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Those who are interested in taking a look for themselves and learning more about the project are invited to visit the garden. “At present if someone wants to visit, they only need to call and set up a time and day to stop by, and we will gladly give them a tour,” Ameera says. “Soon we will have a set day that anyone can drop in and visit and purchase food from us. This will most likely be this winter or next year.” The greenhouse has been complete for less than one year, but it is already producing more than enough to feed Ameera’s family. Ameera says they are specifically focusing on growing high-yield herbs and vegetables, and they’ve planted the garden with heirloom seeds purchased from Bakers Creek Heirloom Seed Co., an ethical seed company based in Mansfield, Mo. All varieties of basil, several varieties of cherry tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, parsley, mint, rooted vegetables and watermelons are plentiful, and the duo makes their excess crop available for purchase by the public. Ameera also runs a booth at the Lincoln University Farmers Market with Gavin, where they sell an assortment of raw, dehydrated snacks and baked goods, including some vegan offerings. As t h e c o u p l e l o o k s toward future growing seasons, Ameera says their goal is to grow more varieties of fruits and vegetables. With hopes of being a resource for others considering their own garden, they also plan to give away seeds, plant cuttings and blue tilapia to help others begin their aquaponics systems. And their efforts to educate others on growing safe food are timely, as consumers become more aware of genetically modified foods. “Food safety and truth is becoming paramount today,” Ameera says. “People are tired of purchasing food that is filled with sneaky tactics just for big companies to turn a profit. People are getting to a place where they are ready to learn how to eat foods that nourish their bodies and fill them with life. “Eating local and growing your own food is one way to sidestep the food circus,” she continues. “The other is to support your local growers and food producers who have integrity and are using quality ingredients and seeds.” JC 38 | July/August 2013

Jefferson City Magazine - July/August 2013  

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