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Companies Oulu, Finland

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MILLION EUROS will be invested in infrastructure development by the city of Oulu in the coming years.

Oulu region is growing and developing fast, offering a comprehensive selection of business opportunities and a solid platform to launch them. Thanks to its ideal location, Oulu is – among other things – also a perfect gateway to large and evolving Nordic markets. Read more at oulu.com

Oulu Metropolitan Area:

250,000 people




in R&D investment in Finland, among the top in the EU

300–400 million EUR city center development projects


in Finnish airport traffic


is the average age of the people in Oulu – that is one of the youngest in Europe


with university degree



ulu, the world’s leader in wireless technology development, is the place where cutting-edge technology meets northern tranquility and stunning nature. The city boasts a 50-year history of expertise in high technology and working together to make things happen. Right here novel ideas are developed into marketready products. The innovations related to modems, chipsets, terminal devices, information systems, cloud services, and artificial intelligence will soon be commonly used with the arrival of 5G networks. Together with its partners, Oulu strives to solve global challenges and leave its mark on development for future generations. By combining expertise in wireless technologies to different sectors, like health and life science technologies, smart ICT solutions are introduced in order to deliver advanced, personalized and connected services for all business sectors. This catalogue presents our cutting edge of excellence today. Welcome to the city of Oulu – the home of 6 G, where you can digitalize everything!

Janne Mustonen Key Account director, ICT and Nano BusinessOulu +358 45 675 2929 janne.mustonen@businessoulu.com www.businessoulu.com


Every day some 2.6 billion peop le are using technology that has been develo ped in Oulu.

Picture this: you get an idea for a solution that makes life easier or healthier for millions of people. Then, near you, you would get all the help you would need for productizing, funding, testing, and commercializing your product. And all this would be available in a beautiful coastal city with a lively cultural climate. In Oulu, where you can digitalize everything! When the University of Oulu was established in 1958, they decided to focus on transistors, paving the way for microprocessors in the electronics department. From that point onwards, Oulu has been the forerunner in electronic technology from transistors to semiconductors and far beyond. Oulu has a track record of 50 years in creating the wireless technologies of the future. Today, Oulu is the global forerunner in the development of 5G. The first 5G connection was made at Nokia’s Rusko campus in Oulu on December 23, 2016.


Oulu’s strengths and know-how affect many sectors and are clearly visible in numerous products available on the international markets, such as in-car media systems and accessories, a variety of smart devices, printed colour changing surfaces, not to mention Oulu’s solutions for the financial sector, which are regularly used by millions of people all over the world. Also the indoor positioning technology that was considered challenging and rare is accessible today by means of many innovations developed right in this city.

BOOST YOUR BUSINESS IN OULU Oulu’s ecosystems for new technologies and practical cooperation between companies, research organizations, universities, and the public sector are being continuously developed. The University of Oulu has started to make headway in 6G development.


Our innovation environment, ecosystems, and think tanks create innovations in a bold and productive manner. The aim is to rapidly develop business opportunities and significantly increase startup investments. You can come to Oulu with an idea and leave with a finished product in hand – we have all the know-how you’ll ever need to productize, fund, test, and commercialize your innovation.

• Open 5G test network for realistic testing

• State of the art know-how in digitalization • 50 years expertise in wireless technology • Versatile innovation platforms and living labs

• Agile product development process • Vibrant city with educated, young people

» www.businessoulu.com

SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY FOR HEALTHCARE 9Solutions the leading provider of real-time locating based safety, communications and smart care solutions designed for the needs of our healthcare community.


Solutions offers a comprehensive technology service platform that increases safety, efficiency and quality of care in hospitals, health centers, care homes and home care. The patented and award-winning 9Solutions-system includes e.g. personal safety, nurse call, access management and workflow optimisation solutions based on real-time locating of both people and devises. 9Solutions creates environments for safe and quality care by making relevant information easily accessible. The company’s mobile solutions frees up time for



patient care by enabling effective communication and information sharing. With the 9Solutions-system help is quickly available when it’s needed. Simultaneously the real-time situational awareness supports decision making and enables to decrease administrative costs. » 9solutions.com

SUCCESS WITH DIGITAL TOUCHPOINTS Aava Mobile offers complete solutions from the global market leader for POS tablets.


hether it is for mobile cashless payments, promotional displays, time and attendance, selfservice checkouts, line-busting, warehousing, stockkeeping or logistics. Benefit from versatile mobile POS solutions from Aava Mobile, the world-leading ODM for POS tablets! We can help you achieve your mobile payment strategy from hardware through to the smooth implementation of your specific software. You can expect: more convenience and greater efficiency, along with lower workloads and costs; • Tablets and handheld devices in a contemporary design for use at the POS • Robust hardware capable of withstanding falls of up to 1.5 meters that are dust- and waterproof in accordance with IP65 and IP67, and feature triple glass screens



• Flexible applications from mobile payments to information tools • Ability to process credit, debit and loyalty cards. • Hardware and software can be adapted to meet specific customer requirements • Maximum compatibility with existing payment and software systems • Various display sizes addressing specific applications. • Comprehensive security mechanisms to protect sensitive data • Easy-to-integrate accessories, such as a card reader, a barcode scanner, various payment terminals and a practical hand strap. » www.aavamobile.com

BETTER TEAM RESULTS WITH FASTER VIDEO ANALYTICS Player and team events in matches are the most important data sources for any coach. A new video-based analytics service is based on AI. For coaches it shortens the time preparing video clips and coaches can use more time in training. Service provides new insights, time saving and more exact data.


ideo and tactic data are collected and analyzed manually after the matches from various video files. It takes the whole night for a coach to prepare a video clip collection from the evening match for the tactical meeting next morning. AISpotter introduces a new video analytics service based on AI. Our service is accurate, cost efficient and fast. It provides a complete and reliable view of the pitch for coaches.

By using computer vision we measure what takes place in the video. Based on data, AISpotter software understands what actions are in video. The service, automation in video clip production, shortens the time used to create a video clip collection under an hour. The service provides coaches with a complete view to pitch and main events can be efficiently picked up for creating a summary of the match. The service can be used to sports e.g. ice hockey, football, basketball, floorball, volley ball and other businesses like security. Âť www.AISpotter.com

The service combines off-the self-cameras, data in cloud spot the main events from the pitch and creates a automatic video-clip collection of the match.





THE WORLD’S LTE LEADER Altair’s chipsets offer the most advanced combination of power, size, cost and feature set, and are designed by a global base of device and module manufacturers. Operators around the world trust Altair for its innovation and speed to market.


ltair Semiconductor, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation, is a leading provider of LTE chipsets. Altair’s portfolio covers the complete spectrum of cellular 4G market needs, from supercharged videocentric applications to ultra-low-power, low-cost IoT and M2M.

advanced LTE networks, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Softbank and Korea Telecom. The company’s customer roster includes the world’s leading OEMs and ODMs, such as Hewlett-Packard, ASUS, D-Link and WNC, as well as the majority of Asian ODMs developing LTE products for global markets.

By offering LTE-only semiconductor solutions, without the high cost of 3G silicon, bill of materials and patent royalties, Altair has enabled the deployment of millions of LTE-connected devices at disruptive price points previously thought impossible.

Headquartered in Israel, Altair has offices in the U.S., China, India, Japan and Taiwan, and a R&D centre in Oulu, Finland.

As the IoT expands to include all types of connected “things”, from wearables to smart homes, cars, cities, utilities and more, Altair’s portfolio of highperformance, ultra-low-power solutions enable these connections. Altair has shipped millions of LTE chipsets to date, and they are commercially deployed on the world’s most



» www.altair-semi.com

INDUSTRIAL AUGMENTED REALITY FOR HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY The Augumenta wearable solutions help people on the shop floor do better, learn quicker and stay safer at work.


ugumenta solutions bridge the digital and real worlds in the workplace. The most important asset of today’s digitized industry is data. We help companies make that data usable and bring it to their people at the right time and place with the help of augmented reality and wearables. Our easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy smartglasses apps keep people informed and able to react fast while leaving hands free to efficiently complete tasks. Our solutions are intuitively interactive, device-agnostic and customizable by our customers. The software company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Oulu, the “Silicon Valley” of



the Nordics. We have offices also in Taiwan and Japan. With roots in academic research, we are a forerunner constantly exploring new areas in the field of industrial augmented reality - and with over 250 companies that have engaged with us from all over the world, we are an experienced and trusted partner for our customers. Interested in improving your productivity? We’re pretty passionate about AR and know how to turn the complicated techs into simple and efficient tools for you. Hop on board! » augumenta.com

BADRAP.IO - SECURITY INFORMATION FOR EVERYONE Regular people need help with their cybersecurity, and we see security experts with information and the ability to help. We created a place for them to meet and help each other.


hen Security Researchers discover vulnerabilities and data breaches, they want to warn you and the affected companies. When companies find that hackers stole your private information, they need to inform you. . You care about the privacy and security of yourself and close ones. You don’t want to help attackers to compromise others. It is why Badrap exists. We connect people and companies who care and let them warn you.

Employee Cyber Hygiene It is a campaign that puts together our platform with micro-trainings that educates employees about individual cyber hygiene and helps them to use the Badrap service. Badrap connects the findings of security researchers (such as Deutsche Telekom, Telia, FitSec, and many others) to one, easy-to-use service. It alerts the user only when their assets are found in security breaches. We believe that protecting the individual, we protect the business. Âť badrap.io



ICT SOLUTIONS BOOSTING YOUR BUSINESS IN CHANGING WORLD Our focus is on listening and understanding our customers and their needs. That way we can provide ICT solutions that meet business needs and fits to size and complexity. We are specialized in data collection and analytics, production data management and content management and distribution solutions.


he business environment is changing continuously. Data aggregated and projected in visual form helps You to understand changes and figure out if Your business is in the right position. With Our solutions You can see the big picture of Your business and focus on details as well. Better understanding of Your business situation helps You to make more precise and faster decisions. Continuous business change sets requirements for ICT solutions development and deployment. Our approach, rapid piece by piece implementation and deployment helps You to get right solutions on time. Return on investments starts when the first piece is in use.



Your business information systems and connections between them conform a complex machine with multiple potential points of failure. We can provide cost effective and reliable systems integration solutions for Your business. IoT solutions are essential and growing part of modern information infrastructure. Data collection can be arranged using cheap devices and instruments like sensors and cameras. We develop data collection and transfer solutions that based on publicly available devices, platforms and open source software. Data collected this way can be integrated with information systems and data analytics solutions. Âť www.bitkompisab.fi

CONNECTIVITY TO BE TRUSTED Bittium is a trusted Nordic company with over 30 years of expertise in advanced radio communication technologies and biosignal processing. The company creates connectivity solutions for reliable, secure communications, and provides medical technology solutions in biosignal measuring.


ittium offers innovative products and solutions based on its own platforms for defence, public safety and other authorities markets, IoT (Internet of Things) markets, as well as for industrial use. For the wireless communication markets and other companies whose products need wireless connectivity, Bittium offers R&D services based on the latest wireless technologies and applications, including 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and cloud solutions. Complementing its communications and connectivity solutions, Bittium also offers proven information security solutions for mobile devices and portable computers. From November 2016 onwards,



Bittium also offers its customers healthcare technology products and services in biosignal measuring in the areas of cardiology, neurology, rehabilitation, occupational health and sports medicine. Bittium’s competitiveness in these markets is based on its strong technology and security expertise, as well as its established reputation for reliability and quality. Bittium is certified with the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AQAP 2110 ed.3 and Medical Certificate ISO 13485.  www.bittium.com

BUUTTI – PASSION FOR PROGRAMMING Buutti offers IT-consulting, software development services and ICTtraining. Our consultants are passionate about programming and specialize in embedded systems software and web application development. Our ICT-training has helped over 1100 enthusiasts to develop their passion for programming.


ight from the get-go in Spring of 2017, our goal has been clear: to help people develop their passion for programming. We have quickly grown from a group of four, enthusiastic founders to a thirty-person IT-consulting and ICT-training company. During this time, we have helped over thousand young people, students and unemployed to develop their programming skills. We constantly train new developers from writing their first line of code in Koodikärpät to full-time employment as IT-consultants. From 2018 on we have offered IT-consulting and software development services. Our biggest customers are from ICT and communications



technology, healthcare, automotive and IoT. We are currently working with 8 different customer companies and have a total of 20 programmers. Our programmers have experience from trainee-level to decades of programming and project management. We are not too picky about our programmers’ formal education, mother tongue or necessarily even their work history. Our application process focuses on measuring the applicant’s real technical skills and passion for programming. Each of our consultants has had a technology-related hobby for years. For us, programming is more than just a job. » www.buutti.com

WE SECURE CONNECTED DEVICES Capricode Oy is the developer of SyncShield® cyber security technology, which offers a state of the art tool to automate centralized management, monitoring and security for all connected devices.


apricode Oy is a pioneer in connected device security, founded in 2002. Capricode Oy offers the globally proven, scalable and patented SyncShield device management solution. Main market focus is in Automotive, Industrial and Secure Communications devices. We license our SyncShield product for device OEMs, service providers, IoT platform integrators, enterprises and technology partners, who have a combined need to manage the security of connected devices and their applications and settings. SyncShield is a comprehensive software tool that can be customized and integrated easily into any back end, device platforms and services to provide full automation to update and secure device fleets over their entire life cycle.



We are actively updating our SyncShield technology to fulfil the needs of today’s connected devices and ensure their security. Capricode Oy expertise is wellrecognized and we were finalists in the IoT Innovation World Cup 2017 as well as the KasvuOpen scale up competition 2017. » www.capricode.com

Physical Infrastructure

SPEECH ENABLING EVERYDAY LIFE Code-Q is a software company developing innovative multimodal user interface technologies and products. Our speech recognition technology is well known because of our DialoQ assistive software solutions that already help hundreds of users in their daily lives.


t Code-Q, we have developed our own speech recognition platform that is suitable for all purposes, even devices without an Internet connection. Our speech technology can be used for confidential data, as recognition can be done on the device or by using the licensee’s own server. All private and confidential data is held under the licensee’s own control. Hundreds of DialoQ assistive software users use our speech recognition platform daily. DialoQ software solutions help users with physical disabilities to use modern communication methods independently and control their household appliances, like the television, lights or bed. With the help of DialoQ products, all a user needs is one voluntary muscle in order to be able to communicate, or use a mobile phone or computer.



Code-Q is led by an experienced team with a unique multimodal user interface, mobile phone and embedded software development background. Our team has developed and participated in numerous solutions and products utilizing speech recognition, predictive text input or gesture control. If you need a new innovative way to control your software or device, we know how to do it. » www.code-q.fi

BUILDING TOMORROW’S COMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS TODAY Adding services at existing cell sites is cost effective, but it often grows in difficulty over time, as towers become cluttered. CommScope can help. Our outdoor cell site solutions help you maximise capacity efficiently and effectively, saving you time and money.


s global mobile data traffic is projected to grow tenfold in the next few years, wireless service providers need better ways to keep pace with the demand for more bandwidth and speed. At CommScope, our focus is on helping mobile operators exceed customers’ expectations. From fabricating tower antennas that deliver an uncompromising performance to deploying miles of fibre-optic backhauls that can reach speeds of 100 GB, we are designing, engineering, building, deploying and commissioning solutions that help make your wireless industry prosper. So whether you are looking to add capacity, manage your backhaul or find innovative



ways to power your cell site, we are right there in the trenches with you, developing smarter and more costeffective ways to help you succeed. For more than 75 years, we have been an end-toend solutions provider for the wireless industry. As entire networks will need to modernise and prepare for 5G and the Internet of Things, we too are looking ahead regarding how we can contribute to the growth and success of your wireless future. Together, we are making the future possible. » www.commscope.com

THE COACH OF WINNING PRODUCT ORGANIZATIONS AND THE TEAMS OF FUTURE Contribyte helps companies to become better in their product and service development. We offer wide range of organization and skill development services, training and software tools both for product development and for product management.


ucceeding with products is hard! We at Contribyte believe, that successful future product organizations and teams need a holistic approach – both for product development and management. The key building blocks for the future organizations are: product and customer-centric development, functional and experienced quality, effective operative practices and management, and last, but not least – motivated and empowered personnel. In addition, you need to be constantly awake and curious. We call this mentality “Vigilant Sustainability”. Contribyte specializes in agile and lean methods for software development, both at team and enterprise level (scaled agile). We master and combine business and product management with R&D.


Our services range from organization wide transformation programs to small group workshops and training sessions. We also offer product development software tools and services, like Atlassian Jira, Confluence, VersionOne, GitHub, just to mention a few. Contribyte organizes several events and workshops for product leaders and developers. Our main event is “The Future of Product Development” yearly seminar. » www.contribyte.fi » www.tulevaisuudentuotekehitys.com

FIND THE FULL POTENTIAL OF YOUR PRODUCT Convergentia simulation-aided design services offer a powerful replacement for endless prototyping. With us, you will find the optimal solution to your design challenge.


raditional product development processes are highly labour-intensive, time-consuming and costly. In order to find the optimal design solution, several prototype rounds are needed, which results in delayed product launches and high costs. Convergentia’s approach to product development and solving technical problems is unique. Accurate simulations and early-phase engineering enable several design alternatives to be evaluated easily and for the final product to be visualized early in the process. Any design challenges can be overcome and top quality will be achieved from the first prototype onwards.

of time and workload. Products can be taken to market faster and by following a more predictable schedule. Since resources are being saved, the R&D process becomes more environmentally friendly as well. Convergentia’s recognized team of experts has experience in a multitude of projects covering antenna, EMC, mechanics and thermal design, and have helped customers worldwide to meet the full potential of their products. Share your idea with us and we will bring our insight into the performance of your product. » www.convergentia.com

The benefits are incomparable. Optimal solutions are found without undergoing extensive rounds of prototyping, which means significant savings in terms



ENABLING VOICE INTERACTION TO PRODUCTS Creoir is a technology and engineering company with extensive experience in designing wireless devices and IoT solutions. By using the latest voice processing technologies and their in-house test facilities, Creoir helps companies to bring voice-enabled products to the market.


mazon Alexa has been leading the way in the ongoing voice revolution, and products such as Echo Dot and Echo Show have been winning consumers’ hearts while occupying millions of homes around the globe. Amazon is now expanding its reach by offering voice services to third party devices, bringing new and exciting use cases for the voice interaction. Creoir is collaborating with Amazon to support various companies to bring Alexa-enabled products to market. In order to recognize speech from a distance in noisy conditions, a special attention needs to be paid to echo cancellation, voice processing algorithms and to the acoustical design of microphones and speakers. By combining dedicated reference design with latest



voice processing technologies, Creoir offers solutions that work well in noisy, real-world environments. The in-house far field test lab and automated testing technology ensures that the product is ready for launch with the best possible performance. Bringing top performing voice-enabled device to market is a challenging task, requiring expertize in many different technology fields. Creoir offers both technology solutions and turn-key product development services for products with great voice user interface. Âť www.creoir.com

by WhileOnTheMove

THE DAISY SOLUTION ENABLING EFFICIENT OPERATION IN DAY CARE Daisy creates opportunities to enhance operations at day care centres by offering concrete benefits to employees (less paperwork), management (up-to-date reports) and parents (attendance reports and efficient communication).


he Daisy solution creates opportunities to introduce leaner operational work routines in day care and includes four different areas: eDaisy, Daisy Manager, Daisy Net and a mobile app. eDaisy is a platform for guardians to apply for day care online. They get the decision of the place also electronically, which saves time and money. Daisy Manager is software for day care management, administration and personnel. It provides a wide range of reports, work shift planning based on care hours provided by parents, efficient communication with families, the national curriculum guidelines on ECEC, invoicing, etc.



Daisy Net is a solution for parents to easily inform care hours, absences and illness. They can easily follow used/reserved hours, and engage in easy communication with day care personnel. The Daisy mobile app provides real-time information on the number of children present, their guardians’ contact information, possible allergies, etc. It can also be used to track staff working hours (planned and actual).  www.whileonthemove.com

ONLINE SOLUTIONS FOR LEARNING AND MANAGING COMPETENCIES Discendum offers efficient online services for managing learning and competencies, as well as produces consulting services for organisations of all sizes. Our customers consist of educational institutions, companies from different sectors and public administration organisations and associations.


ur extensive experience in this line of business and our ability to develop our operations constantly are the reasons behind our awarded solutions. Online learning platforms, an ePortfolio service, as well as platforms related to Open Badges, belong to our services. Long-lasting customer relationships, a high level of customer satisfaction and continuing product development, in cooperation with our customers, are especially important to us. We are a well-known and respected service provider and producer of online learning platforms. We also aim to understand our customers’ businesses and needs and to support the customer in utilising the service in the best possible way.



We take information security very seriously, and we organise information security tests for our services, follow publications about security and update our services to correspond with new regulations. Our procedures are based on our company’s internal quality handbook, which has risk management, processes and plans defined. Discendum is a Finnish company established in 2001. Some of our experts have been dealing with online learning since the mid ’90s, and in recent years, our staff has expanded to include younger employees who bring new perspectives to our operations. » www.discendum.com

A GLOBAL PROVIDER OF X-RAY IMAGING SOLUTIONS Detection Technology is the most trusted partner imaging the unknown by creating foresight capabilities quicker to discover and prevent threats. Our solutions contribute to the improvement of people’s health and safety daily.


e are a global provider of off-the-shelf and customized X-ray imaging solutions for medical, security and industrial applications. Our product portfolio ranges from photodiodes to complete detector systemswithASICs,electronics,mechanicsandsoftware. Our solutions meet the performance and reliability requirements of the most stringent applications, such as high-end CT systems. Furthermore, our products are built on a modular, scalable and easily customizable architecture. We know that tiny details done right make a big difference, and that is why we are always pushing the edge of design for a better quality. When it comes to people’s health and safety, only reliable and robust solutions are acceptable.



With a 33% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of net sales, we have exceeded the market growth for over five years. We have over 200 active customers in 40 countries. Detection Technology employs over 400 people in Finland, China and the US. The company’s shares are listed on the Nasdaq First North Finland marketplace. » www.deetee.com


ELEKTROBIT (EB) IS BUILDING THE CAR OF THE FUTURE! Elektrobit is a visionary global supplier of embedded solutions, cloud computing and services for the automotive industry. A leader in automotive software, EB‘s products power over 100 million vehicles. Our employees turn the highly developed technologies into an extraordinary driving experience.


e are a globally-operating company with our headquarters in Germany and branches in Asia, Europe, and North America. One of them is located in Finland, in the city of Oulu, the capital city of Northern Scandinavia and one of the fastest growing urban centers in Finland. Oulu is well-known for its technology and cooperative and competent people. Today, our branch in Oulu, Elektrobit Automotive Finland, has over 200 employees with strong EB spirit and employee engagement.

We focus especially on connected car infrastructure, human machine interface (HMI) technologies, driver assistance, electronic control units (ECUs), and software engineering services. We want to offer our employees a possibility to shape the future of automotive software. Our vision is a world where vehicles cause zero fatalities, produce low emissions and where mobility is seen as quality time. With our software applied in over 100 million vehicles, we are doing our part in making this future mobility a reality. Âť www.elektrobit.com



SECURE, EFFICIENT AND EASY INFORMATION MANAGEMENT elfCLOUD secure information platform and server-hosting infrastructure services allow you to secure your data and manage it with ease and efficiency.


lfCLOUD combines the privacy of private clouds with the cost-efficiency and ease of public clouds. How are we different from cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox? First is our security. The elfCLOUD architecture was designed with a focus on information security and privacy. Content is always encrypted locally on the user’s device before it is transmitted to the cloud or even to your local network. You are the only one that has the content in a usable format and you control the content keys. Second is our information management. Unlike systems that provide manual or automated backups, with elfCLOUD you work in the cloud, storing your data in a secure environment as you go. This saves you not only time and effort, but also bandwidth.



Moreover, elfCLOUD provides open APIs, open-source client libraries and applications for day-to-day file management, sharing, folder synchronization — and the backups. Our highly secure virtual private servers (VPS) enable you to host web services or to effectively process large quantities of cloud data without transferring it back and forth over the Internet. In addition to elfCLOUD, we at elfGROUP Cyber Security Services Ltd provide cybersecurity assessments and white hat hacking. » www.elfgroup.fi

MAKING IoT HAPPEN Embelin is a talented engineering and development company, specialising in embedded system connectivity, remote access and data collection. Our REMUC platform provides connectivity, remote access and data management for both professional and consumer use.


mbelin is a compact and agile embedded systems company focused on bringing IoT to areas where connectivity has not traditionally existed. In addition to our own REMUC platform development, we are actively providing talented R&D services for any IoT or embedded design need our customers may have. Our expertise ranges from mobile apps to full stack development and from miniature IoT devices to fullscale server-based solutions. In addition, we have been an ISO9001:2015-certified company since 2016.

Since then it has evolved into providing connectivity and emission data collection, for example, to Proventia PROCARE(tm) Drive and premium GSM heater controller features for Webasto and John Deere Forestry. The heart in all our work is in mobility and connectivity. We are especially interested in how we can be involved in automotive industries in terms of automotive control, MaaS and emission control. Âť www.embelin.fi

The REMUC platform started from a need to develop a modern mobile app for vehicle parking heater control.



SIMPLIFYING WIRELESS TESTING Enhancell is a software company creating new and innovative tools for wireless network testing needs. Our team of mobile network experts and creative software designers is striving to simplify network testing. Our headquarters is in Oulu, Finland, and we have offices in Boston, MA, and Dallas, TX.


ur vision is to create new and innovative tools for wireless network testing. With our solutions, we aim to make testing easy and cost effective. The primary focus of our tools is on indoor measurements, but we have solutions for all types of network testing, including benchmarking and traditional drive testing. Our unique software-only solution, along with cloud integration, will allow test tools to be completely independent of the hardware. With our solutions, you can easily share and transfer licenses across your team,



as you are not locked down to custom handsets. Cloud integration allows easy remote configuration and fully automated software updates. Our Echo product suite offers perfect solutions for all your network measurement needs, from measurement to analysis. Each tool comes with free cloud integration, making the network measurement process easier than it has ever been. Âť www.enhancell.com


CONTENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS FOR ALL DIGITAL CHANNELS Galaxo Ltd, established in 1996, is an expert in content management for digital information channels. Our products are easy to use, and they secure digital signage, web, intranet and extranet publishing solutions, enabling efficient, up-to-date and impressive digital communication.


digital information display is an excellent tool for communication, as content can be produced manually or by retrieving it automatically from a website or other systems and services. Touchscreens are tireless representatives in lobbies and guides in shopping malls. The content can be administered independently, without any intermediaries, and changes are visible right away, saving time and money. With our publishing system, it is possible to maintain impressive web pages without coding skills. You can update your site yourself with the most recent content, including images, files, contact information,



galleries and surveys. Content from external systems and services can be attached to the website, such as weather and social media. With our statistics, you can see the attention value and points of interest of your web pages. Personnel and stakeholder communication is made more efficient using our intranet and extranet services. In a secure environment, it is easy to share information and files in a targeted way. Âť www.galaxo.fi

PRECISE QUALITY BY INNOVATIVE AUTOMATION Ginolis is a global provider of high quality automation, dispensing and quality control solutions for the medical device and diagnostics industries.


he vision of Ginolis is to improve the well-being of people by creating innovative automation solutions to ensure high product quality in the medical device and diagnostics industries. From standard products to fully customized systems, Ginolis offers a wide range of production automation solutions. The company specializes in compact, modular solutions which facilitate the combination of flexibility and precision required within the industry. Ginolis’ desktop solutions use automated visual inspection and Ginger, our proprietary automation software, to ensure the highest standard of quality control. The company’s unique desktop approach provides a small footprint compared to traditional automation. Ginolis also designs, develops and manufactures high precision automated liquid handling solutions with its patented PMB pump technology. The Ginolis



PMB pump offers high precision non-contact liquid dispensing from microliters all the way down to single nanolitres. Established in 2010, Ginolis is headquartered in Oulu, Finland and is privileged to work in cooperation with many of the world’s leading diagnostic companies. » ginolis.com

IMPOSSIBLE THINGS MADE EASY Haltian is a trusted IoT and product development partner aiming to exceed customer expectations in every turn. We want to help our customers to do the impossible by always doing better, aiming to open new possibilities and reaching new heights.


hingsee, the proven IoT platform developed by Haltian, enables faster IoT launches for massscale deployments. We focus on making IoT easier by combining devices, gateways, connectivity, device management solution and end-user applications to fuel modern IoT solutions. Thingsee is a safe, scalable and cost-effective way to implement up to millions of IoT devices. In addition, Haltian provides support and maintenance so that our customers do not have to tinker with fragmented technologies, and can focus on their business development. Haltian has been named Gartner Cool Vendor for IoT services, and we are an AWS Advanced Technology



Partner with IoT Competency certification. All our IoT technology is designed and manufactured in Finland. Haltian has also been providing device vendors worldclass product design and engineering services since 2012. We have the knowledge and experience to take any idea into a successful commercial product. Our core competencies are in wireless products, miniaturization and low power consumption. Haltian is behind many global signature products, such as the Oura health ring and the Specim IQ hyperspectral imaging device which won the coveted Red Dot Design Award in 2018. Âť www.haltian.com

DIGITAL INNOVATION STARTS HERE Herman IT provides high availability Data Center and Private Cloud Services and SW Development for digital services. We ensure high availability of your services at all times. We produce successful and secure services by identifying our customers’ individual needs and providing the best solution.


erman IT offers customers innovative services for digitalization. Colocation and Data Center services are produced from own secure Data Center in Kajaani, Northern Finland with scalability of hundreds of Megawatts green energy. We offer global private cloud infrastructure as a service enabling our customers to run services closer to end-users. Private Data Centers are located all over the world in every continent. Software solutions are implemented as tailored projects or subcontracting services according to customer needs. Our long experience in tailored web-based applications and IT integrations is a great combination for application development.



Our strengths are certified professionals and ISO 27001 certified Data Center operations from our high availability Data Center in Renforsin Ranta, Kajaani. Our competitiveness is based on our strong technology skills, security expertise and agility. Existing industrial infrastructure and private electricity network guarantees solid ground for operations. Headquartered in Kajaani, Herman IT has branch offices in Oulu and Helsinki. Âť www.hermanit.fi

DEVICES FOR SECURE IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS Do you enter your workplace by showing a card to a reader by the door or enroll work hours in a time and attendance system? Do you visit a library afterhours, showing your library card to a reader then typing a pin code? Any one of these uses RFID in systems that automate access and collect data.


desco Oy has been developing and manufacturing RFID readers in Oulu for over 30 years. Finland’s market leader, Idesco provides a large percentage of domestically-installed access control readers. Our readers are also found in many other kinds of RFID applications, in Finland and over the world. Approximately 40 Idesco employees work in Teknologiakylä Oulu, and in sales offices across Finland. Any Idesco manufacturing not Oulu-based is still kept in the EU, ensuring superior product quality. Indeed, reader reliability and durability through inclement weather is one of Idesco’s hallmarks. Some of our earliest customers still use Idesco readers they installed when we began in 1989, as one of the few pioneers developing and commercializing RFID. Today, while RFID’s beneficial principle has remained the same, its transponder memory capacity, data speed,



flexibility and other features have improved a lot. For example, years ago Idesco had already anticipated the industry’s recent focus on security concerns. Idesco had already been integrating powerful encryption algorithms and high security interfaces to defeat the most sophisticated transponder cloning or credential skimming attacks. It is why today, Idesco confidently offers readers not merely able to transact with users’ mobile phones, but do so while still meeting a very robust high security threshold with 128 bit AES-encrypted transactions and encrypted credentials buried deeply in users’ mobile phones. This lets Idesco provide both users and site managers a balance of the best: unmatched convenience and reliable high security. » idesco.fi

MAKING INDOOR WORLDS DISCOVERABLE Founded in 2012, IndoorAtlas provides thousands of developers with a scalable cloud platform on which to build location-based services without the need to purchase, install or maintain large amounts of costly infrastructure.


oday, more than 4 billion people live in urban environments, spending over 90% of their time indoors. Urban mobility will be one of the toughest challenges for cities around the globe to overcome. Taking into consideration the rapid increase in the global adoption of smartphones, the indoor positioning market is on track to grow to over €4 billion by 2020. IndoorAtlas – an Oulu-based technology startup – is the only global provider delivering an indoor location platform as a service (PaaS). IndoorAtlas cloud platform provides an interface for application developers to create venues, manage data and build



their location-based services within their mobile applications. The platform seamlessly supports both Android and iOS devices, ensuring that developers can build a wide range of application features that support navigation, search and discovery, and proximity advertising. The innovative platform leverages patented geomagnetic hybrid indoor positioning technology that enables thousands of registered developers to create highly scalable mobile applications that utilize indoor positioning. » www.indooratlas.com

INVENCO INCONTROL – MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS PROCESSES Invenco aims to be a significant player in managing the data-related information of the Business Process area. The Invenco InControl product helps companies to monitor, analyse and control business processes in real time.


nvenco InControl is a flexible product solution for a wide range of challenges facing your business management. It will allow you to: • Follow and control the life cycle of information products, • Increase inventory turnover rates with real-time monitoring and control, • Decrease tied-up capital between the production line and finished product warehouses, • Follow and update your cash flow forecast and • Follow project phases and work queues in real time.



You can create reports with the easy-to-use web interface that adapts seamlessly to tablets and smartphones, and you can control your business processes with intelligent input data interfaces that can be created fast and easily without any coding. » www.invenco.fi

INTERNET OF THINGS IoLiving is a pioneering company to apply the IoT (Internet of Things) to several sectors of life. Tens of thousands of IoT devices have collected more than 1 billion data items in the cloud service. Small things are connected to the cloud by Bluetooth and LoRa wireless communication.


he power of IoLiving is proven by several use cases from various sectors, such as the following.

Food Safety: Temperature monitoring is used in restaurants. Information is always available through web browsers and alarms are sent to the user. As a result, productivity, food safety and food quality have improved. Construction Quality: Construction sites use the IoLiving service to ensure that concrete is properly dried. The concrete slab has to be sufficiently dry before the surface is covered; otherwise, moisture damage will develop in the building over time. Medication Control: A French mother had been wondering why her son, who had type 1 diabetes, was not feeling well despite taking medication. IoLiving



revealed that the temperature of the fridge had momentarily dropped below 0°C. This was important because insulin deteriorates when frozen. Potato Farming: A Polish potato farmer was aware that during the harvesting and grading of his crop, he inflicted more surface damage on it than did his colleagues in Holland. Using the IoLiving application, he measured the effects of his harvesting machine on the tubers and was able to identify the stages in the process that caused the damage. This resulted in improved productivity and a higher income.  www.ioliving.com

INNOVATIVE RADIO AND DIGITAL BROADCASTING SOLUTIONS Jutel is a modern software house and one of the most experienced suppliers of radio automation and digital broadcasting systems. We develop solutions that turn innovations into new business models for radio broadcasters, systems integrators and audio distribution service providers around the world.


ur flagship product, JUTEL RadioMan® ACCESS, is a game-changing cloud-native radio automation platform that makes the workflow management of radio broadcasting straightforward and cost-effective. The design of RadioMan® ACCESS keeps in mind how broadcasting companies could take a leap in ROI, lower the total cost of their IT space ownership and reduce their IT footprint. The browser-based platform takes daily radio broadcasting tasks to the next level with its adaptive, role-based workflows and locationindependent content creation, edit and playout. This allows journalists in the field to work and broadcast from anywhere and at any time.



Jutel also provides digital content management solutions. Our new digital media innovations include a new method of universal IP programme distribution from studio to studio, or from studio to transmitter. Furthermore, we help our customers to improve their codec management with sophisticated automation processes and managed monitoring. We at Jutel are proud to provide world-class solutions and services to our customers. For us it is not just a job – it is what we do the best and want to do the most. » jutel.fi

RF MEASUREMENT AND ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS Improve network quality and end-user experience efficiently and cost-effectively with Keysight’s Nemo wireless network measurement and analytics tools.


eysight’s Nemo solutions provide air interface measurement and analytics solutions to the global wireless market. Our customers include major manufacturers of mobile devices, chipsets, and network equipment, mobile network operators, regulatory authorities, and independent test houses. Nemo measurement and analytics solutions support all the latest wireless technologies from LTE-A to 5G and IoT. Nemo solutions are used in all stages of the wireless network life cycle from rollout to optimization and monitoring, both outdoors and indoors. The product portfolio ranges from small and discreet Android-based handheld tools to enterprise-level benchmarking and analytics solutions. Our products enable a smooth



end-to-end information flow from the collection of measurement data through to post-processing and reporting. Our cloud-based solution ties all together with real-time monitoring and management of the measurement fleet and automated post-processing. Nemo solutions have been developed in Oulu since 1996. Originally a joint venture between Elektrobit and Nokia, we are now part of Keysight Technologies Inc, which is listed in the US stock exchange (NYSE: KEYS). Keysight generated revenues of $2.9B in fiscal year 2016. Keysight Technologies employs over 10,000 people globally. » www.keysight.com/find/nemo

RADIO FOR GLOBAL COMMUNICATION KNL radio is designed for operational security, data transfer or just basic email. Satellite is the workhorse of maritime data communications, but at times, the data bandwidth is so crowded that existing applications suffer from poor service quality. In more remote locations, it might be missing altogether.


NL is a communications company that has created the first real alternative to satellite systems for maritime data communications. While at sea, the KNL radio transmits data over thousands of kilometres through its digital high-frequency radio to connect ships to shore. Once it is closer to land, the radio switches seamlessly to the KNL broadband service, using the local cellular services to provide an even faster connection. Each KNL radio forms part of a global mesh network, which provides truly global coverage – even in polar regions where satellite is subject to poor availability or where the satellite signal is congested from too much traffic. KNL’s communication system can therefore be seen as an enabler of new applications and business opportunities. It offers reliable, low-cost data streaming



of on-board data, improved route optimization with realtime global data and high-security communications through traffic encryption. » www.knlnetworks.com

AIM ON GAME Koukoi Games is a mobile game company located in Oulu, Finland. Koukoi focuses on producing original and licensed IP mobile games with exceptional production values.


oukoi develops wide-appeal games that offer much to play around with, transporting the player into their world. The courage to renew and stand out from the crowd with polished releases separates Koukoi from other players on the mobile game market.

and preconceptions of the industry with our team is possible due to a strong commitment and passion for games. The Koukoi team consists of talents with the experience of entrepreneurship and game development from major companies in the field.

Everything we do serves the purpose of creating memorable experiences, surpassing the increasing needs of ever more demanding players. Mobile games need to stand out from the crowd and offer memorable experiences.

Long-term strategic planning brings Koukoi to the forefront. Nothing is done summarily or by chance. Hitting a home run in the terrain of mobile games can be achieved by luck, but at Koukoi, we believe you can affect your own chances. Success is an intended destination, not a coincidence.

Koukoi was founded by and around people who share a vision of what good games are, particularly how they should be developed. Breaking the presumptions



Âť www.koukoi.com

BETTER FUTURE WITH GAMES Imagine a game. We make it reality.


udoCraft is a northern game studio with well over ten years of experience in making games. Our roots are in academia with research focused particularly on collaborative games. We have a sound understanding of the hooks and game mechanics that make a player tick in just the right way. We´ve made 150+ games for our customers which are in all industries. Some examples include process simulations, educational applications, work safety trainings, cultural explorations, interactive exhibitions and slot machine games. We´re content orientated not technology driven. We combine entertainment to serious business in a way that adds measurable value to the customers’ needs.



Is it us you are looking for? We love making games, it’s what drives us forward and it’s what makes us who we are. Most of our team members have been with us for a big chunk of their professional careers. LudoCraft culture emphasizes team ergonomics, imaginative working environments and creativity in the form of playfulness. Our office is a constantly evolving playground with numerous activities designed to boost our team’s creativity and efficiency. Come play with us! » www.ludocraft.com

MOBILE MAINTENANCE & WORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WiseMaster products provide full-scale solutions for maintenance and work management for industrial operators and technical service providers. Solution incorporates state of the art mobility with off-line functionality, which offers seamless interaction between activities in the office and in the field.


he WiseMaster product family consists of industrial solutions and very mobility extension solution. The industrial solutions commonly feature distinct cutting-edge mobility with full off-line functionality. The industrial solutions are as follows: • WiseMaster Maint – a maintenance management system (MMS) incorporating all the features, along with mobility for industrial operators • WiseMaster Flow Maint – an ERP solution for technical service providers, incorporates key features for technical services (e.g. for maintenance supplemented products and invoicing) • WiseMaster Flow – a workflow management system for subcontractors and SMEs; and WiseMaster Field, which is a mobility extension solution. WiseMaster’s state of the art mobility is used as a UI extension for systems that either already exist or are under development.



• M-Technology Oy is developing, marketing and selling the WiseMaster mobile ERP solution. WiseMaster is a complete systems solution for maintenance, work management and data acquisition. It is distinctive in the fact that it is all encompassing and features real mobility, both of which are enabling a new era of mobile work to be carried out in the field. As a complete solution, it incorporates all the work done in the office and in the field. » www.wisemaster.fi

MAKING LIFE EASIER FOR COMPANIES WHO WANT TO SERVE Maxtech is making life easier for companies who want to serve their customers better by providing scalable, cloud-based work and fleet management solutions. We always focus on customer benefits and want to offer tools for improving the processes and businesses of our customers.


n the end, companies are interested in running a profitable business. This is achieved through efficiency, transparency and better customer service. We make all this possible by offering a paperless alternative that is good for both the environment and your company’s image. We want to assist our customers to find the best possible solution for them and help them to utilize it. We know our customers and their businesses and this makes it easier for us to help. Our service is designed to improve operations and processes; an electronic work management solution means less manual work, facilitates work time



scheduling and reporting, and automates salary and invoicing calculations. Overall, we want to liberate valuable resources so that our customers can focus on their own core business. Our services are very useful for companies in labourintensive industries with mobile workforces and vehicles, such as cities and municipalities, facility management, cleaning and construction. We also offer versatile time management solutions for office and factory environments. Âť www.maxtech.com

TURNING THE WORLD FLEXIBLE Cable by cable, New Cable Corporation strives to turn the traditional world of round cables shielded, flat and flexible, providing a tremendous increase in efficiency and savings in weight and space.


hy is it, that our flat cables beat the round ones in all the fronts? The change from round to flat cables is especially beneficial when it comes to weight, as the flat cables weigh approximately 6070% less than the traditional round ones. With our patented SFFC connector for Shielded Flat Flexible cables, the signal quality remains high throughout the whole length of the cable without any noise. Furthermore, the power operating efficiency is much improved as the cables do not heat up with the flat surface providing natural cooling. Bending of the cables is a unique and practical feature of flat cables and pre-formed bends can also be produced according to customer specifications.



Our products range from standard cables for any industrial purpose to fully customized cables ranging from wearable to automotive applications. We can produce tailored cables with plenty of branding surface, connectors and installation systems. Our smart cables can include embedded antennas, sensors or other electronic components and provide practically limitless use case opportunities. Share your cable idea with us and ensure your products meet the requirements of the new flat and flexible world. Âť www.newcablecorporation.com

SFFC - REDUCED WEIGHT MEANS LOWER CO2 EMISSIONS. Shielded Flat Flexible Cables (SFFC) – The best signal from board to board

WE CREATE THE TECHNOLOGY TO CONNECT THE WORLD Only Nokia offers a comprehensive portfolio of network equipment, software, services and licensing opportunities across the globe. With our commitment to innovation, driven by the award-winning Nokia Bell Labs, we are a leader in the development and deployment of 5G networks.


ur communications service provider customers support more than 6.1 billion subscriptions with our radio networks, and our enterprise customers have deployed over 1000 industrial networks worldwide. Nokia is headquartered in Finland, one of the company’s key R&D and manufacturing locations. Our offices are located in the cities of Espoo, Tampere and Oulu, and they play a significant role in advanced technology development and in creating products and solutions for mobile networks, as well as management systems. Nokia is an active player in the local Finnish ICT ecosystem, enjoying a strong



R&D collaboration with Finnish partners. Nokia’s Oulu site specialises in radio technologies, and the factory in Oulu is a central part of Nokia’s global manufacturing network. In Oulu, we also have new product introductions in our specialised radio factory. » www.nokia.com

nuventur securing your future

PROFESSIONAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PARTNER Nuventur is your partner in the digital world. We are a nationwide provider of outsourced information management services for small and medium-sized businesses.


he operating environment of corporate information systems is currently undergoing the biggest change since the arrival of automatic data processing. Digitalisation, the strong rise of IoT and the growth of cloud services create entirely new, cost-effective business models and services for companies. Our services include maintaining and outsourcing, ICT purchasing and data center services. Services are available for existing systems or companies willing to outsource all ICT management to a competent partner. Outsourcing ICT activities to Nuventur will release your company’s resources to meet core business needs, and it provides more predictability of information technology costs.



With the contribution of Nuventur services, our customers are able to improve risk awareness and streamline operations through efficient information technology. By understanding each customer’s core business and values, Nuventur assures the continuity of customer operations, securing both the company and its employees. » www.nuventur.fi

INNOVATION BY COMMITMENT PehuTec is a R&D partner that solves various sizes of product development challenges for our customers. If you are looking for a R&D partner for your idea, additional resources or consulting services for your development project, contact us.

Consulting services


e offer a full range of consulting services. Our top experts ensure your project’s success since we offer all the players needed. Whether you need top talents in software, hardware or mechanics to strengthen your team, please contact us. Our services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Product development partner Do you have an idea for a new product, but you’re not sure how to technically implement it, or maybe you need resources for the implementation? Do you need to update an existing product, or do you require new properties? We will help you with product development needs cost-efficiently and reliably.



We provide our customers with the definition, design, testing and productization. We also assist you to start manufacturing. We will be your partner throughout the entire product development process. Our certified, rapid and agile R&D processes minimize your product´s time to the market. In our hands your idea will grow into a complete product that is available to your customers. ”R&D excellency – services turning ideas into successful products“ » www.pehutec.com

INTENSIVE NEUROREHAB – CARING MORE WITH VR Neurological rehabilitation for Stroke, ADHD and Autism patients, both young and adults, by using Virtual Reality (VR). An evidence-based novel rehabilitation method that enables feedback and progress tracking remotely..


he problem we are solving is neurological rehabilitation for Stroke, ADHD and Autism patients. There is a fast growing need and skyrocketing cost, because of the aging population. Currently the rehabilitation is not carried out scientifically. Due to insufficient resources large amount of patients are left out from the healthcare services. Our mission is to multiply the volume of the therapy and thus increase the success of the rehabilitation significantly on individual and society level. At the same time, we ensure that the rehabilitation service is provided as accessible and equally no matter where you live.



With our Home rehabilitation model we have been able to triple therapeutic resources and make results in rehabilitation recovery with a chronic patient that has not been possible with old methods. This solves a part of the largest problems in the healthcare field: lack of resources, measured data and inefficiency. This technology is now transferred through research studies to health care regions in Finland. We are on the journey to create worlds largest full service rehabilitation center, from evaluation to diagnosis to intensive rehabilitation in VR! Âť www.peilivision.com

ERP AND E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR NEEDS Founded in 1998, PiiMega Ltd is a fast-growing, financially stable software company based in Oulu. Our main business areas are e-commerce, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and ERP solutions for the wood procurement industry. We also provide cloudhosting services for our customers.


iiMega has designed and implemented a modern ERP system that covers resource planning for timber purchasing, harvesting and transportation logistics, together with sawmill operations and other wood processing. Our system range also includes comprehensive solutions for processing wood for energy. For e-commerce solutions, PiiMega offers an omnichannel commercial solution which combines the Magento e-commerce platform with our own PiiMega® Total Commerce ERP system. PiiMega is one of the biggest Magento suppliers in Finland, and we have a profound understanding of how the systems are structured and function to serve our customers’ needs in the best possible way.



PiiMega® Total is a modern ERP designed and implemented to meet the needs of various businesses, such as prefabricated house factories, direct sales organizations, accounting services and wholesale enterprises. PiiMega® Total ERP consists of three main modules: customer management, enterprise resource planning and financial management. Our services can be used easily with a web browser, tablet or a smartphone because the user interface is responsive and the ERP system operates conveniently as a cloud service. » www.piimega.fi

COMMUNITY CARE PLANNING AND OPTIMISATION EXPERTS Procomp specialises in logistics, workforce planning and optimisation. We create easy-to-use solutions with utilise advanced algorithms and computing power to solve complex planning problems and deliver realistic, actionable results.


ealistic, workable plans – we are committed to producing realistic, workable schedules. Realistic timeframes are given for all tasks, including travelling. Customers have seen both quality of care and employee satisfaction increase as a result. Faster planning – planning and re-planning can take hours or days with conventional tools. Our software uses intelligent algorithms and computing power to produce optimised schedules in seconds or minutes. Do more work with the same workforce – by creating efficient plans with less travelling and a balanced workload, it becomes possible to serve more clients with the same workforce. Some customers have been



able to reduce the number of staff needed on a dayto-day basis by 25%, giving them flexibility to cover absences or take on new business. A WIN-WIN-WIN RESULT People often think of optimisation as cutting corners and delivering a poorer service to clients or worse conditions for employees. Our customers have found that delivering community care is not a zero-sumgame; by using our software and services, they have been able to create a win-win-win result for clients, workers and the business. » www.procompglobal.com

AWARDED SOFTWARE FOR EDUCATION AND SPORT Qridi is an awarded pedagogical software for better teaching and learning. Qridi has been developed together with innovative Finnish teachers and experts based on the most recent results of studies on learning.


ridi is a comprehensive tool that allows pupils to conduct self, peer and group evaluations, and it allows for the use of guardian and teacher evaluations in an easy-to-use environment. Versatile summaries based on evaluations facilitate teachers’ work, offer a good basis for discussions with pupils and help pupils understand their learning better. With Qridi, it is possible to direct and monitor pupils’ individual learning processes in a variety of ways. When all of its features are used, Qridi is a schoolwork organisation tool for both teachers and pupils, and it is a versatile evaluation tool. Qridi can be used to evaluate and, at the same time, teach a broad array of skills (21st century skills): behaviour and the whole make up of knowledge, skills, attitudes and will. The tool has especially been designed for guidance and the evaluation of continuous learning.



Qridi is also used in the sport and business sectors, where learning and impact are crucial for individuals and groups. » www.qridi.com

THE FUTURE IS WRITTEN WITH Qt Programming should be fast, easy and fun. That is why we have been focusing on improving software development for the last 25 years, and with the number of applications and devices growing every day, efficiency has become more important than ever.


t has everything you need to quickly and costeffectively design, develop, test, deploy and maintain your software for any project. Focus on creating the best user experiences instead of coding what has already been coded for you. Whether you are developing a digital automotive dashboard, an automation system, embedded devices or application software, we have a solution for you. The Qt Company develops and delivers the Qt development framework under commercial and opensource licenses. We enable the reuse of software code across all operating systems, platforms and screen types, from desktops and embedded systems to wearables and mobile devices. Qt is used by approximately one million developers worldwide and is the platform of choice for in-vehicle digital cockpits,



automation systems, medical devices, Digital TV/ STB and other business critical applications in 70+ industries. With more than 280 employees worldwide, the company is headquartered in Espoo, Finland and is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Stock Exchange. To learn more, please visit our website. Âť qt.io

REACTIVE TECHNOLOGIES FINLAND OY Fast-Forwarding the Renewable Energy Transition.


eactive Technologies is a highly innovative (150+ patents granted) energy tech company accelerating the global energy transition. Reactive is based in Oulu and London and offers unique measurement and analytics services for Transmission and Distribution System Operators (TSOs and DSOs) and a long-term backed Dynamic Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for renewable asset owners.



Reactive is approaching energy system challenges in a very different way – applying advanced signal processing and data science technology to solve the greatest energy system challenges and redefine the status quo.  www.reactive-technologies.com

TOP-CLASS WIRELESS SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRY AND CUSTOMERS Refecor Oy is a wireless technology and electronic product design company with over 13 years of profitable business experience. We have solutions and design power for even the most demanding customer cases, with services in product and system solution design and manufacturing.


ur technologies meets all major customer needs, including various 2G/3G/4G/5G designs, WiFi, Bluetooth -BLE (etc), Zigbee, Mesh networks and IoT. We help the customers in different market segments, such as industrial Internet, cyber security, camera systems, M2M and IoT, custom product design, face-lift projects and GPS/positioning and logistics. We have resources in project management, R&D sourcing, RF/antennas, HW (hardware), software (OS, system SW, drivers and low-level SW), testing and test design, mechanics, industrial design, production line tunings and manufacturing services support.



Therefore, this means we can cover the whole supply chain, including everything that is needed for the successful completion of a project. We are looking for good longer-term customer relationships in a win-win spirit. Âť www.refecor.com

by Sysart

REQUESTE – EFFICIENT TASK MANAGEMENT FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE Do you find the handling of questions, service requests and feedback via email only to be a total nightmare? You need a good task management system for your customer support team.


equeste is a Finnish task, support request and feedback management system designed for customer service units. Requeste can easily be deployed to companies and service units of various sizes and industries, as its service processes can be set up according to customers’ requirements, without the need for programming work. Requeste is suited for the customer service units and internal service units of businesses. The customer can provide feedback via e-mail, a Requeste web form added to customers’ own websites or via the web form of the Requeste customer service interface.



All the customer feedback received via e-mail or various web forms are stored automatically in Requeste. Customer service representatives are able to respond to customers quickly through a shared work queue, and no overlapping work is needed by different parties. Currently, Requeste is used by B2B or B2C customer service units and the internal service units of businesses. Internally, Requeste is used, for example, in IT and HR. » www.requeste.com

YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER IN DIGITALISATION We combine data, design and technology to create customer-centric solutions and digitalised business and life-changing experiences, together with the customer.




iili is a creative design and technology powerhouse. Since 2005, we have crafted and integrated services, growing steadily alongside.

Our strengths lie in our ways of working: the Lean philosophy, Design Thinking, Agile methods and cocreation with our customers.

We bring together experts in design, technology and data management to reinvent our customers’ business operations. Our technology-independent approach to architecture ensures the best possible integration of new digital services into existing information systems in a cost-efficient manner. Together, we help our customers elevate their core business with new digital opportunities.

We serve the biggest Finnish companies and selected global front-runners from our offices in Helsinki (Finland), Oulu (Finland), Wroclaw (Poland), Berlin (Germany) and Los Angeles (USA). Âť www.siili.com

SENSOR TECHNOLOGY AND IPR CONSULTING Business and technology consulting for wearable, mobile and robotics in health, consumer and industrial applications.




ver 30 years of experience and expertise in sensor and measurement technologies and use cases. Business-focused IPR strategy creation and expert service for patent cases.

• • • •

Patent analysis Competitor analysis Expert opinions for patent cases Business-focused IP strategy creation

• Market and technology reviews for wearable devices, wrist devices, drones and mobile health devices • Market and technology reviews for different sensors: motion, optical, fingerprint, infrared, gas, environmental, X-ray and many others • Dedicated market and technology analysis for different products and concepts • Business analysis and plans for sensor technologies and products using sensors • IPR strategy for a start-up company • IPR landscape study, analysis and review • Idea novelty and patentability studies • Product freedom-to-operate studies and analysis

» silverblip.com

THE MODERN AI ENGINE Traditional customer service is expensive, time consuming and boring. The Smartti AI Engine is designed for boosting customer service processes.


ow does it work? The Smartti AI Engine analyses text and takes actions based on its ability to understand natural language. Smartti AI is used in various roles for different tasks, for example, as a chatbot, intelligent search tool and data analyst, to highlight important information from the customer service data flow. Smartti AI uses the most advanced and stylish language processing and artificial intelligence technologies. It takes only two steps to reap the benefits of modern day artificial intelligence. First, Smartti AI performs Big Data analyses, where all text-based data from any source, such as emails, live chat conversations, documents, etc., are utilised.



Smartti AI finds automatically key information from a large data set, such as common and repeating questions, trends, customer service situations and themes. Second, the results of the Big Data analyses provide a straightforward answer to achieve optimal automatization. You can see clearly, for example, how much of the data includes similarities or what percentage of customer service situations should be automated. We help you to choose high-quality solutions for maximum benefit. All our automation solutions, including chatbots, full-text search and Big Data processing, are powered by Smartti AI. Âť www.smartifik.com

FINTECH PLATFORM FOR PERSONAL AND BUSINESS SPENDING SPENT is a money management solution designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses. SPENT enables smarter spending through cash back across all types of purchases, as well as the ability to organise purchases with receipts for simple expense reporting.




PENT understands the needs of the freelancers and small businesses whose business and personal finances often blend together, yet both require expenses to be well organized and earnings to be maximized.

SPENT Travel provides a seamless online and in-app booking experience, with some of the highest cash back offers available today. Users will earn on average 10–15% for hotel bookings at almost 1 million locations worldwide.

The SPENT Money application offers simple, automated expense management for personal and business spending, coupled with the ability to earn cash back for all types of purchases already being made. Whether for an upcoming business trip, client lunch or furniture for your new home, the cash back earn potential is endless!

Founded in 2014, SPENT’s headquarters is in the heart of New York City, with technology hubs in both Oulu and Moscow. Our current focus is on the US market, with global expansion starting from Finland and moving towards all of Europe. » www.spentapp.com

FORM AND FUNCTION PERFECTLY MATCHED TactoTek® is a leading provider of injection-molded structural electronics (IMSE™) solutions, a revolutionary technology that changes the way electronic parts are designed and built. IMSE™ solutions merge form and function by encapsulating electronics within 3D plastic structures.


actoTek IMSE™ technology enables creating highly functional, lightweight and seamless single-piece structures that encapsulate electronic functionality within just a few millimetres of three-dimensional plastic. IMSE™ solutions integrate printed electronics, such as circuitry, sensors and antennas, with discrete electronic components, such as LEDs for lighting, inside of injection-molded plastic structures. It unlocks design freedom for new shapes and functions, while simplifying assembly, enhancing touch and antenna performance and reducing the use of plastic materials. The TactoTek patented and patent pending technology can be applied to a variety of products, and leading use cases include in- vehicle applications, home/ industrial appliances and IoT products. TactoTek adapts customer designs to IMSE™ technology



and develops mass production-ready prototypes. Products are mass-produced by TactoTek or licensed third parties. Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in Oulu, Finland, and it serves leading global brands around the globe. » www.tactotek.com

CREATES SOFTWARE TO DELIGHT ENTREPRENEURS Talenom is an agile and advanced provider of financial management services and one of the biggest accounting firms in Finland. Talenom offers a wide selection of accounting and consultancy services to support its customers’ businesses.


alenom has a strong software development department providing state of the art digital tools to its customers. The software development unit creates value for Talenom’s business as the financial management sector is becoming increasingly digitalized. Products are created using agile development methods, such as the Scaled Agile Framework. The unit reflects an entrepreneurial spirit and demonstrates a strong understanding of Talenom’s business and the daily lives of entrepreneurs. The teams are self-guided and proactive, possessing a wide variety of software development competencies. They closely co-operate with business users in the early phases of product development, thereby enabling effective software projects.



Talenom Online is a user-friendly online tool for customers to manage their finances. It is the key tool used for their daily financial management and provides several services; for example, performance reports, approval and processing of purchase invoices, creation and submission of sales invoices. The Talenom App is a mobile application with an intuitive user interface that offers a cost-effective way to submit accounting documents and travel invoices. Using it, customers can easily submit any accounting material to Talenom and create both domestic and international travel invoices. » www.talenom.fi

MASTERS OF MOBILE AND WEB APPS Tecinspire develops mobile and web apps. We are experts in utility apps, IoT solutions, cloud services and healthcare standards. We boost your business by developing modern and easy-to-use solutions.


e provide inspiring business consultation and development and consultation services – 100% of our customers are satisfied with our co-operation, recommend us and feel that we have delivered real value to their business. We are agile and use the latest hybrid app development tools. Hybrid development is cost efficient, fast and scalable. Hybrid solutions use a single code-base for all Android and Apple devices, and they can access native features, such as the GPS and camera.



AWARD-WINNING App2Day Award-winning App2Day: Our own apps are easy, time saving and lovable utilities for daily life. The first product is App2Day, an easy social and personal calendar. App2Day connects people, events and rideshares to save time, effort and money. It allows all people to connect and plan events together with their families, groups and friends, keeping everyone in the loop. » www.tecinspire.com » www.app2day.fi


PIONEERS IN TESTING AND CERTIFICATION OF WIRELESS PRODUCTS Before a product can enter a market, it needs to fulfil certain requirements set by EU, US or other countries’ authorities. These requirements can be a jungle of standards and rules; This is where we come in: We make sure your product passes through rapidly and cost-effectively.


ESTiLABS Certification Services include CE/FCC/ ISED regulatory certifications, country approvals for all continents and network operator cellular device GCF&PTCRB certification. In addition to EMC and SAR test labs, which are required in certification testing, we have access to unique test laboratories for Camera Testing & IQ Tuning, Radiated RF Performance and Positioning (GPS). Our Field Test Service can verify whether your cellular device works in different operator networks around the globe.



TESTiLABS’ team, which consists of ex-Nokia experts with decades of experience, has tested hundreds of wireless devices from smartphones, tablets to latest LTE IoT devices. Our customer base ranges from start-ups to international wireless technology giants. Although these varying companies provide us with very different needs, we are able and delighted to serve accordingly. » www.testilabs.com

IoT-BASED SOLUTIONS FOR THE MARITIME INDUSTRY TestLab Finland Ltd was founded in 2013. We started as an R&D company with the aim to develop new and innovative IoT-related products, as well as to provide turnkey solutions and high-level quality services for different industries. Today, our focus is on IoT-based solutions for the maritime and logistics industries.


he Internet of Things is present in maritime and logistics solutions. The remote and automated monitoring, tracking, routing, warning and control of vessels, fleets and other related assets will impact ship, port and site operators’ costs and efficiency. Operators must evaluate carefully the types of data being communicated and the real-time requirements of such data to be able to offer safe and sound IoT support to all vessels and sites concerned. Hence, our parole is to offer solutions that enable ships to be en route and sites to be in operation, no matter what weather conditions they face.



TestLab works together with leading shipping companies, cruise lines, shipyards, ports and oil companies. We also work in close partnership with The Finnish Meteorological Institute. Âť www.testlab.fi

SIMPLIFYING IOT Tosibox has taken connectivity and made it simple. The patented TOSIBOX® technology is a game changer for secure IoT connectivity, remote maintenance and network management. The award-winning TOSIBOX® products are developed and manufactured in Finland and used worldwide.


e believe that success in the era of the Internet of Things is simply a matter of connections, and connectivity is the core of IoT. Today the need for reliable connectivity is greater than ever. Secure connectivity is essential for remote access, remote maintenance, continuous monitoring, real-time data collection and data logging. TOSIBOX® helps you to harness IoT for your business. With TOSIBOX®, you can create a fully secure remote connection within minutes, and without special IT skills. You can build and manage networks and infrastructures with the easily expandable and timeless solution.



We offer centralized real-time management of your devices and access groups that help you generate cost savings. Adding new devices or users into the network is simply drag and drop, whereas with oldfashioned IT networks completing the same task took days or weeks. TOSIBOX® is globally audited, patented and performs at the highest security levels in the industry. It’s a direct VPN tunnel between devices and users. You can trust that your network and data will remain encrypted and secure. » www.tosibox.com

MAKING THE IOT PROMISE A REALITY UROS is a trusted partner and a one-stop-shop for clients seeking comprehensive Smart Connectivity and IoT solutions.


ne of the biggest growth stories of the Finnish economy, UROS is a leading player in the IoT and global smart connectivity space. The Oulu based company was founded in 2011 by Jyrki Hallikainen, and has since become a respected partner to the world’s largest telecom operators and technology giants, including the likes of Qualcomm, Motorola, AT&T and China Telecom. UROS’ platform and technologies bring affordable global connectivity to devices across industries and verticals, be it fleet management, telematics, energy or consumer electronics. The solutions and services are built on industry trusted and secure technology, always delivered in accordance with the GSMA requirements and in co-operation with selected carriers and M2M suppliers worldwide.



Recently having announced the opening of a new 5G & IoT Innovation Center located at the company’s Oulu HQ, 2020 is set to be another year of milestones for UROS. This state-of-the-art facility utilizing IoT products and services from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, will allow various teams to collaborate and work together with UROS in a live environment to accelerate IoT and 5G technology creation and adaptation for real-world solutions. » www.uros.com

EMPOWER EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE AND REACH BUSINESS GOALS Valamis offers a consumer-grade learning platform designed to provide a personalized learning experience to the workforce. We help with making learning measurable and to find out how it affects the business. With Valamis you can manage and scale your learning and development initiatives globally.


alamis is a digital learning company specializing in workforce development, and the developer of Valamis - Learning Experience Platform (LXP). Valamis’ customers are large organizations spanning all industries—predominantly finance and insurance, complex manufacturing, and professional services. Headquartered in Joensuu, Valamis also has offices in Oulu, Helsinki and Lappeenranta as well as internationally in the US, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia.

Valamis LXP is an award-winning platform developed in cooperation with customers. Valamis enables formal, informal, social, and microlearning content authoring and management tools. Valamis gives users access to in-depth analytics in their learning process by supporting the xAPI standard and a builtin Learning Record Store (LRS). Always utilizing the latest technologies, Valamis brings you a digital learning assistant powered with AI. The platform offers organizations a cost-effective and modular way to upskill their workforce and manage learning and development globally. » www.valamis.com



ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE THAT UNDERSTANDS VIDEO Valossa has created an artificial intelligence system that is capable of creating the most comprehensive understanding of video to this day.


he world has moved beyond text, with video now playing a greater role in our daily communications. We at Valossa are applying technology to understand what people are viewing. Our AI studies a vast array of information within video, and converts it into insightful data. In short, it sees, hears and understands video like a human does – using all of its senses. Valossa’s solutions are designed to provide value for video content production workflow all the way to media asset management and end user applications in discovery. Valossa is now applying the latest techniques to meet the emerging needs of video content producers, advertisers, online video services and the IoT domain globally.



Our technology represents years of primary research at the University of Oulu. We deploy a wide range of proprietary technologies to perform far greater capabilities and intelligent solutions than other commercial cognitive service providers. Our goal is to provide state of the art AI solutions that can bring efficiency and a competitive advantage to our customers and partners. » www.valossa.com








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