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Need Motivation?

If you’re struggling with motivation, hit a plateau or having difficulty lifting more and eating healthier, “Don’t give up,” encourages fitness expert and personal trainer Tracie Matthews from Wilson’s Fitness in Jefferson City. Be willing to push yourself in the gym. Be consistent with your workouts, and make better food choices to improve your physical strength and fitness. Sometimes people can benefit greatly from the help of a personal trainer who can provide additional education, motivation and support needed to reach your goals. “A typical first appointment includes us sitting down and taking you through our Visual Fitness Planner,” Matthews says. “It calculates everything from your likelihood of getting diabetes to heart disease or having a stroke or getting cancer.” The VFP even creates a 3-D image of your body now and a preview of what your potential body can look like by following a specific customized fitness plan. “Once we have a plan formed, we take it into action,” Matthews says. Wilson’s Fitness trainers then take clients onto the fitness floor and develop a program that will give them the results they are looking for. “Most people come into a gym because they want to lose weight, and that does happen,” Matthews says. “What really occurs is that they feel better, have more energy and can go up that flight of stairs and not think they are going to pass out anymore. “This is your health,” she continues. “And without that what do you have?” JC

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