Digital Business Women - August Edition 2019

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Sheena Shah, ElevatHer Founder

SHEENA SHAH How did you decide to go into Finance? I remember loving economics and classical civilisation at A Levels. Economics seemed like a ‘safer’ option to study at University so I went to Aston University to study Business with International Relations. My work placement was in 2008 at Goldman Sachs which provided a greater exposure than usual with so much uncertainty around. I loved being constantly challenged and learning new skill sets. I was also lucky to work in a close knit team where I felt like I was part of a family and valued. After that work placement year I was more motivated than ever to finish my degree and come back into the industry.

Did you always know that in Finance and Community Apps was what you wanted to do? I had a taste for finance during my internship and wanted more. After being in the industry for a few years, across companies and continents, I realised that I didn’t want to work for a bank but it was all that I knew. I got lucky and found a small startup prop firm and learnt that it’s more the people you work with and knowing your self-worth that motivates me.

Tell us about you and your career. I spent 10 years in the financial services, starting my career on the graduate scheme for Goldman Sachs, moving to Morgan Stanley and most recently working for a proprietary trading firm Maven. Through the struggles of maintaining and expanding my network developed an idea of creating ElevatHer –A platform to connect women on experiences and skill.