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The Businesswoman’s Magazine leads the way in inspiring, motivating and informing the successful business women of South Africa.


s you no doubt witnessed, the last issue of The Businesswoman was spectacular to say the least! The response from the business women community has been equally spectacular with a flood of phone calls, letters, emails and more! Everyone wants to be a part of this energised, growing community. Here is the perfect opportunity to get your message to a national readership of ambitious women! What follows is the relevant information on The

Businesswoman Magazine. The only Business Women’s Magazine in South Africa that focuses on everyday woman who are achieving exceptional success. We hope that you will enjoy reading the business women features as much as we have enjoyed sourcing and presenting them. As the ONLY official mouthpiece for the South African business women and entrepreneurs, The Businesswoman Magazine has taken giant leaps in providing the right information at the right time to empower women to be gladiators in this ever changing business world of today. The Businesswoman magazine


has a circulation of over 25000 copies and thus a reach of over 75000 (@ 3 readers per copy) professional decision makers across South Africa. We believe that showcasing your product or service will not only add value to thousands of business women but also increase your companies network and products in the business arena of South Africa.

The Businesswoman is designed to empower and assist women in business. It serves as a voice for business women in SA by addressing issues that are pivotal to the lives of women in business.

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The Businesswoman Magazine is distributed to the members of various South African business women associations, corporate business women across S.A., subscribers and women in business management positions. Circulation 26 486 copies Readers Per Copy 2.92 Readership 77339 Subscription Fee R161.42 (Incl. VAT) for 6 issues plus an end year calendar (annual) Subscribers 8011 of our readers are paid up subscribers Cover Price R33.63 (Incl. VAT) Frequency Bi - Monthly Reader s Radio Choice Jacaranda, SAFM and Classic FM LSM (Living Standards) 69% of our readers are LSM 9 & 10 Average Career Level 56% of our readers are either line management, senior management or executive positions Purchasing Power 38% of our readers have purchased luxury personal accessories in the past 12 months Reader Attention Our readers spend 2 hours on average reading The Businesswoman Magazine Unusual Circulation The Businesswoman Magazine is distributed through The Grace Hotel (in the rooms), Avis Car Rental (when a female rents) and various other unique channels Air Travel 68% of our readers have made use of air travel in the past 12 months Finance 88% of our readers have debit and/or credit cards, make use of vehicle finance and overdraft facilities or have a personal loan Education 76% of our readers have a tertiary qualification Driving Style More than 58% of our readers have a luxury vehicle Who Decides More than 82% of our readers are the primary purchasing decision makers in their household Leisure 28% of our readers have spent in excess of R50 000 on holiday and/or leisure activities in the past 12 months Reader Age Profile 20-30 years of age : 14% ¦ 30-40 years of age : 30% ¦ 40-50 years of age : 38% ¦ 50-60 years of age : 18%

Do corporate business women buy your products or services? Is this your perfect market? What was born in mid-2006 as a spectacular magazine for South Africa s business women fraternity, has grown into a powerful publication in it s own right. Welcome to South Africa s leading business women magazine, a publication that powerfully reaches out to S.A. s women in business, pulling them together, delivering your message. Under estimate this publication at your peril. Ignore this market and you will serve it as a buffet to your competitors. The businesswoman magazine is distributed to career minded subscribers, the female work forces of our corporates and South Africa s leading Business Women Associations. Whether it s an aspiring temp or a captain of industry - if it s a career woman, she is reading this publication ... making it the only publication reaching this specialised reader. The content of the businesswoman magazine is essentially business driven with a core focus on the beliefs and values of S.A. s business women. In addition to the central theme of business articles, the businesswoman magazine offers the reader a plethora of articles relating to business life. This publication is a survival guide for the ambitious business woman in the concrete jungle. Each issue is designed to inspire, advise, educate and entertain the avid business professional, ensuring that your product message is communicated within a reliable vehicle to a targeted market.



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Empowering women.

South African corporates like Unilever, Avis, Deloitte, Unisa, Old Mutual, Sentech, Exxaro, Nedbank, Vodacom, Motseng, Gensec, South African Airways, Transman, Wiphold, Imperial Chauffeur Drive, Praxis Computing, Wesbank, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs, Motorola and many more are involved in initiatives to empower women in the work place. Need we say more? Get connected… Link up… Black Business Women s Association (BBWA) [] The purpose of the BBWA is to highlight the achievements of black women in the arena of business, to highlight the various vehicles that have been set-up to fast-track women empowerment in business, to create a platform for networking, strategic partnerships and learning and to facilitate education, training and development and skills transfer through workshops and seminars Women in Finance [] Women in finance is a non-profit, national organisation. It seeks to empower and promote women within the financial services sector, but also to assist with empowering women in the broader market on finances as finances affect all women. Women in IT [] [] Women in IT is an initiative that was launched by Fizz Marketing with the support of big IT players like Microsoft to provide a support structure for those women working in what is today a male dominated IT environment. The United Businesswomen of South Africa (UBSA) [] UBSA has been formed to provide a collaborative support structure to organisations involved in women empowerment and to leverage the untapped potential of women. Gender Advocacy Programme (GAP) [] The Gender Advocacy Programme (GAP) is an independent, non-governmental advocacy and lobbying organisation based in Cape Town. We see our position as bridging the gap between women in civil society and structures of governance and to increase the participation of women in policy formulation and decision-making. HIRS [] Why is it that we are still speaking about gender barriers in the workplace? Despite the media hype, the various charters and increasing numbers of women’s conferences, equal opportunities still seem to be eluding women. The HIRS Women’s Development Consultancy aims to change this status quo. South African Women in Mining Association (SAWIMA) [] The South African Women in Mining Association (SAWIMA) was formed in 1999 and organised themselves in 2002 to support women entrepreneurs in the mining industry. Women for Housing (WFH) [] Women for Housing (WFH) facilitates opportunities for women involved in the housing sector. Through advocacy, training and support we aim to empower women to play a leading role in the field of housing. South African Women Entrepreneurs Network (SAWEN) [] The establishment of South African Women Entrepreneurs Network (SAWEN) is a reaction to the fact that women entrepreneurs in South Africa continuously face a wide array of obstacles in starting, growing and sustaining their own enterprises. Technology For Women In Business (TWIB) [] The vision for TWIB is to move women in business from the periphery into the mainstream of the economy through the use of technology and by facilitating focused action by women enterpreneurs at all levels, creating successful role models, unlocking solutions to progressive approaches

to doing business in a global economy and exploiting partnerships with government, corporates and woman focused organisations Net-workingwomen [] is an A-Z online directory for working women to advertise their businesses, products, services, skills and resources – easy to access, user friendly, with FREE listings! Endeavor [] Endeavor is a non-profit organization that identifies and supports innovative, high-growth entrepreneurs in emerging markets around the world. We help visionary entrepreneurs, with daring ideas, who are transforming their communities, their industries, and even their countries. Women In Business (WIB) [] Women In Business (WIB) is a voluntary non-profit organisation. The uMgungundlovu District Municipalities mandate for the Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Commerce, was to facilitate the setting up of local business fora within the UDM’s area of governance. This was the catalyst in the formalisation of WIB as a Business Forum for Women. Women in Film and Television South Africa (WIFTSA) [] WIFTSA is a South African chapter of Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI). WIFTI is a global network comprised of some 35 Women In Film chapters worldwide and over 10,000 members dedicated to advancing professional development and achievement for women working in all areas of film, video, and other screen-based media. Women s Legal Centre [] The Women’s Legal Centre is a non-profit, independently funded law centre started by a group of women lawyers. The WLC has been established to advance women’s rights by conducting constitutional litigation and advocacy on gender issues. International Women s Forum of South Africa (IWFSA) [] IWFSA is a progressive organisation of women leaders whose vision is to educate, empower, nurture and mentor the next generation of women leaders in South Africa through various programmes. Association for Office Professionals of South Africa (OPSA) [] The Association for Office Professionals of South Africa (OPSA) is a non-profit Association, founded in 1982, for all office professionals. The National Council of Women of South Africa (NCW) [] NCWSA appeals to all who are interested in women’s issues and the well being of the community.The current International President is Anamah Tan of Singapore. Women s Net [] Women’sNet works to advance gender equality and justice in South Africa through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) by providing training and facilitating content dissemination and creation that supports women, girls, and women’s and gender organisations and networks to take control of their own content and ICT use. Rural Women s Movement [] In South Africa, particularly in KwaZulu Natal, women’s independent access to land has not been realized. The way that the majority of women have gained security of tenure and access to land resources has been predominantly


through their participation in patriarchal household structures. RWM advocates for women’s independent land rights and use of natural resources. Goddess Events [] Goddess Events was launched with the intention of offering events that cater specifically for women’s needs. Then nationally, changing the ordinary, ‘all girls’ night out, to a space where women can gather to celebrate their sensuality and what it is to be a woman. Leading Women of Africa/Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World [] [] Individual and corporate memberships are available for Businesses wanting to expand their operations in Africa. Africa has a wealth of resources and opportunities just waiting to be captured. What better time than NOW! Discover new opportunities through by getting to know the heartbeat of Africa. It is these women who are rising up and leading the next generation to their destiny. SA Women in Engineering (SAWomENg) [] SAWomEng (South African Women in Engineering) is a non-profit, student-run body founded at the University of Cape Town in . The organisation was the brainchild of two then third-year University of Cape Town civil engineering students, Mabohlale Mampuru and Naadiya Moosajee, who envisioned a platform through which young women in the field, like themselves, would be able to fast-track their careers. SPICE4life [] Believing in your SELFWORTH, discovering & kindling your PASSION, finding your INSPIRATION, giving your COMMITMENT and consistently gathering and applying EDUTAINMENT “...capture vision, take possession of it. I am all for seeing your true potential come to pass, am all for seeing you show up on this planet before you leave, that you go about unlocking the leadership potential in others, that you leave a legacy for the next generation and that you remain persistent and passionate so that mankind will be different because you decided to show up!” SA Women in Construction (SAWiC) [] SAWiC is a National Association of Women Construction Entrepreneurs (SMMEs) or women employed in all areas of construction, from the skilled trades to business ownership. SAWiC promotes and supports the advancement of women in the construction industry as it administers, intervenes, facilitates and negotiates to empower its members to successfully take up and complete job opportunities, contracts and related legal aspects, training, finance, networks, marketing. SAWiC has chapters in the SA nine provinces each headed by a national board member. SAWiC services more than 2000 women contractors across South Africa.


9 August National Women’s Day


This day commemorates 9 August 1956 when women participating in a national march petitioned against pass laws (legislation that required African persons to carry a document on them to prove that they were allowed to enter a white area ). 2008 marks the 52nd anniversary of the women march to the Union Buildings in 1956. Thousands of women from all over South Africa, representing all racial groups and classes descended on Pretoria to demonstrate their resentment of such laws. “Freedom cannot be achieved unless women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression” - Former President Nelson Mandela during the opening of South Africa’s first democratically elected parliament on 24 May 1994 .


South African corporates like Unilever, Avis, Deloitte, Unisa, Old Mutual, Sentech, Exxaro, Nedbank, Vodacom, South African Airways, Wesbank, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs and many more are involved in initiatives to empower women in the work place. Some notable examples are: • Vodacom - Graduate Programme for Females in Technology. • Telkom - Women’s ICT Programme - headed up by Charlotte Mokoena. • Standard Bank - Women Entrepreneurs & Incredible Woman Of The Year (with Marie Claire) • PriceWaterhouseCoopers - Women in PwC Steering Committee; The Faranani Rural Women Training Initiative; A.W.A.R.E. - Attract Women Advance Retain and Empower. • Wesbank - The Wesbank Women’s Forum. • Sanlam - Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture. • Shoprite Checkers - Woman Of The Year. • KPMG - KPMG Network Of Women (KNOW). • Deloitte - The Deloitte Women’s Leadership Initiative. • African Bank & Women’s Development Business (WDB) - Rural Entrepreneurship. • Motorola - Business Leadership Development Program (BLDP). • Nedbank - Women Development Initiatives. • Unilever - Ponds Passport to Success Campaign; Dawn Voice Out Female Poets

Associations & Affiliates…

These South African Associations and Affiliates are making a difference. You can too, by just giving them a call and perhaps some support … • The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) • Department of Agriculture - Female Farmer Of The Year. • BankSETA - Women’s Development Programme. • The Department of Economic Development - Passing The Torch. • The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry - Women in Water, Sanitation and Forestry Awards. • TWIB / DTI - Technology For Women In Business Awards.

A Special Women’s Month Issue It’s that time of year again. Having read the previous two pages, the question that needs to be asked is - so, what are you or your company doing for your women in August 2008? This bumper issue of The Businesswoman Magazine celebrates the strides made by corporates and individuals alike in the empowerment of women in the workplace. We embrace and highlight the women who have made a difference and turn South Africa’ spotlight on those achievers and corporations that have done more than lip service - that have made a difference.


Our Cover - Dot Field Vodacom s Chief Communications Officer,

Dot Field, has been chosen to grace the cover of our bumper Women s Month issue. This iconic business woman is respected by peers in boardrooms across the planet. We delve a little deeper into her incredible world in August.

If you want to be part of this, call us and book your space now!

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