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for the restoration, which the dentist

have to cure in a furnace for some

can accept or revise according to

hours, but as supplied with the

preference. From the same software

it is pre-hardened. Nobody else has

interface, the dentist can either prescribe

been able to mill zirconia in its hard-

and request a restoration from Glide-

ened state, he adds with pride.

well Laboratories, or send the design

“It’s thanks to our vertical integration,

direct to the In-Office Unit for

because we are the source of the

immediate chairside milling.

material, develop the CAD/CAM soft-

This package effectively provides the

ware and the AI piece, and engineer and

dentist laboratory capabilities in the

manufacture the in-office mill, that we

comfort of the office, explains Selberis.

are the only company that can bring

“We allow them to take the strongest

this purpose-built system to market.”

industry-standard material, a BruxZir zirconia crown, and mill it without


having to put it into a furnace.” Normal-

Glidewell has created an ecosystem

ly, at the laboratory the crown would

with a single focus, to make the

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Profile for Business Chief USA

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019  

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019