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Canada’s Most Influential IPOs To Date in 2014

How to Effectively Manage Interns for Mutual Benefit


Canadian Business Takes Off O U R C O V E R S T O R Y T H I S issue is on Canada’s top airports. We

take a look at the aviation hubs that are putting Canada on the map in terms of import and export, business travel and tourism. From the scale of the terminals to the business lounges, management to innovation, we take a look at everything Canadian airports have to offer the nation. Talking of innovation, we also compiled a list of the top tech startups in Canada today. While its close neighbor, the USA may be the global pioneer in this sector; The Great White North still has a lot to offer. We speak to the movers and shakers. Also in this issue we give you a mid-year round up of the most influential IPOs to date in 2014. From Alibaba to Encana Corp, we reveal the most notable initial public offerings and uncover what made them so successful. As always, we also have some great articles about business leadership and management. We ask about the best ways to manage interns and reveal why sustainable business practices are not only good for the environment but also your bottom line. E NJOY TH E I S S U E !

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40 Leadership: How to Effectively Manage Interns for Mutual Benefit 6 Finance: MID-YEAR ROUND UP: Canada’s Most Influential IPOs To Date in 2014 14 Technology: Canada’s Top Tech Startups 2014 Marketing: Why ‘Going Green’ Will Boost Your Bottom Line in More



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Top 10: Canada’s Top 10 Airports 2014


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There are thousands of bright young things hankerin resumes and chances of landing a job after universit ensure both the company and the intern gain the mo W R ITTE N BY AB I G A I L PH I LLI PS


Month 2014


ng after internships to boost their y, but how can business leaders ost from these schemes?




THE ECONOMY HAS not been kind to recent graduates who have entered the careers market only to find that real (as in paid) jobs are hard to come by. The global recession, coupled with steep competition means that young employees are willing to do more for less in order to gain valuable experience and skills. Internships, if managed correctly can bring huge benefits to both employers and employees, however cheap labor can come at a cost if not handled effectively. HOW TO MANAGE INTERNS TO OPTIMIZE THE EXPERIENCE FOR BOTH THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE ORGANIZATION MAKE SURE THEY HAVE A ROLE TO FULFILL First and foremost, make sure there is a role that needs fulfilling that will be of value to the organization and the intern. It’s a waste of time for both parties if the nature of the assignment is vague and lacking in clear goals or objectives. Ensure there is a substantive workload that will challenge the intern and teach them new skills, while bringing benefit to the organization. When everyone involved 8

July 2014

Caption constructive Provide to the image criticism and fe

is seeing the worth of the internship there is more to be gained. TAKE TIME TO TEACH It’s all to easy to set an intern up at a desk and throw menial tasks their way



that require little thought or training but this generates little or no value for the intern or the organization. Be thoughtful about the assignments you set and take the time to teach the person what he or she needs to know

to complete the task accurately and affectively. Not only will this ensure the task is done to a high standard, but it also means the intern has learned skills which they can take away with them.



Be sure to evaluate the internship when it comes to an end 10

Month 2014


PROVIDE FEEDBACK AND CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM Internships are only a good idea if you have the time to provide feedback and evaluate the individual’s work. Without advice and pointers in the right direction the intern isn’t learning anything new, rendering the whole experience pointless. What’s more, if you don’t bother to correct mistakes or make suggestions, the work you receive will be below par, meaning you’ll have to take more time out in the long run to redo assignments. A LITTLE THANK YOU GOES A LONG WAY Incentives don’t just have to be financially driven. Interns don’t expect to be rewarded monetarily but that’s not to say they don’t appreciate recognition in other ways. Take the time to write your intern a note of gratitude for completing a task on time, thank them by offering to pay for lunch one afternoon or give them the chance to join you on a business trip out of the office. Incentives such as these will broaden your intern’s experience. Furthermore, renewed enthusiasm will often result in greater application and results.

SUMMARIZE AND EVALUATE THE EXPERIENCE When the internship comes to an end, its important to sit down one-on-one and evaluate the experience. Provide the person with feedback regarding their progress and highlight the skills they’ve learnt and improved upon during their tenure with the company. During the evaluation, it can also be beneficial to offer professional advice about where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

A thank you note or a cup of coffee will mean a lot



Create a scheme whereby good candidates can stay on at your business

Conversely, this is a great opportunity to hear from the intern about their opinion of the experience. Was it valuable? What did they learn? What would they have changed? All this information can help you improve your internship program next time around. And 12

July 2014

finally, be sure to offer to give the intern a professional reference. PROVIDE FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES When all is said and done, interns undoubtedly take time to manage, but

T E S L A L O O K S T O C H I N A F O L L O W I N G D E C L I N I N G Q 1 R E S U LT S

if that time is invested correctly, the process can be rewarding for both the organization and the individual. With this in mind, it’s wise to introduce a scheme whereby successful interns can apply for full time positions at the company. After all, if you have

taken the time to up skill an individual, you don’t want them to take their newfound knowledge and experience to a competitor.






Month 2014


FLUENTIAL IPOS TO DATE IN 2014 From Alibaba to Encana Corp, we reveal the most successful Canadian IPOs so far in 2014





CANADIAN INVESTORS DON’T always get a shot at the hottest IPO’s, but certainly not for lack of trying. CIBC Managing Director Tyler Swan recently told the Financial Post “Investors here are as hungry for technology IPOs and new stories as they are anywhere else in the world.” Fortunately, this year has already brought Canadians opportunities to own or benefit from profitable stocks with more on the way in the coming months. ENCANA Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Calgary, Encana is Canada’s largest natural gas producer. The North American energy company also transports and markets natural gas liquids and has a U.S. based subsidiary with 2.6 million acres of land. During the recent IPO of its PrairieSky Ltd. royalty business, Encana sold 52 million shares at $28 a share, raising $1.46 billion and making it Canada’s largest IPO in fourteen years. PrairieSky Ltd. is designed to collect royalties and fees from other energy companies operating on its land and distributes a large amount to its shareholders. 16

July 2014

Caption is Encana tothe thelargest image natural gas pro Encana’s CEO is Doug Suttles, who formerly held leadership positions at Exxon and BP. Amid falling gas prices, Suttles is dedicated to increasing the company’s profit through the sale of assets and zeroing in on properties that produce higher-value oil and gas. Alibaba Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Hangzhou, Alibaba began as a business-to-business portal between

U N D U P : C A N A D A’ S M O S T I N F L U E N T I A L I P O S T O D AT E I N 2 0 1 4

oducer in Canada Chinese manufacturers and overseas buyers. Executive chairman and former English teacher Jack Ma led a team of eighteen to develop their group of e-commerce sites to eventually become responsible for over 60 percent of the parcels delivered in China. Alibaba’s companies include the Taobao marketplace - an online shopping source that boasts hundreds of millions of products and service

listings - and, the largest brands and retail platform in China. Alibaba also has its own third party, fee-free payment system called Alipay that empowers consumers to determine their satisfaction level with products before releasing funds to the seller. The upcoming IPO, projected to become available in August, is expected to raise as much as $40 billion, making it the largest IPO in the 17


Markit 18

Month 2014

United States to date as well as the biggest tech company IPO worldwide. In its prospectus, Alibaba speculated as to how the IPO might affect its current employees. Alibaba executives and external speakers have been commissioned to proactively discuss successful management strategies for newfound wealth as well as personal development and business goals with their employees. The Canadian Pension Fund, managing the retirement savings of 18 million people, made a $100 million direct investment in Alibaba in 2011. That investment is expected to yield enormous rewards. Additionally, the Pension Fund reportedly made a $465 million commitment to a fund run by a U.S. private-equity firm that also owns a small share of Alibaba. With current shareholders in China, investors in Canada, and the potential for new shareholders in the United States, the IPO is bound to reap financial benefits internationally. Markit Ltd. Financial service provider Markit Ltd., one of the United Kingdom’s fastest growing financial firms, was founded in 2003 and offers over 3,000 institutional

customers pricing and reference data, indices and valuation services. Canadian Lance Uggla started the company in London and continues to serve as its CEO. Their IPO, filed this month, is expected to be valued at $25 to $27 per share. With 4.57 million common shares available, the IPO could value the company at $4.47 billion. Current shareholders include Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and Bank of America. As with Alibaba, the Canadian Pension Fund intends to invest $450 million in Markit in order to take a 10 percent stake in the company. This would enable the Pension Fund to appoint a director to Markit’s board as well as expand its range of investments. Callidus Capital Corporation Toronto-based Callidus Capital was established in 2003 and is a privately held company specializing in alternative financing solutions for companies that cannot obtain adequate financing from traditional lending institutions. Callidus bases its credit criteria on the value of a company’s assets, enterprise 19


Lumenpulse office reception value and borrowing needs. COO David M. Reese has been with the company, which prides itself on its deep understanding of the realities of business, since 2011. During its April IPO, Callidus raised $252 million from the sale of 18 million shares at $14 each. The company initially hoped to raise $175 million from selling a 35 percent stake with shares priced between $12 and $14. The successful IPO proved to 20

July 2014

be 44 percent more profitable than projected. The shares closed at $16.25 and have traded in the $16 to $17.15 range. Lumenpulse Montreal’s Lumenpulse is a specialized lighting company that formed in 2006. Lumenpulse has provided lighting solutions for more than 5,000 projects and transformed building standards through the

T E S L A L O O K S T O C H I N A F O L L O W I N G D E C L I N I N G Q 1 R E S U LT S

use of energy efficient materials. The company also has regional headquarters in the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore. In its April IPO, the company priced 6.25 million shares at $16 each for proceeds of $100 million. Strong demand allowed the underwriters to exercise the over allotment option. The IPO raised $115 million and the stock closed at $18.35 per share. Since going public, the shares have traded in

the $18 to $20.50 range. Lumenpulse chief financial officer Robert Comeau commented on the IPO to Financial Times by saying, “This indicates that there is demand for a company like us that has shown solid growth in the past and wants to continue growing.� With such a profitable IPO, Lumenpulse seems poised for further success.




Over 100 leading tech compani neutrality’ plan, but what does how will it affect Ca

W R I T T E N B Y: D 22

July 2014


ies have blasted the FCC’s ‘net s net neutrality really mean and anadian business?


TECHNOLOGY 10. THINKIFIC Thinkific is a web and mobile education company designed for users to create and sell their own online courses. Users are given a website with a unique URL and unlimited bandwidth where they can post their own continuing education classes and develop a passive income stream. Instructors can join the site at the starter, professional, or enterprise level, giving them the option of paying per month or per transaction. The startup was founded by Vancouver brothers Greg and Matt Smith. Thinkific has successfully partnered with Launch Academy, an entrepreneurship facility that provides mentorship and space to promising startups. 9. PUSH PUSH is a Toronto startup that created its eponymous wearable activity tracker to enable the user to push their body to its true potential through the employment of meaningful metrics. The PUSH band uses an array of sensors to track force, power, and speed during a workout. Specifically designed for gym use, PUSH can be used with a smartphone to create and 24

July 2014

Canada has a number of prominent s download routines, track progress, analyze effectiveness and network with friends about fitness. During its month long Indiegogo campaign, the company exceeded its targeted goal by $50,000 and has already sold out of its PUSH Prime presale packages. 8. Figure 1 Doctor and Torontonian Josh Landy helped developed Figure1 as a way for healthcare professionals to share

startups changing the tech landscape and comment on medical images via a photo-sharing network. Figure1 was strictly an iPhone/iPad app until the company raised $2 million in seed funding in December. Since then, Figure1 has extended the app to Android and desktop platforms. The app is intended to create a global almanac of medical images in the vein of Wikipedia, educating both the medical community and the public. The app already serves thousands

of users and the startup is exploring additional avenues of technology to keep medical professionals connected and informed. 7. BitLit Vancouver-based BitLit promises its users access to electronic versions of books that they already own in print form. The startup is working with publishers directly to offer readers discounted or free e-book versions of 25


Collaboration is king those in their home collections. BitLit is also seeking to make it easier for publishers to include e-books with purchased copies of print books. The app requires users to verify their print copy through imaging before granting them access to the e-book. The company has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Three Angels Capital, BDC Venture Capital and individual investors and has already brought 80 publishers on board. 6. Mojio Formed in 2012, Vancouver Telematics company Mojio offers cloud-based technologies for cars, 26

July 2014

enabling real-time communication with smartphone apps. Their top innovation is the Mojio, a small, Internet connected device that plugs into a vehicle’s diagnostic port and measures everything from speed to oil levels, bringing smart car features to older vehicles. Mojio also allows developers to create apps to use with the device. Mojio is soon to be available to the public. The company is also developing a module that includes both LTE and Wi-Fi, connecting cars to the Internet as well as the tablets, smartphones and other gadgets that passengers commonly travel with.

C A N A D A’ S T O P T E C H S TA R T U P S 2 0 1 4

5. Battlefy Developed by a team of gamers in Vancouver, Battlefy offers a turn-key platform for creating and managing eSports tournaments, leagues and content. Users can create sign-up forms, seed teams, draw brackets, design sponsorship pages and manage livestream content through Battlefy’s virtual court platform. As Battlefy takes care of 90 percent of the technology requirements for eSports organizers, administration costs can be reduced by up to 80 percent. Earlier this year, the startup raised $1.3 million in venture capital from U.S. investors, which it intends to put towards becoming the end-to-

end technology solution for eSports. 4. Whirlscape Whirlscape is a Toronto-based startup that created the onedimensional Minuum virtual keyboard. Last year, Whirlscape attempted to raise $10,000 through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and ended up with $87,000. In February, the company received $500,000 in seed funding from Y Combinator, FundersClub, BDC Venture Capital and other investors. Whirlscape recently released their Minuum app for Android and plans to release it in additional formats this year. A

Creative team



promotional video released by the startup showed that the company hopes to eventually enable users to “type anywhere, ” including on wearables such as a line of smartwatches that are currently in development.percent. Earlier this year, the startup raised $1.3 million in venture capital


July 2014

3. Recon Instruments Vancouver-based Recon Instruments has been developing head-mounted wearable displays since the startup formed in 2008. Designed for snowboarders, their “Transcend” model was the first pair of goggles in the world to provide real-time feedback to the wearer through Heads-Up Display (HUD) technology. Newly developed Recon Jet, for


Innovation is driving the Canadian tech market forward

athletes of all kinds, is now available for pre-order and will ship this fall. The device is meant for outdoor use and features a powerful microcomputer and a full-color widescreen display. With a substantial investment from Intel Capital, Recon has the means to continue developing within the HUD sphere.

2. Bionym Toronto’s Bionym has developed technology that turns a human heart into a universal password. The company has created Nymi, a wristband that stores your security and personal information and recognizes you based on your heart’s unique cardiac rhythm. A properly synched device can unlock computers, phones, and doors, 29


Canadian companies are getting the creative juices flowing 30 July 2014

C A N A D A’ S T O P T E C H S TA R T U P S 2 0 1 4

serving as a biometric authentication layer for various devices, applications and services. Bionym CEO Karl Martin expressed that “killing the password” was the company’s number one goal in developing Nymi. The device is available for pre-order and is due to ship sometime this summer. 1. Thalmic Labs Much like Bionym’s Nymi, Waterloo’s Thalmic Labs has developed a wristband that uses biometrical signals to track and interpret movement. The device, called Myo, uses arm muscle activity and EMG signals to control digital devices. After two years of development, the final design of the Myo weighs in at 95 grams, less than the average stainless steel wristwatch. A promotional statement on the company’s website claims “With the wave of your hand, it will transform how you interact with your digital world.” The Myo is currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping in September.

Led by mechatronics engineers Stephen Lake, Matthew Bailey, and Aaron Grant, the company raised $14.5 million in Series A funding in 2013 to develop the technology used by Myo as well as the development of future innovations and technologies. The startup is currently funded by Spark Capital, Intel Capital, Formation 8, First Round Capital, FundersClub and more than twenty individual investors. Thalmic Labs was named Techvibes’ 2013 Startup of the year, while co-founder and CEO Stephen Lake was named one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 in 2007 and one of the Next 36 Entrepreneurial Leaders of Canada in 2011. Lake has high hopes for Myo and the startup, telling Techvibes “We have big plans for 2014 and beyond. We’re excited about the future of technology. Specifically, the idea of closely coupling us as humans with digital technology in ways that improve or enhance our lives and/ or abilities. For us, Myo is a first step down a long path in this direction.”




How green initiat


July 2014


tives could put your company on the map. W R I T T E N B Y: D E A N A C A U C U S



Environmentally beneficial actions can yield fast returns on investment As global concern for the environment increases, it makes sense that many businesses are adopting more environmentally friendly practices such as using and manufacturing greener products. This conscious adjustment also makes good business sense, as it helps the bottom line in addition to the environment.


July 2014

The greener the better A recent survey conducted by The Big Green Opportunity found that 62 percent of business owners offer green products or services in part because it is seen as a “competitive requirement� in their field. Of those companies, 80 percent said that they have seen a steady increase in sales of their green products or services, even during the recession. In fact,

the greener the company, the better their bottom line: the survey, which labeled companies by their varying level or “shade” of green found that “deeper green businesses were more successful because their customers were more likely to request green products and services, they could reach new green customers and customers bought from them because of their green practices.”

Rebates and credits The Department of Energy maintains a database of available tax credits for energy-saving practices. Each state offers programs that include rebates or credits for installing more efficient lighting systems, particularly those that utilize renewable energy. In addition to saving money through the tax credit, your business may see revenue increase, as environmentally 35

MARKETING conscious clientele will be drawn to your firm through your commitment to the cause. In 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency launched an Energy Star certification program for data storage centers, enabling vendors to designate eligible hardware as Energy Star certified. In turn, businesses that purchase the equipment can use the Energy Star promotional mark and will receive credit from the Department of Energy. Smart savings Environmentally beneficial actions can yield fast returns on investment. Many of these actions are as simple as reducing energy usage. As mentioned, energy efficient equipment can earn you an Energy Star and a tax credit, but it can also save a substantial amount on your company’s electricity bill. Employees can be enlisted to conserve energy in the workplace and lower operating costs even further. Many manufacturers of heating and air conditioning units now equip their thermostat devices with sensor technology that detects when rooms are vacant in order to 36

July 2014

Apart from anything else, being susta

lower energy use. A growing number of machines used in the workplace can communicate via embedded sensors, taking measurements and making decisions that conserve energy through automatic shutdowns or low-power states. Recent

ainable gives you something to market

computer models feature “standby” or “hibernation” modes to employ when not in peak use, and laptops generally use 80 percent less energy than desktops. Over the past few years, many companies have also taken steps

towards becoming paperless. The EPA reports that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year. A statement from tech giant IBM on the excessive use of paper in the workplace reads, “Paper is becoming a bottleneck for business 37


Chopra warns Canadians, use service or lose it

processes and its excessive usage is also becoming a clear impediment for organizations that are embracing greener IT.” Several corporations are wearing their paperless status as a badge of honor and encouraging others to follow suit. Google has made the push, offering its Google Drive online storage system to account holders free of charge. Last year, the company partnered with other digital organizations such as Expensify and Xero in a communal pledge to go paperless. Promotion A major benefit to going green is the ability to market your firm as a company that cares. One way to promote your commitment to the environment is through an eco profile. By simply listing the steps that your business has taken towards environmental conservation directly on your products, promotional materials or website, you are sending a message that your firm believes that sustainability matters. The 2012 Edelman goodpurpose® Study found that 72 percent of consumers

would recommend a brand that supports a good cause over one that doesn’t. Additionally, 73 percent of consumers would switch brands if a different brand of similar quality supported a good cause. In order to stay competitive in today’s market, a company needs to have environmentally friendly practices in place. Initially, going green may require up-front costs, but these costs are proven to be worthwhile in the long run. According to the Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility, 50 percent of global consumers surveyed stated that they are willing to pay more for goods and services from companies that have implemented programs that give back. It is important to consider what the eventual impacts of going green will be, both financially and environmentally. A business that can increase its revenue while decreasing its carbon footprint is a truly efficient one.


TOP 10


TOP10 Airports 2014 A breakdown of Canada’s top airports in 2014 based on size, scale and destinations serviced Written by: Melissa Martinez


TOP 10

Along with technological advancements, expansions and new developments, Canadian airlines have also focused on improving passenger experiences while traveling, despite financial cutbacks. In recent years, Canadian airports have incorporated new terminals and services provided to passengers, as well as higher standards for dining and shopping. Canada’s award-winning airports have raised the standards for traveling expectations. Their unique architecture along with exceptional service is changing the

Toronto Pearson Airport entrance 42

July 2014

negative stigma usually associated with traveling. Canadian airports are among the first in North America to provide passengers with unique, hassle-free flying experiences, with most servicing destinations throughout Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean, Iceland and Africa.

1 Toronto Pearson International Airport • Howard Eng, President and CEO.

C A N A D A’ S T O P 1 0 A I R P O R T S 2 0 1 4

As one of the world’s top 20 airports for aircraft movement and access to over 180 cities worldwide, the Toronto Pearson International Airport is the winner of the 2010 IARA Eagle Award for Most Improved Airport. Located close to downtown Toronto, the airport services North and South America, Central America, the Caribbean, as well as Europe and Asia. As the world’s 35th busiest airport by total passenger traffic, it handles more international flights than every airport in North America, besides John F. Kennedy Airport. The two terminals serve as an operating base for Air Transat, CanJet and Sunwing Airlines. Terminal 1 has access to 58 gates reserved for domestic, international, and transborder flights, all at 567,000 square meters. The second terminal provides 39 gates and was built as a private venture terminal, housing a U.S. customs preclearance facility. Designed by Joint Venture Architect and Adamson Associates, the airport directly employs more than 1,000 while

the community employs more than 40,000 people. The airport also features a Plaza Premium Lounge, a facility that allows travelers the necessities to ensure a comfortable traveling experience. Among the various amenities, the Plaza Premium Lounge provides a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing space for travelers to wait for flights while enjoying the coffee, tea or bar service at their beverage counter, a deliciously hot meal in between flights or if the need arises, shower services that includes toiletries such as towels, soaps and shampoos. With up to a 200-guest capacity, the Plaza Premium Lounge is able to provide service to a wide-range of passengers along with booths that accommodate computer access and complimentary Wi-Fi, as well as private and VIP areas for meetings. Among the airlines that service the Toronto Pearson International Airport are charter lines such as Arkefly, CanJet, Miami Air International and Spy King, with 43

TOP 10

Cargo airlines such as Aero Logic, Cathay Pacific Cargo, FedEx Express, Korean Air Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo and UPS Airlines.

2 Vancouver International Airport Craig Richmond, CEO Not only is the Vancouver International Airport known as being the best airport in the world, it won a Skytrax World Airport Award for “Best North American Airport.” It’s located conveniently 44

July 2014

close to downtown British Columbia and serves destinations through North America, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Servicing three terminals, Vancouver International is one of eight airports in Canada that holds access to a U.S. border clearance facility. Each terminal holds domestic and international flights, as well as one terminal that acts as a floatplane terminal. Unlike many airports, Vancouver International allows access to a large variety of airlines including Air Canada, Orca Airways and Japan Airlines. Among the projects completed between 2000-2007, Vancouver International recently announced a Master Plan and Land Use Plan that serves to examine 20 years at the best possible allocation of resources. The Master Plan is set to be complete in 2027. Just recently, Vancouver International has completed a number of projects and is set to continue on its aggressive growth trajectory. Like the Master Plan, Vancouver is implementing a

C A N A D A’ S T O P 1 0 A I R P O R T S 2 0 1 4

Calgary International Airport expansion plan

10-year strategy and capital plan to enhance customer experience as well as build new high-speed baggage systems, update runway enhancements and implement more than 700 metres of secure corridors for passenger convenience. Vancouver International focuses on providing a satisfying flying experience. By employing more than 26,000 employees, Vancouver International is able to provide travelers with a stress-free trip.

3 Calgary International Airport

Calgary International Airport serves as “a hub of choice” for travelers looking to have an easy and satisfying flying experience. Among their many amenities, Calgary International serves as headquarters to WestJet, while acting as a hub airport for Air Canada and Air Canada Express. Not only is Calgary known for their exceptional business, it also received an award for “Top Employers” by Media Corp Canada. Calgary International currently employs over 24,000 across 100 different companies. Calgary International is also known for being the home of the longest 45

TOP 10

runway and tallest control tower in Canada. Currently, the four active runways measure 14,000ft x 200ft; 12,675ft x 20ft; 8,000ft x 200ft; and 6,200ft x 150ft respectively. The airport land currently sits on 8.2471 square miles of land. Unlike most airports, Calgary has one terminal that splits into four concourses. One concourse is divided into two wings— the first to accommodate international flights and another to accommodate international flights to the U.S. This wing also provides access to pre-border customs facility. Calgary International is currently working on various projects of expansion, including the building of an international terminal featuring 22 gates to better accommodate the Airbus A380, a new, larger airliner that includes a double deck, a wide body and four engines.


Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (MPETIA) • James C. Cherry, CEO 46

July 2014

Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau Internation

When traveling to Canada, there is no larger gateway than entering through Montreal-Pierre Trudeau International. Located not far from downtown Montreal, this airport provides a comfortable flying experience. With services throughout North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Western Asia and Africa, the MontrealPierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport is ideal for many travelers. As a not-for-profit corporation without share capital, MPTEIA is owned by Transport Canada and serves as the busiest airport in the Province of Quebec. With multiple headquarters including Air Canada, Innotech-Execair,

C A N A D A’ S T O P 1 0 A I R P O R T S 2 0 1 4

nal Airport terminal

well as two remote stands. The project is set to be complete by September 2016.

5 Starlink, and Air Transat, the airport is one of eight airports in Canada with access to U.S. Border Preclearance Customs. Like Calgary International, MPETIA has one terminal and three concourses to serve international and domestic flights. Along with the multiple headquarters housed in the airport, MPETIA holds the operating base for Air Inuit, Air Transat, CanJet, and Sunwing Airlines. MPETIA employs over 700. Beginning in 2011, MPETIA began development for an international terminal expansion featuring six new gates to accommodate the Airbus A380, as

Edmonton International Airport Tom Ruth, CEO

After a considerable expansion beginning in 2007, Edmonton has provided guests an increased number in gates, as well as a wider range of food concepts. With access to more than 25 destinations and 46 departures daily, Edmonton serves as one of Canada’s physically largest airports. Along with the expansion, Marriott just recently opened an eight story, 213-room Edmonton International Airport


TOP 10

Renaissance Hotel located near the north terminal. With over 4,000 employees throughout 80 companies, Edmonton International Airport is the fifth busiest airport in Canada by passenger traffic. Currently, the Edmonton International services 17 different airlines including Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, Iceland Air, United Airlines and US Airways. Also, Edmonton International is the southern operating base for Canadian North Inc. Expansion began in 2012 for an added 480,000 square feet of space to add nine new gates, giving Edmonton a total of 26 gates. Edmonton International is also equipped to service the Airbus A380. Edmonton International Airport also won two Airports Council International Awards for Airport Retail, including “Best Convenience Retail Program.�


Ottawa MacdonaldCartier International Airport Mark Laroche, CEO While each airport serves its own purpose, the Ottawa MacdonaldCartier International airport holds the busiest flight corridor between Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal, while being an integral

Edmonton International Airport


July 2014

C A N A D A’ S T O P 1 0 A I R P O R T S 2 0 1 4

access to the Arctic. While only serving destinations throughout North America, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom, the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier airport provides travelers with better accommodation to their physical needs, such as reflexology and spa/massage treatments. With two terminals, Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International

Airport is able to accommodate 12 airlines including Canadian North, Delta Connection, and First Air. With two fields, the airport is able to separate runways. The North field has one active runway and the South Field has two longer runways that are currently active. With over 13 employees, Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport provides excellent customer service, winning “Best Airport in North America” of the Airport Service Quality Awards by Airports International. Where many airports focus on expansion, Ottawa MacdonaldCartier International Airport focuses on creating an interactive environment for guests, as well as giving back to the community. In their charitable experience, Ottawa International Airport has given more than $1,100,000 to support local charities, including Project Clear Skies, a charity aimed to support the local community aiding children at risk, breast cancer research and rape crisis center’s, among many more. 49

TOP 10 International services over more


Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Joyce F. Carter, FCA, CEO Currently serving as the Maritimes’ biggest airport, Halifax Standfield International holds the 2009 ACI award for Top Airport in North America terms of passenger service, among many industry awards. With access to North America, the Caribbean and Europe, this airport provides a friendly, informative flying experience by offering airport tours. Guests on the tours are able to join RCMP customs agents, as well as their dogs to search suspicious luggage for terrorist bombs, according to FlightNetwork. Home to 15 different airlines including Canada Express and WestJet, Halifax Standfield 50

July 2014

than 3.5 million passengers a year. Since 1998, renovation in terminals and other surrounding areas have been complete, including rehabilitation of runways and taxiways, more terminals and more accessible parking. Halifax also provides preclearance for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. In 2012, further expansions of runways were complete, increasing runway length from 8,800 feet to 10,500 feet, as well as previous expansions of taxiways.


Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport • Barry Rempel, CEO Currently, Winnipeg is the oldest Canadian international airport,

C A N A D A’ S T O P 1 0 A I R P O R T S 2 0 1 4

serving cities throughout Canada. Unlike most airports, Winnipeg also services Iceland, as well as cities throughout Europe, North America and the Caribbean. Winnipeg International is also the home to the Western Canadian Aviation Museum, housing a collection of various places including commercial, military, and brush planes. The Western Canadian Aviation Museum also houses Canada’s very first helicopter, all located in an original aircraft hanger. Winnipeg International Airport serves as a 24-hour unrestricted airport, one of few in Canada. Unlike many airports, Winnipeg International has one main terminal and smaller terminals that serve specific airlines. The main terminal is LEED-certified, the first in Canada.

• Geoffrey A. Wilson, CEO Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Billy Bishop Toronto is a relatively local airport, providing access to select Canadian and American cities. However, this airport succeeds in accommodating passengers by providing complimentary beverages and snacks, as well as large Apple computers with web-browsing access. Billy Bishops downtown location also provides travelers with a hauntingly beautiful view of Lake Ontario, as well as the famous Toronto skyline. With one terminal, the airport holds seven hangars, as well as tenants of the airport including, Air Canada Express, Cameron

Serving 13 airlines and employing over 20,000 jobs, Winnipeg International serves economically efficient engines, unlike many airports throughout the globe.


Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport


TOP 10

Air Service, Eagle Aircraft, Porter Airlines, etc. Expansion includes the purchase of 12 Bombardier CS100 passenger jets with hope to purchase 18 more, as well as extension of runways to allot for more space, set to be complete in 2015. In January 2014, Toronto Port Authority requested $100 million from the federal government to improve infrastructure. The request has yet to be approved.


Victoria International Airport • Geoff Dickson, CEO Located in beautiful Victoria, the Victorian International Airport is famous among tourists wishing to visit Vancouver Island. Among many amenities, the Victoria International Airport is the home to White Spot, a famous British Columbia restaurant that serves old fashion burgers. Though this airport is fairly busy, it has limited


July 2014

service to destinations throughout North America. The main terminal includes nine gates. Gates one to five are equipped for international traveling. Victoria International Airport has completed a number of projects, including the addition of terminal to public parking, two new passenger-loading bridges, new maintenance facility and fire hall, and a walking path around the perimeter of the airport. New developments are set to be complete including increasing lighting on runways, terminal expansion and increase taxiway exits.

C A N A D A’ S T O P 1 0 A I R P O R T S 2 0 1 4


NCC Development Limite

NCC Development provides structures to Inuit communiti

Vice president of NCC Development, Clarence Synard, dis how the company continues to acquire positive client relat Written by: Lindsey Ryan

Produced by: Richard Gentile


s significant ies

scusses their newest projects and tionships.



Formed in 1997 as a nonprofit organization, NCC Development has made a name for itself as a respectable general contracting company in Nunavut, Canada. Clarence Synard, vicepresident, started working for the company in 2005 56

July 2014


when he came to the north for an anticipated 8 week project but ended up staying and continuing to work with the company. He has now been working at NCC Development for 9 years. Synard believes, “We’re more than a company; we’ve built a brand here in the north for the quality of work we do, the efficiency of doing that work and the strength of our team.”

“I believe in everything this company does. I love how all this comes together and gives back to the community. It makes a person feel good too knowing you have made a positive impact” – Clarence Synard, Vice president w w w. n i g . c a


Located in building 1336 Ulu lane Iqaluit Nunavut

Narwhal Plumbing & Heating Ltd. was incorporated in Iqaluit in 1988. The main objective was to give the Baffin region a mechanical contracting and service company they could depend upon for high quality work from a local firm. The staff of Narwhal Plumbing & Heating Ltd. continue to strive everyday to give the Nunavut Territory the quality of work their customers deserve. Congratulations to NCC from all of us at Narwhal Plumbing & Heating, it's always a pleasure to work with Clarence and his team and wish them all the best for the future.

Renault Sage I President Email:

Ph: 867.979.6350 Fax: 867.979.6622

KRT Electrical thanking NCC Developments KRT Electrical Limited is an electrical contractor and supplier, located at building 1505, Federal Road, Iqaluit Nunavut. KRT carries the largest selection of electrical material in Nunavut. KRT Electrical was formed in 1992.

• • • • •

General Electrical Construction and Maintenance. Annual Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Inspections. Annual HVAC Inspections. Cameras, Security and Card Access systems installation. Certified for installation and design of voice and data, as per NORDX/CDT. • Elevators & Chair lifts Inspections and Repairs.

Tel: (867) 979-2639 Fax:(867) 979-0195

NCC DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Building strong client relationships One of the things that NCC Development prides itself on is that they aim for more than just the bottom line in their services. Synard explains that, “We try to provide our clients with the best possible buildings and structures they can get. We want to do projects that have impacts on different communities throughout the north, buildings that are going to be of importance to the community.” NCC Development uses a design process that includes the client from the start to figure out what they can afford



and what their needs are so that NCC Development can determine how they can make it happen. Synard states, “I’d rather take 3% less on a project to see it go ahead then to dig my feet into the sand and wait for them to find some money.” This dedication to meeting the client’s needs and working as a team with them for the greater good of the project is why people enjoy working with the company; it’s apparent that NCC Development is not just about the bottom line. One of the reasons we are able to achieve this is we minimize our overhead. We have only two employees on salary.


KRT Electrical is an electrical contractor and supplier, located at Building 1505 Federal Road Iqaluit, Nunavut. We carry the largest supply of electrical material in Nunavut. KRT was incorporated in 1992. We provide electrical construction and maintenance, Fire Alarm installs and maintenance, Cameras, Security and Card Access Systems, Installation and testing of Data/Voice cabling plus many more services. Some of our most recent projects are Renovations on the Baffin Regional Hospital, New Correctional Centre, Inuit Broadcasting Offices, 33 Unit Housing Complex, New Iqaluit Airport Relocation. Our key personnel are Rick Smith President, Helen Leahy Office Manager, Calvin Hickey project Manager, Steven Whitmore Maintaince Manager. Our team has many years of Northern Experience and are only too happy to plan your next project in Iqaluit or remote communities.

w w w. n i g . c a


Natik Projects would like to thank NCC Developments for including Natik in their success and we look forward to continuing our business relationship for several years to come. Natik Projects (2007) Inc is a complete mechanical systems contractor providing mechanical installations for institutional, commercial, residential projects in the Kitikmeot and Kivalliq regions of Nunavut since 1999.

Administration office: 877-453-3257 Kivalliq region: 867-645-6445 Fax: 780-447-2612 Email:

NCC DEVELOPMENT LIMITED This helps reduce our operating expenses but also allows a better and more personable relationship with our clients. Additionally, in efforts to keep the entire process simple and positive for the client, Synard goes above and beyond in delivering what he promises. Often times with contractors, the price they originally quote has to be altered and increased by the end of the project. However, when working with NCC Development, because so much time and dedication goes into the initial planning of the project, the company can confidently place


order s and stand by their pricing through the completion of the project. “We put so much work into the projects on the forefront that we don’t even go through a change order process because we have all of our ducks in a row at the beginning that there’s no surprises at the end for anyone,” Synard continues, “Even if it does come out more expensive than what we estimated, we absorb it in house because if we tell the client were going to build a project for 3 million, they’re going to spend only 3 million.”



Employees: 18-25 Established: 1997 Industry: Mechanical Contractors Services: Providing Complete Mechanical Systems for Institutional, Commercial, Residential Projects in the Kitikmeot and Kivalliq regions of Nunavut. Management: Tino Bruno, Anna-Lisa Bruno , John Thomsen, Brent Allen

w w w. n i g . c a



Have been working in the NWT and Nunavut for over 30 years doing commercial, residential and industrial projects. Currently providing electrical services and consultations in the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut. Business is based in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut.

TEL: (867) 645-2381

FAX: (867) 645-2382

Celebrating 30 years Service In The North

Baker Lake Contracting & Supplies Ltd. Box 240 Baker Lake, NU X0C 0A0 Telephone: 867-793-2831 Fax: 867-793-2577

Umingmak Supply Box 176 Rankin Inlet, NU X0C 0G0 Telephone: 867-645-2972 Fax: 867-645-2310

Umingmak Supply 1429 Mountain Avenue Winnipeg, MB R2X 2Y9 Telephone: 204-661-4222 Fax:204-663-9786

Toll Free: 1-800-665-0159

Your contacts in Nunavut for Building Supplies Building Construction Renovations Road Construction

We are a professional team working together, to provide quality services that satisfies our clients needs and contributes to our mutual success.

Snow Removal Accommodation & Meals Property Management Property Rental Vehicle & Heavy Equipment Rental Sea Lifts Freight Forwarding

Livingstone Architect is a professional architectural consulting practice established in Iqaluit in 1994. The firm is a sole proprietorship directed by Ambrose C. Livingstone and provides consulting services in Architecture, Building Science, Building Conservation, and Project Management.

Tel: 867 979 4180 Fax: 867 979 3991 E-mail:

NCC DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Not only will NCC Development cover any additional costs of the project goes over budget, but they also do not charge interest on their invoices. The focus is more on the north and the development of the infrastructure there rather than chasing the client for the money. Synard states that “We protect ourselves financially too but the fact that we don’t apply any interest just goes to show what kind of a company we really are. All we’re trying to do is build up the north and the infrastructure. I find that every significant project we do helps the north as a whole and helps it grow into something bigger and better.” Synard is proud to state that at the end of a project, often times their relationship with a client is stronger than it was at the beginning because they made it such a simple and smooth experience throughout the process and this is what makes NCC Development stand apart from the competition. Significant Projects for the Community NCC Development strives to maximize Inuit participation and


ensure that the projects they are building incorporate some history and meaning to the community. The company is very dedicated to giving back to the community and keeping projects relevant to the northern culture, especially since parts of the Nunavut community have suffered because it was not Decentralized. Many of the communities have been pushing for tourism in the area to bring in revenue. One of the recently completed projects, the Qikiqtarjuag Gathering Center, was a 1.5 million dollar project created because the community wanted a place to be used as a visitor center. The structure itself resembles an igloo and was built on the foundation of a previously constructed building. The completion of the project left a strong impact on the community, as they are very proud now to have this structure that they can teach their children about their culture and also offer an interesting location for tourists. Synard’s most defining moment of this project was speaking with the mayor of the community, who had been waiting her whole life for a building like this is the w w w. n i g . c a


NCC DEVELOPMENT LIMITED community and when he brought her into the building for the first time, it brought tears of joy to her eyes. She, along with the entire community, was proud to have such a prominent gathering center for the community at last. Another significant building is the Kugluktuk Visitor Center, a 3 million dollar project built in the shape of an ulu, which is a traditional Inuit tool use and continue to in the kitchen today. This project is a perfect example of how NCC Development goes above and beyond to deliver significant projects to the community. This project originally came in over budget but Synard found a way to integrate services in the community to lower the costs for the project so that it could be within budget. The grand opening of this visitor center is anticipated to take place in August of this year. The Atuqtuarvik Corporation was 5.1 million dollar project, completed in March, consisting of the offices on the main floor and three apartments on the second floor for the managers of the corporation. Planning played a large role in this project and almost all the materials needed, from doorknobs to flooring, had to be ordered almost 7 months prior to starting construction. NCC Development is proud to announce that there were zero change orders needed for this, and in fact almost


all, of their projects. The NCC Warehouses, another project, currently in phase 3 of construction, that consists of several high quality warehouses. These are the some of the most expensive warehouses to rent due to their strength and weather tolerance. In fact, NCC Development uses two for storing temperature sensitive goods as well as our carpentry shop where they do custom millwork for various clients. Phase 3 is expected to be completed this year. In efforts to help the Inuit community preserve their archives of Inuit footage, a new IBC (Inuit Broadcasting Corporation) studio is being constructed. The IBC decided they need a new location to store the footage about 4 years ago but the original drawing was too expensive. That’s when NCC Development stepped in and worked out a new solution that still met the needed requirement of the IBC but was within a suitable budget. This project is a great benefit to the entire north because the footage is so rare. Synard explains that only two generations ago people lived on the land so footage of the Inuit ancestors is very limited. NCC Development will be breaking ground on the project this month and is expected to be completed by December. Though the projects that NCC Development builds may not be the most expensive projects seen today, they hold a significance within the community that leaves employees proud to be a part of it and happy to go to work. Synard states,

“I’d rather take 3% less on a project to see it go ahead then to dig my feet into the sand and wait for them to find some money” – Clarence Synard, Vice president

w w w. n i g . c a



“We’re more than a company in the north for the quality of of doing that work and the st – Clarence Synard, Vice president

“I believe in everything this company does. I love how all this comes together and gives back to


July 2014


Company Information INDUSTRY




2 full time in management, 120 seasonal employees REVENUE

y; we’ve built a brand here work we do, the efficiency trength of our team”

$25 million per annum PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

Services Complete construction services

the community. It makes a person feel good too knowing you have made a positive impact.”

w w w. n i g . c a


Bl Blu great

Bl c cons

luescape Construction uescape Construction builds t buildings with a great team

luescape Construction continuously transforms Canada’s construction market with its sterling reputation and quality struction projects in low and high-rise residential buildings Written by: Alyssa Clark

Produced by: Rich Gentile 69


River City


ince its establishment in 2008, Torontobased Bluescape Construction has shaped the city’s skyline, from the ground up. A project management powerhouse for a range of Toronto’s most lauded high-rise construction projects, the company specializes in regulating costs, scheduling logistics and safeguarding quality during both pre-construction and construction. Bluescape pools its extensive industry experience to provide the best construction experience to its customers, while added a new crop of urban design to the city. The company’s founders, Lou Hack and Pat Sena, foster this sense of company-wide


July 2014


accountability and professionalism by maintaining constant communication with their field team, to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. With a combined 45 years of industry experience, this two-man leadership team motivates and supports its dedicated staff, in order to inspire the best possible service and quality assurance for its customers and employees alike. “I’m a strong believer that client service trumps all: a steadfast strategy, coupled with building and maintaining a rapport with clients is what has served Bluescape well over the years. Much of our business is clients that have come back to us

“The key is to sit in the middle and learn how to do both of those things well and you’ll be successfull”

w w w. b l u e s c a p e . c a


BLUESCAPE CONSTRUCTION over and over again, which is the strongest testament we could ask for,” says co-founder Lou Hack, “If we weren’t doing things right and keeping clients happy, and servicing the building and finishing on time, under budget and to the standards that they expect, they wouldn’t be coming back and asking us to do another build—particularly in such a competitive market as Toronto’s.” A great team and great buildings

We provide value to our customers through professional and reliable service, and through fair practices. Zerem have been providing electrical installations and services to the construction industry Since 1995. Our areas of expertise are the high rise, commercial and design build projects. Please contact us at 416 749-5666 or visit our website at

From expanding its diverse portfolio, Bluescape Construction has brought numerous residential buildings to Toronto. This organization prides itself on each and every construction project it completes, with three of the company’s most notable recent projects throughout Canada being: Block 32, TCHC, Market Wharf, and River City. Block 32: One of Bluescape’s larger projects, Block 32 was commissioned by Toronto


Community Housing project, an organization committed to affordable housing in the city. The building contains 420 suites and more than 600,000 square feet of residential floor space in an area of the city that is poised for development. Market Wharf: A two-phase project due to economic conditions in Toronto, Market Wharf was key to the development of an underutilized but stunning area facing the city’s waterfront. Constructing this building is like building three separate buildings (including a 35-story tower), a six-floor podium, and four levels of masonry construction with two levels of two floor glass townhouse type suites perched on top. All of the building’s parking is above ground, which is unique for a downtown Toronto high-rise, though blends beautifully into the area’s historic St. Lawrence Market neighborhood. River City: A four-phase project in conjunction with developer Urban Capital, the land for River City was acquired from the government entity Waterfront Toronto. Bluescape was charged with building the first residential building in this area as part of a 15-20 year plan, which will see the redevelopment of nearly all of Toronto’s eastern lakefront area. Totaling about 1200 suites, the first phase is now complete with 350 suites, and phase two is underway for completion summer 2015. Hack commented on the mission and process at Bluescape as, “On a global scale, Toronto is in w w w. b l u e s c a p e . c a



the midst of a construction boom and we really feel proud to be at the forefront of shaping the city. We provide construction management, so developers that have already acquired Toronto’s coveted land come to us when they are ready to bring their vision to life. We undertake every aspect of building process, which involves sourcing every single trade required for the job—in addition to the project and budget management, often in 74

July 2014

ambitious timelines.” The future at Bluescape With the goal to provide the highest quality pre-construction and construction services to clients, Bluescape has built various steadfast industry relationships, a sterling reputation and reliable service for clients across Canada. This organization is proudly involved with Toronto’s affordable housing programs and also aspires to continue on building high-rise condo


Company Information INDUSTRY


Toronto, Ontario FOUNDED



developments for its surrounding communities. Co-founder Pat Sena commented, “Our first and foremost responsibility is to service the client and ensure they are happy. On the other hand as construction managers, we understand our responsibility to be a fair employer to all the trades and everyone who is working for us. The key is to sit in the middle and learn how to do both of those things well and you’ll be successful.” Bluescape currently has six projects under construction, with a seventh project beginning in August of 2015.

Construction management services

w w w. b l u e s c a p e . c a



Canadian Agriculture with a G

Managing Director Colin Topham discusses how the comp in the last fiscal year due to its strategic expansion. Written by: Sasha Orman

Produced by: Sean Bakke

Global Reach

pany has grown nearly triple its size



Agrocorp Processing - Central Alberta Transloading Terminal in Innisfail

Canadian crops don’t just stay in Canada – the fields of Saskatchewan and Alberta help to supply the entire world. As a leading processor and distributor of grains, pulses, oil seeds, and specialty crops, with distribution offices across Canada and into the Indian Sub Continent, Africa, Russia, Turkey, Australia, and Southeast Asia, Agrocorp is a leading force in providing Canadian farmers with a global reach. Strategic Expansion Agrocorp has experienced considerable year over year growth –the business has made significant 78

July 2014

investments into expanding its reach in the last couple of years, especially in the construction of its new state-of-the-art pulse and special crop processing facility in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. “The merits of that facility have already been well recognized and are now creating a lot of buzz in the as a result of both with the efficiencies in turning our inventory and the quality of the product that we’re delivering into the market,” says Colin Topham, Managing Director at Agrocorp. “We have introduced some new cleaning technologies that have allowed for cleaning export quality


at terminal speed. . It’s a technology we’re looking to extrapolate in future expansion projects.” Agrocorp will not have to wait long to take advantage of its technological advances – recently the business acquired another facility in Alberta and is looking forward to making upgrades that will enhance its abilities even further. “Although it’s an older facility, it is a very efficient facility and we’re currently engaging in modernization design work,” says Topham. Improving From Within In addition to improving its reach,

output, and facilities, Agrocorp has turned its focus inward, putting energy into rounding out its staff to grow and improve its corporate capabilities. A critical benefit for the company has been its acquisition of a business process and SOP specialist, who has now moved to Moose Jaw to contribute her expertise full time after years of previous work with Agrocorp on a consulting basis. “Her entire focus has been on streamlining plant to trade connectivity, which extends to our global offices for communicating hedging and position reporting,” says Topham. w w w. a g r o c o r p . c a


AGROCORP “It’s been a big leap forward for us – we have three offices in Canada, and of course the many offices overseas, and communication between all offices is paramount for being able to navigate trade risk. So the improvements and the mechanisms that are now being put in place have enabled us to trade on more solid footing.” Agrocorp has also taken the opportunity to solidify the business’s core values, an important factor for multinationals that must maintain an even level of customer care and service across countries and continents. “We originally were a


family business, and have adhered to the same principles that have driven our business forward” says Topham, explaining the meaning behind CHEAA – cooperation, healthy spirit, excellence, agility, and accountability. “ We have seen very good cohesion around these values across our 3 offices in Canada. A Good Year for Growth The effects of Agrocorp’s strong expansion efforts are already coming into focus – in the last fiscal year, the company tripled its growth. According to Topham, this impressive progress can be



CN is more than just a railroad; we’re a transportation company, offering our customers the right supply chain solutions and integrated transportation services including rail, intermodal, trucking, freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution. With our 21,000 mile network and access to all three coasts, we help our customers reach new markets worldwide. We work closely with all our supply chain partners to allow our customers to gain market share, all the while delivering fast, safe and sustainable transportation solutions to get our customers’ products to market. Website:

w w w. a g r o c o r p . c a



Central Alberta Transloading Terminal in Innisfail


CFT CORPORATION 2020 Winston Park Drive, Suite 300 Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6H 6X7 Telephone: (905) 829-5829 Fax: (905) 829-5219 Email:

attributed to a serendipitous combination of its concentrated growth strategies, its new facilities in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and a good year for Canadian agriculture as a whole. “We’ve had 2 plants come online within this last fiscal year, and next year we’ll be able to realize the full potential of those assets,” says Topham. “Second, there is a historically big crop in Canada – the biggest crop Canada has ever produced – so


the timing of those assets coming online was fortuitous. The third aspect would be our growing management team, Kevin Price joined us from one of the largest trading companies in the world, it is actually a reunion for us having started out in this business together 10 years ago. His experience has enabled us to capitalize on our new acquisitions and forge deeper relationships with existing trade partners. But there is still plenty of room for Agrocorp to grow, and the company is actively seeking out opportunities. “We’re definitely still looking for and in discussions for additional acquisitions – that’s what our primary focus is right now, especially in Canada,” says Topham. With the groundwork it has laid to date, building a strong network with end markets around the world, Agrocorp’s unique attributes and growth in the past will continue to propel its growth in the future. “We have distribution offices in most major distribution centers all over the world wherever Canadian agriculture products find their home,” he adds. “This Agrocorp Singapore initiative has really enabled us to get aggressive on pricing and truly bridge the gap between Canadian growers and overseas consumers.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


Singapore FOUNDED

2008 (Agrocorp Canada) EMPLOYEES

25 out of Canada REVENUE

2 billion annually (globally) PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

All Major Agri Products • Specialty Crop Pulses, Cereals, Oil Seeds

w w w. a g r o c o r p . c a


St. Albert Cheese St. Albert Through Growth a

Through growth and hardship, St. Albert Cheese Coopera continues to prove itself a brand that is dear to Ontario’s he Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Anthony Santamaria

and Change

ative eart




stablished in 1894, St. Albert Cheese Cooperative was formed by a collective of Ontario-based dairy farmers hoping to set a standard for high quality cheese production. 2014 heralds St. Albert’s 120th anniversary of production, and the cheese cooperative has certainly seen a lot of growth as well as change over the 86

July 2014

last century – especially over the last year. But whether it’s in its best or most difficult times, St. Albert has never compromised its values of quality, respect, and local pride that have kept the brand a Canada favorite. Growth Through Acquisition: St. Albert and Mirabel


In recent years, one of the biggest events for St. Albert has been its acquisition of Saint-Jérôme, Quebec-based cheese producer Fromagerie Mirabel in 2009. This acquisition has helped both brand names to grow and thrive. “With the acquisition of Fromagerie Mirabel, Cooperative Fromagerie St. Albert hopes to expand its expertise and know-how while respecting the traditions of this Laurentide favorite,” stated St.Albert in a press release announcing the

“St. Albert has been in business for 120 years – we’re well known for the quality of the cheese” –says Lafontaine

w w w. f r o m a g e - s t - a l b e r t . c o m


S T. A L B E R T C H E E S E


merger. “Since the purchase, the St. Albert Cheese Cooperative has invested more than $ 2 million in La Fromagerie Mirabel (1985) Inc. to give the brand a major facelift and a whole new image.” According to the brand, this facelift includes new branding features like revamped packaging depicting the natural beauty of the region that St. Albert and Mirabel call home. But as the brand stated, St. Albert has also been able to lend its technical expertise to joint cheese production as well. “With our extensive expertise

and our sense of innovation, we deliver uncompromising quality and quantity,” St. Albert Cheese Cooperative stated. “With our equipment at the cutting edge of technology, in addition to our extensive know-how and sense of innovation, we deliver uncompromising quality and quantity. We are able to produce, package, store and distribute products tailored to the specific requirements of our customers following the retail, catering and food services.”

SUPPLIER PROFILE Businessfriend is more than just a professional community. Watch the video to see how Businessfriend takes you beyond professional networking by adding collaboration tools and communication tools. We believe a professional social network should be more than just a list of contacts; it should it should enable you to interact and get work done with your network. Businessfriend offers various tools to help you build your network, organize your work flow, collaborate, and communicate with your network. Our end goal is to give you a social platform that helps you stay on task, be organized and be more productive. Website:

w w w. f r o m a g e - s t - a l b e r t . c o m


expertise and leadership your can depend on for your energy efficiency projects Engineering firm specialized in energy management, energy efficiency and building services in the industrial and food processing sectors.

Telephone: 514-486-6686

Fax: 514-669-3385

S T. A L B E R T C H E E S E


Rising and Rebuilding No one can predict if or when tragedy will strike your business. For St. Albert Cheese Cooperative, that tragedy came in February 2013 when a fire destroyed the cooperative’s cheese manufacturing plant and left nearly 200 employees out of a job. But the fire has not kept St. Albert down. Thanks to its merger with Mirabel, St. Albert was able to shift much of its cheese production to an alternate facility in SaintJerome and preserve a good deal of production volume and jobs. Then, just seven months after the fire, the cooperative began the ambitious process of rebuilding a factory that is bigger and better than the last. The new $30 million facility will span 76,000 square feet, making it 30 percent larger than the

SUPPLIER PROFILE Atis Technologies is an engineering firm specialized in energy systems and energy efficiency projects in the industrial and food processing sectors. Atis Technologies designs, engineers and implements global solutions which deliver energy savings. It identifies project opportunities based on detailed analyses of energy needs and project’s costs. It develops detailed engineering designs and plans. It implements the projects on a turnkey basis or in concert with customers and guarantees performance. Systems provided include energy systems (heating and cooling) and building services (heating, ventilation, refrigeration). Key to its projects is an energy management and control system developed by the company which fully integrates into the plant’s operation and provides remote surveillance and control and performance tracking. Website:

w w w. f r o m a g e - s t - a l b e r t . c o m


We believe in


Alain Royer is a leading supplier of dairy products, industrial cheeses and food ingredients.

S T. A L B E R T C H E E S E


previous facility. It will feature new state of the art functions, including an improved energy efficient design that involves circulating water at different stages of the cheesemaking process to conserve and make the most of generated heat. For locals and visitors, St. Albert has devised a whole new way to experience the facility. “We’re going to have a new restaurant in the building, which we didn’t have before, and it will use all the different cheeses that we produce to promote them,” says Eric Lafontaine, general manager of the St. Albert Cheese Co-operative. “The other big feature it’s going to have is a big visit room. People can go to the second floor and see how we transform the milk to make cheese live – the processing, the packaging, all of the aspects. That’s going to be something new,


Alain Royer is a leading supplier of dairy products, industrial cheeses and food ingredients. We serve a wide range of clients, including processors, further processors and food distributors, both nationally and internationally. Alain Royer is an ideal partner for sourcing all your dairy products and ingredients. Website:

w w w. f r o m a g e - s t - a l b e r t . c o m


S T. A L B E R T C H E E S E

and there’s no other place in Canada like it.” Community Cooperation The loss of the original St. Albert cheese factory was devastating, but the reaction afterward has been a testament to the cooperative’s beloved place in its community. From town members to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, who In March 2014 announced a major investment to help with St. Albert’s new facility, there has been support for the rebuild process at every turn. “It was really hard on the community, that’s for sure – the 94

July 2014

business has been here for 120 years, so it doesn’t matter who it is, they all know somebody who worked there or who used to work there or are a supplier,” explains Lafontaine. “But it’s really a community that sticks together. When we burned down, it was really hard for the first days. Since then, everybody’s working together to make the rebuilding a success. It’s unbelievable the help we’ve had.” The Road Ahead Already, St. Albert Cheese Cooperative is nearing its relaunch, anticipating production starting


in July with the grand opening of its store and restaurant to follow in August and full capacity runs by September. From there, St. Albert is looking forward to even more growth in the years ahead. “In the rebuilding process, we decided to invest a couple million more than we were supposed to receive because we wanted to think about the future,” says Lafontaine, noting the extra space and updated technology to be deployed at the new facility, along with an effort to obtain further safety and standards accreditations. “The market is changing so fast, and now we have a lot of flexibility, and new machines we have brought in are going to help us with the future for sure.” Still, this new technology does not mean a change in the formula that has made St. Albert Cheese Cooperative famous. “St. Albert has been in business for 120 years – we’re well known for the quality of the cheese,” says Lafontaine. “That’s why we’ve purchased some of our new equipment and hired some new staff with a lot of experience in quality assurance. We know with the new plant, our quality is going to be better than what it was before – even though it was already a top quality product. We’re aiming even further.” At the end of the day, says Lafontaine, when it comes to the future what St. Albert is looking forward to most is simply doing more of what it does best: “to transform the milk and make more cheese!”

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As early as the end of the 19th century, master cheesemakers in a charming Eastern Ontario village were already manufacturing a highly renowned Cheddar: the St-Albert. For over 100 years, Worldwide connoisseurs have enjoyed savory products from the StAlbert Cooperative Cheese Manufacturing Association.

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Bombardier Introduces the C

Bombardier, one of the world’s most prestigious aerospac launches the brand new Challenger 350. Written by: Abigail Phillips

Produced by: Richard Gentile

Challenger 350

ce manufacturers,



Canadian multinational aerospace and transportation company Bombardier holds the distinction of being the world’s only manufacturer of both planes and trains. Headquartered in Montreal, the company operates in two segments, Bombardier Aerospace and Bombardier Transportation, and employs over 71,000 people worldwide. Transportation division In 1941, mechanic JosephArmand Bombardier founded the company—originally aimed to be a snowmobile manufacturer—under 98

July 2014

the name L’Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée. The company centered on snowmobiles until its acquisition of Lohner-Rotax, a manufacturer of both snowmobiles and tramways, in 1970. This served as Bombardier’s foray into the rail business. Their industry involvement increased in the mid 1990’s due to the light-rail transit boom. Bombardier acquired the assets and designs of Budd Company, Pullman Company, and American Locomotive Company/ Montreal Locomotive Works. Within Canada, they acquired Hawker Siddeley Canada’s Thunder Bay Facilities and the


Urban Transportation Development Corporation, as well as Mexico’s Concarril. In 2001, Bombardier acquired Adtranz, a manufacturer of trains used throughout Germany and the United Kingdom. Additionally, Bombardier took over part of British Rail’s Research and Development facilities after privatization. With 64 production and engineering sites in 26 countries and 19 service centers across the world, Bombardier Transportation is a global leader in the rail industry.

Aerospace division Bombardier broke into the aerospace business in 1986 upon their acquisition of Canadair, which had just recorded the largest corporate loss in Canadian history. Soon, de Havilland Canada, Short Brothers, and Learjet operations were also acquired, the three of which now account for over half of the company’s revenue. The Aerospace division operates under three separate groups: commercial aircraft, business aircraft and customer service. The company offers both long range and ultra long-range aircraft. Among w w w. b o m b a r d i e r. c o m


The Perfect Fit

Premier supplier to many of the world’s largest Tier 1 and OEM aerospace companies for solid, tapered, laminated and edge-bonded shims and details.


FOR THE FINISHING TOUCH SPMF provides NDT, Chem. Processing, and Organic Coating with excellence and quality for our customers.

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Avmax Executive Interiors (AEI), a division of Avmax Aviation Services Inc within the Avmax Group of companies, has a 45,000 sq ft manufacturing facility located 15 minutes west of Montreal; with full VVIP interior cabinetry capability with a custom paint, finishing and upholstery shops, 2 CNC Router machines, sheet metal fabrication and licensed engineering on site. Avmax Executive Interiors has proven it can deliver excellent workmanship with on time delivery, no matter how small or big your program is.

INDUSTRIES TRIDENT INC Since 1976 Trident Industries Inc. has maintained as strong presence as a provider of mechanical products to the aerospace industry driven by a culture of continuous improvement to ensure a service of superior quality.



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BOMBARDIER their fleet, the aircraft with the strongest heritage is the Learjet. Learjet is an American manufacturer of business jets that was founded in 1960 by William Powell Lear and has been a subsidiary of Bombardier since 1990. Bombardier manufactures both the Challenger 300 and the 350. The company launched the 350 in May of 2013 at the EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition) in Geneva, Switzerland. The Challenger 350 Bombardier designed the 350 with feedback on the 300 model from owners and operators. The 350 highlights the evolution of the 300, which has been in service since 1999. Many of the same suppliers used in the construction of the 300 were retained for the 350, and the Challenger jets are built primarily at their facility in Montreal. Rockwell Collins developed an upgraded version of the avionics, installing their Proline 21 system with standard synthetic vision in the cockpit. Honeywell designed new twin engines for the aircraft that release fewer emissions. The jet


was engineered to have better fuel efficiency than traditional aircraft and winglets were redesigned to improve aerodynamics. The cabin has been upgraded with new interiors, including leather seating and a spacious divan as well as a new HD management system provided by Lufthansa Technik. The 350 also has 20 percent larger windows than the 300, allowing for more natural light to enter the cabin. Passengers conducting business or correspondence on their journey have access to Wi-Fi, and those looking to relax can choose from a wide range of media options. Because Bombardier’s jets are multi-use, they needed to create an ideal space for passengers to both work and entertain while in flight. “Either you work or you’re home or sometimes both, so the idea was to offer an environment that could emulate what passengers are used to in their homes and offices,” Aurélie Sabatié, Senior Adviser PR and Communications at Bombardier explained. The aircraft can comfortably hold up to 10 passengers plus crew. It was designed for transatlantic w w w. b o m b a r d i e r. c o m



flights, carrying passengers from New York to London or Paris or from New York to Los Angeles nonstop. It will also connect Paris to Dubai. At EBACE, The 350 was introduced with Bombardier’s worldwide launch partner, Netjets. Founded in 1962, Netjets was the first private business jet charter and aircraft management company in the world. A Berkshire Hathaway Company, Netjets offers fractional ownership and rental of private business jets and announced their order of 20 of the Challenger 350’s at the launch event. Bombardier has also sold 20 of the jets to Flexjet 102

July 2014

and 20 to Vistajet. At the 2013 Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) at Shanghai’s Hongqiao International Airport, Minsheng Financial Leasing— the largest financier of business jets in China—ordered ten of the Challenger 350’s. Projects in development Bombardier is currently developing several other aircraft options across their platform. They successfully launched the Learjet 75 last year, with an airframe based on the 40 and 45 models. Over the next two years, they will be unveiling two


Company Information

new aircrafts: the Global 7000 and 8000, both of which are ultra long-range jets. Of Bombardier’s success, Sabatié said, “Bombardier is a leading business aircraft manufacturer partly because we have the most comprehensive portfolio of products.” The company’s expanding fleet is versatile enough to accommodate customers whose needs are evolving. “We offer a variety of aircraft, from smaller jets to the long-range jets, so we are able to accommodate our customers throughout their lives. Most of them start with the smaller aircrafts and then grow with the range of products that we offer,” Sabatié said. Bombardier’s client list has grown alongside the company, securing its position as a global business aircraft leader.

We look far ahead to see and shape the future of mobility. Our goal is to continuously find better ways to bridge distances and bring people together. Across cities, countries and the globe. This is our passion.

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Waterloo Region District

The business side of educati

Recently appointed Director of Education, John Bryant, dis operates as a business and what strategies the Waterloo R employs to constantly improve the learning environment fo Written by: Lindsey Ryan Produced by: James Gilligan

t School Board


scusses how an education system Region District School Board or students.



Jean Steckle First Day

Since its establishment in 1969, the Waterloo Region District School Board has grown to become one of the most progressive school boards in the province. Last September, the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) was excited to appoint John Bryant as Director of Education. Bryant comes from a strong background 106 July 2014

in the education system, having worked over thirty years in public education in a variety of senior roles. With his broad knowledge of the education Education along with his extensive leadership experience, including previous positions as Director, Executive Superintendent of Human Resource Services and Organizational Development, and


Superintendent of Education, he is well prepared for the role as Director of Education to support the vision of “Inspired Learners – Tomorrow’s Leaders”. Operating as a Business With over 62,000 students, 6,000 employees and 120 schools, the WRDSB is a complex educational

system that has to operate within an education and business model. From a business point of view, the fiscal challenges, fiscal responsibilities, fiscal parameters, along with fair and equitable hiring practices and procedures, the structures are providing good function to the organization, allowing the WRDSB to promote skillful w w w. w r d s b . c a



John and Ted at King Eddy

leaders. “Some people think the education system operates differently but really we have the same fiscal and leadership responsibilities as any other business,� adds Bryant. Working toward continuous improvement in its business strategies, the WRDSB employs improvement and action plans that focus on strategic initiatives to maximize the educational experience for each learner. The Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (BIPSA) is used as a more focused guideline for the WRDSB Strategic Plan. The BIPSA identifies an overall long-term goal, an annual goal, a system expectation, areas of focus for students

Established in 1966 Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Roofing Reroofing, Maintenance & Repair

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and educators, and learning targets The Board Improvement Plan guides the School Improvement Plans at each school. An exciting new area for the WRDSB is the Leading Change Framework to address and articulate the approaches to overcoming obstacles and improve learning techniques system wide. These continuous improvement strategies allow the WRDSB to operate as a successful, efficient organization in the education Education. Bryant stresses that although the WRDSB needs to operate as a business, its focus is on education and optimizing student learning and continuous improvement. “We work closely with businesses and we realize that our core work is optimizing student achievement. We collaborate with parents, the community, and the staff who are key stakeholders to our learning organization. All divisions of the WRDSB – business, human resources and education – are purposefully integrated in support of student learning.”

Community Involvement The WRDSB prides itself on staying engaged with the community and working closely with its community partners. The Waterloo Region is a very supportive community. “The value of an education system is that we believe in continuous improvement for everyone, including our community partners”, states Bryant. The WRDSB gives back to the community in various ways and is involved with over 150 community and provincial boards and working groups. One example is that over $1.2 million has been raised by students for the Canadian Cancer Society through annual “Run for the Cure” events. Parent engagement is another facet of the community relationship. The WRDSB has a number of strategies in place to engage students and parents, and the school board sees this as an essential part of its strategic directions. The “Calling all Three Year Olds” program is an early, proactive initiative that invites early participation by families prior to junior kindergarten registration and is a specific example of how the WRDSB w w w. w r d s b . c a



encourages parent engagement. The Waterloo region is a very diverse community encompassing a variety of villages and towns. Over 100 languages and dialects are spoken. As an example, Inuit, Metis, First Nation and Mennonite cultures are valuable resources for our learning organization. The school board celebrates its diverse community of learners and recognizes that it is critical to deliver services to optimize learning for all students. “The people, the 110 July 2014

community, the infrastructure and the diversity make Waterloo Region a wonderful place to live and work�, says Bryant. Capital Investments and Expansion In 2010, construction for the expansion of 69 school sites began due to the implementation of Full Day Kindergarten (FDK). This construction will be completed by September 2014, funded at a total cost of $68.9 million by the Ontario


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Ministry of Education. Additionally, the Ministry is supporting School Condition Improvement funding to ensure that students have safe and healthy learning environments. This funding of approximately $5.7 million in 2014-2015 is expected to increase in the next two years. Recently, two new elementary schools in Kitchener have been built as well as re-builds, large additions and infrastructure improvements at number of schools. Looking forward, the WRDSB is expecting to open two new schools in September 2016 resulting in an investment of $75 million within the Waterloo Region.

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Aura Minerals Inc.

Gold exploration done right

With a core set of assets and a comprehensive community based Aural Minerals is paving the way for future gold explo Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Glen White

y responsibility plan, Canadaloration throughout the Americas



Sao Francisco at night

Aura Minerals Inc. is a Canadian mining company focused on the exploration, development and operation of gold and base metal projects in the Americas. The Vancouver-based company has established a portfolio of gold and copper-gold-silver mines in Mexico and South America. Operations Aura Minerals is currently engaged in an array of operations including the San Andres mine in La Union, Honduras; the Sao Francisco gold mine in Brazil; and the Aranzazu copper-gold-silver mine in Mexico. 114

July 2014

The San Andres gold mine produces approximately 80,000 ounces of gold a year and has an approximate 7 year mine life remaining. Aura has recently completed an expansion of the mine, consisting of a new primary crusherconveyer system and a new stacking system, whereby throughput of processed material per year increased from approximately 5 to 7 Mt., while simultaneously providing a reduction in operating costs. In May of 2014, the Company also released an updated NI 43-101 Resource Estimate for San Andres in which the Proven and Probable


mineral reserves increased 44% to 1.12M oz, with Measured and Indicated resources also increasing slightly to 1.66M oz. The company’s biggest producer at approximately 105,000 oz in 2013, the Sao Francisco gold mine is located in western Mato Grosso State in Brazil. In 2011, the company implemented an updated mine plan which has been key to processing a higher-grade of crushing-gravity gold recovery heap leach ore (CGO) which has translated to better than expected production figures in 2013 and into 2014. Sao Franciso will be winding down its operations in 2015. Located in the north eastern region of the State of Zacatecas, Mexico, the Aranzazu mine, , consists of both open-pit and underground

“We continue to pursue a number of options to realize the value of the project including reviewing a revised development and operating plan” – Jim Bannantine, Aura President and CEO

w w w. a u r a m i n e r a l s . c o m




operations and produced approximately 30M pounds of copper in 2013. The Aranzazu mine utilizes a process plant that consists of a threestage crushing circuit feeding three ball mills with current capacity of 2,600 tons a day and utilizes a heap leaching process. While the life of mine is still approximately 16 years. To improve production and keep costs low, Aura Minerals apply a variety of preventative measures and strategic planning which has facilitated Aura Minerals success in excelling in its production rates at all of its mines. Elizeio-Sao Vicente

Plans for growth One of the biggest objectives for Aura Minerals is the growth of their Aranzazu mine and increasing its production rate. The company has already invested $40 million to refurbish its plant and is looking to expand the project and increase production to 4,000 to 4,500 tons per day. Aura is currently engaged in a development project called Serrote da Laje, in northern Brazil in the state of Alagoas. Proven and Probable mineral reserves are based conservatively on mining of the Serrote resource only (do not include satellite deposits) and the feasibility study for the copper-gold-iron project has een completed. The company is currently working on financing and/or JV partners. “We continue to pursue a number of options to realize the value of the project including reviewing a revised development and operating plan,� said Jim Bannantine, Aura President and

Karla Ortega Tailings Aranzazu

w w w. a u r a m i n e r a l s . c o m



“We’re constantly working on improving policies and standards at our mine sites regarding community development and engagement.” – Gonzalo Rios, VP Corporate Responsibility

CEO. “This plan would result in lower capital expenditures and features an earlier phased execution schedule than previously anticipated by the feasibility study.”


July 2014


Corporate Responsibility Alongside enhancing resources and expanding production, the company is thoroughly committed to the values of the protection of human life, environmental preservation, and the improvement of its host communities. With a suite of Corporate Responsibility Principles in place, Aura Minerals is focused on comprehensive stakeholder engagement and sustainable development at each and every one of its sites. According to Gonzalo Rios, VP Corporate Responsibility, Aura is actively involved in stakeholder engagement and community development. “We’re constantly working on improving policies and standards at our mine sites regarding community development and engagement. We have to be very in tune with the community and their concerns, while simultaneously managing expectations regarding what they can expect from us. In addition to providing economic benefits to the regions we work in, we want to foster mutually beneficial relationships with all our communities.”

Company Information Aura Minerals Inc. is a Canadian mid-tier gold and copper production company focused on the development and operation of gold and base metal projects in the Americas. The Company’s producing assets include the copper-gold-silver Aranzazu mine in Mexico, the San Andres gold mine in Honduras and the Sao Francisco and Sao Vicente gold mines in Brazil.

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Halterm Limited

Halterm’s CAD$20 million investment in two new container cranes is closely allied to a drive for growth, performance and process ex

CEO and Managing Director of Halterm Container Termina 20 million dollar investment in two new container cranes an improvement to match customer expectations. Written by: Lindsey Ryan

Produced by: Michael Magno


al Limited, Ashley Dinning, discusses the nd the company’s drive for continuous



Established in 1969, Halterm Container Terminal Limited has made a name for itself offering fast and supremely flexible service to global shipping line customers, the masters of the largest containerships in the world. Halterm Limited is located in Halifax, Canada, a harbour with natural deep water and a perfect location to handle ultra large container ships with a terminal capability as yet unmatched by other east coast ports. Ashley Dinning, the current CEO and Managing Director of Halterm Limited, has been in the industry for 37 years and has worked all over the 122

July 2014

world. With his Business Degree, focused on Transport Logistics, and an MBA in Maritime Management he has studied at Harvard and UCLA, bringing a deep industry knowledge and expertise to the role at Halterm. Sustainable Investments To stay ahead of the competition, Halterm Container Terminal Limited has spent 20 million dollars in the last year to install two new container cranes. These cranes can handle the largest container ships in the world and set new standards in safety and energy efficiency. They are also cheaper to maintain.


Snow Clearance

With ships steaming slower to conserve fuel as prices continue to rise, ports are under increasing pressure to provide faster turnaround times and with these new cranes, Halterm is in position to discharge and load vessels at the rate of 30 containers per hour per crane, or a massive 120 containers per hour with all four cranes working simultaneously. Technological advances have also played a role in the success of Halterm. Dinning explains that every truck that arrives with a container passes through a building lined with camera arrays designed to

capture images of the truck and its cargo from every angle. The cameras also identify the container number and the license plate of the truck so that when the truck moves forward to the Scale, or weigh station, Halterm’s terminal operating software has already updated the container records allowing for faster processing at the gate. “The unique thing for us is that while in other terminals here in Halifax and across North America, all the cameras are sitting out in the open, ours are protected by purpose-built shelters, so when it is raining or snowing our cameras and equipment maintain w w w. h a l t e r m . c o m



Ron Twohig Operations Manager

the efficiency of our gate processes and the trucks continue to roll, despite any inclement weather,� Dinning explains, “This sets us apart from our competition.� Allied to the physical redevelopment of its gate processes Halterm has also installed brand new terminal operating system software so that the company and its customers can manage the container inventory and track crane and truck movements in the yard more easily. With the new software, Halterm is operations ready, offering guaranteed berth, crane and labour to its customers whenever a ship arrives. To help keep to this guarantee, an extensive preventative

Manufacturing of custom machinery , Welding of specialty metals, sandblasting and industrial paint stripping.

Monte Beasley

Steven Garver

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maintenance program is in place and equipment is kept at a high state of readiness to meet customer demands. The company has a very quick turnaround time for trucks in the container yard as well, averaging 18-20 minutes from the time of arrival to the time of truck departure. Compared to reports from other terminals in North America, where average truck turnaround time might be held at about an hour, Halterm offers customers clear advantages. People Management and Safety In addition to implementing a series of changes to how Halterm monitors its operations, Dinning has also expanded the employee pool to strengthen the overall skill set of the company. “I’ve created new positions here within the facility and brought leaders in their fields from all over the world to fill those positions,” Dinning continues, “By bringing in a mixture of those with talents among the existing skill sets and those with alternative experience we are actively developing our team and can actually instill new methodologies and operating practices here.” Halterm is proud of the wealth of experience among its many longservice employees and together with the mix of new people that have worked all over the world, has a great formula for supporting service delivery to its customers. Safety is also a key focus of the organization. Dinning describes one particular piece of equipment Halterm offers to increase safety in the

Ashley Dinning CEO Managing Director

“By bringing in a mixture of those with talents among the existing skill sets and those with alternative experience we are actively developing our team and can actually instill new methodologies and operating practices here”

w w w. h a l t e r m . c o m



workplace and on the highways. He states, “We don’t want a truck leaving here with snow and ice on top of the container because it could present a real hazard if it starts to break loose as the truck is moving. To address this we have installed a snow clearing machine that truckers can use as they are departing the terminal to plow snow and ice from the roof of the container so when it joins the highway it’s as safe as it can possibly be.” Halterm continues to focus significant effort on developing its safety culture and promoting safe working practices on the waterfront.


July 2014


Continuous Improvement Halterm continues to grow because it maintains a positive relationship with the waterfront Union in Halifax, the International Longshoremen’s Association, and Dinning states that “they also value our mutual customers and are focused on understanding and meeting customer expectations.” In the last few months, the top three shipping lines in the world, Maersk Line, CMA CGM and MSC formed a partnership called P3 and Halterm is a main operating facility for two of the P3 carriers, Maersk and CMA CGM. The company also partners with ZIM Integrated Shipping Lines, Eimskip and Melfi for mainline operations, supported by Oceanex Shipping and TMSI on the critical regional trades. Over the next three years, Dinning forecasts in excess of 30% growth for the company. He explains that “our three key business goals are business growth, aggressively creating commercial opportunities to generate sustainable long term value, process excellence, driving cost out of the business through operation efficiency and strategic investment, and driving performance, developing and maintaining a highly skilled commercially oriented team with a sense of urgency and a desire to play to win.” Halterm encourages its’ workforce to employ these goals and use them as their drive to provide the quality service the customers expect.

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Halifax, Canada FOUNDED



Stevedoring; Warehousing; Logistics

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Ontario Waterpower As The Power of Partnerships Written by Paul Norris Produced by Michael Magno





core tenet to the Ontario Waterpower Association’s (OWA’s) approach to achieving its objectives has always been working in collaboration with those who have an interest in what we do and how we do it. Formal relationships with the Chiefs of Ontario and Queen’s University are examples of this. Joint efforts with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fisheries and Oceans Canada are another. Collective advocacy with environmental, energy and aboriginal organizations all demonstrate the power of partnerships. Importantly, these corporate level relationships can 130

July 2014

enable project or company level partnerships across the industry. Nowhere is the potential for mutual benefit through positive partnerships more evident than the OWA’s growing collaboration with Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC). As organizations which have in common the development and management of water-related infrastructure, there are natural synergies in the legislative, regulatory and policy frameworks of relevance to the OWA and DUC. And, where policy interests intersect, opportunities to establish broader partnerships exist. One such example of this approach is


the recent release of two new Best Management Practices (BMPs). The first, focused on wetlands, was developed with the experience and expertise of DUC. The second addresses key considerations regarding migratory birds and benefited from the advice of the Canadian Wildlife Service. The objective of the Wetlands BMP is to minimize impacts to wetland form and function during the construction of a waterpower facility and to identify opportunities for wetland creation and enhancement. The Migratory Birds BMP’s goal is to protect and conserve migratory bird populations and their habitats during

waterpower construction activities, and to identify opportunities for habitat enhancement. As such, both look beyond the standard “avoidance, prevention, mitigation” framework to offer insight and advice on opportunities for “net benefit” with respect to these valued ecosystem components. What’s new to this approach is that the partner providing the subject matter expertise also has the capacity and mandate to help deliver the best management practices at a project level – creating opportunities for a deeper organizational partnership and mutual benefits. The need for and w w w. o w a . c a


Original Powerhouse Interior

O N TA R I O WAT E R P O W E R A S S O C I AT I O N value of working with leading Nongovernment organizations will only grow as governments modernize their approaches to permits and approvals, with an increasing emphasis on and recognition of external subject matter expertise across a wide range of disciplines. As noted by Mark Gloutney, Director of Regional Operations, Eastern Region for DUC, when the BMPs were published, “Working with industry partners is an important means of protecting and increasing the number of wetland acres in Ontario. It is encouraging to see that the importance of wetlands is being kept firmly in mind with the introduction of BMPs that aim to minimize negative effects on these crucial ecosystems, while looking for opportunities to enhance and create wetland habitat for migratory birds.” Importantly, the collaboration has opened new doors of opportunity for further joint initiatives. As outlined in the June article (Growing Business Opportunities with First Nations), there is significant untapped waterpower potential in the Far North of Ontario and considerable interest from


Aboriginal communities in pursuing development. This geography is also part of Canada’s Boreal region and one of North America’s most important nesting areas for millions of ducks, geese and other birds. Given that land use and resource management planning are in their relative infancy in the Far North, there is a unique opportunity to work together and with First Nations to advance environmentally sustainable waterpower development that incorporates wetland conservation goals into landscape and local level planning. With the proposed extension of transmission to connect twenty one (21) remote diesel-dependent communities beginning as early as 2018, and the promised mineral development of the Ring of Fire, partnering to map out respective values on the ground can help to inform integrative decision making. Leveraging DUC’s Geographic Information System (GIS) expertise and the OWA’s recent analysis of waterpower potential in the region, community-centric information, products and tools are being created, which, consistent with w w w. o w a . c a



Photo Courtesy of Bill Kendall Ducks Unlimited Canada

the approach taken to the BMPs, will aim to enable the pursuit of opportunities for net benefits through First Nation – led land use planning and resource development initiatives. Partnering with organizations and working with people who can help inform and implement the achievement of the shared objective


July 2014

of environmentally sustainable economic development is simply smart business. As is the case in the industry’s efforts to work with Aboriginal organizations and educational institutions, in today’s environment it is not a question of “whether” partnerships with leading conservation organizations like DUC make business sense,


but one of “how” to foster and grow those relationships. For the OWA, it starts with the fact that every existing waterpower facility across the province is managed to provide multiple benefits and every new project will be the same. Each project is reputational for the industry’s social licence. Partnerships liberate new ideas and create new possibilities. Viewing challenges and opportunities through another lens helps question assumptions and conventional wisdom. Finally, relationships premised on the recognition of another’s values enable mutual benefit and are particularly powerful when advancing shared priorities and positions. Through the past three (3) articles in this publication, I have attempted to re-introduce Ontario’s First Choice in electricity – waterpower. With over a century of generation and still the backbone of a reliable, affordable system, hydroelectricity is all too often taken for granted. Though a mature technology embedded in communities across the province, there is still room to grow. Growth in the industry, however, is absolutely dependent on the adoption and practice of a business model that is informed by and involves those with a perspective on the business. Waterpower, I would argue, is not unique in this regard. The key to sustaining and expanding any successful business is putting as much effort into your relationships as you do into your product.

Company Information INDUSTRY


380 Armour, Peterborough, ON K9H 7L7, Canada EMPLOYEES

Paul Norris President

w w w. o w a . c a


Utility Solutions Corpora

How Utility Solutions Corpora apart from the competition

Company President, Brian Gilligan, discusses the strategie of the competitors and how technology has contributed. Written by: Abigail Phillips Produced by: Michael Magno


ration stands

es the company uses to stay ahead



Founded in 1998, Utility Solutions Corporation provides top quality data to utility and government organizations. The Toronto-based company supplies its customers with infrastructure mapping, equipment attribution, field data collection and asset condition assessments. They also offer distribution planning and design


July 2014

services, preparing drawings from site inspection data and providing detailed bills of material. Brian Gilligan currently serves as the company’s President and CEO. A graduate of both Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and Canadian Management Centre, Brian spent nine years at Toronto Hydro before co-founding the company.


Services Utility Solutions conducts extensive inventory in order to evaluate the status and condition of the client’s assets. This involves a hands-on approach of physically inspecting the utility assets in the field, which allows them to determine quality and assess needs. To do this, the company often utilizes GIS (geographic information system) technology. A GIS is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze and manage all types of geographical data. GIS systems have several applications related to engineering, planning, management, transport, insurance,

telecommunications and business. Utility Solutions uses GIS systems manufactured by Intergraph Corporation and Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute). Technology and tools Utility Solutions is focused on increasing efficiency and staying competitive through the exploration and implementation of new technologies and services. One service they offer that utilizes innovative technology is retroreflectivity testing, which checks municipal signs to ensure that they reflect back the necessary amount of light to be visible to w w w. u t i l i t y s o l u t i o n s . c a


U T I L I T Y S O L U T I O N S C O R P O R AT I O N motorists. Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation has determined that municipalities within the Province are required to check traffic regulatory and warning signs for retroreflectivity on an annual basis. Utility Solutions has a comprehensive inspection program that helps reduce the risk of nighttime related traffic accidents. The company is currently exploring the imaging method of groundpenetrating radar, or GPR, to identify power lines and sewer pipes underneath road surfaces. GPR is a nondestructive geophysical method that uses radar pulses

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to image the subsurface. In this process, electromagnetic radiation in the microwave band of the radio spectrum detects reflected signals from subsurface structures. Additionally, Utility Solutions has taken steps to increase the accuracy of the data it collects. “Years ago, we were collecting data that was greater than a meter accuracy; now, we’re collecting decimeter accuracy data so that we can precisely pinpoint where our clients are actually located in the real world. It’s those innovative tools that we are using to help our clients get better and better data all the time.” Recent projects The company recently provided a street lighting system in Hamilton. The project involved an inspection of 40,000 streetlight poles. In addition to assessing the quality of the poles, the data collection required the company to identify who owned the assets as well as to document all third-party attachments such as telecommunication or cable wires. A summary report of all of the data collected was then provided to the client in order to determine construction needs.


Utility Solutions is currently involved in a project in the Greater Canadian area that includes the physical inspection of 21,000 wooden and concrete utility poles, with a focus on replacing inadequate poles. Wooden poles are being inspected for rot while concrete poles are being checked for cracks and rebar exposure. “From an asset management point of view, it’s their job to see that their infrastructure is sound and safe,” Gilligan said. The project also involves identification of all the primary line circuits and their major equipment. The data will be managed via GIS. Expertise and professionalism Gilligan believes that one thing that sets them apart from other companies in the industry is that Utility Solutions was founded by former utility managers and professionals. Gilligan himself has both public and private experience and has been in the business for thirty years. To Gilligan, one of the key elements of the company’s success is that “We really understand how the utilities and municipalities work. We know the importance of good information and how it’s used.” Additionally, the company hires individuals whose expertise is guaranteed. “We bring in people that are trained in the industry and educated in the power system who specifically have a background to do this kind of work,” Gilligan said. Utility Solutions focuses a large part of its employee training on safety. Employees w w w. u t i l i t y s o l u t i o n s . c a



frequently work in roadways, and the amount of protective gear required is job-specific. Employees are educated on potential hazards in the field and how to avoid them. Another major area of Utility Solution Corporation’s training involves customer service. “Oftentimes, we’re out there working on behalf of the local utility or a local municipality, and we train our 142

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employees to treat anyone that they come across as if they were our own customers,” Gilligan said. The company does a large amount of repeat business and maintains a solid reputation for both the quality of their work and their professionalism. Gilligan attributes this to their emphasis on follow through, saying “We practice project management methodologies where


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we carry out everything in the project, making sure that the scope is well-defined to doing all of the training to monitoring the programs and giving our clients regular updates and status reports. One of the factors that leads to repeat business is that when we do a project, we aim to make sure that our customers are satisfied in our field training and that the approach we take in the office with our project management is top notch. I think that a lot of our clients appreciate and understand that.â&#x20AC;? w w w. u t i l i t y s o l u t i o n s . c a


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Business Review Canada July 2014  

Business Review Canada July 2014  

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