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Year founded


Approximate number of employees


Qualtrics is a technology platform

an employee’s, or a product user’s

that organizations use to collect, man-

experience. But Qualtrics is truly

age and act on experience data. Expe-

a horizontal platform that allows you

rience management may be described

to get feedback and information

as a system whereby teams, depart-

around the holistic experience from

ments and organizations can manage

all of these. This gets really interesting

the four core ‘experiences’ of business:

when you bring it together with our

customer, product, employee and

product portfolio, which links together

brand. “One of the things that really

that operational data with experiential

excited us when we were considering

data. How is it possible to have an

this acquisition,” says Shenkman, “was

intelligent enterprise without under-

the idea of creating a category around

standing how your customers,

experience management. This is often

employees, product users, and every-

narrowly defined as a customer’s,

one exposed to your brand, feel about

APRIL 2019

Profile for Business Chief USA

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019  

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019