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Janice Fukakusa, CFO of Royal Bank of Canada



Mark Laich

It was Steve Jobs who once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Our June issue Mark joined Snoopwall with a 30-year track record reflects that message and encompasses great work of successful sales in and the people who do it! the high-tech industry, generating over a half Our cover story showcases the top 10 franchises billion dollars in revenue. that are spread throughout Canada. However, these His expertise includes companies didn’t just have to have a large amount of successful customer and market development units to make our list, they had to be born and raised in the mobile, CE and in the country. It takes hard work, dedication and telecommunications market sectors. He leadership to run a thriving company—and a thing or has a long track record two can be learned from these success stories. of leading successful In keeping with the theme of leadership, we’ve sales campaigns and developing business detailed a list of valuable qualities that has helped at major accounts like some of the top CFOs in Canada not only earn healthy Samsung, Microsoft, salaries, but the respect of peers and others in their Philips, Canon, Nikon, Thomson, Cisco, Alcatel, particular Siemens and Compaq. industries. Of course, leadership is a quality that can help accomplish success, but what are some of the other qualities that are just as valuable? Finally, in our marketing sector, VP of Security Solutions at SnoopWall, Inc. Mark Laich discusses cybercrime via the dangers of apps and insecure mobile banking. E NJOY TH E I S S U E !

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6 Finance

The Most Valuable Qualities in a CFO

20 Top 10 12 Marketing

Is 2015 the year of mCrime?


Franchises born and raised in NAMCOR Canada


70 Nyrstar Mine Langlois

26 Fisheries Council of Canada (Association)


32 Aliya’s Foods

78 Canaroma Bath & Tile

42 Hero Certified Burgers

84 Andy Transport


92 Cervini Painting and Decorating Ltd.

50 JOY Global 62 Penguin ASI


32 Aliya’s Foods

100 Ledcor Construction Ltd.

44 Canaroma 4 June 2015


Cervini Painintg And Decorating LTD.





6 June 2015


A look at some of the most successful and highest paid CFOs in Canada and the qualities that helped each achieve the impressive title. W R I T T E N B Y: C U T T E R S L A G L E


FINANCE THIS MONTH, WE’RE taking a look at some of the highest paid and most successful CFOs in Canada to see what specific characteristics standout and contribute to their healthy incomes and the reputable titles that have been earned. Who they are, what they’ve earned and how they’ve earned it Dean McCann Dean McCann, the chief financial officer of Canadian Tire Corporation, Ltd. was recently given the title of being Canada’s CFO of the year. Not only does McCann have experience in finance, but he is also known for achieving strong results during periods of global economic uncertainty. Furthermore, McCann is a graduate of the McMaster Chartered Director program at Queen’s University, having gained a bachelor in commerce and a business degree. As a recipient of “Canada’s CFO of the Year” award, McCann is recognized for traits that include quality, insight, direction and leadership. According to Bloomberg, McCann earned over US$2 million 8

June 2015

in 2014 as total compensation for his work. This income includes salary, bonuses and other types of compensation. Brian D. Lawson Brian D. Lawson is not only Brookfield Assest Management’s CFO, but he is also a senior managing partner of the company. Being with the group since the early 90s, Lawson has acquired talents and qualities that include financial reporting, risk

management and funding activities of the organization. These qualities are believed to have helped Lawson earn $3.2 million dollars in total compensation in 2014 according to Bloombers. Lawson originally graduated from Trinity College School in 1978, followed by a Bachelor of Arts from University of Toronto in 1983. Other valuable qualities Lawson has been able to acquire throughout his career in senior management include

leadership, dedication and reliability. Janice Fukakusa As the CFO of RBC, or the Royal Bank of Canada, one of Janice Fukakusa’s responsibilities is to set the overall strategic directions of the bank. She’s also accountable for enabling the integration of governance and overseeing the day to day functional, operating and technology activities across RBC. With a Bachelor of Arts from the 9


Janice Fukakusa University of Toronto and a Master of Business Administration from Schulich School of Business, Fukakusa has experience and a range of knowledge and skills in different areas, such as operating and technology activities, managing accounts, corporate finance and strategic developments. According to Bloomberg, she earned over US$5 million during fiscal year 2014, with the combination of her salary, bonuses and other types of compensation. When asked about valuable CFO qualities, Fukakusa said this: “Over the course of my 10 year 10

June 2015

career as CFO, I’ve seen considerable change, increased complexity, and unprecedented conditions. To be successful in this environment, you must be transparent, adaptable and recognize that times of change can present great opportunities. Most importantly, it requires a team of hard working and dedicated individuals who can drive strategy and lead change – positioning us to better serve our clients, employees, shareholders, and communities.” Colleen Johnston Among other titles, Colleen Johnston


is the CFO of TD Bank Group. Graduating from York University in Toronto in 1982 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, she’s been with TD Bank Group since 2004. Throughout her career, Johnston has been associated with various qualities that have undoubtedly allowed her to earn US$3.4 million in total compensation at the end of 2014 fiscal year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Due to past experiences, as well as current ones with TD Bank Group, Johnston has attained a range of valuable characteristics that include leadership, dedication and power. She was recognized by Women’s Executive Network as one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women three years in a row and has been named one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking by American Banker. She is well known for promoting diversity in the workplace. Which qualities bring in the higher incomes? It’s clear that certain qualities can help contribute to higher incomes. But, specifically, what are these qualities

and how can they be obtained. For example, are leadership and dedication something you’re born with, gain with experience or learn over time? Looking at each of the high earning CFOs mentioned above, it’s noticeable that education is important. It takes knowledge and dedication to go after specific goals, which these examples have not only done, but have also been able to earn a profit by doing so. And while dedication is a vital characteristic in order to get to the top, it’s arguable that experience is equally important. McCann, Lawson, Fukakusa and Johnston didn’t start at the top; they didn’t become CFOs overnight. It was through experience that they were able to not only acquire valuable traits, but also perfect them. Then, of course, once each proved to have a grasp of the right qualities, the high salaries followed. In short, not just one characteristic has allowed these four CFOs to become successful. As well, there are various routes and methods to get to build a respectable career and earn a substantial salary. However, McCann, Lawson, Fukakusa and Johnston can definitely act as a guide to follow. 11





June 2015




MARKETING Millions of consumers no longer visit a bank to deposit checks or conduct financial transactions. Instead, they rely on the convenience of using their mobile devices to send money, view account balances and bank online. The same is true for how they spend their money— the shift from brick and mortar to e-commerce to m-commerce is already well underway. Think about it— how many times do you use your smartphone to research a product or purchase one? Maybe you’re going out to dinner tonight and you’ve already filled your Apple Pay, Google Wallet or other wallet technology with all of your credit-card information. Ever wonder if you could be pick-pocketed wirelessly? Could an app you trust already be stealing your personally identifiable information (PII)? Sadly, the answer is yes. Many financial institutions and retailers have launched mobile apps in the past 18 months to respond to demands from their customers who want the convenience of 24-hour, anytime/anywhere banking and shopping. Mobile banking apps help build customer loyalty, and mobilebanking transactions are significantly 14

June 2015

The growth of mobile banking and r are at risk for identity theft.

cheaper for banks compared with transactions that require employee interaction. Mobile retail apps capture consumers’ buying impulse at the moment they occur, and allow for easy comparison shopping— the potential for finding an item cheaper is a quick tap away. Because more and more banks and retailers are making the investment to develop a mobile app, having one has gone from being a competitive differentiator to a “must have” to compete for consumers’ business.

retail apps means that more people

And once a bank has made that investment, there is a concerted effort to encourage customers to use their mobile banking platform. The same holds true for retail. Amazon and others will do anything to get you to shop online from your smartphone or your tablet. But the growth of mobile banking and retail apps also means that more people are at risk for identity theft and the hacking of sensitive personal and transaction data by cyber criminals who plan to commit fraud. These apps are used on devices that often aren’t

safeguarded from security holes. Most people have between 30 and 75 apps on their mobile device, and of course, when apps are installed on a device, users must grant multiple permissions for accessing a device’s location, SMS capabilities, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera and other device resources. Some of these resources are used for the apps to do their intended task, but often apps demand resources that can open up a device to security vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, when consumers install an app on their mobile devices, few of them read all 15


Mobile banking apps help build customer loyalty.

the permissions the app requests to make sure it isn’t asking to use device resources that might be suspicious. This issue is highlighted by a report from Gartner Inc., a technology research company, which concluded 75 per cent of apps in the major app stores fail basic security tests. Gartner defines this as an app using mobile device resources that have nothing to do with the intended function of the app. Rather they can be used to 16

June 2015

eavesdrop on other apps that are running concurrently to collect data about the consumer. The rationale is that the collected information can be used for data analytics to help with targeted mobile advertising. However, this has given cyber criminals a rather large attack vector to commit ID fraud by using malware that looks like trustworthy apps to steal PII and financial transaction data from mobile banking apps, or to steal your


credit-card information from your retail apps that reside on the same mobile device. This type of malware disguised as “trusted” apps has hundreds of millions of downloads from the major app stores. Worse yet, this new form of malware is undetected by anti-virus and able to circumvent encryption, biometrics, tokenization, sandboxes and authentication. The result is that using mobile banking apps to conduct transactions is similar to using an ATM to withdraw cash in a dangerous area with criminals lurking around, or handing your credit card to a stranger, in public, who is using the old-fashioned carbon copy credit card imprinter to take your order. Another popular technique for cyber criminals is spear-phishing attacks— which take the form of email and text messages that appear to be from an official source or someone you know, usually garnered via a socialnetworking site. These messages can then install monitoring software covertly on the mobile device. Monitoring software can access most mobile device activity and resources, thereby stealing consumer data just like the malware downloaded from an



app store. Most consumers are unaware of these types of threats, and even when they are aware, they don’t take actions to protect their security and privacy until it is too late. On the other hand, financial institutions carry the liability associated with the fraud that results from data stolen from mobile banking and retail apps. In a U.S. landscape where almost 1 billion PII records have been compromised and there is identity fraud totaling $24.7 billion in losses— according to statistics from and the Department of Justice— greater safeguards are needed to protect consumers’ financial data. At the same time, it is important not to intrude or detract from consumers’ mobile banking or retail experiences. Financial institutions and retailers can’t solely depend on consumer awareness and training, nor can they make it complicated for consumers to protect themselves. For better or worse, the modern-day consumer has become enamored with using their mobile devices for apps such as social networks, location-based services and games on the same device on which 17


they want to do mobile banking and mobile commerce, thereby compromising their security and privacy. What financial institutions and retailers need is new, innovative security technologies that deliver an optimal balance between protecting consumer data and being un-intrusive to consumers’ total mobile-device experience. In this way, their mobile banking and mCommerce apps can operate 18

June 2015

in a safe and trusted environment even when multiple applications are running concurrently. By working with companies that specialize in these types of new security technologies designed to thwart zero-day threats and malicious eavesdropping apps, financial institutions and retailers will not only protect themselves from liabilities, they will also be successful at convincing more of their customers to use mobile banking and mobile


commerce, thereby increasing the ROI of their mobile-app investment and their operating efficiency. Finally, as we look forward to what many believe will be the rapid adoption of mWallets in 2015, you must understand that they are inherently insecure because they operate on already infected devices. It’s time to take a completely radical, proactive approach to securing consumers’ data as the financial,

transaction-based world shifts onto our smartphones and tablets. This year marks the beginning of a new wave of enablement, opportunity and mCrime. Where there is mobile banking, mCommerce and mWallet there will be mCrime. Assume it comes in the apps as innocent as that flashlight app you recently installed, because if you don’t, you’ll be left in the dark missing your identity and your wallet. 19

TOP 10


FRANCHISES BORN AND RA These franchises were born and raised in Canada and stand out from the rest based off of how many units of each is currently open Written by: Cutter Slagle


TOP 10 If you’ve ever been interested in purchasing a franchise, then you’ll most likely find this article particularly interesting. With the help of (the Best Franchises and Business Opportunities in Canada), we’ve ranked the top 10 franchises throughout the country. The different businesses have been ranked according to how many units of each franchise is currently open— from least to highest. To add an extra spin on the topic, you may discover that each of the following franchises is not only in Canada, but originated in the country, too! Take a look to see how these particular businesses stand out from the rest.

10 Booster Juice Dale Wishewan is the man behind Booster Juice— Canada’s largest chain of fresh juice


June 2015

and smoothie bars. The first shop opened in November 1999 in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Today, there are around 285 units of the food franchise. Though smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices remain to be customer favorites, food items like fresh-made paninis, quesadillas and wraps are also on the menu.


Coffee Time

Headquartered in Scarborough, Ontario, Coffee Time has been “pleasuring taste buds” since 1982. Tim Michalopoulos is the man behind the franchise, which originated in Bolton Ontario. With 300 different locations spread throughout Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Greece, Poland, China, Iraq and Afghanistan, the menu offers a range of coffee, soups, sandwiches and plenty more.


Mr. Sub

Originally called Mr. Submarine before the 1990s, this sandwich shop officially opened in 1968 in Toronto’s Yorkville neighborhood—


an area known for its “hippie” culture. Two friends had the bright idea to open a restaurant that not only served fresh and quality food, but that also served it quickly. Just five months later, the two friends opened a second location. Today, there are 317 units of Mr. Sub that offer a range of signature items, including assorted cold cuts, roast beef and Italian salami.


Boston Pizza

Greek immigrant Gus Agioritis began Boston Pizza in Edmonton, Alberta in 1964. Just six years later, there were 17

Mark Pacinda, CEO of Boston Pizza

locations of Boston Pizza throughout Western Canada. Now, there are 348 locations in Canada and another 40 units in the United States and Mexico. Boston Pizza is Canada’s number one casual dining brand and offers a variety of options, such as pizza, pasta, sandwiches and burgers and salads. The CEO of the company is Mark Pacinda.


Canadian Tire

Started in 1922 by the Billes brothers—John William and Alfred Jackson— Canadian Tire is the first and only retail franchise to make our Top 10

Canadian Tire


TOP 10 list. With 350 locations, the store offers a wide range of merchandise that includes automotives items, sports and leisure products and home products. The head office is located in Toronto, Ontario. The store is widely known for its Canadian Tire money—a loyalty and coupon program that originally started in 1958.


Second Cup

Known as one of Canada’s largest coffee franchises, Second Cup originated in 1975 when Tom Culligan and Frank O’Dea teamed up to start the business. Since the beginning, ownership has changed hands several times; there are now 360 units of the business. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, menu items include coffees, espressos, frozen drinks and café delights for those who have a sweet tooth.


M & M Meat Shops

M & M Meat Shops have much to be proud of, including 24

June 2015

being the largest specialty frozen food store chain in Canada. Headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, locations of this privately owned franchise can be found in all 10 provinces, as well as the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Founded by Michael (Mac) Voisin and Mark Nowak in Kitchener, Ontario in 1980, the original model for the business was to provide quality meat at a lower price. Now, there are 409


Country Style

Country Style began in Toronto in 1963, offering greattasting coffee and over 50 varieties of freshly baked donuts. Now, with 500 locations and based out Richmond Hill, Ontario, the franchise offers an assortment of options, including breakfast sandwiches and bagels, hot and


cold beverages, muffins and various deli choices. Country Style can be found in Ontario, Atlantic Canada and Western Canada and in a range of formats, such as freestanding restaurants, strip plazas, malls and gas/convenience stores.


Pizza Pizza

Founded and owned by Michael Overs, the first location of Pizza Pizza opened in 1967 in Toronto. The fast-food restaurant continued to grow throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Now, there are over 700 units of the franchise spread throughout Quebec, Nova Scotia and Western Canada. Locations are both traditional and non-traditional, such as university campuses and movie theatres. Pizza Pizza is headquartered in Etobicoke, Toronto. The menu offers more than just pizza, however, including wings, salads, sandwiches, fries and onion rings.


Tim Hortons Inc.

Originally known for its coffee and donuts, Tim Horton Donuts—later renamed to Tim Hortons—is Canada’s largest quick service restaurant chain with currently over 3,600 units located just throughout Canada alone. Founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario by Canadian hockey player Tim Horton and Jim Charade, the menu now offers items that include breakfast sandwiches, grilled paninis, wraps, chili and soups and various baked goods. Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, restaurants can also be found in Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Kiewit Energy Canada Corporation


Fisheries Council of Canada Written by: Patrick McGuinness, President




isheries Council of Canada (FCC) is the voice of Canada’s fish and seafood industry, promoting a healthy resource and working to develop an economically sound, marketdriven, competitively-structured industry that offers harvesters, employees, and processors secure and stable opportunities and a sustainable future. The Council is a non-profit trade association representing companies engaged in the growing, harvesting, processing, and marketing of fish and seafood. It is an organization of like-minded fisheries and seafood associations 28

June 2015

and enterprises that support shared, fundamental principles. First formed in 1915 as the Canadian Fisheries Association, it was reorganized and became the Fisheries Council of Canada in 1945. The Council represents about 100 member companies in Atlantic Canada, Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Parries & North West Territories, and Nunavut. These member companies process the majority of Canada’s fish and seafood production. Member companies also harvest a significant portion of the fisheries resources of Canada. In addition, more than


35 Canadian and international companies and institutions providing products and services to the industry are Associate Members of the Fisheries Council of Canada. FCC maintains ongoing liaison with ministers and officials of numerous government departments, agencies, and parliamentary committees. The Council provides leadership, representing the industry on matters of national and international concern before parliamentary committees, advisory boards and commissions, ministers, as well as foreign governments. FCC maintains ongoing relations with fish

and seafood industry associations in other countries as well as relations with ministries of foreign governments and international organizations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Members receive a monthly newsletter providing key updates on Canadian and international fisheries issues. As well, the Council publishes an annual directory identifying members’ products and services. The FCC focuses on five key areas: Market Access/Trade Policy; Inspection/Technical w w w. f i s h e r i e s c o u n c i l . c a



Issues; Environmental/ Ocean Use Conflicts; International Fisheries; Fisheries Management; and Communications. Located in Ottawa, our main areas of influence 30

June 2015

concern the policies and decisions of Fisheries & Oceans Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency; Foreign Affairs, Trade, & Development; Environment Canada;


Employment & Social Development Canada, and Finance as well as foreign embassies regarding access to their markets The FCC is very delighted by the proactive approach of health authorities of Canada and the USA encouraging consumers to increase their consumption of fish and seafood because of the health benefits. Seafood provides an unmatched variety of great-tasting, easy to prepare protein options. Great seafood is available year round in virtually every corner of Canada. Finally, despite some doom and gloom reports from some quarters, most forms of seafood production quite likely have the lowest environmental impact of any protein. It is true that one can find examples of species that have been over-fished and that, in certain developing nations, it is critical that we continue to increase our knowledge of the seafood resources and educate fishermen on sustainable fishing practices. It is also true that, as is the case in any method of food production, catching or growing seafood will affect the environment in which it is produced. However, progress is being made every day. For example, in global wild capture fisheries, the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) statistics indicate that further reforms are needed in only 17 percent of fisheries to recover stocks to sustainable levels. For whitefish species like cod and haddock, stocks are increasing around the world as fishing nations have taken the needed measures to protect those stocks.

Company Information INDUSTRY

Fish and Seafood Industry HEADQUARTERS


1945 as Fisheries Council of Canada KEY PEOPLE

Patrick McGuinness WEBSITE

w w w. f i s h e r i e s c o u n c i l . c a


Aliya’s Foods Ltd

Consistency and Quality Aliya’s Foods Founder and President Noorudin Jiwani discusses certifications, automation and the next generation Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Sean Bakke



Veg Samosas

I Noorudin Jiwani President, Aliya’s Foods Ltd.

Anis Jiwani Vice President Operations 34

June 2015

n 1999, Noorudin Jiwani and his wife, an actuarial consultant and a dietician, decided to quit their 9 to 5 jobs and go into business for themselves. The couple gravitated toward the idea of manufacturing authentic Indian foods, interested in seeing that sector grow and helping it along. From that mutual interest, Aliya’s Foods Limited was formed—after a year of examining options and exploring promising regions of Canada, the company put down roots in supportive business-friendly Alberta. By its 15th anniversary, Aliya’s Foods has grown extensively from its initial 2,000-square foot facility in Edmonton’s suburb, Sherwood Park. Today Aliya’s Foods operates out of a fully automated, state-of-the-art 42,000-square foot facility, built in 2010 to support the growing


New Branding

demand for the company’s Chef Bombay brand of authentic Indian appetizers and entrees from butter chicken and channa masala to pakoras and its most famous samosas. As a supplier to every major supermarket chain in Canada, along with Trader Joe’s in the United States, Aliya’s Foods has grown swiftly over the better part of two decades—and the company is poised for further growth in the near future. Progress in certification and technology “We both believed if we were going to do anything, we had to make sure that we were fully certified and had HACCP certification,” said Jiwani. At Aliya’s Foods Ltd, third party certification is a crucial part of the brand’s identity and a major factor in its ability to grow beyond its Edmonton roots.

“I think our growth has always come through trade shows. We always evaluate trends based on what consumers are asking for, rather than what we feel ourselves” – Noorudin Jiwani President, Aliya’s Foods Ltd

w w w . c h e f b o m b a y. c o m


There is always room at our table.

Crowe MacKay is proud to be the trusted advisors of Aliya’s Foods Limited and is pleased to congratulate them on 15 years of success stories. Our bread and butter is serving and supporting clients like Aliya’s through their growth and development. Call us, we can add to your recipe for success.


Congratulations Aliya’s Foods on your 15th Anniversary!

We are a produce wholesaler based in the Greater Vancouver region that strives to bring only the best quality produce to the markets. We also import many different exotic fruits and vegetables. w w w. pac i f ic f r es h p r od u c Pho n e : 6 0 4 .6 3 8 .12 2 8 Fa x : 8 8 8 . 8 8 0. 8 273 1170 G LE N DRI V E VA NCOU V E R BC V6A 3 M 6

A L I YA’ S F O O D S LT D “If we were not CFIA approved, we could not sell our product outside of Alberta—our first reaction was that, since we would like to sell throughout Canada and the world, CFIA was our first criteria,” said Jiwani. But while the approval of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is an important jumping off point, Jiwani explained that is only the beginning in a long line of certification approvals. “As soon as we got CFIA approval, this led to HACCP certification. Clients like Costco and Loblaws would not list our products if we didn’t have HACCP, so this opened more doors for us. These were our initial certifications, but eventually we started looking at the US market and therefore the USDA, or the United States counterpart to the CFIA.” From there, Aliya’s Foods has begun to focus on third party certifications like SQF. “Major supermarkets want third party audits, so we keep getting those certifications to make sure none of those doors are closed to us,” says Jiwani. But in addition to creating new opportunities for Aliya’s Foods, the idea of certification for the


company is also closely linked to the simple idea of providing proof to the claim that Aliya’s Foods products are the best they can be. “With my wife being a dietician and very focused on quality, our main objective from Day One has always been: whatever we do, quality has to be of the highest standards,” said Jiwani. “That’s why we kept adding on anywhere we could see having mechanisms in place to measure quality, and why we make sure to keep attaining those certifications. One of our popular mantras is this: we will not sell anything we wouldn’t want to eat at home everyday.” Learning from the public As a food manufacturer, keeping up with current consumer trends is imperative. Aliya’s Foods strives to maintain a link with its consumers and peers—and there are few better ways to do this than through trade show and expo attendance. While these exhibitions allow Aliya’s Foods to show off new product creations, they also allow the company to obtain crucial feedback and keep an ear to the ground of what consumers are w w w . c h e f b o m b a y. c o m




looking for from food processors and manufacturers, ultimately helping Aliya’s Foods grow and thrive. “I think our growth has always come through trade shows,” said Jiwani. “We always evaluate trends based on what consumers are asking for, rather than what we feel ourselves. It’s at trade shows, along with food demos at the store level, that the company is best able to evaluate those consumer trends and spot which ones Aliya’s Foods should aim to meet next. At the moment, these shows have helped Aliya’s Foods identify and test a number of concerns including further certifications confirming that Chef Bombay branded products are Halal, GMO-free, and gluten-free. “Everyone is looking for Halal right now, so we ask: ‘how do we now get our products Halal certified?’” said Jiwani. “Non-GMO is also now


coming into play as a certification that we are evaluating seriously at the moment, as is gluten-free. We do make a couple of products that are gluten free, but we are in process of getting certification for that.” As with the many other certifications that Aliya’s Foods has obtained, becoming certified Halal or gluten-free serves to assure consumers that the company lives up to strict standards at all times and is dedicated to maintaining a standardized high quality product for consumers. Toasting to quality and consistency What sets Aliya’s Foods Limited apart from the competition? According to Jiwani, some of the company’s most unique and critical traits involve its adamant dedication to quality and consistency. “We

“Our main objective from Day One has always been: whatever we do, quality has to be of the highest standards” – Noorudin Jiwani President, Aliya’s Foods Ltd. w w w . c h e f b o m b a y. c o m



Anis and Noorudin

We offer product customization, importation, warehousing and distribution for Industrial, Retail and Foodservice customers.

1881 Yonge Street



w w w. r e u v e n .c o m 416 .9 2 9.14 9 6 Suite 201 I Toronto I Ontario

June 2015

I M4S 3C4

never compromise on quality,” says Jiwani, noting that the company is also set apart by the many certifications that formally back up its claims to quality and consistency. “Having certifications sets us apart, in the same way that our fully automated facility sets us apart,” said Jiwani. According to Jiwani, the company produces 250,000 samosas each day—an undertaking that would require 40 to 50 people if the samosas were being made by hand instead of through automated processes. Because of its HACCPcompliant processes, the business is able to maintain an output that is not just impressive in its size but its consistency from batch to batch. “Every batch is identical, said Jiwani. “We differentiate ourselves in those areas, and are very sincere about how we do it.” Growth in the future ahead As Aliya’s Foods Limited moves into the future, in addition to


obtaining its certifications in the Halal, GMOfree and gluten-free arenas, the company is also looking at further growth into new international markets, bolstered by the strength of its brand appeal. “We’re trying to grow the Chef Bombay brand as being the brand of choice, and we would like to see our branding more prominent,” said Jiwani. “We would like to see ourselves at more supermarkets in the US—until now we have only scratched the surface of the US market—and we are also currently working toward expanding our horizons to Europe.” But as it continues to grow, the company notes that this growth could not have happened without the support of its employees—a point that becomes even more salient now that the second Jiwani generation is starting to find a place within the business. “To me, if it wasn’t for our staff which has been so enthusiastic and consistent, we would not have seen the growth we have seen in the last 15 years,” said Jiwani. “The next thing is that we are seeing the next generation of family coming on board—our daughter just finished her MBA and is now joining the company, along with our nephew, and my wife and myself are handing over some of our responsibilities and having a transition. That’s the next generation taking over now. We believe in them, and they believed in us.”

Company Information INDUSTRY

Food Drink & Franchise HEADQUARTERS

6364 Roper Road NW Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6B 3P9 FOUNDED



w w w . c h e f b o m b a y. c o m


HERO Certified Burgers

HERO Certified Burgers Takes the Next Step

Founder and President John Lettieri discusses new growth plans, new menu changes, and HERO’s decade-long commitment to quality Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Jason Wright



Meatless Mondays


n 2003, John Lettieri set out to offer the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) a better choice of burger. Since then, HERO Certified Burgers has been building a strong base of fans supporting the familyowned chain and its dedication to community and sustainable quality burgers made with 100 per cent Canadian beef. Now the chain is ready for even further growth, taking 44

June 2015

its mission throughout Canada and beyond. Mindful Growth At its heart, HERO Certified Burgers is a proud regional brand representing the GTA—and while regional brand is ready to grow, it’s a mindful and deliberate growth that will ensure the HERO brand stays on target.


John Lettieri, Founder and President

“We’re definitely strong as a regional brand in the GTA, and we focus within that,” said Lettieri, HERO Founder and President. “We’re working on growth in territories outside of Toronto, like London and Ottawa, but we want to keep our growth close to home.” Still the brand is taking steps forward to increase its footprint in a major way through international growth, including significant progress within the United States. “We’ve embarked on a year-long project of registering our trademark worldwide and in the United States, and we are doing our first couple

of stores in Buffalo this year,” said Lettieri, noting that those initial Buffalo stores could launch as early as HERO’s Q3-Q4 of this fiscal year. The brand’s choice to expand in Buffalo—just over an hour outside of Toronto—still fits in with HERO’s commitment to mindful regional growth. “Being within one to two hours, between response and travel time, allows us to service our future territories and developers properly and efficiently,” said Lettieri. “So that’s the key thing: servicing our territories.”

w w w. h e ro b u r g e r s . c o m


HERO CERTIFIED BURGERS Full Traceability from Day One Location is a priority, now more than ever. Traceability is a huge factor in the food and beverage world today. As consumers want to know more about where their food comes from and its journey from the farm to their plate, businesses everywhere are striving to improve the quality and traceability of their products. At HERO Certified Burgers, establishing that now isn’t an issue because it’s been a standard all along. “We’ve had that from day one,”

said Lettieri, noting that the chain has an exclusive partnership with Toronto-based Beretta Meats to offer its customers beef from 100 per cent Canadian ranchers. “We’re the first in the burger business in Toronto—if not Canada—with beef raised with no additional hormones or antibiotics and with full traceability. It’s a 100 per cent Canadian product and we know exactly what our cattle are being fed, and how our cattle are treated.”


Improving on Sustainability While HERO Certified Burgers has been committed to the quality of its beef from the start, the chain is still striving consistently to make improvements in every area wherever it can. Part of this commitment to improvement means taking steps to increase sustainability measures through new packaging and display efforts. Starting in 2010, HERO partnered with GreenDustries Packaging on innovative PleatPak™ wraps for its burgers and the Magic Bag™ for its fries. This highly functional packaging options is made from 100 per cent post-industrial/postconsumer recycled paper and uses 35 to 70 per cent less paper per piece than most traditional packaging options in the fast food industry. Elsewhere, HERO has implemented digital menu boards across more than 50 per cent of its stores already to both reduce waste and streamline its menu process. “It’s easy to change, so it’s very green friendly and we’re able to change our menu right from home base,” said Lettieri. “There are also

two to three screens on the sides to promote any type of special in-store LTO—any type of communications we want, we can have that on screen. Even though they’re stacked, the screens act as one.” While these actions have already been implemented, HERO also has further green innovations in the works further down the line. “We’re working on changing our foil paper to a brown paper, getting rid of all that aluminum,” said Lettieri. “We’re working aggressively to be able to offer as many green alternatives as possible.” A Non-GMO Promise One major consumer-driven trend that has been picking up steam within the QSR and fast casual industry is an interest in going fully GMO free. HERO Certified Burgers has committed to this idea in full, revamping its entire ingredients list. “We’ve been working very strongly on removing all GMOs from our food,” said Lettieri. “Our bread will now be totally GMO free, as we’ve taken out and replaced the fat with olive oil in our recipe. Our efforts will be ongoing with non-GMO foods as w w w. h e ro b u r g e r s . c o m



Heavy Hitter

much as possible.” According to Lettieri, the motivation behind this campaign is simple: it’s a choice that consumers are increasingly looking for, and HERO wants to be the brand of choice to provide it. “I think in the burger game, there needs to be at 48

June 2015

least one player in the market that is committed to getting to the basics and the natural aspects of food as much as possible,” he explains. “We believe it’s important that the future generations and future demographics should have the opportunity to have a burger with full


traceability in its beef, and as much non-GMO in that burger as possible. It’s important, isn’t it? It’s the future.” A Call for Variety In addition to a higher demand for GMO-free options, Lettieri has found that consumers are also crying out simply for more choices in general beyond the standard beef. HERO Certified Burgers answers the call of this rising trend with a menu that is simple yet varied and always experimenting with new ideas. “The other menu products on our menu are really trending upward—our Alaskan salmon filet, our turkey burger, our veggie burger,” said Lettieri, noting that the brand is also currently testing a smaller double patty “Pro Burger,” topped with a consumer’s choice of either zucchini tempura or sautéed mushrooms and sautéed onions in the middle, in about three preliminary test markets to gauge response. As Lettieri explains, providing these different choices actually helps bring diners together by providing one spot where everyone can find something on the menu to satisfy their cravings and meet their dietary needs. “We’ve found that people are looking to introduce a vegetarian meal at least once a week into their diet, and we also have pescatarians that are looking for options,” said Lettieri. “Having that available at HERO makes the burger place desirable for all members of the family, and really for all walks of life.”

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Premium Burger Chain

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Joy Global Inc. Shifting into Overdrive

With a major acquisition under its belt, Joy Global is forging ahead to expand horizons and establish a clear presence in its latest market Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Bobby Meehan



A Joy Global Service Center in Minnesota.

As a leading provider of worldclass service and equipment, Joy Global is one of the biggest names in the mining equipment sector. The U.S.-based company specializes in high-productivity solutions for surface and underground mining. Its machinery is used extensively for the mining of coal, copper, iron ore, oil sands, gold and other minerals. And while Joy Global has already established itself among the most innovative equipment manufacturers in the world, the company isn’t finished yet. With a major acquisition under its belt, Joy is forging ahead to 52

june 2015

expand horizons and establish a clear presence in a new market for the company: hard rock. The company’s vision for the endeavor includes a central focus on operational excellence coupled with a refined approach to safety and environmental stewardship. Entering a new market Last year, Joy Global acquired the underground hard rock mining assets of Mining Technologies International Inc. (MTI), including all assets associated with MTI’s hard rock drilling, loaders, dump trucks, shaft sinking and raise bore


A Joy Global employee stands in front of an LT-650.

product lines. The $51MUS acquisition set the stage for Joy Global’s move into the underground hard rock mining sector. “The acquisition provides a unique blend to our broad portfolio of products and it’s a substantial entry point into this market,” said Josh Wagner, Joy Global’s general manager of hard rock underground equipment. Joy Global also recognized it needed to secure the most important part of MTI’s success: its employees. “From day one we knew we needed to get those people on

board,” said Wagner. “Thankfully we were able to hire the necessary staff and everyone has been very responsive to us. They understand we’re investing in them and where we want to take this business.” By combining MTI’s range of complementary products with Joy Global’s proprietary technology and global direct service, the acquisition represents an exciting opportunity for the company to make a significant impact in a new market. Immediately after the acquisition, Joy Global began working to upgrade MTI facilities and improve conditions. w w w. j o y g l o b a l . c o m


Customers in the Mining Industry call us when they are challenged by unique requirements, pressured to take costs out of their supply chain or frustrated securing reliable supply.

Proud Supply Chain Partner of Joy Global Hard Rock for Over 15 Years.

A. M. Castle & Co. (NYSE:CAS) is the foremost provider of specialty products, services, and supply chain solutions. We are recognized as a leading distributor of carbon, alloy, stainless steel, nickel alloys, aluminum, titanium, cast iron, brass, copper and plastic, as well as a global resource for complex supply chain solutions. Operating in more than 50 locations throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, we work with international OEMs to better serve their multi-location production requirements and delivery needs. We also leverage our long-standing metals experience and focus on processing and other value-added services to meet the unique requirements of industries such as mining, oil and gas, power generation, heavy equipment, aerospace and defense.

2150 Argentia Road Mississauga, ON L5N 2K7 1-800 -806 - 6660 w w w.amcast l Canadian Branches: Toronto, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Montreal


CASTLE METALS Castle Metals has a rich heritage dating back to 1890 in the Chicago area. Today, Castle operates from more than 50 facilities throughout the world. Castle is a leading distributor of specialty metal products, valueadded services and complex supply chain solutions. Castle Metals’ broad range of products includes carbon, alloy, stainless steel, nickel alloys and aluminum. Operating in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, we work with international OEMs to better serve their multi-location production requirements and delivery needs. We also leverage our long-standing metals experience and focus on processing and other value-added services to meet the unique requirements of industries such as mining, oil and gas, power generation, heavy equipment, aerospace and defense. By expanding our capabilities and services, A. M. Castle is growing to serve the more complex requirements of customers who are outsourcing non-core functions. Our highly regarded H-A Industries, a state-of-the art bar processing facility, provides an extensive range of thermal treating and finishing services. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of valueadded processing services for plate, sheet, tubing and bar products from many locations throughout our network. Today, A. M. Castle is continuing to expand. Our business has grown in Mexico, Europe and Asia through organic growth and A.M. Castle continues to make targeted acquisitions. To accommodate this accelerated growth in products, services and customer support, we are continuing to expand and strengthen our infrastructure. This work includes improving and enlarging our processing capabilities, broader inventory stocks, investments in systems, and focusing on continuous improvements across the company. Most importantly, A. M. Castle continues to focus on developing the strongest service team in our industry. We are committed to developing our people to ensure that we have the right talent, with the capabilities and experience needed, to provide our customers with best-in-class service and support. Website:



“We needed to inject some capital to get the two facilities up to a manageable, workable level,” said Wagner. “As we start growing, all those values and opportunities will drive our industrial footprint going forward.” “What we’re doing now is getting everything ready to set the stage for things to come,” said Wagner.

company strives to simplify and automate processes and keep people safe. “One of the things we noticed in our service centers is the potential to eliminate waste and make things more efficient. We wanted to clean that up—rearrange and reorganize— to ensure we are operating as lean as possible. Our goal is to be running as efficiently as we can, Vision for excellence internally and externally.” Joy Global has a clear vision for its Although still in the beginning hard rock business. stage of integrating the new hard The company is currently rolling rock division, Joy Global is already out its Joy Global Business Systems implementing its JBS initiative into (JBS) operational excellence the process. initiative, a program dedicated to ensuring operations in every “One of the things we stand by department run as smooth and today is taking our curriculum and efficient as possible. lessons learned elsewhere at Joy “We’re introducing new practices Global and applying them to part to improve the organization as a of the integration process,” said whole,” said Evelyn Maki, Marketing Wagner. Communication Director for Joy “We want to take this approach Global. “It’s a cultural approach and to our customers and help them run it’s ingrained into our employees on their mines to maximize production, a daily basis.” while achieving zero harm. This Based on a lean philosophy, the essentially feeds into our goal of company is focused on eliminating delivering world-class performance waste and streamlining current and operating at the best level processes. According to Maki, the possible.” w w w. j o y g l o b a l . c o m


Let Brannon SteeL Be your Strength Q u a l i t y S i n c e 19 6 8

Supplying parts-to-print to OEM’s and fabricators in Mining, Off-Road Equipment, Nuclear, Agriculture, Forestry, Material Handling, Railway, and Military from our 200,000 sq. ft. facility.

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Hi-Def Plasma Oxy-Fuel Forming Machining Kitting ISO 9001:2008

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Laser Saw Beveling Rolling KanBan

ISO 14001:2004 | Phone: 905-453-4730 | 1-800-387-2508 |


SUDBURY 1030 Elisabella Street 705.560.8473



Another important component of achieving Joy Global’s vision for the future is its Environmental Health Safety (EHS) program. The company is committed to an incident-free culture and believes that EHS is a key indicator of organizational excellence and sustainability of its business. “Starting the process post-acquisition, we wanted to identify, evaluate and assess our current situation in terms of overall environmental health and safety metrics,” said Wagner. “We started from square one. We implemented our key initiatives with a focus on getting out in front of identifying lead indicators.” According to Wagner, production, quality and EHS are among the most important goals for the company. “We launched our recording field-level risk assessment program about five months ago and it’s already provided 300 lead indicators. It really provides a lot to our employee base and allows them to take a step back and understand all the risk associated with performing their tasks.” In addition, employees perform an array of safety initiatives before starting a job. The most notable is the company’s Safe Start initiative, which takes place before each and every shift and project. The purpose of the initiative is to ensure employees assess their current working situations and engage in discussions of potential hazards for the job. “The program is critical to helping employees from a situational awareness aspect,” Wagner said.

Ted Doheny, President and CEO

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

w w w. j o y g l o b a l . c o m




Serv ice, e x perience a nd in v en tory

Hendriks is a member of the

WHY CHOOSE US Since 1963, Hendriks Precision has been supplying world-class, specialized turnkey grinding solutions, emergency and maintenance repairs to local to local and international clients. We’ve continued to build upon past success by adding value-added capabilities including CNC turning & milling, Spray Welding and hard chrome plating to augment a world-class line-up of manual and CNC grinding capabilities. 221 Milvan Drive | Toronto, ON | M9L 2A3 | 416-749-0982 |

Order online or browse our catalog


916 3rd Ave North, Billings, MT. 59101 800-759-7111


Large inventory of HFS and CDS Carbon and Alloy Tube, DOM, Honed ID, Chrome Shafting 9 0 5 - 8 7 8 - 9174 w w w. n a t i o n a l t u b e c a n a d a . c o m


When incidents do occur, Joy Global is quick to address the situation and implement new focus and training courses for employees. “We try and learn from every situation,” said Wagner. “As things pop up, we tailor new programs to address aspects that may have been lacking before.” Wagner added, “We also strive to empower our employees to speak up and record safety hazards. We want our people to be heard and able to voice their opinions in regards to safety.” The next chapter Joy Global’s move into the hard rock sector is part of its evolving focus on markets and service. The company is built on a history of providing high-performance equipment, but its goal is bigger than that: to solve mining’s toughest challenges in a variety of markets through a variety of means. New methods will include a greater reliance on data and automation, to help customers maximize production while keeping people out of harm’s way. Through its established direct service network and smart, connected products, Joy Global is partnering with its customers to adapt quickly to change, reduce downtime and drive results. “We want to enhance our products and services through our JBS op-ex program, and then grow beyond our traditional markets,” Wagner said.

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Mining and Metals

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Penguin Automated Systems Inc. Canadian innovation at its finest The Ontario-based robotics firm is cultivating a new breed of futuristic concepts for mining operations Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Bobby Meehan


P E N G U I N A U T O M AT E D S Y S T E M S I N C .

Geospatial Mapping System


ituated in one of the largest mining jurisdictions in the world, Penguin Automated Systems Inc. (ASI) is quietly constructing the next chapter in the mining revolution. The Ontario-based tech company—a leading research, development and prototyping firm specializing in custom robotics and automations solutions for underground mining operations—is cultivating a new breed of futuristic concepts for mining: robots. And while the notion of utilizing robots in mining isn’t new, Penguin ASI’s combination of knowledge and 64

June 2015

skilled resources is taking the idea to the next level with cost-effective solutions. With key contracts and new developments in place, the emerging technology company is poised for a breakout year in 2015. New horizons As a leading innovator in the field of robotics and automation, Penguin ASI provides solutions from concept and design to finished commercial products by applying specialty communications. The company’s problem-solving approach includes unique software


Hangup Assessment and Removal Robotic System

and intelligent systems -- such as distinct electronics, tele-autonomy and mobile mechatronics -- to meet their clients’ needs. The company was awarded a contract with Codelco, Chile’s stateowned copper miner, to develop a robotic solution for clearing hang-ups in block cave mines. Traditionally, miners have used long poles to attach explosive charges to dislodge these stubborn blockages. “We build robotic systems for places where people can’t or shouldn’t go,” said Dr. Greg Baiden, chairman and chief technology officer at Penguin ASI.

Under the guidance of Dr. Baiden, Penguin ASI has developed a customized solution—Hangup Assessment and Removal Robotic System—to remove miners from this extreme and hazardous environment. “When I was working as a mine manager, this is the one job that gave me cold sweats. I was always worried for the employees. Add to the fact that on the third or fourth try people are getting annoyed, you reach the point where your patience is low and that’s where mistakes can happen. The idea is to provide a tool for people who currently do this,” w w w. p e n g u i n a s i . c o m


P E N G U I N A U T O M AT E D S Y S T E M S I N C .

added Dr. Baiden. The new robot for Codelco is equipped with a mechanical arm capable of reaching horizontally out 15 ft. , as well as extending vertically as high as 33 ft. into the air over various angles of attack. At the end of the arm is a drill with an explosive system. “Building a robot like this is taking every bit of knowledge of what we know and what our business knows,” said Dr. Baiden. “This is the first time in the world that drilling and blasting is automated.”

Hydr aulic Br aking and control SyStemS for m i n i n g m a c H i n e r y.

Innovative Braking a nd C o n t r o ls H y d a c , H y d r a f o r c e , S P X , d e lt r o l , S a i , S a l a m i , Br aden, reXrotH

The Fluid Power House is an engineering focused, full ser vice Fluid Power Distributor supplying hydraulic systems and solutions to original equipment manufacturers and end user customers alike. The Fluid Power House Sudbury Inc. brakeinfo @ Phone: 705-682-2231

Along with building the robot, Penguin ASI has developed a scanning system which will be utilized as an internal map to give the robot exact coordinates for placing the drill. Operated remotely, the robot will scan boulders to determine the optimal location for a charge to be placed. Using its telescoping arm to drill into the rock, it will then place the explosives into the drilled rock bit and back away while the blast is triggered from afar.


The new robot, which will carry out this task, is currently being tested at Codelco’s Andina mine. “We are very fortunate to have met a group of highly motivated people in the innovation group at Codelco for this project. We’ve been collaborating with them to develop these innovations for the last four to five years,” said Dr. Baiden. “This robot is the size of a small tank. It weighs close to six tons and has 130 horsepower with a peak out at 540 horsepower.” Entering a new marketplace According to Dr. Baiden, the marketplace is significant for robotics like these. “Last year we did about a half a dozen custom robots for people; some of them for big problems, others were for smaller obstacles such as geospatial mapping.” With the support and financial backing of a number of government agencies, including FedNor and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, Penguin ASI is looking to take these robotic solutions to the next step: manufacturing. “With investments, we want to manufacture roughly 12-15 robots per year. With more investment, we’d like to produce 25-50. We want the ability to produce what the marketplace demands,” explained Dr. Baiden.“I’ve already invested over a million dollars into this process because I believe this whole area of work is gamechanging technology. I believe there’s a real need for robotics like this in the mining sector.”

“In terms of production, the biggest production stoppage for mining companies is rocks blocking the flow of material. We’re innovating ways to surgically remove them, rather than the brute force the industry uses” – Dr. Greg Baiden

w w w. p e n g u i n a s i . c o m


P E N G U I N A U T O M AT E D S Y S T E M S I N C .

Communications Robot

He added, “We also have a smaller version that will fit into a 24-inch diameter pipe. We’ve been targeting this for multiple applications from underground tunnels to shaft surveying.” Penguin ASI is currently in the beginning stages of integrating an in-house manufacturing facility to assist in the designing, developing and manufacturing of the Hangup Assessment and Removal Robotic System. The company has also developed a unique system to conduct underground mapping and 68

June 2015

reconnaissance in real-time, utilizing the transmission of video, data and voice for control of single or multiple robots and equipment in underground solutions. Using the machines they’ve built, the technology by Penguin ASI can survey an underground mine driving at one or two kilometers an hour, collecting massive amounts of information per second. “The problem with laser mapping is you need a tripod. To do mapping of a shaft, you need many tripod points. With a robot, you hang it off a hoist rope and it does rapid


mapping, with more data and accuracy,” said Dr. Baiden.“This robot, along with the mapping system, is able to collect 230 points a second and geospatially location them. Typically surveying takes only five points every foot. This is a dramatic difference.” The benefits of robotics The biggest advantage for utilizing robots in mining situations is the safety factor. According to Dr. Baiden, the safety aspect is monumental but the possibility of enhancing productivity is even greater. “In terms of production, the biggest production stoppage for mining companies is rocks blocking the flow of material. We’re innovating ways to surgically remove them, rather than the brute force the industry uses,” said Dr. Baiden. “Now that we have a robot with this kind of reach and the ability to go into places where people can’t go or shouldn’t go, the implications are huge.” Penguin ASI is currently looking to introduce its innovative new robots to the commercial market this year. The company has 20 patents pending approval, with four patents approved. The new innovation is another step in the right direction for not just the Canadian mining sector, but for the mining industry as a whole. “This is a Canadian invention and we’re proud to say that,” concluded Dr. Baiden. Penguin ASI may not be a household name in the mining industry just yet, but their time is coming soon.

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1755 Regional Road 55 Naughton, Ontario, Canada, P0M2M0 FOUNDED



Mining, Robotic, Telecommunications, Optics, Radio

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Nyrstar Langlois Success is a team effort

Though construction began much earlier, it wasn’t until the Nyrstar team acquired the Langlois mine in 2011 that the northwest QuÊbec property began to reach its full potential. Written by: Cutter Slagle Interviewed by: Robert Spence Produced by: Bobby Meehan



Pumping station at tailings ponds for reclaim water


o anyone who has been paying attention, the Langlois mine has come a long way since initial construction in 1994—and this is clearly due to the involvement of Nyrstar, an integrated mining and metals business with operations throughout the world. In the Beginning . . . It was a rough start for the mine which experienced a number of obstacles throughout the years. After being purchased by Breakwater Resources Ltd. in May 2000, the project actually reached commercial production in July 72

June 2015

of that same year only to have operations suspended a mere 4 months later due to problems that were associated with the main orepress system and low zinc prices. The cost of this hiccup? The call for a complete rework of the mine’s design and overall plan—and a few years’ time. It wasn’t until 2005 that Breakwater once again announced the Langlois mine would officially be developed. Once again, effort, time and countless resources were expended, including extensive engineering, metallurgical testing, re-design work and exploration,


Precious metal assay in the Assay Lab

and production commenced in late 2006, with commercial production announced in July 2007. Unfortunately, operations were again suspended in November 2008 due to the decline in commodity prices and the general deterioration of the economic outlook globally.

“The success of the Langlois mine is a team result” – Yves Desrosiers, General Manager

Time for a Change Enter Nyrstar. After acquiring the mine in 2011, operations resumed during the first half of 2012—but only after many changes were implemented. The mine was successfully revamped through various stages of rehabilitation, and the mine’s surface infrastructure was greatly improved; however, the greatest change had nothing to do with the structure at all—the entire strategy changed, w w w . n y r s t a r. c o m



Mining • Manufacturing • Modification • Repair Our staff has over thirty years of experience in manufacturing, modification, repair and / or installation of fabricated metals, steel structures and mechanical equipment. We also offer staff hire (welders, mechanic welders, fitters and electricians) for various jobs.

Your StrateGic SecuritY Partner Gardium offers security services to companies in various fields. We work in partnership with all our clients which makes our approach unique. We offer personalised services in guarding, investigations, pre-employment background checks and work related conflicts.

2888, ch. Sullivan, Val-d’Or (Québec) J9P 0B9

Gardium Sécurité 136C, St-Laurent Street Saint-Eustache Quebec Canada J7P 5G1 toll Free: 866-974-9989 Phone: 450-974-9989 Fax: 450-974-3297

Resource Estimation Mine Engineering & Design Scoping, PFS, and Feasibility Studies Project Management 175 Perreault avenue | Val-d’Or Quebec J9P 2H3 T: (819)-355-9717 | E:

819.874.3435 Licence R.B.Q. : 5638-6196-01


as the main motive behind the Langlois mine quickly became the desire to deliver consistent production results while continuing to streamline operating costs. Nrystar’s general manager Yves Desrosiers spoke exclusively with Business Review Canada, and when asked to explain the success of the mine post-purchase, Desrosiers did not hesitate: “It’s mainly strategy. We talked to people, involved them in the process of improvement and kept them included in the process [as it continued].” As the mindset of management began to change, achieving specific goals became a priority—and although earning a profit has always been a top goal, the approach to doing so was also an important factor. “Production goals were put into place that could be achieved with hard work,” Desrosiers explained. “We put the energy into achieving these goals.” In order for these production goals to work, action plans were given to each department. Particularly, the end result or the desired result was given to each department.

“Good employees are the best asset we have” – Yves Desrosiers, General Manager

Maintenance and Recovery Plans When asked about the new maintenance plan, Desrosiers first talked about the triumph of taking the availability for the mining fleet equipment from forty-seven percent up to seventy-eight percent. Then, a program was put into place according w w w . n y r s t a r. c o m



Precious metal assay in the Assay Lab

to suppliers recommendation on maintenance program of the equipment, followed by a strict rule regarding the maintenance of the equipment. “If we are supposed to do maintenance on Wednesday, it should be on Wednesday,” Desrosiers said. It’s very important for equipment to be taken to maintenance when it’s scheduled to do so—not after. This plan of action has been completely 76

June 2015

organized with the maintenance superintendent so that they are fully aware of all service dates. Furthermore, the five worst pieces of equipment were removed from the fleet, allowing mechanics to focus all efforts on repairing or maintaining only the best pieces of machinery in the fleet. As a result, less time is now needed for maintaining the equipment. With the new maintenance plan intact, along with the hiring of


“talented and seasoned people,” production has already increased by thirteen percent from last year. Nyrstar has hopes for Langlois to increase production another ten percent this year. Changing the mentality of employees during production has also been accredited to the increase. In short, the staff is able to have fun while working. Specifically, Desrosiers called the turnover rate from twenty-three percent to six percent a “huge improvement.” He also touched upon the importance of communication and implementing field visits. In particular, getting management involved and in the field allows for employees to ask questions. “We’re all in the same game,” he stated. When discussing the new recovery plan, Desrosiers briefly stated how mill operators are now left to do the job in which they were trained to do; operators are trusted to make any necessary changes they see fit. With the assistance of the recovery plan, improvements to the mine are now at ninety-four plus percent. Future investments are now looking to development and exploration. Bringing the conversation full-circle, Desrosiers ended the interview by again touching upon the importance of the Langlois mine’s employees. Reaching heights never imagined a few years ago, the success of the mine has been credited to the hard work of the staff: “The success of the Langlois mine is a team result,” Desrosiers concluded.

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Route 1000, Km. 42 C.P. 6000 Lebel-sur-Quévillon Québec J0Y 1X0 Canada YEAR ACQUIRED




Mining and Metals

w w w . n y r s t a r. c o m


Canaroma Bath & Tile Canada’s leader in luxury bath,

lighting and tile products joins the nation’s largest home improvement center, Improve Canada Exclusive brands and luxury items conveniently offered under one (very large) roof Written by: Jennifer White

Produced by: Sean Bakke


C A N A R O M A B AT H & T I L E


amily-owned and operated for nearly 40 years, Canaroma Bath & Tile is one of Canada’s most respected and well-known importers of luxury bath, lighting and tile products. Founded by Frank Piacentini and Roy Mancini in 1979, the company holds tightly to its roots, maintaining the same values today as when it was a two-man startup.

experienced tremendous growth and shows no signs of slowing down. The seamless manner in which the company has been able to update infrastructure and inventory to match customer demands and corporate growth is a clear indication of smart management and a hardworking team with a bright future. Canaroma aims to introduce additional exclusive brands to its Continuous growth collections each year, attending From a 7,000 sq. ft. outlet center with trade shows around the world an attached showroom to a 20,000 and maintaining an awareness of sq. ft. showroom with an attached customer needs. outlet center, Canaroma has “We listen to our customers; we 80

June 2015


try to offer what they want,” Patricia Ee, Sales & Marketing Director, said. “Traveling throughout the world, we see different styles and trends that we bring back for our collection.” The company recently added lighting to its home improvement and design collections, which Ee believes serve as a complement to the current collection of vanities— especially with the Swarovski accents.

In addition, she continued, “We are expanding our trade department by making more connections with designers, decorators and custom home builders.” These expanding collections, customers and connections are supported by an even bigger expansion-based endeavor: the recent partnership with Improve Canada, the 320,000 sq. ft. home improvement center developed w w w. c a n a ro m a . c o m


C A N A R O M A B AT H & T I L E in Toronto. The one-stop-mega shop will allow shoppers access to more than 400 home improvement businesses across 36 different categories under one roof. “Logistically it is better for customers,” Ee said of the move, which includes a partnership with American Standard.

– many have lasted more than the near 40 years the company has been in business – and this trait seems to have secured a place in the company’s culture. And by continuing to foster relationships within the industry, Canaroma is able to offer exclusive brands from around the globe, many of which are not available to purchase from any Competitive advantages other company in Canada. Canaroma’s owners Piacentini and In some cases, Canaroma is “the Mancini are excellent at building and only North American distributor,” Ee maintaining supplier relationships explained.


Victoria + Albert is a global brand with a worldwide reputation for creating beautiful baths.The ultimate statement in quality and sophisticated style, their award-winning collections are packed with inspirational designs made from 100% ENGLISHCAST.

w w tel: 80 0-421-7189


fa x: 80 0-421-7190

4750 Goer Dr i ve I Unit A I Nor th Char leston SC I 2940 6 I USA


“Having these brands is an absolute draw for designers and architects who want their client to have something really exclusive and unique. And because we have such a range of products, from very affordable all the way to exclusive, it is a natural connection.” Canaroma’s collections consist of more than 30 international brands that collectively feature a unique and comprehensive blend of design styles, from classic, vintage and modern to antique, art deco and everything in between. People and the planet Luxury and exclusivity are not the brand’s only focus: corporate social responsibility is also important to Canaroma. From reusable materials and green bathroom products to costeffective initiatives for consumers, the company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint as much as it can. The close knit company also prides itself on maintaining an “at home feeling” in the office that resonates with customers, suppliers and staff members alike. “We feel like we are part of the Italian family— that comes across when the sales team interacts with customers,” she said. Over the next year, Ee predicts the company will continue to focus on these core values, adding more suppliers, products and brands to its portfolio and perhaps expanding to the U.S.

Company Information INDUSTRY


7979 Weston Road Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, L4L 1A6 FOUNDED



$50 million

w w w. c a n a ro m a . c o m


Andy Transport Andy Transport On the Move President and COO Ilie and Andrea Crisan discuss a decade of growth and goals Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Michael Magno




n 2001, Ilie Crisan was the owneroperator of a single transport truck, purchased for around $10,000. Nearly 15 years later, Crisan is the president of Andy Transport, a swiftly growing trucking company built by Crisan and based out of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QuĂŠbec. Andy Transport operates with a goal of providing clients with efficient 86

June 2015

transportation solutions throughout Canada and the United States. With a current fleet of more than 175 trucks, and recent recognition as one of the Top 100 Carriers by Today’s Trucking magazine, Andy Transport is building a name for itself as a force in the supply chain and logistics industry.


A Responsibility to Sustainability Andy Transport puts environmental concerns and social corporate responsibility at the top of its priorities as a business. As such, Andy Transport has committed to several green policies to increase conservation throughout every aspect of the business, from onboard scanning fleet-wide to paperless offices. But above all, the business works to build a more environmentally responsible fleet.

“We value our human resources. We treat everybody fairly, and our drivers are very well respected” – Ilie Crisan President, Andy Transport

w w w. a n d y t r a n s p o r t . c o m



130 Delta Park Blvd Brampton, ON Ph : 416-848-4111 888-203-8484 Fx : 866-346-8863

Fier par tenaire d’ Andy Transport

Our collaboration with BVD Petroleum targets the optimization of fleet wide fuel services and reduction of fuel expenses. We were thrilled when the BVD team’s customized services program met our expectations. What we appreciated the most about working with the BVD team was their ability to listen to our needs and to propose relevant solutions. BVD has become a trustful and reliable business partner for our company. Andreea Crisan, COO, Andy Transport


This means incorporating hybrid aerodynamic technologies like trailer side skirts, which reduce drag and thereby cut fuel consumption three to seven percent, and mandating regular maintenance to catch any fuel-guzzling technical issues early before they become major problems. It also means cutting down on idling and tracking driver behavior to encourage smarter and more eco-conscious habits among Andy Transport staff. As the Crisans explain, these carbon footprint reduction policies serve a twofold purpose: not only do they reduce fuel costs and overhead for Andy Transport, they also speak to the company’s overarching commitment to environmental sustainability. “We are investing in the development of an eco-driving culture, and recently purchased a driving simulator that is used in our annual training program. The simulator will allow us to teach our drivers the best practices of ecodriving,” says Ilie, explaining that Andy Transport strives to ensure that its fleet is among the greenest on the highway. “Eco-driving contributes

to climate protection and pollution reduction; this new tool was easily adopted by our company as it aligns with our corporate mission.” A Responsibility Toward Growth Every business is ultimately tuned toward steady growth, and Andy Transport is also on this path. So far, the company’s track record speaks for itself—what started as a onetruck operation in 2001 has become a rapidly expanding enterprise with plans to add as many as 65 new trucks to the fleet within this year alone. Beyond fleet expansion, Andy Transport also has plans to diversify and spread growth around to its various divisions. “We’ve had our logistics division since 2007, and it is a small division compared to our trucking division— but it’s definitely something we’re looking at growing,” says Andy Transport COO Andreea Crisan, who notes that Andy Transport is also looking to diversify its flat bed and intermodal divisions, as well. Another way that Andy Transport is growing is through its connections, engaging in certifications like the United w w w. a n d y t r a n s p o r t . c o m



States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay Transport Partnership and the C-TPAT through Customs and Border Protection. Such certifications bolster Andy Transport’s reputation among clients and prove the company’s commitment to issues like environmental sustainability and the latest standards in best practices. With independent audits, clients can rest assured that the service they are signing up for is the best.


June 2015

A Responsibility to the Team What sets Andy Transport apart from its competition? Several points come to mind, from the flexibility to its consistent and reliable high quality service. But perhaps above all, what puts Andy Transport head and shoulders above the rest is the value that it places in each and every member of its team. “We value our human resources,” says Ilie. “We treat everybody fairly, and our drivers are very well respected.” According to Andreea, this is because the company is led by


Company Information INDUSTRY


4225 Boulevard Hébert Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Québec, Canada, J6S 6J2 FOUNDED


a president who can relate to and empathize with his staff, as he still remembers what it was like to be a driver himself. “He was not a truck driver three generations ago—he was a truck driver maybe 8 years ago,” she explains. “He understands drivers. He understands what drivers value, how they feel when they’re alone on the road and how dispatch should be talking to them.” It’s an empathy that translates to a feeling of respect that permeates throughout the company from staff to clients. As Ilie explains, it’s based on the simplest yet most resonant tenet that makes Andy Transport a cut above the rest: “treat everyone with the respect they deserve.”


Not Disclosed REVENUE


Private trucking company

w w w. a n d y t r a n s p o r t . c o m


Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd. Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd. adds a little color to the city Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd. has become one of the largest painting contractors within the Greater Toronto Area—here’s how. Written by: Cutter Slagle Produced by: Rich Gentile


C E R V I N I PA I N T I N G & D E C O R AT I N G LT D .

Onsite management team

We’re very hands-on,” said Rocco Cervini, Vice President of Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd.. Family owned and operated, Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd. has been in business for over 30 years. During this time, the company has become one of the largest painting contractors for new highrise developments within the Greater Toronto Area. As many of their clients are the top new home developers in Canada, customer service is a main priority throughout the Cervini business. In fact, it’s just one of several factors that have allowed this painting and decorating 94

June 2015

company to distinguish itself from others in the industry. A Shade Brighter than the Competition “We’re both a big and a small company,” Cervini stated. “We’re still small in a sense of how we run, operate and are structured, but we do a lot of work and have done a lot of work. We’re a small company at heart, but have gotten bigger over the years.” Cervini has a goal of not only pleasing the client, but making sure that the contractor or customer becomes a repeat consumer. “We have a vision of doing the best we


Emilo Cervini, Anthony, Peter, Rocco Cervini

can, whether we’re making a lot of money or no money,” added Cervini. Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd. is very thorough throughout the entire painting process—from the initial quoting stage, to the actual procedure and finally, to the closing of the project. As part of its focus on customer service, the company does everything in its power to be proactive. Cervini was brought up in this business with a certain mentality and still lives by it today: “No matter what you do, make sure you do the best job you can—whether you’re making a lot of money or no money.” After all, Cervini recognizes that it is the client that keeps him and his team in business: “At the end of the day, you’re working— and that’s a good thing.”

Hullmark Tridel

w w w. c e r v i n i p a i n t i n g . c o m


C E R V I N I PA I N T I N G & D E C O R AT I N G LT D . Green is the New Norm Five years ago that the company made the conscious decision to “go green.” As Cervini explained, to “go green” is really not a new concept, but a normal method of the business. After doing the research and discovering how important it was to help the environment by recycling and reusing certain products, a valid effort was put into effect to help make the change. He said it was a “no brainer that the business was going to head this way.”

Load Up on Savings. Every Day. Introducing ProDiscounts from Sherwin-Williams. All you need is a pro account to pile up big savings: u Save 15% off list price on painting supplies* u Save 20% off list price on case lot quantities on over 150 popular items u Enjoy volume pricing on paints and coatings *Some exclusions apply. See your Sherwin-Williams store or representative for details.



While most jobs are LEED category jobs or “green” jobs, there are still many that don’t require this particular form. Instead of having separate supply and paint lines, however, Cervini utilizes just one line to comply with the LEED stipulations. “We try to make sure that whether it’s a LEED category job or not, that it’s green regardless— we’re using green as much as possible.” On top of being a “green” company, Cervini is in the process


of implementing the use of an intumescent fire safety coating. Steel structures are becoming more common in Toronto, and need to be treated with this intumescent coating for better protection on the chance that a fire breaks out. Cervini has traveled to New York and other markets where this process is already taking place. While Cervini knows that it is only a matter of time before the coating becomes mandatory, he’s decided to take a proactive approach and become familiar with the method now so that he has “time to learn it and run his business with it.” The sole purpose of this special coating is to keep the fire and heat away from a steel beam long enough for people to have an opportunity to evacuate the building during a fire. Depending on the fire rating or particular code of a structure, a certain amount of coating thickness is used on the metal. If a fire were to take a place, the coating expands to four or five times the actual surface it’s covering and acts as a barrier to keep the beam from getting too hot and collapsing under pressure. Cervini noted that, while this isn’t

an “aesthetically pleasing looking paint, it’s not meant for looks.” He did mention that in most cases the fire safety coating can be painted over with regular paint to better match the surroundings. Painting Their Way to the Top Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd. is recognized as a “Top Specialty Contractor” in Toronto, as the company has worked on the most high-rise condominium projects in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area over the last 20yrs—at one point in the last few years, Toronto had the most highirse projects in the world. “We’ve never lost a project because of quality,” said Cervini. “If we’ve lost a project, it’s more for budgets and costs than anything.” The majority of the jobs that the company is working on at the moment and the vast amount of clients are those associated with high-rise buildings. “We’ve been painted into being a high rise painter,” Cervini quipped. However, the team does have lots of experience doing commercial work. One of the most fascinating projects that Cervini has been a w w w. c e r v i n i p a i n t i n g . c o m


C E R V I N I PA I N T I N G & D E C O R AT I N G LT D .

Studio - Aspen Ridge Homes

part of was the Absolute World Twin Towers, which have been dubbed the “Marilyn Monroe Towers” due to the curves of the structures. Each floor of the skyscrapers was shifted on an angle to give it the revolution effect. One reason these buildings are so well recognized is due to the fact that you can see for miles; even from the CN Tower in Toronto can be seen from this location, a good 50 or 60 miles away. 98

June 2015

One of Cervini’s current projects is the Aspen Ridge project. Cervini mentioned that its location helps to set it apart from other builds. “Two different worlds are within walking distance,” He said. Hospitals, the club scene, trendy areas and baseball fields can all be reached without the aid of a vehicle or bicycle. The building itself is not a typical tower, but has more of an art theme and has been designed


to different exterior elevations. Hullmark Center is another example of the mulit type projects that Cervini has complete being a mix use of commercial, retail and residential in 2 stunning towers by Tridel.

Company Information INDUSTRY

Construction Global

The Colors the Future Holds for the Industry Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd. is known for mixing its younger staff with its veteran employees. Cervini stated, “It’s important to find the person who wants to learn and who can put their pride in their back pocket.” New or younger employees can learn insight from workers who have been with Cervini longer. However, the older employees are not training the younger staff as their replacement. With this process, no one has to worry about losing their job. In fact, Cervini mentioned, “Attitude and the economy are what dictate the longevity of an employee’s job with us.” While no one can control the way of the economy, workers can control how they choose to behave. When discussing what’s in store for the industry, Cervini noted that there isn’t enough of the younger generation getting involved. With his company, he hopes to set an example and take the business back to what it used to be, with respect and appreciation for this specific trade. While too many people seem to be working without experience or knowledge, Cervini knows how important it is for him and his team to be “pure, know-how painters.”


21 Kenview Blvd. Unit #6 Brampton, Ontario, Canada FOUNDED



Not Disclosed

w w w. c e r v i n i p a i n t i n g . c o m


Ledcor Construction Limited

Investing in partners and clients keeps Ledcor ahead of the game Construction industry leader relies on building Lifetime Clients and partnerships to expand its ever-growing portfolio of innovative projects Written by: Cutter Slagle

Produced by: Rich Gentile



Teck Acute Care Centre INTERIOR


June 2015


Royal Alberta Museum rendering


rom its first project in 1947 preparing the access road and well site to Imperial Oil’s famous discovery at Leduc No. 1 — the site touted as the official beginning of the oil industry in Alberta — Ledcor established itself as a leader in the construction industry. The company is a part of the Ledcor Group of Companies, a privately-held entity whose highly diversified portfolio reaches into mining, infrastructure, oil and gas, air and marine transportation, forestry, power and environmental industries, among others. Over the last 65 years, Ledcor has

built experience and an admirable reputation with its partners in industry and government. Clients across North America consider Ledcor Construction a trusted authority in project and construction management, pre-construction, general construction, and designbuild services. Creating Lifetime Clients Ledcor’s ongoing success can be attributed to the effort it puts towards building strong relationships with clients. “We’re very proud of our long-term relationships,” says Peter Hrdlitschka, w w w. l e d c o r. c o m


Head Office

#314, 26230 TWP RD 531A Acheson, Alberta T7X 5A4 Phone: (780) 962-1964 E-Mail:


6001-49 Ave Lloydminster, Saskatchewan Phone (306) 825-2572 E-mail:

Proud to be a partner in construction with Ledcor serving them with all their civil construction and earthworks needs.

With over 65 years of experience in the roofing industry, Transwest Roofing has proven to be the premier choice for all types of roofing, water proofing and cladding systems.

Institutional - Commercial - Industrial - Residential

Tel: 604-596-7448

13415 Comber Way,

Fax: 604-596-1430

Surrey, BC V3W 5V8

LEDCOR President of Ledcor Construction, who notes several examples of long standing customers who are considered Lifetime Clients by Ledcor. “We’ve built 17 projects for PCI in the past 21 years,” said Hrdlitschka. “I think our commitment to our clients shows in the amount of repeat business we earn. We build lasting relationships by proving every time the value we bring to our client’s projects, and by delivering on our promises.” Currently, Ledcor is working on PCI’s Coast Capital Savings Credit Union building in Surrey, B.C. The $65 million project is the first stage


of a multi-phase development at King George Station that will further transform the rapidly evolving downtown core of Surrey. Ledcor is targeting a completion date for July 2015, with occupancy for October to accommodate the demands of the fastest growing city in Metro Vancouver, and one of the fastest in Canada. Nearby, Ledcor spearheads two decades of work at the Vancouver International Airport. Ledcor has worked with YVR since 1995, developing and constructing over 200 projects domestically and internationally.

Royal Alberta Museum Rendering w w w. l e d c o r. c o m


Epcor Tower

WE OFFER A COMPLETE ARRAY OF MECHANICAL SERVICES, INCLUDING DESIGN-BUILD OR PLAN AND SPECIFICATION PROJECT DELIVERY FOR THE COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, INSTITUTIONAL, LIGHT INDUSTRIAL, RECREATIONAL AND MULTI-FAMILY SECTORS. Priority Mechanical is one of Edmonton’s largest, most trusted, and most respected mechanical construction contractors. We have the knowledge and experience to understand the complexities of each project and provide innovative and practical solutions for our customers. Our certified personnel perform plumbing, gas fitting, hydronic, and ABSA system installations. We also provide prime mechanical services including HVAC, fire protection, mechanical controls, and thermal insulation. We complete projects of any size and are always committed to providing quality installations and customer satisfaction. Priority Mechanical Ltd. was established in Edmonton, Alberta in 1990 and was founded on the principles of quality, integrity and customer service. The growth of Priority Mechanical from its initial partnership has been a steady and natural progression; a growth that has included an accumulation of expertise and skills, as well as the establishment and fostering of relationships. It is this natural development and a commitment to their core set of founding principles that enables Priority Mechanical to participate and successfully complete projects of any scale and scope. Whether it’s a design-build, plan and specification or IPD project, Priority Mechanical Ltd. is your preferred mechanical contractor. |

PH: 780-435-3636

LEDCOR The latest, the Airport’s A-B Connector Project, is valued at $146 million and includes demolishing parts of the original 1968 terminal, some of the oldest remaining structures on site, and developing a new, four-level facility into a smooth transition for arriving and departing passengers and include expanded retail space. “This is our largest project for YVR in Vancouver to date,” said Hrdlitschka. “We’ve been with YVR for 20 years doing various projects and I believe our relationship with them is a great example of how Ledcor continues to strive to build


lifetime clients.” The advantage of working in a familiar space and knowing how to meet a client’s expectations drives Ledcor to work towards earning repeat business from all clients, whether they previously worked together or are entering a new partnership. Transforming Communities Ledcor continues to transform the community in which it was founded. Some of the company’s most prominent and complex projects currently under construction are being built for, or in partnership with

TFN Mills w w w. l e d c o r. c o m


electrical contracting building controls & automation data networks security & life safety systems industrial construction power quality 24 hr service TENANT IMPROVEMENTS - BASE BUILDINGS WAREHOUSES - SHOP FINISHING TREATMENT PLANTS - MAINTENANCE

(403) 230-2656 CALGARY | MEDICINE HAT

Delivering Award Winning Excellence through Quality, Safety, Ethics and Integrity since 1944. 604-434-2681

ConCrete restorations ltd DELIVERING QUALITY ON Time SINCE 1984

WAM on 10th Centre Street Bridge Lions

Solutions for Industrial and Commercial, 20 years of providing solutions for concrete problems assures clients of our commitment to satisfactory project completion.

3740 73rd Ave Edmonton, AB, T6B 2Z2 780-440-1414 |

Company info Calgary | Po Box 6154 Stn A Calgary AB T2H 2L4 CA 403.312-0332 | email:

LEDCOR governments and institutions. One of Ledcor’s current projects is the $260 million Royal Alberta Art Museum in the heart of downtown Edmonton. “[The museum] truly expresses our province’s history, landscapes and potential,” says Ray Danyluk, Minister of Infrastructure in Alberta. “The concept leaves no doubt that the Ledcor team understands Alberta, and Albertans.” Slated for opening in December 2017, to coincide with Canada’s 150th anniversary, the museum is expected to become a globally iconic institution. “Like our province, our new museum will represent the best of what the world has to offer, celebrating our past, our present and our future,” says Danyluk. Ledcor continues to transform communities beyond Edmonton with the same entrepreneurial spirit that has characterized Alberta. In Toronto, Ledcor and EllisDon partnered to build the new Canary District for the Athlete’s Village for the 2015 Pan Am/ Parapan Am Games. Following the Games, the five-block mixed-


use development will be converted into a new, integrated community with affordable housing, student residences, retail space and a YMCA. The Canary District project was built by the EllisDon Ledcor PAAV Inc. joint venture. The partnership combined a wealth of experience to ensure the Canary District satisfied the highest construction standards. On the west coast, Ledcor’s ongoing work to build the BC Children’s and BC Women’s Hospital takes on a different type of partnership. CWH Design-Build GP, a 50/50 joint venture between Ledcor and Balfour Beatty, was awarded the $350 million PPP project. “We are pleased to be part of this project that will bring world-class care for children, youth, women and families across British Columbia for years to come,” says Peter Hrdlitschka, President of Ledcor Construction. “Our consortium’s combined experience includes completing 36 children’s hospitals and eight women’s healthcare projects,” says Hrdlitschka. w w w. l e d c o r. c o m


A truly spectacular collaboration! Thank you Ledcor for the support you have demonstrated to us as a leading supplier to the tile, terrazzo and stone trade. 4420 1 St SE | Calgary, AB T2G 2L3 403-287-0886 |


Specialty Geotechnical Contractor Gallagher Bros is proud of our relationship as a Wall & Ceiling Contractor for Ledcor


Award Winning A-B Connector Project, just completed with Ledcor at the Vancouver International Airport

Customizedsssolutions�oforeogeotechnicalo�prob # 114 19140 28th Avenue | Surrey, B.C. Canada V3S 6M3 604-531-3156 | fax 604-531-3163






The design and construction of the TECK Acute Care Center at the hospital will include an eight-story, 540,000-square-feet building that houses inpatient units, an emergency department, medical imaging, procedural suites, hematology/oncology department and a pediatric intensive care units for BC Children’s Hospital. It will also include high-risk labour and delivery suite and a new neonatal intensive care unit for BC Women’s Hospital & Health Care Centre. On top of the highly technical scope of work, the project is targeting LEED Gold Certification. “The suspended slabs are underway, and on target for our summer 2017 project completion” said Hrdlitschka. “We have two cranes on the project now, and a third will be erected on site next month.” Despite the project’s complexity and multiple stakeholders, it is on schedule.

The $130 million project, which is expected to be completed later this month, will encompass construction of a 250,000 square foot facility along with an extremely sophisticated mechanical electrical system. “The data center has to operate 24/7. For this project, it was essential to have huge backup generators that provide power to the entire building and specifically the mechanical system and its cooling towers to continue to create the cooling capacity that can handle up to 24 million BTUs of heat generation,” said Hrdlitschka. “When you think of BTUs, the big construction heaters generate a million BTUs. This electrical system and its components including the Server Rooms housed within the Data Center technically generate the effect of 24 million of these heaters. This amount of cooling required provided by the cooling towers is equivalent to using 35,000 New Challenges household refrigerators.” Ledcor has built retail stores and hiOne of Ledcor’s largest projects rises for Shaw Communications, and under construction is the TFN Mills is currently finishing construction Shopping Centre in Delta for Ivanhoe on the Shaw Data Centre in Calgary. Cambridge. Due for completion in w w w. l e d c o r. c o m



Proud to be Supplying Signage for Tsawwassen Mills

Keith Panel Systems is a leading innovator, fabricator, & installer of high performance architectural facades.


We are proud of our strong relationship with Ledcor and the many successful projects we have completed together.


We provide our clients with an experienced team of elec trical professionals, for all of their electrical needs!


#9-11720 Voyageur Way British Columbia, V6X 3G9

w w w.p r ot e c g r o u p.c o m

LEDCOR May 2016, Tsawwassen Mills will cover more than 1.4 million square feet of indoor retail space as well as an outdoor shopping mall. “We’re probably about 90 percent through the structural steel,” says Hrdlitschka. “We’re currently working on completing the base building envelope and roof.” For Ledcor, the massive project has included an array of services from road construction, installation of underground utilities to constructing the park-like habitat areas around the project. With close proximity to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal, the project has also presented unique challenges. “With the size and location of the project, we needed to improve the ground conditions before construction,” says Hrdlitschka. “Because this project is in a low lying area, we had to import ¬sand and gravel to offset the conditions of the ground. We ended up importing just under two million metric tons of sand and gravel.” Hrdlitschka added, “There’s always going to be challenges, but it’s how you handle those challenges


that matters. It’s something we pride ourselves on and I believe it’s something that distinguishes us from our competitors.” Ledcor’s engagement with clients and its investment into their own people has served them well since the company’s beginnings. Investing in People The roster of impactful and innovative builds is not the only reason Ledcor is set apart from its competition. While the projects on Ledcor’s portfolio are impressive to say the least, the company is committed to supporting its customers and employees as well as the community and the environment. For the second time, Ledcor was named one Canada’s Top 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures for its corporate culture, benefits, community involvement and skills development. “Our most important asset is our people,” Peter Hrdlitschka, President, stated. “The stronger we make our people, the stronger we make ourselves.” Current and past accolades also include BC Top 55 Employers, w w w. l e d c o r. c o m


T-780 -440 -8775 F-780 -462-4454 MCL POWER INC

Kerrian Metalhouse Ltd.

Serving all your metal roofing and wall cladding needs.

E P CO R Towe r C o m p l e te d 2012 P r o j e c t Va l u e $ 32 M

Your number one electrical contractor of choice. “MCL Power Inc is proud to participate in the design, construction, and maintenance of many landmark buildings and projects throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas� words words words words words words words words

Proud to once again be part of the Ledcor team at YVR. Kerrian Metalhouse Ltd. 24777 Fraser Highway, Langley, B.C. V2Z 2L2 Tel: 604 -857-9695 Fax: 604 -857-9606

CHARLES PLASTERING LTD. Stucco, Plastering, EIF Systems, Venetian and Ornamental Plaster Work, also Speciality Finishes

Providing high quality millwork in the Calgary area and proud partners with Ledcor for over 18 years! Award Winning Stucco and EIFS Contractor, Commercial and Residential, With over 45 years of experience in Plaster work Specializing in interior Berkshire Contracting Ltd is a commercial Architectural Millwork shop providing custom millwork and cabinets for schools, hospitals, offices, clinics and retail interiors.

architectural plasterwork. Phone: 604-525-9844 Fax: 604-525-9854

#11 - 2701 - 16 ST SE Calgary, AB 403-207-7291


Company Information INDUSTRY


500, 1055 W Hastings St. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6E2E9

Shaw Data Centre Rendering


Canada’s Top 100 Employers, and Financial Post’s Ten Best Companies to Work For and others. The company supports numerous organizations and is committed to its corporate social responsibility. In 2014, the company pledged $200,000 to Junior Achievement of British Columbia and North Alberta made a three-year commitment to fund a weekly healthy lunch program at Ronald McDonald House of Northern Alberta. Over the past 10 years, Ledcor has contributed nearly $24 million to more than 150 charities across North America, focusing mainly on education and children’s healthcare. The company’s annual employee campaign raised over $1.2 million last year, allowing the team to help over 95 charities throughout North America.



$3.2 billion (Ledcor Group of Companies) / $1.2 billion (Ledcor Construction Limited, Canada) PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

General Contractor & Construction Management

w w w. l e d c o r. c o m


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