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Coffee with a Conscience Three Story Coffee connects Jefferson City with the farmers and stories behind its popular blends


B y L a u r en S a b l e F r e i m a n Americans alone consume 146 billion cups of coffee per year. Whether used to wake up in the morning, as a boost for a busy afternoon, to wrap up a delicious dinner or to sit down and reconnect with an old friend, a great cup of coffee is the perfect companion for most of life’s events. Tony Anderson, who co-owns Three Story Coffee with his wife, Sarah, loves coffee for those reasons. But his love of coffee goes beyond its robust flavor and ability to bring people together. “I love coffee, but I am more passionate about the people and the potential that coffee has to change lives,” he says.

E v e r y b o d y h a s a s t o r y, and that’s the beginning of the story behind Three Story Coffee. “The name came from the idea that everyone has a story: you, me, the rest of the world,” Anderson says. “It has amazed me that for such an iconic and ubiquitous piece of our culture, few people stop to think about where their coffee comes from and much less about the people who grow and pick it.” Anderson’s agriculture degree, heart for mission work and experience working with small farmers have fueled his passion for coffee, which is grown in 70 countries, almost all of which are developing countries. The goal of Three Story Coffee is to help coffee fanatics understand that their coffee-purchasing habits matter and can make a real difference around the world. “I want people to know that their coffee purchases can either perpetuate slave labor or send a child to school,” Anderson says. “We want to make sure we are doing the latter by building relationships with farmers and cof50 | July/August 2013

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