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Business Review USA profiles America’s most successful entrepreneurs and discovers the secret behind

The Future of Advertising Healthcare technological advancements provide physician’s an easier way to treat patients


Get your ideas off the ground this fall T H I S M O N T H I N B U S I N E S S R E V I E W U S A we consider the best

business books on the market (or coming soon) that will provide you with some inspiration for the winter months and New Year. Make 2015 the year you get your great idea off the ground. Stop thinking and start doing with a little encouragement from some of the most influential CEOs and business leaders of the 21st century. Also in this issue we analyze how the mobile money sector is changing the way we live our lives. From startup companies to multinational banking institutions, everyone is jumping onboard the digital wallet bandwagon. Finally, we also take a look at America’s greatest entrepreneurs, the rise of technology in the healthcare industry and ask what does the future of advertising look like? E NJOY TH E I S S U E !

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The Future of Advertising

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How Mobile Money is Changing the World

Healthcare technological advancements provide physicians an easier way to treat patients

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COMPANY PROFILES MINING GLOBAL 46 Brahma Group 54 Lundin Mining 76 DRA Taggart

EXPLORATION 86 Wildcat Midstream 94 Rockpile Energy Services

CONSTRUCTION 110 Archer Western Construction I-395 Project

4 November 2014

120 Lake Oswego and Tigard Water Project 128 Kaplan Construction 136 Tennessee Department of Transportation

SUPPLY CHAIN 146 Ocean Shipholdings Inc. 154 Comprehensive Logistics 162 Century National Bank

46 Brahma Group

94 Rockpile Energy 128

Kaplan Construction


Ocean Shipholdings Inc.




ENTREPRENEURS Business Review USA profiles America’s most successful entrepreneurs and discovers the secret behind their success. W R I T T E N B Y: L A U R A C LO S E


November 2014


LEADERSHIP THE YOUNG ONE MADISON ROBINSON, FOUNDER OF FISH FLOPS Madison Robinson officially launched her shoe brand—Fish Flops for kids— in 2011. She hasn’t been turned down by a single retailer yet, her shoes are sold by the likes of Nordstrom and Macy’s... and oh yeah, she’s 16. Robinson came up with the idea of Fish Flops when she was 8. She had been drawing fun ocean characters and decided to combine her drawing with a sandal that originally lit up. Now she’s designed fashion shoe lines not only for kids but young adults and women as well. And she doesn’t just design the shoes—she knows the whole operation. Robinson has packed shipments, helped stock the warehouse, can explain her pricing, host a tradeshow booth, make a sales pitch, and has mastered the art of social media. Now her brand has hats, shirts and kids’ books she writes herself. There may even be an upcoming underwater gaming app from the company. Of course, she didn’t do it all by herself. Her dad purchased the 8

November 2014

Madison Robinson, Fish Flops domain name, help her solidify her designs and concepts, and helped her write her first pitch to Nordstrom. “I wrote a letter to the buyers,” she shared with a Houston Fox reporter. “I didn’t think I would get in, but I did.” Some of her best business decisions included participating in charity, although Robinson didn’t realize they were business decisions at first. By offering free Fish Flops and volunteering for a charity that supports

children of fall military heroes resulted in a huge order from Army’s Post Exchange stores. She also donated 10,000 pairs of sandals to a community shoe drive in her home state of Texas, which garnered good press. Madison Robinson’s keys to success: Constant learning and patience All of the money she’s earned has been put away for college, to study business. Robinson continues to succeed in her brand because she

continues to learn her brand, how to promote it and how to navigate the business world. Every day is a learning experience, and she capitalizes on it. She’s also had to learn patience, which she has described as one of the hardest parts of running a business. Waiting for stores to decide whether to carry her brand or not has helped her with this great life—and business—skill.



Palmer Luckey Oculus

The Upcoming Talent Palmer Luckey, Founder of Oculus VR Palmer Luckey, the young entrepreneur who founded Oculus VR and helped build its flagship product the Rift, has had a pretty good year. Even though he hasn’t finished college like some 22-year-olds, his innovative virtual reality headset and technology was purchased by Facebook for $2 billion. Over 100,000 prototypes have been sent to developers, 10

November 2014

and hundreds of video games and accessories continue to trickle in. His goal now is to convince the tech world that virtual reality isn’t just a flash in the pan technology; to him, it’s long overdue. The future Luckey sees includes VR cinema, 360-degree panoramas and the ability to communicate in a new way longdistance—one of the many reasons Mark Zuckerberg was interested enough in the technology to buy it. But it’s going to be a difficult hurdle to

A M E R I C A’ S T O P E N T R E P R E N E U R S

overcome, Luckey said in an interview with CNET. Most see the technology as something a “pimply-faced teenager” plays in the basement of his parents’ house. “That’s going to be a difficult perception to overcome,” he said. “It’s going to take good content, units in the field, and a probably lot of grassroots evangelism. I don’t think a television ad and can nearly be as effective as showing people this thing.” With multibillion-dollar game development studios now doing serious work in VR, Oculus’s only place to go is up. The company has a location in Irvine, CA, office space at Facebook and has recently moved a large portion of its managing executives, including Luckey himself, up to its San Francisco office. Luckey: We’re continuing to work largely on the same things we were working on before the acquisition. We have a space up in the Facebook office, we also have our office down in Irvine, and to be honest the biggest change has been having the resources to hire everyone we need. We’ve been hiring really fast, we’ve hired a lot of people, especially in the Bay Area.

Palmer Luckey’s key to success: Do what you love Luckey was interested in virtual reality even before he started working on it officially at USC—he actually had a prototype for the Rift that’s similar to the final design before he even got to the prestigious university. As an electronics enthusiast for a long time, working in the field was the only thing that made sense to him. Startup Royalty Travis Kalanick, cofounder and CEO of Uber Travis Kalanick hasn’t ended up on the good side of everyone he has worked with, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he is a brilliant entrepreneur. His good looks, confidence and unending competitiveness have allowed him to become one of the most talked about names in the startup/ entrepreneurial game, putting him in the same category as Chris Sacca, former Google employee, now billionaire investor and Uber funder, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and Twitter cofounder Ev Williams. And he considers all of them friends. This past summer, Uber was 11

LEADERSHIP valued at $18 billion. The car service company, which operates in 128 cities in 45 countries, started in 2008 as Ubercab, an affordable luxury car service. After securing $1.25 million in funding in 2010, Uber launched. The company has thrived in nearly every city in which it has been introduced, but it hasn’t been without its trouble. Taxi companies and others have hit Kalanick and his company with lawsuits, employees have hit him with strikes and other controversies and there is a rise in competition. But Kalanick hasn’t backed down from a challenge yet, and with the confidence that Uber has the ability to grow and become more profitable, he doesn’t need to. But before Uber, Kalanick was a struggling entrepreneur that just wanted to catch a break. After his side project Scour, a pre-Napster file sharing servce, was taken down by a $250 billion lawsuit from the entertainment industry, he and thencollaborator Michael Todd launched Red Swoosh, a legal file-sharing service whose business practices (particularly their tax practices) didn’t quite meet muster. Although Kalancik was about to buy out Red Swoosh in 12

November 2014

Uber’s app allows customers to requ limousines, bypassing traditional tax 2007, he lost business partner Todd in the process. It took more than a decade for Kalancik to find the huge success he had started working towards in college. But his persistence and determination have paid off.

A M E R I C A’ S T O P E N T R E P R E N E U R S

uest rides from nearby taxis and xi services. Travis Kalanick’s keys to success: Persistence and Confidence Kalanick didn’t get to be CEO of Uber overnight. It was a long journey that was fraught with several obstacles. His path still isn’t easy—each city Uber expands into pushes back. But

CEO Travis Kalanick - credit to Debbie Wong his confidence, both in himself and what he is doing at Uber, continues to drive him. Mark Cuban, the legendary American investor, told Business Insider that “Travis is smart. Busts his ass and is a true entrepreneur. Can’t be much more complimentary than that.” 13



Whether we like it or not, money is becoming less second. With the rise of digital wallets and quick-p discover what the future of money is going to look W R ITTE N BY AB I G A I L PH I LLI PS


Month 2014


tangible by the pay apps, we k like.


FINANCE The way we manage our money and pay for goods and services is changing. Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Square, PayPal and Zapp are just a few names to emerge as leaders in the mobile money space, but in truth, the market is being saturated with hundreds of startups giving it a shot in the payment sector each week. Furthermore banks, retailers and financial service agents are also embracing the new technology. It’s becoming clear that mobile payment technology has staying power, however technologies like near-field communication, have been around for many years without gaining huge traction, so what has broken down the barrier to entry? What has changed making mobile payment a viable solution for everybody? The smartphone, of course, is at the heart of this evolution. In this regard, personalized and real-time marketing and virtual wallets are not just the future of big business. They are already a viable proposition, and one that looks set to blossom in the near future. But while mobile banking and payments may be getting more and more ingrained in consumers’ lives, 16

November 2014

as well as the business models of banks and vendors, monetizing mobile money is still proving to be a difficult task. In this article, we consider three pillars of mobile money on smart phones: personalized, localized and timely mobile marketing; the rise of the digital wallet; and the various business models that are emerging that will influence where the mobile money market is heading. Mobile marketing For some, it may be an uncomfortable thought that every movement, purchase and communication they make on their mobile phone leaves behind a data trail that is being analysed by various industry participants, such as banks or specialist providers, to unlock new business potential. Your searching and spending habits are viewable for all to see and this level of data transparency comes at a time when the card industry’s margins are under pressure, especially in the U.S., where market forces and incoming regulation have impacted interchange fees. This led banks to cut back on their loyalty schemes, as most card issuers used to fund these schemes


from the card fees they charged. This does not mean that competition has scaled back, however. What may be bad news for card issuers has created market opportunities for others. Vendors that can act as a gateway between the merchant and issuer, or who can aggregate and analyze transaction data to enable the merchant and bank to offer personalized, relevant and timely offers to card users, have been growing their business of late. Whichever model is used – the consumer will have to opt in to the service, meaning pushy marketing campaigns become irrelevant. This issue is also linked to regulation about information access and data management. Mobile vs. digital wallets Although sometimes used interchangeably, there is a difference between mobile and digital wallets. This interchangeability

often comes from the fact that a digital wallet can also be downloaded as an app to be used as a mobile wallet. The main difference between the two, however, is that digital wallets are pitched as making online shopping easier as the shopper’s card details are saved on the wallet and do not need to be typed in on to a website when purchasing something. These digital wallets, which appear as an icon at the checkout process, also make use of cloud computing and thus enable



Month 2014

access to the wallet on any internetconnected device. As digital wallets only require the user to register their card details once, they should ease consumers’ worries about how secure it is to make online transactions. Put simply, the more people trust and use digital wallets, the more transactions will happen and thus, the more money the business merchants will make. Industry giants Visa and MasterCard, among others, are working on their propriety digital wallets, however there are also a plethora of startup tech ventures, which are giving them a run for their money. In an increasingly trusting marketplace, there is nothing to say it isn’t a startup that takes the top spot over and above a well-known brand. The rise of the digital wallet When it comes to digital wallets, the market, just like that of mobile wallets, is still in infancy. Big brand names such as Google, Visa and MasterCard have been talking about mobile wallets for a while. But this year, they launched their digital wallets, a development in the market that will has marked a significant step in the

evolution of how consumers pay. Banks, too, have rolled out wallets with a greater focus on banking, as opposed to just payments. All these developments mean, however, that there will be a number of different wallets to choose from. The winning combination has not yet been found. In the mobile wallet space, it is the telephone and mobile network operators as well as financial services firms that dominate the market. Start-ups are coming to the fore, and while these tend to focus on niche services that cannot match the scale of the existing big brand names, their market developments are shaking the industry. The development of mobile payments is primarily driven not by demand from potential clients, but by the search for reduced costs or increased revenue that it can offer



the payment system operator. In this regard, it is not yet clear what the leading solutions or business models will be, but investments into the sector continue, and some business models are starting to emerge, such as special merchant deals. In some cases, the mobile phone is turned into a payments terminal, the point of sale (POS). Examples 20

November 2014

include Square in the U.S. and iZettle in Europe. Typically, there are two models for this business proposition: the mobile phone as a POS where a merchant is typically swiping a card though a mobile device such as Square; and the mobile phone at a POS where the consumer uses their mobile device to pay. It is hard to quantify a market that

T E S L A L O O K S T O C H I N A F O L L O W I N G D E C L I N I N G Q 1 R E S U LT S

has potential but has not yet reached mass adoption. To take just one example, NFC technology has for some time been almost synonymous with mobile payments. It has also been around in Japan and South Korea for years. While these countries are ahead of the curve when it comes to NFC adoption, even in innovation and technology-driven Asia, NFC has not

gained traction. NFC adoption may seem to be making slow progress compared with the speed of other technology-related devices or systems, but when banks, network operators, today’s start-ups and others have worked out the business models that work for them, the future of mobile money will be clearer. 21



The r patie


November 2014


recent advancements in medicinal technology provide ents with less aggressive treatment options for those in need of invasive procedures. W R I T T E N B Y: M E L I S S A M A R T I N E Z 23

TECHNOLOGY IT’S NO SECRET that technology drives progress in the 21st century, and the health care industry is taking notes. Medical firms are focusing on less expensive and more efficient health care options for their patients in an effort to help save time and money on minimally invasive procedures. The health care industry is taking advantage of recent technological advancements to provide more convenient, agile, cost-effective technology for necessary procedures. Hospitals and corporate firms are actively seeking ways to alleviate the financial stress of costly health care. The Medical Center at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) currently provides patients with evidence-based initiatives, meaning physicians have specific reason to test patients, to increase satisfaction while reducing the cost for possibly unnecessary labs and testing. Since patients are paying for their own costs, it is important that corporate firms focus on collaborating with patients to ensure the most cost-effective treatments available. According to Mark Laret, CEO of UCSF Medical Center, “Consumers are more responsible for managing 24

November 2014

their own health care expenses, so demand will be higher than ever for greater transparency about quality, safety and cost. The healthcare industry needs to be more aggressive in streamlining processes, increasing collaboration and consistently delivering higher value.� With this in mind, Business Review USA looks at the most recent and innovative technological advancements for the future of the healthcare market: 1. The MelaFind Optical Scanner According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, melanoma is currently the

most dangerous type of skin cancer. The disease has taken the lives of an estimated 9,710 people in the U.S. annually. It makes sense, then, that, many individuals worry when about their moles and/or skin lesions. Although many moles are harmless, one can never be too sure, and if melanoma is detected early, it can be treated. Unfortunately, a biopsy is necessary for detection, and can cost anywhere from $150 to $1,000 (U.S.), depending on whether the patient has health insurance coverage. Fortunately, however, the FDA has approved the MelaFind Optical Scanner, a handheld device used

by doctors to decide whether or not a biopsy is necessary --- a minimally invasive tool that has the potential to eliminate an invasive and costly biopsy. The MelaFind Optical Scanner is equipped with missile navigation that optically scans the surface of suspicious scars at 10 electromagnetic wavelengths. Each signal is then processed through a series of algorithms before being matched to a registry of 10,000 digital images that reflect the presence of melanoma and skin disease. This technology allows MelaFind to more accurately detect the potential 25


presence of cancer, drastically reducing the number of patients that require a biopsy, saving individuals time, money, and preventing unnecessary body scars. 2. 3-D Printing The introduction of 3-D printing has proven to be a game-changer in terms of technological advancements in health care: 95 percent of all hearing aids are 3-D printed, meaning a 3-D printer is used to create objects made of a plastic-like material for use In addition, Align Technology currently prints 650,000 pairs of Invisilign 26

November 2014

teeth braces per day with the use of a 3-D printer. More currently. 3-Dprinting is being used to make prosthetics, and backbraces for scoliosis patients, as well as external organs like ears and noses. Additionally, research company Organovo has started printing liver tissue to test drug toxicity. According to Forbes, once whole-organ printing is available, patients in dire need of an organ transplant will have the opportunity to use their own stem cells to replenish the organ and live a healthy life with an organ produced by a 3-D printer


3. MRI detection of cognitive decline The Radiological Society of North America recently announced that a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique can detect signs of cognitive decline before symptoms occur. 4. Wearable data-storing devices With the introduction of Apple Watch, wearable data-storing devices are quickly becoming a popular trend. Fitness watches are dominating the health care market with their ability to track workouts, caloric loss or gain, sleep cycle schedules, and more. Engineers for companies such as Samsung, Apple, etc. are working hard to develop competing datastoring devices such as watches, armbands and bracelets to improve self-health care. According the Michael Blum, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer at UCSF Medical Center, “The next big thing in personal medical technology will be creating a next generation of truly useful devices and sensors that can send data to care providers. The only way this technology is going to revolutionize health is if it actually tells

doctors what they really need to know about their patients when they need to know it.� 5. Genomic-based tests Genomic-based testing allows doctors to study the interaction between cells and certain gene groups, as well as isolate gene groups to better understand their role within a specific cancer. By analyzing the genes within tumor, scientists and doctors are able to predict how the tumor will react to certain treatments, eliminating the emotional, financial, and physical cost of unnecessarily aggressive therapy. For example, not all breast cancer cases require chemotherapy for treatment; in fact, many patients can benefit from hormonal therapy with the help of genomic-based tests. With genomic-based tests, analyzing tumors in early-stage colorectal cancer can allow an oncologist to predict whether the cancer will reoccur within three years. With more accurate testing, individuals can have confidence knowing that their treatment is necessary, instead of paying for treatment patients are not sure they need.



THE FUTURE OF ADVERTISING Are hyper-targeted ads the way of the future, or is the best new strategy as simple as a shift in focus? From Disney to BeyoncĂŠ, we look at some of the advertising strategies that could shape the future of the industry. W R I T T E N B Y: K E V I N S M E A D


MARKETING Even if you’ve never played a video game in your life, chances are you’ve heard of the Call of Duty series. Activision’s tireless marketing efforts have almost certainly ensured that. So, it may be slightly meta that what could be the future of advertising makes an appearance as a brief plot point in its Call of Duty: Black Ops II title, which takes place in 2025. As the player, you’re charged with storming the island resort of Colossus. As you make your way through the resort’s lavish foyer, your character’s biometric ID bracelet triggers the advertisements scattered throughout, inserting his face directly into them. This allows you to literally see yourself wearing the watch advertised, or surrounded by beautiful people in your sharp new suit. Essentially, it’s a much more personalized and high-tech form of the targeted ads one might see on Facebook. Still, implementation of hypertargeted advertising still seems revolutionary. In all reality, however, it’s not far off. Making it Seem like Magic Given that the aforementioned 30

November 2014

MAGIC BAND example of future advertising comes from Call of Duty, it’s easy to dismiss it as speculative fantasy. However, before doing so, it would be wise to consider Disney’s MagicBand. In 2013, Walt Disney World Resort introduced MyMagic+. In a blog post, resort chairman Tom Staggs touted the program as one that will “give guests more opportunities to customize and personalize their entire visit.” A major component of this customization experience involves the


My Disney Experience website and mobile app, which guests can use manage and plan their visit. At the center of the whole MyMagic+ system is the MagicBand, a band which one wears on their wrist and can use for a number of different things, such as saving a place in line via the updated FastPass+ system or even just paying for food via its connection to your credit or debit card. While the device is designed to streamline guest’s experiences, Carolyn Heneghan, writing for

investments analyst site The Motley Fool, believes it’s also the most lucrative advertising device introduced in years. “Because Disney can scan MagicBands from a variety of touchpoints, the company can gather data from every MagicBand interaction,” she explains. “That can tell Disney a great deal about individual guest preferences, as well as overall trends. Disney may gather data concerning the types of foods that a guest buys, or which shops they visited.” 31


While the data may be used to improving guest experiences, it’s also certainly being used to target consumers with specific deals and advertisements. “If Disney knows where guests shopped and what items they bought, Disney can send them deals specifically tailored to their interests,” Heneghan continues. “This type of customized marketing—akin to what’s used for online ads that analyze browsing histories—could lead to even more impulse buys. If a guest stays in a hotel at the Disney Resort and didn’t 32

November 2014

make FastPass+ reservations, Disney might assume that the guest is going off the resort grounds to other Orlando attractions. To prevent losing that customer’s business for a day, Disney might send discounts for meals in one of its parks to encourage the customer to at least stop in or, better for Disney, cancel the off-site plans.” As Heneghan most aptly notes, “The marketing potential is massive.” On Target While Disney provides us with a specific example, it is indicative of the

BEYONCE direction the advertising industry as a whole is traveling in. Forbes contributor John Ellett believes we will soon be living in a Marketing 5.0 world, or “the era of marketing in which marketing cloud technology and rich customer data are enabling brands to meet the expectations of today’s demanding consumers and business customers.” Speaking in the voice of the consumer, it he postulates it might sound like this: “Treat me like you know me and deliver highly relevant personalized experiences at every

touch point.” Disney’s MyMagic+ program is essentially Marketing 5.0 put into practice. But while this certainly makes targeting consumers with specific ads efficient and easy, it’s also led to something internet activist Eli Pariser calls “the filter bubble.” In his 2011 book The Filter Bubble, Pariser details this new way of viewing the web, speaking on both its positive and negative effects it can have on society. In the world of advertising, it is generally a boon, as streamlining ads and helping companies get exposure 33


is highly beneficial. However, it also leads to a lack of what Pariser calls “serendipitous moments,” in which you discover something you might not have otherwise. There is a definitely trend of consumers looking for a way out of the filter bubble entirely. This can be seen in the recent popularity of ad-free social networking site Ello. “You are not a product,” the site’s manifesto proclaims. The startup is aiming to allow consumers the ability to interact online without their data being tracked, shared, and commoditized. While 34

November 2014

this may sound like an advertisers worst nightmare, some are actually turning this ad fatigue into an advantage. The Advertising of No Advertising What if the future of advertising involved very little to no advertising? According to Stan Phelps, founder of consultancy firm 9 INCH marketing, this very much could be the case. Phelps turns to the words of CVS Pharmacy’s CMO Rob Price, who explains that the company is no longer focused on the traditional marketing model, which involves extensive outreach and campaigns.


“This is groundbreaking in two ways,” Phelps explains. “First, CVS is shifting focus away from awareness and acquisition towards the customer experience and retention. Second, Price acknowledges that it involves working across the organization to accomplish marketing goals. Marketing is no longer a silo-based function.” Phelps also quotes HARO founder and author Peter Shankman in order to simply his point into a single mantra: “Take care of the customers you have, and they’ll bring you the customers you want.” While CVS is a great example of this, there’s no better example than Queen Bee herself: Beyoncé. Beyoncé surprised the world with the release of her latest self-titled album in December. There was no marketing, no lengthy campaign, no album teaser, no nothing—just an Instagram video announcing the album. Once the album dropped, the advertising took care of itself. Twitter logged 1.2 million Tweets in just 12 hours surrounding the news, and in just three days, the album had sole 828,773 worldwide. It was both the single largest week ever for the U.S. iTunes store and was also the platform’s fastest selling album ever.

In keeping with the idea of “taking care of your customers,” Beyoncé certainly did that with an album jam packed with 14 new tracks and 17 music videos. Forbes contributor Jackie Huba believes that the album was so successful because of its lack of what she calls “real marketing.” Beyoncé herself has expressed apathy toward the traditional system as well. “I didn’t want to release my music the way I’ve done it,” she said. “I am bored with that. I feel like I am able to speak directly to my fans. There’s so much that gets between the music, the artist and the fans. I felt like I didn’t want anybody to give the message when my record is coming out. I just want this to come out when it’s ready and from me to my fans.” While this strategy may not work for everyone—just look at the recent release of U2’s latest album—Huba said it worked for Beyoncé for 3 reasons: its “shock” factor, its uniqueness, and its alignment with her personal brand. The strategy of no advertising seems very much at odds with the strategy of highly-targeted advertising and, in some ways, it is. There’s no doubt, though, that the future of advertising will look quite different than it does today.


TOP 10


Written by: Abigail Phillips

Leadership Influential C

Ten leadership books leaders of our time, w enthusiasm to shine.

p Books Written by CEOs and Business Leaders

s, written by some of the most influential business which will give you a fresh perspective and renewed


TOP 10


Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder - Arianna Huffington Arianna Huffington, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post and one of the most influential women in the world, has written a passionate call to arms, looking to redefine what it means to be successful in today’s world. She likens our drive for money and power to two legs of a threelegged stool. It may hold us up temporarily, but sooner or later we’re going to topple over. We

need a third leg – a Third Metric for defining success – in order to live a healthy, productive, and meaningful life. In this deeply personal book, Arianna talks candidly about her own challenges with managing time and prioritizing the demands of a career and two daughters. Drawing on the latest groundbreaking research and scientific findings in the fields of psychology, sports, sleep and physiology that show the profound and transformative effects of meditation, mindfulness, unplugging and giving, Arianna shows us the way to a revolution in our culture, our thinking, our workplaces, and our lives. This is not simply a business book, but a guide to living a more rewarding, satisfying and happy life.


Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead Sheryl Sandberg Arianna Huffington Photo Credit: Debby Wong / 38 August 2014

Ask most women whether they have the right to equality at work


and the answer will be a resounding yes, but ask the same women whether they’d feel confident asking for a raise, a promotion, or equal pay, and some reticence creeps in. The statistics, although an improvement on previous decades, are certainly not in women’s favor – of 197 heads of state, only twenty-two are women. Women hold just 20 percent of seats in parliaments globally, and in the world of big business, a meager eighteen of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women. In Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook COO and one of Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women in Business – draws on her own experience of working in some of the world’s most successful businesses and looks at what women can do to help themselves, and make the small changes in their life that can effect change on a more universal scale. Learning to ‘lean in’ is about tackling the anxieties and preconceptions that stop women reaching the top – taking a place

at the table, and making yourself a part of the debate.


The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age - Reid Hoffman A New York Times Bestseller Introducing the new, realistic loyalty pact between employer and employee. The employer-employee relationship is broken, and managers face a seemingly impossible dilemma: the old model of guaranteed longterm employment no longer works in a business environment defined by

Reid Hoffman

continuous change, but neither does a system in which every employee acts like a free agent. The solution? Stop thinking of employees as either family or as free agents, but instead think of 39

TOP 10

them instead as allies. As a manager you want your employees to help transform the company for the future. And your employees want the company to help transform their careers for the long term. But this win-win scenario will happen only if both sides trust each other enough to commit to mutual investment and mutual benefit. Sadly, trust in the business world is hovering at an all-time low. We can rebuild that lost trust with straight talk that recognizes the realities of the modern economy. So, paradoxically, the alliance begins with managers acknowledging that great employees might leave the company, and with employees being honest about their own career aspirations. By putting this new alliance at the heart of your talent management strategy, you’ll not only bring back trust, you’ll be able to recruit and retain the entrepreneurial individuals you need to adapt to a fast-changing world. Coauthored by the founder of LinkedIn, this bold but practical guide for managers and executives will give you the tools you need to recruit, manage, and retain the kind 40

August 2014


of employees who will make your company thrive in today’s world of constant innovation and fast-paced change.


The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership - Richard Branson Richard Branson has an estimated net worth of $5 billion and is the founder and chairman of the Virgin Group, a conglomerate of more than 400 companies. With more than 40 years experience in business, Branson is well placed to share his wisdom when it comes to successful leadership strategies.

His eccentric personality shines through in this book, a collection of lessons he’s learned from 40 years as an entrepreneur.



#GIRLBOSS - Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is the founder, CEO and creative director at Nasty Gal, a $100 million plus online fashion retailer with more than 350 employees. She started her business just eight years ago on eBay by selling vintage clothes and has quickly and cleverly made a name for herself as an astute and successful businesswoman. Sophia’s never been a typical CEO, or a typical anything, and she’s written #GIRLBOSS to share her unique path to success, even when that path is winding as all hell and lined with naysayers.

#GIRLBOSS includes Sophia’s story, yet is infinitely bigger than Sophia. It’s deeply personal yet universal. Filled with brazen wake-up calls - “You are not a special snowflake” - cunning and frank observations - “Failure is your invention” - and behind-thescenes stories from Nasty Gal’s meteoric rise, #GIRLBOSS covers a lot of ground. It proves that being successful isn’t about how popular you were in high school or where you went to college (if you went to college). Rather, success is about trusting your instincts and following your gut, knowing which rules to follow and which to break. 41

TOP 10


about business this year. Cofounder and CEO Larry Page provides an introduction.

7 6

How Google Works - Eric Schmidt

Google’s executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt, former senior VP of products Jonathan Rosenberg, and director of executive communications Alan Eagle team up to explain how Google’s work culture has evolved. They cover management strategies, communication, innovation, and dealing with disruption. Google is one of the most iconic and pioneering companies of the 21st century. Its founders and business leaders have created something from nothing, and have changed the world by doing so. This is one of the most insightful books you will read


November 2014

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers - Ben Horowitz Ben Horowitz, cofounder of Andreessen Horowitz and one of Silicon Valley’s most respected and experienced entrepreneurs, offers essential advice on building and running a startup—practical wisdom for managing the toughest problems business school doesn’t cover, based on his popular ben’s blog. While many people talk about how great it is to start a business,

Ben Horowitz


very few are honest about how difficult it is to run one. Ben Horowitz analyzes the problems that confront leaders every day, sharing the insights he’s gained developing, managing, selling, buying, investing in, and supervising technology companies. A lifelong rap fanatic, he amplifies business lessons with lyrics from his favorite songs, telling it straight about everything from firing friends to poaching competitors, cultivating and sustaining a CEO mentality to knowing the right time to cash in. Filled with his trademark humor and straight talk, The Hard Thing About Hard Things is invaluable for veteran entrepreneurs as well as those aspiring to their own new ventures, drawing from Horowitz’s personal and often humbling experiences.

Howard Schultz — now worth $2.2 billion — changed the world with Starbucks, a company that made cafe culture endlessly accessible. Today, it has 21,000 stores in over 65 countries. He unpacks he method in his 1999 memoir. “People want guidance, not rhetoric,” Schultz writes. “They need to know what the plan of action is, and how it will be implemented. They want to be given responsibility to help solve


Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built A Company One Cup At A Time - Howard Schultz


TOP 10

the problem and authority to act on it.” This book will remain a blueprint for leadership, startup success and how to build an empire from a simple idea and a lot of passion.



Zero to One, - Peter Thiel

Billionaire Peter Thiel is a renowned venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, and entrepreneur, and is the cofounder and former CEO of PayPal. In his book, Thiel says that Silicon Valley’s culture has become a distraction to entrepreneurs. Innovation should not be limited to the tech industry, and innovation should not be confused with mimicking other companies’ services. This insightful book will give you a fresh perspective on leadership in a modern world.


Crazy Is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags, - Linda Rottenberg

Peter Thiel


November 2014

Linda Rottenberg is a renowned expert on entrepreneurship and the CEO and cofounder of Endeavor, a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating the growth of entrepreneurs around the world.


Linda Rottenberg

Crazy Is a Compliment is the story of everything she’s learned over 20 years of working with business owners. It explains why she thinks everyone needs to take lessons from entrepreneurs to

not only keep their jobs in a volatile work environment but also to rise up the hierarchy or rapidly grow their companies.


Brahma Group Improving efficiencies through safety President Sean Davis discusses the company’s commitment to improving efficiencies through safety, continuous improvements and investments Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Bobby Meehan




he Brahma Group is a full service project management and industrial construction company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company’s core services include capital construction, structural steel, project management and industrial maintenance with additional capabilities in design, engineering, material selection, procurement and construction. The company has built a solid reputation for improving efficiencies through its commitment to quality, continuous improvements and safety. “We’re always trying to find new 48

November 2014

ways to make things better whether it’s safety or productivity,” says CEO Sean Davis. “We’re always asking ourselves ‘what could we do better? What did we do right?” Those traits embody the spirit of the Brahma Group, helping the company grow and improve efficiencies. Beyond zero As an industrial contractor, the Brahma Group is adamant about safety. The company believes setting a precedence of safety will not only improve the welfare of its employees


but other aspects of the company as well. And it’s showing. The Brahma Group is one of the safest industrial contractors in the United States with a current experience modification rate (EMR) of 0.32. The company’s motto ‘beyond zero” is more than just a catchphrase, but rather a mission to cultivate an organization of safety conscious people. “We actually created an app for our employees to use as a personal risk assessment tool for safety,” says Davis. “One of the purposes of the app is to see what types of hazards our employees are encountering on a

daily level.” Since February 2014, the app has been implemented among employees, tracking tasks and the risks associated with those tasks. “We wanted to see which hazards continuously occur and if there’s a new way of approaching those safety risks,” says Davis. The app, which is available for iPhones, is just another step in the right direction for the company as it continues to strive for enhanced safety precautions. Continuous improvements In addition to improving safety, w w w. b r a h m a g ro u p i n c . c o m


Petrochem is a nationwide specialty contractor providing mechanical insulation, metal structures, scaffolding, fireproofing, painting & coatings, removable blankets, heat tracing, asbestos and lead abatement services.

Corporate Headquarters | 707.644.7455 | | Northern California

Southern California









S e rv i n g t h e i n t e r m o u n ta i n W eS t


BRAHMA GROUP the Brahma Group is steadfast on continuing to improve its core business services. As one of the major cornerstones of the company, continuous improvements have helped the company identify how it can improve and get better, assisting the Group become one of the leading general maintenance companies in the US. “We have a system for employees that rates individual skills and assesses them on a scale,” says Davis. “It’s one of the many ways we work with our employees to let them know how they can improve and get better.” According to Davis, each crew has its own individual foreman who rates


them based on work performance. The assessment also helps to put the right people in the right jobs. “It’s one of the many ways we work to maximize efficiency. By assessing employees based on their individual skills, we have a better idea of where to utilize our employees and get the most out of them. It has been a winwin for us.” The company’s management team maintains an active participation in the planning and execution of projects, helping to align employees with the right tasks at hand. Investment Although continuous improvement is

w w w. b r a h m a g ro u p i n c . c o m



the main theme among the Brahma Group, major and minor investments have been vital. “We’ve invested approximately $5 million on equipment and tools in just the last three years,” says Davis. “By investing and developing new pieces of equipment, we have not only increased safety for our employees but made jobs easier.” According to Davis, a majority of accidents are caused because the wrong equipment is used. 52

November 2014

“We strive to ensure employees have the right training, safety precautions and tools for the job. Having the right tools not only cuts down on accidents within job sites but helps our employees work faster and more efficiently.” Along with having the right tools for the job, the company communicates with equipment manufacturers to ensure employees are using the latest and most effective tools possible.


Company Information INDUSTRY

Industrial Construction HEADQUARTERS

Salt Lake City, Utah FOUNDED


Sean Davis (President), David Miller (CEO) REVENUE

“As part of our commitment to continuous improvements, we’re constantly in contact with safety manufacturers to provide feedback and make equipment safer. We have great relationships with our manufacturers and we strive to keep a clear line of communication.” As the Brahma Group continues to maintain the strictest standards of quality on every project, the company will continue doing so through its undying commitment to investments, continuous improvements and above all else safety.

$265M for the current year 2014 PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

Capital construction, maintenance, shutdowns/ outages/turnarounds, major renovations, demolition/dismantlement. We operate in the mining, power generation, refining, chemical, oil & gas, and government industries.

w w w. b r a h m a g ro u p i n c . c o m


Lundin Mining

Ramps up base metals production Written by: Tom Wadlow Produced by: James Pepper



The mid-tier producing copper, zinc and nickel specialist has just commenced production from its $715 million investment at the Eagle Mine in Michigan and is reviewing expanding zinc production at its long-life NevesCorvo mine in Portugal

Map showing worldwide operations 56

November 2014


undin Mining is bolstering its presence across Europe and beyond with a number of promising expansions, along with exploration and mine construction projects which will see the company head towards its 500,000ton production target in the next two to three years. Such ambition is amply demonstrated by the drive to more than double zinc output at Lundin’s Neves-Corvo mine in Portugal, while a $715 million investment into a new nickel-copper mine in Michigan, USA, is now operational. The American acquisition from Rio Tinto extends the company’s reach beyond its European heartland, where mines in Portugal, Sweden and Spain are also performing well and have life ahead of them. Away from wholly-owned operations, Lundin Mining also holds a 24 percent stake in joint ventures with Freeport in a high quality coppercobalt operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and in a cobalt refinery in Finland, granting vertical integration into the world of cobalt mining. While current performance and growth has been steady, CEO Paul Conibear is aware that the business needs to keep exploring for the next high-grade copper discoveries and bring more assets on board. “Our metal production is around 300,000 tons this year and I would like to get us up to 500,000 tons in the next two to three years which means


“Our metal production is around 300,000 tons this year and I would like to get us up to 500,000 tons in the next two to three years” – Paul Conibear, CEO

w w w. l u n d i n m i n i n g . c o m




‘Approximately 220 kilometres southeast of Lisbon in the Alentejo district of southern Portugal lies Neves-Corvo, Lundin Mining’s most significant European asset’


November 2014

an additional one or two more mines,” he said. “This will lift Lundin Mining to the sort of scale we want to be at, operating five or six strong mines.” Neves-Corvo Approximately 220 kilometres southeast of Lisbon in the Alentejo district of southern Portugal lies Neves-Corvo, Lundin Mining’s most significant European asset run by its native subsidiary Somincor, and one which could have up to 30 more years of life ahead of it. Already producing 50-60,000 tons of copper and 60-65,000 tons of zinc annually from five separate ore deposits, the company is conducting a feasibility study which could see it more than double zinc output by 2017. “The study is not complete yet but we are optimistic,” Conibear added. “The global resource is more than 100 million tons of better than six percent zinc and only 1.2 million tons a year is being processed.


“There is huge potential if we can get the capital investment right. Worldwide there are very few western companies who have an asset base like this, so it is a unique opportunity for us to look at something which has been underexplored over the past decade.” The study should be completed by the end of Q1 2015, with Lundin keen to get construction underway which would involve deep bottlenecking, improving shaft capacity and doubling the zinc plant above ground. The company is also looking to expand tailings management storage and advanced water treatment facilities. Despite the upcoming focus on boosting zinc production, copper will continue to provide 50 percent or more of revenues from this asset, home to 2,000 of Lundin’s 3,000 global workforce. Into the Americas Lundin Mining’s newest Michigan asset fits perfectly into Conibear’s plan to find new deposits of the highest quality. Having acquired the nickel-copper site from Rio Tinto in July 2013 for $315 million, a further $400 million has brought the project to operational status ahead of schedule with a view to it becoming the company’s eventual biggest earner. Conibear said: “This is an extremely high-grade deposit, and nickel has taken a big step forward recently as a highly valuable commodity so we are hitting the cycle at an ideal time.

60,000 Tons of copper currently being produced from the Neves-Corvo mine

w w w. l u n d i n m i n i n g . c o m


Always Always maintaining maintaining the impr the innovation, construction and innovation, construction the of field of underground the field underground and with its acknowledged with its acknowledged expere performance oftype this of typw performance of this projects, the fields of projects, in theinfields of prosp

TEIXEIRA TEIXEIRA DUARTE DUARTE – ENGENHARIA – ENGENHARIA E E CONSTRUÇÕES, CONSTRUÇÕES, S.A. is S.A. is a Portuguese a Portuguese company company that that started started operating operating in in 19211921 in the infields the fields of Geotechnical of Geotechnical and and Foundation Foundation Engineering, Engineering, which which gradually gradually extended extended to other to other fieldsfields of engineering, of engineering, suchsuch as Buildings, as Buildings, Infrastructures Infrastructures , , Metalworks Metalworks , as well , as well as Underground as Underground , , Mining, Mining, Railway Railway and and Maritime Maritime works works

Mine infrastruture Mine infrastruture development development – Aguabla –

Mine infrastruture development – Aguabla Mine infrastruture development –

Water reservoir Water reservoir – Neves–Corvo NevesMine, CorvoPortugal Mine, Portugal

Mine infrastruture development – Neves– C Mine infrastruture development

erint imprint of a true of a Engineering true Engineering Company, Company, with recognized with recognized expertise expertise in theindesign, the design, dnmanagement of major projects and developments, it hasitbeen operating in in and management of major projects and developments, has been operating EPOS,EPOS, S.A. S.A. which, which, and mining mainly through its subsidiary ddmining worksworks sincesince 1981,1981, mainly through its subsidiary experience, stillthe hasmost the most advanced technology and equipment for the rience, still has advanced technology and equipment for the pe of works, remaining continuously for more 30 years in major mining works, remaining continuously activeactive for more than than 30 years in major mining fpecting prospecting and survey, infrastructure construction and exploration. and survey, infrastructure construction and exploration.

Equipment Equipment maintence maintence

anca Aguablanca Mine, Spain Mine, Spain

True to True its to performance its performance values, values, Teixeira Teixeira Duarte Duarte has achieved has achieved a a steady steady and sustained and sustained growth growth that has thatallowed has allowed it to build it to build a strong a strong business business capacity, capacity, detaining detaining means means and resources, and resources, namely namely human, human, whichwhich have have enabled enabled it to undergo it to undergo multiple multiple internationalization internationalization processes processes and broaden and broaden its areas its areas of of expertise. expertise. Having Having achieved achieved a turnover a turnover of more of more than EUR than 1,500 EUR 1,500 million million in 2013, in 2013, Teixeira Teixeira Duarte Duarte GroupGroup currently currently has around has around 12,500 12,500 employees employees operating operating in 16 countries, in 16 countries, in 4 continents, in 4 continents, working working in 7 different in 7 different sectors, sectors, notably notably in Construction, in Construction, anca Mine, Spain Aguablanca Mine, Spain Concessions Concessions and Services, and Services, Real Estate, Real Estate, HotelHotel Services, Services, Distribution, Distribution, Energy Energy and Automotive and Automotive Industry. Industry. Teixeira Teixeira Duarte Duarte has been has been listedlisted on theonstock the stock exchange exchange market market since since 1998,1998, but itbut maintains it maintains a stable a stable shareholder shareholder structure, structure, mostly mostly dominated dominated by thebyTeixeira the Teixeira Duarte Duarte family, family, which, which, alongalong with its with history its history and the andoperational the operational capacity capacity of its of teams its teams and and resources, resources, gives gives it theitconfidence the confidence and responsibility and responsibility to be to able beto able to continue continue to fulfill to fulfill its mission: its mission:

Execute, Execute, contributing contributing towards towards the construction the construction of a better of a better worldworld . .

Corvo NevesMine, CorvoPortugal Mine, Portugal



Established: Early 1980’s Industry: Construction Services: EPOS - Empresa Portuguesa de Obras Subterrâneas, S.A. is a leading Portuguese company for large underground construction contracts of all types, holding an extensive experience in this type of work. Founded in 1986, the company quickly affirmed itself as the specialised contractor in its field. More than 20 years on, EPOS is today recognised in the market for the high technology of its production facilities, both human and equipment, that are clearly reflected in the high standard of its outstanding works. EPOS is confident in the future, emphasised by the ever increasing demands of the different works it has been awarded. EPOS faces its challenges, strengthened by this confidence, as it reaffirms its leadership and ongoing commitment on quality, safety, its team, cutting edge technology, respect for the environment as well as social responsibilities and the continuous improvement in profitability that guarantees the satisfaction of customers, shareholders and investors. Management: President - Dr. José Pedro Poiares Cobra Ferreira Website:



“Currently the life is eight years and there is a satellite deposit we are drilling now to see if we can expand the life beyond this. There are not many new mines being built these days so we are very pleased with how this has developed.” The CEO said that Lundin should be able to produce at around $2 per pound of nickel, and with prices currently sitting at roughly $8, the margins are extremely encouraging, especially given annual production is expected to reach respective amounts of 23,000 and 20,000 tons of nickel and copper. The 300 metre long, 85 metre wide and 340 metre deep high grade deposit will also produce some cobalt, platinum, palladium and gold byproducts. Just recently announced is Lundin Mining’s acquisition from Freeport of an 80 percent stake in the renowned Candelaria copper/gold mine in Chile. This $1.8 billion acquisition vaults Lundin up into the top 20 copper producers, more than doubling 2015 copper production. Lundin is pursuing upside opportunities at Candelaria with an aggressive exploration programme to extend the life of the large open pit and three existing underground mines that make up the Candelaria Mine Complex.

‘Just recently announced is Lundin Mining’s acquisition from Freeport of an 80 percent stake in the renowned Candelaria copper/ gold mine in Chile’

Closer to home Back in Sweden, Lundin Mining is celebrating its 10th anniversary of operating the Zinkgruvan zinc and copper mine, which has at least another w w w. l u n d i n m i n i n g . c o m


Unparalelled perfection Dredging/Pipeline Services | Engineering & Technical Services | Leasing | Procurement Our vision is to continue as an innovative oil & gas engineering servicing and procurement company, supporting strong local ties with other foreign partners and to further the company’s commitment to remain amongst the leaders and ‘best in class’ in our core business areas. By employing a policy of blending local knowledge and experience with the technical expertise and quality practices of internationally reputable organizations, Huberman Ltd/IJC Conrad & Associates Lmited (JV) today is a multidisciplinary service organization providing substantial Nigerian input in a wide range of services areas. We are currently partnered with RIVTAF on their GOLF ESTATE project, doing the reclamation of the swamp land and the sand mining for the entire project.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you

Huberman Ltd

IJC Conrad & Associates Ltd

60 Mbonu street D/Line Port Harcourt, Rivers State t: 08036771817 - Ben Hadome t: 08082474008 - Daniels Emiri

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decade of life to run. This was the company’s first major asset following the Lundin Family’s discovery of its first mine at Storliden, in northern Sweden. The business started out as a junior explorer in the 1990s before making this high-grade zinc and copper breakthrough in 1999, which went into production in 2002 and provided essential capital for acquisition of additional mines. At Zinkgruvan, in the central-south region of the country, Lundin Mining has managed to ramp up extraction of ore from 700,000 annual tons to 1.2 million, with Conibear looking to gain another five to 10 percent by maximising current capabilities. “Each year we have been successful in discovering more than we’ve milled,” Conibear added. “And as well as producing 75-80,000 tons

Operations in Zinkgruvan mine

w w w. l u n d i n m i n i n g . c o m


Checking References? Ours go back more than

125 years

Heavy Industrial General Contractors Specialists in Mining Construction and Maintenance Design/Build • Boilermaking • Concrete • Demolition Ironworking • Millwrighting • Piping • Offices Nationwide With gratitude to Lundin Mining for the opportunity to help build the new Eagle Mine and reinvigorate the historic Humboldt Mill in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. CR Meyer is proud to be a part of the region’s rich mining history. 800.236.6650



of very clean zinc, the 30-35,000 tons of lead and 3-4,000 tons of copper by-products makes this mine very cost effective.” Elsewhere in Europe, Lundin is looking to shift production from seven years of open pit to underground extraction of better-quality nickel and copper at Aguablanca in southern Spain. This will commence at the turn of the year for an initial life of three years with the option to go deeper. Lundin Mining also holds a 24 percent interest in a joint venture with Freeport at Finland’s Kokkola cobalt mine. A similar stake of a Freeport partnership at Tenke Fungurume in the DRC, one of the world’s largest known copper-cobalt resources, has also been established and it delivered $140 million to Lundin in cash flow last year.


“As well as producing 7580,000 tons of very clean zinc, the 30-35,000 tons of lead and 3-4,000 tons of copper byproducts makes this mine very cost effective” – Paul Conibear


CR Meyer is a self-performing design/build heavy industrial contractor with eight responsive field offices strategically located across the United States. We are consistently ranked in the top 10 contractors to the pulp and paper industry by Engineering News Record and number 224 overall in the publication’s Top 400 Contractors of 2013. We are experts in boilermaking, carpentry, concrete, demolition, ironworking, masonry, millwrighting and rigging, pile driving. Website:

w w w. l u n d i n m i n i n g . c o m



Eagle Mine

‘Eagle Mine is also home to pioneering techniques. “Water treatment is an area which the company is stepping up its activity” – Paul Conibear


November 2014

Advancing techniques As well as developing its portfolio of high-grade assets, Lundin Mining is also eager to make the most out of both tried and tested and new innovations to help see it reach future production targets. The company is trialling two enormous 60-ton Atlas Copco underground haul trucks at NevesCorvo, where advanced dewatering of tailings is also being put into practice alongside smart technologies to help give enhanced visibility of important mining processes. Eagle Mine is also home to pioneering techniques. Conibear added: “Water treatment


is an area which the company is stepping up its activity. At Eagle Mine we have two state-ofthe-art water treatment plants which I have not even seen in the base metals industry before. These have reverse osmosis capabilities and cost around $60 million. “Over in Sweden heat recovery has become a priority and something which has helped us conserve energy – we are looking into deploying this in other locations too.� Responsible In all areas of operations Lundin Mining is committed to working responsibly and to the

60 million

Value in dollars of two state-ofthe-art water treatment plants

w w w. l u n d i n m i n i n g . c o m




benefit of the localities in which it is based. The company’s corporate goals include ‘development of a high performance, motivated culture, achieving a safe, productive and healthy work environment, and to conduct business activities ethically and transparently’. Each year Lundin Mining publishes a detailed Sustainability Report, outlining achievements and areas for improvement in sectors from environment and corporate governance to social and health and safety. During 2013, overall safety record for the year included a Total Recordable Incident Frequency (TRIF) of 2.01, which represented an improvement of 20 percent over the prior year TRIF of 2.50. The target for 2014 is 1.8. The company has a strong reputation as being a good corporate citizen, underlined by its support of social programmes including the Zinc Saves Kids initiative. Zinc Saves Kids is a scheme designed to improve the survival, growth, and development of undernourished children by funding UNICEF’s zinc supplementation and treatment programmes. This was one of many schemes funded by Lundin Mining, with overall company spend on social programmes exceeding $9 million for 2013. As of January 2013, 0.1 percent of company revenues are being channelled into the Lundin Foundation. Conibear explained in the Sustainability Report

Key Personnel

Paul Conibear CEO Mr. Conibear has more than 30 years’ experience in corporate and asset management of all phases of mining investments in North and South America, and several African countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo. Originally from the mining centre of Sudbury, he brings a practical background of 18 years in mining project and construction management followed by 12 years as a corporate officer and director for several successful public companies including Tenke Mining Corp.

w w w. l u n d i n m i n i n g . c o m


ECOFAB RAILCAR COVERS Covering the World's Bulk Materials Proven record of reliability and safety Quick on and off application Provides 100% dry containment Superior performance with low overall cost

For more information about the Ecofab Railcar Cover System | PROUD TO SUPPLY LUNDIN MINING




2013: “In addition to the provision of traditional community investment programs in the areas of health, education and community infrastructure, the Lundin Foundation provides seed grants, technical assistance and risk capital to highpotential small and medium-sized businesses and social enterprises with a view to generating wealth and employment needed to alleviate poverty on a sustained basis.” Such ongoing work will only continue to strengthen the company’s reputation as a sustainable miner, something which the CEO is determined to preserve and enhance moving forward. Looking forward As well as helping to improve the lives of others, Lundin Mining also invests heavily into developing its own base of employees and prospective workers. This often involves offering work to locally-based people, providing an instant economic boost to the areas operated in. Equally as important as adopting the latest proven mining techniques and training existing workers is nurturing the mining engineers and directors of tomorrow, something which the company’s successful graduate scheme is actively pursuing. “We hire a lot of young people; last summer we had 58 students and when they come on board we cycle them through our mines to gain on the job training,” Conibear said. “It has been

The company takes on graduates from Portuguese and Swedish universities

w w w. l u n d i n m i n i n g . c o m


Uncovering new highgrade deposits is also key to future growth

“..the group has a great exploration record over the past 15 years but Mother Nature is tough – it takes time” – Paul Conibear


November 2014

extremely successful, as every new grad has been deployed and we don’t get them back as they really demonstrate their value to the operations. “Quite a lot of our graduate hiring comes from Portuguese and Swedish universities and we will attract American and Canadian students with the Eagle Mine. We are based in some outstanding locations for young people to start their working careers.” Uncovering new high-grade deposits is also key to future growth, with Lundin Mining spending $35-50 million a year on exploration, primarily in



Company Information INDUSTRY


Toronto, Canada FOUNDED



$ 727.8 million (2013)

pursuit of copper. Around half of this is spent around the company’s existing sites with the rest being invested in the likes of Peru, Chile, Turkey and Romania. The outcomes of these works could be pivotal to Conibear’s ambitions. He concluded: “Being growth oriented brings its challenges, the greatest of which being to find quality investment targets. There are plenty of affordable exploration projects but the grades are hard to find. “That said the group has a great exploration record over the past 15 years but Mother Nature is


Copper, zinc and nickel specialist

w w w. l u n d i n m i n i n g . c o m



DRA Makes Strategic Acqu to Expanded Skill Set Wi

DRA is a south African-based engineering group that spe industry. Earlier this year the company acquired Taggart with high expectations and a po Written by: Lindsey Ryan



uisition and Looks Forward ithin the Mining Industry

ecializes in project management for clients in the mining Global and the consolidated team leaves DRA excited ositive outlook for the future.

roduced by: Bobby Meehan 77


stablished in 1984, DRA Group Holdings Proprietary Limited (DRA) began as an electrical and control company. Over the past 30 years the company has narrowed its focus on its strong engineering capabilities and has since become a leader in the African mining industry for its project management and mine design. The company is now known as a multi-national, multi-disciplinary organization with the experience and expertise to offer an entire spectrum of mining services to customers. The organization is one of the largest


November 2014

project management enterprises in Africa and this South African founded group of companies is composed of professional engineers who manage, design and construct mines for clients in various mining areas around the world. DRA prides itself on its commitment to safety and operates under ISO standards. On July 31, 2014, DRA agreed to acquire Taggart Global, a worldwide leader in engineering, construction and operation services. This strategic acquisition will be very beneficial to DRA because Taggart already w w w. d r a i n t e r n a t i o n a l . c o m


Air Pollution Control Solutions. IWI Incorporated has over 44 years experience providing solutions for air pollution control systems. Our friendly customer service department delivers superior engineered system solutions, an extensive line of high quality products, professional project management, and 24/7 on-call emergency services. Visit us at to find out how we can be your air pollution control solution today.


IWI Incorporated | 1399 Rockefeller Road | Wickliffe, OH 44092 Toll Free: 800-338-5332 | Local: 440-585-5900 | Fax: 440-585-2570 | Email:



specializes in many of the same fields as DRA. Taggart supplies similar engineering, construction and project management services to clients in the mining industry and has office locations around the world as well, thus expanding DRA’s global footprint. DRA is excited to be combined with Taggart and looks forward to the new areas in the industry that the acquisition will take them. For example, Taggart has experience in the coal industry which DRA is eager to become involved in. “Taggart has an excellent reputation in the global coal preparation and clean coal technology markets, and has expanded its skill set into the power sector, ports and terminals, bio fuels, mineral sands, as well as the mining and aggregate industries. We are excited to



IWI Incorporated, Since 1972 has been providing solutions for a wide variety of industries. We have a extensive line of products, including Dust Collectors, Overhead Cranes, Hoists, Conveyors, and Control Panels. We provide complex engineered solutions for air purification and material handling. We work with Private and Public Companies, Universities, and the Government. Our projects have an installation base throughout the world. Website:

w w w. d r a i n t e r n a t i o n a l . c o m




partner with Taggart and accelerate their growth in the worldwide coal preparation and material handling markets,” said Paul Thomson, CEO DRA Group. Overall, DRA is looking forward to the new opportunities that will be presented as the businesses work together and combine markets. An additional benefit from the acquisition is that almost all of the Taggart employees will remain on board, as the management team within Taggart will not be changing, only the ownership of the company, and these Taggart management group will also share an equity stake in the new union of businesses. Moving forward, all DRA business that takes place in the Americas will be consolidated with Taggart and the company will be conducting business known as “DRA Taggart”.



Alpha Control Fabrication & Manufacturing has built a reputation as a premier provider of custom steel fabrications. For serious projects and critical applications, our customers have come to rely upon our quality workmanship. Alpha Control has assembled two shops and a staff with over 100 years of combined steel fabrication to provide unlimited capabilities. Alpha Control Fabrication & Manufacturing serve the needs of nearly every industrial market segment, with exceptional knowledge of our clients requirements. Website:

w w w. d r a i n t e r n a t i o n a l . c o m


New Solutions to Old Problems

Continuous filters and processes for industrial liquid-solid separation Peterson Filters Corporation designs and manufactures high quality industrial vacuum filtration equipment for the mining and process industries, including innovative custom accessories that enhance their operation.

CorPorate oFFiCe 801-487-7761 PO Box 606 Salt Lake City, UT 84110

eastern Field oFFiCe 304-469-2978 PO Box 48 Oak Hill, WV 25901 |



Keep an eye out for next month’s edition where DRA’s CEO, Rick McCormick, discusses in detail how the acquisition came about and what this means for the future of DRA.

Company Information INDUSTRY


Pennsylvania FOUNDED



w w w. d r a i n t e r n a t i o n a l . c o m


Wildcat Midstream

Wildcat Midstream Maintains Value for Producers

With strong investments in Midstream infrastructure, Wildcat is quickly making a name for itself Written by: Ian Hanner

Produced by: Jason Wright




November 2014



ased in Dallas, Texas, Wildcat Midstream has spent the last half decade carving out a sizable chunk of the highly-profitable Texas midstream market with its innovative approach. Underpinning their operations with the mantra, “Defined by maximizing your netbacks,” Wildcat Midstream has spent the years since its founding in 2011 perfecting a process in which every profitable dollar possible is passed back to the producer. Under the guidance of co-founders Chris Rozzell, David

Miller and Michael Davis, Wildcat Midstream and its various divisions has grown from humble beginnings to one of the most dominant companies of its type in the region. While “Defined by maximizing your netbacks” means little to someone not steeped in the nuances of the oil and gas industry, it means something substantial to a Midstream executive—and it definitely means something to anyone involved in Upstream. With that mindset, Wildcat Midstream seeks to maintain the w w w. w i l d c a t g a s . c o m


We Meet Schedules.






new construction

• Bulk Fuel Loading/Storage Facilities • Compressor Stations (Electric, Fuel Gas, and Turbine Generated) • Amine Plants • Cryogenic Plants • Dehydration Facilities • Deoxygenated Facilities • Dew Point Plants • Fractionation Plants • Refrigeration Systems • Sulfur Plants • Nitrogen Recovery Units

Our expertise is in foundation pours of: • Compression • Coolers • Towers • Pumps • Drill Piers • Containments • Skids • Pipe Supports

• Skid repiping • Valve removal and replacement • Piping reroutes • Structural replacement • Skid repair • Insulation and replacement • Electrical and Instrumentation reroutes and replacements • UT metering pit gauging • Internal rust removal • Sandblasting and painting • Bolt and gasket replacement

• Steel pipelines up to 24” • Polyethylene pipelines up to 36”

Dismantle and Demolition • Project consultation • Processing facility plant disassembly, retirement and relocation • Equipment removal • Structural Steel, piping and concrete demolition • Logging and expediting every component

12905 Hwy 36 S. | Caldwell TX 77836 | PO Box 385 | Somervi

Evers and Sons Inc. is a non-union general process plant contractor, with extensive experience and expertise in all phases of oil and gas construction. We specialize in the ground-up construction of pipelines, natural gas processing plants, compressor stations, and bulk liquids loading facilities. We’re also proficient in the modernization, renovation and demolition of existing systems. Our continued success is attributed to our company-wide commitment towards teamwork and safety, which protects our people, our customers and the environment. Being one of the leading gas contractors, we always strive to provide the utmost level of satisfaction to our clients.

IntEgRIty MaIntEnancE


Pipeline Integrity Maintenance 2” to 30”

ROW clearing and Maintenance

• Multiple types of composite wraps • Steel repair sleeve • Weld Reinforcement sleeve • Leak repair clamps • Pipeline section replacement

• Reclamation of existing ROW • Hand clearing environmentally sensitive areas • Equipment clearing • Shredding • Pipeline marker and sign replacement • Painting of valve settings, risers and crossings

• Process piping for on skid and off skid applications • Carbon steel • Stainless steel fabrication • Meter tubes • Metering skids • Valve skids • Valve settings • Pipeline strainers • Manifold headers • Launcher and receiver barrels • Launcher and receiver skids • Slug catchers • Non-coded vessels and tanks • Heater shells • Flare stacks • Heavy duct work (all diameters) • Valve access platforms • Skids of any size • Pipe racks

line Preparation for Pigging • Block valve replacements and removals • Short radius fitting removals • Fabrication and installation of pig launchers and pig receivers • Pipeline elevation changes • Pipeline re-routes

abandonment • Abandonment of all pipe sizes

ille, TX 77879 | Office (979) 596 2139 |

• Pipe bridges • Large multi-story structures • Module structures

accessory Steel items • Pipe supports • Pipe clamps • Vessel skirts • Base plates • Base rings • All other non-pressure components



A non-union general process plant contractor incorporated in the State of Texas, Evers & Sons has extensive experience and expertise in all phases of oil and gas construction, from ground-up construction of pipelines, natural gas processing plants, compressor stations, bulk liquids loading facilities, to modernization, renovation and demolition of existing systems. We are a certified member of the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC) and the Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA and WBENC). Evers & Sons is successful because we rely on a company-wide commitment to teamwork and safety. We are dedicated to providing each employee with an accident-free, drug-free workplace, which protects our people, our customers and the environment. Our safety program starts with new employee orientation and continues with daily safety meetings, monthly training sessions, and ongoing site-specific and skills training. Our outstanding drug and alcohol program incorporates DOT testing and follow-up random testing. Bottom line, we believe a process plants project is done well only if it is done safely. Website:



value of the resources they transport for their Upstream clients. “That is more than a slogan to us,” the company states. “It is our way of life, and it comes from focus on three areas: Maximizing Runtimes; Maximizing Efficiencies; [Maximizing] Product Recoveries. Wildcat is about fanatical service and you can bank on the difference. Our mission is simple to understand but difficult to execute. That is why we are confident that once you work with Wildcat, you will never look to another production management partner again. Our company is built from the bottom up based on the premise that every member of our team is there to support your field operations.” Drawing on their high-tech expertise, Wildcat operates a cryogenic processing facility in northern Louisiana and is in the process of building a marine and storage terminal in southern Texas that can facilitate transfer or resources between railway, truck, pipelines and water. Be sure to catch the December issue of Exploration World to read our full feature on Wildcat Midstream.

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Dallas, Texas FOUNDED


w w w. w i l d c a t g a s . c o m


RockPile Energy Service

RockPile Energy is Changing Dakota Fracking Industry

From people to technology, RockPile continues to set itself field of energy completion services. Written by: Ian Hanner

Produced by: Alex Hortaridis


g the North

lf in the




October 2014



ith a unique take on the value of employees and proprietary technology, RockPile Energy Services is not your traditional energy completion services provider. Established in June 2011 by the Triangle Petroleum Corporation, RockPile was created to fill what Triangle saw as a serious lack of frack service providers in North Dakota. The relatively low number of companies offering this service meant that oil companies operating in the area were waiting for eight to twelve months to get well fracked, according to Curt Dacar.

Dacar is the chief executive officer and previous chief operating officer. He had a key role in the founding of the company. Brought in by Triangle for his decades of industry experience working at Schlumberger, Dacar was instrumental in getting the company off the ground. “I was working in North Dakota and I knew some of the folks in their organization through past relationships and work history with some of the folks that actually worked for me when I worked at Schlumberger,” Dacar said. “They contacted me and asked w w w . r o c k p i l e e n e r g y. c o m


global knowledge. In

Hydraulic Fractu Oil & Gas Acidizing

Production Chem

Water Well Drill Founded in 1951, Economy Polymers and Chemicals has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of high viscosity guar gum powder in the world, as well as an industry leader in providing oil field stimulation chemicals. We are a multinational company, committed to extensive research and development, and devoted to continuously creating new and better products for the industries we serve. In addition, we provide toll manufacturing and custom chemical blending of our customer’s products. All of our custom chemical blending and manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified and utilize advanced technology to ensure that our chemical products are produced, packaged and delivered on time and to the highest standards of quality.

USa toll Free: 800-231-2066 tel: 713-723-8416 Fax: 713-723-1845

Mailing address: P.O. box 450245 Houston, tX 77245-0245

Coiled Tubing Mining

Cementing Chem

Automotive Chem

Personal Care/G Fire Fighting Textiles Food Pet Supplies Seismic

Unit ed Stat eS | Canada | dUbai | RUSSia | aRgentina

nnovative solutions.






Guar Products

Now Monitoring Your Consumables is as Easy as a Point and Click! ELIMS introduces a revolutionary technology aimed at the inventory management phase of hydraulic fracturing. This innovation represents a step change in accuracy resulting in: • a drastic decrease in personnel risk • a means to invoice immediately • a reduction of the service provider’s inventory to zero

Find out more at eLiMS is a division of economy Polymers & Chemicals



Founded in 1951, Economy Polymers and Chemicals has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of high viscosity guar gum powder in the world, as well as an industry leader in providing oilfield stimulation chemicals. chemical manufacturing facilityHeadquartered in Houston, Texas, we are a multinational company with operations in the United States, Canada, Dubai, Russia and Argentina. All of our custom chemical blending and manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified and utilize advanced technology to ensure that our chemical products are produced, packaged and delivered on time and to the highest standards of quality. At Economy Polymers and Chemicals we are committed to extensive research and development in order to continuously create new and better products for the industries we serve. Over the years we have made major investments in R&D – and have also made a substantial manufacturing investment in India to develop and produce new varieties of guar. Website:



if I would help them try to get a frack crew set up, so through the Summer I kind of consulted with them, helped them decide on the equipment and so forth. And in September of 2011, they actually asked me if I’d join the company as the COO, which I decided to do. [From there] I just started ordering equipment, building infrastructure, looking for land, putting building plans together and looking for an executive team.”

why we focus on hiring regional people, knowing that people from California, Texas or anywhere in the South-- it’s just not an environment that’s easy for them to adapt to. You see a lot of turnover.” Attrition isn’t something that a company of RockPile’s size can easily abide. In inclement weather like that, Dacar said that it’s not at all uncommon to see a 30 to 40 percent turnover rate. By hiring (relative) locals, Dacar boasts that Building a Workplace the company has an attrition rate of Community only 15 percent during the winter. In the years since, the company has Whether or not that’s due to the purchased several fracking fleets origin of the employee is up to and established a strong core of interpretation because RockPile employees from the region. Due to certainly has other ways they try to the harsh winters, hiring as locally make employees feel they have a is something Dacar said is vitally career rather than a job. In addition important to the company. to paying for a financial advisor to “The reason we do that is-- I grew come in for all new employees, the up in North Dakota and I’ve worked company goes out of the way to in North Dakota for many years,” make it easy for employees to live Dacar said. “I know what it’s like and work in North Dakota. to work there at 20, 30 below zero “We realized that North Dakota with a 20 mile per hour wind. It’s was, and still is, a very challenging brutal. The winters, or rather six place to find good places to live,” or seven months of the year, are he said. “We said that we wanted extremely difficult to work in. That’s to be able to provide these people w w w . r o c k p i l e e n e r g y. c o m


Martin Construction, Inc. utilizes the latest technology to provide efficient, cost effective locations that meet your specifications. For a company experienced in all phases of earth work construction, call Martin Construction. S e r v ic e S Oil Site PreParatiOn | reClaMatiOn | SnOw reMOval rOadS | railrOad SPurS and Siding | landFillS Site develOPMent (COMMerCial and reSidential)

Specializing in Earthworks Construction

Work Smart. TBM is: Total Bulk Management TBM Sand & Storage Logistics, LLC provides solutions for the frac sand supply chain including the PropMaster mobile silo, the PropBox storage and transport system, Frac Sand Transloading, high quality ceramic Proppants and Frac sand sourcing and logistics services.

888-826-6406 | |

water retentiOn (daMS and lagOOnS) | BOx CulvertS riP raP, SCOria and gravel Hauling

2367 west villard | dickinson, nd 58601

701-483-DIRT (3478)

| fax 701-483-3479

Kurt Martin, President BJ Martin, Operatins Manager | Brad Riely, estimator | Jackie Walth, Hr |



with an opportunity to come to North Dakota and get housing at a reasonable cost, so we actually built a 30 unit multi-building complex of higher scale apartments with hardwood floors, tile, etcetera. We rent those out to our employees at about 30 to 40 percent off of what the current market price is.” That dedication to the living standards of their employees didn’t come with a low price tag. RockPile paid about $6 million for that development. “We wanted to be able to attract people to come to the community and bring their families and be part of the community because we fully realized that if we provide them housing and a place to bring their families, it’s much easier to keep that employee as a long-term, career-focused employee, rather than someone rotating in and out of the business every two to three weeks. To be honest with you, the housing has been very successful. It’s allowed a lot of people to come to North Dakota that normally wouldn’t. It’s allowed us to keep

w w w . r o c k p i l e e n e r g y. c o m


A World Leader in the Design and Manufacture of Stimulation Equipment Stewart & Stevenson provides our customers with complete state of the art fracturing equipment spreads, including: • Fracturing Pumps • Blenders • Hydration and Chemical Additive Units • Data Acquisition and Control Centers We also specialize in, Acidizing Equipment, Coiled Tubing Units, Nitrogen Units, Cementing Equipment, Drilling and Workover Rigs, Railcar Movers and Generators

Over a Century of Innovation

Chad Joost | 281-345-5151 |

Design-Build Construction Management General Construction 804 East Villard Dickinson, ND 58602 (701) 483-8279 Fax: (701) 483-3647 E-Mail: Kim Kolling | Scott Kolling


ROCKPILE ENERGY SERVICES them, develop them and promote them within the company.” Moreover, RockPile goes out of its way to make employees feel like they’re part of a family within the company with awards banquets, camping, hiking and jeeping trips, and even a resort stay at Lake Tahoe. Dacar said he believes this sort of employee cohesion not only leads to happier, long-term workers, but a higher standard of quality


brought to every job. Driving Technology The emphasis RockPile puts on the quality and satisfaction of their employees isn’t the only thing that sets them apart. With innovative technology systems, the company is unique in its handling of both chemicals and propant for use in fracking operations. According to Dacar, chemicals

w w w . r o c k p i l e e n e r g y. c o m

105 Our newly expanded 100,000 sqft warehouse in North Dakota

When it comes to trucking, no one offers you more.


Rush Truck Center – Houston specializes in solutions that meet the demands of the energy sector. With new and pre-owned trucks from leading manufacturers, 70 service and body shop bays, a fleet of mobile service technicians and a $5 million dollar parts inventory, we are the only source you need to keep your fleet up and running.

Contact us today and see why no other dealership offers you more. Rush Truck Center - Houston 10200 North Loop East Houston, TX 77029 800-580-7383 toll free | 713-495-6300 © 2014 Rush Enterprises, Inc. Printed in USA. File: 7134-0914 RTC Houston Print ad for Rockpile Services

ROCKPILE ENERGY SERVICES used in the fracking process are typically delivered and transported in 330 gallon totes. Every time the tote is opened or transported, there is a small risk of spilling. Since this is not healthy for employees nor the environment, RockPile developed what they call a Chemical Management System that minimizes the number of times the chemicals need to be moved, minimizes the potential for a spill and protects employees, all while adding greater


efficiency to the whole process. “Not only has it been a successful rollout from a logistical standpoint-we save a ton on logistics-- but just from the environmental side of things, having less exposure. And of course tank bottoms on those old totes make it very difficult to get every drop out.� The company also has a unique system for delivering proppant for holding open induced fractures. While the industry standard for the

w w w . r o c k p i l e e n e r g y. c o m


Oilfield Testing & Consulting is a truly independent cement and drilling fluids testing facility, using state-ofthe-art industry recognized equipment.

Cement Testing Drilling Fluid Testing Quality Assured Laboratory

Our mission is to deliver excellent customer service and quality-assured results on which you can depend.


Talk to us about better ways to manage your employee benefits programs. Health & Welfare Benefits | Retirement Executive Compensation | Employee Communications

15730 Park Row, Suite 400 | Houston, Texas 77084 281.579.1055 | fax 281.579.1975 |





Customer Satisfaction Is Our Success


a McC r t y

m e n C o ., t

YOUR OILFIELD AND INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS SOLUTION. Specializing in Belts, Hose, & Valves for the Oil and Gas Industry.

390 Main Street, Suite 40 0 | Worcester, MA 01608 508 -363 – 040 0 | inform @ w w


handling of proppant hasn’t changed much in over 50 years, RockPile wasn’t satisfied with the quality of service traditional methods allowed them. “We looked at it and said there were two things that we need to do differently,” Dacar said. “One: we don’t like the way the industry handles chemicals. Two: we don’t like the way the industry handles proppant. So what we wanted to do really was revolutionize the things that we could impact and change.” He added, “With the traditional way you handle proppant from the mine to the wellhead, that grain of proppant, let’s say silica sand, would be transported four or five times. When we came up with this gravity feed system, we really wanted to just be able to take it from the mine to the wellhead. We got it from our transload facility in Dickinson to the wellhead now, which cuts down on several of those transfers. We’re still working on getting the technology to the point where we can take it right from the mine to the wellhead. So it’s impacted our business from a logistics side considerably, from both a working capital standpoint as well as an efficiency standpoint.”

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Fracking Services HEADQUARTERS



~60 (on prospect) REVENUE

$200 million (last year)

w w w . r o c k p i l e e n e r g y. c o m


Archer Western Constru I-395 Project

Archer Western Construction New I-395 HOV Ramp and A Lane to the City of Alexandria

The VDOT I-395 project is expected to bring improved traffi cars that travel through the area each day. The project team Construction works with the surrounding public to ensure i beneficial to the traffic flow while also meeting neighborho Written by: Lindsey Ryan Produced by: Tom Venturo


n Brings Auxiliary a

fic flow for the 462,000 m from Archer Western it is a project that is ood standards.



I-395 Northbound Widening Work


he Virginia Department of Transportation, VDOT, has recently begun construction work on northbound I-395 between Duke Street and Seminary Road in the City of Alexandria, Virginia. This $56 million project includes two capacity improvements: an additional $9 million northbound auxiliary lane connecting the northbound on ramp at Duke Street to the northbound off-ramp at 112

November 2014

Seminary Road, and a $47 million reversible High Occupancy Vehicle ramp that will provide improved I-395 traffic flow. After reviewing Statements of Qualifications from seven construction teams, VDOT shortlisted the three best teams and then subsequently awarded the project to Archer Western Construction (a subsidiary of the Walsh Group). The Archer Western Design Build bid was not only the low


price but also the proposal receiving the highest technical score.

VDOT extremely impressed. “What we eventually decided to do as part of our proposal was to Going Beyond Expectations provide all new structural steel for When Archer Western Area Manager the Seminary Road overpass, which for Maryland DC Virginia, Brian not only benefits the structure but Quinlan (assigned as Design Build also solved the problems addressed Project Manager on the VDOT [in regards to the lead and rust]. Plus, project), was pricing the project, he it allowed us to go to a continuous saw that what VDOT was asking span bridge design so we didn’t for was labor intensive and time have as many joints in the bridge consuming. The scope of work that deck, which is good for long term VDOT bid out included replacing maintenance,” explains Quinlan. He the concrete deck and rehabilitating continues, “That’s why we ended up the structural steel beams for the with the highest technical score. We existing Seminary Road overpass, offered more than required by the which would have included removal VDOT Request For Proposals.” of existing lead paint, repairs to As part of the reconstruction of the excessive age related rust damage, Seminary Road overpass, the project replacement of bearings and joints, will also include a dedicated 14 foot and strengthening to accommodate wide pedestrian bridge, which will the new HOV ramp connection. double as a bike path, to replace the Though Quinlan could have bid 4 foot sidewalk that currently exists. according to the original scope, This pedestrian bridge will include he saw the opportunity for Archer decorative fencing and lighting, as Western and its design engineer, well as being ADA compliant. It Parsons Transportation Group, to will be much safer than the existing demonstrate their skills and decided sidewalk that is adjacent to traffic, to propose an extended scope and overall will be much more user including all new steel and a more friendly and aesthetically pleasing. efficient bridge design, which left In addition to providing a unique 113


I-395 Northbound Wideing Grading Work

and beneficial design for the job, now that the project has commenced, the original completion deadline for the auxiliary lane has been pushed forward by VDOT to accommodate the anticipated traffic capacity increase in the area due to unrelated traffic work further up the road. Andy Palahnuk, Archer Western’s Project Manager (assigned as Construction Manager on the VDOT project) explains, “We have two milestones that we have to meet that 114

November 2014

are worth noting. We have roadwork that’s northbound I-395 where we have to widen the outside lanes. We have an interim date of December 31, 2014, to put traffic on that widening. We’re also constructing the HOV Ramp and reconstructing the Seminary Road Overpass that needs to be opened by September 24th, 2015.” Palahnuk, and a majority of the construction team, are just coming off of a successful $70 million project


that also required accelerated bridge construction techniques, and in fact they completed the project early, so this team has experience working under pressure and has proven that they have what it takes to lead an entire project team through the successful completion of an accelerated project. Because of the schedule demands, Archer Western is working simultaneously from one end of the project to the other in order to beat the milestones

that have been established. In addition to a larger workforce and extended work hours, this has created additional opportunities for DBE subcontractors that are being engaged to supplement the Archer Western workforce. Though the project requires fast paced construction to meet the deadlines VDOT is demanding, safety still comes first. “Safety is very important; we take it as the first responsibility. We have a very w w w. c o m p a n y u r l . c o m



I-395 Looking South. Working on new HOV Bridge Foundations

“Safety is very important; we take it as the first responsibility. We have a very vigorous safety program that we follow every day. It was tailored for the job site and includes our subcontractors and anyone who works out on the job.” – Andy Palahnuk, Construction Manager


November 2014

vigorous safety program that we follow every day. It was tailored for the job site and includes our subcontractors and anyone who works out on the job,” says Palahnuk. Technology The Walsh Group, being one of the largest construction companies in the country, uses modern technology on all of their projects. As an example, one of the interesting devices that VDOT has asked Archer Western to use on the I-395 project is Utility Locator Balls. These are cutting edge technology devices that are dropped into a pipe trench above an underground utility. Once the utility trench is backfilled and surface restoration is complete, the balls have the ability to communicate to a


I-395 Northbound Widening Retaining Wall Work

computer above ground and send info regarding the underlying utility. This includes how many feet down it is, what utility it is, and what type of pipe it is. All guesswork is removed, thus making future identification of utilities below ground convenient, safe, and reliable.

smooth transition period while the construction work is underway. “Our construction has not had a big impact on traffic because we were able to shift the three existing lanes to establish our work zone, while maintaining traffic on all three. When we do have to take lanes on a short term basis we’re taking them Community Impact and at night in off-peak hours. Because Influence of these efforts, we’re really not Though the construction for the interfering with the peak traffic flows I-395 project will take some time at all,” says Quinlan. and require cooperation and Long term, with the new fourth patience from the surrounding lane of traffic there is naturally community, Archer Western is doing going to be increased traffic everything they can to make it a noise, therefore noise barrier walls w w w. w a l s h g ro u p . c o m



Working on HOV Bridge Foundations in foreground and Existing Seminary Road Bridge in Backround

Aggregate Relocation Specialists, LLC is a certified DBE woman-owned and locally operated trucking company. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader committed to performing reliable hauling services and providing aggregate wholesale to our valued customers. Ginger Goff - President/Owner 364 Singleton Circle | Warrenton, VA. 20186 571.220.0276 | |


were included in the scope of the project. As part of the design effort, Parsons analyzed the projected noise levels and presented possible noise barrier wall configurations in compliance with FHWA specifications. Thereafter, a vote from the community resulted in the approval of noise barrier walls along three fourths of the widening. In the area without noise wall, the adjacent residents selected to go with trees and landscaping as the sound barrier, rather than a wall. VDOT and Archer Western were determined to be good neighbors and to keep the community happy with the project, which will clearly be a part of their lives for years to come. As an example, Quinlan explains, “Andy and his team recently met with residents from the adjacent neighborhood and presented them with the designs for the noise barriers and the landscaping and let them comment on and decide what they liked and didn’t like about the designs. The neighborhoods definitely had a say in the final presentation of the project.” Overall the I-395 project is scheduled to be completed May of 2016 and is expected to provide improved traffic flow and upgraded pedestrian access in the area and Archer Western Construction anticipates that the project will be another successful one for its portfolio.

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18 Salary and 80 Trades Personnel

w w w. w a l s h g ro u p . c o m


Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership

Sharing Water and Connecting Communities Conserving water is the first and most important supply option for the Lake Oswego and Tigard Partnership. Effective conservation measures alone, however, won’t be enough to meet the two cities’ needs Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano

Produced by: Tom Venturo



LO Tigard City Councilors tour WTP

Drinking water is a critical service for public health, fire safety and economic development. In the state of Oregon, two cities are revamping their existing drinking water infrastructure to meet increasing demands and provide high quality drinking water year-round. The Lake Oswego and Tigard Project is a partnership agreement between the cities of Lake Oswego and Tigard. While the Partnership was established in 2008, the idea was first conceived in 2005 when the partner cities commissioned a study of the costs and benefits of a partnership for joint water supply. 122

November 2014

“In 2007 the completed study concluded each city would realize significant financial benefit by jointly constructing and operating an expanded water supply system. The financial upside of a partnership was attractive enough to elected officials of the two cities to proceed with a year-long effort to negotiate the terms and conditions of an intergovernmental agreement forming the partnership. “That agreement was signed in August 2008 and then we were on our way”, said Joel Komarek, Project Director. The project will upgrade, upsize and expand six existing facilities


The Project includes over 10 miles of pipeline in four cities

including more than 10 miles of large diameter pipeline in four communities and the installation of a new water treatment plant, the largest facility, valued at $67 million. The $254 million project will provide improved drinking water for 100,000 residents in two communities for the foreseeable future at the lowest cost, and create over 2200 jobs. A Six-Year Evolution According to Komarek, two of the most notable points of project evolution were the design of the water treatment plant and the

routing of a portion of the large diameter finished water pipeline under the community’s namesake, Oswego Lake. “Our objective was to get the pipeline from the south to the north side of the lake and originally our plan was to drill across and underneath the lake and pull a pipe through that,” recalled Komarek. But challenges and high costs associated with that original plan led designers to reconsider alternatives that were evaluated during the early project definition phase. “We’re now going around the east end of the lake to get to the north w w w . c i . o s w e g o . o r. u s


L A K E O S W E G O - T I G A R D WAT E R PA R T N E R S H I P side and we anticipate getting that segment of pipeline construction underway early next year,” said Komarek. “We still have a 3800 foot long horizontal directional drill under the Willamette River, however, to connect the river intake to the water treatment plant. There were no alternatives to making that connection.” In regards to the water treatment plant, the original concept design utilized almost every square foot of land that was owned by the project

for the current treatment plant site, affecting surrounding neighbors. “After numerous conversations with neighbors surrounding the site, we ended up with a design that doesn’t look anything like the original concept but is significantly more compact in terms of its footprint,” said Komarek. “When we started this project, we knew that the pipeline and facilities would be constructed in four cities, two of which don’t directly benefit from the project—

Dedicated to the Success of the

Lake Oswego Water Treatment Plant Project Thank you to our field crew and staff who are involved on this exciting project. Special thanks to the Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership, City of West Linn, and City of Gladstone.

People | Projects | Relationships

Industry Leader for

underground utILItIes and


of any scope or sIze 503.588.7576 |


Gladstone and West Linn,” said Jane Heisler, Communications Director. “We worked very hard in those communities to make sure we would be a good neighbor before, during and after construction.” Success Behind-the-Scenes With roughly 150 people, including project staff, contractors and subcontractors working together on the project, professionalism and communications are critical to a successful project outcome. “I go back to the premise that nobody can do it all, and so we have our team of seasoned professionals. Communications is key to making sure that we all understand what everybody else is doing,” said Komarek. Along with assembling a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals, the Lake Oswego and Tigard Project leverages some of the latest technological innovations. “We have some advanced water treatment technology and we’re also using the most current software systems for managing the project that we can find and which is robust enough for a large,

complex municipal construction project,” said Komarek. “We’re using a web-based software platform that allows everybody on the team, from contractors and engineers and other staff alike, to document, share and archive information related to the project. That’s proved to be very useful in terms of our process efficiencies.” Entering the New Year “By the end of 2015 we’re planning to have all of our pipeline constructed,” said Komarek. “We will have a new reservoir in operation, the new pump station, a new river intake and we will have started up some parts of our brand new water plant while still operating portions of the old plant. Achieving those milestones will be the marks of success for 2015.” In addition to having the project completed on time and under budget, one goal Heisler has is to responsiveness to facility neighbors and residents. “After this project is done, [my goal is] that the council and the public would say, ‘You know, they did this project with a minimal amount of impact to the community w w w . c i . o s w e g o . o r. u s



Making sure that all environmental permits are followed, some areas near pipelines or facilities needed archaeological oversight

and were responsive to the needs of facility neighbors,” said Heisler. “We’d like our elected officials and the community to recognize the scope and magnitude of this 126

November 2014

undertaking and hopefully realize that while at times it was very difficult and frustrating, we worked together and got through it,” added Komarek. “That now we’ve got a


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Municipal Construction HEADQUARTERS

Lake Oswego, Oregon FOUNDED


state-of-the-art water system that will serve both our communities for many decades to come and it’ll be the gemstone of the region in terms of its design and reliability.”

w w w . c i . o s w e g o . o r. u s


Kaplan Construction

Building Working Relationshi through Quality Service

Founded in 1976, Kaplan Construction ties professionalism provide exceptional results to satisfied and loyal clients Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano

Produced by: Tom Venturo


m with personality to




aplan Construction is a familyowned, WBE certified general contractor and construction management firm that has provided construction services for commercial, healthcare, multi-family, worship and institutional clients since 1976. Founded by Ken and Cathy Kaplan, the company recently underwent a three-year management transition and Nathan Peck was appointed President and Jane Kaplan Peck was 130 November 2014

appointed Chief Operating Officer. The transition is a sign of the company’s continuous evolvement towards bigger and brighter things, and its new leaders are excited to continue the company’s expansion within the industry. “We’re using state-of-the-art construction management, document management programs and we’re able to do BIM (building information modeling), systems in-house,” said


Washington Mill Lofts

Nathan Peck, President of Kaplan Construction. “One of our goals is to provide the level of expertise and technology that a lot of the larger companies are able to provide but on a much more personal level.” Building Client Relationships Kaplan Construction has become recognized throughout the industry for its exceptional customer satisfaction reviews. From the

relationships built with clients to the efficient execution of projects, Kaplan is regarded highly for its professionalism and delivery. “What it really comes down to is executing great projects at a great price,” said Peck. “The foundation of our success is looking ahead, solving problems before they become problems and executing a smoothly-run project.”

w w w. k a p l a n c o n s t r u c t s . c o m


Brookline Teen Center

KAPLAN CONSTRUCTION “We’re a little more lean and nimble being a small company,” continued Peck. “Our structure is being lean, efficient and providing a very experienced staff that sees the job through from day one until the end.” Safety As A Priority This mentality is brought into safety and well-being practices at Kaplan Construction and the company has been awarded numerous awards, reflecting their dedication to creating “a culture that is safety conscious” and ensuring their employees are well taken care of. “As a general contractor, you see it as a responsibility to provide a safe, efficient job site,” said Peck. “Our employees have families and loved ones outside of the workplace so it’s our utmost priority that they’re as safe as possible while they’re here with us. And we’re not just trying to avoid the big injuries, it’s the simple things – from the abrasions to the sore back – it’s making sure that when people come to our job sites, they return home in the same condition they arrived in.” “There are also the open lines of


communication,” said Jane Kaplan Peck, COO of Kaplan Construction. “We want the people who work here to feel very comfortable and let us know what’s going on in their lives – how we can help them, how we can help their families and just keep a supportive environment.” A Technology Driven Portfolio Kaplan Construction is consistently on the cusp of the latest technological innovations, and most recently, it has incorporated Building Information Modeling (BIM) in-house. BIM can be used in many ways on a project, whether it’s to coordinate MEP and Fire Protection systems with the building structure and architectural design or to utilize the model in post-construction for building maintenance. By identifying and solving potential problems prior to construction, rather than in the field, clients are able to save a significant amount of money. In business for more than 38 years, Kaplan Construction’s highly experienced staff has worked together for many years, building a strong resume of renovation and new construction projects along the way. w w w. k a p l a n c o n s t r u c t s . c o m


KAPLAN CONSTRUCTION Kaplan Construction’s current portfolio includes renovations for Boston College, Genzyme Corporation, and Equity Residential Management, as well as a number of healthcare and community development corporation (CDC) projects. Kaplan is also in the midst of preconstruction for seven jobs totaling $75 million. Looking Ahead Kaplan Construction has big plans for the coming years, with one of its


Exceptional service is our standard. We’ve been providing electrical contracting & design services to general contractors & commercial industrial institutions in the New England area for nearly 30 years. 139 Southbridge Street | Auburn, MA 01501 508.792.9200 | 800.244.6055 |

primary goals being increasing its annual revenue from $20-25 million to $30-35 million while additionally expanding its client base. “Kaplan has been around for 38 years, and we have worked with a very small group of people within the industry over that time period,” said Peck. “We’ve had a wonderful relationship with that small group and that’s kind of been the backbone of the company for that time period. My main goal for the next few years is to take the


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Brookline, MA FOUNDED



$20-25 M

relationships and experiences that Kaplan has established and get our name out there.” “I want people to recognize Kaplan’s name, learn about the type of projects we work on, and hear our clients’ enthusiasm about our level of dedication and expertise we bring to our projects,” said Peck. “We’ve had a tremendous amount of success over the last year bringing in some great new clients and we just hope to keep that momentum moving forward.” w w w. k a p l a n c o n s t r u c t s . c o m


Tennessee Dept. of Tran

Tennessee Department of Tr Managing Assets to Deliver a Transportation Network

With a demographic shift from rural to urban land, TDOT is providing top quality transportation services to its clients Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano

Produced by: Tom Venturo


ransportation a Strong

s once again leading the change in



In 1908, Henry Ford changed the world with the introduction of the first accessible automobile for the average middle class American. The Model T changed history forever and with it came a flood of other changes, including the development of transportation agencies. In 1915, the formation of the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) provided the foundation for a statewide system, and since then the department has grown from a network of state highways to a high quality road and bridge network.


October 2014

Celebrating 100 Years July 1, 2015 will mark the 100 year anniversary of TDOT. The department has seen multiple changes throughout the years with the most significant shift coming from within. “Back in the day, it was ‘pave it black and don’t look back,’” said Paul Degges, Chief Engineer and Deputy Commissioner, who has been with TDOT for 27 years. “We were all about building new roads and moving on to the next big project. Today, and the evolution of the department, has really been an asset management and


Surveyors at their construction camp in the 1920s

operations evolution.” Beginning with the first funding mechanism in 1923 to support the new highway agency, the department has gone through some major bridge building initiatives, the installment of new bridges, and 1,200 miles of interstate construction. “After the ’86 road program we started looking at how we could manage our assets and have a strong pavement management program and a strong bridge program,” said Degges. “These have been the two keystone visions that we’ve had and we think it’s paid off

by having a very high quality road and bridge network in Tennessee.” Luanne Grandinetti, Communications Manager, is coordinating the 100 year celebration next year and is excited for what’s in store. “While we’re not at liberty to discuss what we have planned, we definitely will have a big party on that day,” said Grandinetti. “It’s top secret,” joked Degges. A Debt-Neutral Model Tennessee is one of only five states in America that carries no w w w. t d o t . s t a t e . t n . u s


TRC Engineers has been a proud teaming partner with the Tennessee Department of Transportation since 1992.

Energy | Environmental | Infrastructure

A pioneer in groundbreaking scientific and engineering developments since the 1960s, TRC is a national engineering, consulting and construction management firm that provides integrated services to the energy, environmental and infrastructure markets. TRC serves a broad range of clients in government and industry, implementing complex projects from initial concept to delivery and operation. TRC delivers results that enable clients to achieve success in a complex and changing world. TRC includes over 3,000 technical professionals and support personnel in more than 100 offices throughout the U.S. Our clients depend on TRC’s multidisciplinary teams to design solutions to their toughest business challenges.

Creative, dedicated, experts delivering results you can rely on.

TRC Engineers Inc. |



A pioneer in groundbreaking scientific and engineering developments since the 1960s, TRC is a national engineering, consulting and construction management firm that provides integrated services to the energy, environmental and infrastructure markets. With over 3,000 technical professionals and support personnel in more than 100 offices throughout the U.S., we serve a broad range of clients in government and industry. Our multidisciplinary teams implement complex projects – from initial concept; through permitting, engineering, and construction; to delivering successful and cost-effective projects. Also our nationwide network of offices is a crucial asset for understanding the local sensitivities and regional needs that can be integral to project success. TRC has been a proud teaming partner with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) since 1992. TRC led the seismic retrofit design of the I-40 Mississippi River Bridge and its approaches, crossing from Arkansas into Memphis, Tennessee, over three miles in length. The bridge, which is located on the southeast edge of the New Madrid Seismic zone, is considered to be the highest earthquake risk zone in the U.S. apart from the West Coast. From the beginning, TRC worked to develop the seismic design criteria and retrofit strategies to make the bridge safer for the traveling public. TRC has continued to partner with TDOT on the construction management of all nine phases of this $270 million construction project. With the help of TRC’s creative and dedicated engineering experts, the project has set new standards in seismic design in the U.S. At TRC, we not only understand your goals, we embrace them as our own – and take responsibility for reaching them. We deliver results that enable clients to achieve success in a complex and changing world. Management: • Mark A. Imbriani, PE, Practice Leader • Robert A. Schamber, PE, Project Manager • David N. DeLeeuw, PE, Resident Engineer Website:


transportation debt. Regarded as a “pay as you go” state, the department pays no interest and has no loans to build transportation facilities. “We have a very robust program as far as having workload in the pipeline,” said Degges. “By not having any debt, it allows us the flexibility of being nimble in our decision-making on which projects we need to work on.” “About 91 percent of our money goes to project delivery, design, acquisition and construction,” continued Degges. “So 91 percent of our money goes out the door and onto the street with just a small amount for administrative functions.” “While other states are paying millions in interest each year, we pay zero and use it on projects,” added Grandinetti. Placing Employees at the Helm of the Wheel When it comes to its employees, TDOT is focused on two things: education and teamwork. With the recent hires of 160 engineers within the past 18 months, an emphasis has been placed on diversity and

growing one’s education. And it wouldn’t be complete without a proper celebration once certain successes are achieved. “We have a strong program to push education in our maintenance forces and we most recently had a celebration at the Tennessee Titans’ football stadium,” said Degges. “We had the governor come in and the commissioner of the department of education along with the commissioner of transportation. It was a celebration of about 100 employees that have gone the extra mile on their own time to earn additional education credentials that will allow them the opportunity to move up in the organization.” When it comes to the success of managing a large workforce such as TDOT’s – with four facilities statewide – Degges believes it comes down to placing individuals in leadership roles. “To be perfectly honest, you’re not born a leader. Your life experiences make you a leader, and if I can encourage our employees to have leadership opportunities where they can, I want them to step up to the plate,” said Degges. w w w. c o m p a n y u r l . c o m



Providing solutions that last.


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Nashville FOUNDED


Steering Towards the Future There are multiple projects that TDOT is excited to begin working on in the near future, including the widening of US 64 into a four-lane stretch of road, a $70 million project, and several bridge installations and capacity expansions across Tennessee running in the $30-40 million range. “I think you will continue to see us look at how we manage our assets at the highest level condition at the lowest possible cost,” said Degges. “I think we will see a whole lot more of accelerated bridge construction technology, not just in Tennessee but across the country, and we will be focusing on how we can manage traffic on our existing network of roads and how we can keep the quality of life as high as possible by having a good, strong transportation network.”


1001-5000 REVENUE

+1 B

w w w. t d o t . s t a t e . t n . u s


Ocean Shipholdings, Inc

Ocean Shipholdings Raises the Bar on Ship Managemen

OSI VP of Operations Bob Sheen discusses new technolog and a constant commitment to high standards Written by: Sasha Orman

Produced by: Jason Wright







uilding and managing a ship or a fleet is complicated business. That is why there are businesses Ocean Shipholdings Inc. (OSI) who make it their specialty. The Houston-based company has been a leader in ship management and ship building services since its formation in 1981, offering a full gamut of ship management solutions from shipbuilding and crew staffing to accounting and purchasing to engineering support and maintenance. With a commitment to quality in all aspects, OSI is committed to its clients’ safety and success. Technology for Efficiency and Safety OSI actively invests in new technology for its ships and onshore operations, knowing the many benefits that it can bring to the business and its clients. One of those benefits is efficiency, enhanced


November 2014


by AVS SafeNet modular software suites licensed from AVS Nautical Systems. OSI currently licenses accounting and crew management modules for its ship and shore operations, along with maintenance modules aboard some of its ships, and most recently added purchasing and procurement modules to the repertoire. “We implemented this across the company and across the ships, so that we could manage all of our procurement with a single software package,” says Bob Sheen, Vice President of Operations at OSI. “That allows us in the office and the folks out on the ship to be aware of what’s being ordered, delivery dates, where they stand within our budgets and their own budgets, and it allows for visibility of what’s being ordered to senior management and to some of our customers.” This kind of transparency is critical for clients –

“It’s important to us to put OEM manufacturer spare parts on the ships wherever we can to the maximum extent possible – there are plenty of third party parts manufactured under questionable circumstances and without certification, and we have to be very careful that what we get is what the manufacturer either recommends or provides themselves – Bob Sheen, Vice President of Operations at OSI

w w w. o c e a n s h i p h o l d i n g s . c o m


OCEAN SHIPHOLDINGS, INC. equally valuable is security. To address this, OSI has taken on the task of enhancing its software and working with shipboard partners to increase cyber security capabilities. “For many years, people didn’t think cyber security was an issue on ships,” says Sheen. “But it has become a major issue and we’re working within an industrygovernment partnership to develop procedures and safeguards for cyber security onboard the ship. On the shore side, there are plenty of software packages available that do that, and our IT folks are upgrading ours here.”

KPI Bridge Oil is a leading worldwide bunkering company since 1971 with offices in London, Istanbul, Miami, New York, Seattle, Singapore and Valparaiso. With a dedicated team of more than 100 experienced professionals worldwide, KPI Bridge Oil is fulfilling bunker and lube oil requirements for the international shipping industry, covering all major time zones 24 hours a day. 732.219.7900 |


Building Partnerships Whether it is chartering a ship from its own fleet or maintaining and repairing a ship for a client, Ocean Shipholdings Inc. believes in keeping vessels in the best quality possible. For OSI, that means maintaining a strong relationship with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of every piece from main engines to power generators to water evaporators. “It’s important to us to put OEM manufacturer spare parts on the ships wherever we can to the maximum extent possible – there are plenty of third party parts manufactured under questionable circumstances and without certification, and we have to be very careful that what we get is what the manufacturer either recommends or provides themselves,” says Sheen, explaining that this policy also extends to requiring its ships to keep an inventory of all parts received or installed, so that OSI can track parts and maintain its high standard of quality companywide, and thoroughly vetting its purchasing staff to ensure that their standards are in line with OSI company policy. A Future of Growth for OSI OSI is looking forward to good things in the near future, filled with potential for growth and success in upcoming contracts. “We like to think here that we’re going to be growing the company hopefully in a big way,” says Sheen. “We’re in a very competitive market, and we’re always

“We implemented this across the company and across the ships, so that we could manage all of our procurement with a single software package” – Bob Sheen, Vice President of Operations at OSI

w w w. o c e a n s h i p h o l d i n g s . c o m




November 2014


looking to see where we can save our customers money, which reduces their cost and makes us more competitive. So we’re actively seeking new customers and seeking to grow the business. We’ve been around a long time because of that attitude, and we see ourselves adding new ships to our fleet and growing here within the next few years.” Standards that Set OSI Apart What separates Ocean Shipholdings Inc. from the competition? According to Sheen, it all comes down to the company’s high standards and the people who work hard every day to keep those standards intact. “We try to attract and retain the best available people that we can, and we develop our people over a long time to have a broad range of knowledge and skill sets,” he says, noting that many OSI employees – himself included – have risen through the ranks from positions on OSI ships to a place within the company onshore. “We are ISO 9001/2008 certified, and we’re very committed to quality and providing the best service that we can to our customers, continually seeking out input and feedback on where we can improve. Our owners started out long ago trying to be the best in the market, and we continue to strive very hard to do that.”

Company Information OSI was founded in 1981 as a Houston based provider of ship management services. The company has designed, built, financed and operated oil tankers worldwide, as well as managing U.S. Navy vessels in support of national defense objectives. OSI maintains ships operating worldwide under strict standards for employee safety and environmental protection. Shore staff functions provided include vessel crewing, maintenance management, procurement, chartering, insurance and claims management, cargo operations and financial control.

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Comprehensive Logistic

Masters of the Supply Chain

The 111-year-old company has certainly evolved over time, business when it comes to supply chain management. Written by: Kevin Smead

Produced by: Jason Wright



, but it’s still the best is the


Tonkin image /


hile Comprehensive Logistics Co. Inc. (CLI) is more than 100 years old, they’re anything but “old school.” CLI is an award-winning thirdparty logistics provider that gives 156

November 2014

businesses a lean and flexible supply chain, allowing them to manage the tumultuous world that is modern business. The company was founded in 1903 by J.V. McNicholas, who started by

handling general transport with a horse and cart. With the advent of new technologies, the business expanded and took on several different forms. CLI in its modern form was came to be in 1995 and

continues to provide the high-quality logistics service its customers continue to expect. CLI primarily focuses on the needs of manufacturers, distributors, and shippers. They serve needs w w w. c o m p l o g . c o m


Maximize Your Profitability with the latest Tracking Technology SOLUTIONS

Since 1974, Lowry Solutions has been implementing technology innovations nationwide, and with over 10,000 customers, it has established itself as a premier AutoID system integrator focused on barcode, RFID, biometrics, enterprise mobility and asset management solutions. Lowry understands that each enterprise has its own specific issues and requirements and that in order to provide best-in-class solutions to address these issues, a deep understanding of our clients’

Lowry Solutions make our customers’ businesses more competitive by providing: • Cost reduction • Improved business process efficiency • Improved staff productivity • Improved asset/inventory visibility • Supply chain standards compliance • Empowered mobile workers

unique business processes is a necessity. To us, success is rooted in our ability to enhance and grow our customer’s business.

Proud Platinum Level Partner

800.733.0210 | |

COMPREHENSIVE LOGISTICS from the most basic, to the highly complex. The company is proud of its flexibility, citing its lean size and process-driven culture as main factors in its ability to modify and adapt to meet ever changing needs. Keeping costs low is also a major focus at CLI. The company is committed to Continuous Improvement and operates a Change Management Request (CMR) process, allowing for streamlined and effective improvements. CLI also puts the client in the driver seat, affording them full



transparency and control of the supply chain. Using an online tool, CLI allows its clients to access and manage their end-to-end supply chain, ensuring everything is running as expected. Also, clients are able to fully view and understand everything from CLI’s end as well, giving customers the highest level of confidence that there will be no surprises, monetary or otherwise. With its 99.97% inventory accuracy rate, 99.4% on-time delivery rate, and less than five defects per million, CLI is one of the best in the business when it comes to logistics and supply


Since 1974, Lowry Computer Products has been implementing technology innovations nationwide, and with over 10,000 customers, it has established itself as a premier AutoID system integrator focused on barcode, RFID, biometrics, enterprise mobility and asset management solutions.


w w w. c o m p l o g . c o m


Time to go Lean.

P O S I T I V E - T R A C K I N G

Over 27 years ago, Peregrine, Inc. invented the Quad-Steer Tracker™ material-handling trailer. There is still only one Quad-Steer Tracker™. We have produced several types of trailers and accessories to fit thousands of applications. We do the dirty work and provide custom engineering at no cost to best fit your application while maintaining the highest standards for safety and ergonomics. Since cost drives your business, put low maintenance and product life expectancy on your bottom line.


8 0 0 - 7 7 7 - 3 4 3 3 | w w w. p e re g r i n e - i n c . c o m 5301 North 57th Street Suite 102 | Lincoln, NE 68507-3164 | Phone: (402) 466-4011 | Fax: (402) 466-1639

Development, Real Estate, and Construction Solutions EXXCEL Project Management develops and constructs repeatable relationships nationwide.

328 Civic Center Drive | Columbus, OH 43206 614-621-4500 | |



Company Information Comprehensive Logistics Co. Inc. (CLI) gives you the lean, flexible supply chain you need to compete in today’s complex, unpredictable business environment. We are a premier, non-assetbased provider of engineered logistics services for complex supply chains. As an award-winning thirdparty logistics provider, we are experienced in exceeding the most stringent logistics requirements.

chain management. While these numbers are certainly impressive, stay tuned for our feature next month where we’ll break down what makes Comprehensive Logistics so successful.

w w w. c o m p l o g . c o m


Century National Bank

Building on Excellence Written by: Abigail Phillips Produced by: Alex Hortaridis



Founded in 1886, Century National Bank is located in Zanesville, Ohio, and has been providing residents of Muskingum County with banking services for more than one hundred years. Today, the bank’s 14 Banking Centers serve six counties in Eastern Ohio, including Athens, Coshocton, Hocking, Muskingum, Perry and Tuscarawas Counties. Century National Bank is a full service bank offering retail, commercial, and trust investment products. The Bank takes pride in providing its customers with extraordinary customer service claiming that you really can “Expect a Difference” when banking with 164

November 2014

Century National Bank. Century National Bank is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as part of a larger holding company, Park National Corporation (PRK). The company has assets of approximately $7 billion and operates 11 affiliate banks. Due to Century’s affiliation with the Park National Corporation, their customers have free access to their accounts at 125 banking offices across Ohio. Embracing Economic Potential As a member of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association, Century National Bank has strengthened its commitment to


the oil and gas industry over the past few years to learn the best way to become involved. In June 2013, the company created its own Energy Banking Team. The Energy Banking Team is one way Century can serve their customers in those areas affected by the oil and gas movement. Whether a landowner, business owner, or oil & gas worker, the Energy Banking Team is available to help them form the best plan to fit their customers’ individual needs. Century’s Energy Banking Team is made up of seven experts from many different financial backgrounds in order to provide the

best comprehensive financial plans and options. For questions outside the realm of banking, the Team partners with local experts, including attorneys and accountants. Through these partnerships, Century’s Energy Banking Team offers the most complete solution for the customers’ needs. In addition to providing sound financial advice to Century’s current customers, one of the reasons the Bank decided to become involved in the oil and gas industry was because the company saw the potential to advance the economy in Eastern Ohio. “The reason we took a good look at the industry is

w w w. c e n t u r y n a t i o n a l b a n k . c o m


we believe that the Utica Shale play in Eastern Ohio has the greatest opportunity on our local economy than anything else in the past,” explains Jody Spencer, Senior Vice President, Trust Officer, and Energy Banking Team member. Spencer continues, “We’re lending to small companies that are being affected by the oil and gas industry, whether it’s directly or indirectly, and we’re gaining investment customers. Many of these customers never thought they’d be in the positions they’re in today. The bottom line is

Guernsey Scrap & Recycling, Inc.


Locations in Byesville, Caldwell and Marietta Ohio Main Office: 45198 Cornstalk Rd, P.O. Box 278, Caldwell, OH 43724 Byesville Phone: 740.685.0024 Caldwell Phone: 740.732.4807 Marietta Phone: 740.374.8565 Fax: 740.732.6484 BUYER OF FERROUS AND NONFERROUS SCRAP

Guernsey Scrap Recycling Trucking LLC P.O. Box 207 Caldwell Ohio 43724 John Foreman / Woody Foreman Phone: 740.732.0224 Fax: 740.732.0225 Dump Truck Tractor-Trailer Roll Off Heavy Equipment

Dedicated to the preservation of your financial resources services: • Tax Management Services • Audit, Review & Compilation • Business Valuation • Accounting & Payroll Services • QuickBooks Accounting Assistance • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Sales • Employee Benefits, Pension, and Profit-Sharing Plans • Bookkeeping Services

McLain Hill Rugg and Associates Inc. strategies guide clients to financial security and success

C E N T U R Y N AT I O N A L B A N K the potential economic impact that can really change the complexion of some of the communities in Eastern Ohio from where they’ve been in the last 75-100 years.” Century proves that even though they may be a small community bank, they can still bring solutions to the forefront that may be offered anywhere else. A Resource Clients Can Trust What makes Century National Bank stand apart from its larger competitors is the way they approach each customer’s individual situation and create a financial solution unique to that person. “We start from scratch with each customer. We learn the basics, including their long-term and shortterm goals, and we want to become a resource for that customer. Whether they need assistance negotiating a land lease or reading their royalty check statement, we will provide them with the help they need,” says Spencer. “The people we do business with are going to be very pleased that we’re taking care of their families for generations.”


Commitment to both their customers and the communities they serve is a top priority for Century National Bank, and it is obvious. Century National Bank is a top employer from a local bank standpoint throughout each of their markets. Through these associates, over 220 local organizations are served. This doesn’t count the thousands of dollars they spend annually to financially support local organizations. Looking to the Future Century National Bank may be a small community bank, but it has big ambitions. The Bank is physically located in six Eastern Ohio counties. However, customers in Guernsey, Noble, and Belmont Counties are currently being served as well. With many partners in several counties outside of the Bank’s current market area, expansion of services to customers outside their market area is becoming more common. “We are very committed to supporting the oil & gas industry,” says Spencer. “Our belief is to consistently provide our customers with superb service, meet their

w w w. c e n t u r y n a t i o n a l b a n k . c o m



CNB Energy Banking Team (from L to R) Janice Hutchison, Jeff Jordan, Pat Nash, Jody Spencer, Tom Lyall, Jim Blythe, Beccy Porteus

needs, and build relationships.� Every service that Century National Bank provides is with its customers and clients in mind. It 168

November 2014

takes pride in building relationships with the communities in which it operates, listening to its needs and reacting to that. Century has built a


Company Information Founded in 1886, Century National Bank is located in Dresden, Ohio, and has been providing residents of Zanesville and Muskingum County with banking services for more than one hundred years. The company focuses on its customers and is dedicated to providing customers with the highest level of professional service. Century offers extended hours in their banking centers plus ATMs, Online Banking, Online Bill Pay and Telebank to make banking simple and https://www. convenient. You can really “expect a difference� CenturyNationalBank when banking with Century.

fantastic reputation in the areas in which it serves and looks to continue growing.


w w w. c e n t u r y n a t i o n a l b a n k . c o m