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Aid of AI in HR PERSONALIZATION In Human Resource Management

INTERNAL PROCESS Controls For Better Compliance

K. Sridhar

Co-Founder & Managing Director

kelsa solutions ‘Kelsa’ Means ‘Work’, Going That Extra Mile.

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Co-Founder & Managing Director


12 Cavita Mehra Managing Director


16 Venugopal I

Managing Director

Sharp & Score HR Consulting









Aid of AI in HR Internal Process Controls For Better Compliance


Personalization in Human Resource Management


Arjun Shrivastava

Shiladitya Bhattacharya


Positive Strokes


Managing Partner



SOLUTIONS ‘Kelsa’ Means ‘Work’, Going That Extra Mile.

K elsa Management Solutions was started in March

2010 with a mission to cater to the needs of small and medium sized corporations to manage their people requirements who, are on the threshold of growth. Kelsa is augmenting its vision of being a unique solution provider by establishing their own frameworks for Organization and Leadership Development and Employee Engagement. During the last ten years of its journey, Kelsa has matured into an organization that not only provides niche HR solutions but also use its expertise to build an HR Academy. 6

K. Sridhar

Co-Founder & Managing Director


They have partnered with more than 200 clients through a vast spectrum of industries of all sizes; from small, medium to large and MNCs. Kelsa has delivered solutions which are tailor-made to the requirements of the customers across the entire HR life cycle in an organization. It also takes on the role of Independent Directors on Boards of companies to help them formulate their people strategies at the Board level. The asymmetric expectations concerning strategy and execution imposes a tremendous burden on HR professionals which, seems to be the prime reason why small and medium-sized organizations have a hard time not only finding top talents in the industry but also retaining them. Kelsa perceived this as an opportunity and addressed the problem by aligning the business vision of the customer firms with the HR strategy in the SME space. Its ultimate goal is to help transform the HR role to being Business Partners who advise organizations on their strategies. Kelsa was co-founded by K. Sridhar, Devika Dharmaraj and R. Shantaram. The combined experience of the three founders crosses the threshold of a hundred years in the Human Resource industry. K. Sridhar has more than 40 years of experience, working and growing in various organizations as a strategist. He is a veteran management professional in the industry. Sridhar has done his post-graduation in management from the University of Madras. Later, he has been trained as a Lead Assessor for P-CMM at the Carnegie-Mellon University, USA. He has played a variety of roles in small, medium and large organizations. Devika Dharmaraj and R. Shantaram are both post-graduates in management from XLRI, Jamshedpur. Devika has more than 25 years of experience in the HR industry and worked in diverse roles from being a manager to an independent consultant. Her vast experience comes from engineering, processing, manufacturing, healthcare and IT sectors which have led her to work internationally. R. Shantaram has an experience of 30 years in the HR industry. He has worked in diverse roles in organizations ranging from 15,000-strong transnationals to startups having less than 30 employees. He has worked in a variety of industries including manufacturing, automobiles, IT/ITES, media and consulting. He was a key member of the India leadership team at Sutherland Global Services, spearheading the growth of the organization from ‘proof-of-concept’ to becoming one of the top 5 BPO companies in India. The diversity of the Founders’ experiences helped Kelsa navigate through various challenging assignments in different sectors of industries. The values shared by the three Founders have contributed to Kelsa’s achievements. Kelsa’s professionals acknowledge the need of the client organization andthen bring innovative solutions to the table. This approach makes their work cycle unique in the industry which, aligns with the values and culture of their client. They have added value to a variety of organizations in various stages of growth to help people deliver better performance, dovetail business strategies and people practices, develop leadership teams and put together systems to scale up performances. Kelsa strives to measure the impact of their work through internally developed metrics relevant to the client organization. The many years of service, practice, and experience have translated into three products which Kelsa offers: • Kelsa Konvex® is a 360° audit of all the HR practices in the organization: HR Audit product is designed specifically to understand need-gaps and bottle-necks in achieving goals. It is designed not with the past or even present in mind, but with a focus on the future. The major differentiator of Kelsa Konvex® is

that it looks at the “As-Is” state as a starting point in order to build capabilities to take the organization to “Where the company ought to be.” The Kelsa Konvex® audit culminates in a set of specific action areas for the client to work on – where required, Kelsa will support the execution as well. • The H3M3® is an employee engagement framework that recognizes both the emotional and logical (Heart and Mind, hence the name, H3M3) components of engagement. A key differentiator is that Kelsa’s model is able to uncover enterprise-wide, systemic gaps while also being able to provide people-manager-specific action areas for boosting employee engagement.

R. Shantaram

Co-Founder & Director

Devika Dharmaraj Co-Founder & Director

• Flexible 360° Leadership Feedback Survey scheduled to be launched as a mobile app, is extremely flexible and scalable. Kelsa has combined the organizational goal of understanding leadership capability with a unique “Hidden Capability Finder”, with individual goals of driving leadership behavior through their own tailored program for development. Kelsa is also working on an HR Academy which will encompass the whole spectrum of HR’s latest concepts and top practices existing in the industry. This product would assist the HR practitioners to take on more daunting challenges and roles in the organization and employ the most efficient techniques. The product can enhance the potential of an individual significantly. It can be delivered on-premises or over multiple digital platforms. It has already been deployed in three large organizations. Kelsa’s biggest strength is its customers. Almost all clients come back to work with them so they secure multiple engagements covering different phases of HR interventions. They have developed a ‘Knowledge Management Repository’ which reduces the time to deploy repeated products. Kelsa maintains an open and transparent culture in their working. This encourages their employees to embrace opportunities to gain unique insights and work on new projects. The team is allowed to try and test new paradigms of HR interventions. Presently, Kelsa is observing a quantum jump in its growth. Since they possess an excellent foundation and a loyal customer base, they are gearing up for a rapid growth boost in the coming two to three years both nationally as well as internationally. With projects successfully executed in countries like the USA, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Qatar etc., they have gained traction to expand their services overseas too. Kelsa’s most principal assets are speed and quality in delivering the results to the client organizations. Kelsa looks forward to impacting many more firms across industries in the years to come!


List of 10 Best

Solution Providers 2020



Access Partners,

Umair Shaikh Director

Access Partners one of the cutting-edge  &  foremost Manpower Solutions  Company, specializing in the field of sourcing and deployment of highly skilled manpower to distinguished clients in the GCC Market.


Arjun Shrivastava Founder

Curaa an exclusively built Recruitment Portal for Professionals and Organisations in the healthcare industry.

Job Vision Consultants,

Arshdeep Khurana Founder & Director

Job Vision Consultants is an established firm that offers recruitment services to customers all across India. 

Kelsa Solutions,

K. Sridhar Co-Founder & Managing Director

Kelsa Management Solutions was started in March 2010 with a mission to cater to the needs of small and medium sized corporations to manage their people requirements who, are on the threshold of growth.


Cavita Mehra Managing Director

Since inception in 2008, Mindskillz has grown to be a trusted partner par excellence across industry verticals.

Shilpa Arora Director-HR

NDTS India was established in the year 2006 with a motive of building a professionally managed enterprise dedicated to Non Destructive Testing (NDT) & Evaluation.


NDTS India Pvt Limited,

Positive Strokes, ProWitz Leadership,

Sharp and Score HR Consulting Pvt Ltd, Twaran,

Positive Strokes provides a bouquet of services pertaining

Shiladitya Bhattacharya to Psychometric Testing and Assessment, Learning and Managing Partner Development and Strategic HR Processes. Arjun Vellal Founder & Chief Training Officer

ProWitz Leadership provide the most widely used leadership development training programs and services and deliver real ROI for every dollar spent on training.

Venugopal I Managing Director

Sharp and Score HR Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is an emerging HR Consulting Company specializing in HR Systems and Applications with advanced Technologies.

Mangesh Dash Co-Founder

Leading Management Consulting and Corporate Training Organisation with its head office at Mumbai and branch offices at Bhubaneswar and Bengaluru.

BS List of 10 Best

Solution Providers 2020

MINDSKILLZ Transforming Reality

Cavita Mehra Managing Director


nvesting in oneself is crucial to development. It is only by constantly working on oneself that real growth can take place, both for the individual and the community. Today, through HR training and skill development, organizations have come to realize the importance of investing in their employees’ well-being and education. Mindskillz is an HR and L & D solution provider that is making a difference in the lives of professionals. Based in Bangalore, Mindskillz is a one-stop training solution provider serving clients across India and abroad. With a team of 180+ trainers, the organization accelerates performance through strategic development solutions, customized to client needs. Their training interventions find synergy with their partners driving growth. Their key differentiator involves tangible measures of learning which reflect the impact on quality, customer experience, productivity and cost. They strongly believe that the core of every business is its people, and help capitalize this potential.

The organization has become a leading training provider. Associations have been made with organizations from various industries, such as IT & ITES, Manufacturing, Banking & Insurance, Retail, Healthcare and many more.

RECEIVING ACCOLADES Since its inception, Mindskillz has had a single-minded focus in providing the best services. No compromise is made on quality delivery and every effort is made to offer consistency and the best. For their consistent performance, the company has achieved recognition. Some awards received by the company and CEO include: • Recipient of IWLF Award in 2013, Recognizing & Honoring true Women leaders. • 10 Most Promising Personality Development Institutes – Silicon India. • Fastest Growing CEO, 2018 – CEO’s Magazine. • Successful Entrepreneur in L&D, 2018 – Business Connect Magazine.

STRATEGIC PARTNERS AND ASSOCIAHOLISTIC SOLUTIONS TIONS Mindskillz has created a visible impact with a pan India presence. They offer extensive gap analysis and signature programs; combined with continuous learning methodologies.


Mindskillz prides itself in offering end-to-end training solutions including Coaching, Mentoring, and on-the-job training. With a 360-degree assessment methodology, the company can also evaluate the impact of the trainings,

BS List of 10 Best

Solution Providers 2020

making it easy to generate concrete results. Mystery audits, follow ups, workshops and seminars, e-learning, are some of the many services offered, apart from conducting expert talks and providing recruitment services. What sets the company apart is its onion peel approach. Mindskillz encourages bringing together theatre, music, out-bound learning, painting, etc. to make learning fun and meaningful, and simultaneously cater to each kind of learner.

CHARISMATIC LEADER Cavita Mehra, the Founder and MD of Mindskillz is a powerhouse of talent and the reason behind the success of the company. She has no less than 45 + years of experience, with 25 years in corporate Soft Skills and Behavioral Training. With a graduation in English and Psychology, followed by a Diploma in Mass Communication, Cavita has translated her dreams into reality. Within 11 years of the company’s history, Cavita has expanded Mindskillz and enabled it to grow from just 2 trainers to a highly specialized team of 180+ members with multilingual skills. She serves as a mentor and role model to her team members. Her positive spirit, enthusiasm, passion and intuitiveness are infectious, and have been the characteristic feature of Mindskillz and its team. Cavita has also won several awards, and is the recipient of the Women Leadership and Innovation award, 2013, by IWLF. Forums like CWE, WILL, Dun Bradstreet and others also invite her as a regular speaker and panelist. As a role model, Cavita has inspired men, woman and children to work diligently and achieve their dreams. She recognizes how women are placed with the heavy burden of multi-tasking, managing both home and work. The solution she offers is successful time management and task delegation, both of which can help strike the balance. Her sole focus lies in improving the lives of individuals, as the most valuable asset to any organization is its human resource. She feels blessed to be able to share her experience with professionals and empower them to achieve their dreams. She is an avid reader, golfer and finds immense serenity in yoga and meditation.

SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE Cavita Mehra is very aware of the larger community to which she belongs, and believes in giving back to society. She plays a key role at the NGO ArtMantram Art Trust, which works with the triple aim of promoting Art, Artists and Art awareness and proceeds from their exhibitions and events go towards their girl child project for helping the physically challenged & underprivileged children. She has also volunteered for the Civil Defence Citizen’s Army as a Divisional Warden. Her interest in social service is also part of the core work ethic of Mindskillz.


We design and roll the RIGHT LEARNING INTERVENTION that fosters self-enhancement initiatives

AIMING FOR THE FUTURE Mindskillz believes in never standing still. It is constantly developing newer methods on par with global standards. Through its services, the company assures a synergy between learning methodology and current business environments to help advance skills and knowledge among blue and white collared workers. Their learning solutions are continually updated and modified to keep up with the changing Industry requirements.

| January 2020 |

AID of AI in HR

“ 14


he world is eyeing a colossal shift in its working and efficiency and productivity. A brand-new technology is knocking on the doors, bringing a revolution of its own. Soon, the door would fling open and it will come rushing in, changing every aspect of the world. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the technology in its toddler phase but the impacts could be witnessed throughout the industries. From Apple’s Siri to Amazon’s Alexa, AI is steadily infiltrating our daily lives. Half a decade later, it would be no surprise that employees will find themselves alongside AI. AI is now pushing the limits and unshackling the chains that had long bind humans. Human Resource is the sector where the line separating AI and humans is speedily diminishing. The human mind is generally biased, it is but how nature had deemed our minds to be. The studies have shown quite an impact on how employers encounter this bias on regular basis called ‘Unconscious bias’. In the broad spectrum of processes, employers, even though they would try to be impartial, eventually lands there where they are trying hard not to. The more the candidate is like the employer, the more the employer is leaned towards recruiting the candidate despite the indictors that the applicant is not suitable. Another such bias is Language bias. People speaking same language influences the human mind and favor is more towards the applicant speaking the same language as the employer.

The same, repetitive tasks that require lot of time to process, AI can handle it seamlessly. During vacation times, many employees put in request for extension of vacation, this takes eats up time for the manager to tell everyone how unlikely their request is to approve. The organization frequently conducts training sessions to improve their employees. AI takes over the process and assigns specific skills necessary for the employee to learn. Also, the team trainers can be informed well in advance about trainees joining the session.

But AI is a different story. With specific algorithms, AI can be programmed to choose the best among the lot who fulfills the requirement as per the organization.

Customers' date is the most vital point in an organization. To gather the data, storing it and then analyzing it to predict future behavior of organization’s customers is enormous work for HR department. To streamline the process of leveraging the people analytics, AI can be programmed to manage all the data analyzing and generating a report to aid the HR department to gain insightful prediction of their customers.

After the hiring process is done and over with, most recruits have no idea as to where they should go, to whom they should talk if they meet some problem, what about the name and contact information? They want to meet new people or seniors and garner suggestions to improve their abilities. These questions can easily be feed into algorithm saving the employees their time.

Organizations are always hunting top talents in their respective industries. Wherein an employee’s experience becomes a topmost priority for a firm. After the project is submitted for the approval of client, the employees are anxious about the feedback. There is haste in getting to know how they did on the projects. With ups and downs on every corner of life, it is not always possible for all to do exceptionally well. AI then can be put to use to determine the mood or state of mind of the employee before dispatching the feedback results to ensure there is none to little harm to the employee efficiency and productivity.

When a potential employee sends in the application, AI can process the application to the tailored needs of the recruiter and send the report back almost immediately, assigning further details about the interview process or answer any queries. AI gives real-time feedback to the candidate, making the process hassle-free and efficient for both. This way, the employers can pin their focus on converting the interviewees into hires.

There is no telling when an employee would get fed up and start searching for a better opportunity elsewhere. Though, after investing loads of money and time on an employee, it becomes rather crucial for the organization to know who is on their way out and why. This is where AI can keep track of emails, search history or any irregularity.


BS List of 10 Best

Solution Providers 2020

SHARP AND SCORE HR CONSULTING (P) Ltd. “Delivering Innovative HR Technologies &Seamless and Consistant HR Services”

Venugopal I Managing Director


he technological world is volatile in nature. This dynamic nature always keeps companies on their toes, changing the ways of working continuously. The changes force the way companies to develop the products and impact how they sell it and the delivery of the products and services. Though, technology should simply uncomplicate things and give ample time to focus on other things. To uphold the changes and address them judicially, Sharp & Score’s products and solutions help various organizations and businesses to meet the requirements of Human Resource sectors. They are proficient professionals from Banking, Insurance, NBFC, FMCG, and IT industries with an aim to provide the best HR Solutions and HR Service of global standards. Sharp & Score’s goal is to implement world-class HR practices and Innovative technologies to help organizations to achieve their targets through excellent HR Services and HR Solutions and to gain recognition worldwide as an impactful, innovative and efficient HR Consulting partner.


Sharp & Score

is the company offering Innovative HR Technology Solutions and Services with World Class HR Practices in the HR industry. It was incorporated in 2013 and after the initial phase of 3 to 4 years of struggles and challenges, Shape and Score has been gaining steady momentum in the market and establishing itself a prime company in the HR industry. Economical changes, technological changes, getting and retaining top talents were some of the challenges they went through. Currently, they have an association with more than 250 clients nationally as well as internationally ranging well over 1.5 lakhs of employees. They are in all spectrums of industries like BFSI, Engineering, Manufacturing, IT etc. The services they supply are flexible, latest and customer friendly. They have a thoroughly experienced team that focuses on the quality of service delivered. The services and solutions they offer are:

BS List of 10 Best

Solution Providers 2020

HR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS: • HRMS Application - SCORE HCM - A Complete HR Suite with 20+ Modules • HR Software - Employee Management - Attendance & Leave Management • PMS Software – Performance Management System • Recruitment & On-Boarding Management System • Payroll Software – Payroll Management System • Attendance & Leave Management with GPS Tracking – Geo Coding – Geo-Fencing

HR SERVICES: • HR Consulting Services – Discussion and Finalization of HR Policies, Compensa tion Structures, Procedures, Forms and Letters • HRMS as a Services - Managing and Maintaining HRMS as a Services • HR as a Service – Outsourcing of HR Operations • HR Compliance – Managing HR Compliance The introduction of the latest technologies like AI, ML, Automation, new trends in HR Dashboard and Analytics are being incorporated to improve and upgrade the services and solutions Sharp & Score is providing. The following are some of the most innovative products Sharp & Score is currently working on to offer domestically and overseas.

are the ultimate “ We one-stop HR service solution provider. ”

Sharp & Score is presently

• Ozone HR – An end to end HR Technology Solution for Start-Ups • Infra admin management system – score infra admin • Score Learning Management System – LMS Score eLearning • Score Survey Management System – Score survey Mr. Venugopal I – founder of Sharp & Score is seasoned HR spearhead in the industry. With over two and half decades of experience under his hat, he has impressive track records in Indian Corporations and MNCs. Sharp & Score HR Consulting – Working as Managing Director, L&T Financial Services – Head Employee Relation, Dhanlaxmi Bank – Sr. Vice President – HR, Reliance Capital – AVP – HR. He had performed and successfully brought improvements in the HR industry. HR Technology innovation, talent development, process improvements across Banking, NBFC, FMCG, Engineering and HR Consulting industries. Mr. Venugopal I has worked extensively in digital HR initiatives and HR transformation during the course of his career. He has played many important roles in large companies like Director – HR, Senior Vice President – HR, Head HR, Head – HR Shared Services, Head – Employee Relation, AVP- HR, Chief Manager – HR. Contact Details: Sharp & Score HR Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Head Office: Mumbai, India. Tel. (L) 022-40065332, (M) 8593004100 E-Mail:, Web Site:


expanding their services and garner a customer base of at least 1000 strong. The plan is spread across five years to climb the next step. Every two years, the company plans to focus on growth through continuous improvements and upgrades in Products, potential market reach, and customer services. ‘Satisfied Customers Generate New Customer!’, with this maxim the company is growing. The goal set by Sharp and Score is collectively being pursued by domestic and international business partners, domain partners, legal partners, and technology partners to make Sharp and Score a recognized and respected HR service provider around the globe.

| January 2020 |


Internal Process Controls plays a vital role in any compliance system, as it consistently meets organization’s set goals focusing on operational efficiency, accurate reporting and compliance with applicable laws & regulations. At FSPL, we provide integral process automation with outlined framework of processes, consistent controlled procedures, checkpoints, and structure that force internal users to comply with established rules. With this, process adherence has become a “culture” of our organization.


Process Automation and Compliances have not only mitigated our organization’s compliance risks, but also paved a free way for our employees to focus on their core responsibilities and deliverables, making internal and industry audits simpler. Owing to our commitment for delivering error free solutions & services to our clients, we have mapped our internal service delivery / consulting process to the certifications/standard practises like ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20001, CMMI-3 and few more.

Compromising on the needs of the people or business processes has zero tolerance at FSPL, which is a proven fact by retention of all compliance standards once put into practice, coupled by evolving our business around the need of Accountability, Transparency and Agility. Ms Pooja Bharti - VP @FSPL, adds that we stand strong & responsible for implementing and streamlining process evolution of team FSPL without compromising on our intent to contribute to the success of our clients and achieve happiness for our team members.

About The Author

Ms. Pooja Bharti, VP – HCP, Quality, Automation Pooja is a dual Post Graduate by completing Masters in Computer Science in IT and MCA from Indira Gandhi National Open University. She is a People Person and is a firm believer to “Lead with people First Policy”. She is well versed with human resource discipline namely – Compensation, Employee Benefits, Training and Development, Recruitment, Selection and so on.


BS List of 10 Best

Solution Providers 2020

CURAA Transforming Reality

Arjun Shrivastava Founder


he economic slowdown and rise in unemployment have severely hit every sector in the country. The rise in living costs and inadequate financial support is proving to be a major concern. Healthcare is no different when it comes to this. The salary expectations of job seekers are becoming difficult to meet for the employers. This is exactly where Curaa comes into play, to try and put both parties on the same page and provide a required solution. However, Curaa’s goal is to bridge the gap between the healthcare job seeker and the healthcare organization to mutually help them both by solving their recruitment tribulations in the Healthcare Industry. “When I go back and think about the day, I found Curaa; I feel excellent that I have brought my organization to this stage where I can see Employers and Clients approaching us from different regions of India and overseas to cater to their placement needs. I have spent my years trying to make Curaa better, by introducing plans to implement, improve my services and engaging in constant research on ideas which will lead us to new and improved processes. I have accepted all the good and the bad as a part of my journey to make Curaa a trustworthy organization on a PAN India level,” says Mr. Arjun Shrivastava – Founder and Managing Director of Curaa. Mr. Arjun had begun with a single list of phone-numbers and a phone from his house, making calls to clients and candidates. It was his observation and determination to make a difference that Curaa began its journey. He had observed the hectic schedule of healthcare professionals and the availability of a few jobs which made the process tedious and time-consuming. The professionals also needed guidance and help in securing a job. After acquiring the first big client in a healthcare tech startup, he developed and launched an online job portal,, to streamline the job-seeking processes. The portal is evolving and changing with the requirements of clients and seekers.


BS List of 10 Best

Solution Providers 2020

Mr. Arjun Shrivastava is a B. Com graduate from Nagpur University. He has done Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in marketing and retail management from IMT (Institute of Management Technology) Dubai and has studied for the same at IESEG School of Management, France. Mr. Arjun started Curaa with a goal to be the leading and the preferred recruitment service company in the healthcare sector. He aims to grow the company continuously by developing new service offering to the Job seekers and employers and exceed the client’s expectations. The journey of Curaa began with a small observation and determination and has grown multifold just in a couple of years. From working alone to a team of 15 employees, Curaa has grown exceptionally because of the highly dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced HR Professionals. “We believe our company can only grow when our job seekers and client grow,” says Mr. Arjun.

“Imagine, Believe and

Achieve progressive careers with us because you deserve the best

Curaa’s holistic offerings: • A free of cost recruitment portal for job seekers in the healthcare sector like Doctors, Nurses, Para-Medical staff, etc. • A CV/Resume enhancement service or resume writing services where they help the job seekers by building a visually appealing and an interview ready resume. Guidance and tips are provided to the job seekers to help them crack their next interview and secure their dream job. • A tailor-made recruitment solution to the partner organizations based on their requirements keeping in mind the ever-changing needs of a dynamically growing organization. Tailor-made recruitment solution is not just reserved for Hospitals but also leading and ground-breaking health-tech startups. • Curaa is coming up with a branding solution service for their employers where Curaa would provide the partners with micro-websites where partners would be able to promote them and their services and also would be able to promote their organizations through banner images and videos to promote their brand among the job seekers. • Employers will soon be able to buy job slots and post them on Curaa’s website directly. • Curaa is looking forward to providing manpower and staffing services to every industry and help job aspirants from various sectors to acquire their desired job soon. With values of honesty and transparency, they have helped and built trust with clients and candidates. Presently, Curaa has become the first choice for many clients.


| January 2020 |



“ O

ne size fits all, is the adage thriving since archaic times. For the generations and eras, it had held water as people had restricted knowledge about their individual fields and so, the concept stick to anyone who had the interest to pursue. However, with changing times and tons of data being uploaded every day, the knowledge is ever-expanding and with it had the arisen the need to tailor numerous aspects of an individual’s life as opposed to one die-casted size would fit all. As the old is bound to be replaced by new, Personalization is gaining traction in Human Resource Management. Personalization is often tangled up with customization, though there is the similarity between the two shares mostly, Personalization would come as the information possessed by the company modifying the experiences to suit an individual. Here, the company takes care of crafting the experiences for the employee based on the information.


Keeping an eye on the most basic needs of a human being; security, certainty, variety, significance, connection, growth, contribution, etc. the Personalization takes into account these needs and puts other requirements in the equation to create a perfect scenario where grounds can be held. The best and typical use of Personalization can be found in the recruitment process. A studio which in the niche of photography but does more of wedding shoots can personalize their recruitment by sending ads through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. to reach the potential candidate showing similar interest in wedding photography. Once all the latent candidates’ response to the ad, the studio can further personalize their needs to see which one fits the case and is the best, effectively reducing the time required for hiring and in turn, hiring an applicant who already has mastered the necessary skills to get the job done, saving further time and investment to train the candidate. The time which can land other contracts. Another such area is Compensations and Benefits. Young men and women eyes compensations and benefits in slightly different ways so do the working parents and those who are about to rest their career forever and enjoy life. The trends are always different for every age group. For instance, if a company offers retirement-related options to young employees, they are likely to choose to invest the money and get more returns rather than keeping it safe for the retirement age. On the other hand, working parents find it more appealing to have education, loans, health schemes. The company offering these choices to the employees earn better results and trust from their workforce. Mentoring and development of employees to advance and accelerate their knowledge to keep pace with changing technology have become prevalent in the decade. The education sector is still under the impression of one for all. In the long run, this does not yield results that are expected. With growing years, every individual’s taste changes. They might wish to learn something completely different from what they are doing. The company can take advantage of this desire to getting its employees going to achieve what they want. The programs can be personalized to serve the individual on interest, making their experience pleasant. Organizations offering personalized learning programs tend to keep their employee retention scores quite higher than those employing one size for all programs.

Recognition is what all strive for. Bigger the organization, bigger the team would be, masking the presence of most members. Shout-outs or kudos can lead to the betterment of the members should all them receive the share of the pie. Personalized messages here can enhance the morale of the employees to believe in the core values shared by the organization and thus building a bridge to confidence. When an employee is appreciated for the specific done by them, they will be more productive and creative. Something more than ‘He/she is good’, in feedback would produce a better impact. This, in turn, can influence employees to pour in all their efforts because there is transparency, knowing that they are looked after and care is taken to see that they are happy and fulfilled.


BS List of 10 Best

Solution Providers 2020

POSITIVE STROKES People & Processes..... Rediscovred!

Shiladitya Bhattacharya Managing Partner

We live in a world where the process of innovations and

transformations is being carried out continuously and not a single profession untouched of it. New tools and techniques are developed to increase the production and performance of any product. To maintain constant and organic growth, people should be properly guided and well trained to be proved as a workforce that is resourceful and always at its highest level of performance. A group of practicing HR managers, with expertise and motivated to bring in best practices for proactive management of people, established Positive Strokes in the year 2009. It precisely works in the areas of Psychometric Testing, Learning & Development, and Strategic HR Processes. It works closely with people having a strong belief that being provided with appropriate context and opportunity to sharpen the skills; human capital surely can unleash their full potential and attain expert-level status.

EXTENSIVE SERVICES The key to succeeding and sustain is finding the best possible resources and Positive Strokes has designed a unique research-based content that is based on taking real and inspirational examples and pieces of evidence from different areas of life. It also, offers organizations end-to-end human resources solutions and one – on - one counseling services enriching them to come to a consensus which helps them binding as a team with a competitive advantage.


• PSYCHOMETRIC TESTING AND ASSESSMENT - Conducting psychometric tests like DISC profiling, FIRO-B, MBTI, 16 PF, Big 5, etc. - Collaborating with Clients in their Talent Development initiatives. - Managing Development Centers through its own researched tools and techniques.

• STRATEGIC HR PROCESSES -Competency Mapping -Employee Engagement -Performance Management System -Organizational Restructuring -Job Evaluation - Balanced Score Card - HR Process Manual -Executive Coaching -Compensation Survey -HR Metrics -Assessment Development Centers

• HR & IR ADVISORY SERVICES -Strategic HR & IR Advisory - Long Term Settlement (LTS) Advisory

- HR Audit - Statutory Audit

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- Unique model of In-house experience and outbound training incorporated into one module. - In-house and outbound experiences converted into effective learning prior to the final execution of skills at workplaces. • STUDENTS CAPABILITY BUILDING - To meet the skill gaps in the economy in the future, Capability Building initiatives delivered at educational institutes and B Schools.

• COUNSELING SERVICES - NLP and Timeline Therapy techniques for one – on – One Therapeutic Services

St Augustine Day School, Disha Eye Hospital. Castrol, British Telecom, Sony, Vodafone, M Junction, Becton Dickinson, Wimco (ITC Group), Indian Oil, NHPC, Balmer Lawrie, VST Industries, CII, Jet Airways, BOI AXA, Swissotel, and many more. It has also delivered programs at IOC Academy and MTI – SAIL. - It has partnered on training deliveries at: Toyota, Tata Motors, Panasonic, Samsung, Shapoorji Pallonji, Tata Capital, Spencer’s, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Tata AIG/AIA, etc. - It also facilitated students' capability building processes is mentioned below educational institutes: Amity, IISWBM, GD Goenka World Institute, CBS, XISS, Goa Institute of Management. Recently in a path breaking move, the Managing Partner of Positive Strokes has been engaged by IIT Kharagpur to run its Management Development Programs in locations spread across the country.



The work environment at Positive Strokes has an essence of passion and dedication which leads to outstanding outcomes for the healthy and holistic growth of both team members and the company as well. Positive Strokes is led by like-minded people who embrace and encourage learning new things, sharing knowledge. Innovation and creative ideas of team members are highly appreciated and valued here. It has adopted a hub and spoke model, by which the company is led by the Managing Partners and a team of researchers and operations and consultants specialized in various fields.

Positive Stokes strengthens inner capabilities by shaping them. It stays true to its core values by offering credible and reliable services and achieving multi-dimensional growth with measurable results. So, it believes to put honest efforts for problem resolution while keeping it real and transparent to the clients. Respect for Individuals, Recognition for their work and openness are considered as the most valued principles at Positive Stokes. To create and practice innovative and well-researched practices enhancing the capabilities of humans is the ultimate vision of Positive Strokes.



Positive Strokes has worked with top-notch corporate and organizations across industries so far and some of its clientele include: Volvo, Aditya Birla Group., Tata Group including TCS, Tata Power, Tata Metaliks, Titan, Reliance Group, ACC, Berger Paints, GRSE( Ministry of Defence), Godrej Consumer Products, Continental AG Group, VST Industries, Almatis Alumina, BRBNMPL (Subsidiary of RBI), DCM Shriram Group,

Positive Strokes is planning to expand in South East Asia. It is entering into digital space and working on launching a public e-Learning platform. It thrives on researching, designing and deploying effective ways for a company to meet the needs of its employees, so that they are aligned to meet the company goals in an effective manner.


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BS List of 10 Best HR Solution Providers in 2020  

Business sight is a platform that bridges the gap between the businesses and the clients. It adds value to the lives of CFOs, CEOs, CTOs, VP...

BS List of 10 Best HR Solution Providers in 2020  

Business sight is a platform that bridges the gap between the businesses and the clients. It adds value to the lives of CFOs, CEOs, CTOs, VP...