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Approximate number of employees


Year founded


Number of stores worldwide 262

packaging too. We have begun the

organizations both at home and abroad

process of product and packaging

to ensure our customers and staff

innovation, whether in the fabrics and

understand that giving back and doing

material choices we make or the way

good is a hands-on part of our culture.

we package goods.”

Whether it be in areas of empowerment,

Ardene also works to ensure its

poverty, education and health, we

positive impact on the world through

leverage the strength of our communi-

the Ardene Foundation, a division of the

ties and try hard to shape a better

brand dedicated to enacting positive

world,” says Ardene’s representative. In

change across the globe. Ardene has

select stores and through its site,

donated over 1mn units of apparel and

Ardene sells its line of biodegradable,

footwear and raised over CA$4mn for

eco-friendly shoes, which are made

various charitable organizations.

from antibacterial, moisture-wicking

“We work with multiple charitable APRIL 2019

and pesticide-free bamboo rayon. The

Profile for Business Chief USA

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019  

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019