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Nielsen Mobile Insights reported in

subscriber base continues to boom.

early 2017 that T-Mobile had ranked

In January 2019, T-Mobile’s Q4 2018

first in customer service satisfaction

report highlighted the net addition of

through the entirety of 2016. In the

2.4mn subscribers to its network, mak-

company’s press release at the time,

ing the quarter its best ever for acquir-

Legere said: “We have the best care

ing new customers. Since 2013, at

team in the business – at this point,

the advent of the Uncarrier marketing

that’s not even up for debate. But, like

strategy, T-Mobile’s customer base has

everyone else at this company, our

rocketed upwards by 46mn, bringing

care team takes ‘we won’t stop’ pretty

the total to 79.7mn at the end of 2018.

literally. They’ve got their sights on

In the same report, T-Mobile noted:

being the #1 care team in any industry,

“Not only are customers coming to

anywhere – not just wireless.” T-Mobile

T-Mobile, but they are also staying

has made good on this promise as its

longer. T-Mobile posted its bestw w w.busi ne ssc hief. com

Profile for Business Chief USA

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019  

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019