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introduced to improve CPE cover-

“Adapting the current assets in

age, since different licences

delivering the latest technology

available on the same site may give

guaranteed the best time to mar-

better service to individuals or

ket and the best value. For

companies. “We explored the

instance, we have upgraded

market through our suppliers to

some existing sites to host LTE

check which licences were worth

Fixed Technology.”

investment and found a licence that enhances coverage for the


customer. The price was peanuts

Batelco Group has recently

compared to the value of the ser-

revamped the Procurement Poli-

vice delivered to the end user.”

cies in order to assure having the

Service quality has also been

best value for money in an agile

improved with the delivery of a

frame. A collaborative process

new 4G network for Jordan.

within Umniah ensures each conm i d d l e e a s t . b u s i n e s s c h i e f. c o m

Business Chief Middle East - July 2018  
Business Chief Middle East - July 2018