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DOMINO’S DOMINATION THE FAMOUS FRANCHISE IS EXPANDING BUSINESSFRIEND The Only App an Executive Needs in 2015 TOP 10 Canada’s Female Powerhouses North American Construction Group (NACG) Size Does Matter


LETTER FROM THE DIRECTOR March is Women’s History Month, a time during which the world celebrates women from both the past and present. As a country, Canada has always been a champion for women’s rights, particularly within the business sector—during this month as well as the 11 others! However, in support of the UN-recognized holiday, this month’s Top 10 feature highlights 10 female executives who are reshaping the future of Canadian business. It may be a “man’s world,” but these women are changing the game. This issue also discusses social media advertising, revealing why businesses in Canada and across the globe should embrace the continued growth of what is no longer a trend, but a marketing staple. Another trend-turned-corporate necessity is the use of apps: from organizational tools and on-the-go workstations to instant communication and document-sharing, business executives are looking for efficiency and convenience—and these products are answering. Finally, we have a special report on an app that we feel is the best-ofthe-best; the only one executives will need in 2015. (Yes, the only one.) Making its debut at the 2015 International CES, businessfriend consolidates an executive’s needs into one easy-to-use application. Check out the article to learn more. E NJOY TH E I S S U E !

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6 Marketing

Social Media and Business: A Necessary Partnership—Now and Long Into the Future

30 Special Report

14 Technology

Keeping Business Organized and Focused: There’s an App For That

22 Top 10

Women in Business

Small Businesses: businessfriend Is the New App for You



36 Lundin Eagle Mine

94 Integrity Post Structures

56 North American Construction Group

106 Flintstones Masonry

64 South East Construction

FOOD AND DRINK 74 Domino’s Pizza Canada 86 Creative Food Ingredients

114 PPP Canada

ENERGY 120 Infrastructure Canada 126 Halton Region Skyway Wastewater Treatment Plant

36 Lundin Eagle Mining

HEALTHCARE 136 Arazy Group 144 JSS Medical Research


4 March 2015

56 orth American Construction Group


Domino’s Pizza Canada


Arazy Group





March 2015


MARKETING BUSINESS USE OF social media is hot so why aren’t more Canadianowned companies taking advantage of it? Much more than simply a platform for far-flung family and friends to keep in touch, social media is one of the hottest marketing strategies to hit the industry in years. Not surprisingly, a 2011 survey by the Print Measurement Bureau found that Canadians under the age of 25 make up about one third of those who use two or more different types of social media while those under 35 years of age make up six out of ten users. Focus on Social Media In order to tap into that all-important segment of the population that dictates the latest trends in all aspects of business – young adults – a company must market themselves where those people are most likely to be found. Given the extraordinarily large amounts of time that people devote to socializing via this type of media, it makes sense for a business to include it within their business strategy. In order to reach their long range goals, a business needs to have a solid social media strategy that focuses on marketing itself effectively. 8

March 2015

Use it as a Piece of the Puzzle Diversification is key when it comes to marketing. While businesses should make a concerted effort to use social media to capture more attention, this is not to say that they can let other methods fall by the wayside. Instead, social media needs to be thought of as a vital piece of a successful marketing strategy—albeit one that gives a business an extraordinary amount of reach and influence as well

as unprecedented opportunities for connection. Advantages of Using Social Media Given the sheer numbers of Canadians that use Facebook, a business that does not tap into that resource could be missing out on hundreds – if not thousands – of new customers. Indeed, Webfuel found that in 2013 over half the

entire population of the country – or about 19 million people – use the undisputed social media king on a regular basis. Problem Solving: Many people turn to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to find the answers to their most pressing questions. These problems run the gamut of where to find a reliable mechanic to who 9


The Internet of Things (IoT) is making this possible by changing the way we will use the Internet by allowing almost any device to have Internet capabilities

serves the tastiest ethnic foods within a certain province to the nearest dentist that specializes in gentle care. After all, who better to guide a person through life’s bumps than a circle of friends, regardless of how near or far they might be. Sharing success stories and recommending businesses by tagging them within posts opens up avenues of marketing for a business that simply are not possible otherwise. 10

March 2015

Engagement: Taking a page right out of the appeal of social media sites, businesses can tap into the ease of engagement of the platforms. Informal, casual and with a definite flair for fun, a social media presence provides a business with the opportunity to engage with people far from its home base as well as those within its neighborhood. Connecting with people across the country increases a business’s reach


which can only be good for their bottom line in the long run. When a business is tagged by another social media user, this gives them a golden opportunity to engage with people who have directly indicated their interest. Connections: Using social media is an effective way to build excitement in a brand, event or activity. Whether a business is a start-up or one that is introducing a new product, involving their followers builds loyalty and goodwill. What begins as a small ripple as a few people “Like” a business’s page or tags a noteworthy post winds up being an effort that spirals across the country. Tapping into the creative genius and curiosity of social media users when it comes to naming or adding new products, for instance, generates excitement and new customers. Economical: Building connections between social media platforms—by using Instagram to post pictures on Facebook, for example, or inserting Twitter hashtags in Facebook updates—allows a business to do double duty while

reaping expanded benefits. Reams of marketing products that sit around gathering dust are not a necessity when using social media. Having a highly visible logo, tagline or some other means of standing out from the competition, however, is considered a necessary element of a successful marketing strategy. Disadvantages of Engaging in Social Media While the below examples are noted as disadvantages, they can often also be thought of as being advantageous to the smooth marketing of a business. In any case, there are ways to minimize the disadvantages associated with using social media. Time-consuming: There is a reason why social media platforms are so popular: They are a fun and addicting way to keep in touch and find out about the latest happenings across the country as well as around the world. Posting witty updates and following up on comments can consume a great deal of time if it is not kept under control. Many businesses hire marketing companies to handle this aspect of 11


While busines

the job for this exact reason. Others designate a certain employee as the social media expert. Awkward: The users of social media often like to air their grievances on their favorite platform. This can often be a painful experience for a business that bears the brunt of this anger. Savvy businesses, however, turn such inevitable occurrences into opportunities to reach out to their 12

March 2015

customers and make amends. Rather than ignore issues when they are pointed out, smart businesses can use social media as a platform to show that they listen to their customers and do whatever they can to make things right. Lack of Material: Being able to deliver fresh and smart vignettes on a daily—or even weekly—basis could prove to be more than one person can handle. While some updates can be tied to


sses should make a concerted effort to use social media, this should not be the sole method of marketing. (Editorial Credit: Twin Design /

seasonal occurrences, new product announcements and other noteworthy events, finding fodder for those posts can be a challenge for any business. Using a marketing expert on a regular basis turns this disadvantage into one that is simply delegated to those who have more time and creative energy to devote to it. Social media is not going any; in fact, all indications point to its continued growth. It is time for Canadian businesses to tap into this growth

potential as a way to expand and increase their options. A lack of a social media presence could result in stagnation and loss of creativity. Source: public/e/product_data/social_ media.pdf, https://www.webfuel. ca/canadian-social-mediastatistics-2013/






March 2015




TECHNOLOGY SURELY, THE GOAL of every executive is to stay organized and focused; to be able to move projects forward efficiently and respond quickly to rapidly and constantly evolving business situations. If you’re struggling with too much information, too many to-dos, too many contacts or too many too-manys, there’s probably an app to help you gain control. With over one million apps available in the AppStore and another million in Android’s Google Play store, the first task is to separate time-wasters from those that actually help you to improve productivity, connectivity or simply make life easier. Here are just a few new apps that seem worthy of the C-Suite. Businessfriend Businessfriend allows you to create a professional social network, the way you want it. There are several components including a social media feed which aggregates the content of your choice, a built-in instant messenger, a voice and video calling feature, a digital rolodex-type feature and a cloud-based digital workspace for storage of documents, pictures and other content. The four 16

March 2015

Free cloud storage complements components are intuitive, cleanly designed, and easy to use. With businessfriend, executives can now stay organized and up-to-date with one app, on any device, whether at home or on the road. Confide This app has received lots of buzz since the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2015. Confide markets itself as Snapchat for

the chat applications, encouraging teams to collaborate online for their work business. There is a global need for ephemeral communication in many businesses. Sensitive deal making data, private issues, or confidential data can be securely exchanged with Confide. Both parties can feel more secure than ever that the information exchanged is not trackable, not viewable by anyone other than the recipient and is not retained. Messages are encrypted and are automatically deleted once they

are viewed. The app even prevents recipients from taking screenshots of messages. Confide is integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive cloud storage and supports most of the top file formats. Evernote The popular organizer, Evernote, now supports scanning of documents. Handy on business trips, Evernote Scannable will digitize receipts to 17

TECHNOLOGY easily attach to expense reports. It can scan contracts and other documents for uploading to the home office immediately or scan business cards at conferences to create rich and valuable contact lists. The app will ensure the scan is cropped and rotated correctly and the resulting images are enhanced and clear. Evernote allows for easy categorizing and search and retrieval of saved data. HipChat Some executives avoid having chat accounts on the common services, or create pseudonyms, because of the lack of privacy. No one wants to be interrupted during their workday

by former colleagues who see you are online or by personal contacts. HipChat allows companies to create a private team chat network. Whether users are virtual or in the office, everyone can keep in touch and answer questions easily and quickly. There is a also status feature to show away time and file sharing tools. Passpack One of the most frustrating issues, especially at work, is trying to remember all the passwords for various systems and programs. The Passpack password manager lets you tag and sort all of your credentials for easy searching. Passpack is well

PassPack Desktop performs in much the same way the Web version does, although you can access it while away from your browser. CNET Networks


March 2015


aware of security issues and their methods and infrastructure are highly fault-tolerant and secure. Data can be accessed from anywhere, making it easy to look up a username and password no matter where you are. Passpack also provides a browser button that can be installed on your favorite browser for easy one-click login to websites of your choosing. PocketCloud Remote Desktop Pro PocketCloud allows you to take your desktop with you anywhere. This app connects at high resolution to your PC or Mac computer so you can access your files and run programs and videos. The app is simple to install and use and takes advantage of enterprise-level security. Lots of tech features including multitasking, keyboard auto-activation, an intuitive user interface, VNC(Virtual Network Computing), RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), VMWare View support, and Secure Tunneling for VNC Auto Discovery make this product a solid and secure option for remote access.

Amazon’s Kindle App Travel with one less device by using the Kindle app on your phone or tablet. Catching up on reading is more convenient than ever since your phone is always with you. There are over 900,000 books available in the Kindle format and countless articles and white papers on the web that can be added to the app as well as library eBooks. The app will sync across devices so you won’t lose your place and supports bookmarks, highlighting and notes across devices as well. If you buy a book on one device, it is then available on all devices.

Documents To Go View and create documents using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint anytime, anywhere using



this powerful app. The app also supports Adobe PDF viewing and is fully integrated with Google Docs. In addition, Documents To Go can sync files to your desktop, to cloud storage accounts, and allows for viewing of 20

March 2015

password protected files. Documents To Go un-tethers busy executives from their desktops. Apps are taking over as the heartbeat of fast-moving organizations. Corporations are


using apps to find and win new business, streamline and organize communications and processes, and to keep customer satisfaction high. Whatever need you may have as an executive—be it a way to access

important information quickly while on the road or a method for organizing your reading list to keep up with the latest trends—you can be sure there’s probably an app for that.


TOP 10

TOP 10

WOMEN IN BUSINE The world of business needs more powerful women. These 10 executives are reshaping the future of Canada’s business sector. Written by: Robert Spence





the top countries supporting women in business. There are over 800,000 women business owners and according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, there are over 98 million women at the helm of established companies in Canada. In a male-dominated world of business, these women are recognized as leaders because they’re changing perspectives, creating legacies, and transforming the face of business. Women in business help inspire other women to pursue their dreams, and these 10 women are reshaping the future of business in Canada.


As the Atlantic Practice Managing Partner for Deloitte & Touche LLP, MacDonald oversees the company’s marketplace presence in Atlantic Canada. With more than 20 years of consulting and public accounting experience, she has devised and provided government training for major public-sector clients while also advising several organizations on accounting requirement changes and the implications of outsourcing. She is a member of Deloitte’s national board of directors and several medical industry boards, including Women’s College Hospital board in Toronto.


Shannon McDonald 24

March 2015

Shannon MacDonald

Marianne McKenna

Marianna McKenna is one of the primary partners of Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg, one of Canada’s leading architecture firms. Coming from a medical family, McKenna wanted to pursue architecture so she could blend her creativity with her passion for


Innovation Center. However, her proudest achievement has been the transformation of the Royal Conservatory of Music – a project 18 years in the making.

8 Marianna McKenna

advancing causes. “I wanted to create great projects in the community,” McKenna says. Her aim is to work with institutions to transform society and encourage people to get involved in the community. “The buildings are a kind of outreach. People walk by and say, ‘Gosh, what’s that?’ They might think, ‘Maybe I should take lessons, maybe I should be a part of that.” Along with working on a variety of projects for KPMB, her past accomplishments include a research center at McGill University in Montreal, the Torys LLP office in Toronto and the Genome Quebec

Harriet Lewis

Since 1988, Harriet Lewis has been the university counsel for York University, taking on roles at Secretary of the Board of Governors and the Secretary of Senate. In 2011, she received a York University Alumni Association award for their leadership and contributions to the school. During her tenure at York University, Lewis has been a member of numerous committees, as well as serving as president of the Canadian Association of University Solicitors. She has also supported various programs including the SmArt program with the Art Gallery of Ontario, helping to raise funds for student scholarships in creative writing and literature. Lewis retired in 2014. “I’m an alum of York so I’m sure I will continue to have some 25

TOP 10 sort of relationship with it,” said Lewis. “You can’t spend 26 years at an institution as exciting and confusing and wonderful as York without having met an awful lot of people who you care about.”


Rosemarie Leclair

Marianna McKenna

Rosemarie Leclair is president and CEO of Hydro Ottawa Group of Companies. Since 2005, she has increased the company’s profits and shareholder value, as well as enhancing community contributions and improving service. In addition, she has been vital in creating innovative energy conservation programs that are now offer across Ottawa. Leclair is known for her skill in handling and negotiating complicated issues in public 26

March 2015

administration having spent more than 15 years with the City of Ottawa as a senior manager in the Public Works and Services sector.


Anne-Marie Hubert

As Managing Partner and Advisory for Ernst and Young LLP, AnneMarie Hubert has carved a name for herself in the business world. Joining the company in 1985 as a senior accountant, Hubert became managing partner of the advisory services practice in 2009. She has been on the forefront of the firm’s gender-equity programs in Canada, receiving numerous awards for her role in the advancement of women in business. In addition, Hubert is a board member of the Chamber of Commerce in Quebec as well as sits on the public affair committees of several chartered accountant organizations.


Leslie Galway

Leslie Galway is chief executive


recognized numerous times as one of Canada’s most powerful women.


Leslie Galway

of WHSCC, an employer-backed, no-fault insurance system that services roughly 12,000 injured workers in Canada. Galway has previously worked as deputy minister of business for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as vice chairperson of the Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities. In 2014, Galway was reappointed as Governor representing Newfoundland and Labrador on the Council of Governors of the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. She has been

Margaret Franklin

Margaret Franklin has been the President and Chief Executive Officer at Kinsale Private Wealth Inc. since January 2010. She is a former Chairman of the board of governors of the global CFA Institute, as well as a past president of CFA Society Toronto and is a CFA charterholder. In 2014, Franklin received the CFA Institute’s Alfred C. “Pete” Morley Distinguished Service Award, signifying her outstanding contribution to the financial industry, both locally in Toronto and globally. the best performing company in the material industry in 2014.


Mary-Lou Donnelly

As President of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, Mary-Low Donnelly has spent the last 30 27

TOP 10

Mary-Lou Donnelly

years as an educator in the Halifax Regional School Board system, residing as president of the Nova Scotia Teachers’ Union before being appointed to her new position. She has founded various programs across Canada, including the Nova Scotia’s Coalition Against Workplace Violence. In 2005, she won the Canadian Progress Club Women of Excellence Award.


Anne Doig

Anne Doig is president of the Canadian Medical Association


in Saskatoon. She is involved with various medical committees and agencies, including the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, as well as clinical associate professor at the University of Saskatchewan. In addition, is the owner of Saskatoon’s City Centre Family Physicians, where she has been a doctor for 32 years. In 2010, the Women’s Executive Network recognized Dr. Doig as one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women. She has been honored as a recipient of an Exceptional Service Award in 210 by the Saskatoon Health Region, as well as given an Award of Excellence from the College of Family Physicians of Canada in 2011.

March 2015

Anne Doig


Nathalie Bernier


Nathalie Bernier

Making our list at #1 of the top women in business in Canada is Nathalie Bernier. As associate director of KPMG, Bernier has held various leadership roles at the firm as well as working with KPMG’s senior management on developing strategies and redesigning the

company. In addition, Bernier is a chairman for KPMG’s management committee in Montreal and a member of the firm’s national committee for strategic and operational decision-making. She also sits on board for the Quebec Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the Montreal Women’s Centre committee. 29





Business Review Canada finds out how the BUSI pla may change the way you do business. W R I T T E N B Y: L A U R A C LO S E


March 2015





SPECIAL REPORT YOU DON’T OFTEN find apps that are made with small businesses in mind. Even rarer are the apps that can appeal to large and small businesses alike. But since businessfriend hit the market during CES 2015, that void may be filled. It’s a BUSI platform, a term coined by Glen White, CEO and founder of businessfriend. BUSI stands for Business Utility with a Social Identity. For all of those who have thought that Facebook is a little too personal, and the Linkedin doesn’t offer enough as far as chat or messaging capabilities are concerned, businessfriend might be your solution. It’s actually the solution for a lot of things. Video chat, IM with free VoIP calls and a unique contact management system called Digidex allow for ease of communication. Free cloud storage complements the chat applications, encouraging teams to collaborate online for their work. Ironically enough, “Where Professionals Collaborate,” is the app’s tagline. “Most platforms are either social or business, not both,” said Leslie Nash, VP marketing communications at the tech company. “businessfriend 32

March 2015

The ability to switch from mobile to and the interface across all platform

allows you to have both—so instead of juggling apps to get you through your day (i.e. Gotomeeting for screen sharing to LinkedIn for professional, Facebook for social), you have everything you need in one platform. “In July, Nielsen reported that app use was up a remarkable 65 percent

o computer to tablet and back again is fantastic, ms is familiar and fairly easy to use

from two years prior, but number of apps used only increased slightly... Evidently consumers have tapped out on juggling apps and are sticking with those that work the best—for them.” An app with all of these available functions within it could be an enormous aid to small businesses that

want to do a lot of collaborating, but do not necessarily have the platform through which to communicate effectively. businessfriend could effectively eliminate separate cloud storage solutions and messaging apps and software—like Skype and Whatsapp—saving a company big 33

SPECIAL REPORT money and big time. No need to have four or five apps or programs open at once on your computer or mobile: it’s all in businessfriend. At CES CEO White commented everyone who came by the booth was excited about the product, and it was easy to see the founder himself really believes in this platform. “It’s a totally new concept for social networks and content provision, but it’s also a social network with a unified communications platform,” said White. “It allows users to not only be social, not only to see the feeds of their favorite brands or their colleagues and

friends and contacts, but also to have the tools such as instant messaging, video chat, audio chat and digital contact management system.” An upcoming feature will be dedicated for small businesses, which fits right into the economy and business makeup of Canada. Reviews from CES have largely been positive.’s Scott Ertz interviewed White at the global conference, and mentioned what he liked about the app. “I like that it’s got a unified experience. It doesn’t matter where you are, you feel like you are in the same app,” said Ertz.

Free cloud storage complements the chat applications, encouraging teams to collaborate online for their work 34

March 2015


And it does. The ability to switch from mobile to computer to tablet and back again is fantastic, and the interface across all platforms is familiar and fairly easy to use. It’s perfect for the busy boss who goes from one shop to the next and then wants to work from home, or the traveling professional who doesn’t want to miss out communications. “Businessfriend is a social network with a true purpose, though,” shared “Created to help people collaborate with their colleagues and favorite brands, businessfriend offers a number of personal and business-related features missing from any single platform.” businessfriend is available as a free download from the App Store for iPhones and iPads and Google Play for Android devices.


a subsidi ary of

Lundin Mining –

Eagle Mine Creating a Legacy at Eagle Mine As sole owner, developer and operator of the Eagle Mine, Lundin Mining is creating a legacy of responsible mining Written by: Robert Spence

Produced by: Bobby Meehan



Drill Core

Situated in the western Marquette County of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Lundin Mining’s Eagle Mine is gearing up for an exciting 2015 year. The underground nickel and copper mine, which was purchased in 2013 from Rio Tinto, has produced more than 218,642 tons of nickel and copper ore since commencing production in July 2014. Over its estimated eight year lifecycle, the mine is expected to produce 360 million pounds of nickel, 295 pounds of copper and small amounts of other metals. In building Michigan’s first 38

March 2015

new mine in decades, Lundin is dedicated to safety, protecting the environment and putting local people to work. The mine has been a shining example of the legacy Lundin Mining is striving to create. Creating a legacy Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Lundin Mining Corp. is a metals mining company with operations and development projects in Chile, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and the United States, producing copper, zinc, lead and nickel. Lundin also has a 24% interest in the Tenke Fungurume in


Ball Mills

the DRC and 24% interest in the Kokkola Refinery in Finland. Both with Freeport. Lundin’s goal for Eagle was to build, operate and close a low cost, efficient modern mine. Because company-community relations were strained from inception, the company recognized it needed to be transparent with the community. “We set out to be very transparent with the community and make this project a two-way engagement,” says Mike Welch, General Manager of Eagle Mine. In the beginning of 2010, the company commissioned a series of focus groups to identify the issues of importance to the community when it came to new mining projects. The series was facilitated by external consultants with the aim to assist Eagle Mine

“It’s about boots on the ground, it’s about engagement, it’s about positive reinforcement, and it’s about understanding how they do their job” – Mike Welch, General Manager of Eagle Mine

w w w. e a g l e m i n e . c o m


Building the Midwest Bacco Construction Company, Michigan’s oldest prequalified contractor, is very proud to be an integral part of the Upper Michigan’s rich mining history. Bacco Construction’s unique array of expertise surpassed the Eagle Mine’s needs for an all-encompassing contractor. Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin’s best choice for comprehensive mine site development.

MailiNg addrEss PO Box 458 N3676 North US-2 Iron Mountain, Michigan 49801

PhoNE Fax Ph 906-774-2616 Fx 906-774-1160

for 100 Years

Email: |

n g f n n

16 60



Bacco Construction Company, a contractor established in 1915 and incorporated since 1930, is Michigan’s oldest Department of Transportation prequalified contractor and is once again very proud to be an integral part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan’s rich mining history. Bacco Construction Company began ground breaking operations in July 2010 for the Eagle Mine portal in the Yellow Dog Plains of Marquette County and continued with mine site development. Upon building a great working relationship with Eagle Mine representatives, the scope of work Email: for Bacco Construction expanded onto the Humboldt | Mill ore processing facility development which will be completed with final pavement and restoration in the spring of 2015. Bacco Construction Company is a proud partner and supporter of the mining industry. Bacco Construction’s wide range of construction methodology and all-encompassing capabilities pairs extremely well with the needs for establishing mine site facilities. The vast array of construction expertise for the Eagle Mine includes: mass excavation, landfill construction, crushing operations, piping and utility placement, GPS mapping, concrete and foundation work, multi-plate culvert/portal construction, concrete and asphalt pavements, rail spur construction, and site restoration. Bacco Construction Company also completed 12 miles of entirely new roadway construction and 22 miles of reconstruction as part of a joint venture to service the Eagle Mine. Bacco Construction Company is Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin’s best and only choice when it comes to comprehensive mine site development. Website:

LUNDIN MINING – EAGLE MINE in understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of mining from the community’s perspective. The focus groups ultimately provided a social baseline of the views the community held about new mining projects in the region. “I think every operation has to look at what their own community’s concerns and interests are, and what is the best way for all parties to communicate,” says Welch. “We now do these focus groups every two years and we keep building that knowledge capacity to understand what the community concerns are and how we can improve our performance in the community.” Secondary initiatives With constructive feedback from the focus groups, Eagle Mine has developed environmental and


community programs aimed at addressing the community’s interest. In an effort to build community trust and confidence, the company has developed a community scorecard which allows community members to rate Eagle’s performance in five areas– environmental performance, local hire, safety, communication and engagement, and community development. During town hall meetings community members receive an update on Eagle’s operation, ask mine representatives questions and then use electronic clickers to score the company’s performance as: “exceeds expectations”, “meets expectations”, “below expectations”, or “need more information”. The scoring is provided real-time during the meetings – for complete transparency the results go up on a screen for everyone

“We now do these focus groups every two years and we keep building that knowledge capacity to understand what the community concerns are and how we can improve our performance in the community” w w w. e a g l e m i n e . c o m


Industrial Services, Inc.

Our core mining management staff has more than 150 years combined mine maintenance, operations and repairs in mining and mine processing facilities. A FULL SERVICE HEAVY INDUSTRIAL GENERAL CONTRACTOR

Safety ... Quality ... Driven

We pride ourselves on the partnerships built from our relationships with owners and clients. We believe the relationships we build are the key element to our success.

• • • • • • • •

Mining Services Millwright Services Iron Working Conveyor Work Rigging/Heavy Rigging Certified Welding Kiln & Dryer Maintenance Optical & Laser Alignments

• Concrete Work • Equipment Installs & Relocation • Maintenance Assistance & Outage Work • Demolition • Management /Job Planning • Earth Moving

Project Planning

Conveyor Work

Heavy Rigging Mining Services Alignment

Safety is our top priority in the performance of all our tasks, start to finish. We commit to providing a safe work environment for employees, fellow contractors, subcontractors and your facility.

4305 W. US 2 Iron River, MI 49935 Phone: (906) 265-2100 Fax: (231) 344-5919

LUNDIN MINING – EAGLE MINE in the room to see. After scoring, community members are asked for comments on how the company can improve or what else they would like to see from Eagle. Next, the company takes the results and publishes them on their website and in the local paper. If there are areas of improvement identified, Eagle creates an improvement plan and publishes that too. Every six months the company will go back to the community and conduct the scorecard again. “Historically, there have been



perceived risks to such an open and frank style of communication, however that has not been a consideration and all our efforts have been of full value,” says Welch. He added, “For us, this works. The community has appreciated the opportunity for two-way dialog and as time moves on, community concerns have dampened. People have come up to us and thanked us for the transparency of the project. This has helped build more trust in our community relationships.” Taking it a step further, Eagle helped develop an independent


Safety...Quality...Driven Capabilities: Industrial Maintenance, General Contracting, Structural Steel Repairs, Steel Erection, field fabrication, mining services, conveyor work, boiler grates, rigging/ heavy rigging, optical & laser alignments, concrete work, project management, Equip installs, machinery moving, demolition, kiln and dryer maintenance and more Website:

w w w. e a g l e m i n e . c o m




Together, we improve safety, productivity, and quality results. When operational performance is a priority…

How do we help companies across North America improve operational or financial performance in a sustainable way? By empowering their people to lead and make the changes needed in both systems and behaviors. We accomplish this by combining consulting, coaching, and training to integrate “soft” with “hard” skills.

Get your ROI fast.

We achieve our agreed-upon return on investment, often before our mandate is completed. And your people’s selfreliant, continuous-improvement approach sustains your results long after we’ve left.

Unleash your people’s potential. Unleash your organization’s results. For a free consultation on how we can help you and your organization reach and sustain world-class results, contact us today.


A 300% + ROI A Fast Return

Sustainable Results Self-Reliance

T: 514-521-3999 Toll free: 1-877-662-4547 E:



program to conduct environmental monitoring of its mining operation. The program is called the Community Environmental Monitoring Program (CEMP) and it provides the community with third party verification monitoring at the mine, mill and along the transportation route. The program is administered by the Marquette County Community Foundation (MCCF) and the Superior Watershed Partnership (SWP) who work in unison to monitor Eagle’s environmental performance. MCCF provides an oversight board and serves as the pass-through of funds from Eagle to SWP while SWP is responsible for monitoring the company’s environmental performance. All together the program serves to strengthen

County Road 550 Marquette County



Established: 1998 Industry: We help companies improve operational performance (safety, quality and productivity) and their bottom line, sustainably, through customized training, advising and coaching in best-practice management systems and leadership. We do not impose a recipe; with you, we design a “fit for purpose” solution. Recent and On-going Projects: Lundin Mining, Eagle Mine: Successful operational readiness and ramp-up including daily, weekly, and monthly reporting of production, quality and safety KPIs as well as leadership/active supervision coaching to foster the right conversations around results. Glencore, Raglan Mine: Reduce waste of resources by 15% through better management/ communication systems and active supervision. Glencore, Raglan Mine: 45% improvement in main ramp drilled meters per day for a new underground mine. Management: Pierre Capistran, Managing Partner For a free consultation on how we can help you and your organization reach and sustain world-class results, contact us today. Website:

w w w. e a g l e m i n e . c o m




With over 116 years of experience in the mining and heavy industrial markets, Gundlach Champion has proven track record of providing preconstruction and project delivery systems that accommodate a diverse range of clients. Services Offered Preconstruction | Design/Build | Construction Management | General Contracting Markets Served Industrial | Commercial | Public Facilities | Healthcare | Education


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trust within the local stakeholders. Whether it’s a community scorecard or independent environmental monitoring, the community has a say in how Eagle Mine operates. One common goal As mentioned before, one common goal among the company and the community is safety. The company employs roughly 355 employees, which includes full-time Eagle employees and contractors, making safety a top priority for the company. Derived from portions of the DuPont Safety System, the company employs the health and safety program Visible Felt Leadership. The program integrates a one-on-one engagement approach to making safety personal.

Humboldt Mill

Concentrate Loading w w w. e a g l e m i n e . c o m


Free private consultation for solid waste, septic waste & recycling disposal needs.

Fast and on time, same day service. Local company keeping local money local.

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n o r t h j a c k s o n c o m p a n y | 3 07 s o u t h f r o n t s t r e e t, s u i t e 10 5, m a r q u e t t e , m i 49 8 55 c o r v a l l i s T e l : 5 4 1 -2 0 7 - 3 7 3 5 | m a r q u e T T e : 9 0 6 -2 2 5 - 6 7 8 7 | w w w . n o r T h j a c k s o n c o . c o m

LUNDIN MINING – EAGLE MINE “We use the leadership program as an engagement tool. When we talk about zero harm, what we’re saying is we’re engaging each employee individually with the philosophy that every injury is preventable,” says Welch. “It’s a mandate that this management and operations team has taken on.” According to Welch, one key tool of the program is Pre-task Hazard Assessment. Because environments change every day, the program ensures all work is being performed safely by assisting employees and contractors in continuously observing their surroundings to


identify potential safety hazards. “It’s about boots on the ground, it’s about engagement, it’s about positive reinforcement, and it’s about understanding how they do their job,” says Welch. “We all have a common goal and these safety programs and initiatives are a continuation of the common goal.” Along with Pre-task Hazard Assessments, Lundin encourages their team to interact and converse with other employees and contractors about the tasks they’re completing, as well as observations and desired behaviors recognized.

Eagle Mine w w w. e a g l e m i n e . c o m


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XPS would like to congratulate Lundin’s Eagle Operation on the successful commissioning of their mine and mill. XPS is a metallurgical consulting and testwork business with exper tise in: Nickel, Copper, Zinc, Gold, PGMs, Industrial Minerals and Rare Ear th Elements.

LUNDIN MINING – EAGLE MINE “Many of the contractors we’ve employed weren’t used to the rigorous safety standards we required while working onsite,” says Welch. “They had to change their own culture in order to meet our requirements.” “We’ve had contractors in the past who’ve brought our training and tools to new operations and other sites they work on. It goes to show the lasting impression we’re having on people. One of the company’s first commitments to the area was a local hire goal of 75% during operations. While the area has a lot of talented, hard workers, it didn’t necessarily have the people with the exact skills needed to commission and start an operation. Lundin had to be strategic with its training so that it could hire people from the local community and skill them up for the job. Today, Eagle has a local hire percentage of 84 percent. Eagle partnered with Northern Michigan University to develop specific training programs for its employees. Classes include Bearing & Power Transmission, Welding Testing, Conveyor Maintenance,


Basic Pump Maintenance, Manual Alignment, Laser Alignment, Hydraulics, and Welding Training. Last but not least, Eagle is funding a Technical Middle College (TMC). The Middle College will provide high school students in the area the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an associate’s degree at no cost to the student. The program offers students the opportunity to pursue an associate degree in six career areas: Clinical Sciences, Industrial Maintenance, Electrical Technology, Building Technology, Automotive Service Technology, and Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Operations at Eagle Mine Although Lundin has commenced production at Eagle Mine, the company is still currently ramping up production to reach its nameplate capacity. Current operations include a long hole stope mining method, which requires a main decline tunnel, a primary ventilation system and an emergency secondary egress to the surface. Once ore w w w. e a g l e m i n e . c o m



Mine Entrance

is mined from each stope, it is then backfilled with a cemented/ aggregate/sand mix to maintain structural integrity before mining the remaining stopes in the section. The ore is transported 66 miles by semi-trucks to the Humboldt Mill. At the Mill the ore is crushed (three stages) and then ground into a fine slurry whereby the nickel and the 54

March 2015

copper are floated, thickened and filtered to produce separate nickel and copper concentrates. This is where the process ends at Eagle. The concentrates are shipped to off-site facilities for smelting and refining before they can be used to manufacture the products that fuel society. Not to be outdone, Lundin


implements some of the most recognized and respected technology and equipment onsite. The company couples the latest equipment including crushers, grind mills, float circuits, filter presses and pumps with state-of-the-art programmable logic controls (PLC), DCS systems, and collects nearly 5,000 data points throughout the process. All-in-all, this mill is wired for success. In following with its community transparency plan, Lundin strives to ensure all water at the mine is up to the highest standards. The company employs a robust water management program with a reverse osmosis water treatment plant. “All the water we treat is discharged as drinking quality water, or better,” says Welch. “That’s the standard the community wanted and we wanted to ensure we delivered.” As sole owner, developer and operator of the Eagle Mine, Lundin Mining is creating a legacy of responsible mining by taking the community into consideration, incorporating transparency into operations, and providing one of the safest mines in the United States. “Our biggest obligation during and after we’ve completed operations at Eagle Mine is to make sure we’ve maintained our credibility with the community,” says Welch. He adds, “When you look back and think of Eagle Mine, it won’t be that we mined for eight years. Our legacy will be: did our employees go home safe, were we protective of the environment and did we have the trust of the community.”

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Champion, Michigan, United States FOUNDED

1994 (Lundin Mining) Eagle was discovered in 2002, commenced production in Q3 2014. EMPLOYEES


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North American Construction Group

Bigger is Always Better

With one of the largest equipment fleets in all of Canada, North American Construction Group is looking to expand into emerging markets and carve out a name for itself Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Michael Magno




n the heavy construction and mining industries, massive amounts of land must be cut out to make room for new projects. When it comes to the equipment needed to move this land effectively and efficiently, the term “bigger is better� certainly applies. North American Construction Group is one of the largest providers of heavy construction and mining services in Canada. Founded in 1953, NACG specializes in the resource industries like oil, gold, diamonds, coal with an expertise in hard rock and oil sands mining, overburden removal, 58

March 2015

dam construction, roadworks, underground utilities, mine site development, and mine reclamation. Coupled with an unmatched commitment to safety and training, the company has earned a reliable and trustworthy reputation by blending its knowledge and experience that clients seek with a fleet of equipment that match project needs. Best of the best NACG has a proven ability to meet customer requirements from consultation to completion. The company is able to do so because


it employs one of the strongest workforces in all of Canada. With a staff of over 1,500 (sometimes exceeding more than 2000 at peak times), the company has earned a reputation for acquiring some of the best talent in the industry. It’s one of the main reasons clients continue to work with NACG. “We do a lot of prescreening, fitness for work test, drug and alcohol testing, and police record checks,” says Lambert. “We try and use as many tools as we can to make sure the person we’re hiring matches the skills and physical requirements of the job.” In addition to matching the right workforce to the job, NACG employs a robust safety regime that is second to none in their field. The company’s motto – Everyone Gets Home Safe – is integrated through a healthy work environment

“We try and use as many tools as we can to make sure the person we’re hiring matches the skills and physical requirements of the job” – Joe Lambert, Chief Operating Officer, NACG

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as well as extensive training and leadership programs. “From the top to the bottom of our business, we see safety as a core value,” says Joe Lambert, chief operating officer at North American Construction Group. “In the markets we work in and the clients we have, safety is a license to operate. It’s a moral obligation to our employees besides just making good business sense.” The company is committed to developing and maintaining the strongest safety systems and

training programs available. A shining example would be its Leadership for Safety Excellence program. “The Leadership program works to improve skills and leadership throughout the company with particular focus on front line supervision,” says Lambert. “Front line supervision has a tremendous amount of influence on the overall safety of the company. So, investing in the development of those people and safety programs is core for us.” The difference between North


American Construction Group and others is simple: they have the corporate expertise to help companies meet their goals, and the right employees and equipment to get the job done on time, on budget, and safely. Big, bigger, biggest If that wasn’t enough, NACG maintains one of the largest independently owned equipment fleets in the region. The fleet includes over 400 pieces of modern equipment, including haul trucks, shovels, excavators, dozers, graders, loaders and related earthworks machinery. “Our fleet is one of the largest in Canada. There aren’t a lot of other companies that can compete at that scale of equipment,” says Lambert. “Our mining equipment gives us an advantage, especially with high volumes of earthmoving.” The company’s diverse collection of equipment gives it the ability to respond quickly to changing client requirements, while also providing clients with the most efficient, timely and cost effective blend of equipment possible. “We keep a balance of small and large equipment. There’s seasonality and changes, and so we might have a lot of smaller civil works in the summer and more bulk earthworks in the winter,” says Lambert. “It’s just a balance of keeping everything busy.” In addition to being one of the largest fleets in Canada, it’s also one of the most advanced. The company integrates a wealth of technological w w w. n a c g . c a / h o m e



components to ensure equipment is as efficient as possible. “We have real-time monitoring on all equipment that allows us to receive notifications of what’s occurring in the machine,” says 62

March 2015

Lambert. “It helps us in measuring and monitoring equipment performance and the mechanical capabilities.” According to Lambert, the company heavily invests in


equipment failure analysis. “We have major components that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. When a component fails early, we have reliability teams and maintenance technical experts that can identify those failure mechanisms and work with our vendors and suppliers to get design changes.” Expanding markets The future of North American Construction Group will see the company expand into new markets, including hydro-electric, infrastructure, and civil. “When we look to diversify whether roadworks or infrastructure jobs, we’re looking for areas that have a large volume of earthworks,” says Lambert. “We offer a competitive advantage in that area compared to most.” Along with diversifying their portfolio and positioning themselves across multiple regions in Canada, North American Construction Group is going to continue doing what’s it’s been doing for the last 60 years – being a heavy civil and mining contractor. According to Lambert, the company will continue doing what it’s been doing for the last 60 years despite the lower-than-expected oil prices. “In our business, being safety focused, cost-conscious and driving efficiencies is something we do every year, whether boom or bust in the oil pricing.”

Company Information INDUSTRY

Mining and construction HEADQUARTERS

Zone 3, Acheson Industrial Area 2-53016 - Hwy 60 , Acheson, Alberta, Canada FOUNDED



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South East Construction

The Easy Button for Compan

An unrivaled dedication to continuous improvements, safe become the service provider of choice Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Bobby Meehan



ety and client trust is helping SEC



Heavy Civil Construction and Site Development for Mining


ocated in the prairie providence of Canada, Saskatchewan, South East Construction (SEC) is a multitrade industrial construction company specializing in the Potash mining and milling industry. The company, which began in 1986 as a contractor to local Potash mines in the area, has transformed into an all-in-one service provider for a wealth of industries. “We looked at our core business and realized there was a lot more we could provide to clients. We decided to revamp ourselves from being just a contractor, to being a service 66

March 2015

provider,� say Mike Silvernagle, chief operating officer of South East Construction. New businesses In 2010, the company began diversifying its business. It commenced an array of divisions within the company adding concrete, carpentry, electrical, earth works and site services to its repertoire. The company also has it hands in construction and maintenance, conducting structural steel and piping for companies as well as maintenance and sites service


Storm Water Management, and Buried Services

work, including snow removal, road maintenance, water and waste removal. SEC also has a fully integrated steel fabrication and painting facility equipped with an industry leading PythonX robotic CNC plasma cutting machine as well as a full service paint shop. South East Construction is trained and certified CWB certified, Boiler Branch Certified, ISNet registered, SCSA Certified and a member of the Saskatchewan Construction Labour Relations Association. “It doesn’t matter what people want, we want to be the easy button for companies.”

Easy button In an effort to become the easy button for companies, SEC continuously strives to be better. The company confides in management and team members to find new ways of improving productivity, efficiency and pricing for clients. “Continuous improvements is learning from one another and continuing to resource consultants and people within our company to help us build what we’re trying to do,” says Silvernagle. “We have a continuous improvement meeting weekly and part of the meeting is focused on changing each w w w. s e c o n . c a


A Company Built on Integrity, Safety & Quality Pryme Concrete Construction Inc. offers concrete services to include but not limited to new construction, demolition, restoration and general contracting. We handle a variety of industrial and commercial projects in central Saskatchewan, Canada.

Bryce Field President-Owner

Reg Field Superintendent-Owner

Pryme Concrete Construction Inc. | Office: 306-743-2290 | Fax: 306-743-2254 | Email: GRAVEL • CONCRETE • EXCAVATION • AGGREGATE

Brockman Enterprises a supplier of transit redi-mix concrete along with many excavating services, including track-hoe work for trenching, tracksteer/loader work for landscaping and snow removal in the winter months. We specialize in sand and gravel products along with screening, washing, and crushing of the products. Chilly’s Water & Septic Inc. is an experienced water, septic and hydrovac service provider located in Saskatchewan, specializing in a variety of services within the mining, excavation and service industry at competitive rates.

Proudly serving Humboldt and area for 89 years 306-682-4340 | Fax 306-682-2413 Email:

P.O Box 388 | Stockholm, SK SOA 3Y0 | Canada 306-793-3060 | fax 306-793-3061

SOUTH EAST CONSTRUCTION section to be more efficient, more streamlined and overall better for the client.” According to Silvernagle, the goal behind its continuous improvement plan is to build trust among clients. “It boils down to how fast you can do business when the trust component is there. Once you have trust, the speed at which you can do business is remarkable. We’ve proven the way we do business works. The company recently invested over a quarter of a million dollars into software programs to better control costs. The investment allows SEC to be more thorough, detailed and conscious of where every penny is going. “Trust with the client is built through safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness,” says Silvernagle. “We made the software investment to help us control our costs so we could lower rates and provide clients with the best deal possible.” “Our clients want to know we are managing there money properly. Trust among the client is vital, and if you have that, the client retention follows.” Other continuous improvements


include personnel. Within its organization, SEC has highly qualified people, including Construction Manager, Project Managers, Superintendents, General Foreman, Health and Safety Manager, Safety Administrators as well as numerous long term employees in foreman and tradesman positions. However, unlike most companies, SEC doesn’t just look at qualifications. “It’s all about character and Integrity in our business,” says Silvernagle. “I’ll browse resumes but I like to look future employees in the eye and see if they’re personal, intriguing and what they’re built like. Character is everything to me., and we want employees that will drive to ensure our clients are looked after” Safety driven company South East Construction is committed to a strong health, safety, and environmental program that protect employees, subcontractors, clients, property and members of the public from hard. The company has an extensive training program for new employees w w w. s e c o n . c a


YOUR BUSINESS RUNS 24/7. SO DOES TR PETROLEUM. Locally Owned and Operated in Saskatchewan for over 35 years

FAST, RELIABLE SERVICE WHERE AND WHEN YOU NEED REFUELING. NO SPILLS, NO SHORTAGES, NO STRESS. TR Petroleum brings what your industry needs to stay running—from Oil & Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Forestry, and Construction to local service stations and more. Nordic Industries is the largest fencing installer, manufacturer and wholesaler, in the province. Efficient production, diversity of products, large supply of stock and a reputation for experience and quality is what makes Nordic Industries the answer to all your fencing needs.

Since 2001, we’ve built our business by providing reliable service, and putting our clients and safety first. 1323 FLETCHER ROAD SASKATOON, SK S7M 5H5 Saskatoon, SK 306-653-3663

Saanichton, BC 250-652-0022

Prince Albert, SK 306-763-5185

You’re building the future. We’re here to help.

P 306-668-1033 F 306-668-2282


trust EarnEd through PErformancE

You need the right equipment, at the right place, branch network, we are ready to help you round the clock service and support means the equipment will work just as hard as you do.

Wolseley Industrial Canada (formerly Goodman Industrial) is proud to supply Pipe, Valve and Fitting products and services to the Potash Mining Construction industry.

4010 Thatcher Avenue Saskatoon, SK S7R 1A2 306-374-3666

1390 Longman Crescent Regina SK S4N 6J4 306-721-6288 800.UR.RENTS © 2014 United Rentals, Inc. two Locations saskatoon | 17 Wurtz Ave, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 306-931-2900 | Mike Perrin - Sales Manager Esterhazy | 931 Gonczy Ave, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan 306-745-6453 | Michelle Shire - PVF Sales Manager

SOUTH EAST CONSTRUCTION that encompass a wide range of training and safety initiatives in the workforce. Along with a traditional orientation with the company, SEC has new employees go through its Safe Start program for training. “The main question we ask is ‘what would happen if you didn’t come home tonight?’ As we force them to write this down, it’s amazing what happens. It hits home for people,” says Silvernagle. “After two weeks on the job we bring them back to finish the safety program. It not only helps refresh them and hold them accountable, but it shows we care about their well being.” SEC focuses on daily assessments. This includes daily job requirements as well as everyday job hazards. It’s reviewed daily with the employee and foremen to ensure employees understand the risks each day and for each job. In addition, South East Construction has a corporate safety manger that ensures the company goes above and beyond the call of duty in safety. “We take safety very seriously and we like to reward employees who’ve been exceptional in that department,” says Silvernagle. “We elect an employee at each site who has gone above and beyond the safety bar and reward them a gift. We like to make it personal to show we care.


South East Construction provides snow clearing, waste management, materials handling, and disposal

Underground Mine

Recent projects and plans for the future South East Construction is engaged with Potash Corp and Mosaic in a collection of new and


w w w. s e c o n . c a


SOUTH EAST CONSTRUCTION P: 204 222-7400 F: 204 222-9933 E:

Established in 1984, Di-Tech is a company that understands the customer, is paramount to our success. Main Office 1864 Springfield Road Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada P: 204 222-7400

SERVICES: • • • • • •

Wire Sawing Core Drilling Flat Sawing Wall Sawing Specialty Services Robotic Breaking

Black Rock International United States P: 1-855-284-1579


ongoing projects around Canada. The company is involved in numerous Structural Steel , Mechanical and electrical projects on surface and underground. “We are local to 5 mines in our area. We wouldn’t be were we are today if it wasn’t for Mosaic and PCS. They have helped us grow and supported us all the way. Since 2011, SEC has been providing site services for the exciting new Jansen Potash mine for BHP Billiton. These services include snow removal, Dust control, Janitorial, misc carpentry, offloading , electrical maintenance, and land management. There workforce has grown to include construction of roads, ponds, potable water, septic and Hydrovac services, road building as well as concrete foundations. “BHP Billiton’s commitment to safety and operational efficiencies is serious and it forced us to be better at what we do,” says Silvernagle. “BHP is an outstanding client to work for and we are extremely proud to there” One of the larger, and more challenging, projects South East Construction has undertaken was rebuilding the Tazin Lake Dam for SaskPower. “It was extremely challenging but it really represented who we are. It was a job we had no experience in but our team stuck together and got it done. The project turned out great and through all the challenges it really showed our integrity as a company.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


Esterhazy Saskatchewan, Canada FOUNDED



w w w. s e c o n . c a


Domino’s Pizza


Merging Global Branding with Local Appeal Domino’s Pizza Canada President Michael Curran discusses growth, revamping, and inspiring a global brand with a local Canadian identity Written by: Sasha Orman

Produced by: Sean Bakke 75



omino’s is a global leader in delivery and takeout pizza—but within its overarching structure are dozens of franchises striving to tailor the brand to the needs of their local neighborhoods. Domino’s Pizza Canada is one such franchise. Based in Windsor, Ontario, Domino’s Pizza Canada works hard every day to interpret the Domino’s brand in a way that represents true and authentic Canadian culture. Canadian Pride, Canadian Products Domino’s Pizza Canada may be a part of the Michigan-based 76

March 2015

Domino’s Pizza family, but it is also its own franchise entity—and it’s one that is fiercely proud of its roots and dedicated to the concept of being a Canadian operation. A major part of this includes sourcing Canadian products from Canadian vendors wherever possible. Most recently the franchise entered into a partnership with the exclusive right to use the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s iconic Blue Cow logo, signifying that Domino’s Pizza Canada uses only 100 percent Canadian cheese and dairy products from only Canadian dairy farmers. “We’re the only pizza company, and I believe the only fast food


company able to use the Blue Cow logo,” says Michael Curran, President of Domino’s Pizza Canada. “We looked at this a couple of years ago. Some of our competitors were importing cheese from the US, and it could have reduced our costs of cheese products substantially in our stores—but we decided that we would fully support our Canadian dairy farmers. We made a commitment up front to always use 100 percent Canadian dairy cheese in our products.” While at this time Domino’s Pizza Canada is able to certify 100 percent Canadian-sourced

products when it comes to cheese and dairy, Domino’s is constantly improving and looking for ways to integrate more Canadian suppliers and vendors into its supply chain. It’s not a matter of cost savings or economics—it’s a matter of quality, consumer trust, and Canadian pride. Presently, 85 percent of Domino products are sourced in Canada. “I think as a Canadian company, we and our consumers—as well as our suppliers which are part of our consumer base—certainly believe that Canadian products are as good or better than anything we can source from anywhere around the world,” Curran explains. w w w. d o m i n o s . c a


“We pride ourselves on our integrity and quality.�

Sun-brite Foods Inc. has been manufacturing Domino’s pizza sauces for more than 2 decades. Sun-Brite is the largest tomato processor in Canada. We process a wide variety of tomato products in a variety of can sizes, pouches, aseptic bulk tomatoes, premium pizza sauces, pasta sauces, and a variety of tomato concentrates. Our tomatoes are Canadian grown and packed within 24 hours of being harvested, at our Leamington, Ontario facility. Sun-Brite is the owner of two major brands in Canada, Unico and Primo. Primo is the largest Canadian owned brand in Canada of pasta. Our pasta is 100% Canadian durum. We mill and manufacture our pasta in our 150,000 sqft state of the art Toronto facility. Unico is the #1 brand for Mediterranean food products in Canada. Our product collection consists of premium olive oils, vinegars, marinades, olives, tomatoes and sauces, dried and canned beans, rice, pasta and many more specialty products. All distributed from our 200,000 sqft Vaughan facility. 1532 C o unt y R d. 34 | K in g s v ille , O n ta r io N0 p 2 G0 5 1 9.326.9033 | fa x 5 1 9 . 3 2 6 . 8 7 0 0 | S u n - b r ite . c o m

DOMINO’S PIZZA CANADA “Canadian dairy products have proven to be an outstanding product to use. Certainly our consumers understand that, if we are only using Canadian dairy products, they are the best product possible in the marketplace.” An Updated Look No matter how established and iconic your brand is, it’s important to stay fresh and relevant. With that concept in mind, Domino’s Pizza Canada—along with Domino’s franchisees spanning more than 12,000 restaurant locations across 78 countries worldwide—is in the


midst of reimaging its stores. The aim of the rejuvenation process is to create a more modern atmosphere that will better engage today’s consumers and enhance the consumer experience. “We’ve upgraded our locations and opened up our kitchen so consumers can see the product being made,” says Curran, explaining a key feature of the franchise’s location upgrades that the brand refers to as Pizza Theatre. “In many of our stores now there is an ability to sit and consume our Domino’s pizza products, not simply just carry out or delivery—which

SUPPLIER PROFILE SUN – BRITE FOODS INC., PRIMO FOODS INC., UNICO INC. Sun - Brite Foods Inc. has been manufacturing Domino’s pizza sauce for more than 2 decades. Sun-Brite is the largest tomato processor in Canada. We process a wide variety of tomato products in a variety of can sizes, pouches, and aseptic bulk tomatoes, premium pizza sauces, pasta sauces, and a variety of tomato concentrates. Our tomatoes are Canadian grown and packed within 24 hours of being harvested, at our Leamington, Ontario facility. Sun-Brite is the owner of two major brands in Canada, Unico and Primo. Primo is the largest Canadian owned brand in Canada of pasta. Our pasta is 100% Canadian durum. We mill and manufacture our pasta in our 150,000sqft Toronto facility. Unico is the #1 brand for Mediterranean food products in Canada. Our product collection consists of premium olive oils, vinegars, marinades, olives, tomatoes and sauces, dried and canned beans, rice, pasta and many more specialty products. All distributed from our 200,000sqft Vaughan facility. Website:

w w w. d o m i n o s . c a


Food Service and Retail Available !

Processors of Fresh Vegetables

High quality, healthy, easy to use fresh food. Pride Pak Canada Ltd. was established in 1984 to service Canada’s growing trend for high quality, healthy, easy to use fresh food. We now proudly operate as Canada’s largest fresh fruit and vegetable processor from a state-of-the-art facility in Mississauga. In 2006 we opened our second facility Pride Pak Nfld. Ltd., which processes fresh fruit and vegetables for the Province of Newfoundland.


6768 Financial Drive

Mississauga, ON, L5N 7J6 CANADA

Phone 1-905-828-8280

Fax 1-905-828-8201

DOMINO’S PIZZA CANADA had historically been the operating model for Domino’s.” By the end of this year, Curran states that Domino’s Pizza Canada will have about 60 percent of its stores reimaged to fit the new Pizza Theatre concept and model. Already the concept is showing signs of success, prompting positive reactions from both consumers and team members. “Our team members first and foremost really enjoy working in our new concept stores,” notes


Curran. “They feel excited about the new work environment. Our franchisees are excited and we’ve had phenomenal feedback from our customers as well.” Driving Growth Throughout Canada Domino’s Pizza Canada is not a franchise content to stay remain static. This applies to its restaurant design, its consumer engagement, and also to its store growth and expansion. The franchise currently

w w w. d o m i n o s . c a




80% of Business Success is Finding the Right Partners


To Our Partners At Domino’s Pizza! Visit or call 1 800 263 2137. You can count on us!

DRESS IT UP AND MAKE IT TASTY! Experience Select’s extensive array of products, enjoy the convience and tastes from Select’s sterling reputation for quality and selection.

Providing outstanding quality for over 70 years!

120 Sunrise Avenue Toronto, ON, Canada M4A 1B4 1-800-699-8016 416-759-9316 “THE NAME BEHIND THE NAMES YOU KNOW ”



has nearly 400 locations across every province in Canada and two territories—but within those provinces and territories there is plenty of room to grow, especially in Quebec. “We have a presence in Quebec, but that is an area within the country where we would like to focus on expanding our presence—we think that it’s an under-serviced market,” says Curran. “Over the next few years we would like to expand our presence into more of the cities in Quebec. Presently, we’re in Montreal, Quebec City and some of the suburban areas, but we would like to expand into other parts of Quebec within the next couple of years.” A native of Quebec, Curran understands that there are key points to successful growth in such regions, and these are points that Domino’s Pizza Canada is taking to heart in order to meet its end goal of becoming the pizza of choice for Quebec consumers. “Quebec’s a phenomenal market with incredible opportunities—but one of the issues that can be a challenge, and that most companies don’t spend enough time focusing on, is that if you are going to operate in Quebec you need to operate as a Quebec company,” he explains. “You need to have an independent operating base and localize your product.” But what does effective independent localization mean? At the heart of it all it’s about not taking your consumer base as a monolithic whole—to make an impact, a progressive brand

Michael Curran, President, Domino’s Pizza of Canada Ltd.

Jeff Kacmarek, Vice President of Marketing & New Product Development, Domino’s Pizza of Canada Ltd.

w w w. d o m i n o s . c a



needs to look at the needs of individual regions and integrate those needs into a strategy that makes sense to the brand overall. “It’s a brand first and foremost—a promise of consistency,” says Curran, explaining that any 84

March 2015

localization still has to take place within what makes sense for Domino’s as a unified chain. “Then there is the localization consumers look for, where there’s an interest from consumers that make economic sense both from the


consumer and the store operator. So parts of the country might have different product lines that you wouldn’t find across the country—in Quebec we have French fries because that’s something consumers like, but we don’t have that in the rest of Canada.” Through this type of smart localization within context, Domino’s Pizza Canada is able to maintain its brand integrity while meeting the unique needs of every region into which it expands. What’s Next for Domino’s Pizza Canada Moving into the future, Domino’s Pizza Canada is focusing on introducing exciting new products like the recent Parma Bites, as well as building new locations and finding growth opportunities as they come. “We don’t have a specific goal or mandate to open a certain number of stores, because my personal belief is that if we do a good job and our franchisees do a good job, the opportunities will be there,” says Curran. “The stores that are open are the result of consumers telling us they like our product, and so far that’s been a comfortable growth strategy.” But no matter what the future holds, the franchise’s first and foremost focus is on the people who keep it running every day, and it’s that support that sets Domino’s Pizza Canada apart. “Everything we do is what’s in the best interests of our customers and team members who work in our stores,” says Curran. “Within that environment, everything else takes care of itself.”

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Pizza QSR and delivery HEADQUARTERS

Windsor, Ontario, Canada FOUNDED


20,000 REVENUE


Pizza QSR and delivery

w w w. d o m i n o s . c a


Creative Food Ingredients (CFI)

Expanding and Improving CFI chief executive officer Michael O’Flaherty discusses continuous improvement, efficiencies, and innovation in commercial baking Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Sean Bakke


C R E AT I V E F O O D I N G R E D I E N T S ( C F I )

The crumbled cookie toppings at frozen yogurt parlors, the cookie pieces in granolas and snack mixes, whole cookies made for ice cream sandwiches or crushed and molded into pie crusts—where do these products come from? There’s a good chance that your cookie came from Creative Food Ingredients (CFI). For approximately 20 years, the Mississauga, ON-based private company has been in the business of manufacturing cookies and other baked products to fit a variety of needs. “We offer a wide variety of quality baked ingredient products to the Industrial segment of the food 88

March 2015

industry, as well as packaged retail products to a small but important group of private label customers,” says Creative Food Ingredients’ CEO Michael O’Flaherty. As the business continues to grow, CFI remains committed to finding innovative new techniques and uses for the common cookie. Growth and Expansion As business opportunities expand, physical growth of facilities is essential to ensure that capabilities are able to match demand. CFI is currently in the process of that physical growth, building a


75,000-sq. ft. addition onto its current 125,000-sq. ft. Perry, NY commercial facility. As CFI explains, this growth is a strong representative of the company’s bright future. “The recently announced expansion can be considered the first phase of a larger strategic plan and vision for the company,” says O’Flaherty. “Presently the majority of our finished products are warehoused in a standalone temperature controlled building nearby. This in itself necessitates extraordinary time and labor transferring goods, and also presents the potential for damage

and loss due to the additional handling.” The construction of an additional 75,000 square feet of space will allow CFI to consolidate its operations and boost efficiency by bringing its finished goods warehousing into its main facility structure. “At the same time we are looking to upgrade certain aspects in other areas of the facility to make them more energy efficient and productive,” adds O’Flaherty. “Once the expansion work is completed this summer with finished products in the main facility, we can then look to the vacated building for w w w. c r e a t i v e f o o d s . c o m


We Help Food Companies Across North America We are proud to have

Creative Food Ingredients

as one of our happy customers. Find out why.

JustFoodERP delivers software to help food processors and food distributors lower inventory costs and improve food safety.

C R E AT I V E F O O D I N G R E D I E N T S ( C F I )


additional growth opportunities, perhaps even new production space as a distinct possibility.” The Road to Continuous Improvement A larger facility isn’t the only path that CFI is taking to improve its operational efficiencies. The company also recently invested in the implementation of JustFoodERP, a new enterprise resource planning system from software provider IndustryBuilt, in order to better streamline and improve processes throughout the CFI supply chain. “Food companies like CFI are under increasing business pressure related to cost control and food safety—JustFoodERP helps in a number of areas by providing real time information related to sales, purchasing, inventory, production, and quality,” says Marc DiGiorgio, CMO at IndustryBuilt. “Michael’s team at CFI is first class. It is always great to work with a company that has an eye on continuous improvement. It has been a great privilege to be part of their growth over the last few years.” According to Creative Food Ingredients’ CFO Jeffrey Arcand, JustFoodERP has already produced significant benefits through features like real-time data retrieval, helping the business stay ahead of the technology curve. “Some of the other noticeable benefits of the ERP system currently are reduced cycle time to complete administrative functions, drill down capabilities and instantaneous traceability of raw materials and finished goods items by lot w w w. c r e a t i v e f o o d s . c o m


C R E AT I V E F O O D I N G R E D I E N T S ( C F I )

number,” he adds. “We have many more processes that can be fine tuned and streamlined, and we continue to work towards improving each process over the years and into the future. We realized that once the ERP system was implemented, there were efficiencies gained in certain areas, and discovered there were other areas that required new attention. We reallocated our employees and trained them for these new challenges. We continue to learn and evolve with this new system.”


March 2015

Meeting Critical Standards At CFI, quality is critical—and making quality products starts with quality ingredients. CFI takes its supplier approval process very seriously, sourcing domestically and even locally wherever possible, to ensure that every product is made with top quality ingredients that meet the company’s strict allergen guidelines and adhere to Kosher standards under the KOF-K and OU banners. “As is the case for most contemporary companies in the


food industry, we have a comprehensive approval process which involves supplier questionnaires, audits and the requirement for other support documents demonstrating quality standards,” says O’Flaherty. “Only approved suppliers and sources of material are allowed within the facility, and these suppliers must too also meet our tree nut and peanut free handling requirement, as well as ensure Kosher compliance. Materials are thoroughly inspected upon arrival and a sample is taken by our Quality department for retention in the event of future nonconformities.”

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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada FOUNDED

The CFI Difference What sets Creative Food Ingredients apart from the competition? According to O’Flaherty, it all comes down to a combination of three key tenets. “The company has always leaned very strongly on customer service, quality and innovation,” he explains. “We see this as being the ultimate package that our client base will appreciate and seek out on future development opportunities. Innovation will always continue to play a large role in our company’s future, as well as expanded production capabilities. While price, ultimately, is always a large concern and driving factor in the decision making process, by providing peripheral benefits such as timely delivery, exceptional product consistency and a responsive development team, we create an inviting environment for both current and potential clients to partner with.”




Commercial baking

w w w. c r e a t i v e f o o d s . c o m


Integrity Post Structures Integrity Post Structures: Where Innovation and Experience Meet Why Integrity Post Structures is head and shoulders above the competition Written by: Ian Hanner & Tomas Lucero

Produced by: Rich Gentile



“For me, Integrity Post Structures is more than just a company—we are a team. Our goal is not to maximize share price, but rather to give the best building and service out there” – says Williams


March 2015


ntegrity is more than just a word to Integrity Post Structures, one of Western Canada’s leading post frame contractors. To them, it’s the guiding principle behind their entre business. Founded in 2008 by Al Williams and Jerry Myer, Integrity Post Structures (Integrity) is the culmination of the years of experience in construction and sales that the two partners brought to the table. Williams worked hard out of his truck and Myers from home to sell 75 buildings


their first year, according to Williams. Today that number is up to 300 each year. “In the early years, we used to do it all,” Williams said. “Everything from selling to building to service. Today everybody has their roles and I have learned to place responsibilities onto the shoulders of our very capable team.”

Leveraging Technology Integrity has a lot of things going for it. They’ve learned to use technology to optimize their business, using only the best raw materials in the industry. “We have a very simple recipe,” Williams said. “We use the best products from the best suppliers. We only use quality metal. We use

w w w. i n t e g r i t y p o s t f r a m e . c o m


Our mission is to provide superior products and to make a positive dif

Structural Truss Systems is a family owned business which has been manufacturing quality trusses since 1981. Beginning as a small operation near Fort Macleod’s Historic downtown the company has steadily grown and now operates from our modern 38,000 sq ft. manufacturing plant. Since then our operations have experienced continual upgrades to equipment and processes to ensure we achieve the best possible efficiencies.

STS is also a member of the Western Wood Truss Association of Alberta which requires us to adhere to “A Code of Standard Practice.”

I Fort Macleod, Alberta T0L 0Z0 I

443 - 12th Street Email:


Ph: 403-553-3306

To view our company video visit our website

s and services, to build lasting relationships, fference in the community.

ECOnOmICAL LONG LASTING QUALITY ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Since establishment in 1992, Forma Steel has been manufacturing quality steel panels and distributing related accessories. Our focus on quality and service has helped us grow into our current 26,000ft² facility offering 5 panel options and trims up to 21’ long. Continuous improvements in both equipment and processes result in our ability to offer the best possible efficiency and value.

I Fort Macleod, Alberta T0L 0Z0 I Ph: 403-553-3309 I To view our company video visit our website 408 - 12th Street





Employees: 60 Established: 1981 Industry: Residential, commercial, agricultural, oil field, post frame, multi-family Services: Engineered wood roof and open web floor truss systems, wood I-joist, LVL beams and associated hardware. Cut to length steel panels for roof, walls and liners. Associated trims up to 21’, sliding doors and all associated accessories. Key to success: Quality, service, lean principled manufacturing, continuous improvement Management: Frans Feyter, President James Coast, General Manager Website:

INTEGRITY POST STRUCTURES quality trusses from our truss supplier. Our doors are just very high quality and doors that don’t require very much maintenance. So for us that’s what makes us the best.” He added, “We have the confidence to back our buildings with the best warranty in the industry. We also have a service crew that provides immediate response to any problems that we have. We work hard every day. We look at our shortfalls and make decisions that have impacts on making our process better.” Today they’re the Western Canadian distributors of the Perma-Column, a product that has shifted the market. Perma-Column introduced its signature product by the same name. According to the company’s website, “PermaColumns are five foot precast concrete columns that keep wood out of the ground, ensuring [a] building’s foundation will never rot. They are the first product to combine the economy of post frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation.” The Perma-Column is simple to install and doesn’t require waiting on concrete trucks or treating wood for soil introduction.


Machine sheds help prolong the life of your valuable farm equipment.

“We are not driven by how quickly we move from one project to the next, but by doing the best job and paying detailed attention to each aspect of the building” – says, Williams w w w. i n t e g r i t y p o s t f r a m e . c o m


INTEGRITY POST STRUCTURES According to Williams, the PermaColumn has been a real gamechanger for Integrity’s business. “It helps us compete in a different market, which is stick-frame buildings,” he said. “Some people would never build on a post frame model because of the fact that there’s wood on the ground and wood rots. The fact that our post is concrete really helps us sell buildings and provide added value to our buildings over our competitors.”

Integrity’s Approach to Every Job It’s important not to credit too much of Integrity’s success to the Perma-Column, as the company is one that prides itself on continually improving its own operations. On its own website, Integrity assures each and every prospective client that it will bring the best experience and innovation to every job site. “With a team that includes innovators like Al Williams and Jerry Myer, combined with the experience


of Post Frame pioneer Irvin Goodon, our team is unmatchable in giving you the best product and service for your dollar.” A pillar of Integrity’s success is its communication system. Integrity’s communication begins with an intricately detailed drawing of each project they are commissioned to complete. From there, each stakeholder uses the drawing as the central point of reference from start to finish. This avoids confusion and crystallizes vision. Things were not always this way. “A lot of miscommunications within our industry happened because we would have construction crews building differently than we had sold the building or put together the package from the building,” Williams said. “Today, we have a detailed drawing that creates a take-off. Having a centralized communication system in the form of a detailed drawing works very, very well for us.” The handy work of the sketcher that creates their drawings is augmented by technology. Integrity has a “fantastic” dashboard module that allows

them to give real time quoting with five sales representatives. The firm uses the full spectrum of modern communication tools, from Dropbox to texting to social media. As a whole, their communication system lets them work at the speed of business. “Quoting and responding to issues: it makes our immediate responses, punctual quoting and our ability to follow up on quotes very efficient,” Williams said. Recognition In recognition of his hard work and business acumen, partner Jerry Myer was recently selected as a finalist for the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction in the Young Entrepreneur of Distinction category. The coveted award recognizes young professionals who are successfully approaching businesses in genuinely innovative ways. “I am honoured to be selected as a finalist in by the Alberta Chambers,” said Myer. “We are privileged to be based in Alberta where we have been able to tap into the many opportunities our province offers. As a company, I believe we are poised for great success in the coming years

w w w. i n t e g r i t y p o s t f r a m e . c o m




March 2015


and I am excited about the opportunities that surround us.” According to the company’s website, the final award decision will be announced at a gala dinner on Feb. 27 at the Renaissance Hotel in Edmonton, after going to print. This award is just one of many indicators that Integrity’s reputation precedes them. Wordof-mouth is a major source of their business referrals. When Integrity builds something in an area, the neighbors flock to their business. “We find ourselves building clusters,” Williams said. “We track our buildings on Google Earth and we find that our buildings come in clusters. We build one building and then we build three other buildings around that particular customer.” The leadership style of Williams and Myer has kept pace with the dynamism of the partners’ company, whilst ensuring the contributions of the rank and file at the company are appropriately valued. “Although myself and Jerry are the owners of the company, we could not do what we do without the commitment and role ownership that we have in our team,” Williams said. “I would attribute the success of our company not only to the 20 staff that we have here at our headquarters in Okotoks, but too our early rising sales team and sixteen hard working crews that we have out in the field.”

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48223 338 Ave. East Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, T1S 1A8 FOUNDED



Not Disclosed

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Home Improvements & Project Management &

Flintstones Masonry

“Do It Once, Do It Right� See how Flintstones Masonry is setting the standard of efficiency and excellence on Vancouver Island. Written by: Laura Close

Produced by: Rich Gentile



Modern day castle stone work

F Mike De Palma (CEO, owner) 108

March 2015

lintstones Masonry is a renovation company based out of Victoria that focuses on masonry, waterproofing, home renovations and landscape design and build for all sorts of homes and price ranges. The high-quality work is completed to code with a zero-liability guarantee by hardworking tradesmen. The company started with a focus on bricklaying as chimney and fireplaces require significant upkeep and repair due to water


damage in the wet Victoria climate. The company’s expansion into other construction markets was prompted by a desire from customers for a trustworthy service provider. “People were looking for a well-managed construction company,” shared Mike De Palma, owner. “It can be difficult to find high-quality tradesmen that are reliable and show up to work every day. People knew we provided such a crew in bricklaying, and as we did more jobs, people

“People knew we provided [excellence] in bricklaying, and as we did more jobs people began asking, ‘can you take care of this for us?” – Mike De Palma, owner

w w w. f l i n t s t o n e s m a s o n r y. c o m


F L I N T S T O N E S M A S O N RY began asking, ‘can you take care of this for us?’ “As time went on, I asked myself why I was sending this work to other companies when we could control the quality and manage the entire process ourselves.”

Stone stairway

Do It Once, Do It Right Flintstones’ motto of “Do it once, do it right,” is what all customers working with contractors want to hear. But Flintstones truly delivers on this. Owner De Palma shared that his team has had to take over on multiple projects that have been halfway completed—or completely finished—that have been done wrong. Many of these projects

682 Ark Road, Malahat B.C. V0R 2L0


would have to be started over again costing the customer even more money. “You may spend more money upfront on our services, but the quality will be superior, and you will save money in the long run because you’ll only pay to have the work done once,” explains De Palma. To live up to their motto, management at Flintstones meets with their crews each day to discuss the intricacies of the projects, as well as to lay out a plan of action. Flintstones is constantly improving their techniques, widening their scope of services and growing their staff, so management maintains that communication is a priority amongst the teams so as to ensure that each individual is well informed and knowledgeable about the project. Attracting Talent For a company that has as high of standards as Flintstones’ does, it can prove challenging to find the right people for the job. “It can be difficult to find good people, especially in specialized trade,” shared De Palma. “People who can do a good job, that show up every day, that care about their work, that can work as a team, and that really just want to see a good product at the end.” Fortunately, through strong internal efforts Flintstones has found just these people. “Once you get that team, it really separates a company from their competition. We’ve got a big team of people who are all on the same page

Exposed aggregate driveway with decorative border

“We’ve got a big team of people who are all on the same page with what we want to accomplish. We’ve got 40 people, many of them with over 20 to 30 years of experience. There’s no one else in our industry on Vancouver Island that has that.” – Mike De Palma, owner

w w w. f l i n t s t o n e s m a s o n r y. c o m



Custom outdoor living space


March 2015


with what we want to accomplish. We’ve got 40 people, many of them with over 20 to 30 years of experience. There’s no one else in our industry on Vancouver Island that has that.” De Palma knows that the company’s work speaks for itself: the better work they do, the higher caliber of worker the company can attract. Employees are well paid and appreciate the craftsmanship they are involved in, creating an energetic and productive work environment. For the Future When asked to comment on the future of the industry on the island, De Palma shared that high safety standards are becoming imperative. “Safety procedures are going to become [extremely] important. It’s going to really separate the companies like us who put a huge amount of resources and effort into working safely on our job sites from others. “A lot of the smaller companies are not in the same position. But as more and more companies become up-to-date on safety, the playing field will be leveled and business will change. It’s more work than one might think to do things safely.” With the success that comes with an exceptionally strong team and high quality safety and construction standards, Flintstones has an eye towards expansion, especially beyond Vancouver Island. “We’re only limited by our imagination and how hard we want to work.”

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520 Ardersier Road Victoria British Columbia Canada V8Z 1C7 FOUNDED




w w w. f l i n t s t o n e s m a s o n r y. c o m


PPP Canada

PPP Canada Delivering Maximum Value to Taxpayer How one unique approach to infrastructure is overhauling Canada Written by: Ian Hanner Produced: Association





s the world moves further into the 21st century, much the infrastructure of the last 100 years will need replacement or upgrades, and in Canada taxpayers will know for certain that these projects are being completed with value in mind. Founded in 2008 as a whollyowned corporation of the Canadian federal government, PPP Canada exists with one mission in mind: to assess the P3 viability of largescale infrastructural projects throughout Canada and to deliver the maximum value on each project to the taxpayers. John McBride, chief executive officer and the first employee of PPP Canada, has the task of steering the company along as it demonstrates the benefits of the P3 model. “We work with all levels of government in Canada to make sure that P3s are used in a wise and effective way,” McBride said. “When we work with provinces and municipalities, we have a fund that we can commit to good P3 projects to encourage their use at the provincial and municipal levels. And 116

March 2015

we work with the federal government to screen, structure and execute P3 projects.” How a P3 Works Short for “public-private partnership,” the P3 model transfers a significant amount of risk away from the public to the private sector by structuring payments to a developer out over the useful lifespan of a project, optimizing efficiency, reducing costs and attracting the best talent from around the world. McBride describes the P3 model as an excellent solution for infrastructural projects that meet a few certain criteria. First, they need to carry a price tag for taxpayers of more than $50 million—though probably more than $100 million— to make the P3 model financially viable while attracting companies to the bidding process. Second, the organization attracting bids for a project needs to be able to specify performance standards over the lifespan of the development, only paying the remaining amount owed after the long-term obligations are


SRO Dowtown Eastside Vancouver_BC Housing

fulfilled. Finally, successful P3s adopt a whole life-cycle approach, transferring the risks of some, or all, of the components (design, build, finance, operation and/or maintenance) of a project to the private sector and deliver positive Value for Money. “Part of the advantage of a P3 is that you’re getting the best skill set on the planet with a certain type of expertise to come and help you,” McBride said. “If you’re building a hospital—a community doesn’t normally build a new hospital more than once in a generation. So there usually isn’t expertise built into the institution about how to build a new hospital.”

He added, “It’s kind of like building your own house. By the time you get to your third house, you’ve learned a lot of lessons, but if you’re doing it yourself you’re going to pay the cost of your own inexperience.” P3s at Work in Canada While a relatively young organization at just five years in business, PPP Canada has an impressive portfolio of large-scale projects under its belt. Perhaps its most significant project right now, PPP Canada is acting as the lead P3 advisor on the procurement of a bridge to replace the aging Champlain Bridge in Montreal as part of the St. Lawrence project. According to McBride, PPP w w w. p 3 c a n a d a . c a



Evan-Thomas Water and Wastewater Treatment Facility project Kananaskis Country, Alberta

Canada is actively working with Infrastructure Canada “to complete a study to support their procurement process. PPP Canada 118

March 2015

is similarly involved with Transport Canada and Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority in the development of the Detroit River International Crossing.�


With a long list of other ongoing projects, it would seem the private sector is eager to do business in the sector despite the risk that the P3 model transfers to them. “These are business opportunities for them,” McBride said. “They are experts in their field and they’re experts in knowing how to assess and manage these types of projects and risks. They’re certainly doing it because they see it as a profitable enterprise for them. And there’s value for taxpayers because they’re better at doing it than the public sector is. So it’s a win-win situation. They can earn business revenues and profits and the governments can reduce risk and get better value.” A far cry from the days of five years ago when the organization was new and McBride was the only employee— there are now around 60— McBride’s main focus now that PPP Canada is staffed by experts is to raise awareness of the benefits of the P3 model throughout Canada. While the organization’s successes are many, McBride is looking to the future. “I’m hopeful that by the end of the next five years, all jurisdictions in Canada will be participating in P3s,” he said. “And that we will have made entries into new sectors of infrastructure. I think that in the next five years people are going to be starting to see more and more of the good results of P3s— on-time and on-budget.

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Federal Crown corporation HEADQUARTERS

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada FOUNDED

2008 The Government of Canada has committed to supporting innovative public infrastructure projects, using the Public-Private Partnership (P3) model that deliver maximum value for Canadians, stimulate the economy, create jobs and support long-term prosperity. To this end, it created PPP Canada, a federal Crown corporation, with an independent Board of Directors reporting through the Minister of Finance to Parliament.

w w w. p 3 c a n a d a . c a


Infrastructure Canada Investments in Public infrastructure Support a Strong, Competitive and Sustainable Canada Our Commitment to infrastructure in Canada



Public infrastructure is the backbone of our nation’s economic prosperity and social development. Investments in modern and efficient public infrastructure help create jobs and promote economic growth and productivity. From large-scale construction projects to smaller-scale, community-based investments, infrastructure has the power to revitalize, strengthen, and improve the everyday lives of all Canadians. Over the next 10 years, our Government will invest $75 billion in infrastructure that delivers results for Canadians – a stronger economy, a cleaner environment and better 122

March 2015

communities. These investments will provide stable, predictable funding for projects that enhance economic growth, job creation and productivity and will help maintain Canada’s economic position amongst the strongest of the G7 countries. In fact, Canada has consistently ranked atop the G7 countries in total investments in infrastructure as a percentage of GDP since our Conservative Government took office in 2006. No other federal government in our nation’s history has demonstrated this commitment and has made these levels of investment. Our partners play a crucial role in

w w w. i n f r a s t r u c t u re . g c . c a

supporting investments in Canada’s infrastructure. At 95%, the vast majority of all public infrastructure assets in this country are owned by provinces, territories and municipalities. Our Government is committed to working with all levels of government, as well as with the private sector, to ensure that our investments support the priorities of all Canadians. Our infrastructure programs have been designed to meet the needs of our citizens, while achieving the best value for taxpayers’ dollars. Projects are cost-shared to maximize federal investments while leveraging greater funding from other sources. Through cost-sharing, we are able to increase the number of federally funded projects and address the needs of more Canadians across our great country.   Unprecedented Federal Infrastructure Investments As part of our Government’s historic investments, the $53-billion New Building Canada Plan, the largest and longest federal infrastructure plan in our nation’s history, provides funding in several different ways:

the renewed federal Gas Tax Fund is available directly to municipalities to address their local needs, the National Infrastructure Component provides funding for projects of national significance, that contribute to long-term economic growth and prosperity and the ProvincialTerritorial Infrastructure Component supports projects of national, regional and local significance while contributing to economic growth, a cleaner environment, and stronger communities. This approach was taken to offer a flexible approach to infrastructure financing and supports investments that address priorities under a wide range of eligible categories. Infrastructure Investments Support Sustainable Communities Investments in public infrastructure can improve the quality of the environment and lead to a more sustainable economy over the long term. Since 2006, federal contributions to infrastructure have supported improvements in the areas of solid waste management, renewable energy, and wastewater – resulting in cleaner air and water. Protecting and enhancing the

w w w. i n f r a s t r u c t u re . g c . c a



quality of Canada’s freshwater resources supports recreation, tourism, and fisheries, and is an important contributor to the manufacturing, resource and agricultural sectors of the economy. In recognition of the importance of clean water, our Government has made significant investments in wastewater infrastructure. Over the past 9 years, the federal government has committed over $2.08 billion to wastewater infrastructure projects across Canada through a number of its programs. In addition, since 2006, municipalities have invested almost $811 million of the Gas Tax Fund in wastewater projects. Wastewater Investments in Canada’s Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River 124

March 2015

Recognizing the challenges that wastewater effluent can pose, Canada and the United States first signed the Canada-U.S. Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA) in 1972, and renewed it most recently in 2012. The agreement commits both countries to support the environmental health of the Great Lakes. Since 2006, our Government has invested approximately $643 million in direct funding toward municipal wastewater infrastructure projects in the Great Lakes Basin alone, projects that have helped restore some of the region’s most vulnerable areas. Improvements to the Halton Region Wastewater Treatment Plant also serve as a prime example of cooperation between municipal, provincial and federal governments


toward meeting domestic and international commitments to protect our water resources. In November 2009, we were proud to announce our support for the expansion of Halton’s Skyway Wastewater Treatment Plant. Expansion and enhancements to the plant are helping to improve the quality of treated wastewater discharged into the Hamilton Harbour. Moving Forward Our Government will continue to support projects that will improve the quality of the environment and lead to a more sustainable economy over the long term. As was the case under past federal infrastructure programs, important environmentally-focused categories such as water and wastewater treatment are eligible categories for funding under the New Building Canada Plan. As we move forward with our infrastructure investments, we do so in tandem with our partners to provide meaningful and lasting benefits for our communities across Canada. I am very proud that our Government has delivered a New Building Canada Plan to help finance the construction, rehabilitation and enhancement of infrastructure across Canada. The Honourable Denis Lebel Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of

Company Information Infrastructure Canada leads federal efforts to ensure that Canadians benefit from worldclass, modern public infrastructure. We achieve this by making investments, building partnerships, developing policies, delivering programs, and fostering knowledge. The department is a key funding partner, working with provinces, territories, municipalities, the private sector and nonprofit organizations, along with other federal departments and agencies to help build and revitalize the infrastructure Canadians need and use every day.

Quebec w w w. i n f r a s t r u c t u re . g c . c a


Halton Region Skyway Wastewater Treatment Plant Government of Canada, Province of Ontario and Halton Region Partner for $159M Skyway Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Collaboration, communication and carefully planned contracts Written by: Andrew Rossillo Produced by: Michael Magno



Grit Building- Excavator Helping Excavator


earing its completion mid 2015, the $159M Skyway Wastewater Treatment Plant represents an exceptional collaborative effort between the Government of Canada, Province of Ontario and Halton Region. “Our Government’s support for public infrastructure has never been stronger. Upgrades to the Skyway Wastewater Treatment Plant in Burlington will help ensure the health and wellbeing of this growing region and improve the Lake Ontario ecosystem. We are proud to help Halton Region realize its largest infrastructure capital project as we 128

March 2015

focus on creating jobs, promoting growth, and building strong, prosperous communities across Canada,” said the Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec. The Skyway plant will produce treated wastewater that meets the highest national standards established by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment and the Remedial Action Plan for Hamilton Harbour. “Upgrades to the Skyway

PLANT Wastewater Treatment Plant will help protect the local environment and enhance water quality in the Halton region. By investing in critical infrastructure projects like this across the province, Ontario’s government is supporting economic growth and creating jobs now and for years to come,” said Jeff Leal, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Improvements to the plant will ensure sufficient treatment capacity to support projected population growth in Burlington to 2031, as outlined in Halton Region’s Wastewater 2011 Master Plan. “The expansion and upgrade of the Skyway Wastewater Treatment Plant will help Halton Region provide safe and effective wastewater treatment for our growing communities while protecting the sensitive environment of the bay. This project also highlights the funding partnerships with all levels of government that are critical to our ability to meet our long-term infrastructure needs and ensure Halton Region remains a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire,” said Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr.


By increasing the primary treatment capacity, the plant will be better equipped to deal with future flows as well as wet weather flows. Improvements to the secondary treatment process, and the addition of tertiary treatment for wastewater being discharged from the plant, will help meet the environmental needs of Hamilton Harbour. The project is scheduled to be completed in summer 2015. “We developed this project with the idea of supporting, improving and enhancing the economy, creating a cleaner environment, and building a stronger and more prosperous community. The project has both a development aspect as well as a water-quality aspect,” said David Andrews, Director, Water & Wastewater Treatment for Halton Region Andrews pointed out that water-quality was especially important since treated water from the Skyway Wastewater Treatment Plant is discharged to Hamilton Harbour which is a sensitive receiver and an Area of Concern, as identified by the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement between Canada and the United States. There are w w w. h a l t o n . c a



strict quality requirements for treated effluent which is discharged to Hamilton Harbor. This project improves the overall quality of treated effluent produced by the Skyway plant. Added plant capacity to support development in the area was one of the main catalysts behind this project being set into motion. “We increased the plant size from 118 to 140 megaliters per day,” said Andrews. As part of this project tank capacities were increased in each of the existing plant process areas. In addition, tertiary treatment was added in the form of a sand

filter. Originally, it was an enhanced secondary plant, which will be upgraded to a tertiary plant by the end of the project,” said Andrews. Collaborative Effort Keeps Project Completion on Schedule The Skyway Wastewater Treatment Plant project was launched at the end of 2010. The project is right on schedule according to the initial projection of being completed by mid 2015. “The project is following along the desired timeline, and we’re basically done with the process construction. We still have to do some of the end-of-project

SUPPLIER PROFILE RED VALVE COMPANY AND TIDEFLEX® TECHNOLOGIES Since 1953, Red Valve Company and Tideflex® Technologies® have manufactured quality products to solve the world’s toughest flow control problems. Red Valve Company and Tideflex® Technologies are the leading manufacturer of valves and related products for municipal and industrial applications worldwide, providing a wide range of pinch valves, control valves, patented Tideflex® Check Valves, Redflex® Expansion Joints, Tideflex® Air Diffusers, knife gate valves and nonclogging pressure sensors. Our advanced elastomer technology is engineered into every pinch valve, knife gate valve, pressure sensor, expansion joint and Tideflex® Check Valve. Website:

w w w. h a l t o n . c a


H A LT O N R E G I O N S K Y WAY WA S T E WAT E R T R E AT M E N T restoration and residual landscape work,” said Andrews. A significant amount of critical planning has helped the project maintain the schedule established at the very beginning, especially through focusing on the construction sequencing. Andrews also explained how multiple contracting made a vital contribution towards staying on schedule: “Multiple contracts allowed us to design and construct in parallel for various facets of the design and upgrade.”

Proud supplier of the Phoenix Underdrain System for the new tertiary granular media filters at the Skyway Wastewater Treatment Plant.

“Another noteworthy element is that we worked based on a partnership approach. We initiated the overall process with a partnering workshop with the contractor, the engineer and the owner, which included a number of participants from each of these groups, working through the direction for the project. Delivery of a successful project through partnering was identified as the priority as opposed to the individual interests of the participants,” said Andrews. Anthratech Western Inc. (AWI) is counted among these critical contributors. AWI supplied the patented Phoenix Underdrain System for the granular media filters in the new tertiary filtration facility at the plant. The Phoenix Underdrain System was chosen for this project due to the excellent performance record of the system which is also in use in the filters at both Halton’s Oakville and Burlington Water Purification Plants. The Phoenix Underdrain System was customengineered for the Skyway plant based on site-specific requirements. The design for the Skyway filters included the air scour supply header

PLANT pipe hidden in the filter flume and the filter media retention barrier sized specifically for the mono-media sand design. A strong partnership approach was also established at the beginning of the project between the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario and Halton Region, who all contributed equally to the overall delivery of the project in terms of funding. The Government of Canada is the lead on the funding agreement for this project, acting as the point of contact for communication and continuous updates. “We have ongoing communications about the project’s progress, including any modifications we might make,” said Andrews. When asked if there were any particular challenges presented from working with a governmental body, Andrews was quick to confirm the opposite, informing that “the relationship has been very amicable and very supportive throughout the whole process. Because it’s a funded program, we did need to communicate certain details regarding how the project would be


delivered, to make sure it met the criteria and constraints of the funding program.” “The funding timelines and method of deliverables represents a significant challenge for such a large project, especially once that’s government funded, necessitating that very specific requirements are met. Time management and whole-team collaboration and communication was necessary to successfully meet the challenge of delivering portions of the project based on pre-established timelines,” said Andrews. Green Infrastructure Fund The Halton Region Skyway Wastewater Treatment Plant Project was initially submitted under the Building Canada Fund; infrastructure component. Based on the intended goal of improving effluent quality, along with additional features, the project was transferred to the Green Infrastructure Fund. “We didn’t originally apply for that fund, but the Federal government identified it as being appropriate for the Green Infrastructure Fund. We also created a new operations and w w w. h a l t o n . c a



Blower Building; Lifting New Blower into Place

laboratory building as part of this project, which was modeled after some of the criteria pertaining to LEEDS certification, including grey water recycling, heat exchange, LED lighting, maximized natural light, minimized artificial lighting, and specially designed roofing which promotes cooling. Furthermore, part of what helped us achieve this Green Infrastructure funding came from us looking at energy efficiency in terms of the evaluation of equipment,� said Andrews. 134

March 2015

In addition, the project was also afforded a significant boost in cost and operational efficiency with the help of Red Valve Company, Inc. and its Tideflex Technologies Division’s coarse bubble aeration and mixing assemblies for interconnecting wastewater channels. The Tideflex coarse bubble diffuser is a non-clog unit that requires no maintenance or service. The supply air to the assemblies can be completely shut off with no detrimental clogging or system shutdown. This allows



the operators to apply air as needed, saving thousands and thousands of dollars annually. With no maintenance requirements, extensive operational costs savings are also realized. High solids mixing and management is one of the most costly activities in wastewater processing, the Tideflex equipment provides continuous operation in one of the most aggressive process areas, with no service requirements or downtime and at a fraction of the typical operating cost.

Company Information INDUSTRY


Next Steps “For this project, we are presently involved with commissioning various facets of the plant” said Andrews. “The last contract has yet to be tendered, which is basically the final landscaping and site cleanup.” The project site is adjacent to a beach on Lake Ontario, and because this is a popular place for both locals and tourists, Andrews pointed out that this final stage, though largely based on aesthetic values, is still very much an important one. Andrews went on to share that they have a number of projects currently under way, estimated at approximately $350 million in expansions and upgrades. This includes their second largest plant’s just having started its upgrade and expansion from 75 to 125 megaliters. It involves the construction of a new effluent pipe and outfall that extends two kilometers into Lake Ontario. This project is valued at approximately $250 million.

1151 Bronte Road Oakville, Ontario, Canada, L6M 3L1 FOUNDED

Not Disclosed EMPLOYEES

Not Disclosed REVENUE

Not Disclosed

w w w. h a l t o n . c a


Arazy Group Consultants Inc.

Award-winning global registr solutions for the MedTech ind

From China to Canada, Arazy Group aligns its clients with t and the ever-changing regulatory landscape Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano

Produced by: Cedrick Adolphe

ration dustry

the global economy



Staff from Israel, Germany, China, South Africa, and Canada in a meeting at Arazy Group’s Vancouver office.

The future of a medical or diagnostic device manufacturer does not depend only on their ability to innovate, but also on their ability to get their products to market. This is the principle behind Arazy Group Consultants Inc., an international consultancy spanning several continents that assists 138

March 2015

medical device companies with mandatory regulatory compliance approvals, especially as they enter new markets. Founded 20 years ago, Arazy Group operates in over 100 countries worldwide, serving early start-up, medium-sized and top 100 multinational MedTech companies with one mission: to make their


medical devices available. As growth in the medical device sector continues to shift towards emerging markets, and the need to be first to market becomes more important, the regulatory landscape becomes even more complex as companies must dedicate more and more resources to license submissions and maintenance in multiple countries, each with different regulatory frameworks and requirements.

by developing and introducing innovative solutions.

A History of Going Global Arazy Group was originally established in Israel in 1995 as the first regulatory affairs consulting company in the country. Serving Israel’s medical device industry almost exclusively during the first few years of operation, opportunities for massive growth were soon created. “Starting in Israel gave us a great Enter Arazy Group. advantage,” shared Arazy. “Israel has become a major hub for medical “Our disruptive technology is the device technology. Working with driving force behind a revolutionary Israeli manufacturers allowed suite of products changing global us to develop unique regulatory licensing and registration,” stated knowledge and experience through Benjamin Arazy, President and CEO. challenging projects with the new, “Since late 2012, we accelerated advanced technology characteristic growth for our clients and made of the Israeli MedTech sector.” advanced medical devices available Working outside of the traditional to patients and physicians around the European Union and American globe faster than ever before.” markets also gave Arazy Group the We recently spoke with Benjamin insight they needed to recognize the Arazy to further understand how his potential of emerging markets and company Arazy Group is addressing the role they would play in the future the growing needs of the MedTech of the MedTech industry. Not only industry in the international market were they among the first to expand w w w. a r a z y g r o u p . c o m


A R A Z Y G R O U P C O N S U LTA N T S I N C . their business into developing countries, where there was a greater need for the kind of expertise Arazy Group had to offer, but they were positioned to make an impact right away. The company started their expansion in China. There, Arazy Group became the first medical device consulting company to obtain European certification (CE Mark) for a Chinese product – a major achievement in 1998. Upon the completion of this landmark

project, Arazy Group continued to find similar success in Southeast Asia and Latin America. After the global economic crisis began in 2008, Arazy Group began to receive inquiries for product registrations from American and European manufacturers who realized that they needed to get their products into more markets to succeed in the new economic environment. It became clear that the skills and system that Arazy Group had built for the developing

Arazy Group operates in over 100 countries worldwide, serving early start-up, medium-sized and top 100 multinational MedTech companies.


world were of value to the industry at large and, in response, they set up their international headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. “While we have been operating for two decades within the constraints of the complexity of international regulatory affairs, we have also seen opportunity,” said Arazy. “We combined the power of raw data, the efficiency of data management and the connectivity of a professional social network of compliance experts into a new technology service platform and launched an integrated suite of cloud-based products designed to streamline, simplify and expedite international regulatory affairs once and for all.”

Arazy Group President & CEO Benjamin Arazy

Cloud Computing Excellence This year, Arazy Group is among the worldclass companies honored with the prestigious CIO Impact Award by Frost & Sullivan. Going to companies who enable breakthrough new business models and strategies, Arazy Group was recognized for its cloud-based global MedTech registration system LICENSALE.COM™. Manufacturers use the LICENSALE.COM™ system to manage their product submissions and submit multiple applications in multiple markets, simultaneously, through one easy-to-use portal. The technology connects Arazy Group’s network of compliance and technical experts to the manufacturers’ registration projects, enabling registration in over 100 countries and

Integrating technology, software and a professional network streamlines and expedites global regulatory affairs.

w w w. a r a z y g r o u p . c o m



Benjamin Arazy accepting the 2015 CIO Innovator of the Year and Cloud Computing awards from Frost & Sullivan President (Americas) and Partner Art Robbins.

reducing time-to-market and overall regulatory costs by as much as 50 percent. The system is designed to address manufacturers’ long-term needs throughout the product lifecycle, including the ongoing maintenance of licenses and registration renewals, and has processed thousands of applications since its official launch in 2012. 142

March 2015

“Being recognized by a world-renowned third party for our achievements is extremely important for building our clients’ confidence in our advanced solutions,” said Arazy. Only weeks before winning the award, Arazy Group introduced the next phase in its suite of integrated cloud-based products: Officially launched at MEDICA 2014 in


Düsseldorf, REGISLATE™ is the first dedicated global regulatory management system for the large-scale processing, submission and review of regulated product applications. Directed to manufacturers as well as government agencies or other professional regulatory organizations, REGISLATE™ completes the infrastructure required for the operation of an effective regulatory affairs organization or department. On February 10, Benjamin Arazy also received the Frost & Sullivan 2015 CIO Innovator of the Year Award. The award goes to those nominees whose teams had the most outstanding impact on their enterprises’ strategic innovation, and who delivered a significant competitive advantage.

Company Information INDUSTRY


#350-1333 Johnston Street, Pier 32, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6H 3R9 FOUNDED


Constant Innovation Arazy Group is continuously striving to accelerate time-to-market for faster and equal public access to advanced MedTech products on a global scale. “Overall, we want to take a leading position with whatever is happening in the field of regulatory affairs, while improving global healthcare through the provision of safe and advanced medical devices and practice” said Arazy. When asked where he would like to see Arazy Group in the next five years, Benjamin Arazy concluded with the following: “I’d like to see Arazy Group expanding its role as the leading player in the field of regulated product registration to the biotech sphere, followed by other global regulatory verticals.”


120+ EMAIL

w w w. a r a z y g r o u p . c o m


JSS Medical Research

JSS Medical Research Takes Clinical Studies Global

After key mergers and acquisitions, JSS Medical Research is able to offer their high-quality services to the world. Written by: Laura Close Produced by: Cedrick Adolphe




he vision of JSS Medical Research is to become the preferred provider of clinical research services for a range of healthcare stakeholders including industry, hospitals, universities and governments. 146

March 2015

To achieve this goal, JSS Medical Research is continuing to deliver on its promise of providing an exceptional array of clinical trial services that comply with the most rigorous scientific, ethical and regulatory standards, and executing


Emmanouil Rampakakis, VP Scientific Affairs, JSS Medical Research

on its plans for global expansion. The origins of the company date back to 1985 when the founder, Dr. John S. Sampalis started a consultation business offering study design, statistical analysis, and medical writing services. In the 1990s clinical operations and data management services were introduced, and in 2005 the quality assurance department was established. JSS Medical Research expanded its offering in health economics and outcomes research in 2012, providing reimbursement strategy services and leveraging health economics expertise to build the key elements of reimbursement submissions. Today JSS Medical Research provides the complete spectrum of services for healthcare research including study design, study set

“Things like riskbased monitoring, patient reported outcomes using mobile applications, cloud-based systems, and electronic health records which seemed a luxury a few years ago have become or are becoming industry standards.�– Emmanouil Rampakakis, Vice President of Scientific Affairs

w w w. j s s re s e a rc h . c o m / m a i n /


JSS MEDICAL RESEARCH up, site management, project management, data management, pharmacovigilance, quality assurance, statistical analysis, medical writing, and market access. Major Projects and Growth JSS Medical Research is currently active in over 15 countries. The largest ongoing project is a 7-country post-marketing observational study assessing the burden of illness of herpes zoster. The growth of JSS Medical

Who are we?

SPharm is a Canadian consulting firm specialized in regulator y affairs and strategic product development ser vices.

Product expertise: •

• • • • • • •

Pharmaceutical, biological and biotechnical products (prescription / over the counter) Biosimilars Generics Medical devices Natural health products Veterinar y products Cosmetics Food and feed ingredients Susanne Picard, President

1235, 3rd Avenue Val-d’Or, Quebec, Canada J9P 6C3 T 819 824-6869 F 819 824-4876

Research in Latin America is increasing and expansion to other regions in the world is in the shortterm plans. “One example of how JSS Medical Research brings value to our global clients is the collaborative effort between the University of Rosario in Colombia, a pharmaceutical sponsor, and JSS Medical Research that is aimed at educating healthcare providers, government officials and third-party payers


on pharmacoepidemiological studies, in essence creating a Latin American centre of excellence for the real-world evaluation of safety and effectiveness of marketed treatments”, shared Emmanouil Rampakakis, Vice President of Scientific Affairs. In the last few years, JSS Medical Research has experienced a 20 percent annual growth in revenue, which is above the industry standard. As part of its growth strategy, JSS Medical Research realized two M&As, Integrated Research in Canada and LatAm Clinical Trials in Latin America. “This augmented the JSS Medical Research operational and regulatory expertise and solidified its presence in Latin America, increasing our geographic reach and our ability to conduct global multi-country studies,” said Rampakakis. Technology in Research The past decade has been an exciting era of change and maturation for the CRO industry. The increased financial pressure on the pharmaceutical industry with the expiration of patents on

blockbuster drugs and the demand of healthcare payers for clinically and economically better drugs mandated the parallel adaptation of the CRO industry. Concepts like risk-based monitoring, patient reported outcomes using mobile applications, cloud-based systems, and electronic health records which seemed a luxury a few years ago have become or are becoming industry standards. Innovations in technology are playing a major role in the pharmaceutical industry, in an effort to improve efficiencies, save time, and reduce costs. “Real-time” mechanisms of data collection and patient oversight translate into improved patient management. And, in the end, this is what it’s all about – making a positive impact on a patient’s life. Companies that continue to leverage technology, improve their efficiency and maintain a strategic focus will add value to the clients. To this effect, JSS Medical Research recently implemented an internal web-based project management software, which features enterprise work management,

w w w. j s s re s e a rc h . c o m / m a i n /




March 2015


e-tracking document management and portfolio management. “This was a pretty big project for us but we are certain that it will help us optimize our services to our clients”, Rampakakis commented.

Company Information INDUSTRY

For the Future The increasing trend of outsourcing in clinical research is guaranteed to continue. The industry acknowledges that CROs have the required scientific expertise and state-of-theart infrastructure available for them to leverage, which is seen in the series of recent strategic partnerships built. JSS Medical Research plans to continue growing organically and through M&As. The company has an ambitious but stable business model which involves additional expansion in emerging markets. Currently, JSS is in the advanced stages of expanding into Asia while the idea of Europe is in the cards as well. With its strong academic affiliations, expertise in the design and execution of clinicalepidemiological studies and flexibility and innovation in a competitive industry, JSS Medical Research is poised to exceed its growth goals and its clients’ expectations.


St-Laurent, QC, Canada FOUNDED

1985 (operating as ‘JSS Medical Research’ since 1997) EMPLOYEES


Not Disclosed

w w w. j s s re s e a rc h . c o m / m a i n /


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