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“With the global footprint that we have at GM, there are suppliers and there are areas in procurement and purchasing that are more complex and in different markets that requires a certain level of understanding,” he says. “My experience provided me with an understanding of how to look at those varying elements and then prioritise the company’s thinking as to how we can make informed decisions that involve sourcing the right materials at the right price and on time.” As the company continues its evolution from a traditional automotive manufacturer, part of this journey will see GM redefine a number of supplier and partner relationships and Pallak firmly believes that procurement as a function has evolved into much more of

“GM is changing its strategy to move into the electric vehicle and autonomous technology space and that means that we have to work closer with our suppliers across our global network in order to deliver and support this direction” — Sulaiman Pallak, Head of Global Purchasing and Supply Chain

an influencer in company strategies all over the world. With manufacturing facilities worldwide, GM has a responsibility to, as Pallak explains, operate the supplier networks surrounding these facilities like a “well-oiled machine”. This is no more apparent than in the Middle East, an m i d d l e e a s t . b u s i n e s s c h i e f. c o m


Business Chief Middle East - July 2018  
Business Chief Middle East - July 2018