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Thomas Edison once said, “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” Not only do Mr. Edison’s words ring true, they coincide beautifully with our May issue of Business Review Canada. We live in a world where technology is king—almost everyone has access to a phone that allows them to surf the net, check email and capture near perfect images with the press of a button. Take a look at five of the year’s upcoming smartphones and the various features that make them stand out. Next, we have an article that explores the importance of an MBA. Discover various pros and cons of this highly sought after degree, and decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth the time and money. Have you ever wondered about the best companies to work for? You’re in luck—we’ve put together a list of 10 of these companies that are located throughout Canada. After all, it’s important to be in a working environment where you feel safe, respected and valued. Finally, don’t miss our exclusive interview with Peter Hrdlitschka, president of Ledcor Construction Limited. Find out how Ledcor is changing the construction industry through innovation, employee appreciation and core company values.


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14 Technology 6 Leadership

How Valuable is an MBA?

How Smart is Your Smart Phone? Don’t Miss these 5 Phones of 2015

130 Companies to NAMCOR 20 Top 10

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28 Ledcor


44 T.L. Penner

MINING GLOBAL 54 JOY Global 66 Nyrstar Langlois Mine

4 May 2015

SUPPLY CHAIN 90 Andy Transport

26 Ledcore

44 T.L. Penner


Joy Global


Nyrstar Langlois Mine





May 2015


VALUABLE IS AN MBA? Is obtaining an MBA worth the time and cost? Find out what an education is really worth. W R I T T E N B Y: C U T T E R S L A G L E



What’s more important: the institute you attend or your level 8 of M education? ay 2015


IF YOU’VE EVEN slightly considered pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, then you’ve undoubtedly contemplated the time, money and energy that will go into completing such an accomplishment. Though having a degree of this nature may seem impressive, you have to keep one thing in mind: you will be joining millions of other people from all over the world who are not only striving for the same goal, but who you could essentially be competing with when it comes time to joining the work force and securing a job in the business industry. Therefore, you may find it important to ask yourself the following question: How valuable is an MBA? Looks Good on Paper . . . But Consider the Risks According to Jeffrey Pfeffer, a professor at Standford Graduate School of Business, “It’s become unclear whether it makes sense to overburden yourself with expenses and loans in order to secure the possibility of a greater salary in the future.” Clearly, if you make the decision to continue your education past college and work towards an MBA, you’re

taking a risk; there is no guarantee that you’ll either get a job or get a job earning more money because of your newly earned degree. Pfeffer has even made a correlation between the degree and its scarcity, believing that MBAs aren’t scarce or uncommon—millions of people have one or are working towards earning one. If anything, he considers judging the status or prestige of a specific school and whether or not it ranks in the top 15 worldwide versus the MBA title itself. This begs the question of what’s more important: the institute you attend or your level of education? In fact, Mariana Zanetti discusses this same issue, among plenty of others, in her 2013 book, The MBA Bubble: Why Getting an MBA Degree is A Bad Idea. She explores the idea (with the aid of her own personal experience) of how she had gotten work not because she’d earned an MBA from IE Business School, but due to previous achievements, personal qualities and her past employment. To prove Zanetti’s point even further, once she had received her MBA and secured work post-schooling, she didn’t even find herself brining home more money. 9

LEADERSHIP Do Your Homework In reality, going to school to earn an MBA could leave a person in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt, which could ultimately take a great amount of years to pay off. When hiring, there isn’t a shortage of MBAs—companies have plenty of prospects to choose from and the list continues to grow. Sadly, there seems to be a lack of respect or recognition for earning an MBA. That, along with the fact that even though someone may obtain an MBA, the amount of jobs in the world requiring an MBA stays the same, could result in major disappointment for multiple reasons. Having an MBA on your resume may offer some credibility, but it will be important to consider how much before deciding to go through the long, difficult and expensive process. Therefore, be smart and do your homework—doing so could save you from a headache or two, as well as help to keep your wallet less empty. Those who are contemplating going to business school to obtain an MBA should consider taking advantage of all tools at their exposure—for example, the annual employment report of graduates. This information 10

May 2015


Having an MBA on your resume may offer some credibility, but it will be important to consider how much before deciding to go through the long, difficult and expensive process.

Don’t you want to make sure that the payoff will eventually be worth it?


Remember internet access with dial-up modems? With a dedicated phoneline, speeds of 20-56kbps, and no bandwidth for security encryption?

Then Broadband internet access changed everything. No more phonelines, and cable, DSL, BPL, WiFi and FTTX significantly improved data speeds allowing for encryption

Why would you use a Narrowband Solution when a Broadband Solution for Smart Metering is available? Qatar is currently deploying Corinex’s Broadband over Powerline (BPL) solution with Landis + Gyr meters.

Why is BPL the Advanced Metering Infrastructure choice of one of the fastest growing economies in the world?

Speed. So much is possible with Broadband AMI.... 200Mbps* allows realtime event reporting, meter reading and Time-of-Use, with all the bandwidth you need for current and future data encryption.

enewab nR

nergy le E


*physical layer speed

Multiple independent relays in each home allow for demand load management, synergizing with home automation technologies (HAN) and smart appliances such as air conditioners.

Find your SmartGrid Solution Today www.corinex.com


can assist students in learning about the certain level of success of a specific school. The director of career management at the University of Western Ontario’s Ivey Business School, Sharon IrwinFoulon, has stated, “You should look at every employment report of the school you are looking at.” A handful of schools have recently unveiled annual employment reports that show last year’s graduates according to the following categories: country of origin, gender, employment by sector and pay. This implement can educate students on where recent graduates have gotten hired and the average salary that is earned after graduating with an MBA. And if this specific information isn’t necessarily available or presented to students, then they should practice due diligence before applying and enrolling into an institute and ask how that specific school can or will assist with their careers once the MBA is completed. After all, before you put yourself at risk for obtaining a large amount of debt, don’t you want to make sure that

the payoff will eventually be worth it? Now, that being said, there are plenty of benefits an individual can be exposed to when he or she chooses to spend the time and money to secure an MBA. For example, career advancement could be more plausible with a master of business administration degree, as well as the ability to earn a higher salary. As stated, this could depend on where you go to school and the company that hires you. Furthermore, with an MBA, you may find it easier to start your own business and develop certain skills that will aid you in becoming successful in the business world. By participating in an MBA program, you could potentially open doors to various resources that only those with an MBA are privy to, such as certain networking opportunities, job security and the prestige of having a master of business administration degree. Bottom line: whether or not an MBA is beneficial will depend on the specific individual and what he or she wishes to accomplish throughout his or her career.




May 2015



5 PHONES OF 2015 Make sure your 2015 smart phone provides the features you need to adequately assist you with your day-to-day business life. WRIT TEN BY: CU T TER SL AGLE


TECHNOLOGY THANKS TO BARCELONA’S Mobile World Congress event that took place in March, some of the biggest and best smart phones for business executives of 2015 have been presented to the public. When choosing a smart phone, you may consider a range of qualities, such as: types of coverage, customer service, apps, overall fees or costs and physical characteristics. Below, you will find a list of new phones that, depending on your specific needs, may offer the feature(s) you’ve been searching for—take a look: Samsung Galaxy S6 Similar to the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been produced with both a metal and glass body. Users will be pleased to discover that the new phone also offers a quad-HD screen and a redesigned fingerprint scanner that is quite 16

May 2015

similar to Apple’s Touch ID. However, one of the most sought after features the Samsung Galaxy S6 offers is the ability to uninstall or disable unwanted apps. Most smart phones come equipped with apps you don’t necessarily need or want. You now have the advantage of getting rid of said apps on the Samsung Galaxy S6, whereas before

you were stuck with the extra clutter. LG G Flex 2 Depending on your own personal tastes, the LG G Flex 2 can be purchased in either Platinum Silver or Flamenco Red. Equipped with a curved screen that is 5.5 inches in full-HD, this smart phone offers a wide range of features that includes a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-core chip that supports Ultra HD, 4G LTE and 55MP photography. You also have a choice when it comes to storage, being able to choose between 16 and 32GB. There is a 13MP rear camera with OIS+ and Laser Auto Focus, as well as a 2.1 MP front camera. HTC One M9 Compared to its predecessor—the M8—the M9’s design is quite similar. The new model is made with a matching metal block and uses the curved shape and hairline finish, just like the previous version. However, updated features include a scratch-resistant coating, machine drilled buttons and a sapphire glass lens that can be found over the back camera. The power button of the One M9 is on the side of the phone instead of the top; the screen is the

same—5 inches and full HD. The One M9 does offer a new 20-megapixel rear facing camera, meaning that the new device can record video in 4K resolution and comes equipped with a dynamic exposure algorithm to imitate the human eye. The front camera has a 4-megapixel resolution. The newest feature, HTC Connect, conveniently allows users to send audio to wireless speakers and support multi-room. OnePlus Two Confirmed for a late 2015 release, there’s not much information that has been released regarding this new smart phone—possible features and designs are just being speculated. 17

TECHNOLOGY However, the OnePlus Two will run the brand-new OxygenOS. Therefore, the phone will be open and customizable. Further benefits of this feature include better localization, faster updates and integration between hardware, software and the cloud will be much easier. In terms of design, this phone is expected to be the same size as the OnePlus One—5.5 inches. However, it’s noted that the resolution could be increased to 2k. The Latest iPhone It’s unknown whether the latest iPhone will be the iPhone 7, the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 6C. Regardless of the fact—it’s coming! Due to Apple’s history, it’s believed that the latest iPhone won’t technically be unveiled until September, but there have still been plenty of rumors and speculation floating around the phone’s design and features. For starters, because there was such a contrast between the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the iPhone 5S, significant design changes aren’t overly expected. Therefore, the latest iPhone will most likely have a 4.7 inch screen. Of course, if Apple produces 18

May 2015

an iPhone 7 Plus, then the screen could be as large as 5.5 inches. As well, color options for the new smart phone should include silver, gold and slate grey. However, according to MacX.cn, Apple’s next iPhone could potentially have a 5 inch, OLED display screen with a 400ppi resolution. It’s believed that Apple has been working with stronger sapphire glass and more durable liquid metal materials, meaning the iPhone could be both lighter and more durable. The latest iPhone could also have a faster processor, as well as camera improvements, a better battery life and a wireless charging feature.


iPhone 6 2nix Studio / Shutterstock.com


TOP 10



These are some of the top companies to work for throughout Canada. Written by: Cutter Slagle


TOP 10 If you’re looking for employment opportunities to explore, you’ve come to the right place! According to Canada’s Top 100 Employers, an annual editorial competition, the following companies were recognized as some of the best companies to work for in 2015. And while each of these businesses may not be hiring at this exact moment, you might want to keep your eyes open and take notes for future prospects. The top 10 companies are below, listed in alphabetical order—take a look:

variety of benefits, including a carpooling program, an onsite cafeteria, an onsite fitness facility and an employee lounge that is equipped with a television and foosball table. Year-end bonuses, referral bonuses, signing bonuses and life and disability insurance are all available, as are health, dental and eye care once an employee has started work.


Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) is one of Canada’s chartered banks, operating the following major lines of business: retail and business banking, wealth management and wholesale banking. The CIBC staff currently includes 35,122 full-time employees, offering an employee lounge, religious observance room, onsite cafeteria and discounts at local restaurants. The various financial benefits and compensations offered are quite substantial, including individual

Campbell Company of Canada

Employing 719 full-time workers just in Canada, Campbell Company of Canada has been manufacturing soups, broths, baked snacks, juices and more for over 80 years. Current staff members are met with a


May 2015


Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce/ CIBC

T O P 1 0 : C O M PA N I E S T O W O R K F O R

employee salary reviews every 12 months, year-end bonuses, referral bonuses and retirement planning assistance.


Canadian National Railway Company/CN With over 16,000 full-time employees in Canada, the Canadian National Railway Company (CN) handles the rail, intermodal, trucking, freight forwarding, warehousing and

distribution needs of Canada and the Midwestern and southern United States. Just last year, the CN was responsible for 419 new jobs being created in Canada. With a physical workplace that provides a common area for brainstorming purposes, this company offers amenities to its workers that include an employee lounge, an onsite cafeteria and an onside fitness facility. The company has its own sports teams and offers individual employee salary reviews every 12 months.

Train captured in Skeena, British Columbia 23

TOP 10


Enerflex Limited

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Enerflex Ltd. is a worldwide supplier, responsible for providing products and services to the global oil and gas production industry. 1,300 full-time employees work in Canada, employees that are given a variety of benefits, including an employee lounge, a self-serving lunchroom and discounts at nearby restaurants. Various social events are put together, such as an annual children’s Christmas party, an annual Leadership Day conference and an annual Stampede barbecue for employees and their families. Referral bonuses, life and disability insurance and subsidized home and automobile insurance are all available, as are health, dental and in vitro fertilization benefits.


Innovatia, Inc.

Innovatia, Inc. often works with clients in IT and energy 24

May 2015

divisions, developing electronic documentation software products. This company staffs 421 full-time employees in Canada and offers immediate healthcare coverage that includes both dental and eye care. Financial benefits and compensations offered to workers include profit sharing plans, referral bonuses and signing bonuses. Workers have access to a carpooling program and an employee lounge.


Kiewit Energy Canada Corporation

A major industrial contractor, Kiewit Energy Canada Corporation employs 385 full-time workers in Canada. This company is responsible for providing engineering, procurement and construction services to the oil, gas, chemical, ethanol and other industries close in nature throughout Canada. Year-end bonuses are available to all employees, as well as profit sharing plans, retirement planning assistance and life and disability insurance. Individual employee

T O P 1 0 : C O M PA N I E S T O W O R K F O R

Kiewit Energy Canada Corporation

salary reviews are given every 12 months; after 90 days of employment, staff can secure benefits that include health, dental, and eye care.


Nature’s Path Foods, Inc.

Established in 1985, “Always leave the soil better than you found it” has been Rupert Stephens’ motto since beginning his journey of manufacturing organic breakfast foods and snacks. A privately-held and family-owned company,

Nature’s Path Foods, Inc. employees 163 full-time workers in Canada. The business offers an onsite fitness facility, religious observance room and a range of lounge amenities that include music, television, books and magazines. Social events take place regularly (i.e. Halloween parties, a company summer picnic, monthly birthday celebrations, etc.) and health, dental and vision benefits are offered after an initial 90 day waiting period. Individual employee salary reviews are given every 12 months, along with year-end bonuses, referral bonuses, life and disability insurance and profit sharing plan options.


Nuance Communications Canada, Inc. Communications, Inc. With 752 full-time staff members currently employed, Nuance Communications Canada, Inc. focuses on developing human, natural and intuitive methods to use one’s own voice to better 25

TOP 10 dominate information. This company has established the highest functioning speech software in the world, allowing machines the ability to recognize and imitate the human voice. The employee lounge is stacked with video games, a foosball table, a popcorn machine and shower facilities. As well, discounts are given at local restaurants. All workers are eligible for profit sharing, year-end bonuses, referral bonuses and life and disability insurance. Health, dental, and eye care benefits are instantly available upon an employee’s start date.


Rogers Communications, Inc.

Rogers Communications, Inc. is one of the largest communications and media companies in Canada. Working in the areas of wireless communications, cable television, telephone and Internet connectivity, 24,721 staff members are employed at Rogers. Incentives for personnel include a car pooling program, nap room, onsite cafeteria, a religious 26

May 2015

Miscellaneous photograph of staff take

observance room, discounts at local restaurants and an onsite fitness facility. Retirement planning assistance is available, along with life and disability insurance, signing bonuses, referral bonuses and health, dental and eye care help upon starting.


Technip Canada Limited

T O P 1 0 : C O M PA N I E S T O W O R K F O R

en at Technip Canada Limited

Working to provide the best solutions and innovative technologies to the oil and gas industry, Technip Canada Ltd. specifically specializes in management, engineering, and construction services. This company offers an employee lounge, self-serve lunchroom and certified classes (kick boxing and yoga) to its 172 full-time employees

in Canada. Social events include an annual baseball tournament, summer barbecue and Halloween and Christmas parties. Staff members are eligible for year-end bonuses, referral bonuses and life and disability insurance. Furthermore, employees can receive health, dental, and vision insurance upon their start date.


Ledcor Construction Limited

Investing in partners and clients keeps Ledcor ahead of the game Construction industry leader relies on building Lifetime Clients and partnerships to expand its ever-growing portfolio of innovative projects Written by: Cutter Slagle

Produced by: Rich Gentile



Teck Acute Care Centre INTERIOR


May 2015


Royal Alberta Museum rendering


rom its first project in 1947 preparing the access road and well site to Imperial Oil’s famous discovery at Leduc No. 1 — the site touted as the official beginning of the oil industry in Alberta — Ledcor established itself as a leader in the construction industry. The company is a part of the Ledcor Group of Companies, a privately-held entity whose highly diversified portfolio reaches into mining, infrastructure, oil and gas, air and marine transportation, forestry, power and environmental industries, among others. Over the last 65 years, Ledcor has

built experience and an admirable reputation with its partners in industry and government. Clients across North America consider Ledcor Construction a trusted authority in project and construction management, pre-construction, general construction, and designbuild services. Creating Lifetime Clients Ledcor’s ongoing success can be attributed to the effort it puts towards building strong relationships with clients. “We’re very proud of our long-term relationships,” says Peter Hrdlitschka, w w w. l e d c o r. c o m



Head Office

#314, 26230 TWP RD 531A Acheson, Alberta T7X 5A4 Phone: (780) 962-1964 E-Mail: info@kichton.com


6001-49 Ave Lloydminster, Saskatchewan Phone (306) 825-2572 E-mail: info@kichton.com

Proud to be a partner in construction with Ledcor serving them with all their civil construction and earthworks needs.

With over 65 years of experience in the roofing industry, Transwest Roofing has proven to be the premier choice for all types of roofing, water proofing and cladding systems.

Institutional - Commercial - Industrial - Residential



Tel: 604-596-7448

13415 Comber Way,

Fax: 604-596-1430

Surrey, BC V3W 5V8

LEDCOR President of Ledcor Construction, who notes several examples of long standing customers who are considered Lifetime Clients by Ledcor. “We’ve built 17 projects for PCI in the past 21 years,” said Hrdlitschka. “I think our commitment to our clients shows in the amount of repeat business we earn. We build lasting relationships by proving every time the value we bring to our client’s projects, and by delivering on our promises.” Currently, Ledcor is working on PCI’s Coast Capital Savings Credit Union building in Surrey, B.C. The $65 million project is the first stage


of a multi-phase development at King George Station that will further transform the rapidly evolving downtown core of Surrey. Ledcor is targeting a completion date for July 2015, with occupancy for October to accommodate the demands of the fastest growing city in Metro Vancouver, and one of the fastest in Canada. Nearby, Ledcor spearheads two decades of work at the Vancouver International Airport. Ledcor has worked with YVR since 1995, developing and constructing over 200 projects domestically and internationally.

Royal Alberta Museum Rendering w w w. l e d c o r. c o m


Epcor Tower

WE OFFER A COMPLETE ARRAY OF MECHANICAL SERVICES, INCLUDING DESIGN-BUILD OR PLAN AND SPECIFICATION PROJECT DELIVERY FOR THE COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, INSTITUTIONAL, LIGHT INDUSTRIAL, RECREATIONAL AND MULTI-FAMILY SECTORS. Priority Mechanical is one of Edmonton’s largest, most trusted, and most respected mechanical construction contractors. We have the knowledge and experience to understand the complexities of each project and provide innovative and practical solutions for our customers. Our certified personnel perform plumbing, gas fitting, hydronic, and ABSA system installations. We also provide prime mechanical services including HVAC, fire protection, mechanical controls, and thermal insulation. We complete projects of any size and are always committed to providing quality installations and customer satisfaction. Priority Mechanical Ltd. was established in Edmonton, Alberta in 1990 and was founded on the principles of quality, integrity and customer service. The growth of Priority Mechanical from its initial partnership has been a steady and natural progression; a growth that has included an accumulation of expertise and skills, as well as the establishment and fostering of relationships. It is this natural development and a commitment to their core set of founding principles that enables Priority Mechanical to participate and successfully complete projects of any scale and scope. Whether it’s a design-build, plan and specification or IPD project, Priority Mechanical Ltd. is your preferred mechanical contractor.

prioritymechanical.com |

PH: 780-435-3636

LEDCOR The latest, the Airport’s A-B Connector Project, is valued at $146 million and includes demolishing parts of the original 1968 terminal, some of the oldest remaining structures on site, and developing a new, four-level facility into a smooth transition for arriving and departing passengers and include expanded retail space. “This is our largest project for YVR in Vancouver to date,” said Hrdlitschka. “We’ve been with YVR for 20 years doing various projects and I believe our relationship with them is a great example of how Ledcor continues to strive to build


lifetime clients.” The advantage of working in a familiar space and knowing how to meet a client’s expectations drives Ledcor to work towards earning repeat business from all clients, whether they previously worked together or are entering a new partnership. Transforming Communities Ledcor continues to transform the community in which it was founded. Some of the company’s most prominent and complex projects currently under construction are being built for, or in partnership with

TFN Mills w w w. l e d c o r. c o m


electrical contracting building controls & automation data networks security & life safety systems industrial construction power quality 24 hr service TENANT IMPROVEMENTS - BASE BUILDINGS WAREHOUSES - SHOP FINISHING TREATMENT PLANTS - MAINTENANCE

(403) 230-2656

www.venturepainting.com CALGARY | MEDICINE HAT

Delivering Award Winning Excellence through Quality, Safety, Ethics and Integrity since 1944. 604-434-2681


ConCrete restorations ltd DELIVERING QUALITY ON Time SINCE 1984

WAM on 10th Centre Street Bridge Lions

Solutions for Industrial and Commercial, 20 years of providing solutions for concrete problems assures clients of our commitment to satisfactory project completion.


3740 73rd Ave Edmonton, AB, T6B 2Z2 780-440-1414 | collinssteel.com

Company info Calgary | Po Box 6154 Stn A Calgary AB T2H 2L4 CA 403.312-0332 | email: crl@abnet.ca

LEDCOR governments and institutions. One of Ledcor’s current projects is the $260 million Royal Alberta Art Museum in the heart of downtown Edmonton. “[The museum] truly expresses our province’s history, landscapes and potential,” says Ray Danyluk, Minister of Infrastructure in Alberta. “The concept leaves no doubt that the Ledcor team understands Alberta, and Albertans.” Slated for opening in December 2017, to coincide with Canada’s 150th anniversary, the museum is expected to become a globally iconic institution. “Like our province, our new museum will represent the best of what the world has to offer, celebrating our past, our present and our future,” says Danyluk. Ledcor continues to transform communities beyond Edmonton with the same entrepreneurial spirit that has characterized Alberta. In Toronto, Ledcor and EllisDon partnered to build the new Canary District for the Athlete’s Village for the 2015 Pan Am/ Parapan Am Games. Following the Games, the five-block mixed-


use development will be converted into a new, integrated community with affordable housing, student residences, retail space and a YMCA. The Canary District project was built by the EllisDon Ledcor PAAV Inc. joint venture. The partnership combined a wealth of experience to ensure the Canary District satisfied the highest construction standards. On the west coast, Ledcor’s ongoing work to build the BC Children’s and BC Women’s Hospital takes on a different type of partnership. CWH Design-Build GP, a 50/50 joint venture between Ledcor and Balfour Beatty, was awarded the $350 million PPP project. “We are pleased to be part of this project that will bring world-class care for children, youth, women and families across British Columbia for years to come,” says Peter Hrdlitschka, President of Ledcor Construction. “Our consortium’s combined experience includes completing 36 children’s hospitals and eight women’s healthcare projects,” says Hrdlitschka. w w w. l e d c o r. c o m


A truly spectacular collaboration! Thank you Ledcor for the support you have demonstrated to us as a leading supplier to the tile, terrazzo and stone trade. 4420 1 St SE | Calgary, AB T2G 2L3 403-287-0886 | fleshermarble.ca


Specialty Geotechnical Contractor Gallagher Bros is proud of our relationship as a Wall & Ceiling Contractor for Ledcor


Award Winning A-B Connector Project, just completed with Ledcor at the Vancouver International Airport

Customizedsssolutions�oforeogeotechnicalo�prob # 114 19140 28th Avenue | Surrey, B.C. Canada V3S 6M3 604-531-3156 | fax 604-531-3163







The design and construction of the TECK Acute Care Center at the hospital will include an eight-story, 540,000-square-feet building that houses inpatient units, an emergency department, medical imaging, procedural suites, hematology/oncology department and a pediatric intensive care units for BC Children’s Hospital. It will also include high-risk labour and delivery suite and a new neonatal intensive care unit for BC Women’s Hospital & Health Care Centre. On top of the highly technical scope of work, the project is targeting LEED Gold Certification. “The suspended slabs are underway, and on target for our summer 2017 project completion” said Hrdlitschka. “We have two cranes on the project now, and a third will be erected on site next month.” Despite the project’s complexity and multiple stakeholders, it is on schedule.

The $130 million project, which is expected to be completed later this month, will encompass construction of a 250,000 square foot facility along with an extremely sophisticated mechanical electrical system. “The data center has to operate 24/7. For this project, it was essential to have huge backup generators that provide power to the entire building and specifically the mechanical system and its cooling towers to continue to create the cooling capacity that can handle up to 24 million BTUs of heat generation,” said Hrdlitschka. “When you think of BTUs, the big construction heaters generate a million BTUs. This electrical system and its components including the Server Rooms housed within the Data Center technically generate the effect of 24 million of these heaters. This amount of cooling required provided by the cooling towers is equivalent to using 35,000 New Challenges household refrigerators.” Ledcor has built retail stores and hiOne of Ledcor’s largest projects rises for Shaw Communications, and under construction is the TFN Mills is currently finishing construction Shopping Centre in Delta for Ivanhoe on the Shaw Data Centre in Calgary. Cambridge. Due for completion in w w w. l e d c o r. c o m



Proud to be Supplying Signage for Tsawwassen Mills

Keith Panel Systems is a leading innovator, fabricator, & installer of high performance architectural facades.


We are proud of our strong relationship with Ledcor and the many successful projects we have completed together.


We provide our clients with an experienced team of elec trical professionals, for all of their electrical needs!


#9-11720 Voyageur Way British Columbia, V6X 3G9

w w w.p r ot e c g r o u p.c o m

LEDCOR May 2016, Tsawwassen Mills will cover more than 1.4 million square feet of indoor retail space as well as an outdoor shopping mall. “We’re probably about 90 percent through the structural steel,” says Hrdlitschka. “We’re currently working on completing the base building envelope and roof.” For Ledcor, the massive project has included an array of services from road construction, installation of underground utilities to constructing the park-like habitat areas around the project. With close proximity to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal, the project has also presented unique challenges. “With the size and location of the project, we needed to improve the ground conditions before construction,” says Hrdlitschka. “Because this project is in a low lying area, we had to import ¬sand and gravel to offset the conditions of the ground. We ended up importing just under two million metric tons of sand and gravel.” Hrdlitschka added, “There’s always going to be challenges, but it’s how you handle those challenges


that matters. It’s something we pride ourselves on and I believe it’s something that distinguishes us from our competitors.” Ledcor’s engagement with clients and its investment into their own people has served them well since the company’s beginnings. Investing in People The roster of impactful and innovative builds is not the only reason Ledcor is set apart from its competition. While the projects on Ledcor’s portfolio are impressive to say the least, the company is committed to supporting its customers and employees as well as the community and the environment. For the second time, Ledcor was named one Canada’s Top 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures for its corporate culture, benefits, community involvement and skills development. “Our most important asset is our people,” Peter Hrdlitschka, President, stated. “The stronger we make our people, the stronger we make ourselves.” Current and past accolades also include BC Top 55 Employers, w w w. l e d c o r. c o m



Shaw Data Centre Rendering

T-780 -440 -8775 F-780 -462-4454 MCL POWER INC

Kerrian Metalhouse Ltd.

Serving all your metal roofing and wall cladding needs.

E P CO R Towe r C o m p l e te d 2012 P r o j e c t Va l u e $ 32 M

Your number one electrical contractor of choice. “MCL Power Inc is proud to participate in the design, construction, and maintenance of many landmark buildings and projects throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas” www.mclpower.com

Proud to once again be part of the Ledcor team at YVR. Kerrian Metalhouse Ltd. 24777 Fraser Highway, Langley, B.C. V2Z 2L2 Tel: 604 -857-9695 Fax: 604 -857-9606 kerry@metalhouse.net www.metalhouse.net


Company Information INDUSTRY


500, 1055 W Hastings St. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6E2E9 FOUNDED

Canada’s Top 100 Employers, and Financial Post’s Ten Best Companies to Work For and others. The company supports numerous organizations and is committed to its corporate social responsibility. In 2014, the company pledged $200,000 to Junior Achievement of British Columbia and North Alberta made a three-year commitment to fund a weekly healthy lunch program at Ronald McDonald House of Northern Alberta. Over the past 10 years, Ledcor has contributed nearly $24 million to more than 150 charities across North America, focusing mainly on education and children’s healthcare. The company’s annual employee campaign raised over $1.2 million last year, allowing the team to help over 95 charities throughout North America.



$3.2 billion (Ledcor Group of Companies) / $1.2 billion (Ledcor Construction Limited, Canada) PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

General Contractor & Construction Management

w w w. l e d c o r. c o m


T.L. Penner Construction Inc.

Building Manitoba Through Word of Mouth General Manager of T.L. Penner Construction, Zac Penner, discusses how the quality craftsmanship and customer experience are the keys to successful project completion. Written by: Robert Spence

Produced by: Richard Gentile


T. L . P E N N E R C O N S T R U C T I O N I N C .

Redvers Health Centre, Redvers Sk


tarted in 1959, the Penner family is in its third generation of family management. Its finely tuned management system, combined with an experienced and cohesive staff, allows the company to provide quality construction services on a wide-range of projects from residential developments, auto dealerships, medical and educational facilities, water and sewage treatment plants and heavy civil projects. For T.L. Penner, the recipe for success is simple: deliver quality craftsmanship and excellent customer experience, and the 46

May 2015

outcome will do the work for you. For the last 50 years that winning formula has helped the familyowned construction company become one of the largest general contracting firms in Western Manitoba. Word of mouth More valuable than paid advertising, word of mouth has been a driving force for the company’s success. “Word of mouth advertising has been great for us, it’s easier for people to relate when they hear it directly from someone who we have worked with.” said General Manager


Private Boxes, Keystone Centre, Brandon

Zac Penner, whose grandfather founded the company. “The service and customer experience we provide is one of the main reasons clients continue to work with us, and it’s one of the main reasons why clients continue to recommend our services to others.” A majority of the company’s clientele is either repeat customers or direct referrals. According to Penner, it’s the company’s willingness to work with clients from conception to completion while maintaining its quality craftsmanship signature that has made word of mouth effective. “Our main focus is to provide our clients with the best possible value we can. We go beyond what is expected of us. We offer warranty on every project we construct. If there is a problem that shows up after completion we will work

“Our main focus is to provide our clients with the best possible value we can. We go beyond what is expected of us” – Zac Penner, General Manager

w w w . t l p e n n e r. c o m


Hamilton Iron is a fabrication company of structural steel and miscellaneous metals, specializing in commercial and industrial projects.

We are built on high quality work, done at a competitive price, delivered with fairness and integrity. These are the driving principles of Hamilton Iron Ltd. which aid in the added value and success of the general contractors we work with and their clients.

www.hamiltoniron.ca | 204-728-4092 750 Douglas Street Brandon, Manitoba R7A 7B2


Serving Manitoba, Saskatchewan and beyond, with backed professional service Brandon Heating & Plumbing 1998 Ltd. have obtained their government issued Quality Assurance Certificate ensuring all work will be completed to the highest level of quality. Quality, combined with our highly skilled tradesman and COR certified safety program make Brandon Heating & Plumbing a great choice for all your commercial project needs.


email: info@brandonhp.ca www.brandonheatingandplumbing.ca

Central Manitoba Interiors Ltd. PO Box 248 Ethelbert, Manitoba R0L 0T0 Phone: (204) 573.0284 Fax: (204) 742.8858 Email: dcoma@cmiltd.ca

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T. L . P E N N E R C O N S T R U C T I O N


with the client to ensure the problem is properly rectified.” Along with word of mouth, the company’s longevity in the construction industry has illustrated how quality craftsmanship and customer service are the keys to successful project completion. “We’ve been providing the same great service for the last 50 years,” adds Penner. “Our clients trust we’re not going anywhere.” Competitive edge Along with establishing a solid reputation for honesty and integrity among its clientele, T.L. Penner has cultivated beneficial working relationships with its workforce, including its design teams and subcontractors. The company, which prides itself on construction management and overseeing the big picture, understands the construction industry is not a one-size-fits-all model. Therefore, it needs to contract specialty services. “In recent years we’ve subcontracted a lot of the work because many of these projects call for specialized trades, and finding tradesman in the heart of oil country can be challenging” said Penner. “For things like this, you want people who specialize in these fields; people that do this work all the time.” Another competitive edge T.L. Penner uses to its advantage is its comprehensive fleet of heavy construction equipment. Unlike some other

Private Boxes, Keystone Centre,

Tundra Oil and Gas Office Addition, Virden

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High Quality Design Doors & Frames • Undivided Attention • High Quality Materials • Enviromentaly Gentle

WCB 2015 Winner “Saskatchewan Safe Employer of the Year”

German Living Inc. Box 713 Blumenort, MB R0A 0C0 T 204-415-0032 F 204-669-8833 Alexander Gisbrecht C 204-510-1146 alex@germanliving.ca

657 Broadway St. | Yorkton, SK P.O. Box 1700 | S3N 3L4 PH 306-782-5592 | FX 306-782-5593



Family Run, Community Minded, Trusted Since 1983


Committed to Superior Quality Concrete Construction. 1042 Waverley Street, Winnipeg, MB R3T 0P3


P.O. Box 651 Stony Mountain I Manitoba I R0C 3A0 204-694-6085

T. L . P E N N E R C O N S T R U C T I O N companies, who may have to rent or borrow equipment for different projects, the company is able to start projects immediately after receiving approval. “Because we own several key pieces of heavy construction equipment, we are not waiting on anybody else to mobilize to site before we can get started.” said Penner. “Because we control our equipment, we can better control the timetable of projects to ensure they’re completed on time. There has been times where this has been a real advantage for us.” Because of its great working relationships with sub-trades and owning its own equipment fleet of equipment, T.L. Penner is able to secure the best available pricing, which in turn makes them very competitive in the marketplace. “There has been many examples over the years of contractors taking advantage of changes during the work by over pricing and giving half credits. Customers are at the mercy of the contractor, and we don’t feel that’s acceptable. We pride ourselves on working with the customer, from beginning to end, to


ensure they understand all costs,” said Penner. “Once we have all the pricing in hand, we’ll go through it with the client to ensure they understand all the costs. We’ll go through every price line and how show them how we got to that figure. We’re really transparent in our pricing and I believe clients appreciate that.” Projects: Past and present T.L. Penner has recently completed an array of industrial and commercial infrastructure projects that the client, and company, are proud of. In Dauphin, Manitoba, the company recently completed a new 40 unit apartment style building totaling $8 million. The project provides affordable housing for locals in the area, which is covered one-third by forgivable loans from Manitoba Housing, one-third from tenant life lease fees and one-third financed from a financial institution. “We’re proud to be involved in this type of project,” said Penner. “For Manitoba, it’s a great model and we believe it’s the right thing to do.” The company has also w w w . t l p e n n e r. c o m


T. L . P E N N E R C O N S T R U C T I O N I N C .

completed the Celebration Ford Car Dealership in Moosomin, Saskatchewan, which included importing roughly 30,000 cubic yards of clay fill in order to develop the new state-of-the-art facility. “We got this project through word of mouth, and we worked with them throughout the design process 52

May 2015

to ensure they got a building that suited both their needs and their budget.� said Penner. Another successful recently completed car dealership project is the Chapman Motors project in Killarney MB. The project consisted of two phases. Phase one was building a new mechanics shop


and maintenance centre and the second phase included renovating the existing sales/showroom facility. “Car dealerships have generated a fair amount of business for us,” said Penner. “In the last couple years we’ve had several car dealerships come to us for facelifts and upgrades to their buildings. On several occasions we have taken a 70’s era, plain steel building and made it look like the Taj Mahal.” Another project the company recently completed was the Tundra Oil & Gas office expansion. Owned by Tundra Oil and Gas, a long-time client of T.L. Penner, the project included expanding existing facility for the fourth time in 10 years. “We first added onto this building in 2005 and then we expanded it in 2007, and then again in 2009,” said Penner. “They’re familiar with us and we’ve done enough renovations for them that we trust we can complete the work on time and on budget while not disrupting workers in the process. We do what we can do make sure everyone is happy.” The company is currently developing one of the biggest projects in its 50-year history, a 60,000 square-foot K-12 school in Langenburg, Saskatchewan. Commenced in December 2014, the project is slated to be completed in the fall of 2016. “It’s one of the biggest projects we’ve ever been a part of, and we’re excited to get it completed,” said Penner.

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General Contractor; Construction services

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Joy Global Inc. Shifting into Overdrive

With a major acquisition under its belt, Joy Global is forging ahead to expand horizons and establish a clear presence in its latest market Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Bobby Meehan



A Joy Global Service Center in Minnesota.

As a leading provider of worldclass service and equipment, Joy Global is one of the biggest names in the mining equipment sector. The U.S.-based company specializes in high-productivity solutions for surface and underground mining. Its machinery is used extensively for the mining of coal, copper, iron ore, oil sands, gold and other minerals. And while Joy Global has already established itself among the most innovative equipment manufacturers in the world, the company isn’t finished yet. With a major acquisition under its belt, Joy is forging ahead to 56

May 2015

expand horizons and establish a clear presence in a new market for the company: hard rock. The company’s vision for the endeavor includes a central focus on operational excellence coupled with a refined approach to safety and environmental stewardship. Entering a new market Last year, Joy Global acquired the underground hard rock mining assets of Mining Technologies International Inc. (MTI), including all assets associated with MTI’s hard rock drilling, loaders, dump trucks, shaft sinking and raise bore


A Joy Global employee stands in front of an LT-650.

product lines. The $51MUS acquisition set the stage for Joy Global’s move into the underground hard rock mining sector. “The acquisition provides a unique blend to our broad portfolio of products and it’s a substantial entry point into this market,” said Josh Wagner, Joy Global’s general manager of hard rock underground equipment. Joy Global also recognized it needed to secure the most important part of MTI’s success: its employees. “From day one we knew we needed to get those people on

board,” said Wagner. “Thankfully we were able to hire the necessary staff and everyone has been very responsive to us. They understand we’re investing in them and where we want to take this business.” By combining MTI’s range of complementary products with Joy Global’s proprietary technology and global direct service, the acquisition represents an exciting opportunity for the company to make a significant impact in a new market. Immediately after the acquisition, Joy Global began working to upgrade MTI facilities and improve conditions. w w w. j o y g l o b a l . c o m


Customers in the Mining Industry call us when they are challenged by unique requirements, pressured to take costs out of their supply chain or frustrated securing reliable supply.

Proud Supply Chain Partner of Joy Global Hard Rock for Over 15 Years.

A. M. Castle & Co. (NYSE:CAS) is the foremost provider of specialty products, services, and supply chain solutions. We are recognized as a leading distributor of carbon, alloy, stainless steel, nickel alloys, aluminum, titanium, cast iron, brass, copper and plastic, as well as a global resource for complex supply chain solutions. Operating in more than 50 locations throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, we work with international OEMs to better serve their multi-location production requirements and delivery needs. We also leverage our long-standing metals experience and focus on processing and other value-added services to meet the unique requirements of industries such as mining, oil and gas, power generation, heavy equipment, aerospace and defense.

2150 Argentia Road Mississauga, ON L5N 2K7 1-800 -806 - 6660 mining@amcastle.com w w w.amcast l e.com Canadian Branches: Toronto, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Montreal



Castle Metals has a rich heritage dating back to 1890 in the Chicago area. Today, Castle operates from more than 50 facilities throughout the world. Castle is a leading distributor of specialty metal products, value-added services and complex supply chain solutions. Castle Metals’ broad range of products includes carbon, alloy, stainless steel, nickel alloys and aluminum. Operating in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, we work with international OEMs to better serve their multi-location production requirements and delivery needs. We also leverage our long-standing metals experience and focus on processing and other value-added services to meet the unique requirements of industries such as mining, oil and gas, power generation, heavy equipment, aerospace and defense. By expanding our capabilities and services, A. M. Castle is growing to serve the more complex requirements of customers who are outsourcing non-core functions. Our highly regarded H-A Industries, a state-of-the art bar processing facility, provides an extensive range of thermal treating and finishing services. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of valueadded processing services for plate, sheet, tubing and bar products from many locations throughout our network. Today, A. M. Castle is continuing to expand. Our business has grown in Mexico, Europe and Asia through organic growth and A.M. Castle continues to make targeted acquisitions. To accommodate this accelerated growth in products, services and customer support, we are continuing to expand and strengthen our infrastructure. This work includes improving and enlarging our processing capabilities, broader inventory stocks, investments in systems, and focusing on continuous improvements across the company. Most importantly, A. M. Castle continues to focus on developing the strongest service team in our industry. We are committed to developing our people to ensure that we have the right talent, with the capabilities and experience needed, to provide our customers with best-in-class service and support. Website: www.amcastle.com



“We needed to inject some capital to get the two facilities up to a manageable, workable level,” said Wagner. “As we start growing, all those values and opportunities will drive our industrial footprint going forward.” “What we’re doing now is getting everything ready to set the stage for things to come,” said Wagner.

Global. “It’s a cultural approach and it’s ingrained into our employees on a daily basis.” Based on a lean philosophy, the company is focused on eliminating waste and streamlining current processes. According to Maki, the company strives to simplify and automate processes and keep people safe. “One of the things we noticed in Vision for excellence our service centers is the potential Joy Global has a clear vision for its to eliminate waste and make things hard rock business. more efficient. We wanted to clean The company is currently rolling that up—rearrange and reorganize— out its Joy Global Business Systems to ensure we are operating as (JBS) operational excellence lean as possible. Our goal is to be initiative, a program dedicated running as efficiently as we can, to ensuring operations in every internally and externally.” department run as smooth and Although still in the beginning efficient as possible. stage of integrating the new hard “We’re introducing new practices rock division, Joy Global is already to improve the organization as a implementing its JBS initiative into whole,” said Evelyn Maki, Marketing the process. Communication Director for Joy

“Our goal is to be running as efficiently as we can, internally and externally.” – Evelyn Maki, Marketing Communication Director for Joy Global. w w w. j o y g l o b a l . c o m


Let Brannon SteeL Be your Strength Q u a l i t y S i n c e 19 6 8

Supplying parts-to-print to OEM’s and fabricators in Mining, Off-Road Equipment, Nuclear, Agriculture, Forestry, Material Handling, Railway, and Military from our 200,000 sq. ft. facility.

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Hi-Def Plasma Oxy-Fuel Forming Machining Kitting ISO 9001:2008

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Laser Saw Beveling Rolling KanBan

ISO 14001:2004

info@brannonsteel.com | Phone: 905-453-4730 | 1-800-387-2508 | www.brannonsteel.com


SUDBURY 1030 Elisabella Street 705.560.8473 fountaintire.com



“One of the things we stand by today is taking our curriculum and lessons learned elsewhere at Joy Global and applying them to part of the integration process,” said Wagner. “We want to take this approach to our customers and help them run their mines to maximize production, while achieving zero harm. This essentially feeds into our goal of delivering world-class performance and operating at the best level possible.” Another important component of achieving Joy Global’s vision for the future is its Environmental Health Safety (EHS) program. The company is committed to an incident-free culture and believes that EHS is a key indicator of organizational excellence and sustainability of its business. “Starting the process post-acquisition, we wanted to identify, evaluate and assess our current situation in terms of overall environmental health and safety metrics,” said Wagner. “We started from square one. We implemented our key initiatives with a focus on getting out in front of identifying lead indicators.” According to Wagner, production, quality and EHS are among the most important goals for the company. “We launched our recording field-level risk assessment program about five months ago and it’s already provided 300 lead indicators. It really provides a lot to our employee base and allows them to take a step back and understand all the risk associated with performing their tasks.”

Ted Doheny, President and CEO

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

w w w. j o y g l o b a l . c o m



A Joy Global employee (yellow hat) checks in on equipment at an underground mine in the UK.

In addition, employees perform an array of safety initiatives before starting a job. The most notable is the company’s Safe Start initiative, which takes place before each and every shift and project. The purpose of the initiative is to ensure 64

May 2015

employees assess their current working situations and engage in discussions of potential hazards for the job. “The program is critical to helping employees from a situational awareness aspect,” Wagner said.


When incidents do occur, Joy Global is quick to address the situation and implement new focus and training courses for employees. “We try and learn from every situation,” said Wagner. “As things pop up, we tailor new programs to address aspects that may have been lacking before.” Wagner added, “We also strive to empower our employees to speak up and record safety hazards. We want our people to be heard and able to voice their opinions in regards to safety.” The next chapter Joy Global’s move into the hard rock sector is part of its evolving focus on markets and service. The company is built on a history of providing high-performance equipment, but its goal is bigger than that: to solve mining’s toughest challenges in a variety of markets through a variety of means. New methods will include a greater reliance on data and automation, to help customers maximize production while keeping people out of harm’s way. Through its established direct service network and smart, connected products, Joy Global is partnering with its customers to adapt quickly to change, reduce downtime and drive results. “We want to enhance our products and services through our JBS op-ex program, and then grow beyond our traditional markets,” Wagner said.

Company Information INDUSTRY

Mining and Metals HEADQUARTERS

100 East Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 53202 FOUNDED


15,000 REVENUE


Mining and Metals

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Nyrstar Langlois Success is a team effort

Though construction began much earlier, it wasn’t until the Nyrstar team acquired the Langlois mine in 2011 that the northwest QuÊbec property began to reach its full potential. Written by: Cutter Slagle Interviewed by: Robert Spence Produced by: Bobby Meehan



Pumping station at tailings ponds for reclaim water


o anyone who has been paying attention, the Langlois mine has come a long way since initial construction in 1994—and this is clearly due to the involvement of Nyrstar, an integrated mining and metals business with operations throughout the world. In the Beginning . . . It was a rough start for the mine which experienced a number of obstacles throughout the years. After being purchased by Breakwater Resources Ltd. in May 2000, the project actually reached commercial production in July 68

May 2015

of that same year only to have operations suspended a mere 4 months later due to problems that were associated with the main orepress system and low zinc prices. The cost of this hiccup? The call for a complete rework of the mine’s design and overall plan—and a few years’ time. It wasn’t until 2005 that Breakwater once again announced the Langlois mine would officially be developed. Once again, effort, time and countless resources were expended, including extensive engineering, metallurgical testing, re-design work and exploration,


Precious metal assay in the Assay Lab

and production commenced in late 2006, with commercial production announced in July 2007. Unfortunately, operations were again suspended in November 2008 due to the decline in commodity prices and the general deterioration of the economic outlook globally.

“The success of the Langlois mine is a team result” – Yves Desrosiers, General Manager

Time for a Change Enter Nyrstar. After acquiring the mine in 2011, operations resumed during the first half of 2012—but only after many changes were implemented. The mine was successfully revamped through various stages of rehabilitation, and the mine’s surface infrastructure was greatly improved; however, the greatest change had nothing to do with the structure at all—the entire strategy changed, as w w w . n y r s t a r. c o m


N Y R S TA R L A N G L O I S the main motive behind the Langlois mine quickly became the desire to deliver consistent production results while continuing to streamline operating costs. Nrystar’s general manager Yves Desrosiers spoke exclusively with Business Review Canada, and when asked to explain the success of the mine post-purchase, Desrosiers did not hesitate: “It’s mainly strategy. We talked to people, involved them in the process of improvement and kept

them included in the process [as it continued].” As the mindset of management began to change, achieving specific goals became a priority—and although earning a profit has always been a top goal, the approach to doing so was also an important factor. “Production goals were put into place that could be achieved with hard work,” Desrosiers explained. “We put the energy into achieving these goals.”


Mining • Manufacturing • Modification • Repair Our staff has over thirty years of experience in manufacturing, modification, repair and / or installation of fabricated metals, steel structures and mechanical equipment. We also offer staff hire (welders, mechanic welders, fitters and electricians) for various jobs.

Your StrateGic SecuritY Partner Gardium offers security services to companies in various fields. We work in partnership with all our clients which makes our approach unique. We offer personalised services in guarding, investigations, pre-employment background checks and work related conflicts.


2888, ch. Sullivan, Val-d’Or (Québec) J9P 0B9

Gardium Sécurité 136C, St-Laurent Street Saint-Eustache Quebec Canada J7P 5G1 toll Free: 866-974-9989 Phone: 450-974-9989 Fax: 450-974-3297

819.874.3435 Licence R.B.Q. : 5638-6196-01



In order for these production goals to work, action plans were given to each department. Particularly, the end result or the desired result was given to each department. Maintenance and Recovery Plans When asked about the new maintenance plan, Desrosiers first talked about the triumph of taking the availability for the mining fleet equipment from forty-seven percent up to seventy-eight percent. Then, a program was put into place according to suppliers recommendation on maintenance program of the equipment, followed by a strict rule regarding the maintenance of the equipment. “If we are supposed to do maintenance on Wednesday, it should be on Wednesday,” Desrosiers said. It’s very important for equipment to be taken to maintenance when it’s scheduled to do so—not after. This plan of action has been completely organized with the maintenance superintendent so that they are fully aware of all service dates. Furthermore, the five worst pieces of equipment were removed from the fleet, allowing mechanics to focus all efforts on repairing or maintaining only the best pieces of machinery in the fleet. As a result, less time is now needed for maintaining the equipment. With the new maintenance plan intact, along with the hiring of “talented and seasoned people,” production has already increased by thirteen percent from last year. Nyrstar has hopes for

“Good employees are the best asset we have” – Yves Desrosiers, General Manager

w w w . n y r s t a r. c o m



Precious metal assay in the Assay Lab


May 2015


Langlois to increase production another ten percent this year. Changing the mentality of employees during production has also been accredited to the increase. In short, the staff is able to have fun while working. Specifically, Desrosiers called the turnover rate from twenty-three percent to six percent a “huge improvement.” He also touched upon the importance of communication and implementing field visits. In particular, getting management involved and in the field allows for employees to ask questions. “We’re all in the same game,” he stated. When discussing the new recovery plan, Desrosiers briefly stated how mill operators are now left to do the job in which they were trained to do; operators are trusted to make any necessary changes they see fit. With the assistance of the recovery plan, improvements to the mine are now at ninety-four plus percent. Future investments are now looking to development and exploration. Bringing the conversation full-circle, Desrosiers ended the interview by again touching upon the importance of the Langlois mine’s employees. Reaching heights never imagined a few years ago, the success of the mine has been credited to the hard work of the staff: “The success of the Langlois mine is a team result,” Desrosiers concluded.

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Route 1000, Km. 42 C.P. 6000 Lebel-sur-Quévillon Québec J0Y 1X0 Canada YEAR ACQUIRED




Mining and Metals

w w w . n y r s t a r. c o m



Montreal’s International Health Centre The CHUM stands out as a unique mega hospital development pole for its university academic mission, integrated care, research, teaching, technology assessment and modes of health intervention and health promotion. Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano Produced by: Cedrick Adolphe





ocated in the heart of Quebec’s largest city, the CHUM is an international reference for academic medicine and research. Its health research center (CRCHUM) is the largest in the university network. Born from the merger of three founding hospitals (Hotel Dieu, Hopital St. Luc, and Hopital NotreDame) medical education and research has always been at the heart of its mission and vision. The hospital is now undergoing an extensive transformation towards 76

May 2015

a new teaching hospital facility and fulfilling its goal of becoming a major academic health center renowned worldwide. The redevelopment project consists of three construction phases spanning a 10 year period. It is a complex redevelopment project in the city center, near Old Montreal, and has been procured under a 34 year private-public partnership (P3) agreement. The new CHUM is a state-of-the-art academic medical center that will include 772 beds, 39 operating rooms, a cancer center,


a research center and an education simulation center.

promotion and evaluation of technologies—today, more than 360 researchers and almost 450 Phase 1 students contribute to the largeThe CHUM Research Centre and scale production and international Integrated Education Centre is reputation of the center. contiguous to the new health center In March 2010, the approval was complex. It would not exist without given for the construction of a new the hospital. Conversely, the CHUM research center—preceding the would not be an international construction of the new CHUM. academic medical center without In the first phase of this project, six the research and education facilities. old research centers were merged Contributing closely to the five to consolidate the expertise of both components of CHUM’s mission— researchers and students. care, teaching, research, health “The research center was built for w w w. c h u m o n t re a l . q c . c a



Patient Room

$475M and was completed on time and within budget,” said Jacques Turgeon, CEO of CHUM, during a recent interview. “It has been operating since October 2013.” Encompassing 68,000 square meters, the center is one of the largest research centers in North America and one of the first to bring together under one roof a comprehensive continuum of research. Phase 2 and 3 The two subsequent phases of the project encompass the new teaching hospital facilities. The main hospital towers are scheduled 78

May 2015

to open in the Fall of 2016, and the 3rd and final phase includes a medical office building and 500 seat academic conference center. The new CHUM will replace older facilities that currently sit on three sites— Hôpital Saint-Luc, HôtelDieu and Hôpital Notre-Dame. One of the facilities—Hôpital NotreDame—will remain as a regionaltype hospital with approximately 300 beds. Together with the new CHUM hospital development there will be a total of 1,072 beds in operation upon completion. Hôtel-Dieu will likely be used as a long-term care facility in the future,



according to Turgeon. The new CHUM is being built on the existing site of the Hôpital Saint-Luc, within a couple of meters of the existing buildings. “From a construction perspective, it’s very complex to be building so close to the existing hospital,” said Paul Landry, Project Director of the CHUM redevelopment project. “Complex construction logistics for a building that is over 3 million square feet and 22 stories in height.” The selection of the site for the new CHUM was quite strategic, according to Landry. Right beside a major highway system, the new CHUM also links to a regional train system, solving transportation issues previously encountered on the existing older sites. “We are quite pleased with the vertical scale

“We’ve gone through a very complex, very thorough, multiple years of planning” – Paul Landry

w w w. c h u m o n t re a l . q c . c a



Enabling previously impossible research SCIEX TRIPLETOF ™ 5600 + SYSTEM

• Global quantitative proteomics with MS/MSALL with SWATH™ Acquisition • Accurate mass selectivity for regulated bioanalysis with Scheduled MRMHR and tools for compliance • Simultaneous quant and qual for metabolomics and unknown screening workflows • SelexION™ ready For an up close and personal view of the TripleTOF® System for lipidomics application, enjoy an on-demand virtual tour of the workflow at http://sciex.com/lipidomics-virtualworkshop-part-3-lab-demonstration

AB Sciex is doing business as SCIEX. © 2015 AB Sciex. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. The trademarks mentioned herein are the property of the AB Sciex Pte. Ltd. or their respective owners. AB SCIEX™ is being used under license.

CHUM of the new hosptal” said Landry. “It is designed so that right from the ground floor, or even the lower levels of parking, it’s a matter of taking an elevator and going straight up to one of 35 specialty clinics or of 26 inpatient units. The patient and staff displacement is very efficient.” The third phase of the project is a doctors’ office building and a 500-seat amphitheater which sit on top of four stories of underground parking (1,350 parking spaces). The ambulatory care center encompasses the outpatient clinics with over 45 exam and treatment rooms. Prior to commencing construction


of Phase 3, the Hôpital Saint-Luc will be demolished and Phase 3 will be built in its place. Substantial completion of Phase 3 is scheduled for March 2020. Focused Research The CHUM primarily provides care and subspecialty services to a regional and supra regional adult population. “We have identified some themes that allow us to work amongst the best researchers in the world,” said Turgeon. “So we’re very aligned with the specialties we have in our hospital population.”

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SCIEX helps to improve the world we live in by enabling scientists and laboratory analysts to find answers to the complex analytical challenges they face. The company’s global leadership and world-class service and support in the capillary electrophoresis and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry industry have made it a trusted partner to thousands of scientists worldwide who are focused on basic biomedical research, drug discovery and development, food and environmental testing, forensics and clinical research. Biomarker discovery is facilitated by genomics, proteomics, or metabolomics research, which promises to uncover relevant molecular targets even in the absence of detailed insight into disease mechanisms. SCIEX’s instrumentation, software, reagents, and workflows allow you to dig deeper into complex biological systems, analyze prospective biomarkers and deliver results with potential use in clinical research applications. To best serve our customer’s needs, SCIEX drives innovative solutions in accurate mass spectrometry that researchers praise for ease of use, fast data acquisition, excellent dynamic range, and accurate quantitation. For metabolomics and lipidomics studies, SCIEX has equipped CHUM’s Diabetes Research Centre Metabolomics Core Facility with high performance LC-MS quantitative instrumentation, with both accurate mass and high sensitivity measurement capabilities. The QTRAP® LC-MS system is for sensitive, targeted, quantitative metabolite assays. The high mass accuracy and resolution of the TripleTOF® LC-MS Systems allows simultaneous MS and tandem MS from a single injection for identification, confirmation, and quantitation of compounds in biological milieus. The Department of Biochemistry at CHUM’s protein and metabolite mass spectrometry laboratory, is also establishing a new leading-edge analytical facility for translational research enabled by TripleTOF® and ion mobility technologies for biomarker discovery and development. Supported by a Canadian based R&D organization, LC-MS applications scientists, and a local service team in Montreal, SCIEX honours CHUM, its research programs and faculty as a valuable partnership for accelerating the development of new analytical approaches to personalized medical care. SCIEX, a Life Science & Diagnostics under Danaher Corporation, excels by listening to and understanding the needs of our customers to develop reliable, sensitive and intuitive solutions that continue to redefine what is achievable in routine and complex analysis. This practice is shared between the Danaher family of world class brands such as Beckman Coulter, Leica Microsystems, and Molecular Devices, companies all respected for their high performance analytical instrumentation and products that deliver results for biomedical applications. For more information about SCIEX please visit www.sciex.com


Among those specialties are oncology, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer and prostate cancer. “We’re also looking at dyskinesia, or neurological diseases of the movements,” added Turgeon. “So whenever there’s a movement associated with a disease, this is what we’re looking at. We’re also looking at immunity and transplantation to make sure to have most of the major transplantation programs, such as liver, kidney,


lungs, heart and lungs, intestine and pancreas.” Moreover, the CHUM focuses on metabolic syndromes— diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, pancreatic transplantation and insulin replacement. A Specialized Supply Chain Entirely new for the CHUM will be the implementation of an AGV system (Automated Guided Vehicles) that will transport supplies, soiled and recyclable materials throughout the 22-story hospital complex.

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Beckman Coulter vous remercie pour votre partenariat et félicite le CHUM pour son projet du nouveau CHUM!

We thank you for your partnership and we congratulate the CHUM on its New CHUM project!

Ensemble, nous pouvons façonner le futur du laboratoire. Avec nos approches Lean innovatrices, nous offrons les solutions dont vous avez besoin pour relever les défis auxquels votre laboratoire est confronté. Together we can shape the future of the lab. With our strategic insight and innovation, we provide the solutions you need to meet the challenges your lab faces. © Copyright 2015 Beckman Coulter, Inc. Beckman Coulter and the stylized logo are trademarks of Beckman Coulter, Inc. and are registered with the USPTO.

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CHUM “Using dedicated elevators, approximately 70 Wi-Fi guided robotic AGVs will perform most deliveries up to the various logistics lobbies adjacent to the inpatient units” said Landry. Furthermore, the new CHUM is quite different from current supply chain functions in that the CHUM has entered into a contract with another teaching hospital in Montreal—the McGill University Health Center—for an off-site central distribution facility. “The whole supply chain has been re-planned and the AGV robots will be the transport mechanism for that


supply chain,” added Landry. Improving Operations One of the major features in the new CHUM will be the electronic integration amongst all 772 single rooms. “We’re trying to limit infections or transmission of infection from one patient to another,” explained Turgeon. Another major feature is the stateof-the-art equipment in the 39 surgery rooms. “We will become a center for tertiary and quaternary care, which means being specialized, and ultraspecialized, in some very specific

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diseases for better patient care.” “While this is a huge megahospital development of some 3 and a half million square feet and quite vertical, it’s also a huge transformation of the hospital’s operations,” added Landry. “We’ve gone through a very complex, very thorough, multiple years of planning—looking at our work processes, new technologies, looking at how we can become more efficient at delivering care, so you know, there’s a large focus on this massive transformation that we have to undergo to move into this new teaching hospital complex.” Communication challenges Even though the hospital will be ready to welcome its first patients in fall 2016, “we have to start communicating from now on with our patients. First of all, we have to promote the project as a major healthcare project. Secondly, we also have to reassure the patients and our employees about the transformation and the move. Since some patients will have their next appointment in more than a year, we


have to plan ahead and find the best way to inform them as to where and when it will take place”, explained Irene Marcheterre, Communication and Information Access Director. The construction site of the new CHUM is located in downtown Montreal which is an urban district, next to Saint-Luc Hospital; therefore communication programs for the community (residents and merchants of the area) and for the medical team of the existing hospital where prepared a few years ago and are still being applied. The management of the negative or even harmful impacts (street closures, noise) had to be well planned and consider community sensitivities. “Therefore, we have special meetings for the locals twice a year where we provide information about the evolution of the project and respond – with the builder – to the questions from the public. We also plan other types of activities to facilitate our integration and to participate to the area revitalization”, said Irene Marcheterre. There are also some communication challenges w w w. c h u m o n t re a l . q c . c a




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related to the human resources: “each of our three hospitals has its own culture. We have to mobilize the doctors, the health workers and all the administrative employees in order to have a successful transformation”, said Irene Marcheterre. Promoting the project is important, but more importantly is to listen to staff concerns and preoccupations, she adds. What makes the new CHUM a one of kind major project is of course its architecture, well integrated to the urban fabric and the historical heritage of this district, but also its openness to art. The Quebec integration of art to the architecture policy makes sure that any public construction project allows a portion of its budget to public art. Therefore, the new CHUM will have 13 works of art (5 M$) within its walls to create a healing and calming environment.

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Looking Ahead “The major goal that I have as a CEO is to position this hospital as one of the major academic hospitals in the world, in order to be at the level of the major academic centers in the United States,” said Turgeon. “There’s so much that awaits the patients at the end of this journey,” added Landry. “There’s a lot of exciting new technology that will be available to staff and patients, but the patient care will remain at the center of our mission”. Phase 2 of construction is currently on schedule to be completed by April 2016.



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Andy Transport Andy Transport On the Move President and COO Ilie and Andrea Crisan discuss a decade of growth and goals Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Michael Magno




n 2001, Ilie Crisan was the owneroperator of a single transport truck, purchased for around $10,000. Nearly 15 years later, Crisan is the president of Andy Transport, a swiftly growing trucking company built by Crisan and based out of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QuĂŠbec. Andy Transport operates with a goal of providing clients with efficient 92

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transportation solutions throughout Canada and the United States. With a current fleet of more than 175 trucks, and recent recognition as one of the Top 100 Carriers by Today’s Trucking magazine, Andy Transport is building a name for itself as a force in the supply chain and logistics industry.


A Responsibility to Sustainability Andy Transport puts environmental concerns and social corporate responsibility at the top of its priorities as a business. As such, Andy Transport has committed to several green policies to increase conservation throughout every aspect of the business, from onboard scanning fleet-wide to paperless offices. But above all, the business works to build a more environmentally responsible fleet.

“We value our human resources. We treat everybody fairly, and our drivers are very well respected” – Ilie Crisan President, Andy Transport

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ANDY TRANSPORT This means incorporating hybrid aerodynamic technologies like trailer side skirts, which reduce drag and thereby cut fuel consumption three to seven percent, and mandating regular maintenance to catch any fuel-guzzling technical issues early before they become major problems. It also means cutting down on idling and tracking driver behavior to encourage smarter and more eco-conscious habits among Andy Transport staff. As the Crisans explain, these carbon

130 Delta Park Blvd Brampton, ON Ph : 416-848-4111 888-203-8484 Fx : 866-346-8863 support@bvdpetroleum.com www.bvdpetroleum.com

footprint reduction policies serve a twofold purpose: not only do they reduce fuel costs and overhead for Andy Transport, they also speak to the company’s overarching commitment to environmental sustainability. “We are investing in the development of an eco-driving culture, and recently purchased a driving simulator that is used in our annual training program. The simulator will allow us to teach our drivers the best practices of eco-

Our collaboration with BVD Petroleum targets the optimization of fleet wide fuel services and reduction of fuel expenses. We were thrilled when the BVD team’s customized services program met our expectations. What we appreciated the most about working with the BVD team was their ability to listen to our needs and to propose relevant solutions. BVD has become a trustful and reliable business partner for our company. Andreea Crisan, COO, Andy Transport


driving,” says Ilie, explaining that Andy Transport strives to ensure that its fleet is among the greenest on the highway. “Eco-driving contributes to climate protection and pollution reduction; this new tool was easily adopted by our company as it aligns with our corporate mission.”

Another way that Andy Transport is growing is through its connections, engaging in certifications like the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay Transport Partnership and the C-TPAT through Customs and Border Protection. Such certifications bolster Andy A Responsibility Toward Growth Transport’s reputation among Every business is ultimately tuned clients and prove the company’s toward steady growth, and Andy commitment to issues like Transport is also on this path. So far, environmental sustainability and the the company’s track record speaks latest standards in best practices. for itself—what started as a oneWith independent audits, clients can truck operation in 2001 has become rest assured that the service they are a rapidly expanding enterprise with signing up for is the best. plans to add as many as 65 new trucks to the fleet within this year A Responsibility to the Team alone. Beyond fleet expansion, Andy What sets Andy Transport apart Transport also has plans to diversify from its competition? Several points and spread growth around to its come to mind, from the flexibility various divisions. to its consistent and reliable high “We’ve had our logistics division quality service. But perhaps above since 2007, and it is a small division all, what puts Andy Transport head compared to our trucking division— and shoulders above the rest is the but it’s definitely something we’re value that it places in each and every looking at growing,” says Andy member of its team. Transport COO Andreea Crisan, “We value our human resources,” who notes that Andy Transport is says Ilie. “We treat everybody also looking to diversify its flat bed fairly, and our drivers are very well and intermodal divisions, as well. respected.” According to Andreea, w w w. a n d y t r a n s p o r t . c o m



this is because the company is led by a president who can relate to and empathize with his staff, as he still remembers what it was like to be a driver himself. “He was not a truck driver three generations ago—he was a truck 96

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driver maybe 8 years ago,” she explains. “He understands drivers. He understands what drivers value, how they feel when they’re alone on the road and how dispatch should be talking to them.” It’s an empathy that translates to a


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4225 Boulevard Hébert Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Québec, Canada, J6S 6J2 FOUNDED


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feeling of respect that permeates throughout the company from staff to clients. As Ilie explains, it’s based on the simplest yet most resonant tenet that makes Andy Transport a cut above the rest: “treat everyone with the respect they deserve.”

Private trucking company

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Profile for Business Chief Canada

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