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We speak to Chad Wilkerson, Director, Sustainability & Infrastructure Sourcing at T-Mobile regarding the telecommunications giant’s ambition to use 100% renewable energy for all its operations in three years’ time…


-Mobile has an ambition: the

that are doing things differently in

telco giant aims to be using

energy sustainability across T-Mobile,”

100% renewable energy for

he explains. “With RE100 and our

all its operations by 2021. As sustain-

commitment to be powered by 100%

ability dominates the thoughts of many

green energy by 2021, we’re not just

industry leaders as well as their clients

buying green energy, but taking a whole

and customers, for a company as large

systems approach to sustainability. For

and expansive as T-Mobile, which

example, we’re working to make sure

covers manufacturing, IT, construction

our operations are as energy efficient

and much more, ambitions as bold as

as possible, we’re working to decrease

these require an agile and strategic

our carbon footprint and we’re support-

approach that will cause as little

ing third parties like the Nature Conserv-

disruption to its day-to-day operations

ancy to promote a low-carbon, clean

as possible. Chad Wilkerson, Director,

energy future. Our goal is to make an

Sustainability & Infrastructure Sourc-

impact on the whole sustainability realm

ing at T-Mobile, is the man entrusted

– and lead the wireless industry in this

with delivering this program – we

area. At T-Mobile we want to make the

caught up with Wilkerson at his Dallas

biggest impact we can, not just in the

office to find out more.

environmental space but really, in every–

“I get to lead a great team of people

thing we do – that is the Un-carrier way.”

“ We’ve been relying more on electronic communications with our customers and about 70% of our clients have signed up for paperless billing” — Chad Wilkerson, Director, Sustainability & Infrastructure Sourcing, T-Mobile

Telcos can seem rather amorphous when it comes to internal processes and infrastructure, but of course there is a physical architecture that feeds T-Mobile’s processes and products. “Telcos do have an interesting model that you might not have in your normal retail or manufacturing footprint. Not only do we have retail stores, corpow w w.c o mpa ny we bsite. com

Building DAS Central Office Macrocell Small Cell

Mobile Switching Center Small Cell

Data Center

Delta’s comprehensive solutions to support future needs in Telecom infrastructure Delta’s misson is to provide innovative, clean, and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow. Delta is proud to support T-Mobile’s commitment to sustainability with it’s high efficiency DC power systems, complete portfolio of 5G telecom enclosures, and low-emission stand-by generators.

#IoT-based Smart Green Solutions to Nurture Energy Efficiency in Cities Delta specializes in energy efficiency management and enhancement, enabling IoT-based applications in intelligent buildings, smart manufacturing as well as green ICT and energy infrastructure, which are the foundations of sustainable cities


rate offices, call centers and data

governance (ESG) model – we went

centers, we also have a massive

beyond that and took an Un-carrier

network infrastructure and antennae

approach, like we do with everything

network – and that’s where the bulk of

else. In this case, we focused on three

the green energy we’re acquiring is

key pillars - protecting the planet,

being utilized – to sustainably power

inspiring our customers and employees,

that infrastructure.”

and leading responsibly. Our Un-carrier culture is really rooted in the belief


that business success is measured not

So, what exactly does T-Mobile’s

just with financial results, but in our

sustainability strategy look like? “At

commitment to delivering a positive

a high-level, we didn’t just look at

and sustained impact on the economy,

the standard environmental, social,

community and the planet as a whole.”


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PROVEN LEADERS IN RENEWABLE ENERGY Longroad Energy is a renewable energy developer focused on the development and operation of wind, solar and energy storage projects throughout the United States.


A KEY STRATEGIC PARTNER T-Mobile selected Longroad as a partner following a competitive process that drew the interest of dozens of renewable energy developers from around the globe. T-Mobile valued Longroad’s wind and solar development expertise, experience working with corporate customers, its in-house operations and asset management capabilities, financial strength and competitively priced clean energy.

energy projects. The core team began developing renewable energy projects together over a decade ago at Longroad’s predecessor company, First Wind. During their time together, the Longroad team has successfully developed 35 utility-scale wind and solar projects across the United States totaling approximately 3,800 MW.

In addition to partnering with T-Mobile, Longroad is actively developing renewable energy projects across the United States. Longroad has a greenfield development pipeline of over 8,000 MW and recently completed the development of two utility-scale wind and solar projects in Texas. Both projects, which include a 315 MWdc solar project (the largest solar project in Texas), will sell their renewable energy to corporate customers. The Longroad team is comprised of long-time energy industry veterans with a proven track record of successfully developing renewable

Longroad is an industry leader in operating and managing operating wind, solar and energy storage projects. The Longroad Energy Services (“LES”) team is comprised of experienced Operations & Maintenance and Asset Management professionals. LES staffs a 24x7 Remote Operations Center (“ROC”) to continuously monitor, troubleshoot and proactively oversee the 1,236 MW of operating wind and solar projects currently under LES management. Through its commercial, technical and data-driven approach, LES has helped financial investors and corporate customers achieve their investment objectives.


T-Mobile is growing, and Wilkerson and his team are tasked with ensuring that with this expansion the green energy programs keep up with the new power needs. “We frequently evaluate our environmental impacts to determine how we can make significant improvements or offset the impacts of our operations. We first aim to decrease our carbon footprint through energy efficiency, sourcing renewable energy and utilizing innovative techniques to reduce our greenhouse gases. The greenest, most economic energy you can get is the energy you don’t use, right? So, that’s a big focus for us. We aim to mitigate the impacts that our operations have on the environment to help ensure the long-term viability of our communities and our business.” Of course, by tackling climate change, there is also a vested interest in protecting the T-Mobile supply chain. “As far as how the environment affects the supply chain... if there’s flooding in an area where our supply base is located, or even in areas where, like us in Texas, our network is located, it affects our operations. If a network or a store can’t open, or an employee can’t get to work, it affects our staff and the communities they live in. So,

focusing on minimizing our impact on the environment is good for customers, employees and the community alike.� T-Mobile, a green power partner with the EPA, is expanding its commitment to operating sustainably in partnership with our supply chain. “The suppliers we have the best relationships with are those that echo our values and our thinking – and are focused on implementing new, innovative solutions and structures for the future. With suppliers like Ericsson for example, we can together have a much bigger impact

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The Power of Partnership At Enel Green Power, we believe it makes good business sense to match renewables and sustainability goals with underlying corporate values. Each company has unique requirements, so it’s critical to find a partner who understands your needs, and has the ability to deliver a customized solution. Enel Green Power has a track record of delivering tailor-made sustainability solutions to our partners world-wide.

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Sustainable Energy Powers this Partnership Ahead of Earth Day 2017, T-Mobile announced magenta was going green with Enel Green Power (EGP). The Un-carrier made the largest wind power investment ever by a U.S. wireless company, purchasing the clean energy produced by EGP’s Red Dirt Wind Farm in Oklahoma. This partnership will enable T-Mobile to meet its progressive sustainability targets which call for using 100% renewable energy for their entire business by 2021, including the company’s operations across U.S. retail stores, call centers and network operations. Corporations continue to see the value of supporting renewable energy, and wind power is among the cleanest available sources of renewable energy, according to the EPA. T-Mobile, the only major wireless company to commit to 100% renewable electricity, is recognized by the EPA and Green America for leading the way to #CleanUpWireless. T-Mobile’s sustainable practices don’t end there. From LEED certification and composting at their main campus, to device recycling and paperless billing, they’ve claimed a clear leadership position in environmental stewardship within the wireless industry. Sustainability runs deep in EGP’s value chain as well, from how we construct our wind farms to the power that our energy facilities produce, we are committed to delivering long-term sustainability for the local communities that we call home. Red Dirt Wind Farm is part of EGP’s sustainable construction program which includes activities like recycling reclaimed materials for community projects, wood-recycling

programs, conducting repair and maintenance on local roads, and investing in critical community operations and initiatives such as local fire departments and community centers. Enel Green Power North America, part of the Renewable Energies division of the Enel Group, is a leading owner and operator of renewable energy plants in North America with projects operating and under development in 24 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces. EGP operates over 100 plants with a managed capacity exceeding 4.2 GW powered by renewable hydropower, wind, geothermal, and solar energy. In 2017, EGP added more capacity than any company in the U.S. with a record-breaking 1.2 GW and currently in the U.S. and globally, EGP has the second largest amount of contracted capacity with commercial and industrial customers. We have seen a growing number of enterprises contracting for renewable energy to secure cost savings and provide long-term cost certainty. Our Power Purchase Agreements and partnerships with our customers serve as an industry example of how corporations can leverage renewable energy to reduce costs and operate more efficiently. When companies like T-Mobile choose to invest in renewable energy through EGP’s projects, they are signaling to the market that sustainability is a core value and essential to remaining competitive in the future.

Red Dirt Wind Farm - Kingfisher & Logan Counties - Oklahoma, USA


Some of our clients call us power consultants. Others think of us as energy management advisors. Whatever we’re called, we do one thing and we do it well: help our clients manage energy costs by creating strategies that spell out when, how and why to purchase electricity and natural gas. www.sablepg.com



both for the planet and the economy!

in northwest Kansas, which is going

T-Mobile is also currently working

to be T-Mobile’s second wind farm.

with Tradewind Energy and Enel

T-Mobile is also working with Puget

Green Power on a number of initia-

Sound Energy to power it’s Bellevue,

tives including one, Red Dirt Wind

WA HQ with 100% green energy that

Farm. “That’s a large project. We’re

is locally sourced through PSE’s

utilizing partners that are in alignment

Green Direct Program.”

with us, and have proven they can

T-Mobile’s sustainability strategy is

deliver results that pave the way for

part of the company’s broader CSR

our future renewable progress. We

program which aims to leverage its

are also working with Engie North

brand, technology and people to posit-

America on Solomon Forks, located in

ively impact the community and planet.

Thomas County, near the city of Colby

“In addition to sustainability T-Mobile w w w.c o mpa ny we bsite. com

T- MOBIL E C OMPA N Y FA C T S ­ evice Recycling Program D In 2017, T-Mobile USA collected over 4 million used cell phones. Of the over 4 million used devices and accessories we collected in 2017, we reuse or resell a 86% of that hardware—which is by far the most eco-friendly approach. The rest are responsibly recycled by providers we select. Since we launched our recycling program back in 2008, over 14.4 million T-Mobile customer devices (and counting) have been reused or resold. Because cell phones contain precious metals, recycling not only conserves these materials, but also helps prevent pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable Energy Savings T-Mobile utilizes about 2.7 million megawatt hours (MWh) of energy across our headquarters, stores, cell towers, call centers and other locations. To address this energy use, T-Mobile has taken the initiative to enter the renewable energy space. Through our renewable energy use we plan to cut our energy costs by around $100 million dollars in the next 15 years. Renewable Energy Leader T-Mobile has quickly established itself as the benchmark for the telecommunications industry in renewable energy performance.

In April 2017, we made the largest ever wind power investment to date by a US wireless company, signing a long-term agreement of up to 160MW from the new Red Dirt wind project in Oklahoma. The project, operational as of January 2018, is expected to provide T-Mobile with over 625 GWh of renewable energy annually, or approximately 27% of our overall power use. Not satisfied to stop there, in January 2018, T-Mobile unveiled a 2nd major wind farm project, an agreement for 160MW with Infinity Renewables' Solomon Forks Wind Project in Kansas. This project, expected to be operational in early 2019, combined with Red Dirt, will generate 320 MWs for T-Mobile or enough to meet an estimated 60% of our total energy needs nationwide. Growing our Network Efficiency T-Mobile calculates its Co2e emissions in proportion to its transmitted data volume [in TByte]. Data volume is an important indicator for T-Mobile to create a direct link for the performance of its networks. T-Mobile’s data volume transported by its Networks increased significantly for 2017 while its carbon emission intensity figure decreased for that year by 29.3%

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Towards a sustainable future

Integrating sustainability and responsible business practices into our operations is vital to our long-term success. Our vision is empowering an intelligent, sustainable and connected world through relentlessly innovating technologies that are easy to adopt, use and scale.

Our contribution to climate action

Our product performance

Our company impact

ericsson.com/sustainability Facebook @technologyforgood | Twitter @EricssonSustain

We are committed to the Paris Climate Agreement by joining the Science Based Targets initiative, with the target to

reduce our carbon footprint by


in 2022.

We strive to ensure that the


product portfolio shall be 10x more

energy efficient than current 4G by 2022.

We innovate ICT solutions that have

the power to help reduce global greenhouse emissions by up to


has a strong focus on supporting

inclusion and overall ethical business

veterans, youth development, assisting

practices. “T-Mobile is one of Fortune’s

communities impacted by disasters

Best Places to Work for Diversity, and

and enabling our employees to give

one of Forbes Best Employers for

back to their communities and favorite

Diversity, and for five years in a row

non-profit partners. So far, in 2018,

has received a perfect 100 from the

T-Mobile has given more than US$8mn

Human Rights Campaign’s annual

and employees have volunteered over

Equality Index, earning the “Best Place

34,000 hours – and this is all before

to Work for LGBT Employees” for

Giving Tuesday which kicks off the

2017. We also received a top score

busiest giving season of the year.

from the Disability Equality Index for

T-Mobile plans to give up to $2mn for

“Best Places to Work for Disability

Giving Tuesday alone.”

Inclusion” for 2017. And finally, for

T-Mobile has also been recognized for its commitment to diversity and

the past 10 years T-Mobile has been voted Most Ethical Company by the Ethisphere Institute.

“ We frequently evaluate our environmental impacts to determine how we can make significant improvements or offset the impacts of our operations” —

Chad Wilkerson, Director, Sustainability & Infrastructure Sourcing, T-Mobile

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GREEN OPERATIONS T-Mobile has a number of LEED certified facilities including its Bellevue campus which achieved LEED Certification from the US Green Building Council. T-Mobile just announced a $160mn renovation that – over the next three years – will transform its Northwest headquarters into a modern, inclusive, connected and flexible workplace to better support innovation and collaboration among employees. The new offices will earn a LEED certification with sustainable green building design, construction and ongoing maintenance and operations. In addition, the redesigned HQ will be the first corporate campus in the US to achieve a Fitwel certification, a wellness standard that promotes a comprehensive approach to a healthier workplace through increased physical activity, accessible design, access to healthy food options, natural lighting and outdoor spaces. Also, the T-Mobile Arena is a LEED Gold certified facility and first LEEDcertified sports and entertainment facility in Las Vegas. Some of the key initiatives T-Mobile has introduced include waste reduction programs such as paperless billing,

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Delivering Reliable Sustainable Power to the World

NorthStar is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, and deploying an innovative range of batteries and power solutions. With a selection to meet every need from UPS to high-temp applications and deep cycle with long service life, NorthStar has the solution to your energy storage problem.


“ We’ve also recycled over 25,000 technology items from our offices… it’s about 300,000 pounds of IT equipment that would have gone to a landfill” —

Chad Wilkerson, Director, Sustainability & Infrastructure Sourcing, T-Mobile minimizing product packaging and increased use of FSC certified recycled and post-consumer materials. “We’re really cutting back on the amount of

ing plastic insert trays, labeling all

paper receipts we’re using in our stores,”

packaging with internationally recog-

Wilkerson explains. “Reducing collateral

nized symbols to encourage recycling,

– like direct mail advertising and customer

and reducing volatile organic com-

billing. We’ve been relying more on

pounds to less than 10%. We’ve also

electronic communications with our

recycled over 25,000 technology items

customers and about 70% of our clients

from our offices including computers,

have signed up for paperless billing.”

servers and monitors. It’s about 300,000

“We work closely with the CTIA

pounds of IT equipment that would

Green Working Group to efficiently and

have gone to a landfill. In addition to

effectively protect the products we sell,

internal electronics and battery recycling,

like phones and accessories, while

we have a consumer device recycling

minimizing the impact, footprint and

program and since we started that,

waste associated with our packaging

we’ve had over 18mm devices reused

as much as possible. The results have

or recycled, and that continues to grow.

been pretty good, and include eliminat-

Just having the incentives in place for w w w.c o mpa ny we bsite. com

T- M O B I L E


T- MOBIL E C OMPA N Y FA C T S Energy Efficiency on our Network In select markets, T-Mobile removed HVAC equipment from existing telecom shelters at cell sites, and replaced them with a direct air cooling system by installing new cabinet doors designed with variable speed, high efficiency fans to optimize airflow. This investment resulted in decreased energy consumption at the sites and reduced energy costs by 30%. Setting Ambitious Emissions Targets We have set a number of goals to decrease our carbon footprint, including sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewable energy by 2021. Our goals are driven by our interest in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, improving the cost and security of our fuel supply and reducing the harmful impacts of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. With the RCP 2.6 scenario, T-Mobile has committed to reduce combined absolute scope 1 and scope 2 GHG emissions 95% by 2025 from a 2016 base-year. Additionally, T-Mobile also commits to reduce scope 3 GHG emissions by 15% per customer by 2025 from a 2016 base-year.

LED Lighting at Retail Stores ENERGY STAR certified LED Lighting was installed at approximately 1,500 new corporate and dealer stores constructed in 2017. We also completed additional lighting retrofits across the T-Mobile commercial real estate portfolio. The upgrades were completed in T-Mobile Call Centers, Switch Sites, Regional Business Offices, and its corporate headquarters. We now require all new construction and upgrades to lighting across the company to be LED. Through these upgrades, in 2017, we saved over 5,742,000 KWh of electricity while avoiding the release of nearly 3,000 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide. LEED Certification of Service Center Partnered with our landlord to achieve LEED Certification from the US Green Building Council at our Field Service Center in Bellevue, WA. The operational changes made to achieve the certification include implementing composting throughout the campus that significantly reduces waste to landfill.

w w w.busi ne ssc hief. com

FZSONICK, born from the Italian passion of the Dolcetta family, produces and sells batteries with the innovative Sodium Nickel Chloride Technology, commonly called Salt Batteries. FZSONICK serves 3 vertical markets: Energy Storage: solutions for network optimization and energy self-sufficiency thanks to innovative systems and products for energy storage. Energy Backup: solutions in telecommunications applications (telephone exchanges, repeaters, etc.) and industrial applications (utility, oil and gas) to guarantee the continuous functioning of emergency, security and alarm systems to compensate for the interruption of electricity. Sustainable Mobility: solutions for mobility with particular regard to industrial vehicles, fleets for urban public transport, delivery vehicles, school buses, vehicles for street sweeping and mines. Technology Advantages:


• The only batteries not affected by termperature in capacity or llife • Long life: 20 years or >4500 cycles @80% DoD • Anti-theft • Maintenance-free • No gas emission • 100% recyclable • Extremely safe, no risk of explosion • Integrated BMS for monitoring • Very compact and easy installation • Protected against water and dust (IP55)

www.fzsonick.com info@fzsonick.com Kara Haag | kara.haag@fzsonick.com

our customers to encourage them to recycle and trade in their devices is vital. We have efficient LED lights in the stores and offices, and smart thermostats that significantly reduce energy use as well. We sit down with our partners on the construction team and help them make decisions and design things with sustainability in mind. We’re not just considering what the upfront cost is, but the total long-term costs of ownership when we look at our facilities. Obviously, if you’re able to reduce your energy use to become more efficient, then you’re lowering your operational expenses over the life of that facility and having a better impact on the environment at the same time.”

GREEN DATA As a telco, T-Mobile is no stranger to data,

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T-MOBILE COMPANY FACTS Printer Optimization and Paper Reduction Instituted a printer optimization project that has eliminated over 1,000 printers enterprise-wide. More than 75% of our customers now opt for online billing, which gives us one of the best records in the industry and saves thousands of pounds of waste every year. The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada The T-Mobile Arena is a LEED Gold certified facility and the first LEED-certified sports and entertainment facility in Las Vegas. 30

Green Commuting We promote energy-efficient commuting and carpooling by providing location-specific benefits to our employees. Commitment to Combating Climate Change Beyond our strong partnerships with groups like RE100 and GeSI, we also make our public position known through our aggressive brand marketing. Our CEO, John Legere, has been an outspoken voice on #CleanUpWireless and has issued a $1.5M challenge to AT&T and Verizon to follow suit on our commitment to 100% renewable energy by 2021.


w w w.busi ne ssc hief. com

We build solar projects with high brand value at competitive prices for a brighter, more sustainable future for your business and your customers. Community Energy has a twenty-year track record of developing and delivering reliable renewable energy at scale.

Learn more? Visit communityenergysolar.com or reach out to Jay Carlis at jay.carlis@communityenergyinc.com.


but it’s now utilizing metadata to drive its sustainability strategy. “We believe in the old adage ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’. So, we regularly assess our energy

“ T-Mobile is one of Fortune’s Best Places to Work for Diversity, and one of Forbes’ Best Employers for Diversity” —

Chad Wilkerson, Director, Sustainability & Infrastructure Sourcing, T-Mobile

footprint to track the progress we are making toward our goals and identify

expect that to just keep getting

other areas of opportunity.

better over time! We are well on our

“Obviously, we’re looking at how IoT

way to RE100 and a sustainable

and 5G will impact our sustainability

future for T-Mobile, but there is still

efforts as 5G is the future. However, as

more to do and – we won’t stop!”

our ability to get more and better data increases and we have better information we can more quickly identify where the inefficiencies are and make the changes that will have the biggest impacts. That’s pretty cool and we w w w.c o mpa ny we bsite. com

T +1-844-428-9675 www.t-mobile.com