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Write a Winning Business Proposal Letter with Our Advice If you have ever attended a business school like the Columbia Business School, for example, then you probably know how to write a professional business proposal letter. However, if you are not a business school student or graduate, or in the case that you have just forgotten how to write a business proposal letter, don’t stress about it. We have some tips for you and you will be able to write a great letter of cooperation or any other business proposal letter in no time after you read this article. What is a Business Proposal Letter? A business proposal letter is simply a document that allows you to propose cooperation to the person or company that you are writing to and serves as a showcase of how your firm's products or services can benefit the potential client or possibly investor. There are many different kinds of proposal letters, like hotel business proposal, proposal letter for some event, etc. but all of those proposal letters have a few things in common. How Should Your Business Proposal Letter Look? Before you read our advice for writing your proposal letter, you might want to check out some sample business proposal letters in order to get a feel for how a well-written letter should look. After that, you need to pay attention to: 

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Formatting is important– You should format your business proposal letter by following the standard letter formatting rules. For example, you should write your name, your address and contact info on the top of the letterhead, or at the top right corner of the letter itself if you don’t have a letterhead. The name and address of the person you are sending your letter to should be written in the bottom, on the left and just underneath it you should write the date. Addressing the recipient – You need to be formal and address the recipient by using the appropriate title. Also, at the end of the letter, be sure to thank the recipient for their time. Provide some background info – Be concise and go straight to the point when you provide the background information. You should also mention any meeting you had with the recipient in the past, if you had one. State your goal clearly – Don’t beat around the bushes here. You need to show determination and confidence when you write about the subject for sending the letter, i.e. your proposal. Proofread your letter carefully!

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