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represent the industry at the legislature,” explained Bennett. “We assist with facilitating conversations between the federal and state regulators and the companies.” In addition, the Nevada Mining Association provides multiple opportunities for its members to collaborate and get to know one another. From events to committees, members can meet and discuss best practices, discuss solutions for resolving issues and learn from one another. Educating the residents (and visitors) of Nevada Nevada is a very urban state, with the majority of the population living in Las Vegas and Reno. Of that population, most are transplants. For that reason alone, the Nevada Mining Association strives to continue to tell the story of Nevada’s mining industry. “It’s important that [residents] understand the role that mining plays in their daily lives,” said Bennett. “How important the industry is to the state economy.” As a source for accurate and credible information about mining

in Nevada, the association has many different ways of providing information to the public. One of those methods is the interactive mine tour offered on their website. From aerial overviews to exploring the surface of a mine to experiencing a gold refinery, the interactive tour allows visitors to get a first-hand feel of the industry. “We also have a larger display at the airport,” added Bennett. “It’s quite a large exhibit as people are going to the Southwest gates and there are terrific floor samples and mineral samples and a full-size interactive mine exploration.” “We work very hard to be a respected and credible source of accurate information,” she said. “Part of that is pushing out information, the other part is responding to inaccurate information that might be out there.” The Nevada Mining Association and education In partnership with the Nevada Division of Minerals, for 25 years the Nevada Mining Association has hosted teacher earth science workshops to help public, private w w w. n e v a d a m i n i n g . o r g


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