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Phil Kaplan Mindset is key - why you need to be mindful.

Jonathan George What will you do when life knocks you on your ass?

JULY 2018 · No. 1

Kim Fiske The drive to succeed - the monster under the bed.

Ellen Lin Tools to succeed and grow in E-Commerce

The Mystery of What Causes Determination to




Expert Influence Grow your influence to increase your impact through collaboration and sharing with others.

Troy Aberle

Nathan Andrews

CANADA Renowned business leader, sales and marketing expert, author, speaker, and master of developing business systems.

CANADA Nathan Andrews pushes people out of the boxed marketing, and makes you stand out amongst the competition, preventing your business from getting the Toe Tag of death.

Phil Kaplan

Jonathan George

Ellen Lin

Kim Fiske

USA Phil Kaplan, teaches people how to turn their businesses into the source of their prosperity.

USA Jonathan George, has been creating rock stars in the entertainment world for over 20 years. Now...he is creating Rock Stars in life for the Millennial Generation.

USA Ellen Lin teaches people the way to build their business in E commerce. She herself is a 7 figure earner that started with $600!

USA Kim Fiske is a respected speaker, life coach, author, and thought leader who is sought after for her ability to convey concepts to deal with the Monster’s Under The Bed.


July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine



t is with pride that I welcome you to this exciting time for Troy Aberle International Inc. The dream of my team and I is to bring to life the ultimate venue to create a group of people that is committed to achieving massive results in their life and business. Reading this magazine will be a part of the many tools you need to be in the top 5% of business people in the world because the people in it are speaking to you with the intention of helping you!

The people who contribute to this magazine are by invite only, and that is because I want to ensure we have the right people to discuss these crucial topics that we have chosen, and help each other find answers that will help us become better. I have a huge amount of respect for the people here and what they have done to achieve the huge levels of success that they have. Who am I? Who is Troy Aberle? Great Question!! My name is Troy Aberle and I am a Business Acceleration Coach and Strategy Expert. I help struggling Business Owners and Executives to finally crack the code on achieving work/life balance so that they can have the impact and income of their dreams, while creating the lifestyle they deserve with their family. Wasn’t that the original plan you had? When I look back at my journey, it really makes me wonder how much faster success could have come if I would have had the opportunity to be introduced to people that have achieved huge success and were willing to share the story of their journey. Success and failure does provide us with clues for all of us to learn from, and we must be open and persistent to learning those clues. If we simply try things our own way and never allowing these experienced people to teach us, then we will likely have to go through the struggles they did. That my friends is simply unproductive and almost certain to cause permanent failure to yourself. My outcome for you reading this magazine is simple and clear; I want to provide the place where you learn from great people, have the confidence to execute the strategies, and be able to inspire others to learn the same way. When you have those breakthrough results, you may even want to reach out to us and be in one of our segments! We at Troy Aberle International Inc, wish you the absolute best success you are focused on! Cheers to your success!

Troy Aberle Troy Aberle

July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine


Book Offer

THE GOOD BOSS How Empowering Leaders Create Great Teams

The Good Boss is someone who has clear focus, inspiring language, and impactful actions that get results for their team. This book is purposely written with the intent of delivering crucial topics that are simple, credible, and tactful. It is for anyone who is committed to being a Good Boss and not just interested when it is convenient for you. Your duty in this role is to inspire, listen, and lead your team down a path that has clear results defined. As a boss I know that it is you who sets the tone for your team and provides a place of certainty and growth. You make people feel significant and what they do determines the company’s success. You definitely encourage new ideas for the business, and contributing back to the team and the community. I am proud to be called an expert on the topic of what it means to be The Good Boss, and I am able to support my advice with experiencing the things that work and don’t work as a boss myself. I hope that in reading this book, you will discover something that you could be doing better to make your team successful and happier. Again, take it from me. I have managed many people and have compiled the simple things that actually work. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, there is a simple code that will make you and your employees lives easier and fulfilled. It is how to get the legacy of the Good Boss is created.





July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine

Goals & Strategy

Because what may seem like a huge road block to most people, will become just a hiccup that you were ready for.

Succeed with Strategy Do you ever wonder why some companies are successful and perform better than others? Or why some are hard to beat and others are not? Well, if a company wants to stay competitive in the industry, it must create and execute a strategy that is good and sound. Ladies and Gentlemen, as you will see throughout this magazine, these Business Masters are teaching a few common things. But the one that stands out the most is the STRATEGY. There is no possible way that you can simply have a destination or an outcome in mind and expect it to happen

without a plan. That plan is the strategic steps that are going to ensure you are on the right path to getting you the desired outcome the quickest. The other cool part about laying out a strategy is that you can see how the process will play out but you can also plan out problems and proactive

But the one that stands out the most is the STRATEGY.

solutions. That strategy is very critical to your success because what may seem like a huge roadblock to most people, will become just a hiccup that you were ready for and it really becomes nothing if and when it occurs. So make sure you know your Strategy!

July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine


Business Coach

Troy Aberle Business is like growing a lawn of grass, it takes patience and strategy. You must add new seeds and nurture the ones growing to keep out the weeds. To be successful, we need patience when it comes to employee relations, business negotiations and communications, as well as achievement of the strategic goals we’ve set. Further, we have to remain calm amid the big and small twists and turns that come with life. It is only through being patient that we can truly learn from the curveballs which get thrown in our path. WINNING

I want more Learn more about Troy, and his programs visit his website:


July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine


am excited that our first issue focuses on the topic of this magazine; “The Mystery of What Causes Determination To Win.” It really is a passion of mine to study people that have experienced success and failure and see what really makes people win or lose during their journey. As I speak to so many people in my coaching career, I like to ask people: Why are you in the business you are really in? What is your goal and the story that means so much to you? What or who are you doing it for? What happens if you fail? How do you plan for post successful events in your career? People that can’t answer these questions with some level of satisfaction or clarity seem to be stuck in the lower percentile, and those that can answer the questions often stay more happy, humble, and successful. In my opinion if you are conscious of the fact that your interpersonal and outer success is determined by the identity you resonate with, you will be able to focus your energy on the right habits. Your self-talk language needs to be positive, constructive, and interested in learning the best systems that have the results you are striving for.

Insider Knowledge Troy Aberle

The Mystery of What Causes Determination to


What is the story and strategy behind the people who seem to never stop pushing against all odds to win in business.

July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine


Insider Knowledge Troy Aberle

Take an Olympic athlete for example, they work for years to compete 1 time in their event. Then they get injured during the race. For most of us, that would be the time we check out and quit and immediately go into blame, embarrassment, and depression. But because of their conditioning they never lose sight of their focus and their why. They keep going until they have given every single piece of effort to win, even with broken bones and a collapsed lung! Then just when you think they will implode during the media interview, they shock the world and tell us that the plan is to get fixed and continue a strategy to train for the next Olympics in 4 years! Oh and by the way with horrible financial strain.

you will be mad when I tell you that the ones that fail dabble in the vision and don’t have the commitment, or worse, they won’t even be open to learning a new strategy.

Message From Troy

What I am saying is that in business, there is a similarity with my example. Think of how many people have operated a company that had problems come up, failed miserably, and gave up. What they didn’t have was true determination, and a proactive plan that conditioned their mind to be ready for the pitfalls and how to deal with them. The athlete I mentioned, can only see going until the Gold is won, why don’t business people think like that? Sadly

Troy’s advice on moving forward: These points below are very important because if you see clarity on all 4 points, your passion will be alive and MAKE YOU ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED TO SUCCEED.


FOCUS Champions have a clear focus as to what the outcome must be no matter what. Because if they don’t succeed, they will fail themselves and fail their families. This person only sees winning as the option. They have control of their state the majority of the time while knowing that bumps will occur on the journey, and that they must be ok with that as part of the process. Failures are simply results of trying new things.


July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine


STORY They have the story playing in their head and soul about why they are in the business they are and that they deserve nothing but the best, because they deliver the best of value and results. They tune out and block any background noise that distracts and tells them they cant. They are aware of the noise around them that may hamper the outcome.


STRATEGY This person has the strategy mapped out and already knows what will happen if there are problems arising along the way. They know that issues will occur and they see it as exhilarating to face them and rise to the outcome. Part of that strategy is using language that supports the goal rather than the fears that will inhibit them. The people working for them or with them also know the plan and can support each other as a team.


NEEDS They ensure that their human needs are being met consciously and subconsciously and have a good balance of certainty, variety, significance, relationships, growth, and contribution? These aren’t just fluffy things, this is real emotions that need to be nurtured if you want success to be your result.

Insider Knowledge Troy Aberle

A large portion of my clients used to speak a language that contains limiting beliefs of why they don’t win, and because of different forms of fear. That fear is mostly because there is a lack of clarity of the 4 points above. When we go through a coaching program we identify that limiting self talk and actions that are unpractical and unproductive. We build a plan that is supportive of winning, coupled with action strategies that ensure efficiency and moral boosting. Then we look at the business itself and make sure that this new mindset continues through the operations, supply management, finances, and distribution to the client. The change in results is always amazing and the whole company is affected! There is no better feeling than losing the weight of crap bogging you down and, then getting a boost of confidence and reassurance that makes your business incredible. There are many actions both mentally and physically occurring every day that are limiting your outcome, and I am really good at going through your business and finding those items and fixing them. I love helping people or teams get that clarity and help them really understand what is preventing success. And once they learn that, and execute their plan, they are now inspired to help more people around them to get those great results too. Sometimes we find ourselves conditioning our habits to support limiting beliefs. Why don’t we learn what those are and build a brand new chapter that is the opposite, so that we get to have fun with our business or career? There are so many great examples of people that have this figured out, and it looks much more fun than being part of the vast majority. Just imagine how much more profitable you will be, and how much happier you and your family can be once you unleash your passion and be confident to be determined. Don’t let anyone take away from that possibility or tell you it can’t be done.

Thank you for reading these stories and strategies from this amazing group of people. All of these successful business Masters have extraordinary examples of how possible achievement really is. Not one person has just walked into their life and had it happen for them. It is really the identity that they have chosen to live as, and these people all have created ways to help you learn the things that they did so that you can become successful, that is if you truly decide to be successful. We all have the opportunity available to us, we just have to take action and travel down the right road, rather than remaining on the one that we complain has to many bumps. Reach out to any of us for help, there are many opportunities for these masters to work with you and get you on the road to success, and learning the things each of us have done both right and wrong will help you to not waste as much time as it would figuring it out on your own. The top 1% of people look for strategies that will enable them to achieve the most impactful results, if that is you, then start by learning from the Business Masters you have just been introduced too.

Remember: Keep your personal state in check, its all about how you show up and how you see and react to things, that will determine your outcome. What you focus on will be your outcome. And be ok with having ups and downs that challenge you to adjust your strategy, this will give you the satisfaction of being adaptable and strategic.

Remember: Keep your personal state in check, its all about how you show up and how you see and react to things, that will determine your outcome.

July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine


Fitness Coach

Phil Kaplan The Lifecycle of Business always begins with the rising up of a passionate desire to create and to serve. GROWTH Over the course of 35 years, Phil Kaplan has traveled the world learning, experiencing, and helping people change for the better. His education, passion, unique experience, and undying pursuit of truth have led him to be the expert people trust and fitness leaders rely on.


h, the world is filled with mysteries, but few as perplexing as why “some do” and “some don’t.” There is the Darwinian idea of “survival of the fittest,” and there’s also the theory that “it’s just plain luck,” but for those seeking fulfillment in the world of business, the answer to the question, “why do some folks find the highest levels of success while others are doomed to wallow in their discontent and wish for more” becomes highly valued. While the complete answer would require volumes of insight, with 30 years of experience in working with entrepreneurs of all levels, I can, in very short order, share some valuable light.

I want more Learn more about Phil, his blog and programs at his website:

We, all entrepreneurs, begin with passion. The Lifecycle of Business always begins with the rising up of a passionate desire to create and to serve. Somewhere, the human psyche creates or accepts an idea and the condition of mindset determines whether the new idea is accepted as possibility or rejected. The entrepreneurial spirit, an innate force that inexplicably drives many of us to seek out opportunity, often opens the gates and allows the idea to enter the framework of “a potential business.” The idea must be nurtured in order for it to come to fruition. This is “The Courtship Phase.” The entrepreneur shares his or her idea with others, at times seeking approval, sometimes progressing to seeking partners or investors.


July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine

Mindset Is Key Phil Kaplan

Once the idea takes shape and the first dollar changes hands, the business exists. Every business, in that moment, is a true creation, brought from the ether of nothingness to an actual entity, and that’s where it begins, the journey, travel along a course many will attempt but few will master. If we set out to separate “the likely victors” from the rest, we’d look for three distinctive traits: 1. True innate passion connected to the delivery of the product or service 2. A genuine belief in the “need” for this offering and a certainty that it can better the lives of others 3. A financial strategy with a crystallized vision of how and when the “business” will become a self-supporting entity that feeds its founder, owner, and operator

If any one of the three traits is absent, the likelihood of success is significantly reduced. As we move further down the road, and evaluate the likelihood of a business moving from inception to “Prime,” a condition where it thrives, we’d have to be a bit more objective and ask the following questions: 1. Is there true feasibility in the marketplace? 2. Is there sustainability and/or growth potential? 3. Can the business establish and hold a position of superiority, niche appeal, or uniqueness?

July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine


Mindset Is Key Phil Kaplan

Here’s where it gets interesting. The first three traits are related to the mind of the business owner. Better said, we can link those three traits to mindset. The three questions that followed have little or nothing to do with mindset. They are purely linked to “the marketplace.” Of the two, mindset and marketplace, the one that appears to be a greater predictor of success . . . and this may surprise you . . . is mindset! That doesn’t suggest that a strong mindset and a bad plan lead to success, but rather suggests that without the passion and belief, failure is almost imminent. Here’s the beauty in understanding this. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, whether you’ve just been bitten by the bug or you’ve been in business for decades, knowing that mindset is pliable allows you to realize, your future begins as soon as you’re willing to “re-wire.” Mindset might be defined as the interplay between three critical components of the brain-mind, the Emotional Experiential Memory, the Pre-Frontal Cortex where imagination creates vision, and the Reticular Activating System which regulates and controls Focus. If we think of each of these components of brain-mind as muscles (they aren’t, but it’s a valuable metaphor), we recognize that we can strengthen “the Power of Mind,” and with that, significantly strengthen our likelihood of succeeding in any entrepreneurial venture. “Mind and market” are the two areas of study that have allowed me to establish a success blueprint, a filter for prediction, a solid and reliable model for separating “those who will’ from those less likely. Beyond, however, the prediction of “who will take their ideas, determination, and visions to fruition” comes the question, “which businesses will thrive regardless of shifts in market, climate, economy, and competitive landscape?” That sets the stage for an upcoming article. I’ll share just one more bit of insight so I’ve presented a balanced portrait of the inner workings of those best positioned for long-term success. The elemental force that ensures an entrepreneur’s ability to ride the waves of change and see continued and ongoing growth is the force I refer to as “Creative Tension.” Quite simple, it is the force that runs the gap between “where you are” and “where you want to be.” If you can envision your desired outcome as being housed in a box up in the sky, miles away, and you can connect your “now” with that elevated future in the sky with a giant bungee cord, the tension in that cord can become a monumental line of pull, a true force drawing you closer to that outcome with each action.


July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine

If doubt, insecurity, uncertainty, or any level of a sense of defeat make the “future vision” cloudy, the cord snaps. The tension becomes the resolve. The business moves along the Life-cycle to its inevitable death. Creative Tension gives life to that cord, fills it with the spirit of forward motion, the manifestation of your passion, and incredibly answers to every perceived dilemma allow the obstacles to become milestones.

I know these concepts may be a bit abstract when presented in a short article, but I assure you, they underlie virtually every business success, every single entrepreneurial victory. The passion that drives you comes from inside. It is innate. It lives along the spectrum of mind and spirit that makes you who you are. The “market” is the variable we can’t control, but we can observe it, assess it, and prepare to optimize our relationship with it. The “mindset” element and our ability to discover and create “Creative Tension” are controllable. Fully. Master mindset and Creative Tension and you write the script for your own future. All it takes is a shift, a willingness to accept that business isn’t purely formulaic. Your success will rely upon your willingness to see and manage the intangible forces, the invisible but very real keys that keep the winners winning. Phil Kaplan is a serial entrepreneur who found his ascension within the health and fitness fields. Fueled by an undying desire to help others, he grew from humble beginnings to find recognition as an author, speaker, health club owner, and visionary growing his reach into creating new coveted models within the highest reaches of the medical field. He’s become a “best kept secret” of icons and legends in the health arena and today, coaches passionate men and women to make their dreams come true. As an eternal student of human betterment, he conducts electrifying workshops in persuasion, human influence, mindset, and the elemental and advanced keys to personal development and business growth.

Interview With Phil Kaplan

Troy’s Pick


Mindset is the single most important thing you must condition to be successful. There is nothing more important for the outcome of your life and business. There are people whom find it difficult to meditate or make time to reflect on their thoughts and opportunities without interruption. But even if you are great at finding “your time”, let me offer you a huge suggestion, try NeuroGym. This is a program used by some of the most successful people today, and by myself personally.

This is something you simply listen to for a small 20-30 minutes, and it has technology that is scientifically proven to impact your brains ability to learn more successful patterns of thought. Try it! If it doesn’t help you, or you simply were not using it. I think more clear, and have a certain calmness now, rather than anxious.



July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine


JG Entertainment


The number one rule to success in business and in life is to have a heart of gratitude and thankfulness. Being thankful is the foundation for which every single thing in your life is built. SUCCESS

The power of gratitude is life changing. It changes your mindset around everything. It changes your relationships, your health, and your finances. Gratitude brings more blessings in your life.

I want more Learn more about Jonathan, his blog and programs at his website:


July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine

Stay Grateful


hat will you do when you are knocked off course and your world is turned upside down? Are you going to quit? Are you going to give up? What do you even do? Let’s take a look at Steve Jobs. He co founded and created Apple and poured everything he had into building the company for nearly 10 years. Then the company fired him. Yes, he was worth a lot of money at that point but the company he built turned it’s back on him. I am sure he had some really rough days and nights. I am sure he had major heartaches that caused some great fears and trust issues. I’m sure he had a hard time getting up and moving forward. I mean, that was a huge blow. But he had a champions mindset. He didn’t stop. He didn’t give up. He went on and founded another computer company called NeXT. It was not an initial success. He then bought a company that he named Pixar, which netted $4 billion. Apple eventually purchased NeXT for $429 million and then hired him back as CEO. He revitalized the company and changed our world of communication and entertainment. I have seen this over and over in the entrainment world. I have seen my talent rise to the very top just to have it all taken away from them. My name is Jonathan George, CEO of JG Entertainment and I have been creating, developing, producing and managing rock stars in the entertainment business for the past 20 years. When I say rock star, I mean someone who is walking in their greatness with full confidence of who they are without apology.

Jonathan George

in him. It kept him going even when he had to sleep in his car. And look where it landed him. He is now worth $600 million.

Clear Intentions

You must have clear intentions for what you want. This way, when you get completely side swapped and knocked down, you can get back up and get back on track. Just know it is going to happen. You will get knocked down. And when it does, you must be ready. How you react will depend on what you set in your mind before something went wrong. If you make incredibly strong intentions, it doesn’t matter how far off course you get blown, you will get back on track. It may take you a minute but you will get there.

Stay Grateful, Humble & Grounded

The most important thing you can do is stay grateful. Being grateful will keep you humble, which in turn will keep you grounded. Even when something bad happens, there is always something to be thankful for. And when you are humble, the fall isn’t so far to the ground. It’s hard to be moved when you are grounded. Be thankful for the opportunities, the lessons learned, and the relationships that were made. It will keep you happy and focused on the important things in life.

I have seen over and over again the devastation that happens when the rug has been completely pulled from beneath someone who has worked insanely hard to get to where they are to even have the rug be pulled from under them. I have seen my talent have everything going for them and then it all comes to a sudden stop. It happens. It is life. Regardless of age, what you do for a living, or what your dreams are, we have all had the rug pulled from underneath us. In order for you to pull through, you will have to have a champion's mindset. A champion’s mindset has the following:

Interview With Jonathan george


Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion. It is the will power to suffer for what you believe in and for what you love. You must have a strong passion for what you are doing. If passion isn’t there then it doesn’t matter what is laid at your feet. At the first sign of trouble, you will be gone. You will not have the mindset to keep going. But if passion is there then the drive will be there. Actor and director Tyler Perry spent every penny he had trying to stage his first landmark musical, I Know I’ve Been Changed, which forced him to be homeless for six year, some of which he spent living in his tiny Geo Metro. His passion kept him going even when no one else believed

July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine


E-Commerce Coach

Ellen Lin There is an universal successful formula that works. You can either ignore it or learn how to apply it. Seeing people struggling with their financial status, I decided to share my greatest online sales techniques. So I began to do academic research and study the entrepreneurial books written by the modern entrepreneurs and also the entrepreneurs from last few centuries. I compiled their wisdoms and my own experiences, then I discovered one thing... FORMULA

I want more Learn more about Ellen, her speaking engagements and programs at her website:


July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine


am very excited to offer some advice for Business Masters magazine and hope that hearing a bit about my journey can offer insight on how I am determined to win. My advice to you is to NEVER GIVE UP on your dream!

I’m Ellen Lin, the founder of I am a 7 figure entrepreneur, author, international speaker, and a bilingual e-commerce coach who has coached over 350 clients from 15 countries based on my success of building a million dollar online store. I live in Los Angeles and I’m a Taiwanese American. I know I look a bit young to be convincing, I’m actually a 35-year-old, and I co-founded my business selling online since I was 29 (Back in 2011) . If you want to start your first entrepreneurship in e-commerce and not exactly sure what to do, or if you are an online store owner who is struggling to boost up your sales, you will love the sales techniques I offer. In my weekly newsletters, I’ll show you why e-commerce is one the quickest ways to make money, how to find your niche products to sell, and how to boost your sales number to 6 or 7-figure. I will reveal EXACTLY how I built a million dollar e-commerce business from $600 in 4 years.

Determined Ellen Lin

Interview With Ellen Lin

The only shortcut to success is to study the people who made it. You deserve to design your own lifestyle. Dream big and I’ll show you how to get there. At a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. THAT’S THE WORLD’S GREATEST LIE – Paulo Coelho Before I stepped into the e-commerce world, I was in the game development industry. I loved video games since I was little, I was very passionate and satisfied with my $47,000 salary as an Environment Artist making AAA title games. I was only 25, I thought $47,000 was a lot of money. And it was my dream job because I got to create video games the way I wanted. The position was very competitive, I considered myself very lucky to be able to land the gig. But 9-5 job is repetitive. I got bored and lost my passion after 2 years. I no longer loved video games because it became a job for me. In 2009, the studio laid off almost everyone when the economy crashed, including myself. At the time, my father’s wholesale business was also in a very bad shape and he wanted me to help him out. I decided to help him while I was waiting for my next interviews with other game studios as I had no interest in business at all. At that time, I was also teaching 3D Modeling in a local art school on the weekends. However, the wholesale business doesn’t seem to get any better. In 2011, we decided to turn this disadvantage into an advantage- We started selling online from our garage with our first batch of inventory which cost us $600. I had no e-commerce background and no business knowledge at

that time. After 4 years, we became a million dollar business. As of 2016, we have a 9,200sqft warehouse in California. AND MY WHOLE LIFE CHANGED….because I chose to never give up! So, what did I do? I had no business nor e-commerce background. It wasn’t because of luck, it was I found a way to scale my business fast! Seeing people struggling with their financial status, I decided to share my greatest online sales techniques. So I began to do academic research and study the entrepreneurial books written by the modern entrepreneurs and also the entrepreneurs from last few centuries. I compiled their wisdoms and my own experiences, then I discovered one thing.. There is an universal successful formula that works. You can either ignore it or learn how to apply it – BUT DON’T GIVE UP! When you know what you want to achieve and stay determined, giving up is not an option. Create a personal space and slot out time to condition your mind with listening to or reading material from the greatest mentors you resonate with so that you are immersed in language that keeps you inspired and motivated. Troy Aberle share a common belief and that is to, always surround yourself with great people if you want to be one. There are so many people in my life that continue to have major impact on how I live my life, and I love paying that forward to helping people who want the same.

July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine


Health Strategy

Kim Fiske Looking for the hidden ”lies” that are under our ”beds” and identifying the Monster who is protecting them. There can always be more success to be had. There is always more money to earn. There are more “Jones’” to keep up with. There are more toys to buy, more people to impress, more more more more. The drive will never end - because it is based on a LIE to begin with. We find ourselves ever craving and never satisfied. DRIVE


e have all heard the expression “Wired for Success.” What does that really mean? Is it just a saying to represent someone who seems to succeed at everything they touch? To most people that is probably true. For me, however, I look at that phrase more literally. In my studies and research preparing for writing my book, “The Monster Under the Bed - Uncovering the Lie that Drives Us”, I’ve discovered some interesting and pertinent data regarding the wiring we are either enjoying or enduring as adults. I know that in my quest for success, in most areas of my life, it involved driving energy. I have been an entrepreneur most of my life. I got married young, so I didn’t go to college. I had 4 babies over 15 years, and I had zero desire to get a job. I have always felt the desire to create something from nothing. Looking back, the challenge to see what was possible was a huge piece of the puzzle. I really didn’t care as much about WHAT I was creating as much as I did THAT I was creating.

I want more Learn more about Kim and her upcoming book - The Monster Under the Bed visit:

I went on to build successful businesses in network marketing. I earned my Mary Kay car in 6 months, for example, and in the past 11 years have built a team of over 4000 with a 7 figure annual residual income. I have personally coached hundreds of people and spoken to thousands in my life. I feel a passion and a pull to create and succeed. Then I discovered something that was lurking in my psyche. It was voice, a thought, a feeling that no matter how successful I was in anything I created, I wasn’t successful or good enough. I also discovered this same voice was in most everyone I had worked with and coaches. This was the impetus for the book.


July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine

Monster Under The Bed Kim Fiske

The premise is that when we were kids, and without our logical, reasoning brain (our prefrontal cortex), we were left ill-equipped to accurately process experiences in our life, especially as it relates to our worth and acceptability. We had our survival brain (the amygdala) whose job it was to sense our emotion (mainly fear) and send us the best course of action for us to live: FIGHT, FLIGHT or FREEZE. This part of our brain is not connected to any reason or logic, so when it senses from our illogical little selves that we may not be accepted in our “tribe” (which, for a primate, could mean death), it came to our rescue. When our parent yelled at us or spanked us for running into the street, for example, we had zero chance of understanding that they were upset because they loved us. We only felt and believed we were “bad”, “stupid”, “worthless”. The message (processed only through the emotional brain of the child) was, “you may not be acceptable in this community/family/tribe” which, to our primate wiring, could mean ostracized, alone and possible death! This was the birth of what I refer to as the LIE. The LIE that we weren’t acceptable as we are; that we needed to DO or BE something better. These emotional brain pathways have been embedded over the years and have been guiding our life’s GPS ever since. All research points to the fact that we need love as much as food, water and shelter. But what happens if, to truly feel the love message, it took a part of our brain we just didn’t have fully functioning yet? (Most studies show it doesn’t fully develop until mid-20s) We end up building our complete identity at the hand of our survival brain and it’s accompanying messages of Fight, Flight or Freeze. Using this example - let’s play out how this processes in our young brains: Because of something negative that happened to us, or around us, we found ourselves having fearful emotions. Fear triggered the amygdala. Survival messages were summoned.

Because of something negative that happened to us, or around us, we found ourselves having fearful emotions..

One message is FLIGHT! Run Away! Hide! Don’t let anyone know how bad you are. Be quiet. Don’t create conflict. Make sure these people like and accept you. As adults we can still feel the pull where this wiring is still running our current life. (People Pleaser?) Another message is FIGHT! This can come right on the heels of FLIGHT, or can be a stand alone message. It is difficult to know, looking back, how it played out, at this point. Make no mistake, however, the message came loud and clear. This energy is one of proving. “Oh ya - I’ll show you - and the horse you rode in on!”

July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine


Health Strategy Kim Fiske

We looked around in our “tribe/family” and saw what was valued; what was important to the people who were our life-line to survival. If they valued academics, we found ourselves studying hard and being “smart” (this usually comes from the illogical fear that we are stupid so we better prove we are smart!). If our family valued sports, we were athletic. If they were musical, military, health care providers, perfectionists, beautiful...etc, we followed suite to prove we were good enough to be included with them. The FREEZE message is where people fall into a stupor of thought, scared to do anything wrong, so they do nothing. They need to think about it more. Analysis paralysis. They need to study it from all angles until they know FOR SURE they won’t fail. Now fit “Wired for Success” into this metaphor. It falls under the “FIGHT” message. People who are driven to succeed - at all costs - usually do succeed; at least to the outward observer. This was the energy I was using for my creation and success. It was driving, effective, and usually toxic. The underlying myth is that we needed to DO or BE something to be loved. The fact that just BEING is all that was needed, was not a message we could hear. We were unconditionally loved and perfect as we were. In conversations I’ve had with clients I’ve coached over the years, the thought has been, “So what? I am successful, so that’s good, right? What’s wrong with being successful?” My answer is this - nothing. This issue isn’t a matter of “right” or “wrong” but more the question, “Are you happy, now?” “Can you ever be successful enough?” Their answer, if honestly answered, is always “no.” There can always be more success to be had. There is always more money to earn. There are more “Jones’” to keep up with. There are more toys to buy, more people to impress, more more more more. The drive will never end - because it is based on a LIE to begin with. We find ourselves ever craving and never satisfied. Bottom Line? We can never get enough of what we never needed to begin with. A client told me that without her “Monster” she’d be a lazy, daytime TV-watching, bon-bon-eating slob. She felt like it was her “Monster” and it’s FIGHT message, that gave her the drive to succeed. I’m sure it is. Can she succeed without it? YES! And in a more satisfying way. I’m sure she has developed positive skills and habits that will still be available to her, even if she shifts energy sources.


July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine

The answer? It’s not as complicated as one would think, once we become aware of the energy source driving our lives; the “Monster”. We can shift to the energy of Love which comes from self-realization of who we truly are. It is a deep and emotional process. Living with the effects of the faulty wiring of our youth will destroy relationships, families, and even our health. Will you lose all of your success if you “defang” the Monster? No! But the Monster’s Chatter will tell you “YES!” Stay tuned for more from Kim Fiske and The Monster Under the Bed PT 2


Business Masters POWER GROUP

Troy Aberle has the gift of building powerful mastermind groups. These are groups of like minded people absolutely determined to work together focused on success. These are very small groups of 1015 so that everyone gets full attention during each group webinar. This issue of Business Masters Magazine brings about the need to build a group of Entrepreneurs and Executives that have committed to themselves, that the time to execute is NOW! This is the way to learn from Troy Aberle himself, and some very high performance people like you met in this magazine. Essentially you are entering Troy’s inner circle of influence. You will not: 1) Be a part of a deadbeat group of failing people 2) Have anyone spending the time selling to you. 3) Be in a group of people not in business already either as an executive or ownership level. (We have several groups that can host those people only interested in being in business)

Being a part of this group will last 12 months and will afford you some amazing privileges: 1. You get Troy and or High Performing friends from his inner circle, almost all in the 7 and 8 figure earnings. 1. You will be in private group that becomes your family, this group will lead to business deals and friendships. 2. You will end up with clear direction and strategies that crush your business and personal goals. 3. You will have a support system that will celebrate your victories and invite you to re-share how you made it work. 4. You will be able to learn and execute ideas and actions that came from working with other high performance people. 5. There are 2 meetings per month for 12 months so that you practice these strategies and it becomes part of your DNA. 6. You will have the ability to help others in the group do awesome because of what you already know


If you are ready to commit to this power team, apply now! Power Group member selection starts in August and is only available to those pre-qualified people. July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine


Business Creative & Designer

Nathan Andrews Being an introvert in business is about taking well-calibrated risks pushing ideas to outside the norm and standing out. One of the most important questions that does not get asked near enough is why? Questioning why something needs to be done a certain way, why something cant be done differently, and why someone (you want to) would notice it. Ask yourself why next time you are doing something you have done before. WHY?

I want more Learn more about Nathan, his design and programs at his website:


July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine

Quiet Energy & Spark


n our society, the ideal self is bold, outgoing and comfortable in the spotlight. Describing someone as “outgoing” carries a positive connotation, while characterizing someone as “shy” or “quiet” is akin them possessing a serious character flaw. But in reality the “shy and “quiet” Introvert simply experience’s the world differently than their classically extroverted peers.

I’m an introvert. For a long time, I thought this was my biggest flaw, and that I needed to somehow change what I was to be successful. Over the years, I have learned that introversion isn’t something I can change, nor is it “less than” anything. It took me many years to realize that being an introvert does not mean a barrier, but a great advantage. Every day, being an introvert makes me more creative and allows me to see things in a different light. Creativity thrives in introversion, and vice versa—yet we think of introverts as socially weird, a little awkward, and lost in their own thoughts. Introverts find their energy in their inner selves. Extroverts find their energy while being with others. It doesn’t mean that introverts hate being around people. It means that social interactions require more energy. Introverts need to get this energy back by spending time alone. When we are drained, it’s hard to do our best work. As an introvert, you need to know what activities or situations drain you, and how to recharge. It always requires a lot of energy for me to interact with people in a less than awkward way. I’m usually preparing ahead of time, so I am not trying to think on the spot. I’m often trying to stay one step ahead the people I’m talking to. I’m concerned about what they think, if what they say means what I think it means, etc. As a creative and designer I am always asked for new ideas, and solutions to problems through design and marketing, but it’s not

Nathan Andrews

always an easy task. You see, those of you with a similar job will understand being creative 24/7 can become difficult if you’re tired, stressed or overwhelmed. I always try and stay as healthy as I can and as curious as possible, but without a good night sleep, I’m hopeless! If you find yourself hitting the creative wall, make sure to take a few minutes, and do something completely different. Do something that you enjoy or gives you the recharge you need. I always have my camera with me and take images not only for a creative release, but also to leave my workspace to take a short walk, and get me away from staring at my screen. Often when walking around taking images I run into something that gives me a source of inspiration or insight into something I hadn’t thought of. Then I go back, and get down to work. Some of my best work comes from this process. I once had this idea that I would never be listened to, because I was an introvert. I would never be able to mentor or lead anyone. I thought being a leader was not in my nature, an impossible goal. I once was told something small but something which I think about every day: “You think differently than most. You have different ideas. We need different to make ourselves stand out. Don’t ever stop.” It really made me realize that being an introvert didn’t mean I couldn’t be a good leader or mentor. Instead of fighting against introvert nature, turn it into a strength and become a mentor for business growth. Identify your strengths and weakness, become an expert on your strengths. Don’t count yourself out just because you’re an introvert. The thing’s you know can really help people.

July 2018 • Business Masters Magazine


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Business Masters Magazine July 2018  

Welcome to the first issue of Business Masters Magazine!

Business Masters Magazine July 2018  

Welcome to the first issue of Business Masters Magazine!