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Jodi Winegar/Finding Myself Again Fitness goals: Get healthy Favorite trainer quote: “Are we excited yet?”

AGE 35


My story is likely very similar to other women my age who are learning what motherhood is all about. I realized after having my third child that I needed to find myself again. Through juggling it all, I had lost my energy, my mind, my spirit and my body. I needed to focus on ways to be a better wife to my patient husband, Darryl, and to be a better mom to our wonderful children. I knew the first place to start was to become active again. Finding a gym that was right for me was easy. Getting to the gym to work out was not as easy. So I signed up for a trainer, Tracie Matthews. She greets me at the front desk with a smiling face and enthusiastic encouragement during each workout session, throws my excuses out the window and tells me to work harder. For this I am thankful, as I now have my life back in shape. My husband has his wife back, and our kids motivate me to be an active mom. Wilson’s Fitness makes my trips to the gym convenient and efficient by offering extended child care, and they keep up with the latest trends in classes and ever-changing times to fit my busy schedule. And if Tracie has not seen me in a week, I usually get a “friendly” text reminder that she is waiting for me at the front desk.

Winegar, pictured on a family trip to Malibu Beach, was inspired to get healthy not only for herself but also for her husband and their three children.

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