Business Chief Europe - April 2018

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TECHNOLOGY “NO TECHNOLOGY WINS because it’s a piece of technology: it wins because somebody figures out how to apply it to solve a particular business problem in a unique way.” Cathal McGloin, CEO of artificial intelligence and automationbased customer service provider, ServisBOT, enthuses about the potential of AI, but warns businesses must apply it properly to their needs or risk being left in the dust. McGloin, a self-confessed “software-addicted entrepreneur”, recently founded his fourth startup which utilises the latest in AI and automated technology to help businesses more easily manage their customer service needs. He’s passionate about making AI more accessible to a variety of businesses. Certain elements of AI are nothing new, as McGloin is quick to clarify. The idea for ServisBOT came about from experiences within the contact centre space, in which McGloin had co-founded Performix Technologies in 1998. “We created this idea of employee performance back in the late 1990s, with the rationale that if you give people a view of what their targets are and 26

April 2018

“AI will become table stakes in software going forward – anybody who doesn’t have it won’t even be in the race” Cathal McGloin, CEO, ServisBOT

how they are doing in real-time, they perform much better. We created, patented, and still own that, and every contact centre has employee performance software today.” It’s clear our demands on technology are changing, and AI is key in both promoting and fulfilling that expectation.