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Year founded


Approximate number of employees


explosive developments in digitization

the aim of making its use more

data, business intelligence (BI),

pervasive in the business, Gore Mutual

self-service analytics, machine

established BI and analytics as a sepa-

learning (ML) and artificial intelligence

rate entity and asked McDougall to

(AI) to enable a mature business

take on the role of Vice President of

transformation that is both genuine

Business Intelligence and Analytics. In

and thoughtful,” he explains.

doing so, Gore Mutual has sought to

The handling of data is nothing new

put more meaningful data, analytics,

for the insurance industry, but disrup-

insights and information at its leaders’

tive technologies are helping to

fingertips so that they can make better

uncover endless new opportunities.

decisions whilst enabling conversa-

Gore Mutual Insurance has identified

tions across the business. “Ongoing

BI and analytics as one such innova-

advances in data analytics allow us to

tion which is a “strategic priority”. With

be more agile and gather insights in

APRIL 2019

Profile for Business Chief USA

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019  

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019