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marketplace, SGK’s long-term

Through an effective blend of creative,

technology roadmap has focused on

technical and business-orientated

simplifying, standardizing and automat-

individuals, SGK has built a collaborative

ing services, applying a manufacturing

culture which places technology firmly

approach to the creation of marketing

at the center. Developing products,

deliverables. “This removes unneces-

such as packaging and ads, as well as

sary hidden-factory costs by creating

PDF files, renders, metadata and more,

and managing content seamlessly

the company’s creative brands such as

across systems and marketing

Brandimage and Anthem support the

channels while offering greater agility

establishment of brand identities and

in the creative development process,”

effective marketing communications

affirms Estellon.

and programs that enable its clients 194

“The guiding principle of our road-

to strengthen their overall positions

map is to embrace leading-edge

in their chosen market.

concepts without carrying legacy debt

“Our Equator brand focuses on the unique needs of retailers, while IDL creates exciting and interactive instore displays and immersive brand experiences. Our production brands also bring strategies and ideas to life. Schawk produces brand assets and protects brands, ensuring flawless execution and consistency, while Saueressig delivers rotogravure solutions and technical expertise in the reproduction of brand assets,” says Estellon. As brand owners continue to experience complex demands stemming from a rapidly evolving APRIL 2019

Profile for Business Chief USA

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019  

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019