the latest disruptive technology to your business, future-proof your workforce or find out how best to navigate the wealth of business support services available to SMEs in Scotland? VentureFest events will connect you to the right people, networks and resources to maximise your potential.

If you’re an event host and would like to be part of the VentureFest celebration, find out about cobranding your event – its free, will build your event profile and attract more delegates. Please get in touch with Glasgow City of Science and Innovation:

Supporting the Scottish Government’s ‘Can Do’ vision of becoming a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation – the VentureFest movement is growing by the day (see more at Venturefest.scot). Whether you’re in fashion, food, pharmaceuticals or fintech; a host of Scotland-wide activities will help businesses across all sectors to grow through innovation.

Dr Laura Bell Glasgow City of Science and Innovation Project Manager. Laura.bell@glasgowsciencecentre.org



UK FRANCHISING SECTOR have helped hundreds of UK businesses get more from franchising, including expanding into international markets.” Platinum Wave works with a wide number of leading brands helping with franchise development, franchise recruitment, network performance and marketing.  The firm has also recently launched a brand new franchise recruitment agency called Franchise Moves offering two distinct services to the franchise industry.  It recruits experienced franchise professionals on behalf of brands across every business sector, from support roles up to MD and CEO.    It also offers a discreet service helping those already in senior positions plan and make their next career move within the industry.    Franchise Moves is headed up by highly experienced franchise recruiter Steve Lampshire.   Platinum Wave has won a host of awards for its service, most recently winning the Best Customer Service award at the bfa HSBC Franchise awards.

NOW WORTH OVER £17BN What are the secrets behind the thriving sector? A new franchise survey has shown that the UK’s franchise sector is now worth over £17bn to the economy; up over £2bn since 2015. Leading UK and international franchise consultancy Platinum Wave has welcomed the findings of the 2018 Franchise Survey produced by the British Franchise Association (bfa) and NatWest bank. Some 700,000 people are employed in the sector with just over 50% in full-time employment. The number of women and young people (under 30) engaged in the sector has risen significantly. Suzie McCafferty, managing director of Platinum Wave, said: “Franchising is a fantastic business sector to be involved in and the latest bfa survey shows that it is growing exponentially with ever more opportunities to either franchise your business, become a franchisee or even be employed by a franchise. There has never been a better time to get involved in franchising”

For further information please visit platinumwave.co.uk or franchisemoves.co.uk

Suzie will be one of our guest speakers the BWSBusinessRoadshow in Aberdeen 30th May 2019 at the Chester Hotel. The full agenda and tickets are available on line - www.bwsltd.co.uk

She added: “Franchisees across the country are reporting 93% profitability and 6 in 10 franchised units turn over more than £250,000 and I think this proves that the franchise model,if followed properly leads to successful, sustainable and profitable businesses. It is a fact that less than 1% of franchise businesses close due to commercial failure. Over the past 20 years we have seen the sector go from strength to strength and as a consultancy we





GABRIELA MUELLER MENDOZA Gabriela Mueller Mendoza is an energetic, empowering Coach and Professional Speaker. Prior to becoming an Executive Coach, she was an IT consultant for 12 years in the corporate world, working for some of the largest blue-chips companies. Her work reaches over 80 countries, helps thousands of women in tech giants, engineering corporations, academia and NGOs. She is the author of How To Be A Smart Woman In STEM (ÂŁ14.99, Panoma Press) which seeks to empower all women in STEM with the tools for success. I am originally from Mexico City and I have lived in Switzerland for the past 2 decades. I had always had a keen interest in STEM but when I was 18 years old I had a difficult choice to make between studying robotics or technology systems. I chose the second option because it has more scope to interact with other people within it. This interaction is what keeps me motivated to this day! During the 80s and 90s, thanks to booming demand, the number of women like me pursuing qualifications and careers in Computer Science began to increase. During this period it reached 37% higher than today! Currently, only around 24% of tech jobs are filled by women and only around 10% of the senior tech roles are held by women.

Initially my work was more technical-based but later on I moved into IT consulting, where I was based in Europe. I met some of my greatest mentors in technology - men and women whose advice and friendship even today help me navigate other environments, now as a professional coach. My personal experience as a woman in tech was a positive one however after more than 10 years in techbased jobs, traveling the world and becoming a mum, I decided to empower others in tech and engineering. Why? Because I recognised my skills in unlocking the potential of leaders and their teams. Subsequently, I went to London and became a certified coach, which was a very proud moment. Tech had taught me a large set of transferable skills, which I could bring into coaching, training and even speaking.

In my early 20s, I began working for a bluechip global company and gained most of my computer science experience in Latin America

For the past 17 years I’ve coached professionals in tech, sciences, academia, sport and business. I am proud to work closely with thousands of a



leader and teams in technology companies and engineering partners in over 80 countries to achieve innovative solutions to make this world a better place.

My aim was to write the book I wish I had read when I started as a flourishing technology specialist. These fields desperately lack women and women only make up between 10-24% of the workforce depending on the subject area and the region in the world. Not only do we need more women there right now, more girls need to be encouraged to pursue these fields of study and more women need to be present on the boards of the most influential companies.

One of the common questions I get asked is; Why did you leave technology? I never entirely left it behind as I get to coach some of the giants in tech industry, who help to shape this world for the better. I integrate it into all my coaching as it helps to get great results and offers me a wide array of platforms to get the best out of the training and performance of clients. Whether you’re working at the grassroots or highperformance level, technology has dramatically impacted the way coaches help clients perform. With the rise of tailored apps, online assessments, video recording techniques and better internet connectivity, I can connect with more people across the globe and help them to achieve better, fine tune their talents, build on strengths and reach the next level.

Here are 4 reasons why it’s vital to bring and keep women in STEM fields: • The community benefits Studies show that by increasing female participation in STEM fields, families, societies, and communities will also benefit. Jobs in this field tend to be well-paid so can well support families and communities. A pay gap does exist, but it is actually smaller in areas such as tech and engineering. • More perspectives Innovation and creativity increase when minds that don’t always think alike come together to solve a problem. Women bring a broad range of experiences and perspectives that need to be heard to encourage varied approaches and responses.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a CEO, sales person, athlete or chess player, everyone needs a coach. Coaching provides practical insight and opportunities for growth based on specific areas a client wants to improve. In my field, I help leaders and teams improve their decisionmaking, problem-solving, conflict management and negotiations. The answers are discovered by the resourceful client, not the coach.

• The importance of role modeling An increase of STEM women will attract more girls and young women to these fields. Role modeling is critical to attracting the talent we need and it is the role of women who are currently in this field to inspire the leaders of tomorrow. As parents also have a role to play here to ensure all children feel supported in whatever career path they choose.

My overall mission is to increase the gender diversity in leadership across the world and I use the art of coaching to help women achieve the success they deserve. My book, How to be a Smart Woman in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) aims to empower women in these four specific key areas, which are integral to the future. Those fields are going to be fundamental in helping us all solve global challenges.

• Women need input With more than half of the world’s population being female, women have a say when it comes what and how it gets designed in the world. Women’s participation is essential to develop systems such as education, connectivity, mobility, internet, Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality and health care systems. We need all hands on deck! If we want to solve the problems of the future, organisations and everyone in the workplace, including men, need to step up and open doors for women to take their rightful place. This world will only thrive when we bring all our talent and minds together to create innovative solutions for all.



Powder was founded in 2009 by the award-winning Design Director Lisa Beaumont. Lisa has since grown a reputation for creating unique accessories that women just love to wear and is the culmination of years of experience successfully creating several brands and developing individual collections for numerous successful companies. Since then, Lisa has built a reputation for creating unique accessories that are as wearable as they are fun and unique. BWS asks Lisa FIVE QUESTIONS about her business: The story of how Powder first started? For me, I love expressing myself through the clothes that I wear; it’s always lovely when people get a sense of your personality just by looking at you – it’s a great way to spark up a conversation and have an instant connection! However, I just got to a point where I felt as if there was a gap in the market for these completely unique designs that women love to wear, that are easy to access and at an affordable price point! I adore wearing colour and various prints, always managing to tell some kind of story – or let people know what kind of mood you’re in! It was this passion and belief in the need and desire for items that express the individuality of other women that really pushed me forward to go out there and start creating these fabulous bright and colourful pieces! That’s how Powder was born, and for me, that is one of the touch stones of our success – always being true to yourself and having the courage to go out there and trust in who you are and what you know! When you realised that you were onto something special? To be honest with you, there was always a part of me that knew it was special. I’m a very perceptive persona and I don’t think that we would be where we are today if I didn’t always have the innate belief that it could be what it is. Beyond that though, it has to be the amazing reaction that we’ve continuously had from retailers and customers over the years; there’s nothing better than receiving a lovely message about our unapologetically feminine ranges, our beautiful bespoke packaging, the new collections, as well as the old – with many customers cherishing their favourite pieces!

A key moment that sticks out in Powders history? You know, there are two moments that really stick out – one from either side of the spectrum, from when we first started to just a couple of months ago! Our first trade show was a key moment in time for me, standing back and seeing the reaction that our stand had from the retailers as they crowded onto the stand to see our Autumn/Winter Collection! That was a point where I also got to meet many of the people that I still work with to this very day! Powder is all about making a connection with people – finding something to talk about, often starting with a love of unique design! The second moment that truly sticks out is when my sons both decided that they wanted to get more involved with the company. That was a real changing point for me – a very exciting one where I soon discovered that Powder was fast becoming more than just a brand that I had once dreamed up, it was becoming the family business that I had always hoped that it would be! Your favourite product you’ve designed? Each season I always design things that I love and that I know will be cherished by our customers, so to be honest with you my favourite item changes all the time! I think that coming up for Autumn/Winter 2019, we have this design which is very cute – a pair of ‘Westie Wearing Spectacles Mittens’ which match in both kid and adult sizes! Plans for the future? Ah, that is the big and exciting question! Of course, there’s always lots of fun ideas floating around! I think I can safely say that it would be to continue to work closely with my sons Charlie and Max, I’m super excited to see how their ideas and energy shape Powder in the future!



Lisa’s Top tips for Success Always listen to customers, because generally they are right! Follow your own design path and don’t focus on other brands and what they are doing. It’s keeps you unique! Aim high, but always have a contingency plan. Trust in the team around you, we are super lucky at Powder to have a talented and positive collection of great folk. We are all good friends and it feels like a family. Treat everyone in business how you would wish to be treated yourself. Honesty and integrity is vital.



Ask the expert Chelsea Mclaine | Tel: 0141 357 4007 | Bearsden & West End, Glasgow

Interiors expert, Margot Paton of Glasgow based Chelsea Mclaine uses her creative flair to answer your design dilemmas. My partner has a massive book collection and as we’re moving in together we have the challenge of where to store them all. Any good suggestions? More and more clients are electing to opt for libraries – or at least substantial storage areas for books – in their project briefings. The image shows one client who had book storage as a key priority and we designed the shelving especially for the space. We’re also working on another project in which the client has a new window seat being installed and we’re using the space below – as the image of our designer’s vision also shows – to be used for book storage.

Bespoke book storage created for client (Photo: Zac and Zac) Right: Window seat proposal complete with book storage.



I’ve become a big fan of wallpaper but I’m guessing as creative designers you have suggestions for expanding on its usage? Absolutely! We love wallpapers for adding all manner of aesthetic benefits to a space. Think of using it as a detail focus – as the photo shows. We framed the tiger image wallpaper in a hallway to make a big impact. You could use wallpaper on ceilings as well as on walls too.

A framed wallpaper panel creates a visual impact.

We’re having an extension built and we’re planning to use an interior designer when it’s complete. Someone suggested the architect and the designer should work together from the project kick-off. Do you agree?

We are working to amend the layout of our home but getting a lot of resistance from our architect. We want to be a bit brave and move our kitchen from the middle of the house to the front. What’s your viewpoint?

We agree 100%. So much more can be achieved when it’s team work involving the architect and our designers. Who decides on where switches/ power points go? Can a tweak of a layout give you an advantage you’d overlooked? Can lighting solutions be integrated from the outset? You’ll achieve a better end result and get better value from your investment.

We’d say go for it – do it! Traditional room layouts were created when we lived our lives differently. Now so many families enjoy living in one big living/ dining/kitchen space. So why should we always keep a kitchen tucked away at the middle or the rear of the house just because it’s always been there? Some of our recent work has seen homeowners moving their kitchen from the middle of the property to the front, adding so much more space and lots more light.



The Confidence Gap Report Side-lined, undervalued and anxious colleagues are more skilled than them: The truth about women going back to work after a career break

The truth about women going back to work after a career break

A new report out today reveals the impact taking a career break has on women’s confidence, career prospects, job satisfaction and earning power. The Confidence Gap Report, commissioned by TechPixies, which teaches social media and digital marketing skills to women wanting to return to work, asked 1000 working women what impact time out of the workplace had on their career.

As if a shortfall in pay wasn’t enough, women are also coming up against issues once they return to work: • • •

Almost a third (29%) of women feeling side-lined or undervalued One in ten (10%) are doing work that they would describe as ‘beneath their ability’ Nearly half (47%) of women describe their current work as simply ‘a means to an end’, laying waste to so much unharnessed female talent.

Commissioned by TechPixies with OnePoll


When asked if they felt that taking a career break had damaged their career, nearly half the women (45%) said yes, which demonstrates that women feel disadvantaged when taking time out from work, whether to have children, care for a relative or any other reason. Confidence amongst working women takes a battering after a career break with this new study showing: • Nearly half (45%) say they’d feel less anxious at work if only they could lose their self-doubt about their ability • One in three women (33%) feel anxious that colleagues are more up to speed with digital skills than they are • A quarter (24%) of women feel that a lack of confidence is their greatest stumbling block when returning to work Taking a career break has a negative impact on a woman’s take-home pay too with 42% of women claiming they earn less now compared to when they went on a career break, including 22% earnt up to £10,000 less a year, 16% earning between £10,000 to £20,000 less a year after their career break and 4% earning over £20,000 less a year. Overall, this has left women returners feeling financially insecure and worried for their future with 37% of women saying they feel less confident about their long-term earning potential.


Commissioned by TechPixies wit


TechPixies Confidence Gap Report looks at the impact of a career break on women and how it affects their skills, confidence, earnings and job fulfilment – and paves the way for a better understanding of women’s needs both prior and during their return to the workplace.

career break, something we can all aspire to have in the 21st century thanks to the technology available to us all.’

Joy Foster, founder of TechPixies, who commissioned the poll of 1000 working women aged 34-54 who were back at work after a career break, says: ‘It’s very clear from our research that more needs to be done to ensure that women are not negatively affected by taking a career break. As our Confidence Gap Report details, a big part of this is building up women’s confidence and digital skills ahead of their return to work.

Follow #DiscoverYourSparkle to join in the conversation. TechPixies is an award-winning social enterprise helping women to upskill with social media, digital marketing and WordPress. It offers face-to-face, group online and self-paced courses. Joy Foster, the founder and managing director, is passionate about helping women return to work, change careers or start a business. A mum of two, Joy was born in USA and launched TechPixies in 2016.

‘And this is exactly what TechPixies sets out to do, enabling women to return to the workplace with confidence and practical skills that will give them more job satisfaction, better pay and appropriate recognition in the workplace. With our report we’re encouraging women to upskill themselves, which will in turn give them confidence so that they can go on to have fulfilling and stimulating careers following







yb h W

e m o ec


r? e b mem

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The #BWSEcademy is launching on our new website and will provide access to courses covering all aspects of running and growing your business, from writing a press release and budgeting to finding finance and selling your product/service. When courses and information are added to the BWS members site you will receive an email notification.

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The #BWSGrowthProgramme is open for applications by BWS members only. It has been designed to encourage and support entrepreneurs and growing businesses, to create prosperity and ultimately create jobs. It consists of 4 ½ day work-shops and on Day 5 you will have the opportunity to present to a panel of experienced business specialists to provide feedback and suggestions to take your business to the next growth level. The programme is supported by the Royal Bank of Scotland. 20 places are available for each growth programme in 5 locations across Scotland. Full Details available on our website www.bwsltd.co.uk

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All members receive 2 complimentary tickets to each of our #BWSRoadshows (4 per year across Scotland, worth up to £120). These Roadshows are the perfect chance to develop your skills, share experiences with your peers and create lasting relationships with other women in business. The dates and locations for the BWS Roadshows are listed on our website. If you would like to attend any of the roadshows email lynne@bwsltd. co.uk stating which one you would like to attend.

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We are delighted to be partnering with the Federation of Small Businesses, who offer their members a wide range of vital business services including advice, financial expertise, support and a powerful voice in government. Their mission is to help smaller businesses achieve their ambitions, and they will waive the £30 registration fee for BWS members who would like to join them.


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As a member, you will receive discounts for any BWS event, including our awards ceremonies and masterclasses, and discounted prices for exhibiting at any of our Roadshows

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Discounted rates for BWS members to be featured in BWS magazine are available, please email lynne@bwsltd.co.uk for further information.

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Create your own digital concierge Give guests all the information they need on their own phone Increase TRevPAR and secure more direct & repeat bookings

Reduce your operating costs of updating and maintaining your guest directory

Upsell F&B and promote your services by sending targeted push notifications increasing in stay spend

Improve operational efficiency by managing all your front desk needs in one single guest portal

Drive guest engagement and accommodate in-room ordering and concierge requests via in-app messaging

Support your CSR strategy and reduce your carbon footprint by creating an eco-friendly app

Create your own digital concierge Give guests all the information they need on their own phone Increase TRevPAR and secure more direct & repeat bookings Upsell F&B and promote your services by sending targeted push notifications increasing in stay spend Drive guest engagement and accommodate in-room ordering and concierge requests via in-app messaging


“We understand that today’s travellers want Reduce yourthey operating to have everything need on costs their own of updating and maintaining phone and Criton offered us the technology your directory to adopt ourguest mobile-first approach. Criton’s platform enabled us to digitise the guest information andoperational create our own branded Improve app. It’s importantbyfor us to haveall complete efficiency managing controlyour overfront our brand with desk and needs in Criton we can update the app ourselves one single guest portaland promote our offering and services.” Support your CSR strategy Jodi Tamblin, Revenue and reduce your Manager, carbon Tigerlily Boutique Edinburgh footprint by Hotel creating an eco-friendly app

Visit our website and build your own hotel app today




IN CONVERSATION WITH ...JULIE GRIEVE Founder and CEO of Criton the UK’s first intuitive app builder for the hospitality sector. a £5 million investment, which enabled me to develop the business and take it to a completely different level. In 2018 Criton won ‘Best Technology Provider’ at the Travolution Awards, the ‘Industry Breakthrough and Innovation Award’ at the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers Awards.

Tell us a bit about yourself? I’m the Founder and CEO of Criton, a guest engagement platform and the first of its kind in the UK for the hospitality sector. Criton allows hoteliers to digitise their guest information and wrap all their guestfacing technology into a branded portal that guests can download on their own phone. Before starting my own business I was the CEO of Lateral City, a luxury serviced apartment operator in the heart of Edinburgh. Before moving into hospitality I was Managing Director and shareholder of Abbey Business Centres, an EU wide serviced office operator, which I successfully sold in 2011.

How did you come up with the name for Criton? I was looking for the name of a butler to tie in with hospitality and came across the comic stage play The Admirable Crichton, written in 1902 by James Matthew Barrie (who wrote Peter Pan), which inspired two film adaptations, in 1918 and 1957. In the play, Crichton is a butler and I thought that was hard to say if you weren’t Scottish and so I removed the ‘ch’.

How did the idea for your business Criton come about? Prior to founding Criton, I set up and ran a luxury serviced apartment complex. When finalising the build, I created a guest information book, which took a significant amount of time and financial resource; yet as soon as it was printed, it quickly became out of date. I thought it would be ideal to digitise the guest information book and allow guests to access the information on their own devices, but an app quote was £8,500. I looked for a DIY solution that would enable me to create my own app, something like WordPress for apps, but as it turned out there wasn’t one, I identified a gap in the market and created Criton

Was it challenging to raise funding for your venture? Fundraising takes a lot of time and effort, definitely more than you can imagine. I had heard this would be the case and so started to prepare for raising by applying to join the 2017 cohort of EIE. The programme to prepare for presenting was extremely useful and it set a deadline for having a deck that I could share with investors. By the time I signed the deal it was almost 10 months from when I started to prepare. How did you build a successful customer base? We’ve seen success when we’ve really worked alongside our customers to understand what they want from their app and then brought our expertise on what guests want to help the app meet both requirements. Ultimately our hoteliers want to use the app to reclaim the guest and subsequent interactions, reduce commission payments and drive operational efficiencies, whereas the guest don’t care about any of that, they want choice and ease of use.

What was your driving force to set up Criton and how long did it take to get the business to market? At Criton, we believe that the future of guest-facing technology is ‘own device’. Today’s traveller is time poor and wants to make the most of every trip, pre, during and post stay. Providing guests with the technology they want with all the information they need on their own device not only fulfils their needs, but it also creates a closed marketing group where operators can secure direct and repeat bookings. I set up Criton to give independent operators access to the same technology that big travel players, like the Hilton and Marriott, already adopt. In 2016 I sold my house in Edinburgh to free up capital and employ two developers and a marketer. The £60k Innovation Award from Scottish Enterprise that I won in December 2016 helped to take the business to market. I had my first customer in February 2017 and in October I raised


How many hours a day do you work on average? I could tell you but I would have to kill you because if my husband finds out it won’t go well for either of us! To put it another way, it’s more than 40 hours a week.

What piece of advice would you give to school or college graduates who want to become an entrepreneur? Read The Disciplined Entrepreneur by Bill Aulet and go through the process, it’s the best process I’ve ever come across for really helping you test your hypothesis and the chances of its success.

What motivates you? Mostly it’s about helping the hospitality industry solve the fragmented technological landscape they face in a way which makes it a fabulous guest experience. But I also like to learn and to challenge myself and so getting out of my comfort zone often is a motivator. Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur? Very honestly I still look around when someone calls me an entrepreneur and presume they are talking to someone else! We are still very early stage being just over 2.5 years old and so I cannot comment from my perspective, but if I were to comment on others I have watched or worked with then I would say it was about having an idea, which was at the right time and could be commercialised and a relentless pursuit of having a product which exceeds expectations. What has been your most satisfying moment since you have established Criton? Too hard to choose! There’s been so many to date, my first staff member, passing the codebase test, our first office, the Scottish Enterprise grant, our first customer, the raise…..but it was probably when our first group app went live and got hundreds of downloads in its first week and guest interaction, as if my vision was coming true.


Business Awards Lunch - 8th November 2019 Business Women Scotland (BWS) is back for a 5th year to mark the achievements of the growing numbers of women- led businesses. The Business Awards will celebrate the entrepreneurial talents of women across Scotland – and help to create more business role models to inspire the next generation of leading women. Join us as we start the afternoon with a welcome glass of fizz and networking, then through to the auditorium for the Awards ceremony. The awards are a celebration of women making their mark and their way in the world of business this year,. Together, we will recognise the notable contribution women are making to boost Scotland’s economy and continue to develop a diverse and thriving world-class business ecosystem

Further information on line www.bwsltd.co.uk. Email Laura-Jane Clements - LJ@bwsltd.co.uk



SELF EMPLOYMENT “shift the persistent obstacles that women face when entering, progressing in, and returning to the workplace”. Chloé Jepps, IPSE’s Deputy Head of Research, comments: “Women – and particularly mothers – are one of the fastest-growing groups in the self-employed sector. In fact, IPSE’s own research shows that the number of freelance mothers has doubled since 2008. But, as this report shows, like in so many other areas of the workforce there are still far too many obstacles holding them back.

IPSE: TRAINING KEY TO HELPING SELF-EMPLOYED WOMEN OUT OF LOW-PAY CYCLE Self-employed women, who earn an average of 16 per cent less than self-employed men, should be supported with greater training and development opportunities, a new report has said. The recommendation is part of IPSE’s (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) contribution to a new report by the Women and Work All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), called “How to Recruit Women for the 21st Century”.

“It is simply unacceptable that in 2019, the average female freelancer still earns 16 per cent less than their male counterpart. It is time for government and industry to step up and address the challenges faced by female freelancers. They should start by opening up more accessible training and development opportunities for female freelancers – and, indeed, all the UK’s selfemployed.”

IPSE’s evidence suggests that the gender pay gap among self-employed people is smaller the greater their skill level. The report warned, however, that it was harder for the self-employed to access training because they often struggle to take unpaid days off work for it. The report also contains a toolkit to help employers

IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, is the representative body for the UK’s self-employed community, including freelancers, contractors, consultants and independent professionals. IPSE Press Office: 0203 053 0606 IPSE - the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed



Ask the expert Taylor Ferguson Hairdressing | Tel: 0141 332 0397 | 106 Bath St, Glasgow G2 2EN


HAIR MYTHS Anne Ferguson is a director of celebrity stylist Taylor Ferguson Hairdressing. In this issue, she examines some long-standing hair myths and sets out the truth…

IT’S A MYTH: DON’T CONDITION FINE HAIR Shampooing and conditioning your hair nourishes and allows healthy hair to grow. And that applies to all types of hair – the only rule is to ensure you pick a specially formulated product that works for fine hair. We’re big fans of the Hairmax range to help fine hair. The specially formulated Den.si.ty Hair Care System, gives you the foundation for thicker, healthier more voluminous looking hair.

IT’S A MYTH: DRY SHAMPOO WORKS BETTER THAN REGULAR SHAMPOO Despite the hype dry shampoo won’t actually clean your hair. Your scalp only really benefits when it’s washed and hydrated with shampoo. And it needs to be rinsed. Use dry shampoo only as a last resort. It can be quick fix but not for regular use as it can block pores. Nothing really replaces the benefits of H2O and liquid shampoos.

IT’S A MYTH: PLUCK OUT ONE GREY HAIR AND TWO MORE GROW IN TO REPLACE Untrue – but we don’t recommend plucking out any grey strands. Roots can be damaged and can cause infection. Treat hair gently – don’t yank it.


IT’S A MYTH: A COLD WATER RINSE WILL MAKE HAIR SHINIER A blast of icy water might waken the senses but it will deliver zero impact on how shiny you leave your locks! It can, however, stem the production of oil in your sebaceous glands.

I, for one, have never prescribed to that myth. With today’s styling products and conditioning treatments it’s so much easier to keep hair long and under control when it comes to styling. Now I’m in my 60s, I get an extra length and volume boost from extensions so I’m definitely dispelling that myth!



Sadly this isn’t the case. No amount of conditioning or treatment will seal together those split ends. The only way to deal with split ends is to have them trimmed away.

Whether it’s cut or not your hair grows approximately half and inch per month. One benefit of regular hair trims? Farewell to split ends.





This is so not the case and indeed we believe you can have a fringe if you’re four or 94! Fringes are super adaptable – and can be styled to fit all face and head shapes. Whether it’s a fringe that ticks the full, thin, choppy or textured boxes then you’ll be sorted. Ask your stylist about the new trends of an adaptable fringe which has been hot on the catwalk. As the name suggests you can choose when you want the fringe in situ.

Put simply your hair doesn’t differentiate between brands or build up any tolerance. Your regular shampoo will work the same way each time you use, week after week, month after month, year after year. All that will happen IF you ensure you get the right shampoo type for your particular hair. Your stylist should advise. I’m not averse to opting for a new shampoo if you fancy a change of aroma etc – but keep on the right track about the formula.



So not the case. Less is more. The more you do wash, then the more you trigger the sebaceous glands into turning on the grease and you could end up with heavy, lanky and lack-lustre locks Once every two or three days should be sufficient for clean healthy hair

This isn’t only untrue but it could harm your hair. Brush to style your hair only – because brushing pulls hairs out of their follicles and can weaken strands. Be brush aware! Think about a Wetbrush which is designed to detangle your hair when it’s wet. Minimises tugging and any risk of damge to your hair.

IT’S A MYTH: WHEN SHAMPOOING, LATHER, RINSE AND REPEAT To me that’s the hair companies’ marketing trick. Encouraging us to use our shampoos twice as fast. One thorough washing will do the trick. Overdoing the shampooing can dry your hair.

If your hair looks good you’ll feel good (Photo: foreveramberblog)



Feel good puds! Gato & Co pitch their gluten free “feel good puds” to the dragon’s den, but did the dragons underestimate the entrepreneurs? GATO & Co (www.gatoandco.com, pronounced gateau, like the French for cake!) is a start-up brand with big ambitions, to change the way we tuck into indulgent desserts with their feel-good puds. Handmade with whole, simple ingredients, they’re vegan, free from gluten & dairy and half the sugar of similar desserts. Sunday 6th January 2019 saw the entrepreneurs behind the brand; Charlotte Dauzat and Kim Lamza pitch their concept to BBC2’s The Dragons’ Den. After sending their application on Christmas Eve 2017, Charlotte and Kim met the Dragons in May 2018, being grilled for an hour before receiving two offers of finance from Touker Suleyman and Tej Lalvani. Thrilled to have the support of these leaders of industry, Charlotte and Kim discussed their options, made some attempts at negotiations but ultimately took the brave decision to decline the offers they received, as the valuation was just too low. Kim comments “it was an incredibly difficult decision to make as we respect Touker’s food industry experience and Tej’s marketing prowess, but we took so many learnings from the experience of being grilled by five millionaires for an hour! On the train home to London from Manchester we wrote down every piece of advice we could act on to make our business stronger.” 

the taste, so that’s really commendable” going on to offer the full £50,000, but for a hefty 25% of the business. Ultimately, Kim and Charlotte weren’t comfortable with giving away such a large share of their company, but the expert business feedback is prized by the small startup. The GATO Chocolate & Coconut Hot Brownie was a favourite in the den, closely followed by the Salted Caramel Hot Sticky Toffee! It was a great source of relief to hear appreciative noises in the Den! Whilst the experience was an excellent challenge, a learning curve and a lot of fun for Kim and Charlotte, they believe the Dragon’s missed a trick, Kim says “We were elated to have had such positive feedback on our puddings and our business acumen, however we think the Dragons underestimated our business; they challenged us on our valuation and our targets and it was a bit of a battle. We know we’re worth our £3million valuation, as do our investors from both food and finance backgrounds; we have gone on to invest further since Dragon’s Den, the proof’s in the pudding and we’re on our way to that £30million dream valuation, what’s wrong with a little ambition from two young female entrepreneurs?” The programme stated revenues of £30,000 in GATO’s Year1, however what was overlooked was that they only launched in supermarkets at the end of the year; GATO pitched to the Dragons half way through Year2 and their revenue run rate was actually £120,000 when they pitched (omitted from the final edit) due to distribution in Sainsbury’s and Ocado but also launches in Whole Foods Market, As Nature Intended and other independent stores. GATO is an early stage business that has demonstrated very high growth in a short period of time, they pitched to the Dragons in May 2018, and compared with revenues in May 2017, there was a 3200%+ (32X) increase in revenue, and they are projecting to grow by 6.5X (revenues of £780,000) in the year to follow. Since the show, GATO has raised further funds, and are on track to secure over £200,000, and have gone on to launch in Harrods and Fortnum & Mason; plus they have made their product available

All five Dragons loved the product and branding, with Peter Jones, the first Dragon to delve into the fledgling pudding business, favouring GATO’s Sticky Toffee pudding, saying “this is very nice, it tastes really good; I love it, the product’s really lovely” and he jested that he would like to offer the entrepreneurs a job in raising capital, as their initial £350,000 fundraise so early on in business wowed him, commenting that it was “genuinely incredible”. Ultimately Peter Jones didn’t agree with GATO’s valuation of £3million, overlooking the proven valuation of £50,000 for 1.7% of the business from a recent investor from the food industry. Health magnate Tej Lalvani remarked, “my favourite dessert is sticky toffee pudding and what’s incredible is that you have got the sugar down. It’s not easy to do and mantain


online through the GATO website for those not near a stockist just yet. GATO has also since delivered on their dream to make their products vegan, which is great for the planet and opens up a large, underserved market. The new puddings are available in store now, and their latest flavour - Salted Caramel & Chocolate Ganache – will be available exclusively in Sainsbury’s from 16th January 2019! GATO were seeking out investment to help take their business to the next level – the additional budget was positioned to further sales and distribution in the UK and set up for overseas expansion. Advancing the proposition is always important, so additional budget has been used to invest in the development of new flavours and products plus GATO are working on a new range of indulgent snacks – watch this space…! Following the Dragon’s Den, GATO has since raised money via private investors so they can revolutionise desserts and sweet treats and spread the GATO word! ABOUT GATO & Co GATO & Co is a brand on the up and up, January 2019 saw the brand reformulate their bestselling puddings, Chocolate & Coconut Hot Brownie and Salted Caramel Hot Sticky Toffee, to become fully vegan (RRP £2 per 80g pot) and launch the new Salted Caramel Chocolate Pot. Containing 50% less sugar than comparable pudding pots, GATO is a new generation of puddings – just sweet enough, scrumptious and holistically healthier; they taste decadent but are guiltfree enough to become a daily sweet treat. Unlike most potted desserts, there are no empty calories as each pot is crammed with satiating and delicious unrefined ingredients such as ground almonds (used in place of flour), almond milk, raw cacao, creamed coconut and even courgette (used in place of butter). With the latest vegan iteration of their desserts, GATO use aquafaba, AKA chickpea water, in place of eggs; the puddings retain the same great taste and comforting texture, whilst being entirely plant based. Co-Founder Kim Lamza says of the decision to make the move to plant-based, “We’ve been working hard behind the scenes for the past year to make our range fully vegan, so everyone can enjoy our indulgent and healthier puds! We’ve been dying to launch vegan products since GATO first launched but it’s taken us a year to perfect the right taste & texture – we are so excited to share them in Veganuary 2019.” Co-Founder Charlotte Dauzat, a self-described “French baking geek and foodie” with a love for simple, healthy and nutrient-rich food, founded GATO & CO in January 2017. Charlotte comments, “I grew up in Provence with a love for simple, wholesome and naturally delicious food, but after years leading a frantic city life, this philosophy felt distant. When I figured out that cutting refined food and embracing whole, nutritious ingredients clearly improved my health and energy levels, I realised it was time to come back to my roots. I started this exciting baking adventure and began exploring a world of tasty and nutritious alternatives. After several months of training at Le Cordon Bleu, I created a new range of free-from, indulgent puddings that are both tasty AND packed with natural goodness…tadaa! GATO & Co was born! Selfridges was our first client and we launched there only months after I started working on GATO in my own tiny kitchen. Only 8 months later, we were selling in Sainsbury’s nationwide and Ocado!” Charlotte’s business partner Kim Lamza was a Strategy Consultant in London at the same firm as Charlotte for half a decade. Kim’s mum is a dietician who taught her how to cook so she could avoid processed junk with hidden sugars & weird ingredients! As soon as Charlotte told her about GATO she knew she needed to get involved in her friend’s venture, (as they were just like her mum’s home bakes!) trusting her vision to the extent that she invested her savings in GATO and went on to help Charlotte launch the product nationwide. After a lot of hard work, laughter, fun and not a lot of sleep, GATO can be found in Whole Foods, Sainsbury’s, As Nature Intended, Harrods and Ocado… but watch this space, it’s just the beginning, so grab a spoon and tuck in! For more information, please visit www.gatoandco.com





BWS is launching a new programme guide to take your business to the next level. The BWS growth programme is designed to encourage and support entrepreneurs and growing businesses, to create prosperity and ultimately create jobs. Running and growing your business can be a lonely place and at this stage you may lose a bit of momentum. BWS have created seminars to help grow your business. At the end of the final seminar you will have the opportunity to present to the panel of specialists and partners we have to help local businesses understand what they want or need to grow. You can then concentrate your efforts where you have the best chance of success and confidently expand your business.

Working in Partnership to increase the economic empowerment of women in business.

A designed programme of courses for new business at the growth stage that will increase confidence unlock potential and drive innovation and growth. There will be a series of workshops, with the final event which is titled ‘meet the panel”. A similar programme/network has been rolled out in Dundee and it is estimated that this network has contributed over £120k of in kind support since May 2017. The impact of this resource speaks for itself. The object is to have a similar programme in Glasgow.

3 locations in Scotland What’s your strategic vision for your business? This session will help you understand the market in which you aim to do business. You will understand what your strengths and opportunities are in your market along with confidently identifying your customers’ wants and needs.

My Market Position This session will focus on what your position is in the market. You will then go on to develop a marketing plan for your business that incorporates the principles of ‘the marketing mix’ – the 4Ps (product, pricing, place and promotion).

Getting your business financially ready You will learn the importance of creating a budget for your business along with how to identify the key parts of the budget. After the session you will be able to confidently create and implement a working budget for your business.

creating your board

building your team, exploring the strengths your require to build your team Supported by

Building upon the knowledge gained from previous sessions you will explore your roadmap for business planning. You will gain an understanding of the importance of business planning and the components of that plan. You will clearly describe your vision, identify your business goals and confidently be able to embed your marketing plan and budget.

Meet the panel

The programme will be available in Edinburgh, Elgin and Glasgow Edinburgh - 1st - 5th April 2019 Elgin - 4th - 6th of June 2019 Glasgow - 12th - 14th November 2019 If you would like to receive further information about the programme please email : lynne@bwsltd.co.uk This support is fully funded meaning there’s no cost to your business.

The final event we invite the business owners to pitch their business to a panel of business women and men. The panel brings a wealth of skills experience and advice for the business owners. The role of the panel is to listen to each pitch and think of ways to provide support to help each individual grow their business and take to the next growth level. Each pitch has 25 minutes followed by 15 minute of questions, each panel member writes their comments on headed paper with their own details. The information is then collected and placed in an envelope for each of the business owners to read and contact any of the panel members directly. At the end of the panel session we invite all the business owners back into the room and they are presented with a certificate of recognition that they have taken part in the programme.

Sponsorship The Programme will be promoted via the BWS on line magazine and our Social media channels. There will be a limit to the numbers of businesses we can accept on the programme. All the sponsor branding will be on all the literature for the programme with hyperlinks to you specified landing page.


Profile for Lynne Kennedy

BWS Magazine issue 52 - May/June 2019