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This is Skåne You’re now holding the key to what to do and where to go in Skåne, one of Sweden’s most beautiful regions. Inside you’ll find specially chosen tips to help you make the most of our beautiful countryside. You can find out more at Oh, and don’t forget to check opening times of shops, tourist attractions and restaurants before you visit. We’re really looking forward to meeting you. Välkommen till Skåne.










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SWEDEN IN MINIATURE Skåne offers the best in just a short drive

48H IN MALMÖ How to get the most from your 48 hours

CULTURE Cultural stimulation just around the corner

ROMANTIC BREAK The perfect setting for an intimate getaway

6. Big paradise 10. Colours of nature 18. Love good food? 20. Enjoy a drink 24. Castles and manors 26. Great for garden lovers

30. Skåne’s best beaches 32. Art & Design 33. Go potty 40. Like golf ? 42. Family fun


PHOTO: Anders Norrsell


Scandinavian province. Big paradise. Looking for beautiful sights, relaxation and cultural stimulation? You’ll find it all in Skåne. The small province in southern Sweden is the ultimate location for a Scandinavian getaway. A stone’s throw from the bustling Copenhagen, Skåne offers stunning nature, long, white sandy beaches to explore, lots of space you don’t have to share and an array of fascinating things to see and do. With historical castles, world-famous golf courses, unforgettable culinary experiences and much more, once you’ve visited Skåne, you’ll want to come back. Again and again.

Wanås 7

SWEDEN. IN M NIATURE. With miles of sandy beaches, desolate forests and clear blue lakes, romantic castles and prize winning gardens, Skåne offers the best of Sweden in just a short drive.

With a small population of 1.2

Round off a day exploring with a glass of wine

million in a very large area,

and a meal at one of Skåne’s many open-air

Skåne is far from frantic. You

restaurants: perfect for people-watching, and

have plenty of space to enjoy its many sights and

trying some local, organic cuisine. Skåne’s

entertainment. Originally part of Denmark,

cli­­ mate and soil are perfect for cultivating

you’ll see pre-17th century Danish influences

de­li­cious produce such as asparagus, new pota­­

throughout Skåne’s villages, towns and cities.

toes and apples, and the locally-brewed wines

Half-timbered and brightly coloured houses

and vodkas are in a taste league of their own.

enhance Skåne’s charming character and make beautiful photo opportunities, so bring

Something for everyone

your camera.

There’s something for everyone in Skåne.

Skåne’s climate makes enjoying yourself

Zoos and water parks to keep the children

easy. With long summers and mild winters,

happy, mountain climbing and cave-diving

you can experience all that Skåne has to offer

for people with a sense of adventure. Or simply

in comfort, whether it’s indoor or outdoor

enjoy the region’s abundance of flowers during

activities you’re interested in.

a serene stroll.

Skanör 8

Photo: Birger Lallo


Wonderful walks Get close to nature, animals and people – on foot. Skåne has almost a thousand kilometres of footpaths and many places along them where you can stay overnight, from elegant castles to small, cosy bed & breakfasts. You can learn all about Skåne’s flora at

ENJOY ALL THE colours OF NATURE Enjoy a perfect day out in a national park. Enjoy fantastic views, lose yourself in the silence and tranquility of a forest, walk along fertile fields and ridges in the long, light evenings, or feel the soft, white sand on your toes.


pend a day in one of Skåne’s national

walk through the beautiful beech forest, when

parks and enjoy unspoilt, protected

birdsongs reach their peak.

nature at its best. Keep your eyes

Western Skåne borders the Kattegat and

peeled and your camera primed for foxes, roe

the island of Ven and, further north towards

deer and unusual bird species that have made

Skälderviken, you’ll find flatter terrain. For a

the region their home.

mountainous adventure, go to Kullaberg, a na-

Stenshuvud National Park in Österlen,

ture reserve in the northwestern tip of Skåne.

eastern Skåne, offers flora and fauna, and

Here, you can enjoy spectacular mountain

stunning views from the 97-metre high point.

climbing, cave diving and fantastic walks with

Once you’ve taken in the sights, take a trip to

magnificent views over the sea.

some of the nearby white beaches and pictu-

Take time to visit the northeastern part

resque fishing villages. Head to Kåseberga

of Skåne, which boasts breathtaking pine fo-

to see the Ales Stones, remains from the Iron

rests and Göingebygden (also called Snapp-

Age which consist of 59 large quartz sand

hanebygden), dating back to the 17th century.

blocks placed in a ship formation on top of an

Close to the city of Kristianstad you’ll find the

ancient burial ground.

wetlands of Vattenriket around the Helge Ri-

Söderåsen National Park in the heart of

ver, where you can take a trip on a boat and

Skåne is the home of deciduous forests and

explore the rich bird life. It’s also a great place

dramatic ravines. Spring is the best time to

for spotting unusual plants and species of fish.

Photo: Birger Lallo




Make your journey to Sweden a short one!

Photo: Birger Lallo

Up to five people in your car and as much luggage as it can take, then drive on board and your holiday can begin. E

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Ven com

Island gems The island of Ven is in the middle of the

scientist Tycho Brahe, who lived here in the

Sound between Denmark and Sweden. Visit

16th century.

in spring and enjoy the thousands of cowslips

And in the far northwest, the island of

that flower all over the island, or explore

Hallands Väderö is a bird and seal-lovers’ pa-

Uraniborg, the remains of the Renaissance

radise. Travel by boat from Torekov to expe-

Castle owned by the astronomer and space

The Right of Public Access (allemansrätt) gives everyone the opportunity to wander freely through nature as long as you show respect at all times. Walk through nature reserves, along paths and through pastures, in forests and national parks. Cycle on private roads, canoe or row on lakes and rivers, and discover your own

favourite places. You can’t swim from private jetties or enter private areas. Read more about the Right of Public Access at


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Northwestern Skåne

rience nature at its best.

A truly Swedish experience

1495 TT VisitSkåne 170 x 120 EN.indd 1

Fly direct to Malmö airport or Kastrup

The northwestern corner of Skåne is known for its pottery, excellent produce and great golf courses. Climb the peak of Kullaberg, take in the scent of 10,000 rhodo­d endron bushes in Sofiero Palace Gardens or hop on a ferry to neighbouring Denmark.

Fly to Kastrup, Copen­hagen’s airport, and hire a car or jump on a train; it takes less than half an hour to get to Malmö – Skåne’s biggest city – via the Øresund Bridge. Travelling to Skåne’s south coast? Go by boat.

Southwestern Skåne Southwestern Skåne is dominated by Malmö, Sweden’s third biggest and most multicultural city. Ancient tradition goes hand in hand with modern ideas – don’t miss the exciting architecture of the Western harbour. To the north is the historic city of Lund and to the south Falsterbonäset, which has fantastic beaches.

Northeastern Skåne Northeastern Skåne offers sea and city, traditional eel feasts and wonderful canoe trips in Vattenriket (an eco-museum and wetland area) in Kristianstad. Follow in the footsteps of the pro-Danish partisans and discover the tall tales that date back to the 17th century Swedish-Danish feuds.

Southeastern Skåne Peaceful Österlen offers an undulating landscape, winding country lanes and idyllic fishing hamlets, which have attracted many artists. See the famous apple plantations, where some of the harvest is used in the world’s biggest apple picture, made here every year.


48H IN MALMÖ Full of energy, rich multiculturalism and refreshing green space, Malmö greets visitors with open arms and has become iconic for its focus on culture, innovative architecture and a vibrant social scene.


ere are some suggestions for how to get the most from your 48 hours in Malmö, Skåne’s largest city:

Day 1

Noon. Start by visiting colourful Möllevångstorget and stroll among the many market stalls. This busy square, known locally as Möllan, is a multicultural melting pot of sounds and smells. Stop by for lunch in one of the many restaurants around in the neighbourhood and choose from Swedish or international food. Want something a little more tempting? Head for the Chocolate factory.

2.00 PM. Stroll down to Lilla Torg, the town’s buzzing piazza. Drop in at Formargruppen, a gallery and shop run by a creative group of craftsmen,and buy high quality handicrafts created in wood, silver, clay, textiles, glass and iron. 4.00 PM. A good idea is to take a short nap at your hotel and build up for the nightlife. 7.00 PM. Deciding where to eat won’t be easy. Try organic at Salt&Brygga out in Western Harbour and take in the view of the Öresund Bridge while you enjoy your food. 9.30 PM. Head back into town and get into the Malmö nightlife. Start with the drinks at Renaissance hotel Rosen Bar.

Rosen Bar & Dining

Möllevångstorget 14

Photo: Werner Nystrand


Moderna Museet Malmö

Day 2 9.30 AM. After a long breakfast get on your bike to see and smell the town. Malmö has over 400 km of cycle paths. Don’t cycle? Do it the relaxing way on the sightseeing boat. 10.30 AM. Try a cinnamon bun, the perfect complement to a midmorning cup of coffee. You’ll find some of the best buns at Slottsträdgårdens kafé in the middle of one of Malmö’s many beautiful parks. The park is also famous for its flower beds filled with columbine, sweet peas, tulips and other perennials. 11.00 AM. Pop across the road to Malmö Museer, surrounded by a moat and gardens. The museum has lots of things to see and do, including a real submarine, temporary exhibitions, historical memorabilia, sheep from Gotland and piranhas!

9.30 PM. Try your luck at Casino Cosmopol in Kungsparken. If you have never been to a casino this is a good time to try it out. Or head up to Folkets Park and the clubs around there to get a taste of the latest in music.

Day 3 7.00 AM. Get up early and head for the beach. Bathing at Ribersborgs Kallbadhus is the best way to start the morning. Say hi to the locals while you’re in the sauna.

Photo: Johanna Rylander

2.00 PM. Head for the Modern Museum of Art and enjoy a late lunch before enjoying the latest exhibition. 4.30 PM. When leaving the Museum, savour a cup of freshly ground coffee at Lilla Kafferosteriet. 7.30 PM. If you plan it well, try and get a table at popular Bastard restaurant. You never know what will be on the menu but you know it is going to be good.


Photo: Bernard Grilly

8.30 AM. Back at the hotel for breakfast, packing and checking out. Leave your bags in the luggage room and head to shops for a few hours before you leave Malmö. We can almost guarantee you’ll be back.


Love good food? love Skåne.

Daniel Berlin, Skåne Tranås

dients straight from their garden. Don’t miss

He’s young. He’s already received several

their tasting menu.

awards. And he’s been invited to cook all over

the world. Daniel Berlin opened his first restau-

tural wines from small producers in Europe.

rant in Österlen serving top-class cuisine that’s

Mother serves and Daniel comes out and pre-

not to be missed. In 2012 the restaurant recei-

sents the food, chats to guests and makes eve-

ved the highest ever rating by Dagens Industri,

ryone feel at home. Fantastic food is served in a

Sweden’s business daily.

cosy room with six tables. It has an unbeatable

Sweden’s first harvest each year, producing

Try a taste of something special. Eat out.

family atmosphere where everyone is served at

delicious new potatoes, asparagus, carrots,

Highly-qualified, celebrity chefs combine the

cottage and sample delicious dishes with ingre-

f you want to get fresh, go to Skåne. It boasts

peas, apples, strawberries and much more.

home-grown flavours of Skåne with continen-

A combination of fertile soil and a mild

tal influences. Their mouthwatering dishes are

climate means agriculture thrives in Skåne.

showcased by Skåne’s network of certified res-

Think of it as Sweden’s own larder, growing the

taurants, known as ‘Skånska Matupplevelser’

freshest fruit and vegetables and rearing succu-

(Culinary Skåne), which are some of the best

lent meat at free-range farms across the region.

in Sweden and serve high quality food in uni-

Pop by one of Skåne’s many farm shops

que environments.

to taste and buy locally-produced vegetables

Check out for more.

Meet the whole family at their whitewashed

The father talks about the wines, often na-

the same time.

which are harvested the same morning as they are delivered to the shops.

Bastard, Malmö The Zink bar surrounds an open kitchen


Meaty meals

in the middle of the restaurant. it’s quickly

Organic farms in the region rear pigs, cows

filled by guests who want to sit in the front

and sheep on home-grown feed, completely free

row while sipping the tangy “In your face”

from chemicals and genetically modified crops


for happier livestock and wonderful flavours.

With its big-town ambience and full

Visit Ängavallen to enjoy its produce in a won-

house every night, Bastard makes the perfect

derful setting and, when you’re full, rest your

evening out. The menu is really nose to tail

head for a night at the farm hotel.

and brave guests can sample oxtail, pig’s feet

The waters surrounding Skåne mean that

and cod head. Sit in the lush courtyard in

fish don’t have far to travel from the sea to the

summer and enjoy grilled pimientos from the

chef’s pots, so sampling the seafood is a must

wooden stove, good wine and an atmosphere

while you’re there.

all of Malmö love.

Photo: David Cenzer

Photo: David Cenzer

Photo: David Cenzer



Enjo a drInk

(or two)

kåne has been producing good food

to Malmö) and Kullabygdens Vingård north

and drink for centuries. Absolut, the

of Helsingborg both offer guided tours with

iconic vodka brand – and the stylish,

plenty of opportunities to sample the goods.

clear bottles it comes in – has been produced

Spring in Österlen is the place to be for

in Åhus for more than a hundred years. And

cider lovers. Thousands of apple trees flower

visiting the brewery is a must.

across the stunning landscape. Take a trip to the apple juice factory at Kiviks Musteri and

“ Try every flavour, but leave the car behind.”

stroll through the apple orchards and factfind at the exhibition about fruit-growing in the region. Sound like thirsty work? Stop by the café and enjoy a juicy cider (or the equallydelicious alcohol-free version), and pick up some marmalade from the gift shop while you’re at it. The Scandlines ferries take you quickly

If you love vodka, don’t miss Ellinge Castle

and comfortably to Sweden. With our

in the heart of Skåne. It’s just won a prize for

„Sweden-Tickets“ you can combine to

the world’s best-tasting (and completely good-

the flexible crossings Rostock-Gedser and

for-you organic) vodka, Purity Vodka. If you

Puttgarden-Rødby with the Helsingør-

want more, Carlsson potato vodka is made

Helsingborg. Travel stress-free, because

from the cleanest new potatoes on the Bjäre

with the frequent departure times you

Peninsula in north-west Skåne.

will always find a ferry that fits into your

schedule. Sweden Holiday made easy

Whisky more to your taste? Pay a visit to

with Scandlines!

the beautiful island of Ven, where they grow the wheat for delicious Hven whisky. Fine wines and scrumptious ciders The region has its own selection of white, red, rosé and sparkling wines, called Skåne sensations by wine experts. Hällåkra Vingård (close


The best connection to Sweden via Denmark. Fast, flexible, and round the clock

Photo: birger lallo


Photo: Chris Maris

Photo: Sven Persson

Skåne offers an exciting arts and culture scene. Whether you’re in a small, countryside village or in the heart of a city, there’s cultural stimulation just around the corner.


Soak up the city scene


Skåne’s lively cities offer a variety of high-

In Helsingborg, Skåne’s second biggest city,

quality culture. Malmö has arenas for dance,

Dunkers Kulturhus (cultural centre) offers a

Fiction brought to life

Countryside surprises

music, theatre and opera. Malmö Dansteater

range of activities including art exhibitions,

Crime writer Henning Mankell put the city

Culture also pops up in the Skåne country-

is Sweden’s biggest dance institution and show-

theatre, an international music scene and an

of Ystad on the map with his thrilling detec-

side. Many theatre and music stages move

cases contemporary Scandinavian and inter-

open stage for young musicians. The in-hou-

tive stories about Police Superintendent Kurt

outdoors in the summer, so pack a picnic

national choreographers.

se restaurant and bar offers fantastic views

Wallander, a bachelor grappling with murder

and enjoy a show in the sunshine. Head

Malmö Opera is one of Europe’s leading

over the Sound and Denmark. Helsingborg

investigations and tough criminal cases, as

to the small fishing village of Brantevik in

opera houses with repertoires of opera, ope-

also has a beautiful concert hall, home to the

well as with his private life. The popular books

Österlen to listen to the biggest Swedish

rettas and musicals. At Malmö Concert Hall

Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, which

have been adapted for the big screen. You can

jazz musicians in a beautiful, open-air

you can listen to classic works by the Malmö

often features musicians and conductors

even take a guided tour in an old fire engine

setting at Jazz Under the Stars, which hosts

Symphony Orchestra.

from around the world.

and feel the stories come to life.

several summer shows.


With more than 250 castles and manors in such a short area, Skåne is the place to see the finest in Swedish history. Photo: Birger Lallo

kåne’s castles are steeped in history, dating back to when the region was owned by Denmark, when rich noblemen built Renaissance castles and strongholds to show off their wealth. Häckeberga Castle is one of many that offer opulently decorated rooms, complete with antiques that show off the décor. Today, lots of the castles feature fine dining complemented with well-stocked wine cellars, so look out for the sommelier-hosted tasting events. Beautiful parks and gardens come as part of the package, too. For especially stunning surroundings, visit Wrams Gunnarstorp, Bosjökloster or Krapperup Castle.

What kind of castle do you fancy? Every castle is unique. Square, round, ancient, more modern. From Wanås Castle with its internationally-recognised art exhibition and sculpture park, to Glimmingehus in Österlen, Scandinavia’s best-preserved medieval castle built in 1499 by a Danish knight. Enjoy a guided tour of the castle and herb garden and get an glimpse into everyday life in the Middle Ages. You might even find yourself in the middle of a medieval tournament, complete with armour and horses.

Photo: Lena Birgersson

Spend a day in the beautiful city of Kristianstad, northeastern Skåne, and visit the popular Regional Museum, where cultural history, ancient remains and exquisite textiles explain how people’s relation­ ship with Skåne has changed through the ages.

Make time to see the steam engines at the railway

museum, and visit the film museum.

Krapperup Castle

400 museums Skåne has the highest density of museums in Sweden, with around 400 in total. Malmö is home to several, including Malmö Museum, which combines Skåne’s history with displays about nature, technology and shipping. See an old Viking ship, a medieval ship or a submarine. Malmö art museum is also here, with a large collection of Scandinavian art, furniture and industrial design, all in the Malmöhus Renaissance Castle. Find out people used to live at Kulturen in Lund, Skåne’s largest museum. It includes 30 houses and gardens that show how people lived on farms. From country-style furniture and clothes made from recycled material to beautiful jewellery and wool embroidery, Kulturen showcases all there is to know about how Skåne used to be. Vittskövle Castle




Great for Garden Lovers The mild climate, proximity to the Continent and large number of castles have nurtured a centuries-old tradition of creating beautiful gardens throughout the province.

he stunning Sofiero Palace and Gardens in Helsingborg is one of Skåne’s most popular attractions, earning the title of ‘Europe’s Most Beautiful Park’ in 2010. King Gustav VI Adolf put the first plant in the ground in 1907 and would be pleased to see how his handiwork has grown today. TIP: The café at Palace Gardens serves tasty, organic produce that’s grown on-site, so make time to stop for lunch.

The palace is surrounded by velvety lawns and lush green trees, and enjoys views over the Sound above a magnificent flowering ravine.

More than 10,000 rhododendron bushes complete the picture. Sofiero also puts on a range activities and exhibitions throughout the summer, and has a café and restaurant. Don’t miss The Garden Festival, which takes place over a few days in August. A treat for all the senses. Spend some time at the Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens and experience one of Sweden’s best open-air museums, complete with historic buildings and old town quarters. Take a leisurely walk through the botanic garden and the rose garden while you’re there.

Stunning Sofiero Palace and Gardens in Helsingborg is one of Skåne’s most popular attractions, earning the title of ‘Europe’s Most Beautiful Park’ in 2010. 26


Sit down, relax and enjoy a cup of tea and a pastry at one of the many garden cafés in Skåne. Enjoy a coffee break among 600 different kinds of planted herbs at Tirups Örtagård near Lund. You’re guaranteed to have some in your sandwich when you order it from the café. Just southeast of Arild i Kullabygden is Flickorna Lundgren, one of Sweden’s most written about cafés that serves incredible pastries. King Gustav VI Adolf came here every summer. His favourite cake was the vanilla heart.

Malmö. The city of parks. Malmö is called “The City of Parks” because of its green spaces, small lakes and network of canals. Visit Kungsparken, Pildammsparken or Slottsträdgården, favourites with locals and tourists alike. The blossoming flower beds and

well-stocked vegetable gardens create an innercity oasis. 19th-century Katrinetorps Gård, south of Malmö, has an abundance of pretty rose beds, greenhouses, a restaurant, and a gift shop selling antiques.

Photo: Åsa Siller


Go green? Go east. Beautiful Österlen has several gardens, many combined with farm shops, plant shops or cafés that are well worth a visit. Mandelmanns Trädgård is a treasure, and during a trip there you’ll see how vegetables are organically cultivated and lambs reared in a natural habitat. There’s also a show garden, café and a farm shop selling Österlen’s tastiest tomatoes.

Want more? Apotekarns Medelhavsträdgård in Simrishamn, Haven Österlen, and Åbergs Handels­trädgård near Ystad are other garden favourites.

Pildammsparken, Malmö Photo: Bernard Grilly



10 9 6




Western Harbour. Join the young, look at the trendy

Bask ON SkÅne’s best beaches

Stroll around Malmö’s Western Harbour and enjoy the innovative architecture before you hit the beach. Flip your head to look at the soaring twisted skyscraper, Turning Torso, or sit back in one of the restaurants and enjoy the view over to Denmark. Sunbathe on the boardwalks or jump into the sea from a jetty. Ribersborg (1), a quaint, popular beach area with diving tower, cafés and bathing huts is just a stone’s throw away.

With sea on three sides, and miles of soft sandy beaches, you can enjoy everything from quiet coves to lively party playas. Find your own place in the sun on the Swedish Rivera.

Photo: Lasse Davidsson

Shallow Falsterbostranden (2) in the southwestern corner of Skåne has gorgeous sand and deep dunes to lie in and forget about the world. The surrounding pine forest and heaths completing the picture of peacefulness.

Photo: Magnus Palmér


The world’s biggest sandpit Sandhammaren beach (3) near Ystad has the whitest, finest grain sand imaginable. It’s close to several villages and small towns with many restaurants, perfect places to stop for a postbeach feast. There are plenty of hotels and great shopping, too – a real holiday paradise.


Tropical beach of helsingborg Tropical beach (4) is a gem, with its swaying palm trees and parasols, views of the Sound and the Helsingborg ferries. Enjoy a a swim, or promenade along the Northern Harbour towards the sandy beach at Fria bad (5) and enjoy a choice of excellent restaurants. Crystal clear Solvik (6) and Ransvik (7) in Mölle offer lovely warm cliffs, unspoilt nature and traces of the last century. A time when men and women bathed together in their striped swimming costumes, and people marvelled at the ‘Swedish sin’. The beautifully clean water is worth the journey. Long sandy beach Ängelholms Havsbad (8) is a 6 km beach with white sand and lovely dunes, surrounded by small, secluded sunbathing spots. Sweden’s Riviera Skansenbadet (9) in Båstad is where the party people spend their time. It’s close to Pepe´s Bodega, Skåne’s most celebrity-packed bar. Malens Havsbad (10) is great for swimming, whether it’s in the sea or the large, heated seawater pool. Children will love the fun pool with slides and bubble fountains. Täppet in Åhus (11) is a shallow, childfriendly sandy beach with a long swimming jetty and activities such as mini-golf, tennis and a popular kiosk serving delicious ice cream on home-made waffles – the perfect treat after a hard day relaxing on the beach.


Go Potty A wealth of artists, performers, designers and authors have turned Skåne into Sweden’s own hub of creativity. While you’re here, absorb some great art. Check out one of the many museums and galleries in the area. Skissernas museum in the centre of Lund has huge archives full of artistic treasures which show the artists’ journeys from an ideas to finished pieces. Don’t miss the highly-detailed sketches for sculptures and paintings, or the works of Isaac Grünewald, Ferdinand Léger, Matisse and Giacometti.


Photo: Lena Birgersson

Moderna Museet in Malmö, a subsidiary of Moderna Museet in Stockholm, is one of Europe’s leading museums of modern and contemporary art. Previously housing an electricity plant, the building is fascinating too. Malmö Konsthall is another must for contemporary art lovers, displaying photography, graphic art, innovative installations and much more. Form/Design Center, near Lilla Torg, offers a wide range of designer objects and handicraft. Browse the exhibits before taking a stroll outside to see the medieval buildings and beautiful courtyard. 32

Kivik Art Centre focuses on contemporary art and is located south of Kivik in Österlen. Inspired by the world-famous museum Louisiana in Denmark, a visit here offers a unique experience in the beautiful nature that surrounds the centre. Wanås Castle near Kristianstad has been collecting world-class contemporary art for many years. There are often new exhibitions of works by prolific artists such as Yoko Ono and it has its own sculpture park with beautiful (and sometimes humorous) pieces in a stunning, natural setting. Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg is the largest Cultural Centre in the region for artistic and creative experiences. The centre includes an art gallery, exhibitions, a thriving international music scene, theatre, dance and activities for children. There’s also a restaurant, bistro and tourist information centre.

POTTERY HAS A LONG AND FLOURISHING TRADITION IN SKÅNE. THE AVAILABILITY OF QUALITY CLAY MEANS THAT POTTERY AND LOCAL POTTERS SUCH AS HÖGANÄS HAVE BECOME WORLD-FAMOUS. Visit one of Skåne’s working potteries and witness world-leading craftsmanship. Wallåkra Stenkärlsfabrik, located just outside Helsingborg in northwestern Skåne, preserves centuries-old pottery firing traditions. The big brick kiln from 1864 has been completely refurbished but continues to be hand-fired. It’s a great place for pottery lovers to study the production process, buy pots, jugs and bowls from the shop and enjoy a meal in the restaurant.

World names from Skåne Other names famous outside Sweden include potters Ulla and Gustav Kraitz. They produce sculptures in their studio on Hallandsåsen outside Båstad and display them in nearby Norrvikens Trädgårdar. The Märta MååsFjetterström studio is also based in Båstad, where rugs and tapestries are woven according to Märta Måås Fjetterström’s original, now famous patterns.

Did you know? The Sydney Opera House, Australia, is covered by 1,065,000 glazed, white tiles from Höganäsbolaget. The clay for the tiles comes from the area around Ekeby, east of Helsingborg.

In the summer, in Mölle on the Kulla Peninsula, well-known potters like Lisa Wohlfart set up their workshops, where visitors can buy their creations, and enjoy a chat with the artists themselves.

Photo: Helena Bergqvist

The Art Round Some of Sweden’s best known artists live in Österlen. One of the key draws for artists is the phenomenon known as the Art Round. There are five different art rounds every easter in Skåne, attracting thousands of visitors. Enjoy the opportunity to appreciate and buy art, crafts and designer products and treat yourself to your very own piece of Skåne’s art scene. 33





is a traditional spa hotel with ultrafresh rooms and a nice restaurant. The spa has been nominated Sweden’s best and most romantic spa.

Skåne’s coastline is dotted with inviting hotels, guesthouses and bed & breakfasts, some of which are beautiful turn-of-the-century houses with picturesque, glazed verandas. Enjoy great food and champagne by candlelight while you take in rolling sea views. The northwestern corner of Skåne is home to romantic fishing villages with winding streets, halftimbered houses and flowering gardens. The best-known are Arild and Mölle, which are wonderful in summer. Mölle’s surroundings are magical – take a walk through the Kullaberg Nature Reserve, which offers forests, mountains, dramatic cliff formations and crystal-clear water to swim in.

Photo: Oskar Falck

“ Enjoy great food and champagne by candlelight while you take in rolling sea views.”


Leave your cares at home and pamper your partner. With fairytale castles, luxurious designer hotels, beautiful nature and a thriving restaurant scene, Skåne provides the perfect setting for an intimate getaway.

CITIES OF LOVE Malmö, Helsingborg, Lund and Kristianstad all boast beautiful buildings and picturesque squares with plenty of cafés – perfect for sipping a latte or a glass of wine. With great cultural and historical sights and numerous prize-winning restaurants, Skåne is an ideal place to spend special occasions such as honeymoons and wedding anniversaries. Check out for some special ideas.

Castles and manors with the dreamy touch Stay in romantic rooms and enjoy highquality gastronomy complemented by the finest wines in one of Skåne’s more than 250 castles and manors. Most of the region’s castles offer scenic surroundings, with views over beech forests and magical watercourses. Photo: Charlotte Strömwall


HOTELL SKANSEN Hotel Skansen in Båstad offers a great location next to the Centre Court that hosts the annual Swedish Open tennis tournament. Hotel Skansen’s spacious spa complex is open to hotel guests and includes sauna, gym, and Japanese pool. It has a great restaurant with an international feel.


Örenäs Slott

Kronovalls Vinslott

a beautiful baroque castle from the turn of the century, is located in northwestern Skåne between Helsingborg and Landskrona. The perfect venue for anything from a conference to an intimate dinner.

is all about elegance. Enjoy afternoon tea and scones or a five-course meal with wine tasting.

Rusthållargården hotel in Arild has an authentic Skåne feel to it, with rustic design and rooms in beautiful, old buildings.

Karlaby Kro Torekov Hotell

Grand Hotel Mölle

on the Bjäre Peninsula is a modern hotel and the perfect base for swimming in the sea or the indoor pool. Enjoy one of the nearby golf courses, then relax with a massage.

was built in 1909 and enjoys captivating views of the sea and Kullaberg Nature Reserve. It has 22 rooms and an excellent restaurant.

in Österlen was built for romance. There are 22 beautifully designed rooms, a relaxing pool room and a high-quality restaurant.

Hotell Gässlingen Vitemölla Badhotell is located in the fishing village of Vitemölla, near Kivik in Österlen. This beautiful hotel offers wonderful food in fantastic surroundings.

in the far southwestern corner of Skåne, is a small hotel in the heart of Skanör. It has a wonderful setting next to the sea.

Häckeberga Slott Live like royalty in this beautifully situated 19th-century castle. The castle’s cuisine and antiques make it a real treat.

Drakamöllans Gårdshotell is a real gem. Stay in a charming, traditional Skåne house with comfortable rooms and first-class food.

The Lodge is located on top of Romeleåsen Ridge, providing beautiful views over the plains and forest. Enjoy walks, a spa and nice food here.

Tomarp Gårdshotell is in a breathtaking setting in northeastern Skåne. Its lake is surrounded by fruit plantations, pasture and beech forests. Photo: Helene Toresdotter


Photo: Helene Toresdotter


Like g lf? You’ll love Skåne. aise your game, and lower your handicap on one of the 70 plus golf courses in Skåne. Choose your course from parkland, seaside and beautiful links courses, many of them popular with the international golf elite. Thanks to the mild climate you can play all year round. Green fees are low and it’s easy to get to the courses. Play at seven in the morning and enjoy the silence, the clean air and concentrate on the challenge. Photo: Staffan Andersson

PGA of Sweden National in Bara


Courses for everyone Everyone can play golf in Skåne. The big names in the sport like Annica Sörenstam and Caroline Hedwall, Henrik Stenson and Peter Hanson have raised the level of the sport.

“ Tee off between the sea and the sand dunes.” Visit Barsebäck Golf & Country Club and its resort with two courses: the Masters Course and the Donald Steel Course. Many tournaments have been played here, including the Scandinavian Masters and Solheim Cup. It has a combination of championship courses and varied nature. Barsebäck Resort offers accommodation of a high quality, conference facilities, a gym and good restaurant. PGA of Sweden National in Bara near Malmö opened in 2009 and is one of Scandinavias foremost golf facilities. It has two ultramodern courses – the Links Course and the Lakes Course, and an elegant clubhouse with a luxurious feel.

Photo: Michael Denker

Barsebäck Golf & Country Club

More golf Falsterbo Golfklubb has a unique location at the far end of Falsterbonäset, south of Malmö. It is one of Sweden’s oldest and first links courses. Tee off between the sea and the sand dunes. Ljunghusens Golfklubb, another links course, is close to Höllviken near Falsterbo. Österlens Golfklubb with the Lilla Vik and Djupadal courses offers fantastic views of the sea and the apple plantations. These parkland courses have a seaside feel. Elisefarms Golfklubb near Ringsjön and Höör is ranked highly for its special design and challenging layout. The restaurant is known for its good food. Vasatorps Golfklubb in Helsingborg, has 3 courses and 54 holes. It is one of Sweden’s largest golf facilities. Many tournaments have been played here over the years, and the new Tournament Course is very good. According to some, Helsingborgs Golfklubb in Viken, north of Helsingborg, is one

of the world’s best nine-hole courses and can be compared to Royal Worlington in Scotland. S:t Arilds Golfklubb on the Kulla Peninsula has an excellent international reputation with its exciting 18-hole course. Mölle Golfklubb is probably one of Sweden’s most spectacular golf courses, with its stunning location in the heart of Kullaberg Nature Reserve. On an early morning round, you can see wild deer, foxes, birds of prey and many other animals. Båstad Golfklubb has two hilly 18 hole parkland courses, and is beautifully located with views of Laholmsbukten. The old course dates from the 1930s. Torekov Golfklubb is located at the tip off Bjäre Peninsula with views over Hallands Väderö. It is a classic seaside/links course that offers great variation. There’s a lovely spa and hotel facility in Torekov. Kristianstads Golfklubb has two 18hole courses and an excellent reputation.



Fotevikens Museum


The world’s biggest zoo for Scandinavian animals. See live elk, bears, wolves, wild boar, grey seals and more animals in their natural habitat.

The museum and Viking town south of Malmö is a must for Viking fans. Be a Viking for the day and take part in games, boat building, cooking, handicraft and more.

Near Tomelilla in Österlen is an oasis for families. The Summer land is full of merry-go-rounds, a fun fair, water park and rapids, a Tarzan jungle, go-kart track and mini-golf course.


Cute and scary


Find family fun at the Brio Lekoseum (play museum), in Osby, northeastern Skåne. Build with Lego, play with the train track, board games or computer games. Don’t miss the retro Barbie collection or Santa land!

Tropikariet in Helsingborg is home to lots of exotic animals

Cycle an inspection trolley along the disused railway track in Österlen or Romeleåsen and take in the best of Skåne’s beautiful deciduous forests and landscapes as you go.

Photo: Jens C Hilner

FAMILY FUN Skåne is the perfect destination for a family getaway. It’s full of activities that children of all ages will love: water parks, merry-go-rounds, go-karts, skateboarding, zoos and much more. Try these top suggestions for great family days out.


from around the world. Walk through the rainforest ‘at night’ or see the world’s smallest crocodile, a black widow and other creepy-crawlies that will amaze the whole family.


Malmö’s coolest meeting place


Photo: Sven Persson

Try out Europe’s biggest and best skateboarding park, Stapelbäddsparken. Climb on the Boulder Park or build something in the ’Fablab’, a factory where anyone can take part in a project.

Stapelbäddparken, Malmö


Photo: Sven Persson

Children can get close to nature at Fulltofta Naturcentrum. They’ll love searching for cool facts, which could be hidden anywhere, behind doors, on leaves or even on the waterwheel.



Malmö Folkets Park is a spacious park with merry-go-rounds, paddling pools and ice cream kiosks. Children can see the snakes and reptiles in the terrarium, get up close and personal with the animals in the mini farm, have fun on the huge play area and skate on the large ice rink in winter. There’s an open-air dance floor, several outdoor music stages and the Cuba Café, where you can dance to the salsa beat.

Explore the footpaths around the 18th-century Christinehof Castle and the cultural district that surrounds it. There’s plenty for the children to discover, including a beautiful waterfall in the forest.




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