Business Vision Winter 2017-2018

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Daniel Jeffery Always leave a positive impact


PEOPLE Meet Daniel Jeffery, age 23, founder of crypto-commerce company Lantah, part of a new generation of young CEOs changing the business landscape


Daniel Jeffery started turning the heads of Microsoft engineers while he was still in grade school. Mentored by industry-leading professionals and professors, he filed several patents in automotive safety, and at the age of 18 he was invited to share his work at Ford's Product Development Center in Dearborn, Michigan. Subsequent ventures included e-liquid manufacturing (the “juice” for electronic cigarettes and vape devices), retail and coral aquaculture. Now Jeffery has set his sights on the booming market space of blockchain technologies, working with a team of seasoned technology veterans to achieve his goals. “Remember how the Internet forever changed society? Blockchain is the next technology with similar potential,” says the young entrepreneur. “As a type of distributed ledger for maintaining a permanent and tamper-proof record of transactional data, a blockchain functions as a decentralized database that is managed by computers on a peer-to-peer network.” The benefits? A cheaper, faster, and more secure medium for online transactions without the need of third parties such as banks. “Blockchain technology will fundamentally change economic, legal, and political systems around the world,” he predicts. Daniel's company, Lantah, based in Florida, Texas and California in the US, uses blockchain technology to offer the first global, borderless marketplace, removing entrance barriers to the new era of crypto commerce by accepting both fiat and cryptocurrency, while facilitating the distribution and sale of goods and services along the way. As an industry first, Lantah aims to completely disrupt today's supply chain model by replacing businesses' need to handle storage of product, inventory management, and order fulfillment at a global level. This enables companies, no matter how big or small, to serve customers quickly and efficiently. Jeffery's motto: “Never take shortcuts, and always leave a positive impact.”