Page 1 is a global management consulting firm and the name of the founder is William D. Anton who is a Ph.D holder and most qualified consultant and executive. They work across the private and public sectors to support business leaders and mangers to find paths for stability and prosperity. To develop an organization, it is vital to appoint the right person with right skills in the right position. Today’s world is a competitive world. In this competitive business environment, chief executive role is more demanding than ever. Their experienced teams are dedicated to helping clients strengthen their boards by attracting effective and informed business leaders. It gears themselves to meet themselves to meet the global challenges of the 21st century and beyond. Over the past two decades, they are successfully giving the psychological training and business leadership experience to helping high –functioning CEOs and executives to create excellence in themselves and their organization . An effective CEO succession planning strategy is crucial for company’s long term business success.

CEO effectiveness can bring benefits that include :

❖ Consist of highly qualified and trusted consultants and executive coach ; ❖ Recognize psychological and interpersonal efficacy and business

effectiveness which helps to reaching it potential; ❖ Develop leadership skills and capabilities at every level in an organization. ; ❖ Promote better beard and CEO relationship to ensure an appropriate and

productive collaboration. ❖ Encourage the CEO’s personal development for enhance his/her

performance; ❖ Provide effective warning signal for the possible problem which give them

strength; ❖

Support the CEO to set goals and plans for development and provide specific direction when necessary from the outcomes of the evaluation process;

❖ Fulfill the relevant standards for accountability and communication of the

results for the accountability and communication of the results for the organization ; ❖ Set up a clear and transparent link between performance outcomes and

remuneration; ❖ Employees are motivating to work harder and smarter to perform without

excess spending; ❖ Provide practical recommendation to build internal support and get to real

issues; In this fast changing business environment, a company has to identify and prepare next generation of high performance for leader for excellence. Wherever we are in the world, if we want to develop, and manage our growing organization, all of us should come to the right place to get a better training which will help to achieve and accomplish their business leadership.

business success । personal success । business leadership  

Our frontal lobes are the executive center of our mind/body where selective information from the body and brain converge. It is where we mak...

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