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Startup Smart O U R L E A D F E A T U R E T H I S month is all about startups, or more

specifically, how to fund your startup venture. One of the greatest barriers to startup success is lack of funding, so here at Business Review USA, we have given you a run down of the best options to get your business off the ground. Also in this issue we take a look at the most innovative retail technology on the market and find out how it will change the way we consumer products and services for good. E NJOY TH E I S S U E !

Abigail Phillips Editor


CO CN OTNETN ETNST S FEATURES This month we focus on the customer experience with the latest technology 26 Marketing

Big Data

12 Finance 6 Leadership

The Good Boss Guide

How to Fund Your Startup Business

20 Technology

The Future of Retail


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MINING GLOBAL 100 Gypsum Resource Materials



106 Century National Bank

54 Tennessee Department of Transportation

114 Compass Solar Energy

62 Auburn Constructors


70 Walsh Easterly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station Project

130 Bay Ship & Yacht

78 ONEsource Facility Solutions 86 Kaplan Construction 92 CG/LA Infrastructure Inc. 4 October 2014

122 Adobe Facilities

40 Rockpile

138 Comprehensive Logistics

HEALTHCARE 144 Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo HFSE

114 Compass Solar Energy

112 Adobe


Bay Ship and Yacht




October 2014


BOSS GUIDE Hints and tips for being a well-liked boss. W R I T T E N B Y: A B I G A I L P H I L L I P S


LEADERSHIP THE BOSS IS often the person that employees love to hate. Those holding positions of authority may think this is unavoidable and resignedly accept their fate as the office nemesis. According to a survey, 37 percent of respondents left their former jobs due to their relationship with their boss. You won’t be doomed to be the bad guy or to lose employees if you follow these seven simple steps to becoming a truly beloved boss. Don’t waste your employees’ time. A survey conducted by Baseline in July found that one-quarter of the amount of time employees spend in company meetings is deemed a complete waste. Holding unnecessary meetings infringes on your time as well as your employees’. Show them that their time and work is valuable by only calling a meeting when a consortium is necessary, particularly in regard to company progress and professional development. If positive bossemployee relationships are already in place, most employees would probably prefer to check in with you 8

October 2014

Make sure communication is genuine one-on-one. Many employees are reluctant to present ideas or issues in a room of their colleagues but will do so readily in a more intimate setting. If necessary, set individual meetings with specific team members, but do not require people to be there if they don’t need to, especially those working under strict deadlines. Engage with your employees sincerely. Employees can always tell when

e bosses are talking to them simply because they feel obligated to meet a conversational quota. It can be awkward when a boss suddenly asks you about your weekend in passing when they don’t even appear to know your name. Establish a connection with your workers from the very beginning of their employment by introducing yourself and discussing their goals for the future. This will demonstrate that you appreciate their presence and are invested in their

growth at the company. Casually inquiring about their leisure activities when forced into small talk at the water cooler just doesn’t cut it. Trust your employees. Micromanaging leads employees to believe that they cannot complete their work on their own. This is not only bad for their self esteem, but it also causes them to depend on their boss and their approval much more than necessary. Trust your 9


Trust your employees

employees to perform their job independently and produce excellent work. Remember that they were hired for their skills, and those skills have developed through their work at your company. If an employee isn’t completing tasks in a timely manner or meeting established goals, meet with them to discuss their performance. Otherwise, give your employees the freedom to do their job on their own and reward them periodically for it. 10

October 2014

Be flexible. Your company may have established hours of business or a policy regarding how long your employees need to spend in the workplace each day. Following these guidelines is advantageous or even crucial to certain industries. But when it isn’t, and flexibility can be afforded, allow your employees a bit of leeway. When an employee feels chained to their desk or workstation, they can come to see their boss as their


warden. Allowing employees to take reasonable unscheduled breaks or time off when necessary can keep them from becoming resentful of their jobs—and of you. Keep your ego in check. You’re the person in charge, and you want your employees to respect your authority. That can be established without engaging in haughty behavior or power trips. One reason why employees are so wary of their bosses is that many believe the boss is someone to be feared, not revered. Furthering the gap between boss and employee through brash displays of power just distances you more from the people that you need on your side. Remember that it is your responsibility to serve as a coach, not a ruler. You can still be one of them while also being the boss; you simply need to find positive and productive ways to demonstrate your leadership. Develop your communication skills. When presenting to your team or giving instructions, it is important to be clear and to the point. Going into too much detail about a project

or speaking at length on unrelated topics will only fluster and confuse employees. Along those lines, it is unlikely that many of your employees have the desire or the time to hear longwinded personal anecdotes that do not relate to the topic at hand. If you feel the need to win over your audience, simply be enthusiastic and speak with conviction. Additionally, be a good listener. Demonstrate that you value what your team has to say, and take their thoughts and opinions into genuine consideration. Maintain an open door policy. Although you may have a limited amount of time to talk with your employees, it is important to be available to them when they need to discuss their workplace issues or concerns. If it is not feasible for them to walk into your office and pull up a chair at any given time, set aside a few hours each week for open communication and let your employees know when you will be free. Although they might not take advantage of the opportunity, they are sure to appreciate your willingness to support their professional growth.



HO YO 12

Month 2014



FINANCE BUILDING A BUSINESS from the ground up takes hard work, determination and strong leadership, however the added pressure of funding a business can often be the deciding factor between success and failure. So you have a great idea, a team of people willing to help you out and a watertight business plan. You have projected your earning for the first year, the first three years and even the first five; you know your market like the back of your hand and your idea for a marketing campaign is solid if you say so yourself. What’s stopping you? According to Statistic Brain, 46 percent of startups fail due to incompetence, which includes no knowledge of financing. A lack of funding, or inaccurately estimating the running cost of your business could very easily be the difference between success and failure. HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY FUND YOUR STARTUP Use Your Own Money It may sound daunting, but the first port of call really does need to be your own bank account. If you have 14

October 2014

Caption Speak toto your thepotential image investors and faith in your business model and your ability to succeed then you need to be willing to put your own financial security on the line. Reward rarely comes without risk. If other potential investors see you shouldering a large portion of the risk they too are more likely to get behind


d walk them through your idea your business financially. Finally, if you have a vested interest in your company you are more likely to succeed. Share Your Idea With Friends & Family When, and only when you have a solid business plan in place, think

about asking your relatives and friends for financial support. You can offer them the opportunity to lend you money or offer them partial ownership for their investment stake. Only speak to people who you believe may have a genuine interest in investing, and make it clear that this 15



Month 2014

is an opportunity they can decline if they wish. If your friends or relatives do invest in the company bare the following in mind: • Be open about what you have already invested in the company; • Give them a copy of your business plan and time to read through it; • Explain how you plan to lead the business to success; • If they do invest in your company, or give you a loan, make sure you keep them abreast of progress at the company; • Never ask for more than you need, and don’t gamble with your relatives’ money. Consider a Business Loan Community banks and credit unions specialize in investing in the local community, making them a potential lender. Typically, you will have more chance of securing a loan if you can prove you will generate income for the local area. Before you enter into discussions with a bank, make sure you business plan and presentation is flawless. Know your industry, do your research and deliver your pitch with confidence. If you’ve never done this type of presentation

before its worth speaking to someone who has been successful. Your bank will expect you to put your own funds at risk and may even be interested in your other funding sources before agreeing to lend you money. Use Credit Cards Proceed with caution when it comes to funding your business using a credit card. That being said, it can be done successfully with the right planning. There are a few things to remember however: using credit to build your business could affect your personal financial wellbeing if the business fails, you also need to remember that at first you may struggle to pay off the full amount of the card each month, making low interest a priority. Managed correctly, funding a startup using credit cards can yield fast returns, which in turn means that you could go back to friends, family or banks who declined the opportunity to invest in the beginning with proven success. If they can see the business potential, you may even be able to replace credit card debt with funds from loans or direct investments.



Starting a business can be daunting, make sure your finances are in order

Look to Private Investors Venture capital firms gather pools of money from wealthy individuals and use this cash to invest in a variety of companies whose goal is to go public. As a return for investment, the venture capital firm will take partial 18

October 2014

ownership of the company. The act of becoming a publicly traded company can provide a major pay-off for investors who provided capital early in the business’s life cycle, and venture capital firms depend on this. The ability to raise venture capital

T E S L A L O O K S T O C H I N A F O L L O W I N G D E C L I N I N G Q 1 R E S U LT S

often relies on getting yourself in front of the right people. Networking skills play a large role in order to receive startup capital from these sources, and it can be difficult for an outsider to make the right connections. Don’t be afraid to reach out, though. Find

other successful business owners in your field or niche who started their businesses from nothing, and learn from them.




October 2014

UTURE OF WIRELESS THE RETAIL SECTOR An in-depth look at how wireless technology is changing the retail sector in 2014 and beyond W R I T T E N B Y: M E L I S S A M A R T I N E Z


TECHNOLOGY SHOPPING IN THE digital world is now a commodity and with a busy schedule, sometimes necessary. This means retailers must stay current in their online presence. Locationbased services allow consumers to immediately receive coupons while being within range of a store as well as notified daily on instant savings when shopping online and applications such as Google Wallet allow customers to keep track of their savings and gift cards while shopping quickly and efficiently. So, why the change? With the introduction of PayPal, customers learned that they can shop online without the hassle of driving and using gas, and virtually checking out nearly all the merchandise the store carries without waiting in line or spending hours strolling through the mall. PalPal offers secure and private methods of payment to thousands of retailers and websites throughout the nation and with one simple click, customers are able to find exactly what they need in the comfort of their home. Not only is technology improving the shopping experience for the consumer but it is providing more profit to retailers and a significant 22

October 2014

Omni-chann is the furtur consumeris

boost in sales. For example, according to Associated Press, “Retail sales rose 2.7 percent in November and December to $265.9 billion, but actual store visits declined 14.6 percent. The data suggests that consumers are researching items online before going into stores to buy. One consumer described his approach as ‘precision shopping’”. In the past year, online orders have increased over 10 percent, according to Forbes. With the introduction of retailers launching online stores, the method for marketing has changed drastically. Though online presence

nel retail re of sm

produces success for retailers, new research must be made to correlate a new audience and consumer base. With mobile browsing an option for consumers, retailers are able to create a stress-free shopping experience by browsing through various categories, choosing the correct size usually listed in measurements, and purchasing the product via the application’s pointof-sale capabilities. This alleviates any stress or anxiety when shopping during a sale and allows consumers to shop on their own time. According to Forbes, “In-store shopping is a highly social activity—it’s

face to face and we run into friends and neighbors while out and about. So it only makes sense that retailers would leverage social media to take full advantage of the customer engagement they already enjoy. Retailers must plus into the social buzz, listen to customers, capitalize on what they learn, and use social tools and marketing best practices to build even better and more seamless customer relationships.” Already, corporations are finding ways to exterminate the need for wallets and cards all together. For example, Disney recently implemented 23


Payment using a smartphone is increasingly becoming the norm the option for their visitors to utilize The MagicBand program. This program allows visitors to store a room key, payment device and ticket in a bracelet to wear while exploring the 24

October 2014

park. The bracelets also allow access to the level of the hotel room in which the owner stayed while visiting the resort as well as allowed access to the room alleviating any need for a wallet.


Google recently announced their new feature, Google Wallet, which allows a customer to pay in stores much easier, send money to others and pay for things online. Google Wallet also allows customers to store offers and gift cards, saving the frustration of carrying multiple cards just in case they’re needed at a moment’s notice. For companies that have the option of loyalty points, Google Wallet also allows storage for membership numbers so that each purchase is accounted for. For the moment, stores like Apple have apps that allow customers to make a purchase without waiting in line for a cashier. Google Wallets allows payments to be made in stores where contact-less payments are accepted to make shopping less of a hassle. These advances allow retailers to communicate and engage in a more effective and personal way with customers. By providing app features to tailor the interest of the customers, retailers will see an increase in profit and customer satisfaction. In “The future of retail: emerging technology and store formats.” Steven Keith Platt states, “The shift from multi-channel to omni channel

marketing finds retailers integrating various systems in order to achieve a unified customer experience. Retailers are using technology to improve workforce and task management, including the proliferation of handheld devices for use by retail associates. The future of retail will be about choice, consistency, and customization.” Technology provides an intimate connection between the retailer and the customer. Customers are able to go onto their phone, select an application and browse through hundreds of products at any given point in the day while visualizing their product by looking at photos of people already utilizing each product. Customer visualization alone can significantly raise revenue for thousands of businesses. Specific retail applications can allow the customer to browse through their own interests while simultaneously filling their virtual shopping cart. App reviews provide customer feedback to improve customer experience by evolving with the customer, and enhancing the way customers shop at their own leisure.





MARKETING BIG DATA AS a concept has been floating around for years, but do you know how to harness its potential at your business? Business Review USA offers four reasons why your business cannot do without big data. 1. BIG DATA BUILDS CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE. For businesses with hundreds to millions of customers, recognition is not always an option. But big data is changing that. Many companies are already using big data to identify their most valuable customers. Big data differs from more narrow applications that focus on just one source, as it can examine a wide range of sources including purchase history, CRM (customer relationship management) data and intelligence from industry partners. It can also pull unstructured information from sources such as social media, bringing stats from network feeds, blogs and videos. Sorting through this information can help companies answer the big picture question of who is using and promoting their services the most and identify those who should be recognized for it. 28

October 2014

BIG DATA GOES W MOBILE TECHNOL 2. BIG DATA DRIVES OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES. Big data can help companies drive more operational efficiencies from their current investments. Vehicles can report data collected by onboard sensors and dealer service systems. Some vehicles are equipped with RFID technology, as are crates and packages, which generate massive amounts of field data.


WELL WITH OLOGY These data pools, combined with machine-to-machine technology, are fueling predictive analytics. For example, these services enable equipment to determine their own maintenance schedule, which alerts the supply chain to ensure that replacement parts are always available. Elsewhere, big data is moving from the hands of scientists to those tackling everyday business

transactions. For example, in call centers, CRM systems can review multiple data sources immediately to suggest offers that a representative can impart to a customer. At the doctor’s office, health maintenance apps that contain analytics can present physicians with informed suggestions that improve treatment and provide options to the patient. Retailers can use big data to generate 29


BUILD YOUR CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE AND REAP THE REWARDS point of sale coupons based on the customer’s current and past purchases. DATA-DRIVEN INSURANCE COMPANIES also stand to benefit from the introduction of big data. Analytics specific to the insurance industry will help expedite claims processing while reducing costs. Fraud, long an issue within the 30

October 2014

insurance industry, can be identified through the use of analytics-based solutions like clickstream analysis that can determine whether a claim is safe to process automatically or should be flagged for review. 3. BIG DATA GOES WELL WITH MOBILE TECHNOLOGY. As companies become more datadriven, it makes sense that data finds

its way into the hands of people who can use it effectively. Mobility will contribute to the impact that big data has on operations and customer relations by speeding up processes across the board. The intelligence and immediate decision-making capability that smartphone technology provides allows users to implement valuable new business processes. Combining big data and mobility

gives frontline employees real-time insights where they need them the most. Those insights stem from blending changing data with data at rest. Mobility also enables real-time field data collection, which adds to the pool of knowledge. For example, a delivery company that uses a fleet can improve their efficiency by using smart technology tools that can provide traffic conditions in real time 31


COMPANIES BIG AND SMALL NEED TO TAKE NOTICE OF BIG DATA and redirect a route in response to information that the driver either inputs or receives. This could cut down on delivery time considerably as well as fuel costs. 4. Big data helps companies of all sizes. Yesterday’s most competitive companies had internal big data departments that were filled with servers and teams of scientists. Such operations obviously weren’t 32

October 2014

within the reach of every business or even necessarily a desired core competency. Likewise, spreadsheets used to be the go-to tool for marketing managers who would collect data from campaigns and process it into meaningful insight. That simply isn’t practical anymore, and it’s rarely being done in today’s businesses. Useful information gleaned from social media and other


unstructured mediums have transformed big data to the point where it no longer fits the spreadsheet model. The data pool has grown and become so complex that it simply cannot be analyzed using yesterday’s tools. Offering data and analytics as a combined service will help solve this problem. Companies of any size can utilize big data by sharing a pool of scientists

and resources, eliminating the need to have individual teams on hand. Big data has created new categories of companies, including those who aggregate and analyze industry data. Many of these companies will be situated among several industry leaders who share their data. This will increase opportunities for companies to get the expertise they need without branching out or taking on a sizable expense. 33

TOP 10


Social T

A run down o companies in

Tools for Business

of the most environmentally conscious n America today Written by: Melissa Martinez


TOP 10



LinkedIn, a social site known for acting as an online resume for individuals looking to expand their career is also a major platform for businesses to create relationships as well as provide exposure to their own business. Recently, LinkedIn has announced a new feature that includes a sales navigator, essentially creating a way to gain the funding and support of cold calling without requiring an individual to physically call and pitch their product or service to an investor. The tool is designed to cut down on

cold calls while boosting sales. The tool is available to more than 313 million member online professional networkers. For a fee ranging from approximately $540 for a basic plan to $1,200 annual packages, social sellers that focus on using online social media to seek sale opportunities and leads, LinkedIn guarantees that salespeople are 51 percent more likely to beat their quota than cold calling the traditional, but tedious way. Paid users are also able to see who is viewing their profile and which company they work for. Also, LinkedIn allows registered users and business professionals to keep a contact list with networking options to build business connections, as well as finding out more information of various businesses. When businesses are looking to hire professionals to join their team, LinkedIn provides leads to qualified individuals that may be interested.

2 36

August 2014

Kickstarter For businesses that are


just starting, Kickstarter is a great platform to gain financial support and to network with a large-scale online community. With features to build a project, get appropriate feedback, launch, get the project funded, and send rewards to supporters, Kickstarter allows businesses to excel financially while creating an large, following of supporters.


well as more business connections.





Like Kickstarter, Indiegogo allows individuals to get financial funding for their business as well as network with other businesses and consumers. The difference from Kickstarter is that Indiegogo allows users to campaign as well as gain a networking platform for their new business.

Sharebloc acts as an information hub for


From individual user to multinational corporations, Twitter acts as a great networking tool as well as a large platform to communicate with consumers, 140 characters at a time. The buffer feature allows businesses to queue tweets in advance and schedule when they should be published. This feature creates a constant voice for a business in the Twitter sphere, giving a business the opportunity for more followers as

consumers that want consolidated content focused solely on businesses their interested in. Users are able to choose which businesses they would like 37

TOP 10

constant updates from while shifting through the businesses that they are not interested in. This way, consumers and networkers don’t take a chance on missing valuable information from their favorite businesses, creating a more personal business connection.



Sharebloc acts as an information hub for consumers that want consolidated content focused solely on businesses their interested in. Users are able to choose which businesses they would like constant updates from while shifting through the businesses that they are not interested in. This way, consumers and networkers don’t take a

chance on missing valuable information from their favorite businesses, creating a more personal business connection.



Since it’s inception, YouTube has provided millions of users and viewers the exposure to make them known. Recently, businesses have registered to YouTube accounts to promote their products or services as well as networking with businesses similar to their own.



While Skype is ideal for keeping in touch with friends around the world, thousands of businesses use Skype to communicate with 38

August 2014


branches or companies internationally. The program allows anyone to call around the world and have a conversation via video chat or instant messaging. This allows companies to network with international businesses and communicate to maintain professional relationships.


DropBox for Business



Through the photo sharing application, Instagram allows business to consumer interaction. By gaining a following, businesses that utilize Instagram are able to share photos and create an online community of consumers or investors to network for their business.

More than 300 million people and 4 million businesses utilize DropBox to effectively maintain communication with employees, vendors and clients by storing files that are accessible from any device. 39

RockPile Energy Service

RockPile Energy is Changing Dakota Fracking Industry

From people to technology, RockPile continues to set itself ield of energy completion services. Written by: Ian Hanner

Produced by: Alex Hortaridis


g the North

lf in the f




October 2014



ith a unique take on the value of employees and proprietary technology, RockPile Energy Services is not your traditional energy completion services provider. Established in June 2011 by the Triangle Petroleum Corporation, RockPile was created to fill what Triangle saw as a serious lack of frack service providers in North Dakota. The relatively low number of companies offering this service meant that oil companies operating in the area were waiting for eight to twelve months to get well fracked, according to Curt Dacar.

Dacar is the chief executive officer and previous chief operating officer. He had a key role in the founding of the company. Brought in by Triangle for his decades of industry experience working at Schlumberger, Dacar was instrumental in getting the company off the ground. “I was working in North Dakota and I knew some of the folks in their organization through past relationships and work history with some of the folks that actually worked for me when I worked at Schlumberger,” Dacar said. “They contacted me and asked w w w . r o c k p i l e e n e r g y. c o m


global knowledge. In

Hydraulic Fractu Oil & Gas Acidizing

Production Chem

Water Well Drill Founded in 1951, Economy Polymers and Chemicals has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of high viscosity guar gum powder in the world, as well as an industry leader in providing oil field stimulation chemicals. We are a multinational company, committed to extensive research and development, and devoted to continuously creating new and better products for the industries we serve. In addition, we provide toll manufacturing and custom chemical blending of our customer’s products. All of our custom chemical blending and manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified and utilize advanced technology to ensure that our chemical products are produced, packaged and delivered on time and to the highest standards of quality.

USa toll Free: 800-231-2066 tel: 713-723-8416 Fax: 713-723-1845

Mailing address: P.O. box 450245 Houston, tX 77245-0245

Coiled Tubing Mining

Cementing Chem

Automotive Chem

Personal Care/G Fire Fighting Textiles Food Pet Supplies Seismic

Unit ed Stat eS | Canada | dUbai | RUSSia | aRgentina

nnovative solutions.






Guar Products

Now Monitoring Your Consumables is as Easy as a Point and Click! ELIMS introduces a revolutionary technology aimed at the inventory management phase of hydraulic fracturing. This innovation represents a step change in accuracy resulting in: • a drastic decrease in personnel risk • a means to invoice immediately • a reduction of the service provider’s inventory to zero

Find out more at eLiMS is a division of economy Polymers & Chemicals



Founded in 1951, Economy Polymers and Chemicals has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of high viscosity guar gum powder in the world, as well as an industry leader in providing oilfield stimulation chemicals. chemical manufacturing facilityHeadquartered in Houston, Texas, we are a multinational company with operations in the United States, Canada, Dubai, Russia and Argentina. All of our custom chemical blending and manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified and utilize advanced technology to ensure that our chemical products are produced, packaged and delivered on time and to the highest standards of quality. At Economy Polymers and Chemicals we are committed to extensive research and development in order to continuously create new and better products for the industries we serve. Over the years we have made major investments in R&D – and have also made a substantial manufacturing investment in India to develop and produce new varieties of guar. Website:



if I would help them try to get a frack crew set up, so through the Summer I kind of consulted with them, helped them decide on the equipment and so forth. And in September of 2011, they actually asked me if I’d join the company as the COO, which I decided to do. [From there] I just started ordering equipment, building infrastructure, looking for land, putting building plans together and looking for an executive team.”

why we focus on hiring regional people, knowing that people from California, Texas or anywhere in the South-- it’s just not an environment that’s easy for them to adapt to. You see a lot of turnover.” Attrition isn’t something that a company of RockPile’s size can easily abide. In inclement weather like that, Dacar said that it’s not at all uncommon to see a 30 to 40 percent turnover rate. By hiring (relative) locals, Dacar boasts that Building a Workplace the company has an attrition rate of Community only 15 percent during the winter. In the years since, the company has Whether or not that’s due to the purchased several fracking fleets origin of the employee is up to and established a strong core of interpretation because RockPile employees from the region. Due to certainly has other ways they try to the harsh winters, hiring as locally make employees feel they have a is something Dacar said is vitally career rather than a job. In addition important to the company. to paying for a financial advisor to “The reason we do that is-- I grew come in for all new employees, the up in North Dakota and I’ve worked company goes out of the way to in North Dakota for many years,” make it easy for employees to live Dacar said. “I know what it’s like and work in North Dakota. to work there at 20, 30 below zero “We realized that North Dakota with a 20 mile per hour wind. It’s was, and still is, a very challenging brutal. The winters, or rather six place to find good places to live,” or seven months of the year, are he said. “We said that we wanted extremely difficult to work in. That’s to be able to provide these people w w w . r o c k p i l e e n e r g y. c o m


A World Leader in the Design and Manufacture of Stimulation Equipment Stewart & Stevenson provides our customers with complete state of the art fracturing equipment spreads, including: • Fracturing Pumps • Blenders • Hydration and Chemical Additive Units • Data Acquisition and Control Centers We also specialize in, Acidizing Equipment, Coiled Tubing Units, Nitrogen Units, Cementing Equipment, Drilling and Workover Rigs, Railcar Movers and Generators

Over a Century of Innovation

Chad Joost | 281-345-5151 |

Design-Build Construction Management General Construction 804 East Villard Dickinson, ND 58602 (701) 483-8279 Fax: (701) 483-3647 E-Mail: Kim Kolling | Scott Kolling


ROCKPILE ENERGY SERVICES with an opportunity to come to North Dakota and get housing at a reasonable cost, so we actually built a 30 unit multi-building complex of higher scale apartments with hardwood floors, tile, etcetera. We rent those out to our employees at about 30 to 40 percent off of what the current market price is.” That dedication to the living standards of their employees didn’t come with a low price tag. RockPile


paid about $6 million for that development. “We wanted to be able to attract people to come to the community and bring their families and be part of the community because we fully realized that if we provide them housing and a place to bring their families, it’s much easier to keep that employee as a long-term, careerfocused employee, rather than someone rotating in and out of the

w w w . r o c k p i l e e n e r g y. c o m

49 Our newly expanded 100,000 sqft warehouse in North Dakota

When it comes to trucking, no one offers you more.


Rush Truck Center – Houston specializes in solutions that meet the demands of the energy sector. With new and pre-owned trucks from leading manufacturers, 70 service and body shop bays, a fleet of mobile service technicians and a $5 million dollar parts inventory, we are the only source you need to keep your fleet up and running.

Contact us today and see why no other dealership offers you more. Rush Truck Center - Houston 10200 North Loop East Houston, TX 77029 800-580-7383 toll free | 713-495-6300 © 2014 Rush Enterprises, Inc. Printed in USA. File: 7134-0914 RTC Houston Print ad for Rockpile Services

ROCKPILE ENERGY SERVICES business every two to three weeks. To be honest with you, the housing has been very successful. It’s allowed a lot of people to come to North Dakota that normally wouldn’t. It’s allowed us to keep them, develop them and promote them within the company.” Moreover, RockPile goes out of its way to make employees feel like they’re part of a family within the company with awards banquets, camping, hiking and jeeping trips, and even a resort stay at Lake Tahoe. Dacar said he believes this sort of employee cohesion not only leads to happier, long-term workers,


but a higher standard of quality brought to every job. Driving Technology The emphasis RockPile puts on the quality and satisfaction of their employees isn’t the only thing that sets them apart. With innovative technology systems, the company is unique in its handling of both chemicals and propant for use in fracking operations. According to Dacar, chemicals used in the fracking process are typically delivered and transported in 330 gallon totes. Every time the tote is opened or transported,

w w w . r o c k p i l e e n e r g y. c o m


ROCKPILE ENERGY SERVICES there is a small risk of spilling. Since this is not healthy for employees nor the environment, RockPile developed what they call a Chemical Management System that minimizes the number of times the chemicals need to be moved, minimizes the potential for a spill and protects employees, all while adding greater efficiency to the whole process. “Not only has it been a successful rollout from a logistical standpoint-- we save a ton on logistics-but just from the environmental side of things, having less exposure. And of course tank bottoms on those old totes make it very difficult to get every drop out.�





Customer Satisfaction Is Our Success


a McC r t y

m e n C o ., t

YOUR OILFIELD AND INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS SOLUTION. Specializing in Belts, Hose, & Valves for the Oil and Gas Industry.


The company also has a unique system for delivering proppant for holding open induced fractures. While the industry standard for the handling of proppant hasn’t changed much in over 50 years, RockPile wasn’t satisfied with the quality of service traditional methods allowed them. “We looked at it and said there were two things that we need to do differently,” Dacar said. “One: we don’t like the way the industry handles chemicals. Two: we don’t like the way the industry handles proppant. So what we wanted to do really was revolutionize the things that we could impact and change.” He added, “With the traditional way you handle proppant from the mine to the wellhead, that grain of proppant, let’s say silica sand, would be transported four or five times. When we came up with this gravity feed system, we really wanted to just be able to take it from the mine to the wellhead. We got it from our transload facility in Dickinson to the wellhead now, which cuts down on several of those transfers. We’re still working on getting the technology to the point where we can take it right from the mine to the wellhead. So it’s impacted our business from a logistics side considerably, from both a working capital standpoint as well as an efficiency standpoint.”

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Fracking Services HEADQUARTERS



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Tennessee Dept. of Tran

Tennessee Department of Tr Managing Assets to Deliver a Transportation Network

With a demographic shift from rural to urban land, TDOT is providing top quality transportation services to its clients Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano

Produced by: Tom Venturo


ransportation a Strong

s once again leading the change in



In 1908, Henry Ford changed the world with the introduction of the first accessible automobile for the average middle class American. The Model T changed history forever and with it came a flood of other changes, including the development of transportation agencies. In 1915, the formation of the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) provided the foundation for a statewide system, and since then the department has grown from a network of state highways to a high quality road and bridge network.


October 2014

Celebrating 100 Years July 1, 2015 will mark the 100 year anniversary of TDOT. The department has seen multiple changes throughout the years with the most significant shift coming from within. “Back in the day, it was ‘pave it black and don’t look back,’” said Paul Degges, Chief Engineer and Deputy Commissioner, who has been with TDOT for 27 years. “We were all about building new roads and moving on to the next big project. Today, and the evolution of the department, has really been an asset management and


Surveyors at their construction camp in the 1920s

operations evolution.” Beginning with the first funding mechanism in 1923 to support the new highway agency, the department has gone through some major bridge building initiatives, the installment of new bridges, and 1,200 miles of interstate construction. “After the ’86 road program we started looking at how we could manage our assets and have a strong pavement management program and a strong bridge program,” said Degges. “These have been the two keystone visions that we’ve had and we think it’s paid off

by having a very high quality road and bridge network in Tennessee.” Luanne Grandinetti, Communications Manager, is coordinating the 100 year celebration next year and is excited for what’s in store. “While we’re not at liberty to discuss what we have planned, we definitely will have a big party on that day,” said Grandinetti. “It’s top secret,” joked Degges. A Debt-Neutral Model Tennessee is one of only five states in America that carries no w w w. t d o t . s t a t e . t n . u s



Providing solutions that last.


transportation debt. Regarded as a “pay as you go” state, the department pays no interest and has no loans to build transportation facilities. “We have a very robust program as far as having workload in the pipeline,” said Degges. “By not having any debt, it allows us the flexibility of being nimble in our decision-making on which projects we need to work on.” “About 91 percent of our money goes to project delivery, design, acquisition and construction,” continued Degges. “So 91 percent of our money goes out the door and onto the street with just a small amount for administrative functions.” “While other states are paying millions in interest each year, we pay zero and use it on projects,” added Grandinetti. Placing Employees at the Helm of the Wheel When it comes to its employees, TDOT is focused on two things: education and teamwork. With the recent hires of 160 engineers within

the past 18 months, an emphasis has been placed on diversity and growing one’s education. And it wouldn’t be complete without a proper celebration once certain successes are achieved. “We have a strong program to push education in our maintenance forces and we most recently had a celebration at the Tennessee Titans’ football stadium,” said Degges. “We had the governor come in and the commissioner of the department of education along with the commissioner of transportation. It was a celebration of about 100 employees that have gone the extra mile on their own time to earn additional education credentials that will allow them the opportunity to move up in the organization.” When it comes to the success of managing a large workforce such as TDOT’s – with four facilities statewide – Degges believes it comes down to placing individuals in leadership roles. “To be perfectly honest, you’re not born a leader. Your life experiences make you a leader, and if I can

w w w. t d o t . s t a t e . t n . u s



encourage our employees to have leadership opportunities where they can, I want them to step up to the plate,� said Degges. Steering Towards the Future There are multiple projects that TDOT is excited to begin working on in the near future, including the 60

October 2014

widening of US 64 into a four-lane stretch of road, a $70 million project, and several bridge installations and capacity expansions across Tennessee running in the $30-40 million range. “I think you will continue to see us look at how we manage our assets at the highest level condition at the


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lowest possible cost,” said Degges. “I think we will see a whole lot more of accelerated bridge construction technology, not just in Tennessee but across the country, and we will be focusing on how we can manage traffic on our existing network of roads and how we can keep the quality of life as high as possible by having a good, strong transportation network.”

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Auburn Constructors

Auburn Constructors: Using Acquisitions to take Control o Construction Industry

With the creation of its own electrical division in house, Aub dominate the construction industry with its staff of problem Written by: Lindsey Ryan Produced by: Tom Venturo

Strategic of the

burn Constructors is enabled to m solving experts



Booster Pump Station


ince its establishment in 1990, Auburn Constructors has been an innovative leader in full service general contracting specializing in water/wastewater treatment plants, water storage facilities, water/wastewater pumping facilities, storm water pumping plants and water resource and recovery projects. The company, which is based out of Sacramento, California, has the ability to self perform most field work with its experienced crew of professionals and wide range of equipment. Dean Bailey, president of Auburn Constructors, got on board with the 64

October 2014

company in 1989 before it was even known as Auburn Constructors and was just a small division of another company. Bailey was the first hire for what is now Auburn Constructors and has been there for almost 25 years. He began working with the company as a project manager and over the years climbed up the ladder, and this last April he was promoted to president. A Company that Stands Apart So why choose Auburn Constructors as your general contractor? One reason is that the company treats every project as its


own business entity and focuses to appropriately delegate the right project manager to each project. Bailey expresses that the common positive feedback from Owners and engineering firms they have worked with is that they enjoy doing business with Auburn because of the efficiency, professionalism and integrity demonstrated by their employees, as well as a reputation

for developing cooperative relationships on every project. Bailey stresses the importance of having a team that is made up of problem solvers. Construction is not an exact science so being able to adapt to changes and be quick on your feet to solve any particular problem that may occur is critical. According to Bailey, there are always changes and conflicts in

w w w. a u b u r n c o n s t r u c t o r s . c o m


Since 1978, Rescue Engineers, Inc. has been providing filter systems throughout California for surface water plants, as well as offering iron, manganese and arsenic removal systems for groundwater plants. 6205-G EntErprisE DrivE | DiamonD sprinGs, Ca 95619 (530) 621-2018 | Fax (530) 621-0893 |

the field so it is important to stay open to an alternate way of doing things. He says, “That’s really what we take a lot of pride in, coming up with a resolution at the time when we present a problem and hopefully that speeds things up.” Not only is the Auburn personnel efficient and professional, they are also well trained and have successfully completed laborer, electrical and carpenter disciplines. In addition to hiring quality craftsman, Auburn emphasizes providing a safe work environment to all of its

employees and subcontractors. All field employees are required to pass a pre-employment drug screen, as well as complete extensive safety training such as fall protection, confined space, LOTO, trench safety and OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 classes. Also, as environmental regulations have become more stringent we require our project managers to complete Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) compliance training. The company also has apprentices participating on the projects so that they are


Lathrop PS Piping

training from the bottom up and can promote from within. Overall the Auburn staff is a critical component to the company’s success and quality workmanship that keep clients coming back.

whole new way. In addition, because of the quality of workmanship by their electrical division, , Auburn is often approached by other General Contractors to use their electrical division as a sub-contractor. This Strategic Acquisitions unique relationship between In 2007, Auburn Constructors competitors in the same industry announced the creation of their has resulted in substantial growth own electrical division through the for Auburn Constructors. acquisition of the personnel and “It’s another revenue stream that assets of one of the leading Northern has allowed our company to be California electrical subcontractors competitive not only as a general in the treatment plant construction but as a sub contractor. There are industry, Horn Electric, Inc. of Lodi, times when we may bid a job as the CA. This has had an enormous Prime and we may not get it as the effect on the company because they low overall bidder but we may get are enabled to do self perform in a a portion of it as the low electrical w w w. a u b u r n c o n s t r u c t o r s . c o m



Lathrop PS Discharge Pipe


October 2014


subcontractor,” explains Bailey. Utilizing Technology Currently, the company is working on a brand new wastewater treatment plant for the city of Los Osos, California. Like many coastal towns, Los Osos is on a septic system and are now being directed to build a sewage treatment plant. Auburn has been selected to construct the plant and get it up and running. It is roughly a $48 million project which Auburn has assigned three project managers and one full time safety manager, making it a very large project for the company. It is a state of the art project that Bailey explains is utilizing some of the newer technologies in the industry. For example, this plant will be using ultraviolet light to disinfect the sewage rather than the common chlorination process. The plant will also be conducting an aeration process which has been proven to be an efficient way to treat the sewage and a third level of filtration known as “tertiary filtration” which meets the states very strict discharge standards. Though the Los Osos Project is currently the largest project Auburn is working on, they are also currently under contract for another 25 projects, including general and sub-contracting projects. We can definitely expect that Auburn will continue to stay busy in the months to come.

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110 Million

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Walsh/Atkinson JV (Wals partner) Easterly Tunnel Pump Station (ETDPS) Pr

The Walsh Group’s Easterly T Dewatering Pump Station Pr

The Walsh Group Project Manager Charles Weitzel discuss Cleveland’s Easterly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station Proj Written by: Sasha Orman

Produced by: Tom Venturo

sh managing l Dewatering Project

Tunnel roject Cleans Up

ses the challenges and future of ject



The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District was facing a critical problem: an overflow of roughly 4 billion gallons of untreated water into Lake Erie every year. In order to correct this issue, the Sewer District has assembled a team of experts to participate in the design and build of one of the largest combined sewer pump station projects in the United States to date. With a hand in the excavation and construction of a cavern style pump station, connected to 3 mile long single pass precast concretelined storage tunnel, The Walsh Group through this project is helping 72

October 2014

NEORSD significantly reduce raw water overflow and improve the environmental status of the Northeastern Ohio region. Building the Easterly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station “During the rain or flood high water situation, currently the treatment plant can’t handle the excess water,” explains Charles Weitzel, Project Manager at The Walsh Group. “When they can’t handle it, they have to bypass it right into the lake.” The Easterly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station is a $73 million project designed with the goal of

 C ONSTRUCTION

ETDPS Pump room Suction

pumping from the storage tunnel, a significant portion of that combined sewer overflow or untreated “raw water,” keeping it from entering the lake unchecked. “With this current phase NEORSD will stop one billion gallons from going to the lake,” says Weitzel. “What this does is store it in an overflow situation, where the raw water overflow would go into the storage tunnel instead of out to the lake. Then the storage tunnel will hold that overflow until they can handle treating it at the treatment plant. Instead of getting a billion gallons of water going through the

plant, and not being able to handle it in the moment, they can store it in this 24’-diameter storage tunnel. Then, with completion of our project, they can pump the water out of the storage tunnel, and into an interceptor that gravity feeds back to the treatment plant, so that they can treat it.” As a result of this project it is estimated that one billion gallons of water can be saved from entering the lake untreated each year, resulting in cleaner and safer conditions for residents in Cleveland and throughout Northeastern Ohio.

w w w. w a


Ric-Man Construction, Inc. was founded in 1965. Ric-Man excels in heavy underground construction and delivers a safe environment with high quality standards established by its founder Richard Mancini.

 

Email: I

Pump Room Mechanical

WA L S H / AT K I N S O N J V Balancing Logistics and Safety When you are essentially building a 27-story building straight down into the ground, with every person and material coming in and out through two shafts, managing logistics is vital for maintaining efficiency as well as workplace safety. Workers are at high risk, and conditions must be monitored for issues like dust and hazardous gas. The Walsh Group has had to employ several practices at the Easterly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station project to keep workers safe and production humming along. “We have two cranes onsite, and all the access is done by these two cranes, so we have a ‘brass in, brass out’ safety board,” explains Weitzel. “If anybody’s going down into the shafts or the caverns or the tunnel, we have a brass tag to show that they’re in there. Then if something were to happen safety-wise, we can identify who’s not accounted for and go find them or figure out where they are and what happened. Everyone’s on the brass board and, when they’re going into the hole, we lower them down with a man cage. We have schedules for who’s working


where and when, and we follow those as best we can.” The Walsh Group also maintains a core group of workers specifically trained in rescue operations, a practice that has also served the company well on other projects including the recent Black River Tunnel project. “We have a rescue team in place, ten or twelve of us, trained for getting anybody out of the cavern shaft or tunnel,” says Weitzel. “We have to maintain that throughout the job as one of our core safety issues.” Building Relationships on Trust Any major multimillion-dollar municipal project is likely to employ more than one contractor or subcontractor, and the Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station project is no exception – The Walsh Group has been working continuously alongside Atkinson Construction our JV partner, (who performed mining operations)and Subcontractors like , ESI, Ductfab, and Ricman Construction throughout the project. Building strong relationships with subcontractors is just as critical to a successful finished product w w w. w a



as building a relationship with the client, and for The Walsh Group cultivating both of those relationships relies on trust. “Building trust is the key to successful contracting – that’s 76

October 2014

what we strive to do with our subcontractors is keep building that trust,” says Weitzel. “That’s across the board. You have to make sure that the scope of work they’re going to perform is within their ability to


complete successfully. As far as with the owner building a good relationship with them means building trust that we’re going to do what’s right and ethical with attention to quality and safety, so that there’s no one hurt on any of these jobs and we’re providing a long lasting product where they’re going to be happy they had us on the job.” A Ways to Go The Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station project is on track for completion in November of 2016 – with the project currently in its concrete phase, before moving into a pump and piping installation phase, Weitzel estimates that initial testing will begin Spring of 2016 with final completion near August of 2016. But that is just the beginning. For the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District to meet EPA specifications by 2025, subsequent years will see an additional pump station built to the southeast of Cleveland, with further infrastructure work being done on tunnels to help divert a larger amount of overflow to the holding tunnels. As this work continues, Walsh Group hopes to maintain a major role in improving conditions for the city and its sewer system. “The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District is an awesome customer, and we’re happy to be working with them and for them,” says Weitzel. “They have a good handle on their program and what they want to accomplish, and we’re striving to be their contractor of choice.”

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ONEsource Facility Solut

Headline to the Report

ONEsource Facility Solution Uses Unique Collaborative Ap OSCA速, Towards Project Delivery Written by: Lindsey Ryan

Produced by: Tom Venturo





Incorporated in 2010, ONEsource Facility Solutions provides services for an array of food and beverage facilities including red meat, poultry, wine, dairy soft drinks and frozen foods. The company got started when it partnered with Facility Design Group, a company that has been involved in food processing facility design and engineering work since 1985. ONEsource utilizes its own collaborative approach, OSCA速, to successfully complete projects on time and on 80

October 2014

budget again and again, leaving customers satisfied and returning for business. ONEsource offers all planning and implantation services under one roof, taking the weight of the pressure off clients and into the hands of expert architects, engineers and planners. Jim Ashworth, Vice President of Construction Services, has been in the food and beverage design and engineering industry for 42 years and for the last 28 years he has focused on the design build side


of the business. He has worked with ONEsource since its creation in 2010 and was involved with the partner company, Facility Design Group, since 2000. He discusses how ONEsource designs and builds high quality food and beverage facilities while still saving the customer time and money. He states, “Saving time while getting a project started and completed; I think that’s the biggest thing that we offer.”

An Approach that Leads to Success ONEsource Facility Solutions has a unique approach to handling its projects, which has proven to keep clients returning to them for continued work. The company’s ONEsource Collaborative Approach (OSCA®) enables them to save up to 30% of the clients’ time on projects, which to clients is crucial because saving time is saving money. By using a team approach and constantly keeping

w w w. o n e s o u r c e f a c i l i t y s o l u t i o n s . c o m


O N E S O U R C E FA C I L I T Y S O L U T I O N S open communication between the company’s different departments involved in each stage of the project and the client, the company is able to complete the project in the most economical way possible. Ashworth states, “As a collaborative approach with the design team, the owner and sales, it’s like a three legged stool. We all work as a team to get a project done.” He continues, “All parties are involved from the very beginning to

Creating masterpieces, one brick at a time. For over 18 years, Rick Thomas Masonry LLC has continued its legacy as a trusted provider of high quality masonry services for large commercial, institutional and industrial construction projects.

Call Rick Thomas at 765-855-2699 for your next masonry project, today!

the very end of a project.” This integrated approach to project delivery makes ONEsource unique in the industry and because the company operates with its own in-house services, it is fully equipped to handle the entire building process from start to finish. Projects Underway ONEsource Facility Solutions has a wide range of projects to date, with a focus in food and beverage processing facilities. Currently, ONEsource is completing the design and construction of a new Artisan Cheese Processing Facility in Corfu, New York, for Yancey’s Fancy New York Artisan Cheese. As a cheese company, the client had would ship their cheese off to store it for two years so that it can age. With this new 106,500 square foot facility the company will be able to store their cheese in their own location. Yancey’s Fancy New York Artisan Cheese is scheduled to move in and start up operations this month. One of the current projects the ONEsource is working on is for


AMCE Smoked Fish in Wilmington, North Carolina. Like many of ONEsource’s projects, the ACME Smoked Fish project was fast tracked so ONEsource has been designing and building as they go and fortunately have not come across any serious obstacles that may delay the completion of the project. This project began in October of 2013 and is expected to open the 1st of the year in 2015. Another project ONEsource is working on is a new project for the Sugar Creek Packing Company, located in Cambridge City, Indiana.

The client is a private labeling company that cooks, processes and labels food products for outside brands, along with offering a few of their own products as well. They are looking to expand their meat and food processing facility so that it has the equipment and space to cook, assemble, package and flash freeze its own store brand prepared frozen food along with its clients’. The new facility will dwarf the existing location as it involves a 251,000 square foot building expansion and the renovation of the existing adjacent 89,600 square foot

w w w. o n e s o u r c e f a c i l i t y s o l u t i o n s . c o m



facility. This project is expected to be completed in April of 2015. Commitment to LEED Additionally ONEsource Facility Solutions is also committed to sustainability and as a company, they are active members of the U.S. Green Building Council and strive to 84

October 2014

integrate LEED certification into the facilities that they design and build. The Plumrose USA project that the company completed was a Silver LEED food processing facility, which Ashworth explains rarely happens, and it was selected as 2013 sustainable food plant of the year by Food Engineering Magazine.


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$150 million per year

Overall the company continues to deliver high quality projects that exceed expectations and keep customers coming back. With the company’s innovative Collaborative approach (OSCA®) and quality workmanship towards project delivery, there is no doubt ONEsource Facility Solutions will continue to stay busy in the upcoming years.

w w w. o n e s o u r c e f a c i l i t y s o l u t i o n s . c o m


Kaplan Construction

Kaplan Construction: Buildin Relationships through Quality

Kaplan Construction has fostered its company based on fa By treating its clients just like family, it has grown to becom high-quality construction services firm Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano

Produced by: Tom Venturo

ng Working ty Service

amily values. me known as a trusted,



Founded in 1976 by Ken Kaplan, Kaplan Construction is a family-owned construction services firm dedicated to clear communication and collaboration. 88

October 2014

With a reputation for integrity and achieving successful working relationships, Kaplan primarily serves six markets: commercial, healthcare, multi-family, houses of


worship, institutional, and historic rehabilitation/adaptive reuse. “Our mission – above all else – is to construct quality work for our clients,” states Kaplan’s website.

“We enhance their experience by going above and beyond what is expected. At the end of a project, we often hear that we made the process enjoyable for the client and w w w. k a p l a n c o n s t r u c t s . c o m


KAPLAN CONSTRUCTION team members.” Safety is a top priority at Kaplan Construction and the team has earned multiple awards for safeguarding the health and welfare of its employees, subcontractors and site visitors. As founding members of the Associated Builders and Contractors Massachusetts Chapter Workers’ Compensation Self-Insured Group Inc., Kaplan has been proactive in developing and enforcing a comprehensive and effective safety program.


Exceptional service is our standard. We’ve been providing electrical contracting & design services to general contractors & commercial industrial institutions in the New England area for nearly 30 years. 139 Southbridge Street | Auburn, MA 01501 508.792.9200 | 800.244.6055 |

“We have been annually bestowed the Associated Builders & Contractors Safety Award and are recent recipients for the Diamond Level award, the highest level of recognition and a benchmark standard for safety,” said Kaplan. With the most recent management transition of Nathan Peck being promoted to president and Jane Kaplan Peck to chief operating officer, Kaplan Construction continues to build trusted, longlasting relationships based on


Company Information INDUSTRY


Brookline, MA FOUNDED



personal involvement, reliability, and quality construction. Its team of employees and subcontractors has established a reputation for excellent customer service and superb workmanship and it’s highly successful projects have garnered respect throughout the industry. “We attribute our success to a passion for building and the trusted relationships we foster with our clients,” said Ken Kaplan. “I step away from the president’s role with the full confidence that Nate and Jane will continue to follow our guiding principles of client service, technical excellence, collaboration and mutual respect.” Driven by Ken Kaplan’s passion for building, Kaplan Construction has earned an outstanding reputation within the industry for high-quality, cost-effective construction services.



w w w. k a p l a n c o n s t r u c t s . c o m


CG/LA Infrastructure Inc Written by: Norman F. Anderson, President & CEO

c. 93


The North American infrastructure market is poised for take-off, ready to ride the way of three fundamental economic transformations. First, the explosion in energy production has given us a tremendous lift, with natural gas prices at less than $5 MMBtu less then 1/3 of our European and Asian competitors. Second, the tremendous growth in US exports is causing a re-design in our freight infrastructure (rail, ports, waterways, highways and intermodal facilities). Third, the increasing orientation toward transit-oriented communities - particularly among millennials - is creating driving new investments in urban mass transit (heavy rail, light rail and even streetcars) along with social infrastructure (schools and hospitals). CG/LA Infrastructure, a global market maker focused on doubling the level of infrastructure investment focuses on identifying priority projects, and ensuring that those projects go forward optimally as productively and rapidly as possible. Through our Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum Series and revolutionary online projects platform, GViP, CG/LA is 94

October 2014

bringing order, predictability and even imagination to the global infrastructure marketplace. Strategic Project Identification Norman Anderson, President and CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure and former project developer, founded the company to help countries and regions around the globe become more competitive and successful by making smart, robust investments decisions on strategic infrastructure projects and initiatives. Strategic project identification is the cornerstone of CG/LA’s global vision - bringing innovative leaders together from both the public and private sectors to focus on specific projects and push them rapidly forward to completion. CG/LA releases a quarterly market intelligence report, the Strategic Top 100, of the top infrastructure projects, with business opportunities in the next 3-18 months, in regions that complement the next Leadership Forum. The Strategic Top 100 is the cornerstone on which the Infrastructure Leadership Forums


are built. The most recent report, The 2014 Strategic Top 100 North America list, shows what is actually required – in terms of financial and human resources – to rebuild the competitiveness of North America. Projects were selected over a sixmonth process, beginning with a preliminary list of over 400 projects and narrowed down using CG/ LA’s proprietary ranking model. Comprised only of shovel-ready projects with business opportunities within the next 3-18 months, the 2014 Strategic Top 100 North America is valued at US$369 billion. Download the Strategic Top 100 NA here.

The Infrastructure Leadership Forum Series As a project developer, Norman saw firsthand that the key to both infrastructure project development and business success was leadership. And the Leadership Forum - whether the Global Forum, the North American Forum, the Bahrain/EMEA Forum or the Latin American Leadership Forum - identify and recognize the dedicated and sophisticated executives who develop the strategic infrastructure that defines their country’s futures. The Leadership Forum events w w w. c g - l a . c o m


Gen. Bostick

CG/LA INFRASTRUCTURE, INC are differentiators in the industry, gathering a community of 500+ experts around a dynamic projects marketplace. Forum events focus on 11 infrastructure sectors, from highways, to power generation to water & wastewater projects, convening a global community that includes decision makers from all aspects of a project lifecycle: financial lenders and investors, legal, design, engineering, and construction firms, as well as owner operators. Save the Date: 6th North American Strategic Infrastructure Forum On October 28-30, 2014, over 500 executives will gather at the 6th North American Strategic Infrastructure Forum at the Mayflower Renaissance in Washington, DC to meet with the sponsors of the Strategic Top 100 infrastructure projects in North America ($369 billion in total project value). The North American Forum is a dynamic 2.5 day event, focused on infrastructure development in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico,


while facilitating business and promoting projects across the region. Key Features of the leadership Forum include: • Project Presentations: Rapid project presentations of priority projects, allowing developers to make targeted presentations focused on their needs and business opportunities. • Private Meetings: Prescheduled private meetings system allows registrants to pre-schedule up to 10 meetings with project sponsors and Forum speakers, for the second day of the Forum. • Workshops and Roundtables: Thought leader discussions and debates on critical issues, fundamental for thinking about and building great infrastructure. • Community Building: Receptions, Special Breakfasts, and especially GlobalViP allow you to build strong relationships with project developers and sponsors, and experts throughout the global infrastructure community. GlobalViP (GViP) GViP harnesses the energy of the Infrastructure Leadership Forum w w w. c g - l a . c o m



Series, taking it online for users to access 24/7/365. GViP brings together nearly 1000 (10,000 by the end of 2014) infrastructure experts as a Just in Time resource for project managers to identify and access critical expertise - when they need it, and how they need it. GViP’s algorithms cut down project development costs by 60%, and diminish the time required to develop a project by 50%. This translates into significant costs


October 2014

savings -- and also generates productivity increases that exceed 100%. Join GViP and access this thriving community of infrastructure experts today. About Norman Anderson As President and CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure, Norman Anderson has 35+ years of competitive project identification, advising strategic infrastructure investment, and conducting regional analysis


Company Information INDUSTRY

Energy/Construction HEADQUARTERS

1827 Jefferson Place NW Washington DC 20036 USA

on energy projects worldwide. As the Founder and President of CG/LA Infrastructure, Inc., Norman oversees the development and execution of CG/LA’s proprietary analytic and regional infrastructure demand models, the successful Leadership Forum Series which selects, highlights, and hosts four regional events focused on infrastructure project investment. He is a member of both the World Economic Forum’s Global Advisory Council on Infrastructure and the Strategic Infrastructure Initiative and is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Guarani.

w w w. c g - l a . c o m


Gypsum Resource Mater Diamond Hill Gypsum Mi

Gypsum Resources Materia with Prestige from the Groun

Las Vegas, Nevada is known for various landmarks but one Diamond Hill Gypsum Mine: one of the oldest and most res Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano

Produced by: Bobby Meehan

rials (Blue ine)

als: Operating nd Up

e of its well-kept secrets is Blue spected mines in the industry




ith over 25 million tons of proven and probable reserves, Blue Diamond Hill Gypsum is the largest gypsum mine in the state of Nevada. Active since 1902, the mine is one of the oldest and most respected gypsum mines in the country. Sitting at over 3,000 acres, the Blue Diamond Hill Gypsum Mine serves three major market segments: wallboard, cement and agriculture. Currently owned by Jim Rhodes, Blue Diamond Hill (BDH) Gypsum sits atop Blue Diamond Hill near Red Rock Canyon and overlooks Las 102

October 2014

Vegas. With a recently established processing plant in place, BDH Gypsum is a leader in gypsum mining and production in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada, as well as the expanding markets of Oregon and Washington. David Hornsby, Chief Operating Officer, joined BDH Gypsum in 2012. With a background of over 26 years in the mining industry, he regards BDH Gypsum as a top quality mine focused on treating its employees like family, building strong client relationships and consistently improving its processes and methods.


Blue Diamond Hill

A Family Mindset “We motivate our employees by treating them like family,” said Hornsby in regards to his team at BDH Gypsum. “They’re able to come in any time and talk about issues and ideas, and that keeps them motivated.” By keeping close bonds with its employees, BDH Gypsum is able to retain its workforce and have

a committed and hard-working team. A quarterly bonus plan that is driven by ten factors – including safety, production, quality, sales and productivity – also drives a little friendly competition between the team, fueling the flames of inspiration to continue striving to do a better job each and every day. But aside from working hard, employees at BDH Gypsum are also w w w. b d h g y p s u m . c o m


Sanders Construction, Inc. is the premiere drilling and blasting company in the southwestern United States. Along with our sister company, Western States Drilling and Blasting, Inc., we provide drilling and blasting services for residential and commercial development, site preparation, mines and quarries in Nevada, California, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, Utah, Washington and Hawaii. Contact Danny Sanders at 702.558.4900, or, to discuss your drilling and blasting needs.

SANDERS CONSTRUCTION INC. P.O. BOx 92707 | HendersOn , nV 89009 | 702.558.4900 | Fax: 702.558.3563 | email: danny@Blastwest.cOm

Your Best Bet in Fuels, Lubricants, and Donaldson Filters As a Donaldson Filter Distributor and fuel and oil wholesaler, we strive to give our customers the best service.

experienced in a wide array of assets. “Everybody out here has to be willing and able to do any job at any point in time. They have to be a jack of all trades,” said Hornsby. At any moment, someone’s job may be switched and the flexibility of having an employee who is able to make that transition is very profitable for a company such as BDH Gypsum. Partnering with the Right Technology, People

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G Y P S U M R E S O U R C E M AT E R I A L S One of the major contractors BDH Gypsum works with is Sanders Construction. Owned by Danny Sanders, the group works alongside those at BDH Gypsum, assisting them with their drilling and blasting needs. “[Sanders] handles all of our exploration drilling along with two in-house geologists,” said Hornsby. “We drill and blast here almost every day and they do a really good job. They may be a contractor but they’re a really critical partner of ours. They’re here at the mine every day – just like our own employees.” Just like its management assets, BDH Gypsum also relies on state-of-the-art equipment to run its operations. With not a single piece of mining and processing equipment over 2 years old, BDH Gypsum prides itself on running top-ofthe-line equipment.


Company Information INDUSTRY


Las Vegas, Nevada FOUNDED

1902 (Mine) 2012 Gypsum Resource Materials, LLC EMPLOYEES


Looking Ahead With a strong production capability and a plethora of resources, BDH Gypsum will continue providing high quality gypsum for years to come. “Our market research indicates the next few years should yield steady growth for our products,” said Hornsby. “The housing and construction markets are coming back and I see the agriculture market demand getting even stronger with the on-going droughts and water concerns. We believe 2016-2018 will be the peak in this cycle.

+1 M

w w w. b d h g y p s u m . c o m


Century National Bank

Building on Excellence Written by: Abigail Phillips Produced by: Alex Hortaridis



Founded in 1886, Century National Bank is located in Dresden, Ohio, and has been providing residents of Zanesville and Muskingum County with banking services for more than one hundred years. Today the bank serves six counties in Southern Ohio and has 16 banking centers in operation and takes pride in providing its customers with world-class customer service. “We combine great services with convenient banking options and extraordinary customer service. You really can expect a difference when you bank at Century,� Jody Spencer, VP of the Energy Team. 108

September 2014

Century National Bank is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as part of a larger holding company Park National Corporation (PRK). The company is worth approximately $700 billion and operates approximately 11 affiliate banks. Century National Bank is a full service commercial bank offering retail commercial, trust and investment products. The bank is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest level of professional service. In fact, for the past 15 years it has run an investment excellence program, which focuses on its core values of financial success and


planning. Century National Bank is also ISO9000 certified.

advance the economy in eastern Ohio. “The reason we took a good hard look at the industry is we Embracing Economic Potential believe that the Utica Shell play As a member of the Ohio Oil and in eastern Ohio has the greatest Gas Foundation, Century National opportunity on our local economy Bank has been slowly observing and than anything else in the past,” exposing themselves to the Oil and explains Spencer. Gas industry over the past few years He continues, “We’re business and has been learning how they can people and we want to do well become involved. Recently, the management business and company created its own energy commercial banking business banking team. and we do. We lend more to small One of the reasons Century companies that are buying trucks decided to become involved in the and equipment and we’re picking Oil and Gas industry is because up investment customers as well, the company saw the potential to but the bottom line is the potential w w w. c e n t u r y n a t i o n a l b a n k . c o m


economic impact that can really change the complexion of some of the communities in eastern Ohio from where they’ve been in the last 75-100 years.” Century proves that even though they may not be one of the big box banks, they can still bring solutions to the forefront that any big box bank can. A Resource Clients Can Trust What makes the company stand apart from its larger competitors is the way they approach the customer’s individual situation and

Guernsey Scrap & Recycling, Inc.


Locations in Byesville, Caldwell and Marietta Ohio Main Office: 45198 Cornstalk Rd, P.O. Box 278, Caldwell, OH 43724 Byesville Phone: 740.685.0024 Caldwell Phone: 740.732.4807 Marietta Phone: 740.374.8565 Fax: 740.732.6484 BUYER OF FERROUS AND NONFERROUS SCRAP

Guernsey Scrap Recycling Trucking LLC P.O. Box 207 Caldwell Ohio 43724 John Foreman / Woody Foreman Phone: 740.732.0224 Fax: 740.732.0225 Dump Truck Tractor-Trailer Roll Off Heavy Equipment

Dedicated to the preservation of your financial resources services: • Tax Management Services • Audit, Review & Compilation • Business Valuation • Accounting & Payroll Services • QuickBooks Accounting Assistance • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Sales • Employee Benefits, Pension, and Profit-Sharing Plans • Bookkeeping Services

McLain Hill Rugg and Associates Inc. strategies guide clients to financial security and success

C E N T U R Y N AT I O N A L B A N K create a financial solution unique to each customer. “We’re not sitting in big cities and we’re not making a splash but we’re not just going to throw money and go away; we don’t do that. We start it from scratch, we learn the basics and we want to become a resource for clients. I’m sure these big guys are going to do a lot more business than us but I’ll tell you what, the people we do business with are going to be very pleased that we’re taking care of their families for generations,” Spencer I proud to report. “We look at every different angle with partners to be spun off and family dynamics so we can set this up. We had one family just in 2013 just with bonus money at a minimum we saved them over $70,000 in taxes last year just the way we set things up.” Looking to the Future Century National Bank may be a smaller bank, but it has big ambitions. It is looking towards expansion into more counties and plans to do so by offering an unbeatable level of service. “We’re


one of the largest employers in our market and we’ll continue to be so from a local bank standpoint. We’re looking at new opportunities as well. I see us growing the bank organically and through businesses as well,” says Spencer. Working closely with the Oil and Gas Association has allowed Century to broaden their customer base and the company anticipates continued growth through this new sector. “We are very committed to supporting the industry,” says Spencer. Century National Bank has a dedicated management team who are constantly looking for opportunities in the sector. “We believe that we have been ahead of the curve in regards to supporting the sector and while the big banks are just beginning to catch on we have been working with key players for more than three years,” says Spencer. Every service that Century National Bank provides is with its customers and clients in mind. It takes pride in building relationships with the communities in which it operates, listening to its needs and

w w w. c e n t u r y n a t i o n a l b a n k . c o m



CNB Energy Banking Team (from L to R) Janice Hutchison, Jeff Jordan, Pat Nash, Jody Spencer, Tom Lyall, Jim Blythe, Beccy Porteus

reacting to that. Century has built a fantastic reputation in the areas in which it serves and looks to continue growing. 112

September 2014

“I think we’re going to really see some numbers come out of here in the next five years. We believe by building our energy team, quietly


Company Information Founded in 1886, Century National Bank is located in Dresden, Ohio, and has been providing residents of Zanesville and Muskingum County with banking services for more than one hundred years. The company focuses on its customers and is dedicated to providing customers with the highest level of professional service. Century offers extended hours in their banking centers plus ATMs, Online Banking, Online Bill Pay and Telebank to make banking simple and https://www. convenient. You can really “expect a difference” CenturyNationalBank when banking with Century.

working and trying to meet our banks’ customer needs, building relationships through seminars and providing superb service to people they will continue to tell other people,” say Spencer.


w w w. c e n t u r y n a t i o n a l b a n k . c o m


Compass Solar Energy

Compass Shines Bright in the Sunshine State

The Pensacola, Florida-based has relied on its years of exp to become the sought-after solar installer it is today. Written by: Kevin Smead

Produced by: Jason Wright

perience and strong relationships



51 kW at the Hatch Field heliport at Fort Rucker, AL

You might find it difficult to believe that being a solar company in Florida, nicknamed “The Sunshine State,” is actually quite challenging. A lack of state incentives and resistance from utilities make what should be Florida’s biggest industry a risky proposition. And while many other solar companies have come and gone, Compass Solar Energy has remained strong since its inception in 1998. The design-build company takes its projects from concept to completion—and beyond. Principal and Co-founder Dan Gardner believes its years of experience are 116

October 2014

what make Compass successful. “We got into this industry well in front of the curve that started in late 2009 when it really took off,” he said. “We’ve been in it long enough and we were able to work through a lot of the kinks that many companies still have to discover.” Before Sunrise While Compass has always been a company focused on solar, the market was very different in 1998. They began working mainly on solar heating installations for pools and hot water systems. “There wasn’t a lot of happening


Non-rooftop residential solar is becoming more and more popular (Niceville, FL)

in the solar electric industry in Florida,” Gardner explained. “You had some PV modules that were probably used for the purpose of pumping water and just small operations. It was still a very pricey product so you didn’t have too many folks looking at it.” This was the reality in the industry for many years, though that began to change in the late ‘00s. The industry began to grow in 2007, thanks to federal incentives. While a lack of understanding about the technical aspects of solar made initial recruitment of employees difficult, Compass’ team has grown into an experienced, professional one that is paramount to its current success. “As in any industry, your employees are really the ones that make or break you,” Gardner said.

“As in any industry, your employees are really the ones that make or break you” – Dan Gardner, Principal and Co-Founder

w w w. c o m p a s s s o l a r. c o m



Compass Solar crew working on placing panels at Fort

The Advantage of Experience Compass invests in its employees, ensuring all members of the team—installers, salespeople, and supervisors—are trained and fully understand the complex systems they install. New employees are trained in the field for 2 months, regardless of their positions. “They’re going out with the installation teams to work side-by-side with somebody,” Gardner said. “They’re actually out there going through the process, installing the systems, and learning how the product actually functions. They see how it gets attached to buildings, how it gets programmed, and get a full understanding of

McGregor, NM

We spend our Energy to save you Energy. Mathes Group is a full-service electrical supplier, serving commercial, residential, industrial, municipal, hospitality, education and healthcare customers for more than 40 years. Our knowledgeable Energy Solutions Team is ready to guide you through energy saving products and solutions. For more information, call 1.800.477.4161, or email, and start saving money today!

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the product.” It’s this knowledgeable and personalized approach that keep people coming back to Compass. Gardner explained that the company’s growth has overwhelmingly come from word-of-mouth business, as its customers appreciate the level at which Compass is committed to ensuring they’re able to get the most out of their solar systems. “Installing solar is not like building a house or something where you can build it, you’re done with it, and you can move on to your next one,” he said. “There’s still a learning curve. You just installed a very complex system on somebody’s business, somebody’s residence, or even on a military base. There’s still a lot of education that comes into play.” Gardner said that no matter the type of installation, Compass maintains and values its relationship with the client. “All of those relationships are very critical to the success of our company,” he said. “You’ve got to be committed to your customer base and just continue to enhance those relationships even after the

projects finish.” Toward a Sunnier Future With many of Compass’ plans looking long term, it’s important for the company to have a vision for the future. While part of Compass’ future involves newer, more efficient tech, the outlook for solar in Florida is more so rooted in energy policy. “We are the sunshine state, we have a huge opportunity, but here, as in most states, there are a lot of battles going on between the utilities,” Gardner said. “Solar is an alternative to them now on a large scale, so you’re going to have the resistance. There’s also opportunity for them, so for us, a big strategy is to try to work with utilities to develop plans and processes that allow us to emerge. If you’re an intelligent utility, you’re really thinking about this, because it’s not going to go away.” Compass relies on both residential and large-scale solar installations to keep its budget balanced, as a constant cash flow from smaller projects allow them to take on some of the bigger ones. One major area of expansion the company is w w w. c o m p a s s s o l a r. c o m



exploring is in the Caribbean. “Any time you’re on an island country you have to import solar and other fuels—they don’t have their own source. What we pay in the states is nothing compared to what they pay in the islands, which is why they don’t have a lot of readily available energy,” Gardner said. “So, solar is a big opportunity there. We’re working on several solar farms right now and that’s exciting because there’s a niche group of people that are able


October 2014


Company Information INDUSTRY


Pensacola, Florida FOUNDED



to take a large amount of real estate and put a solar farm on it.” Compass is also working to influence solar policy on a local and, eventually, state level. For now, it’s focusing on doing what it’s always done best: providing high-quality solar services to wide range of clients.

w w w. c o m p a s s s o l a r. c o m


Adobe Facilities

Adobe’s World of Sustainabl Written by: Deana Cacus

Produced by: Aaron Wells

le Solutions 123


Gil C /

Adobe is renowned throughout the world for their creative multimedia and software products, but there is more to the company than their IT solutions. Adobe was recently applauded for their impressive sustainability efforts when Newsweek ranked them as the second greenest company in the United States and the third greenest 124

October 2014

company in the world. Within the category of IT companies, Adobe was listed as number one, both in the United States and globally. In an interview, Jonathan Francom, Director of Global Workplace Strategic Programs for Adobe, explained that the company has made sustainability a top priority in their operations.


“We foster a culture of sustainability through employee involvement,” Francom said. “That’s a key component. We are sustainability thought-leaders, and we’ve been recognized as such. We want to maintain our reputation, which we enhance through responsible business practices, and we enable our customers to be more

sustainable through the use of our products.” Through their software suite, LEED certified facilities and the development of effective sustainability consortiums, the company has aptly demonstrated their focus on bettering our world as well as their understanding of how that can be accomplished. w w w. a d o b e . c o m


Ken Wolter /

A D O B E FA C I L I T I E S Sustainable products Many of Adobe’s products speak to their sustainability efforts. The company has created EchoSign, a digital signature product that allows users to send and electronically sign documents using a smart phone, tablet or any web browser. EchoSign automatically records and stores the details of each document’s history on the Adobe Cloud platform, and signatures are legally valid and enforceable in countries throughout the world. “For every million EchoSign signatures, we reduce 3 million pounds of wood and two million gallons of water waste,” Francom said. Adobe also developed Adobe Connect, a web conferencing platform for web meetings, eLearning and webinars. The platform can be used on virtually any device and has been utilized by leading corporations and the U.S. Department of Defense. Francom commented on Connect by saying, “Adobe Connect is a telepresence solution. It’s interactive and reduces the needs for travel. We figured out that the biggest


part of our carbon footprint was employee travel, and it’s also one of the biggest costs, so if we eliminate that, we can add to our earnings per share significantly, and everyone wins.” In alignment with Connect, Adobe launched an initiative in April of this year encouraging their employees to forego traveling in order to reduce carbon emissions. The initiative was dubbed “Skip-a-trip” and challenged Adobe employees to skip a business trip entirely and use Adobe Connect instead. The challenge proved successful, as that month, employees elected to save 31,000 lbs. of CO2 and reduce the company’s carbon footprint. The challenge also saved Adobe thousands of dollars in travel costs. Adobe has several consortiums in place that develop sustainability programs like Skip-a-trip. According to Francom, “In every major site, we have a sustainability council of folks that are passionate and interested in being involved at site level. We’re not just trying to be sustainable as Adobe, but to create a framework and mindset population that transcends Adobe and improves (our world) in general.” w w w. a d o b e . c o m



Ken Wolter /

Francom added that awareness is key, saying, “You see easier options in populations that are aware. We have 22 green teams in different regions across the globe that communicate about the things that we’re trying to do. They’ve been incredibly successful this year, particularly with Skip-a-trip.” LEED certified facilities Adobe’s facilities are world-class in their sustainability efforts. Many of their buildings incorporate onsite energy production, particularly in the form of wind turbines. The 128

October 2014

company is currently building one million square feet of property in India between two campuses and is aiming for LEED certification. Their facility in Utah as well as their data center are both LEED certified at gold status. “There’s one way to build a building that’s very sustainable and just operate it inefficiently, but really, all that design and construction is for naught because you can operate even the best building in a very efficient manner and not reap the benefits of the sustainability of the design,” Francom said. “We’re the


opposite. We build exceptional facilities and run them even more exceptionally and we’re ensuring that we avoid landfill waste while recycling to the utmost extent. We’re also increasing our demands on the grid as much as possible.” The company has also integrated brand new green technology into its oldest facility, a San Francisco building constructed in 1905 that has been renovated to reach platinum level LEED certification. Adobe has adopted an energymoderating tool engineered by Stern, a company that manufactures devices that merge predictive data analysis with intelligent energy storage. Francom explained Stern’s technology by saying, “You hook the device up to a meter and it reduces peak demand costs over time. In other words, the battery will engage based on the predicted algorithm. Battery power begins when peak demand usage goes up, and in California, there is serious incentive to reduce peak demand. It’s basically proving that embedding sustainability into your practices is good for business and the environment.” Francom reiterated the benefits that green practices bring to Adobe’s bottom line as well as their employee culture. “We sustainably manage our business. We design and build the most creative and innovative and healthy workspaces for our employees and we seek to reduce operational costs and increase productivity through our sustainability initiative.”

Company Information Adobe is the global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions. Our tools and services allow our customers to create groundbreaking digital content, deploy it across media and devices, measure and optimize it over time, and achieve greater business success. We help our customers make, manage, measure, and monetize their content across every channel and screen.

w w w. a d o b e . c o m


Bay Ship & Yacht

Sailing the Seas of Success

From battleships to superyachts, this company has worked remain grounded in the belief of offering the best custome staff’s well-being Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano

Produced by: Jason Wright

d on ships of all sizes. But its roots er satisfaction while ensuring their



San miguel


an Francisco Bay is a mecca for sailors and home to a major port. From small boats to military ships, these waters have seen it all. One company, who began by repairing wooden ships in the late ‘70s, has grown to become one of the most recognized build-and-repair names within the commercial vessel 132

October 2014

industry: Bay Ship & Yacht Co. In 1977, Bill Elliot began Bay Ship with the intent of working on wooden ships, his primary passion. As opportunities arose in the commercial and military vessel market, Elliot decided to fuel that passion and opened a shipyard on San Francisco Bay in 1994 and has


grown and developed it into the “21st Century Shipyard”. David Ashton, Sales Manager at Bay Ship, began working at the company in 2008 and has since seen the business steadily increase. “It’s been very fun and exciting to be a part of a company that has undergone so many significant and positive changes. [Bay Ship] has embarked on [various] programs because it believes so deeply in our mission statement of ‘Absolute Customer Satisfaction,’” said Ashton. The programs Ashton referred to include the investment in a new drydock; expansion of the machine, fabrication, and hydraulic shops; and the development of a new quality management system to ensure continuous improvement.

“For nearly two years [Bay Ship] has invested in a Quality Management System (QMS),” said Ashton. “The QMS is geared towards business improvements, but it’s most significant contribution is ensuring that our business processes are such that we can ensure we provide the highest quality of work and work fulfillment to our customers; while providing the safest environment for our employees.” The QMS system ensures procedural fulfillment through a series of checks and accountability. It also exploits problematic areas to determine the root causes and the corrections thereof. “Safety starts with understanding the scope of work and planning for it,” added Ashton. “Our culture that we have developed at [Bay Ship] is 3Safe-Conscious and such that any person, anywhere in Environmentally-Friendly the company, can stop a project if Bay Ship’s singular priority is safety they feel that an unsafe practice is and protection of our customers’ occurring; so we spend lots of time vessels. By ensuring a safe ensuring that it never gets to that.” workplace, Bay Ship can ensure that Beyond safety, Bay Ship makes projects are conducted efficiently certain to take care of the land and and to the letter of the contract. waters they work on, as well. w w w. b a


large or Small projeCtS, safety is our #1 priority.

Since 2009, Champion Scaffold Services has equipped Bay Area homeowners, commercial general contractors, and businesses with superior products and exemplary services. Priding ourselves on outstanding customer service and high quality production, our staff, management, and qualified estimators will be readily available to aid you from initial inquiry to dismantle. Our goal is to establish a beneficial relationship with our customers in order to produce a safe, reliable infrastructure, allowing your project to proceed without delay.

CommerCial, reSidential and induStrial projeCtS | inStallation and diSmantle Stair towerS | Hill SideS | mobile towerS | large SHipS 1563 SOlanO ave. BOx #332 • Berkeley, Ca. 94707 510-788-4731 • Fax: 510-327-0301 •



“[Bay Ship] is located on the San Francisco Bay and as such we are extremely sensitive to ensuring that neither the air, land or water is polluted,” said Ashton. “[Bay Ship] goes through great detail of ensure that we are as environmentally sensitive as we can be, including environmental containment and shrouding of vessels during certain operations; the recycling of petroleum waste products; the recycling of various metals; and our waste stream is segregated to maximize environmental sensitivity.”


Employing the Right People “Recruiting of smart people to carry out the work is very important if we are to remain a cutting-edge 21st century shipyard,” says Ashton. As a complex organization that requires skilled individuals from project to business managers, Bay Ship has developed its own extensive training program for new hires. “It’s quite unique to our shipyard,” said Ashton. “We work in multiple disciplines and each discipline requires its own training … We bring in outside vendors, safety consultants, and others to conduct training of our workforce for specific


Here at Champion Scaffold Services we take care of every clients unique needs and projects. Our staff is efficient, professional and courteous. One of goals here is to make sure you feel good about your decision to use our services, so we work hard for you. We perfect and map out each and every project’s details, and complete things in a timely manner.You can rest assured you are using the best of the best!


w w w. b a



actions, but have an extensive in-house training staff for our routine education.” “To my knowledge, the training program at [Bay Ship] is unique among all shipyards,” added Ashton. “Where other shipyards have some training, our training is so extensive it has earned a renowned reputation worldwide.” Bay Ship’s staff is proof to the theory that with the right people, you 136

October 2014

can reach success anywhere. “The most important aspect of managing a workforce is empowering them to be a part of their own future,” said Ashton. Looking to the Horizon Bay Ship & Yacht Co. has worked on some impressive projects. From the legendary U.S. Navy battleship USS Iowa to the presidential yacht the Potomac, Bay Ship is anchored


Company Information INDUSTRY

Repairing, building of commercial and military vessels and superyachts HEADQUARTERS



201-500 REVENUE


in its mission of delivering top quality work and customer satisfaction. “[The year] 2015 should be a great year for [Bay Ship] and our customers,” said Ashton. “Every time we re-invest in our company, our customers benefit from it. We continually try to improve because it’s the right thing to do for our employees and our customers.” One thing can be known for sure about Bay Ship’s future, this company is one that is setting its sails towards a grand voyage.

w w w. b a


Comprehensive Logistic

Masters of the Supply Chain

The 111-year-old company has certainly evolved over time, business when it comes to supply chain management. Written by: Kevin Smead

Produced by: Jason Wright



, but it’s still the best is the


Tonkin image /


hile Comprehensive Logistics Co. Inc. (CLI) is more than 100 years old, they’re anything but “old school.� CLI is an award-winning thirdparty logistics provider that gives businesses a lean and flexible supply chain, allowing them to manage the tumultuous world that is modern business. The company was founded in 1903 140

October 2014

by J.V. McNicholas, who started by handling general transport with a horse and cart. With the advent of new technologies, the business expanded and took on several different forms. CLI in its modern form was came to be in 1995 and continues to provide the high-quality logistics service its customers continue to expect. CLI primarily focuses on the needs

of manufacturers, distributors, and shippers. They serve needs from the most basic, to the highly complex. The company is proud of its flexibility, citing its lean size and process-driven culture as main factors in its ability to modify and adapt to meet ever changing needs. Keeping costs low is also a major focus at CLI. The company is committed to Continuous

Improvement and operates a Change Management Request (CMR) process, allowing for streamlined and effective improvements. CLI also puts the client in the driver seat, affording them full transparency and control of the supply chain. Using an online tool, CLI allows its clients to access and manage their end-to-end w w w. c o m p l o g . c o m


Time to go Lean.

P O S I T I V E - T R A C K I N G

Over 27 years ago, Peregrine, Inc. invented the Quad-Steer Tracker™ material-handling trailer. There is still only one Quad-Steer Tracker™. We have produced several types of trailers and accessories to fit thousands of applications. We do the dirty work and provide custom engineering at no cost to best fit your application while maintaining the highest standards for safety and ergonomics. Since cost drives your business, put low maintenance and product life expectancy on your bottom line.


8 0 0 - 7 7 7 - 3 4 3 3 | w w w. p e re g r i n e - i n c . c o m 5301 North 57th Street Suite 102 | Lincoln, NE 68507-3164 | Phone: (402) 466-4011 | Fax: (402) 466-1639



Company Information

supply chain, ensuring everything is running as expected. Also, clients are able to fully view and understand everything from CLI’s end as well, giving customers the highest level of confidence that there will be no surprises, monetary or otherwise. With its 99.97% inventory accuracy rate, 99.4% on-time delivery rate, and less than five defects per million, CLI is one of the best in the business when it comes to logistics and supply chain management. While these numbers are certainly impressive, stay tuned for our feature next month where we’ll break down what makes Comprehensive Logistics so successful.

Comprehensive Logistics Co. Inc. (CLI) gives you the lean, flexible supply chain you need to compete in today’s complex, unpredictable business environment. We are a premier, non-assetbased provider of engineered logistics services for complex supply chains. As an award-winning thirdparty logistics provider, we are experienced in exceeding the most stringent logistics requirements.

w w w. c o m p l o g . c o m


Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo HFSE


Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo Fosters Collabora Chicago Conference Author name: Liz Miller , Marketing Director



ation & Innovation in Annual



The Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo is the original event that examines the trends in healthcare and the trends in healthcare design as one single movement. Industry leaders from design firms to healthcare owners come together for three days of education and collaboration. The Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo will take place September 30 - October 2, 2014 in Chicago with pre-conference events on September 29, 2014. Resonating through the event is the theme of Building Connections. The Healthcare Facilities 146

October 2014

Symposium & Expo is known as a collaborative environment where connections are formed through networking opportunities, sparked by creative ideas, and answering the challenges of attendees by connecting them with solution providers or expert speakers. A hallmark of the event is the willingness of attendees to look past competition and share ideas to further the mission of turning brilliant design into improved healthcare delivery. Building Connections is also echoed by keynote presenter John S. Milne, MD, MBA, FACEP, Founder


and CEO, Avnew Health. Milne will explore the rapid transformation of healthcare delivery and discuss trends including ACO structures, mobile apps, and big data. “I am incredibly excited to be addressing healthcare planners and facility designers at this year’s Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo” says Milne. “I hope that through my presentation, they will see the connections between care delivery trends and the built environment and be inspired to transform the way patients experience healthcare” The conference program will feature sessions presented

by leading healthcare facilities and design firms. Case-studies and instructional sessions will tackle issues challenging design teams today including integrating technology, influence of the Affordable Care Act, sustainability, renovation projects, and the task of doing more with less. Returning for the second year is the Student Charette sponsored by CannonDesign and in partnership with AIA Chicago, the AIA Chicago Healthcare Knowledge Community and The Caritas Project. Promoting interaction and idea exchange between university students and w w w. h c a re f a c i l i t i e s . c o m



attendees, this year’s design challenge will be Completely Reimagining Outpatient Health and Wellness Environments. A Technology Pavilion featured in the Exhibit Hall will bring big data alive in an enticing visual display where attendees will interact and explore how technologies are helping us view, investigate, 148

October 2014

analyze data and understand how technology can make a difference for a health system seeking to know their patients and proactively manage their health. “Two years ago the advisory board of the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo saw a need to bring technology to the exhibit floor” said Gary Collins, Principal, PFB


Architects. “Something that would capture the interest and imagination of the younger tech generation yet offer real solutions for today’s Healthcare leaders. I was fortunate that Jenabeth Ferguson, VP, Symposium Director, and her staff believed in my Technology Pavilion idea and now we are preparing to launch an immersion experience

like no other.” The project is led by Sensory Technologies, Blue Cottage, Power Construction, PFB Architects, KaziaLi Design Collaborative, Koroseal Interior Products, and Interface. Details: The 2014 Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo includes: w w w. h c a re f a c i l i t i e s . c o m



John Milne

• Educational sessions featuring case-studies and instructional sessions presented by the upper echelon of thought leaders and industry authorities. • Exclusive networking opportunities on the show floor and 150

October 2014

off-site, including The Symposium Party with activities, music and the Annual Raffle which will benefit The Cure It Foundation. • An Exhibit Hall with the latest products and solutions critical to designing cutting-edge facilities.


Company Information INDUSTRY


: 5520 Park Avenue, Suite 305 Trumbull, CT 06611

• Facility tours of the Northwestern Medicine’s 259 East Erie Facility and the Erie Family Health Center (Waukegan). For more information on the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo please visit www. .

w w w. h c a re f a c i l i t i e s . c o m


BRUSA October 2014