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DISTRIBUTED Work Forces –The Challenges!

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Culture Ethics



Arsonic International Amod Yadav Founder & CEO


“What makes CIS special is the warm community, the fun and our vibrant heritage... and we get the best results too!�

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Avasant Global Kevin Parikh Managing Director

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Arsonic International Amod Yadav Founder & CEO


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Vadeesh Budramane Founder & CEO



Sriram Manoharan MD, CBDO

Decons Ar. Abhinav Jain & Ar. Atul Soni Co-Founders



FutureSoft Solutions

Effectual Services

Vipul Datta

Amit Aggarwal


Co-Founder & Director



HulladekRecycling Nandan Mall Founder & CEO

GND Solutions Siva Reddy

Managing Director



NextGen Life Sciences Dr. Nagma Abbasi Founder & CEO

Jugnoo Samar Singla Founder & CEO


Rodic Consultants Raj Kumar

12 RPMC Varun Raje CEO

Chairman & Managing Director

14 Winnerspitch Energy Neeraj Chawla Founder

Kevin Parikh !"#+$+!%&'()&*




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Area of Expertise Avasant provides consulting expertise across 11 verticals and has worked with Fortune 500 companies across each of these industries: • Aerospace & Defense • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance • Energy & Resources • Healthcare & Life Sciences • High Tech & Telecommunications • Media & Entertainment • Private Equity • Public Sector • Retail & Manufacturing • Social Impact Institutions • Travel & Transportation

Work Culture Avasant’s work culture is one of the factors that have led the company to become a renowned brand, through the adoption of “STRIVE”: Service: to humanity Teamwork: working together for better results Responsibility: taking accountability for our actions Integrity: doing the right thing Vision: working with purpose Excellence: in our commitment Avasant has cultivated a collaborative environment comprised of high-character, purpose-driven team members who are committed to excellence. Avasant’s unique DNA of results-driven advisory services and superior execution supported by advancing technologies and business models has led to their culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. The people of the company are their ‘lifeblood’. They start with the intangible, an idea, and then they transform the idea into a tangible strategy. Avasant is defined by openness and a desire to challenge themselves. Additionally, Avasant’s focus on continuous employee development, training and knowledge management enables their consultants to consistently provide superior advisory services leveraging proven methodologies, technologies and ideas to drive client outcomes. Avasant’s prime goal is to give every employee an opportunity to shine. For every project, teams are curated carefully for not only their educational and experiential backgrounds, but also for strategic learning and growth opportunities, which result in pairing the best and brightest established consultants with the younger emerging minds. This process facilitates mentorship and knowledge transfer opportunities, continuing to furnish the bank of resources within the firm.

Respect for each employee is the cornerstone of Avasant’s Business Code of Conduct, and Avasant dedicates a full session at the annual company retreat to review and discuss the Business Code of Conduct every year. The firm, through its policies, upholds the human and employee rights and strongly believes in acknowledging and respecting the dignity, rights and ambitions of its employees. Avasant maintains the right to freedom of expression and opinion, encouraging its employees to voice concerns, feedback and constructive thoughts towards betterment of the firm and topics concerning employee welfare. Avasant believes in working with the entrepreneurial spirit in mind. Rather than conducting one-off engagements, Avasant believes in building a long-term partnership with their clients, providers and networks. Through both their corporate and non-profit arm, Avasant Foundation, the Avasant team is constantly working to create opportunities for improving lives and communities by empowering youth in emerging economies through education, employment and entrepreneurship.


Kevin S. Parikh, CEO, Avasant, started his career in the mid-1990s as a lawyer working in Washington, D.C. with the United States Environmental Protection Agency. While working as a lawyer, he also received a Presidential Invitation to support the One America Commission by Bill Clinton. At the birth of Y2K, he moved to Gartner Consulting to lead the company’s Global Strategic Sourcing Practice. In 2006, Parikh founded Avasant, which since then has become one of the leading Business Transformation, Technology Strategy and Sourcing Advisory firms in the industry. In 2011, following a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, Kevin founded the Avasant Foundation, focusing on youth training and employment for the digital economy. Social entrepreneurship has been a key tenant and continuing theme throughout the history of Avasant. Avasant has been actively involved in Impact Sourcing since 2008, and one of their first Global programs was with Ghana through World Bank to make the country a preferred destination for domestic and foreign investments in the ITES-BPO industry with the intent of creating Digital Jobs for a large number of unemployed youth in the country.

Today, Avasant is a participant of the United Nations Global Compact and works to realize the ten universal goals in the field of Human rights, Labour, Environment and Anticorruption policies.

Emerging as Leaders Avasant has finely engraved its name as the leaders in the industry and has successfully developed digital business strategies which are making noise in the world.

Aiding the Second-largest international airport in North America Avasant developed a digital business strategy for the second-largest international airport in North America to optimize its non-aeronautical core operations and processes. The experts identified long-term strategic partnerships, sourcing strategies, and gain sharing models to create a digital ecosystem and resulted in 10-15% increase in non-aeronautical revenues, 20-25% process cost reduction in core operational processes, and over 35% reduction in utility IT costs.

Lend Service To World’s Least Developed Countries in Africa Avasant supported the government of one of the world’s least-developed countries in Africa in developing a digital government strategy to facilitate and promote e-Governance through a structured approach and strengthen the ability to deliver digital public services.

Integration of Smart System Partnerships with technology providers enable cost-cutting measures necessary for survival. Avasant helped a large power generation, transmission and distribution company modernize its IT systems, enabling the integration of Smart Systems such as Smart Grid, Distribution Management Systems, Demand Response Systems, Smart Metering and Smart Home Technology. It further resulted in bringing the best in class capabilities to create a reliable infrastructure aligned with compliance requirements. Avasant also helped the government of Arctic Tundra to create opportunities and to offer citizen-centered programs and services in highly decentralized geography and helped one of the largest quasi-governmental bodies in minimizing value leakage and a better manage risk.

Social Responsibility Avasant is socially responsible and is committed to the UN Global Compact Principles 1, 3, 4, 5, and 10 as they relate to human rights, labor practices and fighting corruption. Our commitment to labor principles spans across our supplier base and employees, which includes ensuring no use of child labor, forced and bonded labor in the value chain. Our organization is transparent in its management and commercial relations. It is also committed to a consistent and fair tender process.

In Coming Years In the coming years, Avasant expects to be a firm supporter, embracer, and early adopter of many of the developments to come. Disruption is at the core of change. CEO, Kevin S. Parikh says, “We expect our continued excellence to scale as we hire from the top of the market at the senior level while our mentorship initiatives shape associates at the junior level to grow into top consultants on the Avasant home field. Our service offerings will continue to diversify also as we grow according to market demand, such as with newly added AvaMark services, Enterprise Blockchain Strategy advisory services, RadarView Reports, as well as the addition of Social Impact Institutions as a new service area for us. Through our mentorship program and collaborative technology initiatives, we likewise intend to continue growing as a digital workplace.“

COMPANY NAME Avasant Global,

MANAGEMENT Kevin Parikh, CEO & Chairman

DESCRIPTION Avasant is a leading management consulting firm that focuses on translating the power of technology into realizable business strategies.


Vadeesh Budramane, Founder & CEO

AlgoShack dramatically transforms software delivery by harnessing Artificial Intelligence. It offers SaaS based solutions to software development companies.

Arsonic International,

Amod Yadav, Founder & CEO

Arsonic International, a home automation and technology solutions provider has surpassed all the needs in the industry of home automation and is aiming for PAN India.


Sriram Manoharan, MD, CBDO

Contus has its own solutions to drive results that impact the revenue of the global enterprises. They have been into the market offering solutions, practicing future technologies.


Decons has worked on several projects and ensures Ar. Abhinav Jain & Ar. Atul Soni, client satisfaction at all times. These collaborations Co-founders & Directors include working in architectural designs.

Effectual Services,

Amit Aggarwal, Co-Founder & Director

Effectual Services, one of the most trusted partners offering IP support solutions to a number of companies.

FutureSoft Solutions,

Vipul Datta, CEO

Future Soft Solutions has manifested its name in the industry as a consulting, technology and next-generation system Integrator.

GND Solutions,

Siva Reddy, Managing Director

GND Solutions, offers innovative an transformative solutions in IOT and M2M for industries, development of Smart Cities, Smart Energy systems, agriculture, and more such areas.

Hulladek Recycling,

Nandan Mall, Founder & CEO

Hulladek Recycling has introduced innovative practices in the field of E-waste management & registered as Producer Responsibility Organization by Central Pollution Control Board, Govt of India.


Samar Singla, Founder & CEO

Jugnoo has observed massive development in the terms of business operations, technical advancement and verticals like B2B and B2C domains.

NextGen Life Sciences,

Dr. Nagma Abbasi, Founder & CEO

NextGen Life Sciences offering the best of solutions for scientist's research needs, in the field of Molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, healthcare, drug development.

Varun Raje, CEO

Raje Project Management Consultants (RPMC), a leading name in Project Management, Construction Management, engineering, construction and consultancy all over India.

Raje Project Management Consultants, Rodic Consultants,

Raj Kumar, Effectual Services, one of the most trusted partners Chairman & Managing Director offering IP support solutions to a number of companies.

Winnerspitch Energy,

Neeraj Chawla, S.K Chawla MD, Founder & CEO

Winnerspitch Energy is an idea born out of the 'Green Energy' vision. It promotes integrating clean energy with sustainable development.

Distributed Work Forces – The Challenges! Manik Kinra Co-Founder

A lot of times Mobile, flexible work forces is considered a panacea, which it is not. While it has its own set of challenges, there are undeniable benefits. For us at Pin Click, the distributed work force allows us to hire from different cities, build a larger talent pool and allows people to associate with us long term while staying close to their home towns. However, with it this brings challenges of distributed overheads, cultural issues between branches, complex planning and more – a bane for HR and the business team. It is easier in company of remote-working writers and coders, where there’s lesser need for synchronous teamwork, but industries or verticals like sales – it gets a bit messier. Either way, the challenge remains the same: getting full visibility of your team to plan and collaborate more effectively across different sites and time zones. So how do you solve it? Overlap Basecamp’s Jason Fried and David Hienemeier Hansson suggest aiming for at least a four-hour overlap of synchronous working a day between team members. This time allows you to prioritise and focus on the tasks that have to be completed together. Remember those 1 year MBA courses

Be there, often & know who is where Whether your team is spread across the cities or working out of one office, knowing about where your folks are and what tasks they are involved into is vital. In this some of the recent apps which not only tracks the holidays etc but also real time location of employees (especially for sales teams or logistics team) can be truly helpful. Similarly you can build you own technology to communicate the whereabouts – In Pin Click, the sales team is supposed to login and update the presence in a meeting so that telesales team doesn’t trouble them at that time with calls. These can be in house built software or softwares like Lync which just updates the status of an individual like available, away, meeting etc. Communicate The most effective collaboration can happen only when the communication lines are always open, a distributed workforce, in particular, needs to over communicate, so you need the right tools for the job. After a brainstorming session over Skype, for instance, share your notes with everyone who’s involved on that project with something like Basecamp,

and update it if a couple of you then revise your ideas over chat. After meetings in Marketing, we use Asana to ensure all details are quickly shared, accessible to all and easy to search for. Meetings You can complement this with a daily or weekly review meeting with a softphone, or a video conferencing app like Skype or Google Hangouts, to see what's been done, who’s doing what and to ensure that no one’s bearing the brunt of the work. Depending on the verticals and type of business the frequency of the meetings could wary. File sharing and storage Cloud-based apps like Dropbox and Google Drive allow you to share and archive files and they ensure that everyone is always working off the latest version of a document. The challenge, therefore, is not just knowing where your staff are and what they’re doing, but also encouraging a culture of collaboration. With a smarter approach and the right tools you create a more effective team, moving from administration and management to strategy and leadership.

Indian Work Culture Ethics Arvind Ghorwal Co-Founder

Culture in Ancient India When we look at Bharat (Ancient India), the culture and traditions which existed at that time, were the result of human genius. We have still been able to keep that culture and traditions alive in spite of many invasions. That shows how strongly they are rooted within us. We shouldn’t let the western influence impact our culture and traditions and should take necessary measures so that they keep on living forever.

Culture in a company Culture is one of the key aspects which determines a company’s success or failure. The founders of the company set the stage for everyone who works with them. If the culture is great, the company will go through the tough times and will eventually succeed. A healthy culture can make all the difference in the long run. The founders should focus on this key aspect of building a business so that even when their existence on Mother Earth is over, the culture and the company which they have created will keep on existing.

How to create a great culture? The founders create a unique culture for their companies, which is usually a product of their own core values and vision. The culture with openness, happiness, humanitarian behaviour within the individuals is what sets any company apart. Everyone who comes and joins your company should fit in the culture which you have created. Even if the individual is fit for the position, he should also fit in the culture, otherwise things might get messy. Every company should invest enough time for building a great company culture.

Do you work for money or for passion? Work takes a large part of our lives. So, work and life cannot be two different things, your work is also your life. The terms like ‘work life balance’ should be avoided because it shows that someone is not understanding that when you work, you are also investing your life in it. And you would not want to invest your life in doing anything, which you don’t like doing. It’s very important that whatever you do, you love doing it and it is also needed to help humanity in some way or the other. If every human being on the planet works for the things that they are passionate about, then we will have a much more amazing world full of wonderful people. And when wonderful, joyful, blissful people come together they create a great culture. Whatever mission they set for themselves, it’s very likely to be accomplished.

Vadeesh Budramane -Founder & CEO

OVERVIEW: The digital economy is pushing software companies to refresh products in short order; the reasons are many such as User Experience, Mobility, and SaaS enablment. Companies are under tremendous cost-and-time presure. Faster time-to-market with no compromise on quality &

AlgoShack offers an easy-to-use platform that will be embedded in the IDEs and will help the community auto-generate work products wholly and accurately.

reliability, at a lower cost, is the need. Companies are transforming their product cycle from several years to couple of quarters, between ideation, market testing and product release.

auto-generation of test cases and test-scripts within seconds. It is easy to use with just a click of a button; all that is required is profiling the application; the rest is taken care of by the platform. It is domain intuitive, highly abstract and comes with a drag and drop wizard.

ABOUT: AlgoShack is one such company that dramatically transforms software delivery by harnessing Artificial Intellgence. It is a start-up that offers SaaS based solutions to software development companies, big or small, that are in the business of developing various software for other companies. Their idea is simple; they test the already developed software or software being developed by making use of latest advancements like AI, Machine learning, and deep technology. AlgoShack thus helps software companies to save time that otherwise goes into testing and make their software bug-free. The software companies save a lot of R&D cost, and their time to market gets reduced drastically. AlgoShack major customers are software companies that leverage AlgoShack’s platform algoQA to accelerate their work and enhance their productivity. The software is tested against all parameters of quality in labs and, the final product that comes out is more reliable with low risk of encountering any bug or failure.

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UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION: It is easy to use with no scripting at all and enables

The most significant value proposition is that it optimizes, standardizes and automates the testing process by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. The main motive behind such a product is to let clients keep pace with the digital economy. By using AlgoShack’s algoQA, software companies can enhance the productivity of their team. FEATURES: It supports applications across web, desktop and mobile and multiple: • tools like Selenium, Appium, Botium, Squish, LDTP, SpecFlow, Cucumber, WatiN • controls like Jquery, JavaFx • language scripting like C# - Selenium, Java – Selenium, Python – LDTP, Python – Squish, Python – Selenium and Python – Appium • browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. • Operating Systems like Linux, Windows, and Apple

She acquired knowledge on healthcare management and has developed her interest in program and project management by becoming PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate holder and learning skills on Cranfield Benefits Management Methodology.

ANYONE CAN TEST: With a mission of ‘Anyone can test,’ AlgoShack has optimistically reduced or eradicated all testing challenges like resource constraints and given way for scalability and quality. The product caters to multiple industries with focus on Ecommerce/Retail, Healthcare and Insurance industry verticals. Across industries anyone can test, that could be a subject matter expert or business analyst or a product owner, developer, or a software quality assurance expert. algoQA PLATFORM: Profile your application – through just drag and drop. The algoProfiler is designed to make every user’s testing journey quick and easy. The user can use its intuitive domain modeler to profile their application. Generate manual test cases, datasets, and test scripts– within minutes. Once the user has profiled his application, it is just a click of a button. An optimal number of test cases written in Gherkin language are generated along with datasets. Schedule and execute With algoQA, the users can also schedule test execution, collect results, and publish reports and dashboards!

Sesha Grama: Chief Customer Officer: Sesha has over 25 years of global experience in Sales, Technology, Solution, Pre-Sales, and Marketing across geos covering North America, U.K, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. His expertise includes Technology Platforms, IT Products, and IT Services.

Team AlgoShack is extremely passionate about product engineering, computer science, and AI. "They are ambitious about changing the way software is delivered. and deliver bug-free software and services, in the cost effective manner". Apart from the algoQA product, the company takes pride in its complete focus on R&D and the real R&D environment provided to the team members working at AlgoShack.

Dr. Meena Raj is Consultant Paediatrician, with over 20

THE FUTURE AHEAD: AlgoShack is a leading company in the software test automation space and is in sync with the demands of the digital economy. It has developed products and solutions which aims at offering user experience, quick turnaround, and SaaS enablement. The company is fully engaged in working on intelligent automation of software testing leveraging machine learning, to create meaningful impact in this space. The company is sure to rise as the economy is transforming into a digital economy and the software companies are

years of clinical experience with a particular interest in Paediatric Diabetes and Endocrinology.

looking for a reliable, quality driven, and low-cost option to get their software tested.

TEAM: Vadeesh. Founder and CEO have over 28 years of experience focused on product engineering, innovation & IP creation. In his 15+ years of experience in senior leadership positions, Vadeesh has been responsible for strategic planning, end-to-end operations, and P&L. He has built globally competitive leadership teams, orchestrated strategic customer engagements, and created significant value for stakeholders.

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Amod Kumar Yadav -Founder & CEO


echnology is changing day by day and life is becoming easier and automated. Arsonic International, a home automation and technology solutions provider has surpassed all the needs in the industry of home automation and is aiming for PAN India. Imagine if you are watching your favourite movie on TV or working dedicatedly on something and don’t want to get disturbed just to adjust the lights, fan, curtains or the temperature of the AC. Arsonic International has given solution to this and has made the things extremely easier for you. Now the lights, temperature, fan, motors, gates, curtains can be controlled without moving or leaving your comfortable position. Whether you are inside the house of outside of country you can control all the home appliance from anywhere and everywhere. Yuhu! Just a few touches on your mobile and get the home customized and automated as per your mood.

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Today we are talking about smart city and its only possible when homes will be smart. Arsonic International since its very existence has worked phenomenally to provide exceptional service to the clients and has embarked its name among one of the trusted and recommended home automation solution providers in India.

Services Offered Arsonic International from its very beginning has aimed to provide a user-friendly technology. The firm using the home automation technology at its best provides an affordable range of solutions and services for residential and commercial space. It provides home automation solutions, office automation solutions, lighting control, gate automation, safety & security products for home, offices and industries.

The switchboards designed are smart and come with retrofit solutions which can automate the lighting, fan, ac, audio/video, curtains, geysers and many more. The solutions provided are resilient and are effective in both new and old construction. The home automation products offered provide tools to play with the color of light as per the mood. Be it Ac, lights, geyser or curtains, everything can be scheduled. To ensure smooth operations, everything is automated and not controlled. It just takes 20 minutes to automate a switchboard and replace the traditional one.

Core Team Mr. Amod Kumar Yadav – Founder & CEO Mrs. Manjuusha Manker – Managing Director Mr. Deepak Pancheshwar – General Manager Mr. Kailash Yadav – Manager – Accounts & Audit Ms. Seema Verma – Manager – Admin & HR Ms. Hema Devangan – Manager – Technical & Estimation

Standing Unique The team, Arsonic International believes that the service offered is the key to success. Aiming to provide round the clock service, Arsonic International has succeeded in providing the best service in the industry to its channel partners, end-users or the internal customers. The team is made of adept professionals who handle the ega-size installation, testing, commissioning and

post-sale service. Each team member understands the responsibilities and ensures to provide the best service.

Overcoming the Roadblocks Amod hails from a small town and owes a small family. In his professionalism of 19 years, he faced a lot many challenges but his determination, self-belief and quick learning habit always motivated him in moving forward. His trust in himself and a positive attitude of never giving-up helped him surpass all the challenges. He believes in improving daily and says, “I don’t think I have achieved any landmark so far, but I have improved a little better from where I had started”. Owing to the prime quality of an entrepreneur he further says, “My risk appetite is very high, and I believe that not taking any risk is the biggest risk of life. Roadblocks are part and parcel of life and it will keep coming and going. Just don’t distract and deviate because of roadblocks.” The Future Ahead Putting the full focus on process, Amod doesn’t think a lot about results. Arsonic International laid its foundation in Raipur and today it has manifested its name successfully in 7 other states. Witnessing this, he says that Arsonic International is following the correct process and a right road map. Quoting Amod, “I believe that if I am honest during the process result will follow.” The team, Arsonic International is working hard and getting prepared to face new challenges which might come amidst growing. With an optimistic approach, Arsonic International believes in improving year by year. With every moment, they are learning and enhancing themselves to achieve the pre-determined Arsonic International in a short span has completed 100+ successful projects in Central India goals and aim to be the successful technology providers in India.

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Sriram Manoharan -MD, CBDO

Contus has firmly reached its position in the global market as the world’s leading SaaP (Software as a Product) and Digital Engineering company to deliver ready to market products to global customers. As the world market demands solutions that transform their businesses completely into digital, Contus has its own solutions to drive results that impact the revenue of the global enterprises. They have been into the market offering solutions, practicing future technologies like IoT (Internet of things), DevOps, Video On Demand, OTT, Live Streaming and Real-time messaging, RPA (Robotics Process Automation), AR (Augmented Reality). Services Offered: As mentioned, Contus offers a wide range of solutions to global customers that adapt to any industrial needs. Their products/services primarily adapt to Mobile and Web applications irrespective of platforms. They offer a set of products/services namely, MirrorFly, Vplayed and Digital Engineering under one brand umbrella “CONTUS”.

• SIP & VoIP Calling • Push-To-Talk • Callkit Vplayed - It’s a live streaming solution with customizable OTT, Audio & video streaming, Video On Demand (VoD) solution that helps content creators to build their own streaming platform. It’s a solution that allows content creators to broadcast their content (Audio & Video) to the world with high-quality. Highlighted Features of Vplayed; • Monetization • Transcoding • Media Player • Analytics Digital Engineering - It’s a digital transformation service propel actionable solution or application with driving the most valuable data into a platform with the help of headway technologies like IoT, DevOps, AR and so on.

MirrorFly - An enterprise-grade real-time messaging solution for businesses to make communication through Chat, Video & Audio calls across all the platforms. It’s a customizable chat solution having APIs & SDKs to integrate chat functionality with features on the web and mobile applications.

Highlighted Technologies in DE; • DevOps • CICD • Full-stack Development • Microservices

Highlighted Features of MirrorFly;


• Video Conferencing

Laying the foundation with just two members onboard, Contus today has embarked itself in the industry with more

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the IT industry including IT Infrastructure, Pre-sales, Technical Support addressing global clients & outsourcing. Discipline, hard work, and focus are the key values that have always helped him in overcoming the challenges and roadblocks. Empowering the employees and seeing them growing gives him immense happiness.

than 300 members working together. Each team in the organization understands their role and contribution in making the project; a success. Their employees are the pillars of the organization and their contribution towards the mission is natural, and in return, their contributions are rewarded.

Journey : Contus laid its foundation in the year 2008 with two people onboard. Now the company is directed by Sriram Manoharan (Founder & MD), Balasubramaniam k (CEO), Balamurugan (Creative Head), Dinesh ( Co-founder & Director - IoT, IIoT), Prakash Malayalam (Director - Vplayed) and Thiaghu Radhakrishnan (Co-founder & VP).

Work Culture : Contus shares a friendly environment with the employees. The flexible working hours and the transparent appraisal make it all the more comfortable for the team to work. They are always provided with cross-training in new technologies and are encouraged for the work. Regular CSR activities are organized to contribute socially. The work from home option, frequent outings, and commuting can make Contus grow more.

Just after a year, in 2009 Contus won the first enterprise customer- World Bank and developed a platform for an independent video player that won over a million down-

Contus also conduct many social responsible drives like blood donation, environmental drives to nurture a clean and green environment. They organize frequent safety drills for the awareness and safety of employees. The firm also follows 0% discrimination and stand against it.

Contus kept growing then and improved its client base to one hundred thousand by launching global products Contus Fly, Contus Vplay which are now rebranded as MirrorFly and Vplayed in the market. They have more than 300 employees across the globe and won numerous awards.

Contus follows an open-door policy with the leaders. Genuine and straight forward feedback is given for improvement and the feedback from the employees is also entertained. The employees are also provided with the right tools and means to accomplish goals. The teamwork and cooperation is the key to their success.

Future Ahead : With an optimistic approach, Contus follows three significant strategies to evolve future business growth; Teamwork, Pursuit for perfection and putting the latest technologies at its forefront. Contus foresee 4-fold growth in the upcoming years which is applicable only through upgrading the technology and delivering ready to go to market products (SaaP). Digitizing business ideas into reliable solutions and profitable revenue to customers is the mission of Contus.

CEO : Sriram Manoharan, MD & Founder at Contus, comes from

loads. In the year 2010, Contus had an office with 100+ seat facility in Ramapuram, Chennai and expanded its team. It also launched its first Magento-based readymade software, Contus Bot, Contalog, Contus Dart and so on. It then launched and Mobe Commerce and won several Global recognitions.

process background and is highly passionate about tech- With the team of dedication, creativity, loyalty, & comnology and for digital transformation. Sriram presently has mitment to success, are our pivotal to the mission, says Sriram Monaharan, M.D of Contus. more than 10 years of experience in different domains of

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Ar. Abhinav Jain & Ar. Atul Soni Co-Founders & Directors



DECONS With the construction and infrastructure industry booming in recent times, the demand for architectural experts and interior designers is increasing. Interior and construction designs as per with international standards are now demanded by clients from different backgrounds. For a design and architecture firm to succeed, attention must be paid to the client’s preferences, along with focusing on the purpose and use of the space. Keeping these factors and more in mind, Decons Company have entered the industry and have been making waves since their inception in 2008. Care is given to appropriate space allocation, design according to the client’s needs, and other imaginative possibilities. Run by a team comprising of various disciplines, Decons has been able to identify several different markets and offer services catered to each type of project, be it residential, or commercial.

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Decons has worked on several projects and ensures client satisfaction at all times. These collaborations include working in architectural design for residential complexes, townships, and showrooms, project management for the hospitality sector, salons, as well as retail, and commercial needs. The organization has also worked with developing and designing corporate interiors of the highest international standard, and have helped change work environment for the better.

Services: Importance is given to sustainable development at all levels of operations at Decons. Thus, the services provided focus on providing sustainable solutions in the industry. Consultancy services are also offered to clients, such that clients themselves can take informed decisions and have knowledge about the field. Decons offers services in the field of architecture and interior design, for residential housing, hospitality and commercial offices. In addition, interior design services are also offered for retail.

Team: Future Ahead: Employees are a key resource for the organization, and are valued and respected for their contributions. A democratic and participative atmosphere is a characteristic feature of the organization’s working style, and employees are encouraged to express their views and ideas in a free and non-judgmental environment. This freedom helps in the growth of employees, at both the professi level. Innovation, client centricity and integrity are the key mantras team members work with to achieve best results. Quality circles are also set up that meet regularly and discuss problems, find solutions, and motivate employees.

In the near future, Decons plans to expand its business to different locations across India, especially in areas with high technical innovation. Collaborating with like-minded businesses, and investing in the right places is also part of the future plans for the company. Decons is a company synonymous with quality and satisfaction, and has the potential to become a leading name in architecture and design.

Diversity and inclusiveness is also encouraged within the teams, and strict policies against harassment and discrimination ensure equal opportunities for all in the work place. Teamwork and co-operation are important in all organizational activities.

Founder: Architect Abhinav Jain & Architect Atul Soni, who are also the co-founders of Effectual Services, has been trying to change the game of design and architectural services in India. He has experience of more than 12 years in the industry, and has a keen eye for the trends and demands in this sector. He aspires to spread awareness of Decons in India and abroad and enhance the Decons portfolio in the Indian market. His attitude of never-say- never is shared with all team members which enhances work culture. His vision of focusing on innovation and attracting and nurturing the best global talent has taken the organization ahead of its competition and is cementing itself as a trusted name in building, architecture and design in the country. Decons believes that value lies in research, and in recommendations given by clients. Research that is fact driven, result oriented and at an optimal cost is what distinguishes the company from its peers.

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Amit Aggarwal -Co-Founder & Director

To foster innovation and creativity, intellectual property (IP) must be protected. Creations of the mind, such as names, symbols, new technological processes, etc. can be protected through patents, copyrights and trademarks. In an era of start-ups and unconventional career paths, an awareness of laws that protect intellectual property can go a long way in boosting the economy. The IP industry also plays an important role in keeping public interest in mind, while at the same time enabling organizations to profit from their ideas and innovations. Effectual Services performs this very task of striking a balance. The organization has grown to become one of the most trusted partners offering IP support solutions to a number of companies. It has helped clients in generating ideas to produce sustainable solutions regarding patents and trademarks. It also offers high level strategic consulting services that helps mitigate risks in the decision making process. Collaboration: Effectual Services caters to clients from 22 countries across 5 continents, including 55 of the Fortune 500 companies, and offers support across various disciplines. The organization’s mission is to respect all stakeholders and encourage collaboration. It also works with several SME’s to protect

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ensure revenue gains. Awards & Achievements: Since its inception, Effectual Services is leading the IP industry, and has been recognized for its contributions. • Founder Amit Aggarwal have been listed in IAM Strate gy 300: The World’s Leading IP Strategists 2019. • Awarded Deloitte India Technology Fast 50 Awards – 14th fastest growing company in India in 2014. • Awarded Deloitte Asia Pacific Fast 500 Awards – 124th fastest growing company in Asia Pacific in 2014. • Awarded Red Herring – Winner of Asia Top 100 Award in 2015. • Received “IP Excellence in India” in 2018 & 2019. • ISO 27001: 2013 – Information Security Certified. • Member of IFCCI since November 2017. • Member of IGCC since December 2017. • Member of IACC since March 2018. Services: • Patentability / Novelty Search • Invalidity Searches / Claim Charts

• Clearance Searches • Patent Proofreading Services • Evidence of Use Team: Effectual Services consists of a team of driven, highly experienced employees who perform with excellence. The organization exudes trust, and has encouraged loyalty in its employees, many of whom have been working with the organization since its inception. Employees hold the organization’s mantra, “Client Centricity, Ethics & Integrity, Innovation & Integrity, Ownership, Respect & Collaboration” close to their hearts. A unique feature is the existence of “quality circles” who meet to discuss problems, and brainstorm solutions. The work culture is healthy with a democratic leadership style, where each one is encouraged to express their views and ideas, to grow both professionally and personally. A platform is also given to individuals to blow the whistle, ensuring complete transparency. A special feature of the organization is its “Team Off Sites”, where people can bond and simultaneously break the monotony of their work life which leads to enhanced productivity. Thus the organization encourages freedom of expression and high levels of engagement in all its activities.

organization has overcome every hurdle and has become a trail blazer. Ideas also had to be generated on expediting the training while maintaining employee effectiveness and mentoring students. Ensuring consultancy services are fact driven and result oriented has also added to the value of the company. Thus as a founder, Mr. Aggarwal’s vision and leadership has played a vital role in every decision taken by the organization. The organization’s vision, “to be the most innovative business partner serving the knowledge economy, by attracting and nurturing the best global talent”, lays down the perfect roadmap to achieve its goals in the future. CSR: Effectual Services has organized social awareness sessions for employees, conducted drives on the environment and supports underprivileged children. Tie ups with NGO’s and orphanages also help the organization make a positive impact on society. Future Ahead:

Founder: Mr. Amit Aggarwal has 17+ years’ experience, and is focused on creating awareness of the industry in India, especially among students. Venturing into a relatively new industry was a brave risk. Building a team of 175+ analysts from scratch, and encouraging and informing parents and employees about the scope of a new industry has also

The organization plans to expand to other locations, especially in Europe, Asia and Australia. It also plans to expand vertically by pairing up with like-minded organizations or investing in new business opportunities. It considers collaborations a significant aspect in expansion. Working with more Fortune 500 companies to help craft IP strategies, and also save SME’s from frivolous litigation

been challenging. But, with democratic leadership, the

by NPE’s is a key concern for the organization.

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Future Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has manifested its


Solutions Pvt Ltd.

name in the industry as a Consulting, Technology and Next-Generation System Integrator. Certified as an ISO and CMMI-L3, the ITIL acquiescent organization has been successful in providing cost-effective, end- to- end IT products and services blended with innovation and works over Five focus areas namely: Digitization Managed Services Resource Augmentation Consulting & Business Solution Application Development & Support To FSPL, Success has a different meaning all

Vipul Datta CEO

together. For them, success is creating a business that empowers customers, employees and community equally. They plan their work in a manner,

which is completely focused on their clients and employees. Happiness and satisfaction are the key goal which they keep in mind while meeting the client and employees’ expectation from a personal and professional standpoint. Their active participation in the CSR activity has always been their endeavour which is immensely appreciated. Their valuable help in various camps like Goonj, Help Age India, Old Age India and many more such social activities make them socially responsible. Clients Future Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd., has been a helping hand and backbone to the numerous enterprises in transforming themselves and to bloom well in the changing world through their IT Services and System Integration. Leading the industry as a Consulting, Technology and Next Generation Services, FSPL attract clients from over 450+ locations across India and has helped them in expanding and leading the race with the blend of innovation. They are recognized for their approach of vendor-agnostic process-automation & optimization and impeccable delivery of the projects. Currently, FSPL supports 400 + customers, with hundred percent of business retention. Co- Partner Embarking its name in the industry, FSPL presently has over 400+ technology partners amid whom are the globally renowned companies namely; Microsoft, Symantec, Cisco, Veritas, ARC Serve, Trend Micro, Oracle, Citrix, VMware, IBM Software, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Red Hat, HP & HP Software, Dell, EMC, Lenevo, Juniper, Sapphire, Com Guard, Synology and some players for specific technologies operational in the area of Smart City, Surveillance, Adoption and Availability of IT in rural India.

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Team The team of FSPL comprises professionals who are adept with the cross-functional skills and has strong experience in multiple markets. The core team of FSPL includes intellects who have an experience of more than 200 years serving their clients in various sectors like PSU, State & Central Government, Retail, Manufacturing, BFSI, Media, Healthcare and many more. Work Culture To FSPL, their employees are their family and thus takes special care about their happiness and satisfaction. Various motivational programs are organized to uplift the morale of the workforce. Flexible working hours, Work from Home option are added bonuses which employees enjoy. Programs like Executive Team Effectiveness, Innovation at Work and People Focused Programs motivates them to work with high spirits. Organization’s Management Style FSPL has 4 Management Key Leaders: CEO- Mr. Vipul Datta CFO- Mr. Ashutosh Sharma CTO- Mr. Manish Kr. Bharti and VP - HR, HCP and Quality Automation- Ms. Pooja Bharti About CEO Mr. Vipul Datta, CEO @FSPL, is a real significant player with dual facets, both motivating and challenging. Associated with the company in year 1994 as a Sales Executive under Business Development Group, he now heads FSPL as a successful CEO. With his great skills, he has built the organization with the professional culture taking the responsibility single-handedly and has achieved his biggest achievement in the form of brand “Future Soft” and respect following the success even in digital space. Being a dynamic leader, Vipul has pushed the bar higher every quarter and believes in “Striving for excellence all the time”. Vipul using his expertise in the area of Business Planning and Execution, Customer and Team Management and De-risking the business engagement has focused strongly on just one goal- “Achieve a high point of recall with clients and become their trusted IT Partner”. Vision Ahead ‘Planning’ has been the key to the FSPL’s business since its inception, and they look forth to 200% YOY growth for current FY. FSPL is also adopting and moving towards Digitization as the strategy and transforming the traditional business model in the digital form using the digital technologies. FSPL believes in upgrading their processes and skills every-time. According to them, “We have and continue to outmatch our competition with strong determination, unlearning and applying new thinking and leadership; further supported by investments made in the areas of Quality, Automation and a dedicated Team to keep an eye on advancements in the areas of IT to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve".

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Siva Reddy - Managing Director

GND Solutions

In a fast paced world of technology and communication, efficiency and productivity is the need of the hour. IOT and M2M solutions are now applicable in a variety of sectors, from industries to the development of sustainable infrastructure. Moreover, the industry competes at the global level, which can be a challenging task for start-ups to enter the competition and make a name for themselves. This very feat has been achieved by GND Solutions, an organization that offers innovative an transformative solutions in IOT and M2M for industries, development of Smart Cities, Smart Energy systems, agriculture, and more such areas. End to end solutions are offered, from node, cloud, analytics to visualization which ensures the organization plays a competitive game in the global market. Collaboration: With clear goals laid down to maneuver the organization, GND Solutions has successfully completed more than 12 large projects and developed more than 23 solutions also delivered over 40,000 sensors. Apart from offering solutions to technology giants, cold chain management and restaurant segments, the organization is extending its bou -ndaries and is penetrating into newer

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segments such as data centers, airports and railways. It has collaborated with Fortune 100 companies, leading energy savings companies in Singapore and a Silicon Valley IOT company as well. Awards: With its objective of being the best in the industry, GND Solutions has won five prestigious awards since its inception. The organization has also collaborated with a Silicon Valley IOT company to win the CES Innovation Award. Services: GND Solutions is able to offer the highest quality services to clients, ranging from simple to complex. They pride themselves in on-time delivery and superior quality services which include: Team: GND Solutions rightfully boasts of high employee satisfaction and steady work/life balance. Values, ethics, workflow, time management and feedback are regarded by the

organization as essential elements that create a positive and productive ambiance for employees to work in. Work culture is democratic, with team members having a sense of belonging to an extended family that offers positivity and support. The organization also empowers its team members by respecting and appreciating what makes them different, and has a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination. Annual goal setting, regular development plans and performance evaluation ensures that the company pays individual attention to its members and encourages knowledge development. Planning, prioritizing and organizing work at regular intervals emphasizes the importance of following the project’s objectives. Tasks are also allocated efficiently between hardware, software and firmware teams, making the company highly organized and productive. Flexibility is a key word at GND Solutions. Employees are given a free hand with regards to how they work, when they work and where they work. This level of flexibility ensures employees perform their roles voluntarily and passionately, rather than being forced to do so. Thus employees leverage their best creative output by working on their passions, on their time. Founder: A. V. Siva Reddy, the Founder and MD of GND Solutions leads the organization, both in its technical and managerial aspects. He has more than 20 years of experience in Concept and Product Delivery in IOT and M2M solutions, and specializes in driving technology solutions, new product development, innovation, and go-to market strategies. He has also served as Technology Advisor to Silicon Valley startups. Siva’s holistic vision has allowed GND Solutions to work in leading industries and operate effectively at the global level. Having a democratic leadership style, the organization believes

“ Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. ” that success lies not in the quantity of projects completed, but in three key areas - customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and technology expertise. Siva believes in building trust, intelligence and discipline in his organization, where leaders are viewed more as mentors rather than managers. This is done through teamwork, regular team interactions and standup meetings that foster a sense of brotherhood. CSR: The company focusses on the mental health of its employees and ensures each team member uses his creative potential in a stress-free environment. Impetus is given to the impact of the organization on the environment. Sustainable development, and solutions to obtain equilibrium between man and nature are stressed on, along with a focus on health and welfare of society. Future Ahead: The organization plans to make a name at the global level, starting from Australia and the Middle East and also wants to offer solutions to newer industries.

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Nandan Mall -Founder & CEO


“ e the change that you wish to see in the world”, this famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi is deeply engraved in everyone’s heart and Hulladek Recycling Pvt. Ltd. has been deeply inspired by these words. With the mission to make the world a greener and sustainable place to live, Hulladek Recycling has created a system that allows proper handling and disposal of e-waste. Comprehensive Offerings With the vision of recycling the entire E-waste of the country, Hulladek Recycling has introduced innovative practices in the field of E-waste management. The organization is registered as Producer Responsibility Organization by Central Pollution Control Board, Govt of India and aims in providing end-to-end services in terms of documentation and compliance of their clients. They also collect electronic and electrical waste on their behalf and channelize the same for recycling. Hulladek works to minimize the issue of pollution and environmental degradation caused by improper disposal of Electrical and Electronic waste generated from different individuals and organizations. Being Committed to Goals Hulladek Recycling is a team led by youngsters falling under the age group of 30 years. It ensures that each

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employee has the freedom and enjoy working. Belonging to the same age group the team works with like-mindedness and understanding which further promotes unity, teamwork and cooperation. The creative route is taken to reach the respective goals with the guidance and suggestions of seniors along with the teammates. The company address all the concerns raised by the employees without delay and this instills confidence in them. They share mutual respect and understanding. Moreover, the team is inspired by the company’s vision and mission and works dedicatedly to save the environment. The company takes all the precautions needed for the employees’ safety. Furthermore, being a POSH complaint, it gives a sense of security to the women employees of the organization. Hulladek Recycling is trying to build a culture that promotes inclusiveness and equality and to instill the same among the employees. Exemplified Leadership Mr. Nandan Mall, CEO at Hulladek Recycling is the third-generation entrepreneur who is currently working on developing Eastern India’s first e-waste recycling unit. Being just 28 years, he is perhaps the youngest entrepreneur in this field. He pursued his Bachelor of Commerce from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and eventually earned his spot as

a Business Development Manager at NIIT Kolkata. After his

material three years back, today is heading the Logisticde-

three-year career as a manager there, Mr. Mall decided it was time for a change of scenery and sold his business to use the amount as capital to fulfil his teenage dream of working towards E-Waste management. Waste management has always been a cause of concern in his city. People litter the roads even with dustbins 20 feet away and so to him bringing recycling into everyday lives was much more an inspirational job than business.

partment. Every employee’s success is celebrated and as it ismarked as Hulladek’s success.

Key Feature of Hulladek Recycling HulladekRecycling is an organization that is mainly led by young leaders.They consistently keep practicing role shuffling, IDT, impartingtraining related to work and personal development. This motivates theteam to work more freely and dedicatedly. Furthermore, the ‘opendoor policy’ of the management keeps the employees’content and avoids misunderstanding. The frequent redressal togrievances helps in avoiding unproductivity and negativity in theworkplace. At Hulladek, success is defined by not only individualgrowth but through communal growth. The organization has a very fastpaced growth structure. On the basis of performance and potential, anindividual in a short-span of time can easily climb up the ladder ofhierarchy. For instance, a young boy who joined the organization forlifting

A Glimpse of the Future Hulladek is growing incredibly and has achieved 383% of growth since its birth. CEO, Nandan Mall says, “The contribution of our clients and our employees has made it possible for us to collect more than 10, 00,000 kgs of e-waste till the last year. From being a start-up in the city of Kolkata, today we are a major service provider in Eastern India and also extend our services on a PAN India basis. We are currently working with more than 1000 clients and have 100 contract clients. We also have branch offices via our channel partners in five other states of India”. Recently, Hulladek has launched its collection centre office in association with JUSCO situated in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and looks forth to launch more of the collection centres by making channel partner in the Eastern states of India. They have also moved into consultancy services with government certification like BIS and are planning to cover more such certifications through the consultancy wing in the future.

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Samar Singla -Founder & CEO


ired of haggling and waiting for an auto? Here is the start-up from Chandigarh which initially emerged as an auto-rickshaw aggregator and is now serving with services like Taxi booking, Delivery, Concierge, Limo service, truck service, towing, shuttle, renting car or bike, P2P car rental and carpool. All the more, it also makes the food, fruits, vegetable or groceries available right at your doorstep. With time Jugnoo has observed massive development in the terms of business operations, technical advancement and verticals like B2B and B2C domains. Samar Singla, the founder and CEO says that his goals keep on changing with time. At the professional front, he sees Jugnoo making noise in Tier II and Tier III cities all across the world. Established in the year 2014, Jugnoo has evolved itself above par and has emerged as a solution to the basic problems of transport and food. Diversified in all aspects, the employees of Jugnoo believe in working together as a Team.Taking pride in their contribution

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to the organization, they foresee Jugnoo basking in the glory of success. They are motivated perpetually and get a broad field to recognize their strength, experiment and to plan a bright future. Autonomy to employees and a friendly ambiance is what the employees’ of Jugnoo love. To the organization, an open and expanded mindset signifies leadership. The quality of leadership has that power to add-on the positive values to the business and the society altogether. They keep on reforming the work structure for a better understanding and outcome. For Jugnoo, their team-mates are their family, their happiness and comfort is the prime focus. Improvising every single day, uplifting the name of the organization and creating space where their employee can attain the better version of themselves is what they aim for. They too have fun activities organized to preach wellness, which would improve their employees’ health, psyche and relatable business.

Jugnoo perceives success as LID which stands for Learning, Initiative and Development. They look forth to innovation in their services, products and encouraging the team to create a positive value for businesses with products and offers. Jugnoo offer services which are both practical and user-friendly. The products like Tookan, Yelo, KatoFugu, Hippo & Tida Jugnoo & its sister concern Jungleworks have already made noise in the industry with their easy to use services. When asked for how was the foundation laid, CEO Samar Singla says that the problem of basic economics of demand and supply of auto-rickshaws in Tier II and III cities of India gave him and Chinmay Agarwal the idea. Other than buses, auto-rickshaws have been serving as a primary means of public transport on a daily basis, from a decade. The struggle in availing the auto- rickshaws and haggling at the end has always persisted for the commuters and to get the passenger and haggling again has made it difficult for the drivers. By using Jugnoo’s service, both drivers and commuters can avail the best on-demand services in their area. Facilitating optimum utilization of the readily available autos in intra-city transport segment, which is largely underutilized; Jugnoo came forth intending to increase the earnings of an auto-driver more efficiently and to provide rides to the commuters in a reasonable rate.

While talking about himself, Mr. Samar says, “I’ve been often called a serial entrepreneur and am a physicist by education. I like to believe that I am a good orator since I enjoy talking to people so much. I have experience as a researcher at IBM and CERN and Jugnoo came into existence in 2014 with the vision to transform the Indian auto-rickshaw sector. Apart from Jugnoo, I also found Click- Labs, a profitable SaaS technology solution provider of Business suit called ‘JungleWorks’. When not working on business ideas, I like to travel and am a keen photographer.” Jugnoo presently is operational across the world. It has been growing exponentially and is excelling in new geographies demographics. It has already extended its services in Saudi Arabia and has won their trust, faith and love. They help them in empowering the entrepreneurs and enterprises with their B2B technology and to boost growth and ROI. Jugnoo today has 10 countries as co-partner and has a strong pipeline of development in the coming years.

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NextGen Life Sciences

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Dr. Nagma Abbasi -Founder & CEO

About NextGen Life Sciences Pvt Ltd: Biotechnology has gained a lot of significance during the last two decades, given the fact that biotechnology has touched our lives in every aspect. The research work in biotechnology has improved the quality of food, health, and animal life to a great extent. It has a huge potential to serve and benefit humanity. The beauty of this discipline of

association with leading multinational brands in the industry, it is steadily providing all kinds of much-needed solutions for the present and future of the biotech world. A Visionary Chief:

science possesses the finest blend of life science and advanced technology. It has infinite possibilities to create a healthy and happy future and it seems to be more prom-

Having a remarkably bright foresight to recognize the great potential and advancements of the biotechnology industry offers for the future, it was a natural progression for Dr. Nagma Abbasi to become a pioneer in the biotech world

ising with the arrival of digitization and artificial intelligence (AI) era. So, it’s been a big boon for science and mankind.

by establishing NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. In the year 2014.

To cater to the untapped opportunities in the biotech industry, Dr. Nagma Abbasi has laid the foundation of NextGen Life Sciences Pvt Ltd in the year 2014, aiming to offer a wide range of premium products and exclusive

This passionate researcher and biotech professional attended IMT Ghaziabad, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh and Indian Agricultural Research Institute,

services for the life science research and diagnostic market. It also provides innovative solutions in Instrumentation, Reagents, Next Generation Sequencing Services,

Delhi- for her post-graduation in Business administration, Doctoral studies in Molecular Genetics and post-doctoral in Molecular biology. She has a glorious career span over a decade and worked closely with eminent research insti-

Bioinformatics, and customized solutions to Scientists and Researchers.

tutes and leading multinational companies in the Life Science/ Biotechnology industry.

NextGen Life Sciences has a crystal clear vision to be focused on offering the best of solutions for scientist’s research needs, in the field of Molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, health care, drug development. In a very

She firmly believes that learning new things is ever going progress and emphasizes hard work which is smartly done. Today, with her determination to deliver the best of services and solutions which are smart and futuristic, Next-

short time, it has emerged as a prominent and research-intensive life science company. With an

Gen Life Sciences Pvt.Ltd. has become the most preferred brand for clients.

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Core Team:

Sequencing, Bioinformatics and Gene Synthesis.

The employees are indeed the soul of the organization. So, NextGen Life Sciences Pvt.Ltd. believes in a flat organizational structure and an encouraging office environment here makes employees feel motivated. So, the employees always turn challenges into an opportunity to grow and excel. NextGen Life Sciences Pvt.Ltd., finds pride in having a team of best of the talents in the industry and works together as a family.

Esteemed partners: For R&D, manufacturing and distribution business it has collaborated with partners from the USA, Europe, Singapore, and other South East Asia countries. • Thermo Fisher Scientific • highQu GmbH • Leucine Rich Bio

Exclusive offerings at NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. : Awards and Recognitions : Innovative solutions - For Instrumentation, Reagents, Consumables which researchers use in scientific investigation and diagnosis. Premium products - For Cell Analysis, Cell Culture & Transfection, Cloning, DNA & RNA Purification, Gene Expression Analysis & Genotyping, PCR, Protein Expression & Analysis, Real-Time PCR, RNAi, Sequencing, Synthetic Biology, Cancer Research, stem cell research,

NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. has been featured as – “Top 20 Best Life Science Start-Ups” by Silicon India Magazine. “Company of the Year 2018” by The CEO Magazine. “Emerging Healthcare solution providers in 2019” by Insightscare Magazine. “Top 10 Biotechnology Startups to Look in 2019” by Biotech Times. “Women entrepreneur of the Year 2019” by Business Connect Magazine. What does the Future hold?

Drug Discovery, and development, Plant Sciences, epigenetics and Excellent Services - for Sequencing and Next Generation

NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. aims high with the launch of its own-brand products of international standards. Soon, it will also run Freezer programs at prime customer sites. At a steady pace, it is working constantly to empower the mounting realm of research to solve complex analytical challenges in the pharmaceuticals, food, environment, biotechnology, and industrial and clinical research. The company’s mission is to discover, delineate and deliver high-quality products and excellent services that enable millions of lives to live a healthy and better life.

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Varun Raje - CEO

Raje Project Management Consultants (RPMC) With several cities in India being classified as Smart Cities, and with a focus on building better infrastructure, the construction industry has received a massive boost in the last decade. Infrastructure with regards to housing, construction of malls and commercial complexes, hospitals, flyovers and other structures are being developed according to international standards. In this booming industry with multiple players, quality and excellence in delivery is what brings su cess to an organization. These key features are observed in Raje Project Management Consultants (RPMC), a leading name in Project Management, Construction Management, engineering, construction and consultancy all over India. The organization is a part of Raje Consultants which has completed more than 1000 cutting edge projects, and is on its way to becoming a prominent player in the industry, building structures that will stand the test of time.

Pharma, Macleods Pharmaceuticals, Balmer & Lawrie – Van Leer Ltd., TATA Trusts, Rajesh Lifespaces, Radisson Hotels, Renaissance Jewelers, Gehna Jewelers, Vini Group and several celebrities .In all they have delivered more than one crore square feet of construction and executed projects worth more than 2000 Crores. Leading names in the hotel and restaurant industry such as the Taj Group, Radisson Hotels, L& T Realty, Piramal realty, Godrej Realty, Cipla, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, MCGM, PWDs, Tata Steel, Reliance Industries Ltd., Mahindra Realty and telecommunication companies like Idea Cellular, Vodafone and Reliance Infocom are some of their well-known client of the parent company, Raje Consultants. Services: The long list of collaborators and clients is a testament to the fact that the organization has the best expertise and offers the highest quality of services. These include:

Collaborations: Raje Project Management Consultants (RPMC) have worked successfully with a plethora of clients from various sectors. These include Government bodies like PWD, MES, and corporate clients like Bisleri International, L&T Realty, Shapoorji Pallonji – Dilip Thacker Enterprise (SD Corp.), TCG, Podar International Schools, Baidyanath

7%@.&"#),4$%#$)3&"1 +,)-#.)))-/0$1.2-%3&"1

• Project Management • Construction Management • Quality and Billing Audits • Turnkey Projects (Engineering – Procurement – Con struction) • Quantity Surveying and Estimation • Project Scheduling

• Technical Due Diligence • Project Cost Monitoring • Contract Management Team: The organization believes in the importance of its employees and views them as its most valuable assets. Organizational activities are therefore always geared towards employee satisfaction, where they are welcome to share suggestions and opinions in a free and open environment. Exposure to new endeavors keeps employees engaged and empowered to scale new heights. Office infrastructure is also according to international standards, and the pleasing environment at work serves as a motivator for professionalism and fulfilment at the same time. Ultimate hygiene standards are maintained, and women safety is established, along with respect for each employee. Employee and colleague protocols and policies also ensure that there is zero tolerance to discrimination or harassment of any kind. Thus the organization has a democratic and participative leadership style, where constructive feedback is given to team members by mentors. Workflow is also well paced, and the company is moving to a completely paperless system to enable ease of online collaboration within teams. Action and on-time delivery while maintaining the highest standards is the focus of each project.

Dr.H.M.Raje - Founder just financial growth, but is a more comprehensive aspect which is subject to consistency of services offered. This consistency helps satisfy the requirements of clients, and their recommendations to others is viewed as a parameter for success. By consistency and reliability, Raje Project Management Consultants (RPMC) has made a name for itself. CSR: Social issues are always a priority, and the organization supports various NGOs for child educational and health initiatives. Giving back to society is an important concern, and with each project the organization ensures that they are being responsible towards the community.

CEO: Future Ahead: Varun H. Raje is a highly distinguished professional who has more than 12 years’ worth of experience in the construction industry, delivering services to national and international clients, even at short notices. He is a civil engineer with a Masters in Construction Management from IIT Bombay, and has done his post-graduation diploma from NMIMS in Business Management. He believes in being reliable and trustworthy, and each of his projects is therefore conducted with efficiency, punctuality and precision. Prioritizing client’s requirements has been instrumental for the organization in clearing roadblocks. To Dr. Raje, Founder of Raje Consultants, success is not

Raje Project Management Consultants (RPMC) plans to offer services with regards to Development Management and turnkey projects in the future. Lateral growth is being enhanced by diversifying new areas in the field. Focusing on learning, upgrading knowledge and skills, and being vigilant towards new trends is seen as the method to pave the way forward. With an emphasis on building trust and delivering the highest quality of services, Raje Structural Consultants has forged ahead of its competition and in on the path to success.

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Raj Kumar

-Chairman & Managing Director




country that is infrastructurally sound is bound to make significant progress. India, in the last decade, has made tremendous progress in terms of infrastructure and has witnessed an upward growth, both in the public and private sector. The increase in the industry can be credited to infrastructure consultants and developers who have made it their mission to bring a positive change in infrastructure in India and selflessly want to contribute to the economy of the country. Rodic Consultants is one such infrastructure consulting company having a motto of building a strong today for a robust tomorrow. The company holds the mission of contributing to sustainable and long-term development across the country. Rodic Consultants is a comprehensive consultancy service provider, focused on delivering integrated end-to-end solutions across key sectors of India’s infrastructural development. Rodic Consultants is an integrated pan-India consultancy provider, and a trusted partner, providing distinctive and impactful solutions to clients across industries, through a portfolio of quality services, since its establishment in the year 2000.

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2018 IEI Industry Excellence Award 2018 for Engineering Services and Consultancy from the Institution of Engineerings, India. Award for outstanding contribution for successful completion of Saubhagya scheme in Bihar ahead of schedule by BSPHCL. 2017 SME Business Excellence Award, 2017 in Mid-Corporate Segment by Dun and Bradstreet – RBL Bank. 2016 CIDC Viswakarma Award, 2016 for Best Professionally Managed Company by Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC). 2015 Achiever’s Award, 2015 for performance excellence and cost. Effective approach towards projects completion by Bihar State Road. Development Corporation Limited (BSRDCL). SERVICES : • Advisory Services, • Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Studies,

• Value Engineering, • Detailed Design, • Detailed Project Report, • Construction Supervision, and Project Management TEAM : Rodic Consultant, with its laser-sharp focus on quality, has a team who takes care of the minutest of details. It has a strong team of 2200 skilled, focused, passionate, and motivated professionals, aligned to its goals and equipped with the necessary competence and capabilities. The organization is conscious of having individuals from diverse demographic backgrounds. It focuses a great deal on the empowerment of women Team members. Its employees find it an excellent workplace because of the freedom of thought and action, empowerment at every level and a work culture that rewards performance and performance alone. The employees are in complete sync with the purpose and mission of the company and are working towards making Rodic a leading infrastructure company in the world. The leadership is dynamic, proactive, and dedicated. It has a clear vision for the future. It deeply values each member of the team. FOUNDER: Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Raj Kumar is an entrepreneur who is

wedded to the cause of development of infrastructure. Over the past two decades, he has propelled the company from a small entity to one of the leading infrastructure consultant companies in India. He had understood relatively early in life that a robust infrastructure is the cornerstone of a healthy and thriving economy. Having identified the hidden potential of the sunrise sector and propelled by the same philosophy, he steered Rodic towards the transformation of Indian infrastructure by making notable contributions to infrastructure projects of national importance. He is also a National level shooter and has many wins in the .22 rifle shooting. He believes that single-minded devotion to one’s vision and hard work can overcome all obstacles. He firmly believes in thinking ahead while never losing sight of the present. CSR: • Built three state-of-the-art laboratories for a girls’ school in Dehradun. • Developed smart classrooms in Chandauli. • Helped two intrepid girls to achieve their dream of cycling across the country. • Helped children in an impoverished home to obtain books and other material for studies. • Launched a significant campaign for ‘green India’ initia tive, planting hundreds of trees in various locations in the country. FUTURE AHEAD : The company is optimistic about using Artificial Intelligence that will propel the company among the front-runners in this field. Also, to foray into technical areas of Intelligent transportation system, Smart Cities, metro rail, ports, and renewable energy.

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S.K Chawla

Neeraj Chawla

-Founder & CEO

-Managing Director

About the company:

Our offerings:

It’s been since several decades, that the whole world has

A quest to deliver the best of products and services is what

been witnessing the unfortunate episodes of devastating

makes us a trustworthy namecfor our esteemed clients

consequences for planet Earth. Yes, the scientists and

across the country in a very short time. Winnerspitch

environmentalists have succeeded to make the world

Energy Private Limited aims at high productivity which is

more aware of the gruesome side effects of coal and oil

optimized with advanced technology.Our exclusive offer-

burning which has ultimately led to global warming.

ings are:

At the moment, the world needs to focus on the requirement of deep cuts in emission and extensive usage of

1. Advisory and Consulting

clean energy which is essential for a highly sustainable

● Energy

development for our generations to come. A positive

o Non-Renewable energy.

change, no matter a tiny one, it might bring an ocean of

o Renewable Energy- Green Energy.

opportunities that can significantly transform the world into a better place and upgrades millions of lives every day.

● Information Technology as a backbone to enhance Pro ductivity, Management and Analytics

Winnerspitch Energy Private Limited is an idea born out of the ‘Green Energy’ vision. It promotes integrating clean

2. Agile Intervention

energy with sustainable development and brings a whole

● Better Planning and Implementation as an EPC

new and positive approach for the usage of energy. It has


expertise in Energy management to rooftop designing,

● Better Branding


● Better and Easier Operations and Management.





renewable energy for end-users. Not only this, Winnerspitch has pioneered in the advisory role to provide educa-

3. Awards and Recognitions:

tion and helps to implement solutions for schools, insti-

● MNRE Empaneled -Certificate of empanelment by

tutes, and industries. It also caters to the needs for agile intervention and offers services for enhanced focus on Organizational Effectiveness with reduced operational and costs and business risks.

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MNRE, Govt. of India. ● CRISIL -NSIC- Rated WEPL as a HIGH operating perfor mance company. ● Recognized as one of the top-10 ‘CLEAN-TECH start-ups-2018’ by Silicon India.

● JTEKT Sona award for outstanding quality & delivery. ● Recognized as Startup of the Year 2019 by Technology Widgets. 4. Partnerships and Associations:

● Generating Employment extensively. ● Providing renewable energy equipments at zero magins to customers who have adopted schools, hospitals, villages. ● Using renewable packaging for transportation of mater als.

● Information Technology (with IOT platform for Remote monitoring). ● Partnership with technology Firms for Off Grid Night lights. ● Partnership with ISTSL (A SIDBI JV). ● Distributor for Webdyn (Dataloggers and Logic Contro lers). 5. Team: Winnerspitch Energy Private Limited, highly focused on quality, proud to have a team of best of the talents in the industry, who have passion, determination and takes care of delivering excellence only. The organization has a strong team of highly skilled and experienced professionals in each of its departments, which enables the organization to achieve a new epitome of success and growth coupled with innovation. Every team member gets the much-needed opportunity to master new skills and explore their potentials as they can work cross-department as a part of an open-door work environment here. The employees are encouraged to utilize their potential to the fullest, which motivates them to achieve a higher goal and work towards making Winnerspitch Energy Private Limited a leading company in the world. A precise planning with keen execution leads us to own extraordinary outcomes. The leadership encourages a work culture which respects values, ethics and believes in the empowerment of all team member. 6. CS R: ● Providing a cover to employees for basic needs under law and governance.

7. Future Roadmap: Strategic planning is the key to excellence. It makes the process of execution explicit and successful. The efficient and dynamic mentors along with the all the teams, determined to make Winnerspitch Energy Private Limited a global player with minute planning and precision with innovation and the cutting-edge technologies. Ensuring the utmost satisfaction with quality products and timely delivery to end-users is always the highest priority for Winnerspitch Energy Private Limited. In a very short period, the company has established as a trustworthy one having new clients and repeat business, also doubling revenues year on year. The company has a thoughtful approach for future growth and aims to become the esteemed brand name across the globe. 8. About the Founder: A visionary and passionate techie Mr. S K Chawla, Petroleum Engineer from IIT (ISM), with a strong determination to bring a remarkable change that would illuminate countless lives with the usage of clean and safe renewable energy, has laid a strong foundation for Winnerspitch Energy Private Limited. He has experience working in the Energy and Education fields for more than five decades. Today, his brainchild is touching new horizons of success under the leadership of his son, Mr. Neeraj Chawla, Managing Director, of Winnerspitch Energy Private Limited entrepreneur as well. Mr. Neeraj Chawla has worked extensively with the best of MNCs in India and the USA. So, he has a fair understanding of the impact of social and economic diversities and he is focused on specific opportunities across the globe with local associates and investors.and a top-notch industry leader who is a truly enthusiastic

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“Everything we do is about making

sure you get great tasting, high quality foods that you can feel good about feeding your family.