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50 years on, Selberis remains

leverage the work we have started,

convinced that technology will deliver

But it’s our ability to take all the

still better outcomes for dental

knowledge we have gained over the

patients. Work continues on a 3D

years and turn our data into a tool that

printing solution that allows dentists

will enable us to further enhance the

to design and create, using the

dentist and patient experience. So we platform, a temporary

will surely become more of a knowledge

crown or bridge from composite

and technology driven business.�

material, nightguards, surgical guides, and study models, again at a single visit. Furthermore, definitive restorations featuring additive manufacturing techniques are almost certainly in the future. “It will likely take years to fully w w w.busi ne ssc hief. com

Profile for Business Chief USA

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019  

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019