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CLICK TO WATCH : ‘SAP BUSINESS WOMEN’S NETWORK – DEFINE THE WAY’ 131 2005, he was invited by SAP’s then

activity at the center of future develop-

CFO Werner Brandt to build out an

ment. “Our objective was to do trans-

M&A practise for the company. Before

formative acquisitions. We really started

then, though it had made a number of

down that road in 2007 with the acquisi-

smaller acquisitions, SAP’s growth had

tion of BusinessObjects in the analytics

been largely organic and by strategic

space, and that expanded our address-

partnerships with technology compa-

able markets considerably.” The $6.78bn

nies, notably IBM.

acquisition of BusinessObjects was a watershed moment for the company


commitment and because it brought

Brandt however recognized that to meet

business intelligence tools to SAP’s back

the challenges of the market and the

office transactional systems.

limitless potential presented by data it would be necessary to place M&A

both on account of the major financial

By 2010, SAP was ready to make its next transformational jump with the w w w.busi ne ssc hief. com

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Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019  

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019