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58 were to go to a store, it’s very important

utilization of cutting-edge technology

to know how often you come in, how

comes to the fore. “We put a lot of

much you usually spend, what products

emphasis on our machine learning to

you like, who you are. Often, all this

make sure that we’re actually able to

data sits in siloed systems throughout

tell brands ahead of time what they’re

a company.” By bringing together all

supposed to do,” he says.

available data on its clients’ customers,

Despite the data-driven precision

CloudCherry can create a complete

with which customer behaviour is dis-

picture of its customers’ habits and

sected by CloudCherry, Muthukrishnan

wants, which can then be turned into

insists that, far from reducing them to

solutions. The company’s third core

a collection of inputs, “digital is supposed

tenet, Muthukrishnan explains, was to

to make the interaction more human.

“move away from a retrospective way

I actually believe we’re going back to

of looking at data towards a more pre-

the times where experiences, because

dictive, proactive approach.” This third

of the lack of technology, used to be

pillar is where a lot of the company’s

personal. Businesses used to make

APRIL 2019

Profile for Business Chief USA

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019  

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019