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August 2016 • VOLUME 11 NUMBER 11


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Tour the world right here in Cornelius. Your tummy will thank you.


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Cornelius Today P.O. Box 2062 Cornelius, NC 28031-2062


2 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016

Now Open!

August Things to do

National Night Out Aug. 2 The Cornelius Police Department is hosting the annual National Night Out Aug. 2 at Jetton Village. The free event offers residents an opportunity to meet local public safety officers and have fun together, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. There will be a dunk-a-cop booth as well as food and beverages. Police and fire vehicles will be on site for tours. The Police Department is also collect-

ing school supplies with the “Pack the Patrol Car” event. Items collected will be distributed to students at Cornelius and JV Washam elementary schools, Bailey Middle and Hough High. Items needed include paper, pencils, pens, highlighters, notebooks, binders, index cards, tissues, crayons, markers, colored pencils and backpacks.

An evening of high rolling stakes, glitz and glamour will benefit Friends of the Animals and the Capital Campaign to build a Pet Education and Adoption Center in Mooresville. The Aug. 12 fundraiser at Statesville Country Club are $100 and include food, endless beer and wine and $200 in play money. There’s a variety of gaming tables: Blackjack, poker, roulette and craps; the house “winnings” go to a good cause. “We are hosting this fabulous event to benefit the capital campaign to build the pet education and adoption center that will help save homeless pets,” says Maria Haughton Roberson, president of the board of directors.

FOTA unveiled its new site on Templeton Road in Mooresville in January. The group plans an 11,500 square foot building on 2.65 acres. “We are steadily moving forward and eager to support the welfare of animals in our community. By joining us for Casino Night, everyone can help impact the future of our furry friends,” said Patrice Reynolds, FOTA executive director. The Pet Education and Adoption Center will provide housing for adoptable dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Casino Night tickets can be purchased online by Aug. 5. Go to:

The Old Town Cornelius Jazz Festival Aug. 20 at Smithville Park will feature local jazz bands, food trucks, craft beer and children’s activities. Organized by the Cornelius Cultural Arts Group and Smithville Community Coalition, the event runs from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Proceeds will benefit the Smithville CommUNITY Coalition, Kiwanis Splash Pad, and Send-A-Kid-To-Camp. Founded in 1910, Smithville is one of the oldest communities in Cornelius, with roots dating back to the 1880s. The event had to be rescheduled because of rain.

FOTA fundraiser Aug. 12


Jazz Festival is Aug. 20

More Local Events:

Adoptable Pets

Open for adoptions Tuesday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and 5 to 7 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to noon. Call for appointments 704-237-3602

LAKE NORMAN / 15020 Brown Mill Rd. / 704.875.8668 CHARLOTTE AIRPORT / 2919 Boyer St. / 704.393.3647 MATTHEWS / 10714 Independence Pointe Pkwy. / 704.246.4206


Bailey is a handsome six-month-old Pit Bull Terrier mix, who was recently picked up as a stray in town. He has beautiful Brindle markings and a fun-loving personality.

Trixie is a four-month-old black kitten who recently arrived at the shelter. She has a smooth, shiny black coat and a frisky personality. She purrs so loud, you can hear her across the room.

CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016 • 3

Table of Contents EARLY BIRDS

Lots of Cornelius folks are catching the figurative worm at 5 am Page 4


Cornelius schools will be ready for action on Aug. 29 Page 6


So many people in Cornelius pitched in to make it a big day for Big Brothers Big Sisters Pages 12-15


Jane Campbell is running for the NC District 98 seat held by John Bradford, and before him, Thom Tillis Page 16


Wes Choplin, of Choplin’s Restaurant fame, shares a family classic Page 26

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4 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016

Alive @ 5


Dawn over Antiquity Cornelius is up and at ‘em at 5 or 5:30 in the morning. Well, some people are. It’s still quiet—stores like CVS and Rite Aid are closed; Publix doesn’t open until 7 a.m. It’s dark—the distinctive retro globes at the Police Station shine bright against red brick. And there’s almost no traffic—chances are pretty good you can drive from Jetton to I-77 without hitting a red light. And I-77 is flowing smoothly at 5.

On patrol

Cornelius Police Officer Gina Patterson has been on the force 13 years and has spent many early mornings protecting our resident’s lives and

property. National data courtesy of Trulia indicates most criminals are snoozing between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. “There’s a saying among us: ‘Radio silence is golden.’ But we need to stay alert,” says Patterson, who is cheerful no matter what the hour. Officers drink lots of high-caffeine and energy drinks. They maintain a schedule of checks on certain businesses which have requested ride-bys and talk with fellow officers. On most mornings, Patterson says traffic is very light, consisting mostly of delivery trucks. Automobile traffic builds by the hour. There will be many mornings when there are no radio calls or incidents at all, but when there are, they’re usually alarms set in error as businesses open, an occasional EMS call or a speeding motorist, usually a worker running late,” says Patterson. Patterson is one of five African Amercans on the force, which represents 8.6 percent of the force, vs. a 5 percent town-wide. She attended the community prayer on the steps of Town Hall after the shootings in Dallas in July.

Delivery trucks are making their rounds at retail stores. There are cyclists and runners staying in shape, some with headlights on their heads. Some landscapers are already landscaping, And if you want live news from Chicago, you can tune in to WBBM, a 50,000 watt clear channel station dating back to the 1930s. Here are snapshots of what life is like at 5 am in Cornelius, from those who know:

Bean there

Lewis Jewett has to be up and at ‘em early to get the rest of us ready for the daily grind. After all, he’s in the coffee business, and coffee is what gets most

of us up and running every morning. The 46-year-old rolls into Madalyn’s Coffee and Tea each morning between 5:30 a.m. and 6, and starts the first of about 15 pots of coffee he’ll make in a day. A veteran of the restaurant industry, he ran the Starbucks in Birkdale for 7 years. The natural-born entrepreneur decided to go out on his own and started Madalyn’s, named for his daughter, four years ago. He hopes to launch another location and name it after his son, Roman. Wife Angela is a wedding photographer, whose income more than makes up for the vagaries of entrepreneurship. Their focus is family, and, with Jewett closing up at 3 each day, he’s home with the kids when they get off from school. Churchgoers, too, Jewett plans to close each Sunday starting in August. Why is the coffee there so good? Black Powder Roasters in Mooresville is a small batch coffee roaster of “prime, super-hard beans.” How does Jewett take his coffee? “Black. If you have good coffee you don’t need to flavor it up.” His ratio, by the way, is 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 oz of water.

CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016 • 5

Are you up and at ‘em at 5 am? Steve True: I run Tuesday and Thursday in Cornelius and Davidson. Don’t see many folks out then but there are a few walkers and runners. Michael Wells: Dog walk through the neighborhood

Ginny Stone Mackin: Try 4:10! Up to take pups out, do laundry, make dinner, and out to work by 6:15. I am getting old ish for this

Erin Robbins Smith: Up at 4:30 during the week to start my day off rightworking out at Uprising

Mark Alvarez: Running down WashamPotts Road

Frances Dawson: On Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m heading to a 6 AM rowing class at LKN Indoor Row!

Jeff Boesch: Driving down i77 to work drinking coffee.

Mark Lambert: Up at 5 to work out at 5:30 with F3.

Heather Bigelow Brountas: At the gym preparing for my day!

Lisa Tober: Sleeping. Lol! But at 6am during the school year, listening to 4 teenage kids hit snooze at least twice. (4 kids at Hough)

Lindsay Butler: Working out with my FIA (female version of F3) girls! Any ladies want to join us? We’re all over the city every morning and it’s free.

Heather Klaiber Janson: Burn Boot Camp!

Leigh Jones Yarbrough: Check out Dogwood Crossfit at 5:45 am!

Stephanie Sossamon: I have just turned off my daughter’s feeding pump and am pumping breastmilk for her next feed at 6:30. My daughter has special needs, so I’m up all hours of the night taking care of her.

Exercise: The first order of the day

For Jessica Peters, getting up early has everything to do with exercise and staying in shape. The 28-year-old high school math teacher, who lives in Antiquity with her husband Andrew, gets up at 5 a.m. most days in time for some serious exercise starting at 5:30. We caught her and exercise partner Nikki Daily in the dark, warming up on Old Canal Street. Jessica runs several times a week to train for a half marathon; other days she works out boot camp style. “I have always tried to stay in shape by playing volleyball in high school and running in college,” Jessica says.

Not just waffles

It’s fair to say if you haven’t been to the Waffle House, you haven’t really lived. It’s part of a chain of restaurants, mostly in the South, that has been around for 60 years. Lots of country music songs have ensued, not to mention bacon. Bacon. Enough to go around the earth if each strip was laid end to end. Waitress Christina Austin greets a variety of people from lawyers to travelers—with a smile and a hot cup of coffee. Most popular item: “All Star Special,” eggs, grits, waffles and sausage, all for $7.50. Order it any time of the day or night. There’s a jukebox, but it doesn’t get played much at 5 a.m.

Gas and Tornado’s

Who would have thought Cashion’s at Exit 28 closes at 2:30 a.m. and reopens at 5? But it does, and they are definitely ready for customers who want a 5 a.m. treat like Tornado egg and cheese “roller grill snacks,” America’s No. 1 such treat. Cashion’s employees Loria Houston and Carlotta Williams come in at 4 a.m. and spend the next hour getting ready for the first wave of customers.Just as popular as the egg and cheese Tornado is southwestern chicken, says Williams, a local resident some 60 years. Oscar Meyer hot dogs are ready as well, in two varieties, spicy and regular, if you crave a frankfurter before sunup.

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Fred Locke: I am up 2 – 3 times a week at 5 AM or earlier, not by choice. I am continually disturbed by front loading trash trucks emptying dumpsters... I live in Blue Stone Harbor, which is adjacent to the Fresh Market Plaza

Nancy Armstrong Murray: Up at 5:30 just so I can have coffee with my husband who leaves really early to beat the traffic southbound on I77! He leaves super early to be on time at 8!

Ld Swett: Morning devotion... Reading, praying, giving thanks and preparing my heart and spirit for the day.

Karen Butrim Raboin: Up at 4 am to get ready to go to work

Matt Hiley: Masters Swim Practice at the Y From Cornelius Today’s Facebook Page

Anita Sabates

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6 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016

Bell Schedules for Cornelius Schools: Bailey Middle 9:15 am start; 4:15 pm end Cornelius Elementary 8:45 am start; 3:45 pm end JV Washam Elementary 7:45 am start; 2:45 pm end Hough High 7:15 am start; 2:15 pm end


Cornelius Elementary school won the top $award from the Belk Bowl Foundation, to be used for the media center makeover.

CMS Total: 146,140 Cornelius Elementary: 634 JV Washam: 985 Bailey Middle: 1,557 Hough HS: 2,576

Schools are all set to open August 29 Rhonda Lennon: Cornelius schools in excellent shape By Dave Vieser It’s a sure sign that schools will be opening soon: Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools is looking for more bus drivers. Indeed, public schools are set to open on Monday Aug. 29, the latest opening date in memory for their 146,140-student system which includes four schools in Cornelius: Cornelius Elementary, JV Washam Elementary, Bailey Middle and Hough High. Despite earlier concerns among some parents that students would be bused to more distant schools, assignments for students are the same this year as they were last year. Moreover, the school board has approved future assignment guiding principles that call for preserving the current mix of neighborhood-based assignments and magnet options that CMS now has. The only changes likely to eventually impact students in Cornelius will be some minor boundary adjustments between the elementary schools. CMS School Board Member Rhonda Lennon, a Cornelius resident, says our schools are in excellent shape. “We have great staff and principals and our students are achieving some wonderful test scores,” Lennon said. “In fact, we’re seeing a significant number of families returning from charter schools to our public school system.” Especially popular, Lennon said, are the Advanced Placement (AP) courses being offered at Hough High School

covering the four basic core areas: English, Math, Science and Social Studies. Beyond that, the school offers a solid array of classes in many other areas, including world languages, marketing, clothing apparel, and music. Lennon believes the return of students to Hough is a clear testament to the reputation it’s getting as an excellent school both from an academic and athletic perspective. At Cornelius Elementary, two projects should be ready when school bells ring in August. On the inside, the school’s library/media center is getting a $100,000 makeover, said Principal Jessica Holbrook. “Our media specialist, Pamela Lilley, along with several students created a video submission to the Belk Bowl Innovation Lab Contest. We competed with all elementary schools in Mecklenburg County and Union County and were selected as the $100,000 Grand Prize winner!” Holbrook said they’ve been working during the past few months looking at everything from paint to carpet samples. “It should be done in time for opening day, the first makeover for this heavily used facility since...1997.” Meanwhile, on the grounds behind the school, the town is putting the finishing touches on a new illuminated baseball field with two new diamonds and backstops. At JV Washam Elementary School the accomplishments are more personal. “Principal Paula Rao has been

tending to a serious family emergency during the past 12 months,” said CMS North Superintendent Matt Hayes” and yet, through it all, the school has stayed on a steady pace of accomplishment, with academic scores continuing to increase.” And at Bailey Middle School, Hayes says that the staff is working hard to develop a curriculum individualized to each student during the difficult early teen years. “This is CMS’ second largest middle school, and we also know this is the age when we can lose the students. That’s not happening at Bailey.” He cites the school’s outstanding array of student clubs and organizations, including a highly competitive robotics team.

Part of the town’s new baseball field behind Cornelius Elementary School.

New carpet is in and by the start of school, this room at the media center will be filled with the instruments of learning.

Cornelius Elementary School Principal Jessica Holbrook checks out the wheels which will be installed on book racks at the school’s new media center.

134 Sisters Cove Court, Mooresville, NC 28117 | 704.707.3378 | |

8 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016

Cast Iron Waffles LKN specializes in Liege Waffles, Specialty Coffees, Smoothies and Acai Bowls. Outdoor Seating and Pet Friendly.

Go around the world without leaving 28031

Available for Birthday Parties, Private Events, and Meeting space.

open daily at 7am Bring this Ad in for $1 off any waffle! 9525 Birkdale Crossings, Ste 101, Huntersville (next to Jimmy Johns)

704-997-8037 See website for upcoming events

$6.99 Tavern CLUB

$5.99 Nachos

With lettuce, jalapenos, tomatoes, black olives, salsa & sour cream

Chicken Quesadilla

Grilled flour tortilla filled with cheddar jack cheese served w/Jalapenos, sour cream & salsa on side

Chef Salad

Fresh cut salad mix with deli ham, turkey, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, croutons, cheddar jack cheese and boiled egg.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, American cheese & mayonnaise on 3 slices of sourdough toast.

Pulled Pork Sub

Slow roasted pulled pork with BBQ sauce

Chicken Breast Sandwich

Grilled or fried chicken breast served on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato & onion

Grilled Cheese & Soup Soup of the day and American grilled cheese on white bread


Tue, Fri @ 7:30 pm

Grilled chicken or tenders, romaine lettuce tossed w/Caesar dressing, croutons & parmesan cheese

Trivia Thursday

House Salad

Open Mic Night

Fresh cut salad mix with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, cheddar jack cheese & croutons

7:30 pm

Wed at 9 pm

By Dave Vieser Sampling worldwide cuisines is easier than it used to be in Cornelius. From Japan to Ireland to Cuba, there’s something sure to please the adventuresome diner. It’s a far cry from the days when the old Ham and Eggs restaurant—it’s mentioned in Chuck McShane’s “A History of Lake Norman: Fish Camps to Ferraris”—was about all there was at Exit 28. As internationalism has increased, so has ethnic dining. Sakura on West Catawba is new and features Japanese cuisine; The Harp & Crown touts English and Irish fare. El Paraiso and Zapata’s are both local mainstays, both more than 10 years old. You can take a dining room chair tour of the world without leaving Cornelius or spending an arm and a leg. Acropolis offers the taste of the Mediterranean Sea a stone’s throw from Exit 28. Their list of specialties is endless, including Greek lasagna and one of the best chicken salads—veteran party hosts serve it on little sandwiches for parties. The facility also has a right-sized meeting room, a favorite for service clubs. 20659 Catawba Ave. 704-894-0191 El Paraiso in the old Chair Factory is a Latin American gem, serving homemade Salvadoran, Cuban and South American food as well as interesting wines. Owners Jose, Carmen and Elizabeth Cruz, who opened the restaurant in 2005, and can whip up a special housemade Sangria. Dinner favorites include a Cuban sandwich, stuffed with slow cooked pork, ham and Swiss cheese, and a chimichurri ribeye served with grilled potatoes, zucchini and tortillas. 20700 N. Main St. 704-896-6064

Harp and Crown Pub and Kitchen has opened in the space previously occupied by Pelican’s Patio. Owned and operated by Christina and Christopher Phillips, who formerly ran Restaurant X in Davidson, it’s a fun mix of Irish and British food and drink. There are nearly a dozen interesting beers on tap, not to mention Irish Spring Rolls and Dublin Salmon Cakes on a menu. Harp and Crown is the combination of two great thoughts: “There is no sincerer love than the love of food” and “many people die of thirst but the Irish are born with one.” 19930 W. Catawba Ave. 704-892-9641 Osaka on Kenton Drive offers a combination of Chinese and Japanese cuisines. There is a vast difference in these cooking styles, but regular diners say Osaka is proficient in both. Chinese dishes are generally of the Szechuan style; their General Tso’s Chicken is a best-seller. Portions are generous; eat in or take out. The Japanese favorites include all types of sushi. 17115 Kenton Drive 704-987-8980 Pho Nam Vietnamese Restaurant owner John Tang came to the U.S. from Vietnam in 1977 and has been cooking family favorites ever since. Eventually, his cousins, who already lived on the East Coast, urged him to move east, to North Carolina. He did so in 2006 and opened up Pho Nam in Cornelius. Nestled in the middle of a strip mall on West Catawba Avenue, the restaurant offers an interesting mix of appetizers, soup and entrees, starting at $9.95. Their beef noodle soup is a best-seller. 18059 West Catawba Ave. 704-892-9133




Contact us today for a consultation on how your home can be marketed in the Carolinas and around the world. Denver, North Carolina PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM

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10 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016

Editorial Advisory Board team will lend different perspectives Cornelius Today has announced the members of its newly formed Editorial Advisory Board. Board members will help guide coverage, provide a broader Miller understanding of our community and tap into the thoughts and opinions of a variety of citizens. “This is about content, diversity, different points of view and gathering stories about the people that make our town a POTTS good place to live,” said the editor of Cornelius Today, Dave Yochum. The board will meet twice a year over breakfast or lunch at a Cornelius

restaurant. The members are: Steve Miller, 38, lives in Mill Creek with his wife Lovina. He is the chief operating officer of TBLC Media, a Spanish-language radio staknox tion group, with stations in Charlotte and the southeast. He has lived in Cornelius for 11 years. Ron Potts, 69, lives in Smithville. He is retired from Carolinas HealthCare System, graduated from Fisk UniNABORS versity and served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam. He is cochairman of the Smithville Community Coalition. Eudean Knox, 79, is a community

leader and Smithville resident. A retired scheduler for Reeves Bros., later Foamex, she has worked for the Mecklenburg Board of Elections for more than 50 years. She is a FISHER deaconess at Torrence Chapel AME Church. Widowed for 12 years, she has three children, seven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Betty Nabors, 68, lives in Robbins Park with WYATT her husband Robert. A graduate of Gardner Webb College and the University of South Carolina, she is a retired nurse, mother and grandmother.

Kay Fisher, 38, lives in Lake Norman Cove at Jetton with husband Brian and three small children—ages 1, 4 and 6. A real estate agent, she graduated from Clemson Univerberkman sity. Zack Wyatt, 36, is a technology industry sales executive who lives in Oakhurst with his wife Abby and five children. A graduate of Coastal Carolina University, he is the founder of CaroFITE lina Farm Trust, a non-profit farm preservation group. Arelene Berkman, 69, lives on Harcontinued on page 11

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19419 Tresia Lane



Monteith Park

LAKE NORMAN OFFICE 19826 N. Cove Rd. Ste. F, Cornelius, NC 28031

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CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016 • 11

RESTAURANTS from page 8 Sakura is going on one year at West Catawba and Knox Road. With a sleek interior and 100 hand-carved chairs, the restaurant has high-quality sushi in an all-you-can-eat format, $12.95 for lunch and $19.95 for dinner, as well as menu items like the super tasty Hibachi Steak. Try your meal with sake, or imported beer or wines. Sakura owner Andy Chen also has something called the Bento Box, giving you the choice of an appetizer, a sushi roll, an entrée and a rice dish. 19905 W. Catawba Ave., Ste 109 704-997-5998

Sangam Indian Cuisine is a wellknown casual family style Cornelius restaurant owned by the Kumar Family. Their menu features both vegetarian and meat dishes, along with selections that are gluten-free, low-fat, and vegan. Outdoor seating is available and its one of the few dog-friendly restaurants in the area. Favorites include Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Chicken Tikka and Dal Tadka. Entrees start at $12.95. 20910 Torrence Chapel Road 704-655-9600

There are other Mexican restaurants but Zapatas has been a Cornelius tradition since 1999. This casual family style Mexican restaurant on West Catawba Avenue is a popular after-church brunch spot. Specialties include chicken and shrimp quesadillas, guacamole and special margaritas. Entrees start at $11. 19905 W Catawba Ave 704-987-8890

Next month: Our spin on pizza

continued from page 10

bor Light Boulevard with her husband Milton. They have one grown son and three grandchildren. A retired teacher from New York, Arlene is the founder of the Respect Ability Foundation, which focuses on preventing youth bullying. Meredith Susdorf Fite, 60, was a single mother who retired as senior executive at Ceridian when her son got cancer. A former member of The Peninsula Foundation board, she and husband Bob have four children—two each—and seven grandchildren. She is a Michigan State University grad. Charles Knox, 52, lives on Bethel Church Road. He is the founder of The Knox Group, a commercial real estate development and brokerage firm. A graduate KNOX of Davidson College, he is a former president of the Charlotte chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. He is a member of the board of directors of Aquesta Financial and chairman of the bank. He and his wife Colette have two children. Nabors said the written word is a great way to look at different ways people think and how they act. “Just because I think one way does not mean I think what you or others think is wrong, it’s just another perspective. I feel to live and work together productively, all opinions matter. If one looks at all the options, and makes informed decisions, everyone benefits. I think your paper makes a difference in the community,” Nabors said.

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12 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016

Big Day: Hundreds of Boat Hosts; hundreds of thousands of dollars Nearly 200 at-risk children from all over Mecklenburg County dove into Lake Norman July 23, thanks to Big Day at the Lake. The 12th annual day of swimming, tubing, mentoring and community building culminated in a picnic for some 600 Littles, Bigs, Boat Hosts and volunteers at Duke Energy Explorium. Literally hundreds of Boat Hosts and 80 volunteers made it happen. Pat Golden has been a Boat Host for 10 years. “I get more out of it than the kids. I had a great mentorfather-coach growing up and it truly influenced my life. To see the smiles on these young children’s faces when they experience a boat ride or a tube ride is second to none,” he said. “We take things for granted in life and we are truly blessed to live the lives we lead.” July 23 was officially Big Day at the Lake Day as well, thanks to elected officials in North Carolina, Mecklenburg County and Cornelius. Local restaurants and vendors also made it happen. Mama’s Pizza provid-

Pat Golden and his group of bigs and littles

ed 100 hot fresh pies; Big Bite’z, buckets of fresh cole slaw; Port City Club, 600 hot dogs; Brixx, deep serving trays of hot pasta and salad; Tenders, well, tenders; and Bruster’s Ice Cream, from vanilla to peanut butter. It was an amazing operation logistically speaking, with enough food to feed an army and plenty of volunteers, some of them teams from Kiwanis, Charlotte Country Day, Lake Norman Young Pro-

fessionals and Lake Norman Realty. Charlotte Party Rentals provided water slides and a bounce house—otherwise known as “inflatable apparatus equipment” in the party rental industry. There was an official greeter on the picnic grounds, 600 Big Day at the Lake t-shirts, two hip dee-jays and plenty to do at the PayPal tents. PayPal and Champion Tire were once again the Presenting Sponsors of Big

Day at the Lake, but there were literally hundreds of donors to the community-based organization that has three simple goals: • Provide a day of fun on the lake for at-risk kids in Big Brothers Big Sisters • Recruit “Bigs,” or mentors for BBBS kids. • Raise money for a worthy, well-run continued on page 13

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We Raise Sunken

This year I was lucky enough to have multiple matches. They had all done it prior yet the youngest commented that she was having the best adventure ever. Yeah, that was days ago.. and it still makes me so glad that I was part of making that memory with her. Thanks again,Rick Cushing

CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016 • 13

It was indeed a Big Day at The Lake and we enjoyed every moment with the kids we welcomed to our home! You can count on us every year to participate in this wonderful event. Best, Greg & Donna Sobiech

The Harbour At The Pointe

Diane Shores

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The Hamptons

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19419 Tresia Lane

3610 Mountain Cove Drive $925,000 / MLS# 3175332

continued from page 12

non-profit that is not duplicating services provided by an older, larger organization. Raise money we did. Thanks to a generous community, one that wants to see everyone get a chance, Big Day at the Lake raised more than $103,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters. It’s all about bringing people together who would not otherwise meet and form relationships across communities. Everyone recognizes that, the more privileged, the political leaders and the First Responders—the Cornelius Police Department and the Cornelius-Lemley Fire Department had their boats on scene and gave tours. All this happened in spite of 94-degree temperatures. As the picnic was ending at 3:30 p.m., there were still lines at PayPal’s booth where kids made colorful hands out of warm wax. There were hundreds of moving parts, hundreds of smiles and generous people from all walks of life came together around kids. “One of my favorite days of the summer each year is Big Day at the Lake. We are lucky to share our day with some very special Bigs and Littles and have built life-long friendships,” says Lynn Manis, a long-time Boat Host. —Dave Yochum

9455 Titus Lane

Mooresville Station 262 Wilson Lake Road $429,900 / MLS# 3183320


10509 Arledge Lane

14218 Salem Ridge Road


Weatherstone Manor

$410,000 / MLS# 3184730

$379,000 / MLS# 3155466

10003 Blackstone Drive

$455,000 / MLS# 3179261

20109 Coachmans Wood Lane


Cherry Grove

12615 Willingdon Road

109 Pink Orchard Drive

$364,900 / MLS# 3192547

$329,000 / MLS# 3195031

Listing information is subject to change. Please visit our website or call 800.851.5253 for more info.

HELEN ADAMS REALTY Randolph Rd. Office

Ballantyne Office

Lake Norman Office

2301 Randolph Rd

15235-J John J. Delaney Dr

19826 North Cove Rd, Ste F

Charlotte, NC 28207

Charlotte, NC 28277

Cornelius, NC 28031

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14 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016

Thoughts on being a ‘Big’ for Big Brothers Big Sisters

Suzanne Fulton and her “Little Sister” at Cornelius Elementary

By Suzanne Fulton Two years ago I became a mentor to a child in Cornelius through Big Brothers Big Sisters. I was inspired to venture into this role by my friend Jacqueline Smythe, who had been mentoring one girl for some time, and by the folks who organize the annual Big Day at the Lake event that benefits BBBS. A staff member of BBBS matched me with a “Little” after I passed the vetting process that includes a background check, an interview and reference checks. During that interview, in Cornelius, I learned that a volunteer has the option of being a “school-based” or a “community-based” mentor. I decided to dip my toe into mentoring via the

school-based option. Now that I’ve experienced four academic semesters in this role, I can attest that it’s an easy gig. Once a week, I visit with my Little Sister at lunch at Cornelius Elementary except when school is on break. It’s an orderly and friendly environment. In the cafeteria, an area is set aside for kids to lunch with their parent or their Big. There we eat and can play a board game from a selection set aside by BBBS. My Little and I have another half hour to spend in the school library or go out to the playground. During our times together, various opportunities arise for me to be helpful. I certainly sympathize when she

My family has been a boat host for four years now and we look forward to it each year. It is a great way for our boys to learn how to serve others and experience the diversity of our great city. In fact, Saturday was our 14-year old son’s birthday and he did not hesitate when we asked him a few months ago if he would be willing to share part of his special day to ensure a Big and a Little had special days of their own. Blessings all the way around! Tom, Tellie, Andrew, Zachary, and Grant Simonson

reports about being picked on by other kids. I offer up a tactic or two for dealing with that or about how to keep a friend. There are more opportunities to be helpful, like reading together in the library, or interjecting a request for polite behavior when necessary—e.g., say thank you; don’t run off to speak with a friend when we’re visiting. Most of the time, I just give her attention and friendship. I leave the school hoping—sometimes knowing—that I’ve made a positive impact. My rewards have included hugs and smiles and even, “watch me, watch me” when she does a cartwheel. I can attest that Bigs receive plenty of guidance and support by the way of documents offering tips and suggestions for conversation and activities as well as monthly contacts by the agency’s program coordinator.

Big Brothers Big Sisters says there are more than 300 children waiting for a Big in either the school-based or community based-mentoring program. To learn more, contact Program Coordinator Maria Dozier: office: 704-910-1301 ext. 1037, and visit

Big Day at the Lake has virtually no overhead, thanks to generous in-kind donations of food, printing, event facilities and inflatable party equipment. If you look carefully at this poster, you can see it was converted from Year 4 to Year 5 with the help of Wite-Out correction fluid and a magic marker. Printing is donated by Alpha-Graphics in Cornelius; inflatables are underwritten by Charlotte Party Rentals

We had a great time with Sam Eden and his little brother Chris; Chris caught his first fish, steered our boat and played hard at the swimming pool with our 11 year old granddaughter (he is 10 so they were a good match. Here is a picture of them at the pool at PYC . Best regards, Vince Watkins

CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016 • 15

Unlock YOUR child’s COGNITIVE potential

Big Day at the Lake Organizing Committee Auctions: Liz Marlow Boat Hosts: Scarlett Hays Event Planning: Heidi Hansen Food: Tracy Yochum Fundraising: Della Stafford Design/Support: Stephen Nance Event Logistics: Brad Daubenmire Picnic: Angela Swett

CALL 704-657-6040 to set up your FREE assessment!

Picnic Logistics: Chris Epps Public Relations: Dave Vieser Secretar y: Gail Williams Social media: Marcia Lynn Volunteers: Jennifer Kraftchick

Thank you Volunteers! Caitlin Sellers, Susan Daubenmire, Emily Daubenmire, Richard Pappas, Victoria Jankoski, Valerie Hillman, Fahad Firdausi, Heidi Hansen Tischer, Kellee Crofutt, Robert Rickard, John Aneralla, Drew Witman, Robin Pugh, Sarah Cothren, Alyssa Ferri, Mary Eagens, Ryan Robinson, Maggie Salemme, Victoria Jankoski, Valerie Hillman, Natasha Marcus, Kaitlyn Brown, Thomas Smith, John Donnelly, Jennifer Spence, Will Putnam, Abigail Huffman, Will Putnam,

Debra Allebach, Kim Snyder, Janet Gillman, Cathy Bentz, Jim Duke, Bob Van Buskirk, Debbie Monroe, Brenda Hall Carrie Lewis, Woody Washam, Sharon Washam, Vicki Kerecman, Joni Dunn, Victoria Jankoski, Valerie Hillman, Carrie Lewis, Drew Witman, Nickolas Jordan, Gary Garcia, Kevin Poole, LKN Young Professionals, Lake Norman Realty, Lake Norman Kiwanis, Country Day Football Team

Thank you Boat Hosts! Fred Heck, Dan Williams Marty Fox, Terry Edmundson, Dennis Kazmierczak, Jeremy Yaekel, Karen and Todd Vance, Chris Cawley, George Brinzey, Peter Boyd, Bill Huertas, Bob Tubbs, Bob and Diane Smith, Charles Ventimiglia, Chris and Gina Fieber, Douglas Marion Jason Hall, John and Stephanie LaStella, Jose Edwards, Larry and Debbie Vandeventer, Rob Walley Rocky and Kim Mehta, Ryan Riggleman, Steve Stephenson, Eric and Elaine Hartwick, John Signet, Dennis Sorenson, Elizabeth Hickey, Brian Buckley, Josh Dobi, Calvin Newman, Katy Bartley, Mike Bartely, Larry W. Riggs, Jim Leonard, Tom Simonson, Rob Eby, Mike Dunn, Denis Schmider, David Yochum, April Beckman, Robert and Jill Holman, Sebastian Williams, Karla Meador, Michael Saxton, Kate Gaither, Kevin Weisner, Michael Miller, Kevin Mikeworth, Jonathan and Carmen Canady, Sid Foushee, Megan and Alex Chasnis, Steve Paynter, Alicia & Adam Bowman, Blake Schell, Bob Hallman, Brian

Sisson, Brian Coffey, Brian Gladys, Brian Hines, Carl Hornug, Carol and David Houle, Charles Knoedler, Colin Furcht, Dave Patrick, David Falvey, David Scattergood, Derik Harris, Dominick J Carbone Elizabeth & Mark Miescher-Clemens, Gary Fagan, Greg & Donna Sobiech, J.C. Stevens, James Kennedy, Jared Barrow, Jeff Riecken, Jeff &, Crystal Sossoman, Jeffrey Blum, Jill Gaillard, Jim Owens, Joe Miller, John McClelland, Jonathan Garrick, Kenneth Ziegler, Kevin Shea, Kirk Beatty, Kyle & Linda Taylor, Laura Cleavenger, Liza Grainda, Marc Jacobsen, Michelle Kibel, Mike Harms, Mike Hartnett Mike McClelland, Mike Carlet, Mike Snowdy, Nancy Kura, Noreen O’Reilly Morris, Pat Golden, Paul Newton, Paul W Hassler, Randall Lawrence, Rick Cushing, Rick and Jeanette Stikleleather, Rod Woodard, Ron Bruce, Scarlett Hays, Sean Higbea, Stafford Bailey, Steve DeGraw, Steven Landau, Tara Grist, Tim Beck, Tom and Ann Dutton, Tracey and Dan Stehle, Vincent Watkins

Captain’s Log MindPower Builder • 20 Different cognitive skills can be trained • 50 Programs with over 2000 different exercises • Helps remediate the attention deficits of ADHD children • Strengthens individual learning skills • Improves reading skills… and much more!

17111 Kenton Drive, Suite 204B & 205B Cornelius, NC 28031

16 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016

Jane Campbell takes on Republican for seat in NC House time and the opportunity to work together. The current legislative process does not seem to offer such opportunities, and the people of North Carolina deserve better,” she said. Cornelius Today asked Campbell a wide range of questions:

HB2 backers say the Charlotte ordinance went too far, unnecessarily. What do you think?

Jane Campbell is running for a seat in the NC House of Representatives

Jane Campbell, 51, spent her career in the Air Force, where she completed a tour on an aircraft carrier, an assignment in Pearl Harbor, a tour on the staff of the National Security Council at the White House during President George H. Bush’s administration, a tour in Kabul, and two tours in the Pentagon.

She has thrown her hat in the ring and will run against John Bradford for the seat in the NC House of Representatives held by former Cornelius residents Thom Tillis and John Rhodes. She will run in November as an independent, having gotten considerably more than

Please welcome

Dr. Amy Guinn Dr. Amy Guinn is taking over for Dr. T Duncan. She has previously worked with new practice Owner, Dr. M Pierce in the University, Ballantyne and Union County areas. Dr. Guinn brings 14 years of experience to the new practice. She looks forward to meeting new and existing patients. Dr. M Pierce

Call today! (704) 987-5050

Pierce Family Chiropractic (formerly Duncan) 19824 W Catawba Ave, Cornelius, NC 28031

Campbell: The Charlotte ordinance was discussed over a period of years. It was originally voted down by the Charlotte City Council in March 2015. In November 2015, the citizens of Charlotte elected a new mayor and new members of the city council—all of whom let their constituents know where they stood on this issue during their campaigns. In February 2016, those new members enough signatures on a petition as required of the City Council and the new mayor by the Mecklenburg County Board of Elec- voted for expanding Charlotte’s nondiscrimination policy. tions. Eight days before Charlotte’s policy She is a Democrat and expects to receive would have gone into effect, the Repubsupport from the local Democratic Party. “I spent half of my life serving our na- lican leadership called a special session tion in uniform, retiring to North Carolina of the NCGA. They passed HB2 and where my Mom was born and raised and made it law in less than 12 hours. At the very minimum, the where I went to college. legislature could I believe that running The legislature have considered the for the N.C. House will matter over a period give me the opportunity stripped rights from of days vs. hours. to continue to serve – I think it is worth this time serving the citevery city, town noting that John izens of the 98th District Bradford respondas their public servant and municipality ed to your question in Raleigh,” Campbell, a on HB2 by saying, Davidson resident, said. in North Carolina... ‘Compromise is alShe grew up literways possible as I believe it is very ally around the globe— long as reasonable Louisiana, Germany, people work togethclear who went too Colorado, South Korea, er.’ Sure seems like Maryland, Florida—in the 12-hour window far with HB2. an Army family. Her fahe and others used ther was a master para—Jane Campbell to rush through chutist and a Green BeHB2 didn’t afford ret medical aidesman. much time to ‘work together’ at all. Her mother, who was born and raised in Last, but certainly not least, none of Kannapolis, was a stay-at-home mom who raised three children and became church the other pieces of HB2 had anything to financial secretary when they were grown. do with the Charlotte ordinance. MiniCampbell, a 1987 Davidson College grad- mum wages didn’t have anything to do uate, went on to get a master’s degree in with the Charlotte ordinance. Workers’ National Strategic Studies from the Nation- rights to sue in state courts didn’t have al War College. Indeed, Campbell says her anything to do with the Charlotte ordiNaval career is good preparation for work- nance. The legislature stripped rights from every city, town and municipality ing in the NC House. She said legislators in Raleigh must ap- in North Carolina. This hardly seems to proach important matters in a bi-partisan be focused on the Charlotte ordinance. fashion. “Reasonable people from both sides of the political aisle must be given the

continued on page 17

CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016 • 17 continued from page 16

happening in 2016. Why should we think that we can make 50-year decithat will still be in effect in 2066? Besides HB2, what’s Job 1, 2 and 3? sions The decision is even more dramatic Campbell: Education—I believe that way to think about it is to realize that every child in North Carolina deserves Lake Norman just turned 50 in 2013. a world-class education. Fifty years ago, my Creating jobs relatives were some and growing the I believe that the of the first folks who economy, which leased a lot on the includes underrecent legislative lake for $10 a month. standing all the Lastly, I hope we implications of legactions by the all have the opporislative decisions. tunity to have John Regional infraNCGA have shown Bradford explain his str ucture—the votes as a CorneI-77 toll lanes situthe citizens of lius Town Commisation is one of a in support of North Carolina how sioner number of signifithe project, only to cant infrastructure change his mind and important local and issues that must now be against it. be addressed in a Q. How much do state races are. well-researched & you have in your deliberative procampaign warchest/ —Jane Campbell cess. what is your goal? Q. How about HB Bradford: As our second quarter filing reports high972? Campbell: I believe that one of the light, we raised more than $13,000. At reasons that imagery from body-worn the present time, all of our donations and dashboard cameras is important have come from individuals. In 2014, is because it can provide context to the two candidates for this office colthe often-complicated circumstances lectively raised more than $500,000, surrounding events that we often see several experts have suggested that via a bystander’s cell phone video. I we can expect this year to be even think increased access to such videos more expensive. will build on the important confidence Q. How will you raise money for we have in our law enforcement offiyour campaign? cers and in the law enforcement comCampbell: We are seeking individual munity. donations, and folks can donate on Q. Are there any other reasons why our web site: Currently, all of our doyou are running? Campbell: I believe in our coun- nations have been from individuals. I try and in the great state of North also believe that some Political Action Carolina. I believe in the democratic Committees will potentially donate to process, and an inherent part of our our campaign. democracy is having more than one Q. Will you have to raise more as an name on the ballot. Without competiunaffiliated? tion on the ballot, we don’t have an opCampbell: I don’t think my status as portunity to hold our elected officials an unaffiliated candidate will have an accountable. I also believe that I am in impact on the cost of the campaign. a unique position as a retired military officer to not have competing financial Q. How do you feel about the upinterests as I take on my candidacy. coming elections (on a state level) I believe it is very clear who went too far with HB2.

Q. Would you try to cancel the Cintra contract?

Campbell: Yes. Can you imagine living with a contract that had been put in place when I was a 2-year-old? The U.S. and North Carolina were a very different place in 1967, and I doubt we could have predicted things that are

in light of what’s happening in the GOP?

Campbell: I believe that the recent legislative actions by the NCGA have shown the citizens of North Carolina how important local and state races are – even in a presidential election year.

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18 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016

Are you in PAIN? Do you need to RELAX?

Home Sales


NEUROMUSCULAR & MASSAGE THERAPY Serving LKN since 1997. We have years of experience and knowledge Full one hour sessions. No contracts necessary – No bank drafts

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17048 Jetton Road in Cornelius for $900,000

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Mary Porter is committed to helping in every way. She didn't stop until she found my dream home.

Andrew W. Nance, M.D. - NC

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These recent property transactions in Cornelius and Davidson were recorded by the Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds.

Cornelius 6/10/16 $406,000 William & Patricia Richardson to Adam & Nicole Willea, 21126 Harken Dr.

• Mercury-free dentistry

9700 Caldwell Commons Cir. Cornelius, NC • Children’s dentistry with a waiting room play area 704-896-7955 • Comprehensive dental care services for the entire family • Serving Lake Norman since 1993

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6/10/16 $350,000 George & Patricia Winovich to William & Judy Randall, 18208 Coulter Pkwy. 6/13/16 $274,500 Mary & Howell Hammond Jr. to Jonathan Updegraff, 202006 Beard St. 6/15/16 $305,000 Edmunco & Denise Guevara to Scott & Cathy Fletcher, 17811 Unit G Half moon Ln. 6/15/16 $612,500 Scott & Cathy Fletcher to Timothy & Karoll LaCroix, Lot 4 Bahia Bay 6/15/16 $259,000 Marla Zielinski to Hunter & Johanna Robbins, 10212 Victoria Blake Dr. 6/15/16 $370,000 Jay & Amanda Shaughnessy to Barry & Susan Aaron, 20015 Northport Dr. 6/16/16 $294,500 South Creek Homes to Dvis & Marlene Myers, 13415 Hazelbrook Ln. 6/16/16 $392,000 Nelda & Stephen Wagner to Ray Schuster & Brianna Kelly, 19021 Northport Dr. 6/16/16 $260,000 William & Kimlyn Homesley to Mike Josephson & Nicole Sottile, 10009 Willow Leaf Ln. 6/17/16 $497,500 Epcon Cornelius to Dennis & Lynda Brophy, 18737 Daymark Dr. 6/17/16 $470,000 South Creek Homes to Henry Labudzki & Maureen Biedron, 13110 Hazelbrook Ln. 6/17/16 $84,000 Bluestream Partners to South Creek Homes, Lot 146 Bailey’s Glen 6/17/16 $650,000 William McCleave Jr. to Willard & Maureen Leach, Lot 9 Patrick’s Purchase 6/20/16 $804,000 Richard & Elizabeth Johnson to Keith & Betty Jo DeVantier, 18808 Covered Ln. 6/20/16 $302,500 Lindsay & John Ogburn II to Jerry & Rachel Hester, 10206 Victoria Blake Dr. 6/20/16 $237,500 Tracey Propst to Janis Greis, 17719 North Shore Cir. 6/20/16 $110,000 Laura Hernandez to Donovan McGrady III, 19719 Feriba Pl. 6/22/16 $2,020,0000 James & Karen Burr to See HOMES, Page 22

The Peninsula's Top Closing Agent Since 2012 THE PENINSULA T AC R T ON RC









19034 Peninsula Point | $1,149,000

18115 Sunset Cove Lane | $1,565,000

20337 Enclave Oaks Court | $1,899,000






13922 Clarendon Pointe Court | $1,080,000

16717 Yardarm Lane | $799,000









19202 Peninsula Shores Drive | $799,000







18125 Sunset Cove Lane | $1,399,000

19209 Hidden Cove Lane | $1,349,000

17503 Springwinds Drive | $1,140,000






18503 Square Sail Road



18050 MollyPop Lane | $1,490,000 Dixie Dean




! ON O S

18601 John Connor Road

17429 Staysail Court Cornelius, NC

Andy Bovender

Charlotte-Providence@485 704-287-8317

18936 Balmore Pines Lane Cornelius, NC

Paula Birmingham

Huntersville 704-651-9980

Offered at $3,150,000 One-of-a-kind Georgian estate on a an acre in a prestigious Cornelius, NC community. This exquisite community not only boasts a beautiful Country Club, it is also has home to it’s own Yacht Club where you can harbor the vessel you will be using to explore the 600 miles of shoreline Lake Norman offers. Situated on the 9th and 5th tees this estate home has gorgeous views of The Peninsula’s Rees Jones Course. MLS#3101554

Offered at $1,700,000 Waterfront, two golf holes, large covered dock, beautiful estate--on one of the premier lots at the prestigious Peninsula Country Club. Excellent views of Lake Norman from your wide cove or wrap-around covered porch. This very fine Tom Stevenson custom home has been meticulously maintained and is ready for your vision and personal touches. Lots of room for a pool and additional garage space. Privacy and intriguing surroundings rolled into one. MLS#3182018

17520 Sail View Drive

107 Beachview Drive

Cornelius, NC

Dan Callahan

Lake Norman 704-999-4524 Offered at $1,379,000 Incredible views of Lake Norman can be appreciated in most rooms of this custom waterfront home. The property exemplifies quality and master craftsmanship, from the cobblestone drive, solid mahogany doors, copper and engineered slate roof and custom stain grade mahogany woodwork. Kitchen boasts a six burner Viking range with hand hammered copper hood, Sub-Zero refrigerator, custom cabinets and granite. MLS#3195286

Mooresville, NC

Candi Schuerger

Mooresville/Lake Norman 704-400-1232 Offered at $1,295,000 A truly one of a kind property located down Isle of Pines. Absolutely beautiful and private setting situated on a double waterfront level lot, with open/ long range views of Lake Norman.The home features a luxurious master suite, gourmet kitchen (including a pizza oven), 2 fireplaces, hardwood floors, extensive moldings, 3 additional bedrooms plus an office and extra storage. Relax on the screened porch while appreciating the lush landscaping. MLS#3181103

19003 Double Eagle Drive Cornelius, NC

CONNECTING YOU TO THE WORLD OF LUXURY. Luxury real estate is far more than a transaction. It’s about living the life you deserve.

Jan Cameron

Lake Norman 704-724-3792 Offered at $1,497,000 All brick home sits on a private drive with a long magnificent view of Lake Norman. Over 7000 square feet on just two levels. Master bedroom on main level. New kitchen with all new appliances, including a new Sub-Zero refrigerator. Open to living spaces. Two bonus rooms. Re-surfaced gunnite pool and heated spa. Walk out the front door to a deeded boat slip. Seller added wine cellar/tasting room. Private guest suite on upper level. MLS#3134317

199 Robinson Road

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Mooresville, NC

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Mooresville/Lake Norman 704-607-9088 Offered at $1,200,000 Private woodland oasis just minutes from amenities; includes main house, brick with unique stone touches and detached, second home with two-car garage, separate driveway and 5.45 acres surrounding it all. Master builder’s personal unique retreat with 400+ square feet all season sunroom with wood burning fireplace. Totally customized thruout with unique cross-vault, tray ceiling in master, heated floors in master bath and Jacuzzi air tubs. MLS#3176139

Official Partner of The Carolina Panthers

22 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016

Home Sales

19425 Peninsula Shores Drive in Cornelius for $2,020,0000


from page 18

Christopher Stiff, 19425 Peninsula Shores Dr. 6/22/16 $108,000 Ashley McGlothin & Erik Kerr to Billyjoe Rogers, 21538 Aftonshire Dr. Unit 18A

6/22/16 $135,000 HNK Properties LLC to Keith Nevel, 7510 Woods Ln., Unit 37 6/23/16 $435,000 Scott & Sheila Kinney to Dennis & sabine Brice, 17831 Secona Way 6/23/16 $181,000 Kevin Day to Susan Dunlap, 9047 McDowell Creek Ct.

6/23/16 $272,000 Robert & Barbara Scannell to Brett Joelson, 20425 Harbbor View Dr. 6/23/16 $412,000 Scott & Amy Goodman to Yoshihide & Eiko Iizuka, 10008 Caldwell Depot Rd. 6/23/16 $273,000 Jewell Brookshire to Andrew & Jessica Fisher, 19118 Ruffner Dr. 6/24/16 $322,000 MS Antiquity to James & Judith Kristan, 19730 Playwrights Way 6/24/16 $210,000 Tara & Stephen Kormanik to Linda Thorne, 11429 Heritage Green Dr. 6/24/16 $268,000 Nomran & Barbara Aldrich to Alessandra Klein, 21522 Old Canal St. 6/24/16 $259,000 Kevin & Jacqueline Leder to Timothy Reynolds, 7835 Village Harbor Dr., Unit 3V 6/24/16 $229,000 Robert & Alma Tusini, 11318 Heritage Green Dr.

6/24/16 $327,500 Matthew & Emily Myers to Jon & Madison Hair, 19025 Hair, 19025 Northport Dr. 6/24/16 $302,000 South Creek Homes to Robert & Florence Brady Family Trust, Lot 188 Bailey’s Glen 6/24/16 $70,000 Bluestream Partners to South Creek Homes, Lot 188 Bailey’s Glen 6/27/16 $167,000 Louis & Rosemary Cardillo to Heather & Stephen Kennedy, 18742 Nautical Dr., Unit, 205 6/27/16 $276,000 Ricky Nahrwold to Richard & Teresa Berkey, 22214 Torrence Chapel Rd. 6/27/16 $1,020,000 Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Jonathan & Lisa Baughan, 22611 Torrence Chapel Rd. 6/27/16 $2,750,000 Jo Charles LLC to Gail Temianka, 20927 Bethelwood Ln. 6/28/16 $326,500 South Creek Homes to John & Mary Boyle, 18133 Ebenezer Dr. 6/28/16 $70,000 Bluestream Partners to South Creek Homes, Lot 190 Bailey’s Glen 66/29/16 $211,000 Jonathan & Kristin Billy to Mike & Bridgette Gerson, 11237 Suunoto Ln. 6/29/16 $125,000 Sonya Little & Robert Crowley to Equity Trust Co. custodian FBO Richard M Denton IRA, 21301 Carina Ln. 6/29/16 $900,000 James & Margaret Jones to onas & Martha Kihlgren, 17048 Jetton Rd. 6/29/16 $335,000 South Creek Homes to Virginia White, 13318 Edenmore Ln. 6/29/16 $70,000 Bluestream Partners LLC to South Creek Homes, Lot 178 Bailey’s Glen 6/30/16 $213,000 Justin & Lauren Berry to Carol Nash, 11434 Heritage Green Dr. 6/30/16 $243,500 Shane & April Page to Thomas & Micah Nelson, 10131 Caldwell Depot Rd. 6/30/16 $244,000 Timothy & Tyler Taube to Joseph Liquori & Alexis Cascia, 17834 Caldwell Track Dr. 6/30/16 $462,000 Epcon Cornelius to Wayne See HOMES, Page 24

22611 Torrence Chapel Road in Cornelius for $1,020,000

Your Real Estate Expert! Thinking of Real Estate? Think of Sunny Yates! 704-737-1732 -

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CoUn nt de ra r ct


CoUn nt de ra r ct


17173 Green Dolphin Ln, $579,000

19233 Stableford Rd, $699,990






CoUn nt de ra r ct

18416 Harbor Light, $1,799,900




21308 Crown Lake Dr, $419,900

123 Ivy Hollow Ln, $995,000

CoUn nt de ra r ct

236 Elysian Drive, $810,000

CoUn nt de ra r ct

10318 Blackstone Drive, $324,500

CoUn nt de ra r ct

115 Mariner Pointe, $589,900

389 Montibello Drive, $289,000

19604 Olde Spring ct, $899,000

Lo Th oki yo is S ng ur p to pr ot i Se op s f ll? er or ty !

CoUn nt de ra r ct

16418 Pinwhenny Rd, $1,899,900

24 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016

Home Sales

18115 Sunset Cove Lane in Cornelius for $1,500,000


from page 22

& Sieglinde Puterbaugh, 18749 Daymark Dr. 7/1/16 $582,000 Steven Stell to David Cecchi, 8620 Robbins Crescent Estate 7/1/16 $1,500,000 George & Sue Greeno to

Coverage that Works for You!

John & Catherine McIntyre, 18115 Sunset Cove Ln. 7/1/16 $126,500 Eric & Carla Jones to Nathan Bowers, 19901-G Henderson Rd. 7/6/16 $369,500 South Creek Homes to David & Deborah Hoerster, 11732 Mount Argus Dr.

Your Hom Get your

etown In


zed FREE ce Agency quote tod ay


7/6/16 $70,000 Bluestream Partners to South Creek Homes, Lot 162 Bailey’s Glen 7/6/16 $356,000 South Creek Homes to Elmer & Mae Kunkle, 18036 Coulter Pkwy. 7/6/16 $397,000 Cunnane Group to Merry & John Has II, 217724 Old Canal St. 7/7/16 $197,000 Karen & Ronald Lindquist Jr. to Todd Cimmino & Svetlina Kirkyakova, 18832 Nautical Dr. Unit 51 7/8/16 $180,500 Earl & Marisol Beecham to ES Johnson Builders, Lot 459 The Peninsula 7/8/16 $223,500 Jordan Shaw & Ann Gomez to Mark & Charlene Meschke, 20309 Harroway Dr. 7/8/16 $298,000 Cretice & Lisa Benefield to Adrian & Anna Drury, 10311 Carriage Ct. 7/8/16 $294,000 Adrian & Anna Drury to Mark & Marina Stapleton, 19600 Coachman’s

Trace 7/11/16 $473,500 South Creek Homes to Kenneth & Carolyn Johnson, 12003 Meetinghouse Dr. 7/11/16 $84,000 Bluestream Partners to South Creek Homes, Lot 107 Bailey’s Glen 7/11/16 $675,000 Robert & Robin Cochran to Joshua Shabtai & Jessica MacDonald, 19230 Hidden Cove Ln. 7/11/16 $360,000 Fane McCallum to Richard & Linda Jones, 1158 South St. 7/11/16 $430,000 Southern Cottage Corp. to Kevin Milbredt, 22304 John Gamble Rd 7/14/16 $510,000 Elizabeth & Andrew Crane to Michael & Diana Crowder, 19506 Sunnypoint Ct. 7/14/16 $176,000 Thomas & Molly Bergamo to Lori & Edward Wood Jr., 18829 Cloverstone Cir. 7/15/16 $385,000 James & Heather Talmage toGolden & Leblanc II, 20419 Tanara Oak Dr. 7/15/16 $248,000 Andrew & Debra Matthews, Jonathan & Amy Gruber to Darla Redmond, 10715 Trolley Run Dr. 7/18/16 $186,000 Kimball & Pamela Spencer to Melissa Hamilton, 21323 Catawba Ave. 7/18/16 $401,500 South Creek Homes to Robert & Nancy Mattes, 13322 Edenmore Ln. 7/18/16 $70,000 Bluestream Partners to South Creek Homes, Lot 179 Bailey’s Glen


6/15/16 $692,000 David & Lisa Konstandt to Gregory & Erin Harmon, 18817 Maplecroft Lake Ln. 6/15/16 $730,000 Allan & Christine Shub to the Trustees of Davidson College, 206 Pat Stough Ln. 6/15/16 $620,000 Peter & Ireland Fischer to Ryan & Amanda Yanetsko, 18338 Indian Oaks Ln. 6/16/16 $806,000 Kenneth Howler & Robin Isaac to David & Amy Nason, 20105 David-

19230 Hidden Cove Lane in Cornelius for $675,000

See HOMES, Page 25

CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016 • 25

Home Sales EYE CARE

20105 Davidson-Concord Road in Davidson for $806,000


from page 24

son-Concord Rd. 6/16/16 $690,000 Adam & Brenna Morgan to Matthew & Colleen Wisnosky, 19323 Overleaf Ln. 6/17/16 $394,000 Chesmar Homes to Kenneth Howler, 12330 Bradford Park Dr. 6/20/16 $775,000 Andrew & Lisa Gosling to Bradley & Jessica Wagner, 17409 Lynx Den Ct. 6/20/16 $620,000 Michael & Christian Fank to Mary & P. Glenn Kinken III, 18301 Copeland Way 6/24/16 $279,000 Alan & Isabel Christopher to Paul & Amy Fitchett, 103 Park Forest St. 6/24/16 $650,000 Christopher & Katherine Porter to Byron & Sarah Branch, 18317 Copeland Way 6/24/16 $396,000 Mark & Bridget Morgan to Michelle & Brian Jahant, 13801 Helen Benson Blvd. 6/24/16 $580,000 Paul & Jacqueline Dienemann to Paul & Amy Taylor, 144 View Lake St. 6/27/16 $999,000 Jacquelyn & Anthony Foderaro III to Christopher & Aisling Zaccarelli, Lot 12 Davidson Wood 6/29/16 $533,000 Jeffrey & Mary Vining to Rebecca & Ronald Taylor Jr., 18801 Dembridge Dr. 6/30/16 $430,000 James & Leigh Chuber to Jonathan & Ashley Vincent, 201 N. Downing St. 7/1/16 $395,000 Amanda & Lance Feldman to Michael & Amanda Taylor, 13725 Helen Benson Blvd.

7/1/16 $570,000 Darren & Tracy Henry to Christopher & Erin Sergeant, 19419 Overleaf Ln. 7/5/16 $4125,000 Jennifer & Jason Sherwood to Timothy Eiserle & Robin Wellington, 17012 Winged Oak Way 7/7/16 $476,000 Mark & Kristie Foley to Trustees of Davidson College, 318 Concord Rd. 7/8/16 $875,000 Richard & Linda Jones to Jennifer & Christopher Stewart, 18915 Riverwest Ct. 7/8/16 $369,000 NEI Global Relocation Co. to Edwin & Sarah Schlichter, 11638 Bradford Park Dr. 7/8/16 $369,000 Kenneth Cade & Katherine Bailey to NEI Global Relocation Co., Lot 46 Bailey Springs 7/12/16 $540,000 Richard & Patricia Asken to HP North Carolina LLC, Lot 24 Bailey Springs 7/14/16 $525,000 Lawrence & Patricia Schimel to Alan & Susanne Theis, 18922 Elm Row Ct. 7/14/16 $295,000 Mary Vasquez to Trustee of Davidson College, 423 Ashby Dr. 7/14/16 $525,000 Howard & Cheryl Prince to John & Laurie Venzon, 1210 Samuel Spencer Pkwy. 7/14/16 $685,000 Adriana Merona & Amando Pazos to Kevin & Lindsay Jayson, 18100 River Ford Dr. 7/15/16 $722,500 Peachtree Residential LLC to Christopher & Paula Holland, 18428 Dembridge Dr. 7/18/16 $859,000 H2 Holdings to Michael & Jennifer Dobson, 18121 Shearer Rd.

More records are online at

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Wes Choplin’s ‘family feast’ is hearty and easy If you want to prepare a meal that everyone is going to love, try Wes Choplin’s Family Feast. A broiler pan full of flank steak, vegetables and baby red potatoes, it’s easy, fast and takes advantage of fresh produce. Choplin knows how to feed a crowd and do it right. He and wife Adrianne are the owners of Choplin’s Restaurant on One Norman Boulevard. The shopping center, which now has a gym and a multi-sport store, is on the comeback trail, and Choplin feels good about it. “The secret to our success is especially never giving up. Some days are harder than others but keeping your head up, staying humble, working hard, Wes Choplin, owner of Choplin’s Restaurant on One Norman Boulevard and loving what you do are some of the ways I have made it through those good cooking in everyday life. They she could feed the entire family and entough days,” he says. are the ones who inspired me to be the joy every minute. He grew up in Winston- Salem where chef I am now,” he says. Choplin was cooking for about 10 he learned to cook by watching his famHis grandmother was a “country years before attending the Culinary Inily. “They had such a love and passion cook” and a big influence, Choplin said, stitute of America at the main campus for food and knew the importance for explaining that he always admired how in Hyde Park, N.Y. CIA graduates include the likes of Roy Yamaguchi, Rocco DiSpirito and Anthony Bourdain. “I was able to open Choplin’s Restaurant in March of 2010, and have been riding this crazy rollercoaster for a little over six years,” he says. He credits financial support from his in-laws and family as well as the “grace of God” for being able to open his own restaurant.

“I was blessed with a loving, nourishing family growing up. I am now married to my beautiful wife Adrianne and have three children and one granddaughter,” Choplin says. The Choplins live in Madison Village off Bethel Church, not far from the restaurant. They attend First Baptist Church in Cornelius and volunteer for Watchmen of the Streets, a homeless outreach. The Choplin Family Feast is a delicious way to bring a lot of flavor to guests and family. Wes says it’s important to slice this cut thin and against the grain.

Choplin’s Family Feast —By Wes Choplin

Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • •

1 Flank steak (3lb) 3 ea. Yellow Squash 2 ea. Zucchini 8 ea. Spring onions 1 ea. Ripe tomato 2 lb. Baby red potatoes 3 ears fresh corn Fresh Basil Salt and pepper Favorite spice blend Extra virgin olive oil

Preparation: In a broiler pan, lay the flank steak in the middle of the pan (broiler setting on). Blanch

corn cut in half in boiling water for 5 minutes. Place vegetables and potatoes that have been diced into large pieces (1 ½ in. by 1 ½ in.). Drizzle with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper and your favorite summer spice blend. Place in broiler and cook for about 15 minutes turning the vegetables until roasted. After everything is brown, remove from the oven. Place the flank steak on a cutting board and let rest for 5 minutes- slice thin on an angle, place back in the middle of pan and place basil on top. Serve. Baste with your favorite BBQ sauce, I recommend mine or KC Masterpiece.

CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016 • 27

Beachy whites with a teal accent in a living room

Coastal modern is simple and relaxing all year long With the lake nearby no matter where you are in Cornelius, contemporary coastal style presents a timeless look. Defined by natural materials, a cool palette and clean lines, going coastal is bright and airy, sophisticated and casual. Throw out any notions of fish nets, starfish and weathered seafaring types in yellow rain-slickers. The feel is almost like an art gallery, but one where contemplation and relaxed conversation come first, says Michelle Lane, owner of Whirlygig Designs in Huntersville. Lane, who has decorated waterfront homes in Cornelius, on the West Coast and in Florida, uses words like “urban

lounge” and “a little bit more of a sexy vibe” to describe coastal contemporary, which is clearly a departure from traditional interiors. Neutral backdrops, cloud white on champagne or Sherwin Williams’ “Amazing Gray,” possibly an element of rough-hewn wood, smooth steel and good-size art are some of the basics. Eliminate clutter, and “edit” what you do, Lane says. Light is important, no heavy drapes. Think driftwood colors, not driftwood. Lane, who began decorating in 2006 in Portland, Ore., likes driftwood gray flooring, although a walnut color wood floor—not leaning to the red spectrum or the yellow—works just as well. She likes to add “dreamy colors”

like super-light aquamarine to create “coastal elegance” that works on the water or off. No skirted bases on upholstered furniture, mid-century modern pieces work well.

Fall into a new autumnal look!

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A coastal living room with loveseats and a teak table

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28 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016

Senior News

Without a sense of balance, life can be a balancing act

We all strive to be in balance, whether it be emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical. We read good books, are careful with what we watch on TV or the computer, spend time with the family, develop a relationship with the

Lord, and exercise according to what is best for us. But is that enough? It seems that this is a lifetime of work, as it should be, but for today, let’s focus on the physical. Whenever we speak of a balance

problem, we are always told that it responds to movement of the platform, must be vertigo. I have found that the patterned screen, or both. vertigo has become a generic form Experts believe that more than four for all balance problems when that is out of 10 Americans, sometime in their just not the case. Have you heard of lives, will experience an episode of dizBPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional ziness or balance problem significant Vertigo), Labyrinthitis, Meniere’s enough to send them to a doctor. BalDisease, Vestibular neuronitis, Peri- ance disorders can be caused by certain lymph fistula, Mal de Dehealth conditions, medicabarquement? These are tions or a problem in the all forms of balance disorinner ear or the brain. A ders. A doctor can deterbalance disorder can promine which form is yours. foundly impact daily activiAccording to the Naties and cause psychological tional Institute for Health, and emotional hardship. a balance disorder is a conIf you have a balance disordition that makes you feel der, you may stagger when unsteady or dizzy. If you you try to walk, or teeter or Joanne Ahern Seniors Columnist are standing, sitting, or lyfall when you try to stand up. ing down, you might feel as You might experience other if you are moving, spinning or float- symptoms such as: ing. If you are walking, you might • Dizziness or vertigo (a spinning suddenly feel as if you are tipping sensation) over. • Falling or feeling as if you are going When you do go to the doctor, he to fall or she will perform all the tests avail- • Lightheadedness, faintness, or a able to determine that your problem floating sensation is not from some other illness. Some • Blurred vision symptoms they may look for can • Confusion or disorientation. include nausea and vomiting, diarFor Older Adults, a great many falls rhea, changes in heart rate and blood occur as a result of dizziness or imbalpressure, and fear, anxiety, or panic. ance problems. If this is what you are Sometimes simply changing a medi- dealing with, it’s time to call the doctor cation can solve the problem; how- and get a diagnosis. Falls can lead to ever, symptoms may come and go broken bones and even death. over short time periods or last for a You can go to Google and look up all long time, and that can lead to fatigue the types of balance problems. Use the and depression. Unfortunately, many following keywords to help you find orbalance disorders start suddenly and ganizations that can answer questions with no obvious cause. and provide information on balance At this point, consulting an Ear disorders: Nose Throat Specialist, or otolar yn- • Balance gologist, may be the next move. • Vertigo The otolaryngologist may ask you to • Dizziness take a hearing examination, blood tests, • Ménière’s disease an electronystagmogram (a test that measures eye movements and the musJoanne, who lives in Magnolia Escles that control them), or imaging stud- tates, is the Director of the North Meckies of your head and brain. Another pos- lenburg Senior Center, affiliated with sible test is called posturography. For the Mecklenburg County Park and Rec this test, you stand on a special movable Department. She can be reached at platform in front of a patterned screen. 980-314-1127. The doctor measures how your body

CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016 • 29

Crossword puzzle


Streets of Cornelius Across 1 3

___ Meade Lane, it’s good in French! Spelled incorrectly on the sign until a few years ago, this street is a small apple, because of its length: Lol, it’s still spelled with an “e” in county tax records 7 Ruler’s segment 8 Yacht designer and author who died in 2009: this place is amongst other nautically named streets in Blue Stone Harbor 13 ___ Hoc Committee 15 Named for the most famous race in sailing, it’s missing an “s” and, come to think of it, an apostrophe! 18 Responsibility 20 Military person, for short 21 Sale abbreviation 22 Mangled perhaps, but the Earl of Grantham had more than one at his place in “Downton Abbey”: hint- a male 26 Cornelius’s Carolina 28 Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain, but not in this circle 29 ____ Norman Square Apartments 31 Leader on a train or in an orchestra, and in this case, even in a court 32 Stranded gene material 33 Musical composition 34 Large hawks

Down 1

This one has been here for years, but in the Gene Kelly movie by the same name, this place appears only once every 100 years 2 Is yours so precious? 3 Mom 4 Not that either 5 It comes before king and carte, 2 words 6 Deuce in poker 9 Giant QB 10 N.Y.C. airport 11 Retained 12 Morning time 14 Name 15 Expression of dismay 16 Me, myself and I? 17 2016 Olympics site 19 Going to the chapel.... was easy coming from Mooresville before the lake was here- you can see how both roads connected on Google Earth 23 Rider’s foot holder 24 French inn 25 Jogging gear 27 Grouchy TV doctor 28 Vintage 30 Cornelius’ state, abbr. 31 Part of some uniforms




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Whiskey Wine and Moonshine!! 07/06/2015_R0




Support our Cornelius Police! TopDeck Foundation invites you to join them for a

Whiskey, Wine & Moonshine Party!!

2016 Fundraiser to benefit TopDeck Foundation Casino games - Food pairings - Beverage tastings

Saturday, September 10 - 7:00 pm Hyde Place Pop-Up Party Space 10508 Bailey Road, Cornelius

Help us show our support for Cornelius Police Department and raise funds for extra equipment and programs!

Early Bird Tickets are $50 at - Facebook Sponsorships still available! TopDeck Foundation is a 501 (c)3 charity that raises funds for programs that support the morale and mission of the Cornelius Police Department

30 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016

Will Huntersville and Cornelius cooperate, and buy traffic light? By Dave Vieser Huntersville officials are researching the possibility of putting a traffic signal on Hwy. 73 at the intersection of Norman View Lane, which is essentially the most southwestern tippy corner of Cornelius. There’s just one problem: The state won’t pay for the signal, leaving the funding up to Cornelius and Huntersville. Huntersville Mayor John Anarella says he supports adding the signal, and says project discussions are in a “preliminar y” phase. At their July 18 meeting, Huntersville Commissioners authorized the town to complete research on the project, after which the town will approach Cornelius about sharing the costs. The new traffic signal would be designed to ease left turns for motorists from Hwy 73 into nearby Huntersville and Cornelius neighborhoods. The traffic in the immediate vicinity becomes heavy, especially during af-

ternoon rush hour, making left turns a challenge, and in some instances dangerous. The fly in the ointment may be the cost, since the NCDOT will not cover the installation. “The traffic volumes there were marginal to meet signal warrants, but because of the rapid growth in the area and recognizing the logic that if a signal were installed, more traffic would come out of the Birkdale development at this location, we approved the installation of a traffic signal,” said DOT spokeswoman Jordan-Ashley Baker. That doesn’t mean they’ll pay for it. A traffic signal could cost anywhere from $50,000 to something north of $100,000. Another unknown factor is how such a new signal would be absorbed into future expansion plans for 73. The highway is two lanes now but is slated to become a four-lane, divided highway when it is widened some time after 2020.

Crossword puzzle answers (from page 29)

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32 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016


News from

Former SouthLake headmaster admits theft July 24. Wayne C. Parker Jr., the former headmaster at SouthLake Christian Academy, is charged with embezzling nearly $9 million from the school as well as SouthLake Presbyterian Church. Jill Westmoreland Rose, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina, said a criminal bill of information was filed in federal court,

charging Parker with one count of wire fraud. Parker has struck a plea agreement and is expected to formally enter his guilty plea when the court schedules the plea hearing. For more than a decade, church members, parents, teachers, students and donors put their trust in the 59-year-

old Parker, Rose said. “Instead, Parker misused his access to the school and church’s finances, treating their bank accounts as an endless cookie jar, dipping in repeatedly to fund his lavish lifestyle,” she said. In 2000, when he needed extra money to build a house for his family in Mooresville, Parker stole approximately $100,000 from the school and church to complete the project. Over the next 14 years, court documents allege that Parker used SouthLake funds to buy real estate, luxury vehicles, Panthers preferred seat licenses, a boat and gold coins. He also built two homes, one costing over a $1 million. Parker then went to “great lengths to conceal his fraud and to prevent law enforcement and others from uncovering the truth,” said Rose. At the same time Parker forced pay cuts for teachers during the great recession to fund his million-dollar lake home. “It takes an especially ruthless person to steal money intended to educate children and promote religion and use it to bankroll an extravagant lifestyle you’d otherwise never be able to afford,” Rose said. According to allegations contained in filed court documents, Parker was a chronic embezzler from about January 2000 to about August 2014. The funds paid for his personal expenses and those of an unnamed co-conspirator. Parker joined the church in 1991. Court documents allege that sometime after joining SouthLake, he became volunteer treasurer, giving him access to and control over the church bank accounts. In 1996, Parker was hired as headmaster of the school, which was founded in 1994 by members of the church. As headmaster, Parker was responsible for the administration of the school and its finances and had control over its bank accounts. As alleged in filed court documents, beginning in at least 2000, Parker began stealing money to pay for personal expenses. According to court records, Parker opened some 29 checking accounts, obtained 26 credit cards, seven loans and created nine limited liability com-

panies. As alleged in filed court documents, in addition to embezzling funds for his own use, Parker also embezzled funds at the direction of an unnamed co-conspirator. Court documents allege that beginning in 2000, Parker issued additional paychecks to the coconspirator above and beyond what he was entitled to by the terms of the co-conspirator’s employment. As the scheme progressed overtime, in addition to extra salary checks, Parker took money to pay for the co-conspirator’s personal expenses, including college tuition, medical bills, taxes, cars, and credit card bills. As part of his scheme, and to hide his embezzlement activities from the school’s governing board, Parker created a false, fraudulent and fictitious document from an accounting firm purporting to be the results of an audit, court documents allege. The document falsely stated that the school had been through a full audit and received an unqualified opinion letter giving it a clean financial bill of health. According to allegations contained in court documents, in the summer of 2014, after church leadership became suspicious of Parker’s activities and called for an independent audit, Parker intentionally stole and destroyed financial records in an attempt to prevent law enforcement and others from discovering the nature and extent of his embezzlement activities. Additionally, Parker sold one of the houses that he had constructed with embezzled funds to one of his children, for a significantly undervalued price, to hide his crimes and prevent law enforcement from seizing that property. The wire fraud charge carries a maximum prison term of 20 years and a $250,000 fine. As part of his plea agreement, Parker has agreed to pay restitution, the amount of which will be determined by the Court at sentencing. The investigation was handled by the FBI and the Huntersville Police Department. The prosecution for the government is being handled by Assistant United States Attorney Kevin Zolot of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Charlotte.

CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016 • 33

34 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016


News from

Retirements lead to salute for police at town meeting

July 19. By Dave Vieser. A ceremony honoring brothers Jeff and Tim Ramsey, who are retiring after 56 years of combined service to the Cornelius Police Department, morphed into words of praise and warm gratitude for all the

town’s men and women in blue at the July 18 Town Board Meeting. The initial honors were bestowed upon Captain Jeff Ramsey, who has served the town longer than any other full time officer. He is retiring August 1.

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“Jeff has served our department in nearly every capacity,” said Police Chief Bence Hoyle, “and he has been a positive role model and leader for many officers during their career, including me. His experience and knowledge are valuable assets which will be truly missed.” During his quarter century of service, Captain Ramsey served as Patrol Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Patrol Lieutenant, Field Operations Captain, and his current assignment of Support Services Captain. He is certified by NC Crimi-

nal Justice Training and Standards as a General Instructor and a Specialized Firearms Instructor. He holds both his Intermediate and Advanced law enforcement certificates and graduated from the FBI National Academy in 2010. Also receiving honors was Jeff’s brother Tim Ramsey, who joined the department in 1985 as a part-time officer. “Tim worked full time out of town but spent weekends and holidays working various shifts. He now plans to spend some well-earned quality time with his family. Through the years he has served as a mentor and friend to many officers. His long standing career is a testimony to his dedication for this profession and he will be sorely missed too.” The town board then presented each officer with an official resolution of thanks on behalf of all residents, as well as their official service revolver and police badge. And it was here where Chief Hoyle got even more emotional: “There’s a lot going on in the world right now. We all know that 99 percent of police officers are good, and there’s a small percentage that always test the small percentage of the population trying to create issues. The officers that work for this town are absolutely some of the best people I have ever worked with. They are what Cornelius is all about,” Hoyle said.

Ramsey Creek beach reopens Waterfront great view only 8 steps with 25 ft Boatslip included: updated, master bath remodeled, new carpet, Move in ready for the summer fun. NEW PRICE $249,900 MLS 3180202 Reduced $10,000

Waterfront community 2b/2ba updated carpet, fresh paint, 2nd floor only 8 steps move in ready $129,900 18809 Nautical Dr. unit 205. mls # 3193617

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July 24. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services has lifted a no swimming advisory for Ramsey Creek Beach. Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation reopened the beach at Ramsey at 10 a.m. today. Staff with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services sampled the water quality several times Friday, and the highest measure was 5 col/100mL, which indicates

good water quality. Shorelines around Lake Norman are often populated with geese and ducks which can contribute to fecal coliform levels. According to county officials, runoff from storms can also raise levels temporarily. They said the high counts at Ramsey Creek were not related to a spill in Denver last week. More info: www.parkandrec. com. The beach will close at 7:30 p.m.

CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016 • 35

News-e News from A sweet place for weddings planned for Bailey Road July 18. If you’ve ever had trouble finding a place in Cornelius for a big event like a wedding, the Rathman family has an idea. They plan to build a 9,000 square-foot event facility near the big curve on Bailey Road. Magnolia Estates residents Stefan and Kerry Rathman are planning a single-story building featuring a barn style exterior on a 3.25 acre parcel. The total investment is on the order of $2 million, said Kerry Rathman. They plan to host weddings, corporate events and family celebrations. The Cornelius Board of Commissioners is being asked to change the zoning at tonight’s commission meeting. The Sweet Magnolia Estate building will also feature prep kitchen, separate bride and groom suites with restrooms, and a large covered veranda. The property is just past the Oakhurst neighborhood, near where Bailey Road will be realigned to connect directly to Statesville Road or Hwy. 21. Stefan Rathman is the owner of Rathman Construction. Kerry said their two children will be involved in the new business as well as her mother. The idea came out of two weddings in the family and finding an appropriate venue. Kerry Rathman said Sweet

Magnolia will allow independent caterers on site, a flexible approach that’s hard to find at many venues. The Rathmans have lived in Magnolia Estates since they moved here from Canada more than two decades ago. Stefan built five of the homes in the neighborhood, and the Rathmans have lived in two of them. “We’re super excited, we’re over the moon right now,” Kerry Rathman said, explaining that they hope to break ground in the next 30 days. “Brides are already interested,” she added. The proposed building will be located at the southeast corner of the site, which is where an old house was formerly located. A new driveway entrance is proposed off Bailey Road at the north side of the property, which will lead to an 80 car parking area. The project received unanimous approval from the town Planning Board at their June 13 meeting.

Dozens gathered for prayer at Town Hall A community prayer vigil on the steps of Town Hall Thursday evening brought dozens of residents, police officers and public officials from Cornelius, Huntersville and Davidson. They prayed for unity, understanding and thinking before acting, all this on the hottest day of the year, in the midst of an emotional and pivotal time across the nation. Cornelius Police Officer Patrick Maldarelli, who is part of the Spanish ministry at Grace Covenant Church in Cornelius, conceived of the idea for a community prayer gathering. Michelle Hoverson, pastor for compassion ministries at Grace Covenant Church, and Ellison Bowman, pastor of Torrence Chapel AME Zion Church, were among

clergy who prayed, as well as Georgia Krueger, the head of Ada Jenkins Center in Davidson, and Jeff Porter, executive director of Habitat Humanity.

On Sunday, Come Worship With Us

Bethel Presbyterian Church 19920 Bethel Church Rd., Worship 9am & 11am Cornelius Presbyterian Church 21209 Catawba Ave., Worship 10:30am Church of the Good Shepherd Lake Norman YMCA, 21300 Davidson St. Worship 10am First Baptist Church 21007 Catawba Ave., Worship 11am Grace Covenant Church 17301 Statesville Rd, Worship 8am, 9:30am, 11:15am Mt. Zion United Methodist Church 19600 Zion St., Worship 8:30am, 9:45am, 11am

NorthCross Church 11020 Bailey Rd., Ste H, Worship 10:15am Point of Grace Lutheran Church 20700 N. Main St., Worship 8:30am, 11am Union Bethel AME Zion Church 20738 Catawba Ave., Worship 11am Community in Christ Lutheran Church 7621 Norman Island Dr., Worship 9:30am, 11am Calvary Chapel 18731 W. Catawba Ave., Worship 10am Inclusion Community Kadi Fit, Sundays 11am

36 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016

New Corporations



These corporations have registered with the N.C. Secretary of State

Cornelius 6/28/16 Erin Gulledge Insurance Services LLC, Erin O. Gulledge, 9735 Caldwell Commons Cir., Cornelius 6/28/16 Hovey Enterprises LLC, Kay O. Hovey, 21104 Lakeview Cir., Cornelius 6/29/16 1601 Atlantic LLC, Noah F. Lazes, 19401 Old Jetton Rd., Ste. 101, Cornelius 6/29/16 Dian Smith LLC, Diane Smith, 19028 South Point Dr., Cornelius 6/29/16 Donut Lovin’ Linos LLC, Matthew Lineberger, 16407 Jetton Rd., Cornelius 6/29/16 Hammett-McGarry LLC, United States Corporation Agents Inc., 19053 Natalie Michelle Ln., Cornelius 6/29/16 Handmade By Annette LLC, John F. Hanzel, 19425 G Liverpool Pkwy., Cornelius 6/29/16 La Casa de Megarita y Mateo LLC, Matthew Lineberger, 16407 Jetton Rd., Cornelius 6/29/16 LM Real Estate Ventures LLC, David Michael Modlin Jr., 19824 W. Catawba Ave., Ste. B, Cornelius 6/30/16 RL Studios LLC, Richard Lazes, 19401 Old Jetton Rd., Ste. 101, Cornelius 7/1/16 The Collar Club LLC, Carl Osborne, 19132 Kanawha Dr., Cornelius 7/1/16 Old Town Cornelius LLC, Case Wamemunde, 21325 Catawba Ave., Cornelius 7/5/16 A Tribe Called Eckles LLC, Cook & Sadorf PLLC, 17115 Kenton Dr., Ste. 203-A, Cornelius

7/5/16 Horton Design Group PLLC, Everett Horton, 17105 Kenton Dr., Ste. 202C, Cornelius 7/5/16 JIU Enterprises LLC, Ji Kim, 9202 Robbins Preserve Rd., Cornelius 7/5/16 KNE Management Group III LLC, Kathleen Eibeler, 8301 12 Magnolia Estates Dr., Cornelius 7/5/16 Relay Digital LLC, Joshua Buchanan, 17447 Harbor Walk Dr., Cornelius 7/5/16 Sync It Pro LLC, Lauri David, 20930 Windshore Ave., Cornelius 7/6/16 Box-Mail-Ship LLC, Paula J. Edmund, 20605 N. Main St., Cornelius 7/7/16 Cedar Property Management LLC, Neal Choquette, 21031 Catawba Ave., Ste. 105, Cornelius 7/7/16 Linda Need Consulting LLC, Linda S. Need, 20605 Pointe Regatta Dr., Cornelius 7/7/16 Stingray Pool & Spa Inc., Edgar Antonio Ceron-Maza, 19205 Carter Cir., Cornelius 7/8/16 Bama Belles LLC, Wendy L. Hershey, 15514 Fishermans Rest Ct., Cornelius 7/8/16 Ironstead Capital LLC, Mark Marais, 17130 Kenton Dr., Apt. 137, Cornelius 7/8/16 Mystic Landing LLC, Joe Shipbaugh, 18605 Northline Dr., Unit I-4, Cornelius 7/11/16 A Smart Environment LLC, Javier A. Borda, 20517 Willow Pond Rd., Cornelius 7/11/16 KnowHowNC LLC, David S. Critchlow, 19221 Berkley Commons Dr., Cornelius 7/11/16 The Pool Doc LLC, Richard Edward Brown, 9324 Robbins Preserve Rd., Cornelius 7/12/16 ALSINO Holdings LLC, Brett M.

Zabek, 21901 Satilla Dr., Cornelius 7/12/16 Bluestream Investments LLC, Ericka A. Cain, 19520 W. Catawba Ave., Ste. 200, Cornelius 7/13/16 TCD Real Estate LLC, Tracy C. Davis, 17420 Staysail Ct., Cornelius 7/14/16 Anne Howe Associates LLC, Anne Howe, 18033 Northport Dr., Cornelius 7/14/16 Ascanio Physical Therapy LLC, Yordan Ascanio, 19645 S. Main St., Cornelius 7/14/16 Bellaluna Aesthetics Studio PLLC, Kelly Quinn, 20811 Decora Dr., Cornelius 7/14/16 Daniel-Sun LLC, Nicholas A. Davis, 18623 Victoria Bay Dr., Cornelius 7/15/16 A Family Story, Jason L. Clark, 18615 Coachmans Trace, Cornelius 7/15/16 Namaste Connections LLC, United States Corporation Agents Inc., 11917 Field St., Cornelius 7/15/16 NC DronePro LLC, United States Corporation Agents Inc., 18937 Southport Dr., Cornelius

Kline, 215 South Main St., Ste. 301, Davidson 6/23/16 Harbor Point Animal Hospital PLLC, Shawn Copeland, 215 S. Main St., #301, Davidson 6/24/16 TFR Solutions LLC, United States Corporation Agents Inc., 10101 Alabaster Dr., Davidson 6/24/16 Warehouse Sale Surprise LLC, Elizabeth Breen, 19318 Wildcat Trl., Davidson 6/28/16 Breeze Moldings Inc., Anatoly Akhunov, 10691 Sapphire Trl., Davidson 6/28/16 White Sand Enterprises LLC, Jesse C. Jones, 209 Delburg St., Ste. 203, Davidson 7/1/16 Acey Holdings LLC, Jesse C. Jones, 209 Delburg St., Ste. 203, Davidson 7/1/16 Tutoring for Tatas Inc., Martin M. Brennan Jr., 115 Saddle Creek Ct., Davidson 7/1/16 The Zientek Group LLC, Jesse C. Jones, 209 Delburg St., Ste. 203, Davidson 7/1/16 ZREC LLC, Jesse C. Jones, 209 Delburg St., Ste. 203, Davidson 7/6/16 Michael Crossing HOA Inc., Michael A. Goheen, 19425 River Falls Dr., Davidson

Davidson 6/13/16 Gilleland Consulting LLC, John Ray Gilleland, 9750 Autumn Cir., Davidson

7/6/16 Tower Residential Construction LLC, Richard D. Enderby, 1031 San Michele Pl., Davidson

6/13/16 Huntersville Fall Festival Inc., United States Corporation Agents, 12444 Bradford Park Dr., Davidson

7/7/16 Property Carolina Inc., Christopher Logan, 6303 Fox Chase Dr., Davidson

6/13/16 Huntersville Fall Festival Inc., United States Corporation Agents, 12444 Bradford Park Dr., Davidson 6/14/16 Inner Chi Bodyworks Inc., Daniel S. Bonhom, 408 Jetton St., Apt. E, Davidson 6/16/16 Affordable Lines LLC, Harold Jones, 11453 Mooresville Rd., Davidson 6/16/16 ChaCha Coffee, Yong Lomax, 423 Magnolia St., Davidson 6/16/16 Peachtree Lanier Group LLC, Gregory F. Fawcett II, 215 South Main St., Davidson 6/21/16 Toastery of Weston LLC, Richard J.

7/11/16 Inspire Chiropractic & Wellness PLLC, John B. Bland, 11056 Renaissance Dr., Davidson 7/14/16 Cornelius Arts/Community Center Inc., Robert G. McIntosh, 209 Delburg St., Ste. 203, Davidson 7/14/16 Hammerhead Improvements LLC, Anthony Shane Westmoreland, 111 Easter Ln., Davidson 7/14/16 The Speech Carrot PLLC, Jesse C. Jones, 209 Delburg St., Ste. 203, Davidson 7/15/16 TCC Family Enterprises LLC, Jesse C. Jones, 209 Delburg St., Ste. 203, Davidson

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COMMANDERS: AlphaGraphics Lake Norman, AMTdirect, Law Firm of Bentz & Associates, Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, Dan & Donna Brown, Nancy & Randy Cameron, Chris & Robbie Davis, Dobi Financial Group, John Donoghue, Carolyn & Jim Duke, Julia Holyfield and Thomas Hansen, KS Audio Video, Chris Moen, The McIntosh Law Firm, Novant Health, Lake Norman Kiwanis, Lake Norman Realty, Lake Norman Sporting Arms and Range, Park Avenue Properties, Payroll Plus, Rotary Club of North Mecklenburg, Art Sabates, Daniel Schubert, The Range at Lake Norman, Dr. Nancy & Sen. Jeff Tarte, Allen Tate Co.

FRIENDS: John & Nancy Aneralla, Arrendale Associates, Chris & Sally Ashworth, Rod Beard, Chantal & Denis Bilodeau, Margaret & Blair Boggs, Crafty Burg’r, Stanley and Shirley Bush, John Cherry, Pat Cotham, Dixie and Mike Dean, Thomas & Ann Dutton, David Fieg, Lapis Financial, Bell & Bell Law Firm, Diane & Dave Gilroy, Griffin Brothers, Dr. Akiba Green, Carol Houle, Tom Hilb, James Hicks, Martin & Bernadette Fox, Jewish Communal Fund, Martin & Cheryl Kane, Lauren Kimsey, Charles & Shelly Knoedler, Nikolai and Kristin Kruger, Rhonda Lennon, Dan & Lindsay Long, Sandy & Mac McAlpine, Maria & Kurt Naas, Vickie & Donald Payne, JD & Ronni Phillips, Robert & Ivonne Reed, Copeland Richards, Dressler’s Restaurant, John & Traci Roberts, Thurman Ross, Modern Salon & Spa, Troy & Della Stafford, DeVore, Acton & Stafford, Tracey & Dan Stehle, Thom & Susan Tillis, Master Title, Sharon & Woody Washam, Lois & Bob Watson, Donald and Patricia Warren, Todd & Pam Wiebusch, Gail Williams in honor of Bob Williams. Tracy & Dave Yochum. RESTAURANTS: Alton’s Kitchen and Cocktails, The Brickhouse Tavern, Brixx Pizza, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, Mama’s Pizza Express, Port City Club, and Tenders Fresh Food

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38 • CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016


Your comments and opinions since 2006

Bias at Cornelius Today? “I am tired of this paper publishing only the negative side of the I-77 toll issue. Seems like the paper is an ally of those in opposition and not reporting from a neutral position.” —via

‘Dozens gathered for prayer at Town Hall’ in response to article posted July 15

“Praying that God protects all the Police Officers, Their lives,theirs emotions,their bodies and their soul.. Keep giving them Wisdom and Discernment. God bless you all!! and Thank you for effort..” “How wonderful! We appreciate every effort that goes into creating a safe and peaceful place to live and raise a family. Coming from Chicago, we appreciate it every day!” —via Cornelius Today Facebook page

Pedestrian safety “All this talk about sidewalks and a pedestrian friendly town? You raised the speed limit on Bailey Road? You repaved Bethel Church, yet the speed limit is 45 mph? I saw children crossing this HIGHWAY during Vacation Bible School and my heart stopped. A safer town means lower speed limits, like they have in Davidson. Don’t you people get it?” —via anonymous SoundOff contact link on

Dear GOP Legislators... “In 2016 the NC General Assembly met from April 25 to July 1. They had one-day sessions on March 23 and Feb. 18-19. How can they so so much damage in such a short period of time?” —via

• This SoundOff drew a lot of response online. More are on the SoundOff Cornelius Facebook page.

The positive for tolls? The payola/bonus money for Huntersville road improvements--on the backs of everyone else using I-77!!!” “Ooh, there is a positive side??? Do tell!” “Maybe it’s because there only is a negative side.” “If something is bad, it’s just bad. Why try and spin it?” “Oh My God. What positive/neutral position is there with I77??? I have to drive through tons of traffic every day like so many of us.” “What a complete ***. I give you one guess who it is....come on... Animal House is the ONLY answer.” “We need a faster way to the Rudder from Mooresville” “Show us the positive side. I double-dog dare ya !!!!!”

‘Town Hall: A month for the record books’ in response to article posted on July 9

“It appears that Travis said he was anti-toll in order to get reelected and then stabbed the people he is supposed to represent in the back. Unethical much?” —via

Aggressive driver “Dear dark blue almost purple Hummer H2 speeding through Robbins Park: Please stop doing this.”

—via anonymous SoundOff contact link on

“Ok, so here is the positive side...... Here it comes....... Oh, crap can’t find it!” “When is extortion and confining those who can’t pay to 52 additional years of unnecessary severe and unhealthy congestion positive? It’s traffic imprisonment. Cintra/NCDOT are the wardens...” “The locals should ride for free when going between our four lake towns, just like NCDOT proposed for I-95.” “Come on folks, there is s good side...for three times the cost of general purpose lanes the project will not improve congestion, will increase accidents and fatalities, will have no cap on toll pricing which is designed to maximize profit to a foreign company.” “It’s a sad day when telling the truth is considered being negative. Sad day indeed. No wonder mainstream media sucks. Keep up the great reporting Cornelius Today.” “You must be someone who can afford the commute, or your company reimburses you! My exit will be closed for a long time and I’ll have to use 115, which is slammed now! Oh but we can’t improve that road for 50 years! Must not be affecting your lifestyle! SMH” “It has nothing to do with ‘money’ to commute. We won’t even be able to get on and off at either of our hospitals let alone the schools ,restaurants and work places we go to.”




Thieves stole innocence “To the person who stole our paddle boards: If you needed money my children would have given it to you. If you stole them for your own pleasure my children would have shared them with you. We are all raising our children in a world of terrorism and evil. We tell our children that the good in mankind will prevail. You have contributed to a loss of innocence that cannot be reversed. We forgive you and pray that the darkness that possessed you will not do so again.” —via anonymous soundoff contact link on

CORNELIUS TODAY • August 2016 • 39


Kudos “I want to use this page to thank Diane Wilson, senior officer of NC-DOT for the prompt and complete repair of the deteriorated rail and pavement where the train crosses Hwy. 115 in Cornelius. Also I would like to express my thanks to reporter Dave Vieser and Cornelius Today for including my complaint and the need to fix the busy road at once. Kudos to all.” —via anonymous SoundOff contact form on

I-77: Buh-bye “We decided to move closer to South Carolina and open our businesses there. I know many can’t do this but it was an easy decision for our family. Best of luck to you all back up in the LKN area. We will miss it but enough is enough! When over 90 percent of the population is against such a scheme and few public servants who are supposed to be representing us will stand up and fight with us we as a city, county, state and country are lost. Jill Swain was the first of many to get thrown out because she forgot what her job actually was and who she was supposed to represent.” —via anonymous SoundOff contact link on

‘LNTC regroups with more Iredell, less North Meck’ “I find it funny that the Lake Norman Transit Commission has been perceived as useless by Cornelius and Huntersville NC because it did not agree with the town’s commissioners on stopping the I-77 toll project. Yet... the commissioners are still trying to stop it with the Lake Norman Marine Commission who are deemed useful and in support of stopping the tolls...I love that the LNTC is not going away. In fact it will just get stronger.” —via Soundoff Cornelius Facebook page

WidenI-77 lost “The Widen I-77 Group has lost every battle they’ve started, taken tens of thousands of dollars from naive residents for their causes and have come up with zip. Now they are angry and wish to extract revenge on community leaders. The attack on Mayor Travis harkens back to the old ‘Fire Bradford’ malcontents who set the movement back several years with anger instead of facts. Last year they got it right and right thinking residents and electeds joined in. Now, to be a member of the ‘Club’ you have to hate others and destroy good people. Enough is enough! Look for the next unwinnable cause...Lake Norman County. They’ll be asking for money for that bogus idea too!” —via anonymous SoundOff contact link on Kurt Naas, a Cornelius resident, is the founder of WidenI-77. He responds: Widen I-77 started as a lone, unwelcome voice. Since then every Lake Norman town and county joined our position, the Lake Norman Chamber became a welcome ally, and a contract cancellation bill overwhelmingly passed the NC House. Our community is more involved and closer-knit. We count those as successes. Mayor Travis’ meeting with top senators to push the toll project was in direct opposition to his board. Claiming he did so as a private citizen and did not leverage his position as Mayor and Chair of the North Carolina Turnpike Authority defies credulity and undermines trust. Therefore, Widen I-77 supports the board’s ‘no confidence’ vote. Regarding donations, these were used for legal expenses. Other expenses (less than 10 percent) have been for materials and venues. Widen I-77 is a 501(c)3 subject to IRS reporting requirements. As a volunteer organization, members have never received any compensation.

Fat Shaming Part IV “As a child in our village, we walked and rode our bicycles everywhere. We sailed and rowed. No jet skis, no obesity epidemic as you have here.” —via anonymous SoundOff contact link on

‘Four at Town Board meeting praise Mayor’ in response to article posted July 21 “The interstate construction issue is perhaps the most important issue to affect the lives and livelihoods of 100,000 local citizens, and Travis is on the wrong side of decency and humanity and ethics to take the position he has.” —via



JUST LISTED $1,895,000 | Waterfront | The Peninsula Golf Course Views | Peninsula Club Drive | 3 Levels

$2,020,000 | Waterfront | The Peninsula Pool | Private Dock | Outdoor Fireplace

$1,875,000 | Cornelius | 1.18 acres Waterfront | Private Dock

$3,299,000 | Waterfront | Cornelius | Pool & Spa Huge Master | 3 Car Garage| 70.000lb boat lift

$2,399,000 | Waterfront | 1.87 acres Amazing Covered Porches | Private Dock

$3,499,000 | Waterfront | Cornelius Private Dock | 4 Car Garage




$665,000 | Cornelius | Private Boat Slip Renovated Kitchen | Master on Main

$3,950,000 | Waterfront | Pool | Private Dock | Huge Covered Veranda

$899,000 | River Run | 3 Levels | Master on Main| 3 Car Gararge | Amazing Kitchen


$1,160,000 | 5261 sq ft | Waterfront| Overlook Built in 2006 | Master on Main

$370,000 - $629,000 3 Waterfront Lots Available

JUST LISTED $719,000| Waterfront | Cornelius | Amazing Kitchen | Open Floor Plan

Lance Carlyle 704-252-0237

Jim Carlyle 704-252-3047

Terry Byars 704-728-9775

Al Strickland 704-201-7244

Tammy Godwin 704-650-0296

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John Roberts 704-507-4960

Terry Donahue 321-402-8543

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Michael Green 704-954-4489

19520 W Catawba Ave Suite 113 | Cornelius, NC 28031 | 704-895-4676 Office |

Cornelius Today - August 2016  
Cornelius Today - August 2016