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Phone home Written by Nell Walker and Produced by Danielle Harris


Lebara is bringing migrants’ homes to them with its unique new range of mobile services


March 2016


ichard Bastin is the CTO responsible for group technology at Lebara, having joined in 2014 to drive the digital revolution of the business. Lebara began in 2001 as a calling card business; customers would buy the cards from shops, and the company would earn a small commission. That worked well for three years, then Lebara decided to begin operating as a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO. An MVNO sits between a standard mobile network operator (an MNO) and the customer, allowing cheap international calls – with the aid of the MNO’s technical infrastructure – aimed at the migrant community. “The ability to call home cost-effectively was the inspiration for the company. Lebara’s cofounder would call his mother in India, and would use up his monthly call allowance in the space of three minutes,” Bastin explains. “Making international calls is much cheaper now, and that’s thanks in part to Lebara.” Bastin explains how a Lebara call works: “The UK customer will have a specific Lebara SIM card, and when they make a call, it goes over the MNO’s radio mast network. The MNO will detect that it’s a Lebara customer and direct the request to Lebara to check if the customer has a balance. If the answer is yes, the call continues, and Lebara seamlessly carries the voice traffic

over its network of 100 carriers across the globe. That means we can offer a low-cost alternative to traditional networks, and it’s a system that has proven successful for us for over 11 years.” Lebara’s features One of Lebara’s most successful new products is Lebara Talk, an app that makes international calls and messaging even simpler. But with free services like Skype and Viber battling for supremacy, what makes


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Seeing the Simple

In the Complex Ability to ďŹ nd solutions to complex problems. Distinguish forms in the abstract. This is the true nature of innovation. For the last 26 years, Sasken has enabled world leaders in various industries to deliver tangible solutions that are at the forefront of technology.






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Sasken - Your Innovative Technology Partner.

Sasken – Enabling new value streams through Digital Data is the New Oil powering the Algorithm Economy. While traditional data warehouses and reporting systems have existed for years now, they have not been very effective in driving actionable insights. Sasken is focused on the emerging areas of Data Discovery and Advanced Analytics. Their Big Data Lab enables customers to ingest and process large amounts of data in the cloud, with no impact to existing IT infrastructure. Sasken’s Advanced Analytics offering leverages a variety of advanced predictive analytics techniques to enable businesses derive actionable insights from historical data for revenue growth and profitability.

Physical to Digital Enablement Since 1989, Sasken has been making significant contributions in the communication revolution with partners in Europe, US, Japan and China. Sasken was the first to market 3G wireless systems with simultaneous voice and browsing capabilities. The company demonstrated 2G and 3G protocol stack components in early 2000. In 2010, Sasken became the first and only Indian company to successfully design an end-to-end satellite phone for Inmarsat PLC. They have been delivering R&D services to port various versions of Android on leading chipset platforms with 100 million devices enabled for partners so far. Sasken has been able to catalyze the adoption of these technologies for special purpose terminals (used in civil defense and paramilitary). The advent of newer digital technologies has opened up a plethora of opportunities for businesses to innovate new value streams. For a seamless Digital journey, it is imperative for enterprises to develop the ability to experiment along a distinct Digital Innovation track as opposed to the traditional approach in developing IT systems. Sasken’s suite of Digital IT capabilities complemented by its 25+ years of embedded and devices expertise make it a Digital Innovation partner for world’s leading enterprises. Sasken is focused on physical to digital (p2d) transformation that enriches enterprises’ competitive advantage and helps them achieve business objectives.

Sasken helps Lebara save millions of Euros in carrier costs Harnessing the latent power of data, Sasken’s Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics solution leverages statistical models to predict customer demand and determine appropriate supply-side decisions. Sasken is implementing an Actionable Insights platform leveraging the latest data technologies to enable business users to visualize and uncover insights.


Sasken is a leader in providing Product Engineering and Digital IT services to global tier-1 customers. Sasken’s deep domain knowledge and comprehensive suite of services have helped global leaders maintain market leadership in Semiconductor, Automotive, Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Retail, and Automation.

We have established ourselves as pioneers in creating IP and solution accelerators that have been a part of over 200+ commercially shipped unique products of globally leading OEMs. With 70+ patents, we enjoy a reputation of being a technology leader.

Sasken’s solutions are backed by CMMI ML3, ISO Established in 1989, Sasken 9001, ISO 27001 and TL 9000 employs 2000+ people, operating certifications. Our proprietary from state-of-the-art centers in quality management systems India, Finland, and China. We also strengthen our business offerings have a presence across Germany, and ensure client satisfaction. Japan, South Korea, UAE, UK, and Sasken’s commitment to USA. Sasken has been listed in environment is highlighted by the National Stock Exchange and its ISO 14001 certification. Bombay Stock Exchange since its initial public offering in 2005.

Lebara different? “It comes back to our customer base,” Bastin says. “For Skype and Viber to work you need a smart device at both ends. Many of our customers will be calling someone who may only have a standard landline, and therefore can’t take advantage of smart features. We also have a well known brand and loyal customer base, who use Lebara in preference to other apps because they can still maintain contact in a cost-effective manner.” Talk was the first of Lebara’s new digital product to be released. It was launched in 12 countries in early 2015, and current Talk customers are reaching as far apart as south-east Asia and North America. Digital technology has made the transition from a Europe-based company to a global company far simpler than in previous years, with Lebara in control of the pace of change.

‘The founders have set a vision, funded it, and driven it through. They have a clear strategy powering the team to drive effective delivery for global growth’

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“If we wanted to launch in a new country with an MNO partner, it would typically take many months because of all the new technology and complexity involved. We managed to break into 12 countries in the space of a few weeks, which you can only do on a digital platform by downloading straight from the app store.” Lebara hasn’t stopped at simply enabling better communication. Its next product, Play, is an entertainment platform and is similarly inspired by the ever-growing migrant community. “Our ambition is to launch multiple products to the migrant community, that enrich their lives. We set ourselves some challenging goals, and Play is something completely different to anything Lebara had done before. It connects customers to home, with a rapidly growing fullylicensed catalogue of over 3,000 films and 150 TV channels so that they can view real content legally from home, rather than being limited to only what is available in their new country. We already have many thousands of our customers using the service, and we’re delivering over a petabyte of content a month through the Amazon platform.” Relationship with customers Lebara has another unique way of managing its relationship with customers and ensuring their loyalty – by employing many members of its target market. “A large percentage of our employees are migrants, meaning we have a huge wealth of

Key Personnel

Richard Bastin CTO

Richard has over 25 years IT experience in a variety of industries, including financial services, e-commerce and now telecoms. Richard has led teams to deliver market leading and award winning solutions for blue-chip companies, as well as rapidly growing startups. Richard has used his Digital experience to transform Lebara from the single product European focused business that it was in 2014, to the multiproduct Global business that it became in 2015.

w w w. l e b a r a . c o m



6m Current number of customers

experience to draw on. We have internal focus groups and an excellent customer service team which talks to customers regularly; that all feeds into our product development cycle, which we run in an agile way. We make it very clear to potential employees that this isn’t a normal telecommunications company. Every employee goes through an induction programme that explains to them the company’s vision, and what we are achieving with this multiproduct future for the migrant community.” Lebara allows staff to test its products inhouse, encouraging honest feedback. The loyalty of Lebara’s customers – and alongside that, employees – is rewarded, as it offers preferential


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treatment to those who remain with them. “Once we have all the feedback we need, we get our products together and make sure they work in harmony so that our customers can benefit from using more services. In the mobile space they’re called ‘bundles’. It might mean that customers gain additional minutes if they’re using one of our other products, and that can work either way. A migrant will go through a journey of their own as they settle in a new country, and we want to be able to keep delivering new products and services to them so that Lebara continues to help them in their everyday lives. It’s important to have a holistic view of the customer, which we’ve done by extending our systems in this way.” The future for Lebara Lebara is aided in its quest to supply its target community by its major partners, including technology and communication giant Sasken. “Sasken has been instrumental working with Lebara, to optimise the way we work with our MNO partners. By leveraging the power of data science and predictive analytics to mine data for actionable insights, Sasken has added tremendous value by helping us to bridge the supply side with customer demand, adding significant savings to the bottom line. Sasken is working with us in bringing out further improvement to our business intelligence systems, and developing enterprise tools that are vital to our business needs, as we prepare


Lebara has over 100 global carriers to carry international voice traffic across its network

Lebara Talk is available for smartphones to download on Android and iOS.

Lebara Play offers over 3,000 films and 150 TV channels from customers’ home countries

Lebara is 100 percent privately owned

w w w. l e b a r a . c o m


ourselves to leverage the power of analytics on a broader scale for business success.” This approach makes Lebara a formidable force. Larger companies offering similar services simply do not cater to the niche and complex global market Lebara has cornered: “The larger players are focussed on the national audience. Netflix is the natural parallel to our Play product, but we’re going the other way; selecting highquality content from Bollywood, Nollywood and Eastern Europe to offer to our customers around the world. Catering to migrants is something very few businesses do, but we understand it very well and will continue to deliver on it.”


March 2016

The business plans to expand even further by introducing a financial services product. “The first one off the production line will be a remittance product which allows our customers to pay bills and send money home to their loved ones.” With its core customer base hailing from Asia and eastern Europe, this is another feather in Lebara’s cap aimed at making everyday life easier for its migrant customers. Progress has proven swift for this relatively young company, and Bastin attributes that to the vision of the businesses founders. “The founders are still very much part of the business,” says Bastin. “Lebara is 100 percent privately owned. It’s not easy to change a company, but the founders have set a vision, funded it, and driven it through. They have a compelling strategy powering the team to drive effective delivery for global growth.” w w w. l e b a r a . c o m


LEBARA 25 Copthall Avenue, London, UK EC2R 7BP Tel: +44 (0)203 036 3000

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Lebara brochure - March 2016  

Lebara brochure - March 2016