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Radisson Blu Scandinavia, Oslo, March 6th: Maximizes the market cross talk!

Day Zero

NASF PRE-CONFERENCE • March 6 • 2012

Day Zero: 22 speakers - check program page 2-3

Hanne Benjaminsen

How to brand the bacalao

Professor Øystein Lie, organizes the Marine Innovation Seminar where modern solution providers in the marine industry and business will be focused. Here with the flowchart showing the vital role of of these companies in the marine sector.

New marine innovations PRESS RELEASE, OSLO, THURSDAY FEBRUARY 9, 2012

How to utilize every milligram of a fish? New marine and less utilized resources will be one of several innovative cases presented on "Day Zero" starting the Oslo international seafood conference NASF.

Marine markets would not flourish if not for those innovative solutions and companies among us from start-ups to trend setting stock listed operators. The marine industry solution providers are in strong growth: It is a diverse sector of technical and know-how-

based innovative companies providing breeding, vaccines, feeds, farming and processing equipment, logistics, traceability and business solutions.

Solution providers focus

- The seafood players cannot live or survive without these companies and even less in the future, says prof. Øystein Lie, manager of Marelife. At the Oslo international seafood conference NASF, these innovative companies will be focused in a separate Marine Innovation

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Karl Almås | Doeke C. Faber | Jostein Refsnes | Arne Røksund | Roger Richardsen | Courtney Hough | Torgeir Edvardsen | Arne E. Karlsen | Ben North | Hanne Benjaminsen | Louwe de Boer | Arve Gravdal

Innovative Solutions to Ad Marine Innovation Seminar Chair: Karl Almås , CEO, SINTEF Fishery and Aquaculture, Norway.

Co-chair Doeke C. Faber, Chairman, Dutch Fish Product Board, the Netherlands. Seminar Coach: Jostein Refsnes , Chairman, FHL MARING Forum. 0900-0905 Øystein Lie , Executive Manager, MareLife: Welcome 0905-0915 Arne Røksund , Secretary General, Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs : Opening Address

Setting the agenda for marine innovation 0915-0930 Roger Richardsen , SINTEF Fishery & Aquaculture, Norway: Biomarine and solution provider overview. A diverse, dynamic and fast growing sector. 0930 -0945 Torgeir Edvardsen , Treasurer EATIP and Courtney Hough , Secretary General EATIP: Moving towards a strategic research and innovation agenda for European Aquaculture 0945 -1000 Arne E. Karlsen , CEO Norwegian Fishery and Aquaculture Research Fund FHF: Industry Defined R&D projects to adress important issues for the marine sector.

Novel technical solutions 10:00-1015 Ben North , Managing Director Pharmaq Ltd, UK: State of the art vaccines for profitability, sustainability and fish welfare. 1015-1030 Odd Magne Rødseth CEO AquaGen, Norway: Application of genetics and genomics to aquaculture development

Q&A 10:30-10:40 Jostein Refsnes 1040-1100 Coffee break

Talking to the Market 1100-1115 Hanne Benjaminsen , Sales Manager, Cape Fish: Market orientation and branding in the bacalao sector. 1115-1130 Louwe de Boer, Ekofish Group: - Branding North Sea fish

Q&A 1130-1145 Jostein Refsnes



1145- 1315 Lunch and Lunch Speech: A look to the marine future by Doeke C. Faber Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture 1315-1330 John Roger Nesje , CEO Rolls Royce Marine, Norway : Green Fishing Vessels. 1330-1345 Einar Wathne , Deputy COO, EWOS Group, Norway: You become what you eat. Feeds for productive and healthy fish and healthy consumers. 1345-1400 Bela H. Buck, Professor, Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries, Germany: Offshore Aquaculture –Feasibilities and Constraints. Main themes: Multi-use, Offshore-wind farm, Mariculture, Economic feasibility. 1400-1415 Arve Gravdal, COO NIRI: A seafood and renewable energy production consept for the future.

New and less utilized Marine Resources 1415-1430 Nils Hoem , Vice President Pharma, Aker Biomarine Norway: The “new fishery” provides more than foods. 1430-1445 Thor Sigfusson , Founder & Managing Director Iceland Ocean Cluster: Want to use the whole fish? Look to Iceland. 1445-1500 René Wijffels ,Professor, Wageningen University, Sci. Dir., AlgaePARC: Microalgae for aquaculture. 1500-1515 Hans Kleivdal , Senior Researcher, UNI Research, Bergen: CO2 to Bio – CO2 sequestration and aquafeed production by industrial microalgae production at Mongstad. 1515–1530 Pål Myhre , CEO, Algae Tech AS: Large scale production of microalgae in Brazil- Integration with petroleum refinery.

A small Bite, Q&A and Summing Up 1530 – 1550 Jostein Refsnes : Coached brief discussion and closing remarks. Twitter tag: #marineinnovation

1550- 1630 – Mingling and End of Seminar

Innovation Award 1930 - March 7th - NASF Conference Delegate Dinner Reception. Innovation Award Ceremony.

Sissel Rogne | Odd Magne Rødseth | Lars Olav Lie | John Roger Nesje | Einar Wathne | Bela H. Buck | Nils Hoem | Thor Sigfusson | René Wijffels | Hans Kleivdal | Pål Myhre | Kjell Maroni

dvance the Marine sector



The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund

Maximizes cross talk between market sectors and disciplines Continued from page 1

Seminar om Tuesday March 6th. The seminar will be a natural gateway for solution providers seeking new business among the worlds leading seafood manufacturers gathering on the NASF Conference 7-8 March. The highly innovative solution providers play an important role in the global fisheries and seafood industry. The big seafood operators and manufacturers do certainly not have all in house solutions and hence they depend on state of the art providers to carry their businesses in a cost efficient and sustainable way. - The NASF Pre-conference maximizes cross talk between sectors and disciplines in market, supply, solutions, finance and thus optimizes the ecosystem for innovation, says prof. Lie.

Co-interacts with NASF

This new feature to the NASF is organized by SINTEF Fishery and Aquaculture and MareLife; with contributions from the Norwegian Seafood Federation/MARING, The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (FHF), EATIP, EU Interreg project (Blue Bio) and the Marine Norwegian wide network ‘Storby MARIN’. The Pre-conference co-interacts with NASF main sessions in a very efficient way: 1) A selected group of the solution provider companies are presented at the NASF corporate finance seminar 2) The innovative cases will be exposed at the NASF innovation market place

throughout the whole conferance 3) Our innovation prize will be awarde during the NASF conference dinner March 7th In the marine ingredients and marine biotechnology sector, innovation allows us to exploit marine by-products from fishery and farming, from hitherto less utilized resources (krill, calanus etc) as well as from bioreactor based production (algae, yeasts) to manufacture an array of novel high-price products. For further details and for signing up please follow these links: Conference sign up: Day0 programme and Innovative Case submission: Event at LinkedIn: Marine Innovation Seminar Follow on Twitter: @marelife Twitter tag: #marineinnovation

For more information, contact Prof. Øystein Lie, Marelife E-mail: Phone: +47 917 48 240

Day Zero NASF 2012  

Press release and program for Marine Innovation Seminar at Day Zero starting North Atlantic Seafood Forum 2012 in Oslo, 6th March.

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