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Jaclyn Summitt’s Room of Hope

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Jaclyn Summitt found herself lying on a hospital bed as doctors informed her father that she probably wouldn’t make it. Her heart was failing to propel enough blood and nutrients to the rest of her body, and the excess fluids built up in her heart were stretching the chamber walls until the organ was three times its normal size. Surely she wasn’t going to make it, they thought. But the medical professionals underestimated how much heart Jaclyn actually had. Not only did she will herself to survive her congestive heart failure, but also the very next year, she birthed two incredible twin boys, Aydon and Ashton. Try as she might, however, Jaclyn’s heart troubles never vanished, and after spending the past decade in and out of the hospital, Jaclyn finally made a wish — a wish that truly showed the size of her heart. During one of Jaclyn’s recent visits to the cardiology wing of University Hospital, Dr. Renee Sullivan handed her an application for the Room of Hope, a project that remodels a portion of a patient’s home. “I think families that go through what they’ve gone through could be discouraged or questioning their faith,” says Sherry Hockman, owner of Hockman Interiors and creator of Room of Hope. “But Room of Hope, for me, is a project that I hope to bless the family, to give them encouragement and to let them know they are loved and supported no matter what they go through. I think we are to be God’s hands and feet, and that’s what I hope to be with this project.” | 47

Columbia Home Magazine - February/March 2014  
Columbia Home Magazine - February/March 2014  

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